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Is closing of Planned Barrenhood McKinney office really a pro-life victory, or just more business as usual? – UPDATED May 26, 2015

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UPDATE: So, I got a call from the woman who apparently leads the McKinney 40 Days for Life campaign and led the prayer vigils outside the former McKinney Planned Barrenhood for several years.  I think it fair to say she was none too pleased with my post.  She thinks a lot of progress is being made, and that this is a big victory.  She also claims I made a factual error, which is that there were actually 3 Planned Parenthood’s in Collin County at one point, and now there is only one.  And, this is true, I had misremembered or misunderstood when one of Planned Parenthood’s Plano locations opened and closed.  The McKinney office opened in June 2008, a Plano office closed in 2011, so for about 3 years there were 3 Banned Parenthoods in Collin County.  So, however significant that is to you, duly noted. The rest of the post stands, this small detail doesn’t change anything else I wrote below

There has been some excitement in certain local pro-life circles of late regarding the recent closure of the Planned Barrenhood McKinney office.  This is being presented as a great triumph for the pro-life cause, since a rather large town (pop. ~ 150,000 and a county seat, to boot!) will now not have a Planned Barrenhood facility, even if it was a facility that never performed surgical abortions (but certainly did provide referrals).

But those of us with longer memories are not so sure.  To some of us, it looks like Planned Barrenhood simply executing a small administrative change which will have only the most minimal effect on the availability of abortion and contraception in North Texas.

Why do I always have to be such a party-pooper?  Let me elucidate:

In 2011, the State of Texas under Rick Perry made the decision to stop using Planned Barrenhood as an outlet for the falsely named “Women’s Health Program,” which was really just a program to provide highly subsidized contraception to low-income women.  But since Banned Parenthood is so prominent in support of abortion and all manner of hideous moral evils, Governor Perry and others determined that de-listing PP from the program would be both a good PR move and also help wound the pro-abort giant. This was big news back then, as this article at LifeNews indicates.  The state wound up losing federal funding to the tune of about $40 million per year due to blocking Planned Parenthood from the program, but Perry and others, to their credit, stuck to their guns, and as a result, numerous Planned Barrenhood facilities around the state closed.  A partial list of those closures below:

Planned Parenthood Arlington North Clinic (August 31st)
1305 East Abram Street
Arlington, TX 76010
Planned Parenthood Gainesville Health Services (August 29th)
316 South Chestnut Street
Gainesville, TX 76240
Planned Parenthood Mesquite Health Services (September)
3220 Gus Thomason Road, #231
Mesquite, TX 75150
Planned Parenthood Plano Health Services (August 31st)
1400 Summit Avenue, #CA
Plano, TX  75074
Planned Parenthood Sherman Clinic (August)
2114 Texoma Parkway. Suite 700
Sherman, TX 75090
Planned Parenthood Terrell Health Services (September)
804 East Moore Avenue, Ste A
Terrell, TX 75160
Planned Parenthood Waxahachie Clinic (Closed in July)
507 North Highway 77, #508
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Note that the McKinney office, which was not included in the 2011 closures, continued to operate, having started up around 2007 or 08.

Now the big news coming out of pro-life groups is that this McKinney office is now closing.  But, as my old radio pal Vicki Middleton (God rest her soul) used to say, “hey, guess what?!”……..Planned Barrenhood had already re-opened their Plano office sometime between 2011 and 2015, and plans to expand it with the closure in McKinney and relocation to a new office in Plano right off Central Expressway……..where Planned Barrenhood had operated a no-surgical-abortion facility for years.

So……from late 2011 to today, the number of Planned Barrenhood offices in Collin County (population: 1.1 million) remains at one.  They closed Plano, but kept McKinney open, re-opened Plano, then closed McKinney while expanding Plano.  This is a nice little thing for folks in McKinney, I suppose, but I can’t help but viewing this as at best a marginal “win” for the pro-life movement overall.  I also don’t think it means Planned Barrenhood is still reeling from the 2011 effort to defund some of their activities – if anything, they seem to be adjusting to the new conditions and rolling along quite well.

Which brings me to my broader point: there is frankly a lot of gamesmanship and politicking in the pro-life movement that I am not entirely comfortable with.  Both my wife and I (my wife in particular) are about as committed to the pro-life movement as they come (while still recognizing others even more so), but both of us fear that it has become institutionalized, and in so doing has developed its own interests and appetites and, to some degree, we both fear there are elements in the movement that, maybe even on a subconscious level, don’t really want to see abortion go away anytime soon.  There is a huge amount of money tied up in the pro-life movement (and things presented as “wins” like this are almost always used for fundraising), money means interests, and those with interests often times don’t want to see them threatened.  They become reliant on the industry for their livelihood.  I’m not saying there are a lot of people in the pro-life movement who consciously are just in it for the money, but I do think there are elements within it that may see it more as a career or a source of income than a real, life and death moral struggle, and one critically tied to the salvation of souls.

