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National Right to Life: 2016 more important than stopping murder and sale of baby parts October 2, 2015

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Congress just passed “temporary” funding bills that will continue to keep federal dollars rolling into Planned Barrenhood for some time.  Many widely expect Republicans to continue to do so, to prevent their members from having to vote for or against a measure funding Planned Barrenhood.  These temporary measures also keep RINO names from being attached to disastrously large, debt-inducing appropriations bills. It’s the new way of running government for the benefit of the elite, not passing proper bills and laws but just hacking together temporary measures to better aid their political fortunes.

It seems National Right to Life is fully supportive of this.  They continue to maintain the delusion that 2016 might be a banner year of Republicans (it won’t) and that 2016 represents the best chance to end Roe v. Wade in a generation.  As if.  I don’t know where they get their delusions, in reality, these are hard-bitten political veterans who know better than anyone Roe won’t be going away anytime in the foreseeable future, these excuses are simply for public consumption, to explain away their all-too-cozy relationship with a Republican party too concerned about its electoral future to stop the mass slaughter of children and sale of murdered baby parts.  LSN reports:

For weeks, leading pro-life groups have urged Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. This week, however, both chambers passed government funding bills that funded the government — including its funding of Planned Parenthood — until December.

Shortly before the vote, LifeSiteNews spoke with the leader of one of the few pro-life groups urging Congress to avoid a full-tilt defunding fight until 2017 — after a pro-life president can be elected.

“There was a government shutdown in 2013 because people wanted to see Obamacare repealed,” said National Right to Life’s Carol Tobias. “The repeal didn’t happen, and Republican numbers were in the tank until the disastrous rollout of Obamacare, which became a national joke. I don’t know that we can count on something like that next year to happen.”…….

……NRLC has not been shy about going against the pro-life grain. In 2013, it targeted two no-exceptions representatives from Georgia who opposed the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” because the bill allowed for the abortion of children conceived through rape.

Last year, the national pro-life organization dropped its affiliation with Georgia Right to Life because of the latter’s opposition to exceptions in pro-life legislation. A new, untested group — Georgia Life Alliance — became the new state partner. [Well that is DANGED interesting, and mirrors the division between Texas Right to Life – a no exceptions type group – and Texas Alliance for Life, which this writer has observed to be willing to make a lot of exceptions]

………”I hate to say this, but in 2012, pro-lifers lost. And babies are paying the price. We have to do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen in 2016, because we don’t want another four years, or eight years, of a pro-abortion president who is going to defend Planned Parenthood and defend abortion,” explains Tobias. The next president will “appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will, maybe five years, 10 years, 15 years down the road, be able to overturn Roe v. Wade.” [Uh huh.  How many Republican-nominated justices do their have to be to overturn Roe v. Wade?  Because in 1992 there were 6!! (O’Connor, Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist, Souter with a very conservative Byron White), and yet how did Casey v. Planned Barrenhood turn out?  Instead we got a lecture from O’Connor about how abortion is the vital backstop to America’s contraceptive mentality? Just what exactly does NRLC do to oppose contraception?  How many votes are enough in the Senate?  The R’s will never, ever have 60+, and how many Republican presidents have taken real, hard steps to end abortion in this country?  In the final analysis, the Republican party at the national level has repeatedly shown itself willing to only nibble around the edges of abortion but never, ever put it at serious risk of being outlawed.  Even if the R’s by some miracle had 65 seats in the Senate and a president in the White House they STILL would manage to screw it up)

“When you weigh everything on the scale, I don’t know how, when you’ve got the current Senate make-up, and you’ve got Obama in the White House, I don’t know how you can win [inaudible],” she stated.

So what can pro-lifers do in 2016? Tobias says they can vote. “Part of the problem in 2012 was that some people [said], ‘Oh, I don’t really like Mitt Romney, I don’t like his religion,'” said Tobias. “A lot of people didn’t vote. We have to make sure that doesn’t happen next time. It’s up to pro-lifers to make sure that every pro-life voter in the country knows what is at stake.”

……… But if pro-lifers decide that, for whatever reason, they’re upset and they’re just gonna stay home, babies continue to die.”

I’m sorry, and excuse my language, but bullshit.  Sure the Republicans are marginally better on pro-life at the national level, but only marginally so.  Does anyone really think that if Romney – a total abortion squish, who has changed his position to whatever is convenient – had been elected, abortion would be under any more threat in this Year of our Lord 2015?  No.  We’d be hearing the same crap about how they’re aren’t enough votes in the Senate, the democrats will filibuster, we must wait till next election and see how we come out, but in the meantime, all  you pro-lifers be good little obedient soldiers and keep donating to our cause and always keep voting Republican, and maybe one distant day in the future (but no promises!) we’ll put in a minor limitation on abortion.

I think a lot of pro-lifers have been hearing this same line for decades and we’re sick of it.  The Republican party leadership takes pro-life votes for granted and isn’t even slightly interested in seeing our vital concerns realized.  And NRLC and many other groups are so institutionalized that they are basically inseparable from the Republican party apparatus.

Here’s the reality – in spite of the billions donated to national pro-life groups, in spite of decades of pro-lifers dutifully voting for the Republican party, the United States today remains one of the most free-wheeling abortion landscapes in the world. We are one of only six nations to allow abortion to six months gestation, nominally, but let’s be real, we all know there are thousands of doctors all too happy to declare a “threat” to the mother’s health for specious reasons, so that abortion is in reality legal to 42 weeks and beyond.  We see in the Planned Barrenhood videos that partial birth abortion still goes on on a wide scale, and does anyone think a single soul at Planned Barrenhood will be indicted under the federal ban?

