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Meet the real abortion extremists April 20, 2015

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In Colorado some time back, a woman was brutally attacked by another woman.  The assaulted woman was 27 weeks pregnant.  The obviously sick soul who attacked her cut her child out of her womb.  The child died.  But because Colorado has been taken over by West Coast leftists, it remains a state without a law declaring that an attack on a pregnant mom which results in the death of the child will be treated as murder.  Texas and many other states do have such laws.  As a result of this very widely publicized attack, a bill was proposed in the legislature to pass just such a law.  But the abortion extremists who make up a majority of the the legislature shot it down, because they could not countenance any bill that would legally establish the humanity and personage of a human still in utero.  Doing so would have been to gravely undermine the “logic” of their pro-abort position, and they can’t have that:

In Colorado this week, Republicans introduced a fetal homicide bill that would enable prosecutors to file murder charges when an unborn baby is killed against the mother’s wishes…….

….The bill, which Senate Democrats oppose, was drafted in reaction to a grisly case in Longmont, Colorado, where a seveneight-month pregnant Michelle Wilkins was attacked and left for dead after her baby was cut out of her womb by an attacker. The mother survived; her baby – who the family says was named “Aurora” – did not. The district attorney was unable to charge the perpetrator with murder because the coroner concluded the baby was not alive outside the womb, even though, without any violent interference, more than 90 percent of babies born after 27 weeks survive.

The truth is that pro-choice advocates don’t want district attorneys prosecuting people for killing fetuses because it sets up two dangerous debates.

First, the act of humanizing unborn babies that women want to keep means humanizing unborn babies others do not want to keep. Aurora got a name, but the other third-trimester babies disposed of aren’t as fortunate.

Secondly, any admission by liberals that life in the womb is human life worthy of protections sets up a host of uncomfortable philosophical questions and legal precedents.  For starters, how can the act of killing a fetus – granted, for different purposes and with very different levels of violence – end a human life in one instance and not the other?……..

………Contemporary Democrats are willing to kill a human trafficking billbecause it features decades-old language from the Hyde Amendment – which bans taxpayer-funded abortions other than cases of rape, incest, and life-threatening danger to the mother. [Which cases make up about 1% of all abortions performed]

The article goes on to mention that demonrat national committee spokesghoul Debbie Wasserman-Schultz exclaimed, when asked whether she was OK with killing a seven pound baby at full term, responded by stating that she supported baby murder up to delivery with no exceptions and no limit.  That is the abortion maximalist position that led to decades of partial-birth abortion in this country, where fully developed babies were 3/4 birthed and then killed by stabbing scissors at the base of their skull.  My calling democrats demonrats may seem childish, but it was years of covering evils like this that convinced me of its veracity.

But Wasserman-Schultz’ response proves a very important point.  It’s certainly not just in Colorado that such extremism exists.  It is the foundational principle of today’s leftist-dominated demonrat party: abortion on demand at taxpayer expense without exception or apology.  Basically, a baby murder free-for-all, with you and I paying for it, because if the sexular pagan left knows one thing, they know that abortion is that absolutely vital, non-negotiable backstop for their entire agenda.  The sexular pagan left is built on contraception making immoral, illicit relations possible and frequent.  But since contraception has an inevitable (and quite high) failure rate, there must be abortion to deal with the “accidents” that result.  Without abortion, the entire sexular pagan agenda to turn this country (and the whole world) into a dystopia blending equal parts Brave New World, 1984, and Idiocracy would be impossible.  That is why it is their number 1, non-negotiable, most sacred belief.

And they act like it.  Would that our Repubniks would act like defending life and overturning abortion was anything like a similar priority for them.

Or, I might add, for our collective bishops (a few notable exceptions aside).

Major pro life groups: HB 3074 unsupportable, does not improve very poor Texas end of life care law April 20, 2015

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Last year about this time there was a quite public row between various pro-life groups in the State of Texas and the Texas Catholic Conference (TCC), the bureaucratic and lobbying arm of the state’s bishops.  Texas Right to Life and other groups were vehemently opposed to a major effort to reform end of life care law in Texas, the present law being viewed by many as horribly outdated and antithetical to patient’s and their families best interests.  At that time, Texas Right to Life (TRL), Bishop Emeritus Rene Gracida, friend of the blog Kassi Marks, and others found themselves at odds with other Texas pro-life groups and the Texas Catholic Conference on a bill then pending in the Texas Senate, which proposed purported reforms that TRL, Bishop Gracida, and many others feared would actually worsen the present situation, and not improve it.  Thank God, these opponents of that SB303 managed to get it stopped in the legislature.  That’s both good and bad – a bill that may have made the disastrous end of life statutes in this state even worse was avoided, but the present really poor status quo was maintained.  I covered this matter in a post last year.

