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Commercial runs featuring ultrasound of baby, pro-aborts lose minds February 9, 2016

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The one good thing I have seen come out of this flap over the tacky Doritos commercial below is that a number of secular-leaning reporters/writers have awakened to the realization that these people are not “pro-choice,” they are pro-abortion.  They desire as few babies being born as possible, and, quite possibly, zero births.

So Doritos ran an add that showed a baby, in utero, jonesing for some of their chips.  Here’s the ad, which ends in a tacky and sort of gross way:

Dumb, right? A baby chasing after a Dorito via cheesy CGI?  And of course dads are stupid, slovenly, and oblivious.

Well, even that was too much for the misanthropes at NARAL, who promptly tweeted out their disgust at this terrible “humanizing” of fetuses.  Even more, NARAL in Ohio found the NFL ads noting a statistical jump in births 9 months after Super Bowls (and praising that as a good thing) as being something calling for more birth control, especially IUDs, which have the tendency to go haywire and render women permanently sterile.  Feature or bug?  You decide.

NARAL lambasted Frito-Lay for using “anti-choice” tactics.  But what if someone’s choice is to have a bunch of babies?  Isn’t that a choice, too?  Not for you.  Get an IUD, or, better yet, an abortion.  Then they can sell the parts for a bunch of profit.

Additional commentary from the National Review:

The trouble for NARAL and other pro-choice advocates is that technological advances like ultrasounds have become some of the most powerful arguments on the pro-life side.

Even at the earliest stages of a pregnancy, it is clearly evident that the image an ultrasound shows is a tiny little human, and countless parents have watched that screen in amazement, overjoyed to see their baby for the first time and hear its heart beating.

By showing a “fetus” as not a “clump of cells” but a tiny human being, Doritos exposed the weakness of the pro-abortion worldview: The commitment to denying the humanity of the unborn child is in conflict with basic common sense. Those who prefer to describe their side as “pro-choice” cannot tolerate any evidence that shows the human life that “choice” could be ending. [It’s never been about choice.  It’s always been about control.  If you can convince a mother to kill her own child, what can you not convince her of?]

Melissa Conway, Texas Right to Life’s director of external relations, praised the ad for “clearly capturing the human emotions and reactions of the preborn child.” In this ad, continued Conway, “Doritos acknowledges the awareness, feelings, and humanity each tiny life possesses.”

Texas state senator Konni Burton, a strong pro-life advocate who won the district formerly held by Wendy Davis (infamous for her 2013 pink-sneakered filibuster against a bill banning late-term abortions) agreed. “This ad shows the reason we fight so hard for the pro-life cause,” Burton told National Review. “The unborn child is human, unmistakably so.”

Pro-aborts, of course, have to deny that obvious fact.  If too many people start comprehending the humanity of the unborn child, the inevitable result is that abortion will be finally, mercifully banned.  And pro-aborts cannot have that. So they have to pretend that a baby is not human, and resort to more and more ludicrous distinctions as to what constitutes life, in effect denying the free will they claim to cherish, and instead making the baby’s life something totally at the whim of the mother.  Unethicists like Pete Singer have taken this line of thinking to its logical conclusion, noting that if a mother can kill a fully human child in utero on a whim, then why not a 2 year old, or a five year old?

And the sick thing is, a not inconsiderable number of people agree with them.  Child hatred is a growing phenomenon in this culture of ours, which I’m sure any number of you have experienced.

What does the NRA have, that other conservative groups do not January 29, 2016

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I say that especially with regard to socially conservative groups.  With the exception of the pro-life movement, which has some level of small success, conservatives have been singularly ineffective in defending the moral order and seeing their agenda enacted.  All, that is, except for the NRA and the gun rights groups.  I saw this article on the surrender of democrat Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe on his number one campaign promise – moves against gun rights – last night and what struck me was the fear of God the NRA can strike even in the hearts of liberal stalwarts.  We have nothing similar in the social conservative movement:

Virginia’s Governor Tery McAuliffe has retreated on his Administration’s decision to sever concealed carry reciprocity with 25 states after a firestorm of criticism…….