I’ll just sum up again, bluntly: if the Republican party had all 9 Supreme Court justices, a “pro-life” President, 65 seats in the Senate and 280 in the House, does anyone think Roe v. Wade would be overturned/outlawed?  Would abortion be made illegal?  I don’t.  I don’t believe that because I don’t believe the Republican party leadership wants abortion to go away, too many of even the “pro-life” ones aren’t, and, even more, the Republicans NEED abortion to remain as a vital motivator for much of their base.  Even a 20 week limit would only be a probability under those circumstances, not assured.  If you think I go too far, look at the historical track record, people.

Bah, maybe I’ve gotten too cynical, but having followed these matters closely for years my view of the Republican party on abortion has grown exceedingly pessimistic.

h/t MFG

Two videos – everything wrong with modern art, Abby Johnson destroys Cecile Richards October 1, 2015

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I like this video on all the problems with modern (and post-modern) art.  The abandonment of artistic standards has led to the near total collapse of the production of quality, timeless art.  I think it also emblematic of the decadence and moral corruption of the West, that tacky, cheap, boring, unskillful, offensive, and just plain crap that my 3rd grader could better is now promoted as “fine art.”  Give me a break:

A couple of things – do you remember the movie “Dead Poet’s Society?”  There is a pivotal scene that repeats itself, having to do with a textbook that teaches a means of “rating” the relative merits of different poems.  The new liberal teacher, played by Robin Williams, is horribly offended at this notion, believing that poetry is so sublime it is beyond any kind of ratings or metrics.  He teaches his students to rip that section of the textbook out.  Later on, this becomes sort of his triumph.

But is that really right? Are there not means by which various poets and poems could be rated against each other?  Is writing in a very technical meter, and pulling it off with rhyme, rhythm, and deep meaning, a greater achievement than a few lines scrawled in a haiku?  Is the Illiad greater than some of EE Cummings later trash?  Does Shakespeare not trump the contemporary schlock called poetry we are dished up?  Or Blake or Wordsworth or Coleridge, for that matter?

The same applies to the visual arts.  It is perhaps true that the governing academies of the late 19th century had become a bit too rigid and stale, but throwing off ALL restraint and ANY founding principles has led art down the garbage drain of boring, thoughtless, derivative trash.  And I think it right to cast a bit of blame at the Impressionists on this, because they started the revolution, even though their own works were great achievements in their own right.

Second video, kind of boring but a for-the-record type entry, Abby Johnson obliterates Cecile Richards.  I’m quite certain my sophomore daughter could do so even more thoroughly, but she’ll never have the cache of having worked at Planned Butcherhood:

Meh: Cecile Richards, head of an organization responsible for tens of millions of murders (for profit), lies.  Shocking, I know.

A couple of what the heck videos.  There is so little footage of the incredibly charismatic Gram Parsons.  Here is one of the better bits.  Groovy man.  Somebody please pin Chris Hillman to the ground and shave his head, sheesh.

From the same shoot in support of the first Flying Burrito Brother album.  Such a shame Gram couldn’t put together more than about 6 consecutive clean months the last 10 years of his life.  When he did wow was he prodigiously talented. [FAIR WARNING – GRAM TOOK THE IDEA OF A “NUDIE SUIT” A BIT TOO FAR]:

Heckuva song:


Prayer vigil outside Planned Barrenhood Saturday October 10 – UPDATED September 29, 2015

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I was going to lead a Rosary rally on October 10 at some still undetermined location, but I’ve since learned that there will be a prayer vigil outside the Planned Barrenhood mill in south Dallas on the same day. Rather than compete with each other, I thought it would make sense to just pray outside the mill.  The prayer vigil/protest will take place on Saturday October 10 from 9a – 11a at the surgical abortuary on West Virginia drive (map).  This is part of a nationwide series of protests against Planned Murderhood on that date.

Since I’m sure the Rosary will be prayed at the protest, this accomplishes the Rosary rally’s goal.  I hope to see many of you out there, about 200 showed up at the last protest in August, but the weather should be cooler, so there is even more reason to go!

I plan to have more announcements as the date nears.  TFP sent me a very nice banner that will certainly tie in the upcoming anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima with this effort so dear to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.  I think I might also start using it in the men’s vigils.  The next men’s vigil will be Wednesday October 8.

I pray I see you there.

UPDATE:  A local pro-life leader wanted me to share an important bit of information with you.  Planned Barrenhood, always seeking to maximize profits, has changed its mode of operation in the wake of HB2.  Since they are now required to operate their abortuaries along the same standards as other ambulatory surgery centers, meaning much higher standards of cleanliness, more staff, and much more expense, than existed in pre-HB2 mills in this state, they are only running their abortion mega-center in Dallas three days a week (and sometimes less).  They are using their non-surgical abortion locations in the DFW area to perform many tasks formerly performed at the mill itself – required counseling, “doctor” consultation, sonogram, etc – at these various other, non-abortion facilities.  The patients only go to the abortuary for their actual abortion, everything else has been done in advance.  This of course allows them to minimize costs at the abortion center while also insuring those who show up for their abortion have already gone through the whole process and are likely to follow through with the murder of their child.

What this means is that it would be very helpful for pro-lifers to step up their presence outside their other facilities in the DFW area. There are many, many of these locations, as this link shows.  There are 9 total Planned Murderhood non-abortion offices in the metroplex.  The abortuary is only open Thurs-Sat.  This also allows Planned Butcherhood to shuttle the declining number of abortionists around to their various abattoirs on different days of the week.