Several weeks ago, I saw an article in the Texas Tribune that proclaimed, hurrah!, there is finally a bill that will insure that Texans in end of life situations will receive at least minimal artificially administered nutrition and hydration (AANH).  The article raised my doubting antenna, however, when it went on to proclaim that no one could possibly oppose this bill and that the pro-life groups that were recalcitrant last year better get on board, if they knew what was good for them.  I thought about writing on the matter at that time, and actually contacted TRL to get their opinion on the matter (never heard back), but thought I’d wait to see until there was a response from the much more solidly pro-life side before covering the matter.  Well, Bishop Gracida and Kassi Marks have now responded quite formally (including testimony before the Texas legislature), and they are quite forward in their opposition to this new bill (HB 3074).

The basic problem with last year’s SB 303 and this year’s HB 3074 is that neither does what it purports to do: provide real, viable safeguards for patients in long term comas or other persistent maladies, where doctors basically want to clear the bed out and stop spending money and just put the patient down.  In Texas at present, horses and dogs are given much better legal safeguards for the provision of minimal care up until natural death than are the people of this state.  SB 303 was very poorly written and it would have made the present very bad situation worse.  HB 3074 is more narrowly written but is really just more of the same and, basically, leaves all decision-making regarding end-of-life care in the hands of doctors and hospitals, and gives very little recourse to the patient’s family.

Before moving to Kassi’s coverage, I should explain what I mean by “more solidly pro-life.”  There are many pro-life groups in Texas.  Two of the major ones are Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life.  The former is generally much more solid in seeking to defend life from conception to natural death than the latter, which takes a much more accommodating viewpoint with the powers that be and has backed some legislation (like last year’s SB 303) that many pro-lifers found gravely morally objectionable.  Likewise for the Texas Catholic Conference, we had the sad spectacle last year of the TCC excoriating the more solidly pro-life organizations for blocking the legislation they backed.

As for what is wrong with HB 3074 and why pro-lifers should not support it, please read all of Kassi Mark’s post. I provide some excerpts below that will hopefully convey the major objections:

HB 3074 is basically a narrower version of SB 303 from last session, if you will. (And, there are the same moral problems with it as well. I have already written about that a great deal in prior posts.) HB 3074’s proponents, among them certain “pro-life organizations” and the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, say that it would prohibit doctors and hospitals (who can affirm a doctor’s decision to terminate this life-sustaining care) from withholding artificially administered nutrition and hydration. The problem is that the exceptions where AANH can be withdrawn are so broad, that the bill immediately takes away any alleged protection that its proponents says it offers. In short, it is a net ZERO gain for the patient.

What it would do is codify into law what doctors and hospitals are already doing, that is, basing their withdrawal of care, including AANH on “quality of life decisions.” That is, the doctor and hospital will decide that their opinion is that the patient has no quality of life and that he’s basically, “better off dead.” That is the net result of what they do. Don’t believe me? Read on……..

……But know this – just passing anything will not do. The chairman of this committee made it abundantly clear that the he just wants to get it over with and not have to return to this issue each session. (For the record, this particular individual is not the only person addressing this issue. Each session the committee make-up changes. Each session these bills are assigned to different committees. But his statement was telling and we should take heed.) There was much talk about “incrementalism” and isn’t this just a little better than the status quo? No, it’s not. But at least this committee chairman wants to “just do something” to say that it’s been done and not deal with it again. That tells me that just passing something that is inherently flawed and “fixing it later” is not politically feasible. [That has been something put forth by supporters of this bill, including some affiliated with TCC, that, OK, this bill may not be great, but it’s a start and we can improve it later.  Not if the matter is assigned to this committee, apparently] The legislature will just tell us later that “the matter has been dealt with.” Remember, TADA has been a deeply flawed law for about 15 years. It has not yet been amended to address these flaws yet, although efforts are made each session. A poor effort is a wasted effort – especially when the poor effort changes nothing.

…….For those wondering, yes, there are good bills introduced that would amend TADA in substantive ways.