……It’s interesting to see the Washington Post attempt to call the permanent protective order a “major concession” in order to save face for McAuliffe. It was very much a minor concession in line with what most Republicans support. no one wants an violent abuser to have access to firearms.

You can tell just how much the reversal stung gun control supporters by the screams of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Outside extremely liberal enclaves like New York, Chicago, Washington DC, etc., the pro-gun agenda tends to hold sway.  Even the most anti-gun president in history has been able to do very little to limit access to firearms by law-abiding citizens in his terms of office.  Not for lack of trying.  But even many democrat congressman are terrified of crossing the NRA.

Why is that?  Why is the NRA/gun rights movement so successful, when almost every other social conservative enterprise has failed so spectacularly over the past 40 years or so?

Well, one thing…….the NRA has money, and lots of it.  They have significantly more resources than other social conservative groups.  But how do they get that money?  They get it through fundraising and constantly beating the bushes for more (they do also have some wealthy benefactors).

But it’s not just money that makes the NRA effective.  It’s also voting.  Gun “fanatics” vote.  They are often single-issue voters.  A politician who crosses the gun rights movement is, to all intents and purposes, dead to them, forever.  We are not nearly so consistent on the pro-life or pro-traditional morality side.  We do not have the strong track record of turning out of office politician after politician who votes/supports measures against our interest.  Yes, there were exceptions, particularly in 2010 after the Obamacare debacle, but, for the most part, there either aren’t enough of us, or we don’t vote consistently enough, to be a major electoral factor for a lot of socially liberal politicians.

Now, political power flows from numbers.  But a majority of Americans do not own guns.  While the number of firearms in circulation has dramatically increased in the last decade, the actual number of firearms owners has slightly decreased.  How, then, has the political power of the gun rights lobby seemingly increased?

And do gun rights advocates outnumber social conservatives, generally?  Don’t the two groups largely overlap?  Perhaps not.  I don’t have data, but I know a lot of pro-gun people who are fairly liberal on a host of social issues. They are more libertarian than conservative.

I doubt there are more strident firearms advocates than there are pro-lifers, at least, not enough to make a huge difference, politically.  So, my question remains.

I really don’t have an answer.  I talked with my wife about this last night and we didn’t really come up with any brilliant solution.  About the only thing I could conclude is that gun rights types vote more consistently and organize much, much better.  I do think that is one thing – the gun rights groups are tightly mobilized and tend to be quite disciplined.  The social conservatives are divided among themselves, and only a relative few are conservative across the whole spectrum on social issues (abortion, contraception, redefinition of marriage, sodomy, body mutilation/transgenderism, etc., etc).

I’m kind of out of time, but thought that might make an interesting topic for discussion.

YHGBSM: Harris County Grand Jury Indicts Pro-Life Investigators in Planned Barrenhood Organ Sale Expose’ January 26, 2016

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We are well beyond through the looking glass.  In the only indictment handed down so far related to the string of videos released last year regarding Planned Barrenhood’s obvious lawbreaking in the sale of aborted baby organs, it was not the abortion giant, but the muckraking pro-life journalists of the Center For Medical Progress that were indicted!  I knew prosecutors could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, but this is ridiculous.  The elites are really showing us who they are – self-interested liberals who really, really like abortion.

The Texas grand jury selection system is horribly broken.  Grand juries are put together often by judges consisting of groups of their own like-minded friends.  This has led to hideous abuses like the indictment of former House Speaker Tom DeLay – which led to his ouster from office, even though later evidence indicated the charges against him were baseless – and the still pending FELONY charges against former Governor Rick Perry because he vetoed legislation the Travis County District Attorney did not like.  This is lawfare of the worst kind and we are witnessing a rapidly developing, and massive, double standard in the application of the law, depending on whether one is conservative or liberal.  This cannot persist for long without dire repercussions.

But first, the basics:

Months after the release of undercover videos detailing Planned Parenthood’s scheme to traffic aborted baby body parts, a grand jury has finally brought brought criminal charges. Not against Planned Parenthood, but against David Daleiden, the pro-life activist behind the undercover sting videos.