Bill Nye the leftist baby-killer guy September 28, 2015

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Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer.  So he has the exact same credentials I have to comment on scientific matters.  The only thing is, science is to him a god-like construct that demands total submission and brooks no dissent.  At least, that’s certainly how he presents the sacred shibboleth of “climate change.”  But it’s not the only shibboleth Nye holds.  He also believes abortion is just a wonderful, unquestionable good, and should be available from conception to birth (and since he supports partial-birth abortion, he probably extends “abortion rights” to some point after birth).  In fact, Nye is a profoundly religious man, it’s just that his religion is satanic progressivism of the scientism cult, and as such is irretrievably hostile to Christianity.

At any rate, with the same pedantic condescension that riddled is PBS program for kids (and made it root-canal-without-anesthetic painful to watch), Nye is now lecturing to all us scientific illiterates why abortion is perfectly justified and how stupid and hypocritical we are to oppose the wanton slaughter of perfect innocents:

This week Bill Nye took to YouTube channel Big Think to make a statistical argument in favor of unrestricted abortion……..

For those keeping score, the biological argument in favor of unrestricted abortion, advanced by ethicist Peter Singer and predicated on the idea of autonomy, led to the barbaric conclusion that infanticide is ethical, and sometimes even desirable. Nye’s argument from statistics sets an arbitrary timeline for what constitutes a worthwhile lifespan, leading to the conclusion that human existence has no value because we are all going to die anyway. [and the satanically evil Singer (along with other “ethicists”) have now concluded that “abortion” can and should be extended well past birth, and up to age 5 or some arbitrary point.  Once again, the left, supposedly everyman’s friend, reveals their inherent misanthropy and their desire for the god-like power to determine whose lives are worth living.  Find your 4 year old inconvenient and not so much fun – well Singer and others are perfectly happy to justify your murdering him.  There is absolutely ZERO moral difference between what Singer, and by extension Nye, advocate, and what the Nazis and Stalinists did.]

Bill Nye’s arguments for opposing legislation that would restrict abortion:
-A large number of humans in the blastocyst stage of development fail to implant in the uterus and subsequently die.
-If we respect the dignity of blastocyst humans, it follows that we need to imprison men and women whose babies fail to implant.

[No, it doesn’t.  The error expressed here is the typical leftist confusion of means with ends.  Because a baby accidentally fails to implant of its own, as an act of God, or whatever, is strictly that, an accident.  There is a monumental difference in morality between allowing actions that frustrate implantation, or that kill a baby after implantation, and it simply happening on its own.  One is the result of a deliberate, immoral act, the other is simply happenstance.  There is a moral gulf between the two that one would hope even a leftist scientician would recognize, but apparently not.  Remember, this is the same man who would very happily see millions starve and freeze to death in the dark (provided he gets his, of course) due to mass energy shortage to avoid non-existent “global warming.”]
-The typical pro-life advocate is a man of European descent trying to tell women what to do.

[BS. Total argument from ignorance and “otherization” of those he hates. The day to day operation of the pro-life movement is DOMINATED by women.  Go outside any mill at any time, go into any CPC, go into any CPLC, and you will find women out number men at least 3 or 4 to 1.]
-Pro-life laws are based on an interpretation of a book written 5000 years ago.

[WRONG. First of all, the New Testament is less than 2000 years old, but we also have the Didache and other ancient sources that point out the Church’s constant hatred of and total opposition to all forms of baby-killing from her inception.  There is a clear moral line of argument going back to the foundation of the Church. What Nye is really saying is: “shut up, bible-humper”]
-Pro-life advocates believe that every act of sexual intercourse should result in a baby. Legislation to restrict abortion is based on this unscientific belief.

[Not should, bonehead, could.  Another confusion of means and ends.  We realize the foundational immorality of frustrating the natural fecundity of the marital act.  Nye tries to turn this into one of the pro-aborts most ridiculous arguments, “pro-lifers think every instance of the marital act must lead to pregnancy.”  Please.  Are they really that dumb?  No, they’re just that blinded by ideology and possessed of a reprobate sense.]
You can’t tell someone else what to do. 

[THIS. This is the entire argument, period, full stop.  You can’t tell me what to do.  But would Nye grant the same argument with regard to carbon emissions or some other dogmatic belief he holds?]
-Abortion is needed because a woman might not like the man who impregnated her and might not want anything to do with his genes, especially if she has been raped.

[Fail. Argument from extremity.  Rape/incest constitute less than 2%, and quite probably less than 1%, of all abortions in the US. Why on earth is a woman fornicating with a man if she wants nothing to do with his “genes.”  See argument above, that’s what all of this gets back to (don’t tell me what to do).
-There are more important issues than abortion.

[On what other topic that had resulted in the intentional killing of 1.5-2 billion souls would leftists say “there are more important topics?”  They tell us we must stop “global warming” because it could, maybe, someday, hundreds of years from now, lead to mass calamities and huge numbers of death. Well, Bill Nye leftist guy, there are millions of deaths annually from abortion every year.  Who are you to say that their lives are any less valid or important than those who might, someday, maybe (but almost certainly not) be wiped out by global warming?]
-Science has taught us a lot about life before birth. Pro-life advocates are not scientists and do not know what happens after an egg is fertilized.

[We know that a unique human life has been created, and that is something you cannot deny, Mr. Science Guy.  That person is endowed with all the potential and value that you arrogate to yourself, Mr. Nye. Simply because it has not escaped the womb does not mean that it is worthless and free to be destroyed. I’m sure Nye would agree he’s quite happy HIS mother did not make this “choice.”]
-Teaching abstinence is ineffective. Closing abortion clinics and not giving women access to birth control will not lead to a healthy society.