Which gets back to the primary evils that underlie abortion and create the demand for it: the twins of fornication and contraception.  Sandra Day O’Connor in the Casey vs. Planned Parenthood decision was diabolically right when she wrote – in favor of keeping abortion legal – that abortion forms the indispensable backstop for the entire post-modern American existence, which revolves around “sexual freedom” (really slavery) and the means to “not be punished with a baby,” as our President so demonically put it, while still “enjoying” unlimited sexual license.  That is to say, until we convert souls back to a moral life, meaning a Christian moral existence, and until contraception use is not just made illegal but viewed by the vast majority as the horrendous assault against nature and God that it is, we’ll never be rid of abortion.  Even today, as we congratulate ourselves on the reduction in the rate of surgical abortion, the movement tends to be very quiet about the explosion in chemical abortion through RU-486, “morning after pills,” and the like.

And if you want to hear crickets, outside a few stalwart groups and individuals, bring up the subject of contraception.  The infusion of more and more protestants into the pro-life movement over the past 2 or 3 decades has been both a blessing and a curse, as many of these protestants are ambivalent at best regarding the abortion-contraception connection, and some simply refuse to see it.  Even among outwardly Catholic pro-life groups, there are many who are not comfortable condemning contraception.

So, enjoy your marginal victory, but don’t get too excited about it.  It’s very likely PB will decide to re-open a McKinney facility within a few years if the market dynamics change again.

Boy Scouts President Robert Gates – ban on sodomite Scout leaders cannot be maintained May 21, 2015

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Well, well, well…….if it isn’t Robert Gates, continuing his disastrous leadership in yet another critically important American institutions. After essentially destroying the defense acquisition process in his turn as Secretary of Defense, he now apparently intends to insure the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) is well and truly leveled during his administration.

Not that their present position – admitting Scouts with perverse inclinations into their ranks, but not Scoutmasters with the same affliction – is in any way tenable.  I wrote at the time they disastrously surrendered that it would’t be more than a year or two before just this happened, that they would have men given over to the most unnatural lusts, the vast majority of whom allow their faculties in that regard to run wild, serving in leadership positions.  Well, I was just about spot-on, Gates has all but called to lift the ban on sodo-Scout leaders (thanks to MFG):

The Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay leaders “cannot be sustained,” said president Robert Gates in remarks prepared for this week’s National Annual Meeting being held in Atlanta.

In his speech, which was posted to the Scouts’ website today and is available below, the former U.S. Defense Secretary and CIA director says he is not asking for a policy change — not yet, anyway. But, he says, “I must speak as plainly and bluntly to you as I spoke to presidents when I was director of the CIA and secretary of defense. We must deal with the world as it is, not as we wish it to be.”

The Irving-based Boy Scouts lifted its ban on openly gay youth members at its May 2013 meeting at the Gaylord Texan — much to the displeasure of then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry. But it continues to prohibit openly gay adults from serving as volunteers or paid BSA staffers.

In his speech, Gates points out that many councils are “openly” challenging the current policy — among them, for instance, the Boy Scouts’ Greater New York Councils, which recently hired an openly gay 18-year-old as a camp counselor. Said Gates, expect that trend to continue.

“While technically we have the authority to revoke their charters, such an action would deny the lifelong benefits of Scouting to hundreds of thousands of boys and young men today and vastly more in the future,” he says in the prepared remarks. “I will not take that path. [So, you’ve given up.  Shocking. If you took a strong stand now, you could nip this trend in the bud, but by announcing you will take no action, you are not only insuring many more poor, morally lost souls will try to gain positions of influence in the Scouts, but, even more, you are positively encouraging them to do so.  You’re basically announcing, on the QT, I’m in support of this, I will do nothing to stop it.  Remember to check out the Troops of Saint George for a solidly Catholic alternative to the Boy-Rape Scouts]

Further prediction:  it won’t be more than 10 years or so before two things happen: there are massive lawsuits against the Scouts due to sex abuse that occurs between scouts and “masters,” and the BSA will become a predominately left-wing sexular pagan advocacy organization a la the Girl Scouts.  You are going to allow at least some men with powerful inclinations towards “twinks” unfettered access to them in remote, rural locations.  Normal boys will flee in spades, within a few years virtually no normal boys will join up, and you’ll be left with a much smaller sodomite-advocacy group.  Satan couldn’t be happier, and Baden-Powell must be spinning in his grave.

MFG also recommends this: interesting analysis that indicates that parishes that host Boy Scout troops but who refuse sodo-marriage could be held liable.  The wheels, the wheels are coming off: http://www.adfmedia.org/files/BSALegalRamifications.pdf

Good news! Over 1000 US priests have now signed statement defending the family May 21, 2015

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I’ve blogged a few times on the progress of the “Credopriests” initiative, an online petition/promise to always teach the Church’s constant belief and practice on matters related to the family, divorce, reception of the Blessed Sacrament, etc, and I wanted to give another update.

