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Cuck-Fil-A Chooses Mammon Over God November 19, 2019

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, error, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, It's all about the $$$, paganism, Revolution, sadness, scandals, self-serving, sexual depravity, sickness, Society.

Not entirely surprising, but still disappointing.  The news has been all over, that popular but (stupidly) controversial restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A will stop supporting Christian charities, as it always has in the past, and now start supporting different, not explicitly Christian, if not avowedly leftist charitable organizations. They are doing this, of their own admission, in order to try to appeal to leftists generally, and specifically to get the rabid, deranged, amoral, but almost always successful sodomite lobby off their backs. I don’t think this will help Chick-Fil-A in its goal to expand into much more liberal areas of the US, and, especially, to Canada and overseas, unless they completely and totally become an active enemy of Christianity and avowedly take up a radical leftist agenda. Which, they may well do.  I, for one, am willing to bet that their policy of being closed on Sunday will be gone before the end of 2020.

Not many people may know that Chick-Fil-A attempted to expand into England over the summer, and had to shut down their restaurant there after only 5 weeks due to heavy protests and low sales.  Recent expansions into Toronto, Ontario have been met by very heavy protests, which I can’t show you, because they are unbelievably disgusting and immoral.

So, self-avowed Christian and Chick-Fil-A chairman Dan Cathy looked deep into his soul, as every good protestant does at one point or another, and realized he had a choice to make. He could choose God, or Mammon.  And, like the vast majority of protestants before him, he knew the decision was a no-brainer.  Mammon wins, every time. This ease of pretending Christianity while cuddling up to Mammon has always been one of the least appealing characteristics of protestantism, and this goes back to the first princes that backed Luther and the very convenient “more wealth means I’m saved” doctrines of Calvin and Zwinglii in Switzerland (yes, I’m bending things a bit, but not too much, in their essence). I guess we couldn’t expect much more from sects and entities built on foundations of sand, but it’s still disappointing to see.

Especially after the massive outpourings of love and support Christians gave to Chick-Fil-A in 2012, 2014, and ever since, this latest move does feel very much like a betrayal.  I can see why a number of folks are incensed.

Yes, it’s only a chicken shop, and one that always caused me some stomach upset when I ate there (I have no idea why), so my new boycott won’t cost me much.  I hadn’t eaten there for some time.  My wife and kids like it but I don’t know if they’ll be going there anymore.  Hopefully not. I’m curious what readers think.  Is it time to add Chick-Fil-A to your already extensive list of companies you won’t support?   Do you think this will cause Chick-Fil-A to experience a significant “get woke, go broke” backlash to their bottom line?  Are Christians and other conservatives right to feel outraged and betrayed?

The reactions online from conservatives were quick, vociferous, and essentially unanimous.  I think Chick-Fil-A screwed up badly and seriously misjudged the situation.  We’ll see how committed they are to serving moloch and his leftist minions over the coming months.  I imagine they expected a backlash, but possibly not this severe.

Eat more beef.  It tastes infinitely better, anyway. “My” farmer raises anywhere from 400 to 1200 head of Herefords at a time, so I’m covered.


1. Richard Malcolm - November 19, 2019

There’s been heavy debate on Catholic Twitter (which I know, you abstain from) on this.

I can understand the sense of betrayal some feel, but I also note what Steve Skojec tweeted, noting trads’ tendencies to rush to judgment and eat their own: “And to demonize this company for saying, “Maybe 7 years of controversy over an issue we’re not even directly supporting through our charitable giving could be put to rest by re-shuffling our donations to similar programs that are less overt lightning rods.””

I think what you *could* justify would be to no longer go out of your way to patronize Chick-Fil-A. A *boycott* seems excessive given that they still do not donate to LGBT causes, and still make an extra effort to observe some basic Christian practice, like closing on Sundays. If these things change, too, then it could be time for that, if that’s the way you roll on commercial transactions (which it is for some of us).

All that said: If Chick-Fil-A thought it would be buying itself any relaxation of pressure from progressives by doing this, I think they’re going to discover quickly that they were mistaken.

2. Baseballmomof8 - November 20, 2019

Good luck CFA. You will learn, as countless others before you have learned, you cannot appease the rabid left. You can only defeat them. And you DID defeat them, with the aid of millions of Christians. You snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. How silly. How sad.