A grand jury in Harris County, Texas, returned two charges on Monday afternoon against Daleiden, the activist who planned and organized the undercover sting videos. Although the grand jury allegedly investigated Planned Parenthood, no charges were brought against the nation’s largest abortion provider, whose executives were shown in multiple videos attempting to sell trafficked organs and other body parts harvested from aborted babies. One Planned Parenthood executive, while haggling over the prices of aborted baby organs, noted that she needed to get the right price because, “I want to buy a Lamborghini.”

According to a press release from the office of Harris County district attorney’s office which was provided to The Federalist, Daleiden was charged with the purchase and sale of human organs, a misdemeanor, and with tampering with a governmental record, a felony. Sandra Merritt, one of Daleiden’s associates, was also charged with tampering with a governmental record.

“For more than two months, the 232nd Grand Jury extensively reviewed the joint investigation into allegations of misconduct by PPGC,” stated the press release. “This grand jury cleared PPGC of breaking the law. However, the grand jury did hand down indictments for two individuals who were involved in making the allegations against PPGC public via covert recordings made in April 2015.”

Lauren Reeder, one of the prosecutors in the Harris County district attorney’s office, revealed last August that she was a member of the board of directors for the Planned Parenthood affiliate that was targeted by Daleiden.

Now, I want to answer several left-liberal objections to some of the coverage above, and the pro-life reaction to it.

  • Yes this the Harris County DA says this Reeder was recused from this case but we’ve heard that before and it’s not always proven true.
  • It is possible to form extremely biased grand juries in this state under present law and, literally, to get them to indict anything.  The reaction nationwide to this news has been shock and horror, save from the progressive camp, which is dang near orgiastic in glee. Even among most moderates this is seen as a shocking turn of events and there is a great deal of suspicion that a miscarriage of justice has occurred
  • Texas DAs in liberal locales have abused the law and the grand jury process as noted above
  • Harris County is not conservative, especially not in the governing class
  • The assistant DA who brought the indictment is self-described as a Republican but there are many questions regarding his stance on abortion and his conservative credentials, at least as I can tell after an hour’s search
  • Even if he is a Republican, Lord knows most of our Republican party leadership is as pro-abort as all get out, and will go to enormous lengths to protect Planned Butcherhood.
  • No the videos were not “doctored,” edited versions were released but the full footage has always been available on the CMP website and has been for months
  • The fact that several investigations have not yet led to charges against Planned Barrenhood is not necessarily evidence of their compliance with the law or that their actions are even remotely acceptable from a moral standpoint.  What it means is that laws regarding the sale of human baby body parts are woefully inadequate and need reforming.  It also means that even far too many self-described conservatives are afraid to go against the abortion giant, which has successfully escaped so many scandals it convinces one of diabolical intervention, and even more, that far too many “conservatives” are infected with the culture of death and may not find the idea of using baby parts for “medical research” intended to possibly prolong their own lives something not too objectionable.

I could go on at length, I saw a whole bunch of really dumb leftist objections to the righteous indignation of pro-lifers.

I am aware of my own bias, but trying to discount for that, I am still shocked at this development.  It seems incredible that not only does Planned Barrenhood face absolutely no legal sanction for their wanton sale of baby parts, but that this has turned into a persecution of those who exposed PB’s wanton immorality, if not actual lawbreaking.

I am having a very hard time not seeing this as one of a continuing series of the use of the governmental power against political expression on the conservative side.  There have been numerous examples of this in the past two years of increasing frequency and severity.  This effort to not just totally disenfranchise 30+% of the population, but to use the government to actively persecute them, cannot end well.  I am having great difficulty not seeing this as just a continuance of this trend.  A very strong signal is being sent here, just as it was sent in the wake of the Komen de-funding of 3 years ago – go against Planned Barrenhood, and the organs of the state-media complex will be ranged against you.  I think we can tell just how effective Center for Medical Progress’ expose’s were by the severity of the response.