[And killing babies does?  Again we see leftist materialism and argument from expediency.  Leftists truly believe many lives are not worth living (especially if they fail to include tony condos in hip neighborhoods, chic cars, arugula salad lunches, and other such high tastes).  Their materialism drives them to conclude that those without a certain standard of living are better off dead.  This is satanic. The simple fact of the matter is that “teaching abstinence” worked exceedingly well for centuries to keep the bastard birth rate very low.  It was only with the left’s march through the institutions that the entire moral order, including abstinence, began to fail.  So Nye is decrying the failure of something he is deeply committed to destroying, anyway.]

The video below is titled “Can we stop telling women what to do with their bodies?”  Certainly, I’m all for it. Provided what they do with their bodies doesn’t involve the destruction of someone else’s body, 50% of which are women, by the way (so by allowing a privileged subset of women to “control their bodies” ALL choice has thus been denied to 750 million – 1 billion other women killed by abortion).

Notice he also avoids sex-selective abortion, which is horrifically skewing the population balance in India, China, and other countries. There are so many contradictions, logical fallacies, and points of general illogic in the diatribe below that it’s laughable.  And yes, Mr. Nye, I’m actually MORE qualified than you to speak on science, unlike you I haven’t left science for entertainment decades ago, I continue to be a practicing engineer, and I didn’t get my master’s because I didn’t bother with the thesis, but I retain the knowledge from the coursework. There are thousands of PhDs in scientific disciplines who would be horrified by your exhibition below, both for its logical incoherency and its scientific illiteracy.  Your argument from expertise thus fails, too:

Was Nye always such a maroon, or has decades of inculcation in the leftist media-entertainment industrial complex rotted his mind?

Big Shock – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has voted in favor of Planned Butcherhood repeatedly September 25, 2015

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Even with the announcement of John Boehner’s resignation from the House today (Ohio officials have issued a flood warning for the Ohio River once Boehner returns, his tears likely to lead to a serious overflow), the grave problems with the GOPe roper leadership remain.  A record of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s pro-abort votes in favor of Planned Murderhood have been revealed, and they point to a typical pro-abort liberal elitist who has somehow been allowed to masquerade as a conservativish Repubnik for decades.  Don’t think the positive scores given by National Right to Life and other groups played little or no part in that masquerade.  They were central to it:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wants you to think he opposes the effort to defund Planned Parenthood in the continuing resolution (CR) because it could cause a government shutdown.

He also wants you to think it’s because he doesn’t have 60 votes in the Senate when in fact it only takes 41 votes to filibuster funding for the organization. [But my goodness, think of the 2016 election!  It’s an election year!  But it’s always an election year!  If off-years like 2015 constitute “election years,” they must never end, eh?  And what is losing a few seats in the House or Senate (which seats haven’t been worth very much to Christians, anyway), compared to the slaughter and sale of hundreds of thousands of perfectly innocent children?  Who thinks like that?]

But the real reason he won’t fight is that he doesn’t really care about stopping funding for Planned Parenthood, and he never has.

Here are the facts that he doesn’t want you to know:

(1) In 1992, McConnell voted to allow taxpayer-funded research using body parts from aborted babies.

Roll Call Vote #263, 10/2/92

This policy, which was vetoed by President George H. W. Bush but later signed into law by President Bill Clinton, had the effect of making abortion even more profitable for Planned Parenthood.

(2) Also in 1992, McConnell voted to overturn the so-called “Reagan Rule” that prohibited Planned Parenthood from using taxpayer dollars for pro-abortion counseling.

Roll Call Vote #254, 10/1/92

McConnell’s vote in this case was to override President Bush’s veto, but the House sustained it. Then, in 1993, President Clinton overturned the “Reagan Rule” by Executive Order on the first day of his administration.

(3) In 1997, McConnell again voted against a targeted ban on federal funding for research on body parts from abortions.

Roll Call Vote #215, 9/4/97

This time, McConnell was one of 14 liberal Republicans who voted to allow taxpayer-funded research on body parts from abortions.

In the these three examples, McConnell crossed the then-current Republican president and many of his Republican colleagues in the Senate to open the door for taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and for research on body parts from aborted babies.

(4) McConnell has voted for at least 15 bills that provided funding for Planned Parenthood dating back to 1998.

This is important because it shows how long Senator McConnell has tolerated this funding and refused to do anything meaningful to stop it.

Senator McConnell says defunding Planned Parenthood has to wait until Republicans control the White House, but at least five of his past votes to fund it were when Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and White House. [This is the key.  It’s always next year, next year, a few more seats, a few more billion dollars, meanwhile, the pile of murdered babies reaches Everest-like proportions.  The point is, next year will never, ever come.  Even if the R’s in the Senate had 65 seats and Zombie Reagan in the White House, they still would find a way to fail and keep abortion just as accessible and cheap and easy as it is today: that’s because they want it to be!!!  How else do they take care of their “little accidents” with female staffers and DC call girls?]

Here’s the bottom line:

Senator McConnell isn’t 100% pro-life. He has repeatedly voted to force American taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood, its pro-abortion counseling, and research on the babies it aborts.

As if you needed more reasons to deplore this man.  I assume readers were aware his pro-life credentials were, ahem, slightly suspect, but I’d say now they are pretty well blown to smithereens.

Sorry folks, perhaps 6 or 8 senators and perhaps 50 representatives aside, the R’s are worthless.