3. Tim - November 20, 2019

“This ease of pretending Christianity while cuddling up to Mammon has always been one of the least appealing characteristics of protestantism, and this goes back to the first princes”……that statement includes Novusordites and many so-called “trads”.
The era of comfortable Catholicism is OVER.

4. Tim - November 20, 2019

5. Trg - November 20, 2019

I’m angry at anybody that gives in to fags. It’s all part of effeminacy in our culture. Ann Barnhardt has written good blogs on that and talked about it in her podcast. I can’t say I will boycott because my grandkids like to eat there and it’s not that expensive. I used to like it but I got sick of eating there every week so now I just take them. (Our local CFA allows Life Chain to meet in their parking lot every first Sunday in October. It was too hot this year for me to join Protestants. I’m only one of two Catholics.) I’m surprised there has been no flak over prolife issues.

6. Susan from the Parish Council - November 20, 2019

Well, I for one applaud this new found inclusiveness on behalf of the chicken people. You can’t stop new Church, it is everywhere now. Barb and I plan to roundup the hungry homeless after our next Taize service, and treat them all to chicken filets! Our dear Papa Francis has shown us what’s most important.

Camper - November 20, 2019

Susan, I know it is a joke and I hope others are enjoying it, but times are so dark that it is hard to laugh.

Susan from the Parish Council - November 21, 2019

Well, we still have some spots left open on the LifeTeen volunteer committee. I heard they desperately need an experienced smoke machine operator. Helping others will help yourself, dear.

Tantumblogo - November 22, 2019

I don’t know if you’re “the” Susan of twitter fame, but if not, you’ve got her nailed.

Tim - November 20, 2019

Hey Suzy-Q crawl back under your rock and hibernate.

7. c matt - November 20, 2019

I would be curious to know what their sales figures were, and if the Gay lobby was making any real impact on revenues. Around these parts, CFA seemed to be running busy as usual. As stated above, the gay lobby takes light year for every nanometer you give, so if the goal was to get them to back off, caving is a total loss. The only way to deal with the gay lobby is to lop off one of its arms when they break one of your fingernails.

On the other hand, I do not know if this cuck will cost them much. The Gay Lobby is nothing if not relentless in their pressure; conservative Christians not so much. They will boycott CFA on Sunday, and then line up for the tasty chicken biscuits on Monday.

8. David - November 21, 2019

I like Chick Fil A, and I do stop in to eat from time to time. Last time I was at Love Field, I had dinner there – particularly because the San Antonio and Buffalo airports (as well as a college in New Jersey) forbade them from opening one.

While I don’t personally like this corporate decision (quite frankly it reminds me of the direction the BSA made in 2013) , Chick Fil A as far as charities is generally better than other businesses. Starbucks is on my boycott list (in airports I drink the cheap stuff or Dunkin Donuts – Dunkin has publicly said they stay out of the political realm), as are CVS, Papa Murphy’s, and Target. Although I like Home Depot, I will usually drive to Lowe’s, and I heard JC Penney (and Home Depot) have reviewed and rescinded certain donations. That was around the time JC Penney went through three CEOs in eighteen months.

One thing I am thinking of doing is adding The Salvation Army to my donation list. My relatives have been donating to them for years , and The Salvation Army is well managed. It is disappointing that Chick Fil A took them off their list.

jamesthe1st - November 22, 2019

Chick Fil A aside, why would you as a Catholic support the The Salvation Army? They actively work to prevent people from being baptism through their heretical understanding of justification.

9. Susan from the Parish Council - November 21, 2019

BREAKING: Chick-Fil-A has decided to start donating to the Catholic Church. “It’s the most LGBT-friendly charity we could find.”

Camper - November 21, 2019

That’s funny, Susan! You made me laugh! 🙂

10. MFG - November 24, 2019

Chick Fil A’s decision didn’t come from nowhere. According to LifeSiteNews they were moving in that direction for a while:


Good details on how “personnel is policy”.

Generally large corporations are unable to withstand the leftist drift. Smaller, family owned businesses *may* be able to maintain control of their values better (presuming they have them). We should not put our trust in princes, nor in businesses that essentially operate no differently than the rest of the world.

11. Tim - December 2, 2019

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