What does a people do when it feels that they have no recourse to, and can have little or no trust in, their government?  What does a people do when they feel that the government is not just totally unresponsive to their concerns, but will use strong repressive measures against them?  There are historical precedents to be sure, and they are generally not happy ones.  But this nation’s government has proved unusually durable.

Interesting times, if by interesting, one means terrifying.

More people dying than being born in Europa January 20, 2016

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The lights are going out all over Europe, again, and this time not due to fascism or communism, but hedonistic sexular paganism that has so enervated hundreds of millions of souls they cannot even bother to reproduce.  Were the births to muslims excluded from the total fertility rate of most European countries, the numbers would look even worse:

More people in Europe are dying than are being born, according to a new report co-authored by a Texas A&M University demographer. In contrast, births exceed deaths, by significant margins, in Texas and elsewhere in the U.S., with few exceptions.

Texas A&M Professor of Sociology Dudley Poston, along with Professor Kenneth Johnson, University of New Hampshire, and Professor Layton Field, Mount St. Mary’s University, published their findings in Population and Development Review this month.

The researchers find that 17 European nations have more dying in them than are being born (natural decrease), including three of Europe’s more populous nations: Russia, Germany and Italy. In contrast, in the U.S. and in the state of Texas, births exceed deaths by a substantial margin.

“In 2013 in Texas, for example, there were over 387,000 births compared to just over 179,000 deaths,” says Poston. “The only two in the U.S. with more deaths than births are the coal mining state of West Virginia and the forest product state of Maine.” [Yeah but even here without the massive Hispanic population the fertility numbers would not look nearly so good]

………Findings reveal that 58 percent of the 1,391 counties of Europe had more deaths than births compared to just 28 percent of the 3,141 counties of the U.S……..

…….Natural decrease is much more common in Europe than in the U.S because its population is older, fertility rates are lower and there are fewer women of child-bearing age,” Poston and his colleagues explain. “Natural decrease is a major policy concern because it drains the demographic resilience from a region diminishing its economic viability and competitiveness.”

Save for an emptying out of the High Plains, northern Appalachia, and parts of the Midwest, most of the US experiences steady growth, as shown below.



In both Europe and the US, take abortion away and these numbers would look far better.  But that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, barring a miracle of biblical proportions.

Absent that, Europe is going to become increasingly muslim, with many regions becoming majority or near-majority within the next several decades.  At the very least, come 2050 or so, Europe is going to look very different, and probably a far more dangerous place.  I also expect to see mass migration of non-muslims to areas with little or no muslim presence.  Europe will be Balkanized, and in the worst possible way.

Europe’s had a holiday from history for about 70 years.  But history must be paid either now, or later, and by enjoying this phantasmal “holiday” the comeuppance is going to be hard and fast.  I pray that as a result of this very unhappy process, however, that Europe finds it’s faith again.  If it doesn’t, Europe as we have known it will cease to exist.

RIP, local pro-life hero Chuck Pelletier January 18, 2016

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You’ve probably never heard of Chuck Pelletier if you live outside the DFW area, but he was almost solely responsible for starting up the pro-life effort in the Diocese of Fort Worth.  A Vietnam war hero who was severely injured (and paralyzed) after being shot down while piloting his AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter in combat, he did not let his painful physical condition keep him from an active life of service to others.  Mr. Pelletier died late last week at the age of 72.

A nice eulogy from the FW diocesan newspaper, the North Texas Catholic:

Clutching his ever-present rosary, Capt. Charles J. (Chuck) Pelletier II, a tireless advocate for the unborn and decorated Vietnam War hero, died Jan. 14 surrounded by loving family and friends. He was 72. 

A Mass of Christian Burial is planned for 10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 22 in St. Patrick Cathedral — 1206 Throckmorton Street in downtown Fort Worth. A Rosary service will be held Thursday, Jan. 21, at 6 p.m. also at St. Patrick Cathedral.

A native of Michigan and graduate of Notre Dame University, Pelletier and his wife, Pat, opened Mother and Unborn Baby Care of North Texas in June 1984. Their dedication to the crisis pregnancy center, along with the work of volunteers and donors, is credited with saving more than 9,000 lives.