The number of priests who have signed is at present 1050!  Deo Gratias!  But given that there are nearly 40,000 priests in the US today, one would hope this number would greatly increase!  I am very gratified to see the names of a number of good priests I know on the list.  But there are also a good number missing.  I’m certain it’s because they simply are not yet aware of this effort.

Given that, would you, in your charity, consider spending a few moments scanning the list for the names of priests you know and love, and, on not finding them, perhaps send them a gentle, charitable note informing them of this effort’s existence?  I can think of a half dozen or more really good priest’s names who aren’t on the list, and I am absolutely sure they would want to support this effort if they only knew of it.  I’m planning on contacting them myself.  The list has gotten much easier to search since all but the most recent names are alphabetized.  The entire list can be found here.

Again, we must operate from the assumption that any priest on the petition simply is unaware of it.  So please proceed with great kindness if you do take the effort to contact priests you know.  May God bless and reward your efforts!  May there be thousands of names signed onto the list by the time of the Synod!

Deo Gratias!  And thank you Dear Lord for every good, faithful priest you send us, they are gifts beyond human reckoning!

purgatory m_mass

Wait till you see how a Vatican prelate responds to criticism of having pro-aborts speak at “climate change” conference – UPDATED May 21, 2015

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Dear Lord, Life Site News posted yesterday an exchange between Archbishop Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Science, and the large pro-family group C-FAM.  C-FAM queried him, in very polite terms, about the scandal of having major pro-abort activists being given a platform to spread their diabolical errors at the recent Vatican conference on so-called climate change.  His responses were incredibly hostile and dismissive.  I mean, he doesn’t even try to hide his enormous bias or the fact that he’s very much on the progressive side of things, he simply chided and rebuked C-FAM for every mild criticism they raised.  Get a load of this (questions from C-Fam in bold, I add comments):

Q. Were you aware before your collaboration with Sachs at the Vatican of his public position on abortion in the book “Commonwealth”, where he says abortion is a “low-cost” and “low-risk” intervention to reduce fertility in the event that contraceptives fail?

Sánchez Sorondo (S.S.) I’ve just come back from Argentina, where I attended a conference to combat new forms of slavery, like human trafficking, forced labor, prostitution, and organ trafficking, which I consider, together with Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, to be a crime against humanity. Unfortunately, there is not only the drama of abortion, but there are also all these other dramas, in which you should also be interested, because they are closely related. The climate crisis leads to poverty and poverty leads to new forms of slavery and forced migration, and drugs, and all this can also lead to abortion. [Note, he didn’t even remotely answer the question, he simply changed the subject.  Certainly human trafficking is a huge concern and is most rampant in muslim nations (why don’t the Archbishop use his voice to chide muslims on that?!?) but it has no relation to “climate change.”  But it gets worse…..]

Q. Several Catholic intellectuals and media sources criticized your decision to collaborate with Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs on climate change, because of their positions on abortion and population control. Do you have any reply to these concerns?

S.S. The Tea Party and all those whose income derives from oil have criticized us, but not my superiors, who instead authorized me, and several of them participated. [Oh come on!  My income doesn’t derive from oil, you petulant snot, and I’ve just been one of thousands, if not millions, scandalized by this biased watermelon festival. Give me a break!]

Q. Undoubtedly, you discussed Ban Ki-moon’s and Jeffrey Sachs’ position on abortion and population control in the lead up to the conference. How were any questions resolved?

S.S. Yes. We had these discussions, and as you can see, the draft SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) don’t even mention abortion or population control. They speak of access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights. The interpretation and application of these depends on governments. Some may even interpret it as Paul VI, in terms of responsible paternity and maternity. Instead of attacking us, why not enter into dialogue with these “demons” to maybe make the formulation better, like we did on the issues of social inclusion and new forms of slavery? [Now just wait a minute.  This is diabolical.  In every Western country including all of Latin America, “family planning and sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights” are synonymous with contraception and abortion.  This is diabolical in the use of code language to communicate to what I have to assume was the intended audience – the radical sexular pagan enviro-left – that the Vatican, or at least this conference, is on board with their agenda, while leaving some wiggle room to say “oh, we didn’t endorse abortion,” even while they had huge pro-aborts speaking for this conference all over the place.  Don’t you like how they’re trying to drag Humanae Vitae back into this, as well?  “Responsible parenthood” means, according to Pope Francis, “3 kids is about right,” and contraception is back on the table. I also like how he tries to chide C-Fam for being critical, asking why they didn’t join in the process?  The reason they didn’t is because they couldn’t, they weren’t invited, and even more, any noted pro-life pro-family “conservative” groups were blocked from entering the conference!]

Q. Critics of this collaboration lament how Catholics and non-Catholics alike may be confused about participating, even remotely, in the grave moral errors that Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs promote. At the same time, Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs have derived great benefit from their participation, confirmed in the enthusiastic media coverage of the conference, which may in turn also raise a lot of interest for Pope Francis’ new encyclical on the environment.