  • HB 2949 by Representative Stephanie Klick & SB 1546 by Senator Charles Perry is a DNR Consent Bill – that is, you would have to give your consent prior to a “Do Not Resuscitate” Order being put in your file. That is not the law currently. DNRs are slipped into patients’ files without their knowledge or consent. This allows the hospital to NOT resuscitate a patient. How about that?
  • HB 3414 by Representative James Frank & SB 1163 by Senator Kelly Hancock. This reform to current law (Chapter 166.046 of the Health & Safety Code) would limit the statutory ethics committee process to only be used to withdraw treatment that is physiologically futile. This bill would also clarify that treatment decisions cannot be based on discriminatory judgments against persons with disabilities, the elderly, and terminally ill patients.

However, these bills have not been set for a hearing at this time and time is running short in the session. Only the powers that be in the Texas Legislature can set the bills for hearing. [And the powers that be have proven amazingly proficient and blocking the will of the overwhelming majority of Texans to see this and other pro-life laws passed, and have also managed to keep the pro-life majority in the Legislature fairly well contained and limited to nibbling around the margins, HB 2 from last year excepted]

———-End Quote———-

This post has gotten quite long, so go to Kassi Mark’s site to read her specific objections to the bill.  As she says, the present exceptions written into the law (exceptions which would allow doctors to depart from the default setting of providing artificial nutrition) are very broad and would result in little, if any, practical change to the status quo.

Faithful French bishop punished for being……..Catholic March 31, 2015

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The Revolution is in an uproar in France, since Bishop Luc Ravel said somethings that are markedly Catholic.  Can’t have that.  Via Tancred at Eponymous Fowler:

His Excellency, Bishop Luc Ravel,a Catholic bishops in the French Military Ordinariate is to be “punished” by the French Ministry of Defense, for his writings. He has also been told to cease using any emblems identifying himself with the army. The bishop apparently in his words and actions, contradicts “republican values”. No doubt, as a good Catholic he does. But then, so did the thousands who were slaughtered by the Revolution… 

The bishop wrote:

“...Christians feel shackled between two ideologies. On the one hand an ideology that is a caricature of God, which has contempt for man. [That would be islam] On the other hand, an ideology that manipulates man, despising God. [That would be leftism] On the one hand, we have those who are declared and known: the terrorists of the bomb, the Prophet’s avengers. On the other hand, we have terrorists of thought, the proponents of secularism, the admirers of the Republic. In what camp is a Christian to find himself”? 

“We do not want to be held hostage by Islamists, but we also do not want to be slaves of correct thought. Islamic ideology has led to 17 victims in France, but the ideology of thinking correctly [political correctness] creates annually two hundred thousand victims in the womb of the mother.  Abortion has become a fundamental right and a weapon of mass destruction “

I don’t know much about Bishop Ravel, but it sounds like he’s figured out the cultural predicament facing Catholics at the moment, squeezed more and images (5)more tightly between the vise of leftism and the immovable object in islam.  He also rightly understands that abortion is absolutely vital, it is the keystone of the Republican war to return our culture to the days of pagan hedonism and barbarism.  Without abortion as the backstop, the great left-wing trade (we give you sexual hedonism, we take everything else) falls apart.  They know that only too well, which is why they will trade virtually anything and everything before giving up abortion.  With abortion, they maintain control.

But I think leftism does reveal its grave weakness in that it cannot tolerate any competing or contradictory thought.  So rather than argue the point on the merits (such as they are), they choose to shoot the messenger.  That’s been a dominant characteristic of the revolution since it burst on the scene in 1789.  Political opponents are not to be out-argued or even out-maneuvered, they are simply to be done away with.

But, remember, it’s we Catholics and other Christians who are the real extremists to worry about.  Goebbels would be proud.

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Another way to fight back against the amoral culture – boycotts March 26, 2015

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I agree with a commenter’s idea that on the specific matter of helping end division among faithful Catholics, coordination with like-minded individuals is one of the first steps to take.  Consider it done.

But on the broader matter of opposing the ongoing decline in the culture, boycotting corporations and especially charities that support egregiously amoral activities like anything related to Planned Barrenhood, sodo-marriage, and the like, is another relatively easy step to take.  No, you don’t have to send a letter, and you certainly don’t have to avoid every company and charity on the list (available here, from Life Decisions International), but you could choose to stop shopping at this place or that to make a statement.  For instance, even though I find Home Depot generally has superior product selection, because of their ardent support for sodo-marriage, I no longer shop there, but at Lowe’s.  The point is not to make your life a nightmare of narrow choices and constant moral conundrums, the point is to to what you can.