For more than three decades, Pelletier led the Good Friday Vigil for Life outside local abortion centers. He and his wife also organized a diocese-wide Mass for Babies Who Died Before Baptism every October.

Several days a week, the Pelletiers and other volunteers braved ice storms, heat waves, and rain to pray outside abortion centers and offer assistance and support to women arriving for abortions…….

….People have been born, baptized, and discovered their faith thanks to the Pelletiers…….

…..Michael Demma, director of the Diocesan Respect Life Office, said Chuck Pelletier was someone people in the pro-life movement looked up to for years.

“Chuck was in the trenches before most of us knew there were trenches,” he said, referring to hard-fought legislative and personal battles to end abortion. “He was a great leader and great motivator. The love just flowed out of him for the babies and their moms.”……

…….Angela Gill met Chuck Pelletier when she was 19 years old and began volunteering at the Mother and Unborn Baby Care Center. She remembers his professionalism and concern that any interaction with troubled, pregnant mothers was done correctly.

“He knew we were dealing with people’s lives and women’s souls,” the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parishioner recalls. [Souls……that’s what it’s really about.  Yes lives are infinitely important, but what good is it if a man gain the whole world and lose his soul?  The souls that fall into hell over abortion is something that is sometimes forgotten in the mainstream, if you will, pro-life effort] “He came from a military background, and we had to do everything by the book. There was no improvising. One wrong word could mean life or death.”

Gill, now the mother of six boys, says her mentor shared his devout faith and offered advice on how to be an effective counselor. He also helped her deal with infertility issues during the early years of her marriage by urging her to follow the Creighton Model for natural family planning.

“He would introduce me by saying, ‘this is Angela. I’m the one who helped get her pregnant,’ just to see me blush,” the young mother says. “He was there for me during my formative years. If I ever had a question or felt discouraged, I would call him.”

Before moving to Fort Worth in the early 1970s, Pelletier served in the U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot serving two tours in Vietnam. He sustained a severe spinal cord injury when his Cobra helicopter was shot down on Nov. 1, 1970 during a rescue mission. The crash left him partially paralyzed, and he was forced to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life. His valor was recognized with a Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Combat Infantry Badge. [He and his wife also got to “enjoy” insults and hostility from leftists in Michigan in the waning days of Vietnam, which prompted their move to Texas, as this article on Pelletier from 2013 (also well worth reading) relates]

Before becoming involved in pro-life advocacy, Pelletier worked as a political consultant and served in the campaign of former Texas State Representative Mike Millsap.

Pelletier and his wife, Mary Patricia (Pat), were married 46 years and are parishioners at St. Patrick Cathedral. They raised five children, Lisa, Jennifer, Charlie, Jimmy, and John and have 14 grandchildren.

———–End Quote———-

A life well lived. An inspiration to many.  A man who made a difference. I have to wonder whether his willing offering up of his sufferings made him such an effective pro-life warrior, able to get so many saves. The world would be a far better place with a lot more men like that around, which is to say, good Catholic men.

Requiescat in pace, Capt. Pelletier.  Please pray for the repose of his soul.

Dallas March for Life Jan 16, and a cheeky suggestion January 11, 2016

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The Dallas March for Life is this Saturday, January 16.  I didn’t attend last year’s march, the first time in several years that I had missed one.  My kids want to go this time.  I may…..we’ll see.

Anyway, event schedule below:

11:30 a.m. Concert for Life  Check out who will be performing
12:30 p.m. Rose Procession
1:00 p.m. Roe Memorial Mass
3:00 p.m. North Texas March for Life and Rally  Check out the dynamic rally speakers

Or, you can assist at a TLM at noon.  You know where.

But given Bishop Farrell’s recent diatribe, and the new and rather aggressive diocesan policy regarding guns, I had an idea:  the March itself does not take place in any locale governed by the new policy as written.  It takes place on public streets, where, under normal conditions, both open and concealed carry are perfectly legal.

