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Well here’s a novel argument against “married” priests…… July 31, 2015

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……they might eventually leave their wives and shack up with a much younger man.  Mind you, this happened to an already very liberal episcopalian minister, nevertheless, given the state of the culture, can you imagine the complications that would flow from a widespread married priesthood in the Western, Roman Rite?

I need to create a new category for blog posts – ick:

An Episcopal priest shocked his Queens congregation recently when he left his wife and married someone else — a much younger man.

The Rev. Juan Andres Quevedo-Bosch, 59, the archdeacon of Queens and rector of the Church of the Redeemer in Astoria, announced over Facebook last week that he got married in a Los Angeles church.

The Cuban-born prelate was pictured on a beach with the caption: “I’m in Miami Beach with my new husband. God is good.”

One churchgoer said many parishioners severed ties to the church after Quevedo-Bosch came out as gay at the pulpit a month ago.

“Most of the people aren’t coming anymore,” the elderly woman said. “Because he’s homosexual, people have stopped coming.”……

…….Quevedo-Bosch has not been seen at the church for the last month, she said. [Such a concerned, self-denying shepherd, no?]

Attendance has dwindled, she said, with many parishioners instead going to Mass at a satellite church a few blocks away. [It’s not “mass.”  I was an episcopal, and we never, ever called it “mass.”]

Saturday services have been canceled, and only seven worshippers showed up at Wednesday’s Mass. [Wrong again. The numbers are not terribly atypical for episcopal worship houses, whose median congregation size now stands at less than 100, the vast majority of which are over 70 years of age]

……….“Priests who wish to enter into same-gender marriage are approved to do so in the Episcopal Church and in the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island,” said Bishop Larry Provenzano, head of the Long Island diocese, which includes Queens.…… [Which tells you everything you need to know about why the episcopal sect is dying in a spectacular self-imolation]

………Before becoming a priest, Quevedo-Bosch worked as an economic planner for the city of Havana in the early 1980s, his LinkedIn page says. He studied to be a priest in his native country. [I think we can start to see the picture come together.]

More and more I hate this world.

A thought on the background – this guy’s wife is 73.  He emigrated from Cuba to the US 20 years ago.  One of the best ways to get a green card/visa is to get married.  You do the math.

It is revealing to me the degree to which incidence of sodomy is directly proportional to dwelling in large urban areas/disconnectedness from nature and hard, physical labor.  It is also no coincidence that the four largest sodomite communities in the country – NY, SF, LA, and Miami – all grew up around large sea ports back when ships were staffed with large crews.

On excisions from the Psalter and Lectionary July 30, 2015

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Rorate, as happens so often, has a valuable post examining how the post-conciliar liturgical changes, which allegedly promised to open up so much of the “riches of Scripture” to benighted, bead-counting Catholic hearts, actually have had the effect of removing from mass Catholic thought certain ideas deemed too controversial or dangerous.  I don’t want to go into all the details – read the whole post at Rorate (as I’m sure most of you have) – but I wanted to add a bit more from my own experience.

The principle ideas it was judged necessary by modernizing reformers to excise focus on topics like sin, judgment, damnation, et. al.  As such the four last things tend to get very short shrift in both the new Mass and in the Liturgy of the Hours.  Of course, I used to know nothing but the post-conciliar product, and thought I was being very holy by praying the Liturgy of the Hours in its garish four color, four volume format.  Over time, I found both Mass and Hours to be so problematic as to be best avoided entirely.  In addition to its great reduction in the concentration of Psalms prayed – from 150 a week to ~145 a month – we learned via Rorate that whole Psalms are missing from the post-conciliar Liturgy of the Hours, as opposed to their constant presence in the Roman Breviary dating back to the very origins of the Church.

That’s significant, and what is even more significant, is that while some three Psalms, containing the inspired and inerrant Word of God (the literal conveyance of the 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity), have been eliminated entirely from the Liturgy of the Hours (LoH), a score of others had their content and meaning brutalized by men who apparently know better than God.  That is, all the unpopular bits were cut out like trimming the the fat from a bone.

Even more, left out of this critical analysis of the LoH was the fact that so many of the prayers contained therein were written by protestants and reflect all the banalities of an indifferent ecumenical product-of-committee approach.   More than anything else, the frequently atrocious prayers in the LoH turned me off and had me fleeing to the immensely richer Breviarium Romanum. I also found so many of the new hymns in the LoH hackneyed and trite; a virtual time capsule of late 60s folk music.