As a way of helping, find below some of the major corporations and charities that are tied to grave immorality.  First, the corporations:

JPMorgan Chase
Bank of America
Estee’ Lauder
Johnson and Johnson
Home Depot
Levis (one of the worst. I used to love Levi jeans but won’t have anything to do with them anymore)
Nike (another bad one)
Polo Ralph Lauren
Southwest Airlines (gives lots to Komen and Planned Barrenhood)
Time Warner
United Health
Walt Disney
Wells Fargo
Whole Foods

Now some of the charities:

Alzheimer’s Association
American Automobile Association
American Association of University Women (particularly egregious)
American Cancer Society
Amnesty International
Boys and Girls Clubs
Camp Fire
Council of Churches
Easter Seals
Girl Scouts/Guides
Glaucoma Research Foundation
Human Rights Watch
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
League of Women Voters
Lions Clubs
March of Dimes
Muscular Dystrophy Association
National Childhood Cancer Foundation
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
National Osteoporosis Foundation
National Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
Red Cross
Ronald McDonald House
Rotary Club
Salvation Army
Save the Children
Sierra Club
Susan G. Komen
YWCA (neither are remotely Christian anymore)

More and more, as we also see in the Church, corporations and charities form a densely tangled web in which charities donate to each other, and corporations cross-pollinate their “charity” as well, and the whole thing becomes an impenetrable fog.  It’s gotten to the point that the vast majority of charities wind up giving some money to Planned Barrenhood, either directly or through another agency like Komen.  Other evil charities like the Human Rights Campaign similarly receive funds from a wide variety of other charities.

The above is not meant to beat you down. Take it for  what you will.  If it’s helpful to you, please, by all means, use the info above.  There are many more less well known companies and charities also on the banned list at FightPlannedParenthood, but bear in mind, that’s only a partial list, because it only addresses those entities that fund PP.  Others not on the list above fund many other evils (which is why I added Home Depot, they do not fund Planned Parenthood, directly, but they are big fans of sodomy, especially in San Fran and their Atlanta HQ).  To me, it’s important to try to limit my business with the especially bad actors as much as possible, but I’m probably not going to change banks over the matter.  But I won’t drink Starbucks, for about 200 reasons.  As I said, whatever works best for you.

Hope the above helps!

Another controversy flairs up over Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson March 26, 2015

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Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty TV series has landed in hot water again after making comments offensive to the dominant leftist orthodoxy.  I’m not particular fan of Robertson’s and I’ve never seen the show he’s on, but I do think the media’s reaction is very telling.  While I find Robertson’s comments rather crude (but, hey, look at the dude), I think they are actually a cogent criticism of the moral relativism inherent in today’s atheist sexular pagan orthodoxy.  See if you agree, below are Robinson’s comments:

I’ll make a bet with you. Two guys break into an atheist’s home. He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters. Two guys break into his home and tie him up in a chair and gag him. And then they take his two daughters in front of him and rape both of them and then shoot them and they take his wife and then decapitate her head off in front of him. And they can look at him and say, ‘Isn’t it great that I don’t have to worry about being judged? Isn’t it great that there’s nothing wrong with this? There’s no right or wrong, now is it dude?’

Then you take a sharp knife and take his manhood and hold it in front of him and say, ‘Wouldn’t it be something if this [sic] was something wrong with this? But you’re the one who says there is no God, there’s no right, there’s no wrong, so we’re just having fun. We’re sick in the head, have a nice day.’

If it happened to them, they probably would say, ‘Something about this just ain’t right.’

Now many in the media, including a right-wing secular atheist blogger I like somewhat, Ace of Spades, are portraying this as a hideous revenge fantasy, wherein all of Robertson’s anti-Christian boogeymen get their comeuppance. I don’t think that’s it at all.  I think Robertson is arguing, in a ghastly way (possibly intended to make a point), that when a culture abandons any external moral reference in the form of an absolute source of truth (in the case of Christendom, the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Faith that created Christendom/Western culture in the first place), there are no limits to the depravity to which it will sink.  Robertson is saying the atheist really has no morality left to appeal to in the horrifying hypothetical he posited, since they have very successfully destroyed the Christian God as the source of morality for our culture, at least insofar as the elites are concerned.  In fact, Robertson makes the evil that inevitably results when a culture detaches itself from a transcendent source of Truth very clear in a follow-up comment:

I gave you four ideologies in the last one hundred years, I see a pattern. You say, ‘why do they do what they do, why is there always murder?’ You know what the scary thing is? The fifth ideology right in behind all of this bunch of stuff we’re dealing with now, has its roots in the United States of America? You know how many they’ve killed? You say, ‘who are they?’ People call them left-wing loons, Bill O’Reilly calls them, political correct crowd, orthodox liberal opinion. You say, ‘what are they famous for?’ They’ve killed 63 million of their own children. 63 million. More than Hitler, more than Stalin. We’re slaughtering ourselves. You say, ‘who is behind it?’ Their father is, he was a murderer, from the beginning, they are slaves to sin, they are controlled by the Evil One. Duh.