S.S. We are happy that Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs have accepted the theory on climate that the Academy has maintained for thirty years, namely, that human activity based on fossil fuels determines climate. [Based on what?!? Global temperatures have not increased in 20 years even as carbon emissions have greatly increased!  This is a conclusion looking for evidence, and a perversion of science.]  The members of the Academy have defined this “anthropic climate” or “anthropocene,” chief among them being Nobel Prize winners Paul Crutzen and Mario Molina. You should also be happy, because the consequences of climate change fall especially on the poor, and this also puts them in situations where they then accept abortion. [He is here directly reiterating Sachs’ claim at the conference, and simply espousing left wing talking points with essentially no basis.  If you make fossil fuels vastly more expensive, that’s going to put great pressure on the poorest to abort, not “climate change.”]  Moreover, we are happy that Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs have accepted to modify the proposals on social inclusion by adding new forms of slavery such as human trafficking, forced labor, prostitution, and organ trafficking, which were not even present in the last drafts. You should be happy about this too, because if there is anything that threatens the family, of which you call your self a supporter, it is prostitution, which Pope Benedict called an absolute evil precisely because it destroys the cell of social order. [His words drip with venomous derision.  This man is a snake]

Q. The Declaration on climate change that was released after the conference unequivocally assigns responsibility for climate change to human activity. Is this a position that is shared by pope Francis?

S.S. This I do not know. But I suppose yes, because he would not write an encyclical just to say that man is responsible for the Earth but that everything is fine! Perhaps, you believe, like those who live off oil, that everything is fine? [This is how a Vatican prelate speaks?  With the baiting emotion-laden language of the left?  “You’re not one of those evil oil profiteers, are you?”  I’ve never read or heard anything about this guy before, but he comes across as a thug in cassock.] The Academy says otherwise, as do all the rest of scientific academies in the world. Only a few scientists paid by lobby groups opine differently. [This is a wicked and unsubstantiated calumny.  This is utterly beneath the dignity of an archbishop. Note his entire argument is this: climate change is happening, because we say it is, and how dare you say anything different!  Now just shut up!]

————-End Quote————

There is a bit more at Life Site News.  I’m sorry for abusing fair use, but this is so incredibly revealing I felt it had to be shared.

This guy was promoted to his position 17  years ago by Pope JPII.  He has written very extensively.  It seems he started out perhaps a bit progressive with occasional orthodox positions thrown in.  But he seems to have tacked hard left since……surprise!………March 2013.  Gee……I wonder what happened then that could have precipitated a sudden shift?

Geez……..if this is any confirmation of the kinds of attitudes percolating at the Vatican over the past 2  years, things are going to get out of hand very quickly.  Then again, many would argue they already have.

Here’s a question……how much money has the Vatican/Church been promised for their climate change advocacy?  I don’t think that’s an unfair question, things like this don’t just “happen,” there is almost always money involved.

UPDATE:  Sheesh, how blind do you have to be to leave a comment like this (I paraphrase):

I think I see the hand of the Holy Ghost here.  These bad bishops have always been in the Church, but Pope Francis is really encouraging them to come into the open.  I’m sure he’s just giving them enough rope to hang themselves, and that Pope Francis will squash them soon.

My mouth hangs agape. And yet such willful blindness is everywhere.  This is not just withholding judgment. This is self-delusion.

Asking kids about abortion May 19, 2015

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Hmmm….what do you make of this video below, where young children (say, maybe, 4-11?) are asked about abortion?  On the one hand, I think it is a pretty powerful piece against this unspeakable evil, but on the other hand, part of me recoils at seeing children 1) asked about abortion in this kind of setting, and 2) used, in a manner of speaking, to further this surely noble cause.  I pray God those children really had been delicately introduced to this subject by their parents and formed into comprehending what abortion is.  My wife and I have certainly done so, and I am absolutely not a parent who thinks children mustn’t know about such things.  In fact, since we spend a good amount of times outside mills with our children, they got introduced to the subject at a pretty young age, but it was my wife and I doing the introducing, and we judged how far to go and what was an appropriate level of knowledge for each child.

From the video, I am far from certain that was the case here.  It seems more like children were being introduced into this very uncomfortable and really ghastly subject for the first time.  That could potentially cause some avoidable trauma.  I don’t know anything about the organization that put this on, other than that it appears to be one of the many protestant abortion abolitionist groups that have sprouted up in the last several years, railing against the fact that the “church” (meaning the sects) hasn’t been speaking out against abortion.  And that’s true, they haven’t, but, hello, even though our own Church hasn’t done enough to oppose abortion in this and many other nations in the wake of the most awesomest Council ever that you will never, ever question in any depth to avoid exposing its internal contradictions, Catholics have been the heart and soul of the pro-life movement since it started.  So it always makes me get a sardonic smile when I see johnny-come-lately protestants say “goodness, where is the ‘church’ in this terrible evil we see?!?”  We’ve been there, folks, welcome to the fight, stop acting like you invented opposition to abortion.

