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Archbishop Lenga – Francis an “usurper……..heretic” March 3, 2020

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I know this dates from about 10 days ago, but I haven’t commented on it, so it can’t be said to have been done (watch out for the evangelical trolls in the comments at the link – don’t they know that evangelical protestantism is dead, the millenials totally abandoned their WWJD bracelets for bi-curious lifestyles and diabolical social media narcissm?).

So what’s my comment to retired Archbishop Pawel Lenga calling Francis an usurper and a heretic?  If the shoe fits………..and those look like 9 1/2s to me.

I’ll throw in a bit more commentary as we go along:

Catholic Archbishop Jan Lenga,  the former head of the Diocese of Karaganda, Khazakhstan and now retired in Poland, was ordered to stop delivering sermons and speaking with the media because of his frequent statements that Pope Francis is a “heretic” spreading “untruths and sins” and “leading the world astray.” [check, check, and double check?]

Archbishop Lenga has rejected the order to be silent, issued this month by Polish Bishop Wieslaw Mering, because no one in the Polish church apparently has the authority to silence him [because he apparently belongs to a religious order of papal right?  I’m not sure on the circumstances]

Lenga belongs to a religious order, the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception, and is living as a guest of the order in Lichen, Poland. He reportedly is only subject to an order from the Pope.

“Christ gave me authority through the church to proclaim the truth, and I’ll do so as long as I live,” said Lenga, 69, as reported by Crux.com.  “I won’t yield to degradation by those whose own statements and actions are entangled with heresy and sectarianism.”

“What right do they have to recall what pertains to the church when they themselves have never upheld it?” he said. [Wow.  Preach it, brother.  I guess Lenga is apparently the honeybadger archbishop, because he don’t give a —-.  That, and everything he says is true about all but perhaps 5% of bishops, and I’m being generous]

In a Feb. 25 interview with Gloria TV, Archbishop Lenga said his critics should “form their own church, rather than usurping power in the Catholic Church.” [But that’s not how the Left works.  As Iowahawk brilliantly established several years ago, the Left works by invading a healthy organization, infecting it with Leftism like a virus, killing it from the inside out, and then parading around in its desiccated husk demanding respect.  The Left will continue to occupy and attempt to destroy the human element of the Church so long as it perceives the Church as having any cultural cache and ability to influence people to its ends.  Once the Church or any other organization has been destroyed to the point of uselessness, the Left will then, sometimes, depart.  But sometimes they leave agents behind to make sure it can never resurrect to become a threat. The Left is an endlessly jealous religion that brooks no competition whatsoever.  Thus, our choice is, drive them out by hook or crook, or see the human element of Holy Mother Church essentially destroyed.]

Archbishop Lenga has “co-signed several letters urging Pope Francis to clarify marriage and family teachings after the pope’s 2016 encyclical ‘Amoris Laetitia,'” reported Crux.com.  “He also signed a May 2019 ‘Declaration of Truths‘ alongside U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke.”…….[and many other worthy Churchmen and laity]

…….. In a book-length interview on YouTube, Archbishop Lenga said he still recognizes Benedict XVI as the Pope; Benedict resigned in February 2013, the first pope to do so in nearly 600 years. Lenga also stated he does not include the name of the “usurper and heretic” Francis in his Mass prayer intentions. [I’m not real hung up on whether Francis is the “real” pope or not.  We could argue forever and none of us are going to make the call, unless there is a future Pius XIII among the readers, in which case, hook me up when  you get to Rome!!  The fact is, Francis has the title and the position and virtually everyone responds to his authority, so he is, for all practical purposes, the pope.  I read the book about Benedict still being kind of a pseudo-pope, and I wasn’t exactly convinced. I believe he is the Pope, just the worst one ever – but only so far.  His successor may be even worse.  The fact that Benedict has stubbornly refused to die (thank you, God!) has prevented Francis from enacting many of the travesties he has desired to enact, just as PBXVI and Cardinal Sarah very adroitly and effectively cut the knees off of the “Amazonian synod” (sponsored and wholly funded by the German episcopal conference, which will say or do anything to keep that sweet, sweet church tax money coming)]

“Bergoglio [Pope Francis] has not confirmed himself in the faith and is not passing that faith to others, he is leading the world astray,” said Archbishop Lenga, as reported in The Tablet. “He proclaims untruths and sins, not the tradition which has endured for 2000 years.”

“He proclaims the truth of this world, which is precisely the truth the Devil,” said the archbishop. [Well that’s pretty harsh, but it is also not untrue. However, playing devil’s advocate since he was brought up, could not the same be said, to varying degrees, about the past 5 predecessors of Francis?  What was Paul VI’s laying aside of the papal tiara, and declaring the Church ready to submit to the “wisdom” of the United Nations?]

In a Jan. 20 interview on Polish television, according to Crux.com, Archbishop Lenga “said ‘many bishops and cardinals’ lacked a ‘deep faith’ and had adopted ‘an attitude of betrayal and destruction’ by seeking to ‘correct Christ’s teaching,’ adding that current confusion in the church indicated ‘the Antichrist is here.'” [Wow, as I said, he’s really the honeybadger archbishop, but the Church desperately needs men willing to speak the Truth, and the whole Truth, unadulterated and without infection by Leftism or sops to the world and its lies and evils. Francis’ predecessors have been less direct counters to the Truth of Jesus Christ than weak men more afraid of offending the world than God. Francis is the first pontiff to directly attack and undermine the Doctrine of the Faith in a direct, deliberate, and systematic way.  That is why comparisons between Francis and amoral “Renaissance popes” or the horrid men who occupied the office in the 800-900s is non sequitur and facile. Those men may have been personally immoral, but they never attacked the Doctrine of the Faith in a consistent and systematic manner, as Francis has done.  Indeed, some of them defended the Faith heroically, at times. We have to come to the sad, heart-breaking realization that man is actually a fervently religious man, just one who worships a different religion and a false god. Indeed, he is using his ill-gotten office to proselytize – which means to aggressively promote a religion, or even shove a belief down the throat of another – for his false religion.  He doesn’t mind proselytism at all, he just hates Catholics proselytizing, as he recognizes it as a threat to his own religion.]