This is really a deep and stinging criticism.  I am impressed with Robertson’s depth – he has correctly diagnosed that the cultural detachment from Christian truth has led, inexorably, to the deaths of 63 million babies in this country alone, and a billion and a half across the world.  Abortion only became legal in countries as they abandoned Christianity.  Thus, it first became legal in the Soviet Union, then in northern Europe, then most of western Europe, then North America, and today the front is Central and South America.  In every case, abortion did not become legalized until the governing elites had deliberately abandoned their Christian heritage, and also, decisively veered toward the left of the political-cultural spectrum.  I think Robertson has elicited such a vehement reaction, because he has drawn back the veil that shows the secret, hidden evils leftism must not just permit, but encourage, in order to satisfy its ever increasing appetite for power and control.

The great bargain leftism demands of its subjects is this: you give us total control over every other aspect of life, and we’ll give you totally unchecked sexual hedonism.  But since such hedonism invariably results in a number of evils: abortion, destruction of the family, children tortured by divorce, etc….all those things have to be kept carefully swept under the rug.  Leftism cannot stand to have the veil lifted.  And thus, the reaction, which has been even more ferocious than in his comments from last year.

I’ve got to say, having read a number of comments from Mr. Robertson, while he’s rough as a cobb, his beliefs are probably more Catholic than a great majority of those who bear that sacred name today.  He does spout some evangelical nonsense, it is true, but on the moral issues, he is practically Catholic.  And, as I said before, I am impressed with his depth.  He may look like a backwoods cracker hick, but he’s actually a deep-thinking and quite  intelligent man.

The interesting thing to me, is that our media has grown so shallow and insular they are incapable of seeing the broader moral argument being made here.  Not a single mainstream secular media source covering this story has managed to escape their leftist bubble and give these statements even a reasonable hearing.  Now, of course, they have a powerful motivation (their own commitment to the leftist cause) to do just that, but I think even more, they are so cut off from Christianity, it is so alien and hostile to them, they are not even capable of imagining these comments in a positive light.  And that likelihood should give us pause as Catholics, and move us to recognize that we are truly strangers in a strange land, visitors in our own homes.  There can be no reconciliation with elements both so hostile towards, and uncomprehending of, everything we hold dear.

Which only points up what an utter fallacy the entire notion of aggiornamento has always been.  But that’s probably meat for another post.

Hi there, Persecution! Woman throws Molotov cocktail at Austin pro-lifers March 24, 2015

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Yes, Austin has much more than its share of crazies.  It is a quite liberal town, and not just by Texas standards.  There are a lot of good conservatives there, too, of course, but they are outnumbered by the leftists.  We saw that a year and a half ago in the diabolical displays surrounding the passage of House Bill 2, which imposed many sensical (if far from sufficient) limitations on baby murder.

I guess that diabolical spirit is still in the air, as a crazed individual threw a Molotov cocktail gasoline bomb at some souls praying outside the local Planned Barrenhood mill.  No one was hurt, thankfully, and the perpetrator has been taken into custody:

Last night at an Austin Planned Parenthood abortion facility, a woman threw a Molotov cocktail (a type of homemade bomb) at a group of Central Texas Coalition for Life prayer volunteers. One of the volunteers was able to quickly stomp out the flame and save the group from any danger. The group was able to record the woman’s license plate number and turn that information over to the police. Police did arrest the woman who threw the bomb directly at the prayer volunteers.

Central Texas Coalition for Life Executive Director Heather Gardner responded last night. “We are so thankful that none of our courageous volunteers were injured during the incident. Because of their quick actions, the woman responsible was apprehended and will be held accountable.”

So here’s the photo of the bomb:

molotov_cocktail_thrown_at_prayer_volunteer_645_363_55 (1)

Pro-tip for use of Molotov cocktails: use a glass, not plastic, bottle.  Poor execution helped insure no one was injured.

But wait!  We all KNOW, because the media always tells US, that it is only pro-lifers who are crazed, violent terrorists, whereas abortionists and their acolytes in darkness are only peaceful, loving people……..who happen to commit and support murder all day long.

What is really surprising is that things like this don’t occur much more frequently.  But a culture increasingly hostile towards Christianity may provide a fertile ground for a great increase in attacks like these in the future.