This is part and parcel with the elimination from the readings in the Novus Ordo Mass of certain “problematic” bits of Scripture, such as 1 Cor XI:27-29, St. Paul’s revelation that those who eat and drink the Body and Blood of the Lord unworthily are committing the gravest sacrilege.  That particularly important element of Sacred Scripture is found NOWHERE in the readings of the Novus Ordo Mass.  There are other “offending” writings from St. Paul – such as his call for women to obey their husbands, and the ban on women preaching – which are similarly excluded or relegated to rare daily Masses.  And of course, large sections of the Apocalypse and “scary” prophesies from the Old Testament are also missing from the Novus Ordo.

So, with all this supposed “opening” of Scripture, critically important ideas are almost totally missing from the Mass, which is the primary means by which the vast majority of Catholics experience the Faith (and for most, the ONLY means).  While it is theoretically nice to have more Scripture readings, since they are only heard once very 3 years, it is questionable whether they have the impact as the single yearly “rotation” of readings in the TLM, which, because they are heard every year, become very familiar and really begin to sink in.  From my own experience, I know I now recall and appreciate many of the Mass readings, especially the Gospels, much more now in hearing them more often, rather than less.

I do take issue with one claim made in the Rorate post.  I think the matter is more than mere semantics.  It has to do with this paragraph:

This scandal (for let us not mince words: it is a scandal of the first order) was brought to you by the Liturgical Reform, signed, sealed, and delivered by Pope Paul VI—the very same reform that deliberately omitted from the oversized new lectionary spiritually demanding verses in the New Testament, in order to avoid offending the sensibilities of the modern faithful.

I think that right, insofar as it goes.  But I’ve read serious students of liturgy claim that there was perhaps more to it than simply wanting to avoid offending modern sensibilities.  Certainly, we know for certain that the prime architect of the liturgical revolution, Anibale Bugnini, pushed very hard for many very controversial changes out of an excessive ecumenical concern. He stated in his own history of the liturgical revolution that he wanted to jettison anything from the Mass that a protestant could find objectionable.

Even more, however, there is a good deal of information out there that points towards a deliberate revolution against the Faith going beyond even ecumenical concerns.  This revolution was based in rationalist/humanist philosophies that saw man, and not God, at the center of the Church.  I’d say, yes avoiding offending modern sensibilities was certainly a major driver in the revolution, but there were other, perhaps even more important drives, ones that are even more distressing.

It should also be noted that Fr. Anthony Cekada (yes, I know he is a sede vacantist) claims in Work of Human Hands that Pope Paul VI’s handwriting is all over the developmental work for the Novus Ordo.  Some have tried to claim that Bugnini pulled a fast one on both Paul VI and the bishops by reporting to each that the other kept insisting on the most radical changes, but Cekada says the notes make clear that Paul VI was very aware of the course of the liturgical “renewal” from ’64-’70 and personally pushed for some of most radical novelties.  Whether that is true or not I really cannot say, Fr. Cekada claimed to have somehow gotten hold of some of the earliest preparatory documents and they all, according to him, featured Paul VI’s copious notes.

I mention this because it goes to the heart of whether the liturgical reform-cum-revolution was just a kind of very strange “renewal” that has had as many ups as downs due to bad implementation, as many post-conciliar apologists maintain, or was a willful attempt to change the most sacred elements of the Faith in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass through introduction of gross novelties radically at odds with centuries of prior practice.  That is, it cuts to the very heart of why, and how, the “renewal” occurred.




19th century Catechism on the Church as the One True Church July 30, 2015

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More great commentary from the The Catechism Explained by Spirago-Clarke, circa 1880.  There is a ton of great content on the nature of the Church – the One, True Church – and on the grave reality of being outside the Church.  You may note a very much different approach to some of the topics below compared to what is frequently taught in the Church today.  In fact, there is what I take to be a clear condemnation of the post-conciliar “aggiornamento” in the text below.

For now, various excerpts from pp. 242-244, “The True Church:” (my emphasis and comments)

“When,” says St. Cyprian, “the devil saw that the worship of idols was abolished, and the heathen temples emptied, he bethought him of a new poison, and led men into error under cover of the Christian religion, the poison of false doctrine and pride, through which more than two hundred churches [St. Cyprian died in the 3rd century, and already there were hundreds of false sects?] have started u in opposition to the true Church founded by Jesus Christ.”

The True Church is one which is most persecuted by the world, and which has received God’s seal in the form of miracles.