I could go on, but I’ll stop.  In short, Francis is a very, very bad man, but he was also inevitable, given that the vast majority of Catholics today are adherents to the religion of secular/materialist modernism, which is just another variant of Leftism, especially within the clergy and episcopate.  Add to that most national episcopates being wholly addicted to government money, and it was actually a great blessing of God that we didn’t have a Francis or worse much sooner, before the traditional resistance had developed some cohesion and, I think and pray, momentum.

God bless Archbishop Lenga!  I don’t know if he’s a bit too strong in his language and assessments but the Church desperately needs much more clarity and leadership right now.


1. Richard Malcolm - March 3, 2020

“In a Jan. 20 interview on Polish television, according to Crux.com, Archbishop Lenga “said ‘many bishops and cardinals’ lacked a ‘deep faith’ and had adopted ‘an attitude of betrayal and destruction’ by seeking to ‘correct Christ’s teaching…”

Well, he’s *certainly* right that most bishops lack any deep faith – just to judge by their public words and actions. Have we ever had a more pathetic bench of bishops? Ever?

But that said, it’s less clear that most are also convicted heretics, as such (though the ratio might be unusually high in Germany and Austria!). Rather, my sense is that most are just middle managers of a large and respected NGO. Their job, as they see it, is to manage liability, avoid conflict, and make sure the lights are still on on the day they retire from the job.

But this, too, is a recipe for the bankruptcy of their charge. This is not the material out of which the Church in America was hacked out of raw wilderness and hostile nativist cities in the 19th century, let alone the Church that the Early Fathers built, often in their own blood. It is not a church which takes seriously the Great Commission.

Tim - March 3, 2020

If they don’t want him over there, we’ll take him here!

Richard Malcolm - March 4, 2020

There’s definitely something in the water in Kazakhstan.

Something we could stand to import over here.

2. Tim - March 4, 2020
3. Tim - March 4, 2020

We need this man in Rome to fight the snakes and jackals in the Vatican!

4. maggycast - March 4, 2020

You cannot be strong enough when it comes to the Bride of Christ being raped. Bring it on:+) God bless~

Tim - March 4, 2020


5. Trg - March 7, 2020

I agree with the bishop. I don’t have a problem with strong words. That’s what we need not effeminate men like most bishops.

I am disappointed in trad bloggers fighting over who’s the Pope. I read the tweets that SS from One Peter5 and some of his writers write. They are so nasty toward those that think Pope Benedict is still the pope. Why can’t they all just disagree and leave it at that? SS from 1Peter5 seems to have a different personality on twitter than on his blog. He hates Canon212 and Walker sure now how to yank his chain.

Richard Malcolm - March 7, 2020

“Why can’t they all just disagree and leave it at that?”

Honestly, it applies to both sides at this point, doesn’t it?

And who will change whose mind now?

Tim - March 7, 2020

Correct….the hardcore Truth is that none of us know with certainty who is the pope since 2013. That will be resolved by a future pope and/or council. The whole matter rests on whether or not Benedict’s resignation was valid. Let it go and pray for both. During the Great Schism when there were 3 papal claimants, there were numerous followers of each and all three groups produced canonized saints. So relax and live the Faith, God is running the show.

6. Tim - March 7, 2020
7. Dismas - March 8, 2020

Dude…major non-sequitur here. You are likely familiar with the St. Joseph Foundation. I support them because they are a money-where-the-mouth-is bunch. At any rate, in their most recent newsletter they cite your write-up about the developments at St. Mark in Plano in a very positive way. Kudos, Bubba.

8. Gc5341 - March 8, 2020

Tonight there was forced communion in the hand at an unnamed parish. The priest announced that everyone should receive on the hand right before communion. I insisted on receiving on the tongue and thankfully the priest complied. I am angry with the Dallas diocese. I want to send Bishop Burns a copy of Portland Archbishop Sample’s letter on the same topic!

Susan from the Parish Council - March 9, 2020

One should always receive in the hand so we don’t spread diseases, but mainly because this was how it was done in the beginning.

Tim - March 9, 2020

You shouldn’t receive at all. How is your Lenten party and celebration scene going?

Dismas - March 10, 2020

Susan from the Parish Council. Naughty Girl! You never tire. The Roy D. Mercer of this blog.

9. Tim - March 9, 2020
10. Tim - March 9, 2020
11. Camper - March 12, 2020

Coronavirus cures:

1. Oil of Oregano
2. An ozone machine in the hands of a doctor trained and certified to use it.
3. Argentyn brand colloidal silver
4. Something called “LMT 100”, I believe called “Lommatium”
5. Vitamin C (nano type strongly preferred)

This message is not intended to cure or treat any disease.

Tim - March 13, 2020

Beginning of message…”Coronavirus cures”

End of message…”This message is not intended to cure or treat any disease.”

Huh?….Please explain this massive violation of simple logic.

12. Tim - March 13, 2020
13. Tim - March 15, 2020
14. Tim - March 18, 2020

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