I think you can see where I’m going with this.  Would it be too cheeky to turn this into an open carry demonstration?  Would it attract too much unfavorable attention from law enforcement or fellow marchers?  I’m certainly speaking of doing any confrontation with respect to Bishop Farrell, but just announcing a presence, so to speak, as well as a commitment to the God-given rights of all to defend themselves by just about any means they see fit.  I don’t think tying in firearms with a respect life effort contradictory, at all; on the contrary, I think the two go together quite naturally.

It might be interesting, even salutary, for Bishop Farrell to have a concrete response to his recent declaration, which has gotten national attention.

Notice is short, but I’m interested to know what any locals think about this.  Are there any legal restrictions on carrying firearms publicly in this state at public gatherings?  There are none I know of (according to this, open carry at the March should be OK). But I’m not completely versed in the finer points of such laws.  Note, I cannot carry a handgun publicly at present, but I could carry a long arm.

I am guessing this somewhat tongue in cheek suggestion will be poorly received?  I never really know, sometimes things I think will be controversial receive rousing support (or a barely concealed  yawn), and things I think are totally inoffensive get folks quite riled.


It’s amazing Church leaders have risen to such heights but never learned how to speak in public! December 11, 2015

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That’s the message we’re constantly told, isn’t it?  Oh, Pope Francis may have said that, but he meant something else.  Oh, Cardinal Kasper may have promoted heresy, but he really meant to defend orthodoxy!  Most of the time, this obviously false rhetorical game is played by the always loyal apologists, but sometimes, it’s played by the players themselves.

To wit, Cardinal Turkson, after having done massive damage with his statements earlier this week that birth control could be acceptable (yes, he prefaced his comments with a reference to NFP, but then he kept using the phrase “birth control” over and over in the interview) to “adequately space” children, because Heaven is already too crowded with souls and God doesn’t want any new souls to enjoy His Presence forever.  Now he’s trying to clarify what he meant, after the entirely predictable media furor in which his many references to birth control, but without the aforementioned reference to NFP, have spread like wildfire. He’s making more clear that he was referring to NFP/spacing of births, but, I would argue, for still very wrong reasons: climate change and overpopulation are both chimeras dreamed up in the fevered imaginations of the sexular pagan left.

But shouldn’t a leading Church spokesman with years of experience speaking to the media have been able to phrase his responses in such a way as to not leave such a huge potential for scandal?

Are we really to believe that men who have risen to such great heights in the world’s most venerable institution never learned how to form or express cogent thoughts, that they’re just walking gaffe machines like Mitt Romney?  Isn’t that the basic line of the hyper-montane apologists?

So, our choice in terms of most Church leadership today comes down to bumbling incompetence or deliberate malfeasance?


Y’all have a fine weekend.  I’m out.


Donate to help conscious patient threatened with murder by Houston area hospital December 9, 2015

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Via reader Camper, Bishop Rene Gracida shares the depressing tale of Chris Dunn, a critically injured man (but who is apparently conscious, at least at times) who has been deemed “terminally ill” by Houston Methodist hospital and his doctor, who are seeking to either withdraw all medical support or actively administer drugs which would have the effect of killing him.  His post copies a long post from Kassi Marks, who, along with Texas Right to Life, have been fighting to keep Mr. Dunn alive.

The post is fairly long and involved, I recommend you read it there, but I’ll highlight a few aspects:

  • The threat on Mr. Dunn’s life points back to the grossly problematic Texas Advance Directive Act (TADA) and the near total power it gives physicians to make determinations as to whether to provide or deny care, often on bases of continued availability of funding for care and/or a perceived need to open up hospital space to “more deserving” patients.
  • Reforming TADA has been a significant priority for Texas Right to Life, but most other self-described pro-life groups in this state oppose their efforts.
  • Texas Catholic Conference has also been very weak on this issue, using its resources (which come from OUR parish donations) to oppose TRL and other “pro-life extremists” (imagine Catholic bishops saying that!) and more or less stand with the status quo, or to implement “reforms” which are as problematic or worse than the status quo.  This was a significant issue in the 2014 legislative elections, and I was glad to have played a very small role in helping oust one fake pro-life conservative for another, much more robust pro-life state senator in Bob Hall.
  • Mr. Dunn has been hospitalized for some years.  He is not on life support.  The hospital wants to deny even food and water.  This is always and everywhere gravely evil, tantamount to murder.
  • You can help by commenting on the Houston Methodist hospital page here.  You can also (tastefully, rationally) e-mail the hospital president:  Dr. Marc L. Boom, at mboom@tmhs.org