Another kind of inequality: Pope Francis barely mentions moral evils, dwells on prudential issues at length September 24, 2015

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Has Pope Francis mentioned Jesus Christ in any of this speeches in the US, yet?  I believe he did in the Serra canonization Mass but not in the many other speeches.

He certainly didn’t to Congress. He also only mentioned abortion in a passing allusion, while he dwelt at length on eminently prudential subjects like climate change and how to address “income inequality” (one might rebut with Mk 14:7).

Jesus Christ seems to be getting unequal treatment.

The conservative media is beginning to note that Pope Francis’ political/cultural orientation looks less and less like a figment of progressive’s imagination, and more like reality.  Hardest hit: those conservativish Catholic sources who cannot fathom the concept of an ideologically progressive pope:

Believe it or not, the one line he devoted to abortion was one line more than he devoted to the subject of Jesus, who wasn’t mentioned at all in this morning’s speech according to the transcript. Maybe that was a deliberate choice made by Francis, to stick to politics and universal principles before a domestic television audience with many millions of non-Christians. (He did mention Moses.) Or maybe he just had more important things that he wanted to talk about, like the environment.

It’s not that the Pope has rejected traditional Catholic teachings on morals and the family (although he’s upset them a little), it’s that his passions palpably run towards other aspects of Catholic teaching. That’s why the left embraces him notwithstanding the fact that he always says the socially conservative thing about abortion and gay marriage when those topics are raised. They can tell where his priorities are. It’s all in the emphasis. Here’s the sum total of what he said today about abortion to a national legislature that’s currently debating whether to shut down the government to stop the country’s biggest abortion mill from being funded: “The Golden Rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.” That was sandwiched between several paragraphs about our duty to welcome our illegal immigrant neighbors (“We need to avoid a common temptation nowadays: to discard whatever proves troublesome”) [I’m sorry, but that’s really a flippant, unserious kind of argument.  There are very substantial reasons to limit immigration, and those reasons can be perfectly consonant with the Doctrine of the Faith.  This is frankly cheap rhetoric for a Pope to use] and the need to “avert the most serious effects of the environmental deterioration caused by human activity.” Ending the death penalty, which won’t be happening anytime soon in America — unless their royal highnesses, the Supreme Court, intervene, of course — got a full paragraph. Even the Iran deal, or whatever this passage is about, got more than a single line: [Actually, this was probably about the Cuba detente.  Direct papal quote follows]

From this perspective of dialogue, I would like to recognize the efforts made in recent months to help overcome historic differences linked to painful episodes of the past. It is my duty to build bridges and to help all men and women, in any way possible, to do the same. [Nothing about salvation, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or any of that?  No: “building bridges”] When countries which have been at odds resume the path of dialogue – a dialogue which may have been interrupted for the most legitimate of reasons – new opportunities open up for all. This has required, and requires, courage and daring, which is not the same as irresponsibility. A good political leader is one who, with the interests of all in mind, seizes the moment in a spirit of openness and pragmatism. A good political leader always opts to initiate processes rather than possessing spaces (cf. Evangelii Gaudium, 222-223).

One person is beyond pleased with the papal speeches.  Joltin’ Joe Biden:

“He’s the embodiment of Catholic social doctrine that I was raised with. The idea that everyone’s entitled to dignity,” the vice president said of Pope Francis in an interview with the Rev. Matt Malone, president and editor in chief of America Media, an ABC News partner.

“I’m excited, quite frankly, as a practicing Catholic. I am really excited by the whole world is getting to see what are the basic essential elements of what constitutes Catholicism.”

So, what constitutes Catholicism to Biden: no mention of Jesus Christ, eternity, salvation, Heaven, hell, sin, repentance, etc.  No, something very different, almost the sense of an “earthly paradise.”

Good luck with that.

New “I’m proud of my abortion” campaign reveals the brazenly diabolical evil of the post-Christian left September 23, 2015

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Matt Walsh has an excellent piece at The Blaze covering the recent “shoutyourabortion” hashtag ginned up by Planned Barrenhood in an attempt to divert attention from their murder-for-profit of babies, whether they baby dies whole or they part it out like a used car.  He illustrates some of the declarations of satanically lost women who are as spiritually barren as they are cruelly solipsistic:

he Shout Your Abortion craze appears to have started with a post by a woman named Amelia, who took to Facebook over the weekend to brag about her own abortion experiences. She said her abortion, procured last year, fills her with an “inexpressible level of gratitude,” and that she’s not ashamed to say abortions make her “happy.” This post was shared by another woman, Lindy, who used the Shout Your Abortion hashtag while telling her own triumphant tale of filicide. She said she had an abortion a few years ago and it allowed her to be “fulfilled” by her career, and, bizarrely, enabled her to “better care for her kids.”….[I’m going to say something that may seem harsh, but I think it needs being said: no one who has been involved in the procurement of an abortion is remotely capable of being a good, selfless parent – without that is, great conversion and enormous repentance.  With those, all things are possible, but if they remain obstinately proud of their child-murder, they have revealed a degree of selfishness and lack of empathy that means they could never be more than a DNA donor. I have met mothers, with kid in tow, expressing outrage at our praying outside abortion mills, and their children inevitably have a vacant, lost look.  Go figure.]

……Progressives sensed they had a catchy, fun way to battle the “taboo” surrounding the butchery of infants, and soon Twitter was filled with deeply disturbed and spiritually destitute women saying things like this:

I’ve had 2 abortions. I don’t have to justify or explain them to anybody. My life is more valuable than a potential life. [And what if your mom had felt the same way? Solipsism means, roughly, believing you are the only person in the universe who really matters.  Could this desiccated soul be a better example?]