I’ll stop ranting incoherently and get to the video:

It is always heartening to see the innocence that lives in children.  Their answers are so direct and honest. It is only when we get older that we begin to allow satan and our fallen natures to convince us that up is down, right is wrong, and killing defenseless children OK. It is amazing what lies and evil people can convince themselves of.  I’ve been there, I speak from experience.

I have been accosted a few times by women – it is always women – in cars driving past our vigil outside mills with a child or two in their car.  I’ve had them pull up next to us and shout how terrible and evil we are to try to stop mothers from killing their babies.  Strange motivation, to be sure, to defend abortion with your child in the car with you.

I’ve been tempted at times to just look at the child and tell them……why don’t you ask your mommy what they do in this place and why she thinks it is so good?  Of course, I never have. Even though I am completely, unalterably opposed to anyone who supports abortion even slightly, I don’t want to traumatize a child with the knowledge that mommy maybe killed her older sister, or thinks some kids, at least, are disposable objects to be thrown away when inconvenient.  How would you handle that situation?  Or maybe you already have……..let me know.


Atrocity: 1 in 8 deaths in Netherlands a result of euthanasia May 19, 2015

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And more than that, a judge just overruled doctors in the case of a demented elderly woman whose family claimed she wanted to die, but whose doctors said she was incompetent to make such a decision.  So now the precedent has been set for the state directly deciding who lives and who dies.

Life is sure cheap in a sexular pagan paradise, is it not?

A judge in Holland has ordered the euthanasia of an 80-year-old woman after doctors tried to prevent her family from having her killed. [I’m sorry, but I’m going to throw a bit of hardline skepticism in here.  Evil laws permitting things like euthanasia always assume everyone is always virtuous and just carrying out someone’s (twisted) wishes, or easing someone’s suffering, but in how many cases are unscrupulous children offing their parents to get to the inheritance, or get rid of the old nag, or hospital admins from having to lose money on “someone who’s going to die anyway.”  There are so many ways for people to use this as a means to commit murder for the most prurient reasons with state sanction and legality]

Doctors serving the Ter Reede dementia specialist care home in Flushing argued that she was not mentally capable of consenting to death by lethal injection.

But for the first time in 13 years of legal euthanasia in the Netherlands, a court over-ruled the doctors’ wishes and ordered that the euthanasia went ahead.

The woman’s family, who live in Middelburg, claimed that she harboured a ‘death wish’ and obtained a court order so she could die by euthanasia. [But this was apparently not documented well, or at all.  

A judge sitting in an ‘emergency session’ in Utrecht then threw out an appeal from medical staff treating the woman.

A day later she was taken from the care home and killed by the Life End Clinic, which was set up with the aim of making euthanasia more easily accessible in the Netherlands….. [So that’s it, one appeal, and the next day you’re dead?!?  What a robust system they have there!]

The woman’s GP, the management of the care home and its psychologist were all equally opposed to plans to kill her by euthanasia and they had asked for an independent report into her condition…….

……A woman in her 80s was killed last year simply because she did not want to live in a care home……

…….Overall, deaths by euthanasia, which officially account for three per cent of all deaths in the Netherlands, have increased by 151 per cent in just seven years. 

The figures, however, do not include cases of so-called terminal sedation, where patients are given a cocktail of sedatives and narcotics before food and fluids are withdrawn. [The preferred method of putting patients down in US hospitals, with or without family or patient consent.  It’s murder on the QT]

Studies suggest that if such deaths were added to the figure then euthanasia would account for one in eight – about 12.3 per cent – of all deaths in the Netherlands. [And would probably be one of the leading, if not the leading, causes of death in the Netherlands?]

Doctors in neighbouring Belgium, which last year legalised euthanasia for children, are now killing an average of five people every day by euthanasia, according to latest figures, with a 27 per cent surge in the number of euthanasia deaths in the last year alone.

In one of the most shocking cases, a Brussels man last week described how he arranged the double euthanasia of his octogenarian parents who wanted to die because they were afraid of loneliness.

I can’t advise people enough to get a lawyer and draw up very clearly what kind of treatment you expect if you are incapacitated in any way.  Don’t rely on anyone else, even  your own children, to follow  your wishes without clear, legally-actionable guidance.  Make sure you never, ever get a “living will” or any kind of advance directive from standard boilerplate, instead draw up a document saying you want all reasonable care, food and hydration, and even “heroic means” to keep you alive. Absolutely say no to organ transplantation, and remember, you have to positively opt out of that now, the state now assumes the default answer is “yes” (and how typical of all progressive causes – what was once optional now becomes default, and will soon be mandatory).

For over 100 years, discerning souls have predicted that wealthy, advanced, liberal nations in Europe and North America had become so amoral – it was apparent even then – that it would not be long before they had become so thoroughly imbued with satanic materialistic, utilitarian thinking that they would even start to kill their own children, disabled, and elderly persons. Anyone who didn’t “pull their weight” or who was a “drag on progress” would be killed.  Mind, this isn’t the “bad guys,” the Hitlerites or commies……it’s us, who always tell ourselves we’re the “good guys.”  Please.  We have so offended God, any punishment at this point is easily conceivable.

