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The Nightmare of 2020 Continues: Local Traditional Catholics Gird Your Loins for Heartbreaking News October 12, 2020

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[EDIT] – I substantially reworked the beginning of this post immediately after posting it.  It’s deliberately more circumspect than the initial version, due to my own re-consideration.

After the crushing news of a priest participating in vile acts upon the very Altar of Sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the Archdiocese of New Orleans, I am heartbroken to relate that local Catholics, particularly those of a traditional bent, are facing revelations along a similar line.  I cannot go into details in public now about the specifics, but pray now for all involved, including ourselves.  Yet another cross to bear, for those who are already weighted down under a crushing load.  I provide this post simply as a warning to start praying now to steel your hearts for further bad news.

For now, Taylor Marshall rightly expresses his outrage over the revelations from Pearl River, LA.  I do not know if he is aware of the local scandal at this point, or not, but it seems to me that he might be, just based on a few things he says below.

Wheels have come off, and that right hard.  Something has gone very wrong, and many of the laity sense it.  Of course, much of this is due to the hierarchy’s generally cowardly response to COVID – heck, their cowardly leadership going back decades on essentially all matters of moral import.  How many dioceses are still shut down, or largely shut down?  How much Grace was missed from millions of Masses cancelled worldwide?  How many priests have been given, or forced to endure, far, far too much idle time in which satan can work his evil?

Lord, what is the deal with this two thousand and twentieth year of Your Incarnation?!?  Pray, let us not also be forced to bear the stealing of an election in this country, as we go through the most concentrated and bald-faced gaslighting campaign in world history!  Have mercy on Your people, Lord!  We know we have sinned, and continue to do so with a maniacal ferocity.  Please, may Your mercy exceed Your justified wrath at this nation and Church that have so obviously and deliberately turned their backs on You.  Please give us the strength to weather the coming storms.  Please may Your Grace keep us and our children in the Church in spite of all the failings of those who have been given the infinite gift of a clerical office.


1. KK - October 12, 2020

Christ’s peace


Tantumblogo - October 12, 2020

Kevin please call me tomorrow. But you’re probably already aware.

2. Baseballmomof8 - October 12, 2020

So many prayers I am offering for all of you who are suffering from the abuse of your Fathers. It is truly heartbreaking….but your Father in Heaven WILL NOT abandon you. And your MOTHER will carry you through this heartache as well. God be with all of you.

3. maggycast - October 12, 2020

Our Lord is exposing the Judases not only for the purification of His Church but to protect the souls under their care and call them back to repentance too. There seems to be full on spiritual warfare going on the likes we have not seen in world history it seems. But we know that no matter what, where sin abounds, GRACE abounds the more. May Our Lord bless, protect and lead all souls, including the lost hierarchy, to Him. Peace and goodness to you:+) Keep the faith:+) God bless~

4. Dismas - October 12, 2020

I really am sorry about this. God help us all.

5. Angelicdoctor - October 12, 2020

From the morning prayer today:

Judith 8:25-26,27

Let us give thanks to the Lord our God who, as he tested our ancestors, is now testing us. Remember how he treated Abraham, all the ordeals of Isaac and all that happened to Jacob. For as these ordeals were intended by him to search their hearts, so now this is not vengeance that God exacts against us, but a warning inflicted by the Lord on those who are near his heart.

Let us fear not this present darkness. We shall endure and be a light for others.

6. DM - October 12, 2020

Will more specifics come out soon? There is nothing on the internet as of yet about the local situation. For those of us not in the area.

7. Tim - October 12, 2020

Please pray for this priest who was found dead this weekend when he didn’t show up for a Baptism. He was well known for offering the Traditional Mass in the Lafayette Diocese, which is generally a spiritual wasteland.


8. MM - October 13, 2020

What’s going on?! I haven’t visited Mater Dei in so long, now I’m worred…time to reach out to friends there, I guess.

9. Edison Frisbee - October 14, 2020

So much information….what is the point of this post? All you’ve done is create pointless speculation.

10. skeinster - October 14, 2020

I’m so sorry to hear that there will be even more for people to bear
in this already difficult year.
Will be praying for strength and peace of heart for all.

11. X - October 14, 2020

John 14:27

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