And then there are probably a good number that go unreported, such as the frequent incidents of near vehicular manslaughter committed on a daily basis by one of the former “nurses” at the Routh Street mill.  She used to take great pleasure in tearing down the alley that serves as the main entrance to that mill at 40 mph, swerving side to side and frequently forcing opponents of abortion, including children, to scramble out of the way.

Not signing up for organ donation insufficient to prevent organ harvesting (and being killed to get to them) March 17, 2015

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If you are like me, you were probably under the impression that if you did not sign on your driver’s license that you are willing to be an organ donor, that meant you were more or less from being put to death by having your still-beating heart or still-breathing lungs removed if you happen to fall into a coma.  According to Life Guardian Foundation, however, recent changes in federal and state law have changed the default legal “setting” from an assumption one does not want to be forcibly disemboweled, to an assumption of willingness to “donate organs.”  You now have to take positive legal steps to prevent being a harvest candidate.

This all apparently dates to a 2006 federal law “United States Anatomical Gift Act,” the implications of which are discussed in this medical journal article from 2007.  Many, perhaps most, states, have adopted the provisions of this act, which, again, switches the default assumption with regard to organ “donation” from a no to a yes.

From the Life Guardian website:

Your “refusal” for organ donation must be documented.

Upon registering at the DMV your verbal decline, stating “no” when asked whether or not you wish to be an organ donor, is not honored. According to the language of the law, Revised Anatomical Gift Act (2006), you must “opt-out,” documenting your “refusal” in writing using “explicit language,” otherwise, it is “presumed” that you have consented to be an organ donor to be utilized for the purpose of “organ transplantation, education and research.”

Document your decision of “refusal” for organ donation, make known your wishes to have your life protected and preserved and ensure, that in the event that you cannot speak for yourself, your family and loved ones will speak on your behalf. It is a matter of life and death


The Life Guardian website also has an article from Bishops Bruskewitz and Vasa, and various moral theologians, regarding the licitness of organ donation.  Fundamentally, all organ donation (but theft might be a better term) that requires the death of the donor is essentially murder and thus gravely immoral.  Donations such as kidneys or corneas that do not necessarily entail death are not immoral and may be wonderful acts of charity, but all other organ donations are morally illicit and unsound.  The act of killing people to obtain their organs is the objectively mortal sin of murder.

Make sure you protect yourself thoroughly in all end of life decisions.  More and more, the medical establishment looks on souls in comas or a “persistent vegetative state” as being little more than fertile soul for the very lucrative cash crop of organ harvesting.  More generally, the health care industry in this country is becoming increasingly comfortable with causing death whenever a doctor or even a nurse decides someone has lived long enough, will have to suffer “too much,” or is just taking up valuable bed space.  We see in many other countries already that “voluntary euthanasia” has quickly degenerated into involuntary killing of old and sick people.  So be very clear to have a will and other clear legal documentation that DOES NOT include any terms like “no heroic measures,” “do not resuscitate,” and all the other permissions for killing.  Make sure it DOES specify that you want all medically viable treatment, that you are NOT an organ donor, and that you DO NOT want the plug pulled, so to speak.

It is an indicator of how satanic this culture has become that people have to go to extensive legal means to prevent their doctors from killing them, but that’s what you get in a post-Christian world.  May God protect and defend us all.

So……I found this interesting. College bad for girls? March 12, 2015

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I found this last night on the secular sight Ace of Spades, and I know it was meant as a joke, sort of a way to mock such old fashioned sentiments, but seeing the cover of this booklet, I thought it conveyed more truth than the person who posted it may have realized:

So I had a complaint that the pic was too revealing. I still think there is a cover there, but apparently some see something there I really don’t so I pulled it.  DDon’t think it was too obvious as it took 1500 views for someone to complain. 

Now, I’m not saying girls/women should not go to college. I do have rather grave reservations over many young people, male or female, going to college and incurring massive debt to spend four (or six) years partying and getting a degree that will never allow them to repay their often massive debts.  I think college is great and wonderful, it is one of the few true separators of “class” in our society, but I do not think everyone is meant to get a degree and the value of BA degrees in particular are being horribly watered down, to the point they don’t mean very much anymore.  So, even car dealerships advertising for used car salesman can make possession of a BA a requirement, because they are that ubiquitous.  Of course, if you have the talent and drive to get a degree in finance, computer science, engineering, hard natural sciences, etc., then go for it.  Even if you rack up some debt (some, not $250k), you will most likely have the ability to pay it off and the degree should pay for itself in the long run.  But I know folks with degrees in English or History who, 15 years on, are still paying off their 30k student loans.  It’s ridiculous.

