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James Martin, SJ, Pete Buttigieg Team to Offer Study Bible with Notes Explaining Why Most of the Bible is Wrong February 20, 2020

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Status: True.  In the broader sense.

I am totally stealing this from the awesome Babylon Bee, and added a bit of a Catholic twist:

To support his presidential campaign and continue to boost his meteoric rise in popularity, Pete Buttigieg, in cooperation ostensible Father James Martin, SJ, and the USCCB, has released a new study Bible with tens of thousands of notes explaining why most of the verses are wrong, incorrect, and outdated.

The Buttigieg-Martin Study Bible mixes the very best post-modern Bible scholarship with progressive stances, and obviously, as the one true faith, progressivism must dominate.

For instance, the note on Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder,” is accompanied by a note explaining that this only applies once a baby is born and not before. Verses on sexual immorality are waved away as Buttigieg and Martin explain how the ignorant farmers, fishermen, and prophets who wrote the Bible simply weren’t as enlightened (or, frankly, so good) as we are today. And Buttigieg adds his commentary on Jesus’s ministry, pointing out all the ways that Jesus was obviously a socialist.

“I am a strong Christian, but there’s obviously a lot of stuff in the Bible that contradicts the gospel of progressivism,” Buttigieg said at a press conference, followed by Martin energetically interjecting “not to mention sodomy, which, obviously, Jesus totes endorsed, if not practiced.” “Now, progressive Christians can come to the Scriptures and not be afraid that the Bible is going to destroy their political beliefs, since my notes will be there to explain away the text,” and “make sure that instead, progressivism destroys Christian belief, as God intended,” Martin noted.

“Get The Buttigieg-Martin Study Bible: it explains away God’s truth, one verse at a time,” he added.

The bits in red may or may not have been added by me.



1. Elizabeth Dreisbach - February 20, 2020

Please contact me. I attend Mater Dei and recently organized a presentation by Dr. E Michael Jones in Irving. He will return and maybe you can help me plan for a bigger audience. Nevertheless, I hope we cross paths. Elizabeth
Great blogs!

2. Tim - February 20, 2020

I believe you can find these bibles in the pews of most local Novus Ordo parishes. “Mayor Pete” is a failure as a city leader, living in Indiana, I’ve been in South Bend many times and for the most part, outside of the Notre Dame campys area and some parts of downtown, it’s a hellhole. This guy is no “moderate”, he’s as radical as the rest, just packaged in midwestern externals for political benefit. He’s a fallen away Catholic scum bag.
We need to pray for his reversion to the Faith of his youth.

3. c matt - February 20, 2020

He’s gay, his name is “Peter” Buttigieg, and he’s the Mayor of “South Bend.” You can’t make this stuff up. How can satire compete?

4. Camper - February 22, 2020
5. dthy - February 24, 2020

Probably the most authentic version of the Bible out there is The Original & True Douay Old Testament of Anno Domini 1610 with the Rheims of 1582 New Testament translated from the old English script by Dr. William von Peters. It comes in four large volumes, can be ordered online.

6. skeinster - February 27, 2020

This reminds me of when popular evangelical author Jen Hatmaker and her minister husband decided after “study and prayer” that the Bible was wrong on same-sex ‘marriage’.

The fallout was predictable, but she was taken aback at how ‘mean” people were to her- to the point of writing a post about how she now knew just how Jesus felt, betrayed by His friends. I will spare you the link.

She has now de-converted. More and more, I recognize the wisdom of Catholic spiritual advice about not using “your feels” as a benchmark for praxis.

Tim - February 28, 2020

If it was a protestant bible then it could have been wrong.

skeinster - March 1, 2020

Point taken- but Genesis 19 is pretty much the same in all translations…

Probably was the increasing number of ‘The Lord is my Shepherd and He Knows I’m Gay” books out there. And one of her BFFs is another well-known blogger who came out a few years ago.

They were both influential, but as the link pointed out, seriously lacking in some theology areas.

7. Denise - March 3, 2020

Another Burger King Gospel/Bible. You know their slogan…”Have it your way. 🙄

Tim - March 3, 2020

Most excellent comment!!

8. Tim - March 3, 2020

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