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Yes, there is a monthly TLM at St. Elizabeth of Hungary parish in Dallas February 20, 2020

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I erred in the comments of the preceding post in claiming that the Latin Mass at St. Elizabeth of Hungary parish in Dallas was a Novus Ordo Latin, and not a TLM.  I have spoken with the priest offering these monthly Masses, Father Emmett Hatch, and they are TLMs.  I apologize for the error.  Upcoming monthly TLMs at St. Elizabeth of Hungary are:

  • March 19
  • April 17
  • May 11

All Masses are at 7pm.  Father is eager for newcomers to check out his TLM and is hoping to see it grow.  Please support another young priest attempting to reinvigorate the liturgical and theological basis of the Church, which is all founded upon the ancient Mass codified – but certainly not “invented” – at the Council of Trent.

I will try to gather more info on this Mass and provide it as it becomes available. I am hoping to check out the March Mass, since I have a particular devotion to St. Joseph.

At present, the Latin Mass situation in the Diocese of Dallas, then, includes:

  • Daily TLMs at Mater Dei, the Dioceses’ “official” traditional parish
  • Monthly TLMs at Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, noted above
  • Weekly Novus Ordo Masses in the Dominican Rite at the University of Dallas Chapel (they were TLMs, but for some reason they were switched to NO Latin Mass)
  • Periodic Novus Ordo Latin Masses at St. Joseph in Richardson?  Can anyone confirm with Father Cargo’s health if these are still planned for Lent, like last year?
  • There will be Latin propers and Gregorian Chant in some of the Sunday Masses at St. Mark in Plano during Lent and possibly Easter.  I hope Father Rangel will confirm regarding the latter.  There might be an opening for the TLM here, if there is enough interest <hint hint>.

Losses to the Latin Mass:

  • Latin Mass is no longer offered in Greenville, but Father Weinberger is regularly offering Masses at his new parish, St. Monica.  I do not believe these feature any Latin.

Nevertheless, from a strictly “Latin” perspective, the situation in the Diocese of Dallas is markedly improved from what it was 2 years ago, when there was only Mater Dei and NO Latin Masses at St. William in Greenville on Sunday mornings only.  I love the fact that a diocesan priest is offering the TLM.  Whether it becomes more frequent will depend upon the level of interest and the approval of the pastor at St. Elizabeth, so if you assist at this Mass a supportive, charitable note to the pastor would certainly be helpful.  Overall, I think we in this diocese can be very thankful that we now have a bishop who is much more open to traditional, reverent liturgy than his predecessors.  Whether that is a positive support in the form of active encouragement, or simply the support of allowing pastors and priests to make their own calls regarding the pastoral needs of their flocks, it has been a huge benefit irrespective.  Thank you, Bishop Burns.

Finally, please pray for Father Jason Cargo, he is experiencing heart problems (though he is younger than me, but I have similar problems) and will undergo some kind of treatment that may keep him out of active ministry for some months.  He is presently trying to decide his best course of action.  Father Cargo is one of those good young priests upon whom so much of the future of this diocese will depend.  He has greatly expanded Confession at St. Joseph, which I always appreciate, and has been covered on this blog many times for his unique and effective ways of witnessing to our glorious Faith.

Father Cargo


1. Kathy - February 20, 2020

Yes, Latin Mass will be every Wednesday during Lent. Fr Jason’s Heart surgery will be Mar 3rd he had BAV congenital heart disease. Read article in Texas Catholic Feb 7th issue. God Bless

2. Kathy - February 20, 2020

Fr Jason may be out for 2/3 months but with what the Lord has planned for him and with many prayers lifted for him around the world, Our Father, the great healer will be doing a mighty work with his anointed son, Jason. He may be back much quicker.

Fr Jesus the newly ordained priest at St Joseph has also been doing the Latin Mass and will be the celebrant for the Latin Mass for during Lent.

3. @txtradcatholic - February 20, 2020

thanks for the info about St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Glad to hear Fr. Chavez is stepping up to continue the Latin ordinary form Masses at St Joseph. Prayers for appreciation of traditional liturgy to keep growing all around the area!

4. Camper - February 22, 2020

St. Elizabeth’s is in south Dallas: not a safe place. Might be good to visit only when it is light out at 7pm. sorry to burst the bubble

jamesthe1st - March 3, 2020

Oak Cliff is pretty safe, and is certainly in much better shape than if you cross over 35 or go over by 45 south of Downtown.

5. Camper - February 22, 2020

If the priest is serous about drawing people from far away, he might consider asking the police to send a watchman during mass or hire a serious security guard. Any comment from Tantum or other locals?

6. Jonathan Cariveau - March 8, 2020

Your situation in the diocese of Dallas fills me with gratitude for ours in the archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis. In addition to All Saints, which itself is a diocesan (!) parish but is served by the FSSP, we have three other parishes that offer weekly TLM’s: Sacred Heart, Holy Trinity, and St. Agnes, and an additional handful that have them on other days. My own St. Anne’s has thirteen (!!!) TLM’s this Lent. Thanks be to God.

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