Yeah, so I had an abortion at 20, it was the best decision possible for us then. I will with no more shame.

So here’s my : I was pregnant when I didn’t want to be. I got to decide and I owe no one an explanation for my decision. [Except God and your murdered child]

Had an abortion procedure done at age 22 because I was WAY too young to parent. Have never, ever regretted it. [If you’re too  young to parent, you’re too young to fornicate, you dolt]

Not becoming a parent while I was still a child was wise & merciful. I send love 2 providers & to all ppl being shamed. [Ditto]

I’ve never wanted to have children, so I had an abortion. I’m thriving, without guilt, without shame, without apologies.  [But with many, many cats]

is so important – abortion is a normal medical procedure & one way we can help end stigma is by talking about it. [It’s a “normal medical procedure” like a .45 to the back of the skull]

I’ve had 3 abortions and have held onto shame since I was 14. I am 43 now. My shame and silence ends today. [You keep telling yourself that. Good luck]

Had an abortion because you wanted one?You need not justify, explain or hide.Your body, your choice. All day, every day. [Roar, sister, roar]

……..Nobody, on either side, can really stake out a moderate position on abortion for very long. Either abortion is condemned with the fury of 1,000 suns, or it is celebrated and glorified with religious fervor. Everyone who tries to hang out somewhere between these two extremes will inevitably land on one end of the spectrum or the other. That’s because abortion is an extreme thing. It is the slaughter of the innocent. History proves that there are really, when it comes down to it, only two types of people: those radically opposed to the dehumanization and murder of entire groups of people, and those radically in favor of it……..

…..Liberalism is, in the end, a death cult. I’ve long suggested that we stop calling it “liberalism” and start calling it “secular Satanism,” because that’s truly the most accurate and coherent way to describe it. Indeed, self-proclaimed Satanists are ardent abortion fans, with some reporting that they perform Satanic human sacrifices inside abortion clinics. To the Satanist/liberal, abortion is the most sacred and revered sacrament. The whole religion and ideology of Satanism/liberalism was born when Satan himself turned from God and said, “I will not serve” — and what better and more profound way for humans to reinforce that point than to ritualistically massacre His most vulnerable and precious children? [I’ve said as much here many times. Abortion is the evil sacrament of the left, the dark sacrifice they offer to their false god, satan]

Abortion evangelists are pro-abortion in principle, not out of some perverted sense of necessity or compassion. They believe — they have faith — that the individual is supreme. There is no power or authority above the Mighty Me, therefore nothing has the right to impose itself on Me, and nothing, not even my own child, can claim any right to my life or my body or my love or my time. My, Me, I. I am the sole point and purpose of the universe, and the highest thing I can hope to attain is my own enjoyment, convenience, and (especially sexual) pleasure. There is no Truth outside of that. There is no God beyond myself. [And that is the ultimate genesis of all satanism – the exaltation of the individual to the expense of everything else.  That is a major reason why modern liberalism is disordered, at best, for it exalts the same general type of individuality that eventually manifests in a society in it’s purest form, secular satanism, or as I call it, sexular paganism]

……That’s why the other Mes don’t always have to be afforded respect or even basic human dignity. The moment one of them becomes a burden — the moment they ask us to change or give or serve or love in any sort of active way — is when they transform into a gross parasite to be extracted and discarded. The ultimate example of this is abortion, and the point is driven home even harder when the babies are killed and then cut up and used for medical research. We, the Mighty Mes, think nothing of attempting to extend our lives by cannibalizing our own children. After all, I am Me, the one true God, and what greater cause could there be than prolonging my own existence?……[However, God allows our own sins to be the source of our demise.  Thus, the same logic that uses babies to prolong life among the already born, also encourages the murder of the old, sick, and generally unproductive.  Some of these abortion loving mamas may be hoist on their own petard, er needle, someday, and may look around from someone to save them from the government murder-needle.]  

………Why should a woman be empowered only “rarely,” they ask? Why should she, the Deified Me, be permitted to exercise her autonomy in “rare” circumstances? If abortion is legal and acceptable because the life of the child is meaningless and the convenience of the mother is sacrosanct, why in the world should we try to reduce the frequency by which these meaningless things are terminated and carved into pieces for the sake of protecting a More Important Person’s lifestyle? If anything, it should happen more often, shouldn’t it? If we accept the underlying premise of progressive/Satanic ideology, trying to limit the abortion becomes nonsensical. Abortion is the highest sacrament — the ultimate and purest form of female empowerment — trying to make it “rare” is like a devout Catholic saying he wishes to only rarely receive the Eucharist.

What a great, if long piece.  There is a whole bunch more good stuff I didn’t paste.  Go read it.

I think all of the above is well known to regular readers of this blog, I’m sure few of the opinions are new, but they are very well expressed and it is wonderful to see those with a platform in a major news site with huge traffic figure this stuff out.

Of course, he could go even further, tying together abortion with the entire sexular pagan solipsistic death cult, from fornication and porn use to contraception and the rest.  It’s all of a piece, but the critical bit to always understand is that abortion and contraception are the vital lynch-pins upon which the sexular pagan agenda hangs.  You take away those two, and the entire sick, demonic enterprise will fall – which is of course why they pursued those two first.