Note it started with pre-born babies.  Then it was the disabled and elderly.  How long before it’s literally a Brave New World and everyone gets killed at 60 or some arbitrary number?  How could anyone laugh at such a prediction, judging from what’s already been normalized and legalized?

Virtually no one believes in redemptive suffering or the difficulty of this life anymore.  No one looks forward to Heaven as our true home where the good will go after a life of suffering and virtue.  Everyone (more or less) thinks this life is the only one, and to the extent Heaven exists, it’s just a replay of this life on some cosmic scale, with the focus certainly NOT being on God.

This is the time when darkness reigns.  Pray for these souls who murder others, and who ask to be murdered.  It seems inescapable that they will have a most unpleasant experience at their particular judgment.

US ranks with N. Korea, China in allowing late term abortion May 13, 2015

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At present, the US House of Representative is debating again whether to allow a bill banning abortion beyond 20 weeks to go to a vote.  The measure was shot down by quivering RINOs earlier this year, but pro-lifers have kept the pressure up and have gotten a floor vote scheduled for today.  We’ll see what happens as a result.  I wouldn’t hold my breath on its passing.

Nevertheless, Marjorie Dannenfelser has a piece at National Review that indicates the US is one of only 7 countries, including China and N. Korea, that allow abortions past 5 months.  Copious scientific evidence indicates babies are able to feel pain quite well by that point, so we have been torturing to death millions of babies these past 42 years.   No wonder our country seems so cursed by God.  We’re down among the most amoral, godless, socialist countries in the world.

The bill does provide a number of improvements to this ongoing scandal:

Improvements include:

Protections for babies born alive: A second physician is required to be present at an abortion to provide care to the baby and transport the child to the hospital, ensuring that any child born alive is given the same type of care that any other preemie would receive.

Informed consent: Women considering late-term abortion deserve relevant information about the procedure……

……Statistical reporting: The law requires that all post–20 week abortions be reported to the National Center for Health Statistics, which will issue an annual statistical report (without personally identifying information) providing information about abortions carried out after five months.

……..The sad reality is that in many parts of the country, if Dr. Gosnell had simply killed those babies in utero moments earlier, instead of outside the womb, his acts would have been completely legal. A few inches separates cold-blooded murder from a perfectly legal procedure. [It may separate legally, but it is murder either way]

The legality of these late-term abortions puts the United States on the fringe internationally, as we are just one of seven countries to allow elective abortions after five months of pregnancy. In doing so, we are standing with countries such as China and North Korea, not exactly known for being champions of human rights.

Obviously, the only truly moral response is to outlaw all abortion and all murderous medical treatments, including euthanasia, immediately.  But this bill, if it passes, would represent a significant step in the right direction.  However, when we see things falling apart around us……is it any wonder?  Can we be surprised at the state of this nation, morally, when we see atrocities equal or worse to those of pre-Christian Rome on a daily basis?  This country, supposedly “under God,” has been spitting in His eye and telling Him how much it hates and disbelieves in Him for decades. We’ve been killing the children He miraculously creates.

It is thus absolutely no wonder at all that we are in this depraved, fallen state?  This nation – not all of us, but most – has behaved like a new Canaan, barbecuing our babies to death with saline solution and sacrificing our children on the forbidden altar of satan.  So go figure we’re in the state we’re in.  We’re frankly blessed to even still be around, and not be a smoking hole in the ground.  That’s what we’re tempting with our current atrocities against God, all this sodomy.  The Talmud says it was when the people began to pretend that men could marry men, and women marry women, that God unleashed the Flood.  Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for less.   How long God will let this stand is not ours to know, but I don’t think it will be much longer.



A prayer I highly recommend: Crusade for the family prayer May 7, 2015

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We live in a time when the family is under greater attack than at any other time in the history of the Church. We can argue about whether the general crisis facing the Church is the greatest ever, but with regard to the assault on the family by those who would leave souls broken and defenseless, utterly dependent on the government for succor, there has never been a time in 2000 years of Christianity when the family has been so successfully and completely rent asunder.  Be it divorce, abortion, fornication, adultery, radical pretended redefinitions of marriage, general pride and selfishness…….the family has never been more under attack wounded than it has been in the past several decades.

The fact that this attack is the deliberate plan and policy of the ascendant leftist over-culture makes the tragedy surrounding the state of the family all the worse, because this hasn’t happened entirely “by accident,” but has been instigated as part of a concerted plan to weaken the family as an institution, the better to serve the endless appetite for power among certain depraved individuals. While there have been nations that have embraced these evils at times in the past, never has there been such a widespread acceptance by virtually every part of the world as we see today.  Outside some pockets in South America, Africa, and a few other places, almost all of these means of undermining the family are not just legal, but widely accepted and committed with grim abandon.  There remain very few places where none of them are legal, and I would hazard there is no place left on earth where they are not regularly practiced. Thus, worldwide, the family has never faced such a panoply of threats that could even, God forbid, lead to its near extinction.