Other than that, follow TRL’s recommendations for pro-life candidates, who are truly pro-life across the spectrum of issues, and also by praying for a change in heart in the Texas Medical Association, most Texas pro-life groups, the Texas Catholic Conference, and the Texas legislature, which must, at some point, take up the increasingly antiquated and immoral TADA.


And things continue to spin out of control in FrancisChurch with quickening pace December 9, 2015

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Burqas on the Vatican.  Cardinal Turkson calling for birth control.  Already planning for the next sin-nod, which will focus on married priests.  The program of the arch-heretic Cardinal Martini continues to be implemented at a quickening pace.

First, Cardinal Turkson says the earth has too many people.  Time to prevent a few billion more souls from ever existing and thus being denied knowing God and basking in His Presence for all eternity:

One of the Catholic Church’s most senior prelates has said that birth control could “offer a solution” to the impacts of climate change.

Cardinal Peter Turkson, the Pope’s leading adviser on climate issues, told the BBC that the Church had never been against natural family planning. [true, but its use must be reserved to grave personal situations, not supposed global crises]

The Catholic Church has recently adopted a more active role on the issue, encouraging churchgoers to join global climate marches before the start of COP21. The Church has also increased its engagement with the UN climate negotiation process itself, here in Le Bourget.
In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC, Cardinal Turkson suggested that birth control could help alleviate some of the impacts of climate change, particularly the lack of food in a warmer world.
 “This has been talked about, and the Holy Father on his trip back from the Philippines also invited people to some form of birth control, because the church has never been against birth control and people spacing out births and all of that. So yes, it can offer a solution,” he said.
“Having more mouths to feed is a challenge for us to be productive also, which is one of the key issues being treated over here, the cultivation and production of food, and its distribution. [Where is your faith?  The world does not suffer from a global food shortage. Local shortages occur, but in fewer and fewer places.  There are massive amounts of aid available.  This is a typically emotional argument with little substance behind it.]
“So yes it engages us in food security management, so we ensure that everybody is fed and all of that. The amount of population that is critical for the realisation of this is still something we need to discover, yet the Holy Father has also called for a certain amount of control of birth.” [Did he?  He said something about not breeding like rabbits.  So the meaning behind that statement was more birth control?  That’s what many suspected at the time, including me.  Thanks for the confirmation.  Now we know the smokescreens regarding Francis’ disastrous statements are just that.]

The issue is especially controversial in relation to climate change. The global population of 7 billion people is expected to grow to 9.7bn by the middle of the century according to the UN…….[They never finish that sentence. Yes, population growth will continue to about 10 billion at mid-century – and then will begin a rapid and terminal decline, the first in all history on a global scale.  By the end of this century human population will be back down to 6-7 billion, about present levels, with likely unprecedented economic calamities resulting from lack of young people sufficient to work enough to provide for the old.]

Why does Cardinal Turkson hate babies so much?  Why does he hate God so much, and desire to keep souls from ever knowing Him?

Next up, Sandro Magister on the next Synod.  The sin-nodal process is ideal for the progressive, not as difficult to pull off as a general council, but perfectly suited to the perpetual revolution they desire:

In mid-February Pope Francis will go to Chiapas, where hundreds of deacons with their wives are pushing to be ordained as priests. [so the wives want to be priestesseseseses?  Chiapas is the most reliably leftist region of Mexico]  And in the Amazon as well the turning point seems to be near. It was all written down in the agenda of Cardinal Martini

While waiting for Pope Francis to rule on communion for the divorced and remarried, which two synods discussed and split over, there is already a glimpse of the theme of the next synodal session: married priests.