One more quick comment as I run out of time: I think we do need to consider that there really are women out there who don’t regret their abortions on any level. The degree of leftist/feminist thought the abortive woman holds closely corresponds to lack of regret, for they have deeply assimilated the hateful doctrine of the satanic left. I don’t know how many post-abortive women fall into that category, maybe a third, maybe less, but we should be aware of the fact.  These people are the hard core of the movement, and without a miracle of grace, they cannot be reached.  They simply have to be opposed as the bitter adherents to a sick and twisted ideology.

National Right to Life in cahoots with McConnell to block pro-life legislation September 23, 2015

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I did a post a week ago Monday giving some ratings for pro-life groups.  I was maybe kinder to some than I should have been.  A recent example has emerged of how one group – National Right to Life – has apparently colluded with the GOP leadership to prevent pro-life bills from coming to a vote on the floor of the Senate.  Other groups have maintained a studious silence.  Keep this in mind when considering which pro-life groups to support (my emphasis and comments):

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) are desperately trying to avoid a government shutdown, and they’re using pro-life organizations to do it.

According to a source with close ties to the pro-life movement, McConnell and Boehner spent the month of August warning pro-life organizations, including National Right to Life, Americans United for Life, Susan B. Anthony List and Family Research Council, against backing conservatives’ efforts to stop taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, the country’s largest abortion provider, through the Continuing Resolution (CR)…..[I would just remind that none of these groups were ones I strongly recommend. I would argue that FRC is not really a pro-life group, per se.]

……..Each of the aforementioned pro-life organizations refused to comment on whether or not GOP leadership has pressured them to oppose defunding Planned Parenthood through the CR. But National Right to Life has been echoing McConnell’s position that cutting federal funds to Planned Parenthood isn’t something Congress can do until a Republican president is in the White House. [I think I am far from alone in being incredibly frustrated that the Dems can seem to operate very well without total dominance in Congress and the White House, while the Repubniks always tell us how terribly hamstrung they are by not having a veto-proof supermajority in the Senate and no conservative in the White House.  Since the R’s will probably never have a 60+ seat majority in the Senate, what is the point?]

Despite National Right to Life’s silence on the issue, there are a growing chorus of conservative aides who say the group has become nothing more than an arm of the Republican establishment, just carrying out orders from McConnell.

“When it comes to strategy and actually scoring votes they’re terrible,” one senior aide on Capitol Hill told Conservative Review. “They’ve gotten very cozy with leadership. They consider themselves to be legislative experts so when people in Congress put forward good [anti] abortion amendments they (National Right to Life) won’t support it. They actually actively work against it.” [I hate to hear it, but I’m glad to know. I’m far from surprised. This is exactly the kind of institutionalization of the pro-life movement I’ve lamented for years. I’m not entirely convinced many of these major pro-life groups really want to see abortion and contraception go away forever]

………National Right to Life’s cozying up to leadership isn’t just a recent trend, but something the group has been doing for quite some time.

“When you’re too close to Capitol Hill it becomes a lifestyle of easy give and take, instead of remembering the old adage that politics is war by other means,” a senior House staffer said of National Right to Life. “You’re actually dealing with life and death issues and some of them are important enough to stand up for. Actually speaking to all of the lives that will be lost. All of the baby parts that will be sold. All of the born-alive infants who will be dismembered and sold to the highest bidder. All of that’s going to take place with taxpayer dollars, because shutting down the government’s controversial. If the Republican party can’t stand up to start this barbaric practice than they’re no different than the Democrats.[DANG RIGHT!  And that’s why so many of us feel so much frustration over the status quo and see little to be positive about for the future]

A former Republican aide on Capitol Hill said National Right to Life would actively get involved just to benefit the establishment’s agenda.

The former aide cited the passage of Medicare Part D in 2003, a vote National Right to Life scored in order to get pro-life Republicans such as then Congressman Jim DeMint (R-SC) to vote in favor of a massive new entitlement program. DeMint voted against legislation and National Right to Life marked it against his pro-life rating.

……..“Yet, when the shoe is on the other foot, [National Right to Life] refuses to stand on principle and score tough votes that will harm Establishment Republicans,” the former Republican aide continued. “Their refusal to score the votes for the CR as a vote funding the abhorrent practices of [Planned Parenthood] exposed in the Center for Medical Progress, is a textbook example of a DC-insider organization protecting the status quo and providing cover to Establishment Republicans.” 

Very interesting.  Very, very interesting.  So we can see how ostensible pro-life groups game the system to protect their favored politicians, who are very likely important benefactors (or help arrange donations by important benefactors).  At the root of all this evil is money.  Money is the lifeblood of any organization, I understand, you cannot do much good without substantial funding, but the thing about money is, it makes people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.  It clouds motives. It easily causes very good organizations to even start acting against their fundamental principles.  And when I speak of the institutionalization of the pro-life movement, or industry, the lure of money is my primary concern.

Thanks to MFG for the really important link.

Breakthrough – baby born at 23 weeks not only surviving, thriving September 17, 2015

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The doctors said the baby had a 99% chance of dying during delivery.  She weighed barely over a pound when born.  But she is now over 8 lb and continuing to grow and thrive.  The implications for the legality of abortion, legal at 24 weeks in most states and well beyond if one can claim some extenuating circumstances (lets be frank, babies are routinely murdered at 8-9 months gestation and certainly capable of surviving outside the womb) should be staggering, but in this culture, I won’t hold my breath:

Kaci-Rose Crathley was born via an emergency caesarean section at 23 weeks, and weighed just 1lb and 2oz – half the weight of a bag of sugar and measured 10.8 inches.

Doctors warned the tot’s mother, Sadie, 20, that there was a 99% chance her baby would die during delivery – telling her that they would not have tried to save the baby if she had gone into labour one day earlier.