The prayer below was composed by Fr. John Hardon, SJ, I believe in the early 70s, just as so many of these grave evils were becoming pandemic in the culture.  I think it’s a beautiful prayer that is important enough, and worthy enough, to be included among your regular prayers:

Mary, Mother of God, at your request, Jesus worked His first miracle. He changed water into wine for the wedding guests at Cana in Galilee.  

Over the centuries you have not ceased to obtain countless signs and wonders for the poor, exiled children of Eve.

We therefore ask you to intercede with your Divine Son for the miraculous graces which the modern world so desperately needs:

For the conversion and reconversion of whole nations to Jesus Christ and His teaching on marriage and the family.  

For the heroic preservation among Christians of their faith in the indissolubility of marriage, marital fidelity and the loving acceptance of children, as the bedrock of the Christian family.

For the courage of martyrs in all of us followers of Christ, that we may witness to His power to overcome the powers of darkness that are bent on destroying the human family and the moral law.  

Mary, Mother of the Holy Family, and Mother of our families, pray for us. Amen.

I fear we are going to need the courage of martyrs.  Sadly, such courage is increasingly uncommon today, as we saw VP Biden receive the Blessed Sacrament at a parish in this city, with the idea of enforcing Canon Law to deny him Communion dismissed out of hand over fears regarding the loss of tax exempt status.  As I’ve noted in other recent posts, and as some commenters have noted, as well, the Church is going to lose its tax-exempt status almost no matter what, unless some disastrous doctrinal “compromise” is reached regarding fake sodo-marriage.  Solid Catholic Supreme Court Justice Alito forced that admission from the Obama administration – perverse and always false redefinitions of marriage will inevitably lead to a cruel choice for Holy Mother Church in this country: acquiesce in sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, or suffer the loss of probably over half her current revenue with the denial of tax exempt status for failing to accord with federal law.

Folks, I wish I could say I’m rock-solid confident which choice the bishops will make, but I cannot.  Not with decades of example of compromise with the sexular pagan culture.  It was Cardinal Cushing himself who drove a reluctant Massachusetts legislature, predominately Catholic, to vote in favor of legalizing contraception.

I relay these sad facts to further impress upon us all the vital need for more prayer and penance.  I know many of you already do a lot, but we are faced with some of the gravest threats the family and Church have ever faced. I’m afraid we are well past the point for worldly solutions or grand plans to restore sanity to the world.  It is down to Grace, which means prayer and penance.

God bless all of you for what you do.

Deo Gratias!


Shocking! Satanists sues in favor of abortion, progressives cheer May 5, 2015

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Satanists in Missouri have sued the state there demanding the mandatory waiting period be abrogated because it somehow violates their satanic beliefs.  OK……satanists are crazed and immoral, no shock there.  But some prominent radical pro-aborts like Amanda Marcotte (raised in a Catholic home in far West Texas) are just positively giddy over the effort, happy to once again see efforts of Christians who have used such law to defend unborn life get their comeuppance.  Or something.  Basically, anything that is anti-Christian in general and anti-Catholic in particular is good, even the infinite diabolical evil of satanism, while any morality the Church promotes is prima facie evil and bad.  We truly live in perverse times:

Over at Slate, Amanda Marcotte thinks it’s absolutely hilarious that Satanists are challenging abortion restrictions on religious liberty grounds, seeking to expand abortion access. She argues this somehow makes conservative use of religious liberty laws “a little more complicated.” Responding to a Satanic Temple demand that an abortion clinic grant a religious exemption from the state-mandated waiting period, she writes:

While the Satanists did misfire by taking aim at the clinic, as a public act of trolling, this stunt gets an A-plus. It exposes the double standards of those who claim to stand for “religious freedom,” and it highlights how waiting periods and other restrictions are actually an attempt to impose religious dogma about abortion on those who don’t agree with it. Being denied medical care is actual religious oppression. Letting someone access her own medical care is not.

OK, lets refute the stupid fallacies. Preventing innocent babies from being murdered is not an imposition of dogma, religious or otherwise, it is an act any moral soul of decency can and must support.  There are plenty of totally secular arguments against abortion.  But look at how quickly abandonment of belief in God – and thus a transcendent frame of reference for right and wrong, beyond Marcotte’s naked will to power – degenerates into not just permission, but demands for the gravest of evils.  Marcotte’s entire belief system is built around a frame of reference of Marxist will-to-power, meaning those with power (such as a fully grown woman) can do whatever they wish to those without. But wait, there’s a massive catch, and here’s where the real hypocrisy lies, not with religious believers, but with twisted sexular pagans of Marcotte’s ilk: while Marcotte is all for relatively powerful women using their power to kill defenseless babies, her cultural marxism demands that she see women as generally persecuted by men and demands government use its power to rectify her hysterical perception.  So, will to power is wonderful when it serves Marcotte’s interests, but is bad and evil when it doesn’t.  Gotcha.