The selection of the theme is up to the pope, as happened with the past synods and will take place with the next, independently of what will be proposed by the fourteen cardinals and bishops of the council that acts as a bridge between one assembly and the next.

And that married priests will be the next topic of synodal discussion can be gathered from various indications.

The first indication is the evident intention of Pope Francis to implement the agenda dictated in 1999 by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, in a memorable statement at the synod of that year.

The archbishop of Milan at the time, a Jesuit and the undisputed leader of the “liberal” wing of the hierarchy, said that he “had a dream”: that of a Church capable of getting into a permanent synodal state, with a “collegial and authoritative exchange among all the bishops on some key issues.” [See what happens when you don’t excommunicate heretics?  Their heretical ideas come back in a new generation to become the agenda of the day]

And here are the “key issues” that he listed:

“The shortage of ordained ministers, the role of woman in society and in the Church, the discipline of marriage, the Catholic vision of sexuality, penitential practice, relations with the sister Churches of Orthodoxy and more in general the need to revive ecumenical hopes, the relationship between democracy and values and between civil laws and the moral law.”

Magister then provides a number of other indicators that Francis will next look to married priests.

As to the burqafication of St. Peter’s, one I missed yesterday, via Edward Pentin:


So this display managed references to repressive islam and its subjugation of women but none to Jesus Christ, the Church, or His Mother.

I’ve prayed enough.  I’m signing.


Brief reminder: Beware donating to Salvation Army this Christmas November 30, 2015

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Christians, especially devout Christians, like to give.  Americans like convenience.  Couple the two, and the ringing bell of the Salvation Army seeking donations outside your local Target or Walmart might make a strong temptation.

Probably readers of this site are, for the most part, disinclined to donate to the Salvation Army, being at least somewhat aware of the really bizarre beliefs of their founder (which largely continue to this day), but in case you needed another reason, the Salvation Army is also quite squishy on abortion and, like so many other charities, has ties to Planned Barrenhood.  In case you’re like me, and have occasionally in the past fallen into some impulse charity, this info might arm you with the moral resolve not to seek an endorphin rush charity thrill with this particular organization:

The Salvation Army notes that termination can occur when “carrying the pregnancy further seriously threatens the life of the mother” or diagnostic procedures identify a fetal abnormality causing only a “very brief post-natal period”. Further, rape and incest also represent “special case[s] for the consideration of termination”. These exceptions portray a troubling contradiction to the professed “sanctity, unique dignity and respect” due to the “image of God” found in our unborn brethren………

…….While SA may not directly contribute to PP, there is evidence that they do partner with one another. Research by Life Decisions International has found this to be the case, and has placed the Salvation Army on their Dishonorable Mention list. Further, American Life League has also found a troubling connection between the two. Simply considering “all the good they do” is not enough to excuse or set aside this compromise of pro-life principles…….

……As we further peruse the SA website we can also find stated support of contraception in their international positional statement:

A serious commitment to the protection and care of the unborn calls us to a commitment to the prevention of unwanted pregnancy through means such as access to reliable birth control ….”

And about that doctrinal craziness:

………Founder William Booth completely rejected the Sacraments. Although for some years he continued to follow the Protestant tradition of two Sacraments – Baptism and the “Lord’s Supper” — he held they were purely symbolic, until finally he dispensed with them altogether. In practice, many adult recruits had never been baptized, nor was it required. In the end, Booth had come to the conclusion that not only were the Sacraments not vital, they were mistakes. Therefore, in his “Foundation Deed”, he abolished the Sacraments completely.

That’s really just the beginning.  There is a lot more.

I know it can be frustrating to find non-morally compromised charities to support.  There are some.  I’ve compiled a list in the past, but danged if I can find it now!  I still like Food For The Poor, though they’ve had a bit of taint about them the last year or two.  Some local homeless charities are good, but check their websites because many of the larger ones have some kind of relationship with Banned Parenthood.


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