However, Kaci-Rose did survive delivery and now weighs 8lbs – the same as an average newborn baby.

Sadie said she was “terrified” after she went into labour halfway through her pregnancy…….

……..”She was on the ventilator for 11 weeks and I wasn’t able to hold her until after then.

“She also had to have laser eye surgery at about three months because her blood vessels weren’t developing properly.

“The whole six months we were in hospital with her there were so many ups and downs.”

After months of care, Sadie and husband Marc, 27, were finally able to bring Kaci-Rose home in July this year – when the tot weight 6lbs 1oz.

She was still hooked up to a monitor to measure her heart rate and oxygen levels and even now relies on a tube to provide her with oxygen.

Sadie said: “We were told she will probably have cerebral palsy but it is too early to tell yet. We were also told she would be blind and deaf but she can hear and see some things.

“So far she has proved everyone wrong. I’m very thrilled with how far she has come.”

Sadie and Marc are now keen to share their story with other parents to show the world that extremely premature babies can survive.

She said: “I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff and also to other parents that are faced with decisions like this.

“As horrible as it is you must fight for your baby and let them have the chance. Kaci-Rose has proved that it can go well.”

One of the reasons the Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade set the abortion “limit” at 24 weeks is because the justices had been informed, by the best medical science at that time, that babies could never survive outside the womb before 24 weeks.

But already by the 80s babies were surviving that were born at ~26 weeks with some regularity.

Now there are rare cases like this one of babies being born as early as 23 weeks surviving, and given the rate of advance in premature infant care, it is possible that in my lifetime babies as young as 20 weeks will be able to survive at least on occasion.


And yet it remains perfectly legal (and horrifyingly common) to murder babies well beyond ages at which they have high chances of survival.  As if that should make the slightest difference, which it doesn’t, since virtually all babies left unmolested in their mother’s wombs would advance to normal birth and healthy life, anyway.

Right now this government is debating whether to institute a ban on abortions after 20 weeks.  It probably won’t pass due to this evil president.  What an indictment on our nation and its leaders.  This nation has earned such a reckoning from God it is terrifying to contemplate.  So most people just don’t, and go back to watching SportsCenter.

Then every once and a while they raise their heads and look around and wonder why everything has gone to hell.  They moan about how everything seems to be falling apart.

Then they turn the channel.  And another 30 years slip away.

Your wish is my command: rating some of the pro-life groups September 16, 2015

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So the topic of which pro-life groups are really committed wholeheartedly to defending the sanctity of life from conception to natural death came up last week.  There is also the allied topic of which of those are committed to the restoration of the Faith.  The latter significantly narrows down the list.  I’ll provide two lists, those which to my knowledge correspond to the former and latter, and then some which are good regarding pro-life issues themselves but perhaps have some problems with false ecumenism or things of that nature.

So, first up, the completely reliable pro-life groups who also get the need for liturgical reform/Church restoration:

Texas Right to Life
Pro-Life Action League
Human Life International
Thomas More Law Center – not a pro-life group per se’ but their work does a great deal to advance the restoration of the moral order and pro-life concerns

There may be more, these are the only groups I can unequivocally recommend at present.

So now a lot of folks may be saying, what about this group!  What about that one!  They’re really strong, aren’t they?

When one begins to dig a bit deeper on some of the groups below, problems can emerge. They may fight for the right to life from conception to natural death, but they also support and advance other things which may actually militate against that pro-life stand.  For instance, if a pro-life group highlights the work of protestants who maintain that contraceptive use is completely moral and admissible, does that not undermine their own opposition to abortion, since contraception creates the environment in which abortion flourishes?  Or they may be weak on the finer points of end-of-life definitions or organ donation.

I won’t point out the problems as I perceive them.  I’ll just say that the groups below are generally good on the life issues and some others but may have some weaknesses in other areas such as having a recognition of the solution to the crisis in the Church, adoption of certain post-conciliar novelties, etc.  You can make your own decision or do your own research to determine whether or not to support these groups.  For me, they do not have the total freedom from concerns that the groups above do.

American Life League – Catholic group, strong on pro-life issues, contraception, some aspects of crisis in the Church.  But they have some issues.
Bound4Life – protestant group
Life Dynamics  – protestant group
Operation Rescue
Priests for Life
Live Action – they do a lot of good expose work, I’m frankly not certain on their stands with regard to some of the associated issues
Center for Medical Progress – they’ve burst on the scene and are doing a lot of very good expose work a la Live Action but I don’t know enough about them to unequivocally recommend

Finally, a few pro-life groups I don’t recommend for a variety of reasons:

National Right to Life
Texas Alliance for Life
Pro-Life Across America
ost diocesan CPLCs.  They feel it urgent to work with every self-identified pro-life group, including protestant and some visibly problematic ones, and so refuse to take the proper stands on key matters like contraception, organ donation, hard and fast end of life definitions, opposition to organ donation, and the like.

If there are groups not on the list, it’s because I don’t know enough about them to comment. I would say, overall, that most pro-life groups have problematic aspects when it comes to things like the crisis in the Faith, contraception, vaccines derived from fetal cell lines, and the like.  That is why the list of really solid is very short.

I fear this post will start a major row with supporters of some of the groups not receiving my unequivocal support take exception.  We’ll see.  My intention is not to hurt them but to help others to make the best decision possible.  Understand these are my personal appraisals and not declarations from on high, so their value is necessarily limited.

Not that that won’t keep some folks from getting steamed, most likely.


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