That’s pretty much the leftist sexular pagan agenda in a nutshell.  Anything that stands in the way of my banal, pointless, materialist, libertine existence is evil and must be swept aside, but anything I favor is unassailable “truth.”  Again, that’s where a total detachment from a transcendent source of Truth inevitably leads.  And as we survey the vaunting immorality of the culture around us, it is increasingly apparent we have now sunk to levels unseen since the founding of Christendom about 1700 years ago.

Of course, it’s hardly surprising the radical pro-abort left would publicly embrace yet another satanic attack on Christian belief.  The entire pro-abort movement is satanic to the core, as many people who have left that industry sadly testify.  And since satanism is a manifestly false, evil parody of true religion, their “religious objections” don’t remotely count as such and can be dismissed from the start as the ravings of souls lost in ultimate evil.  So, no, they don’t “complicate” religious objections to abortion in the slightest.  That one could even imagine they do reveals a level of thinking so twisted I don’t think the term “reprobate sense” adequate to describe it. More like “satanic always self-pleasing blinded by evil hypocritical bathed in blood sense.”

And yet the hysterical Marcotte enjoys a wide following among feminists and other radical pro-aborts, and was viewed as sufficiently influential to be named, for a short while, John Edwards online media director for his failed 2008 campaign (am I the only one who was completely un-shocked at the subsequent video-sex scandal that finally rid us of his public presence a short while later?  That’s the kind of moral filth that constitutes the modern democrat party.  See Clinton, William Jefferson for more).  Demonrats cannot claim she represents some extreme wing of the demonrat party with her constant public spewing of bile at believing Christians.  She is the core of their constituency at present.

Speaking of persecution, has the idiotic satanic temple in Oklahoma City been at it again?  Someone defaced a statue of Mary outside a Norman parish and left a voodoo/satanic message behind.

vandals deface mary

Sadly, we’ll probably have to expect to see more of this.  Bishops, they are coming for your tax exempt status viz a viz fake sodo-marriage and the whole sexular pagan agenda.  Will you stand for the Doctrine of the Faith against this effort?  I pray that you do, but your performance to date leaves me with precious little confidence.


US birthrate continues to plummet, led by Hispanics May 4, 2015

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“Millenials,” that generation born between maybe 1980 and 2000?, is rapidly coming of age.  This group of special snowflakes who got trophies for showing up and were always told how awesomely awesome they all were, each and every one!, is having great deal of difficulty even bothering to conceive.  Birthrates for millenial-group whites are nearing European levels, if projections hold – less than 1.4 live births per woman per lifetime.  Even Hispanics, long the only cohort keeping the US fertility rate near replacement levels, are plummeting – faster, in fact, than any other group.  Apparently these Catholic immigrants aren’t staying Catholic very long once they reach this country:

 In a new report, the Urban Institute think tank writes that in 2012, there were only 948 births per 1,000 women in their 20s, “by far the slowest pace of any generation of young women in U.S. history.” In 2007, the rate was 1,118 births per 1,000. The decline in births was largest among Hispanic women, at 26 percent, followed by black women, at 14 percent, and an 11 percent drop for white women…….

…….For white women, though, the story was very different: “81 percent of the decrease in fertility is attributable to declining marriage rates.” (Granted, white women were less likely to be single mothers to begin with.) All the single ladies of countless Internet essays are, indeed, staying unhitched—and they’re not having kids as a result.

The report authors say they don’t know whether Millennial women will eventually catch up in childbearing like women who lived through past recessions did.

The data is really stunning. A 15% drop in fertility rate in just 5 years?!?  I don’t know if that’s happened anytime since the implosion of traditional culture called the 1960s/early 70s.  And Latinas dropped my over 25%!!


The entire Western socialist welfare state, including the American one, is a ponzi scheme predicated on constantly increasing population.  Not just increasing population, but each succeeding generation must be larger than its predecessor, and by no small amount.  Otherwise, we’ll all have to pay sky-high taxes, productivity will plummet, and prolonged economic recession/depression a la France since 1975 will set in.  Well……here we are.  The millenial generation is  15-20 million smaller than the preceding “Gen X,” and whatever Madison Ave decides to call those following the millenials will be even smaller.  But we already know this.

No country and no culture has survived an extended period of voluntary low birthrates.  These periods have spelled the death knell for civilizations in ancient Greece, Rome, China, India, and elsewhere.  When a culture runs so out of energy and care for the future that it can’t even bother to reproduce itself, it’s not long for the world.  I don’t know how long this culture of ours has left, but eventually something’s going to break, and break big – government, economy, culture – or, most likely, all three.

Don’t mean to be a downer but this is really unprecedented.  Yes machines and technology can make us some of the difference but not on the scale we’re seeing, where the number of little humans being born today around the world is literally 1/4-1/3 what is was 50 years ago. Unprecedented doesn’t even begin to describe it.

So…….pick your poison, persecution or collapse.  Either way, not so fun.



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