As to the points raised in the above: every single one of the, written over 100 years ago, is a completely valid concern and reads like a prophesy for the Ivy-clad Sodom and Gomorrah virtually every college has become.  While smoking and card-playing may not be sinful or disordered in and of themselves, the rest is pretty much spot on, and boy can we see how slippery slopes certainly seem to apply to society’s moral decay.

Colleges used to take seriously their duty to serve in loco parentis……..as guardians for still very young people who matriculated on their campuses.  Many colleges maintained separate male and female housing until the late 60s, with dorm mothers or other guardians assigned to try to maintain at least a modicum of decorum and keep the temptation of closed door fraternization to a minimum.  Now, they just about positively encourage the rampant debauchery of the drunken hook up culture with absolutely no checks on liquor in dorms, males and females living on the same floor (or even in the same rooms), sharing bathrooms, etc.  It is a thoroughly debauched environment, and it was not much better even 20 years ago, when I was in college.  But today, it seems, the varying degrees of female chastity that kept the fornication to a (still contemptible but) more moderate level seems to have gone out the window more or less entirely, with girls initiating these sterile, often unhappy couplings almost as much as boys.

So I don’t know…….I see some wisdom in the booklet by E.J. Richards.  He could see the direction dormitory life would take over 100 years ago.  I doubt even he realized the depths to which it would sink today, however.  The “dating” of the 80s and 90s has given way to just random rutting today, without even a pretension of a relationship, so I can see a good deal of merit in a return to courting and chaperoned visitation.  And much of this rutting is engendered by the flood of hardcore porn on campus (somebody completely wallpapered an elevator a Jester when I was a freshman, using a really powerful epoxy, with pages from a hardcore porn mag – and that was 1989! It took them days to get it all down), yesterday’s suggestive literature run amok.

Pretty interesting little time capsule.  I have been taught that slippery slopes are a logical fallacy, but they sure seem to apply to in a number of areas where it comes to the collapse of morality in the former Christendom.  And as this booklet shows, there have been voices, almost always discounted as extremists or cranks or laughed at as prudes, who have been warning us all along.

To get back to the question asked by the booklet, aside from a few truly Catholic colleges and the option of internet learning or attending commuter colleges from home, I would say, yes, it is, but not just bad for girls, but bad for everyone, but sometimes a necessary evil for those who choose their majors wisely.  And I haven’t even broached the leftist indoctrination and manifest errors taught in the places of “higher education.”

Liberal fave McElroy named to head San Diego diocese March 3, 2015

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Robert McElroy, auxiliary of San Fran, has been covered on this blog a couple of times in the past.  It was not favorable coverage.  In 2012, he made a statement pregnant with progressive sentiment, when he said:

It is therefore the task of every Christian, he said, to undertake the lifelong task of forming his or her conscience. The church esteems conscience so highly, that a person with an informed conscience is called upon to obey it – even if it conflicts with church teaching…….

……..Contrary to what some believe, said the bishop, the church does not teach that Catholics must cast their votes based solely on a candidate’s stand on abortion. While that issue should be considered pre-eminent, the other issues can also be taken into consideration.

“This is really the hard call for us as Christians,” Bishop McElroy told the group.

Not really.  Abortion is such an incredibly grave and prevalent evil that there is really nothing else that rises to its level.  Cutting federal spending by 5, 10, or even 25% would not come even close to rising to the level of the evil of abortion.  Thus, candidates who support abortion – who are generally the progressive favorites – can never be supported.  It is a completely false equivalence to pretend that progressives who might – might – support expanded funding of grossly inefficient programs to “aid the poor” while generally enriching themselves overcome the moral stain of their support for abortion. But that is the argument liberals have made for decades.  Seamless garments, and all that.

As to the news, you can tell a lot about a man over who is friends are. The progressives are besides themselves with joy over his being named Bishop of San Diego, and the more extreme the progressive, the more giddy they are.  I won’t copy and paste any of that reaction here, but I will remind that it is true that he did lend support to the idea of Communion for unrepentant adulterers/fornicators:

To no one’s surprise and a day after the news had been leaked to the “correct” blogs and websites, the Vatican todayannounced the appointment of Robert McElroy, 61 years old and currently an Auxiliary Bishop in San Francisco, as Bishop of San Diego, California — the 13th largest diocese in the USA (out of 197). The Diocese of San Diego, it so happens, has more than double the number of Catholics of the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

McElroy recently declared publicly in favor of the Kasperite thesis and has been a leading public critic of the enforcement of Canon 915 against pro-abortion politicians. We leave it to the usual “progressive” pundits to discuss his “credentials” and to openly explain, in great detail, why his appointment is great for their agenda.

On the positive side, however, perhaps removing this uber-liberal from San Fran will strengthen Archbishop Cordileone’s ability to reform the Church there. Then again, Cordileone came from San Diego, and it’s been one of the more orthodox dioceses.  So one step forward, one step back?

Bah, I’m exhausted trying to read anything broad into these appointments, whether the restoration is making any progress with this appointment or that.  It’s not going to happen that way.  It’s going to happen by individual souls and families making the conscious choice to embrace Tradition and to propagandize in its favor.

Which won’t be easy in our priest holes, but……..carry on.


Obama Administration demands Catholic charities provide abortion for immigrant children February 26, 2015

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I am sorry to say, before getting into the latest act of barbarity enacted by Obama against the Church (and believing Christians generally – and compare this to his approach to muslims, with the kid gloves on ISIS and constant apologias and “fabric of the country” and all that – I still cannot believe that most mainstream conservative commentators view calling Obama a marxist muslim Manchurian candidate out of bounds), I should say this: do we not know how this will play out?  Even with public demonstrations of opposition and most likely court challenges, do we not know that Amchurch, and especially the charitable organizations associated with the USCCB, already cooperate with the federal agenda of evangelizing for the sexular pagan religion and already cooperate with abortion providers and distributors of contraception (including abortifacients) on a wide basis?  Is that not what the continual scandals coming out of Catholic Relief Services tell us?  Even more, have not CRS and other organs basically said they have to cooperate with the sexular pagan agenda (in the form of these wicked collaborating organizations) in order to maintain that oh-so-wonderful federal funding?

Maybe I’m getting jaded, but while I’m sure the USCCB and other Church authorities and others pray hope the courts may provide some relief, if push comes to shove, I am pretty skeptical that Catholic organs will stand on sacred Doctrine and take the admittedly huge hit of losing federal funding should it actually come to that.  I think Obama knows this, which is why he continues to press and press and press.

Anyway, the report:

The Obama administration is getting ready to issue new rules requiring charities to provide abortions to child refugees entering the US without their parents. Faith-based groups say this is a contravention of the rights of parents and a violation of the conscience rights of faith-based groups helping resettle the children.

The public has until Monday to comment on the fast-tracked new rules, which were issued on Christmas Eve.  [Obama is fast-tracking everything in his bid to “fundamentally transform” this nation into a muslim communist kleptocracy] The administration says it would be “contrary to the public interest” to wait “until a public notice and comment process is complete.” [Meaning, contrary to his political interest] The administration also asserts that no Congressional review is required and that there is no issue with federalism or any impact on families in the new guidance.

The rules require faith-based providers to make referrals for emergency contraception, partner with groups which provide abortion, or notify the federal government which would make arrangements for the abortion. If groups do not do so, they are not eligible for federal aid. Staff associated with Catholic agencies told the Friday Fax that they had conveyed their objection to the new rules to the Obama administration. They are required to comply no later than June 24, 2015.

[And that’s not all!…..] The rules also require care provider facilities to train their staff in “LGBTQI” and identifying “transgender and intersex” unaccompanied children. The rules assert that “‘Gender’ refers to the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that a given culture associates with a person’s biological sex,” and that “This term is not to be confused with ‘sex’ [which] refers to a person’s biological status and is typically categorized as male, female, or intersex.” [And, if that “transgender” 10 year old demands hormone treatment, under rules approved by the Obama administration recently, the aid agency would be required to provide those, too. This is beyond incredible, and, with abortion on demand for underage youth and even gender mutilation being provided gratis per the American taxpayer (my God this Obama hates this country with white hot passion), what enormous new avenues will be available to the child sex trade!  Not only will the Obama administration make it incredibly easy to sneak children into this country and allow them to stay permanently, but with no parental involvement slave traders can get them abortions when pregnant, get boys turned into more lucrative girls, etc.  Has anyone even remotely thought of the potential for the gravest evils in all this?  Or is that bug actually a feature?  How many times has Bill Clinton been to “pedophile island?”]

I hate this sick world more and more and more.  I’m sure the USCCB will go to court, and may even win.  But if they somehow don’t…….don’t you imagine a papered over face saving non-change “change” and then continuation with business as usual?


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