Christ spoke often to His disciples of these persecutions: “The servant is not greater than his Master. If they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you” (Jn xv:20).  “They will deliver you up in councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues……..you shall be hated by all men for My name’s sake” (Mt x:17-22).  “Yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God” (Jn xvi:2).  “Because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you” (Jn xv:19).  Never in the history of the Catholic Church has it been free form persecution.  Whatever be the differences between the sects they unite against the Church…….The present day is not wanting in examples in the sufferings inflicted on religious communities, in the interference of the secular governments in things spiritual, in the opposition made to processions and meetings and other devout practices.  Can any Church be the true Church which does not oppose the spirit of the world? [From whence did that smoke of satan manage to penetrate into the Church?  Perhaps from some window opened in 1958?] Then too it is only in the Catholic Church that we have miracles……….We know that God would work miracles only in confirmation of the truth.

The true Church is that one in which the successor of St. Peter is to be found.

The Church rests on a rock and that rock is Peter (Mt xxviii:20)……..”Where Peter is, there is the Church” says St. Ambrose.

The true Church is known by the following four marks: she is One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic.

The true Church is One. She has at all times and in all places the same doctrine, the same means of Grace, and only one Head. [And yet we are told by Fr. Rosica, Cardinal Kasper, and many others, that doctrine can and indeed must change.  They tell us it will change first through their plans to change practice (which is asinine, practice cannot be separated from belief/doctrine), and then, once virtually everyone is converted to the new doctrine/practice, doctrine may be formally “changed.”  Of course in doing so, they are setting up a false, heretical sect.]

Truth can only be one; hence the teaching of the Church cannot change.  Christ wished His Church to be one; for that He prayed at the Last Supper (Jn xvii:20); “There shall be one fold and one shepherd” (Jn x:16); He appointed one Head for the whole Church (Jn xxi:17).  The Catholic Church is One: her Catechisms the world over teach precisely the same doctrine. Everywhere the Holy Sacrifice is offered, and the Sacraments given in the same way; the same ceremonies and feasts are observed all over the world  [Can this be said anymore, of the post-conciliar rites, or of what is taught?  Vernacular has gravely wounded the unity of the Church]…….Nor can heresy destroy this unity, for the heretic who refuses to submit is no longer a member of the Church. None need accuse the Church of want of progress because it holds fast by its old established doctrines; there is no true progress is giving up the truth and adopting error.  The truth cannot change; hence Bossuet might well say: “Protestantism, thou art changeable, therefore thou canst not be the truth!”  [Would that this were still adhered to!  Do these few sentences not express the anguish so many of us feel at what passes for doctrine in so many quarters of the Church today!  Is this not the very definition of the crisis?  Does this not speak of a different and hostile religion being promoted within the bosom of the Church, something unprecedented in its scope and prevalence since at least the Arian heresy?!?  Yes of course doctrine has not officially changed, but there have been few times in the Church’s history when more with great positions of authority within her have declared that they believe doctrine should  or “must” change]

The true Church is holy;, i.e., it has the means and the endeavor to lead all men to holiness.

Christ founded the Church for the very purpose of making men holy.  The Catholic Church is holy.  All its teaching is lofty and pure; the great principle underlying its commands are self-denial and the love of one’s neighbor; all its sacraments and especially Penance and the Holy Eucharist are great aids to the sanctification of mankind, and the complete following out of the evangelical counsels can lead man to the highest point of perfection………...The misdeeds of some members, or abuses occurring within the Church are due not to the Church, but to the perversity of men.  Even among the Apostles there was a traitor, and Christ compared some members of the Church to weeds and worthless fish.  Can any Church be holy which adopts Luther’s teaching that faith alone is sufficient for salvation, and good works unnecessary? Or Calvin’s doctrine that some men are predestined by God to hell fire?  Or any church which, on its own confession, owns that none of its members have been saints and their sanctity confirmed by miracle?

The true Church is universal or Catholic, she is empowered to receive men into her bosom in all places and all times.

Christ died for all men, and on ascending into Heaven gave His Apostles the mission to teach all the nations of the earth till the end of time (Mt xxviii:20).  Hence His Church was meant to be for all nations, and this is confirmed by the miracle of tongues on the first Pentecost.  The Catholic Church is universal; her teaching applies to all people……..At present the Catholic Church is alone spread out over the entire world.  “Heretics are everywhere,” said St. Augustine, “but no particular heresy is everywhere.”……..Can, then, any church which depends entirely on the government, as, for instance, the Russian Church, or the Anglican, which is wholly national in England, be the true Church?  Or can one which has no real success among the heathen have a claim to truth?

The true Church is Apostolic, she comes down from the time of the Apostles, her teaching is always what it was in the time of the Apostles, and her ministers are legitimate successors of the Apostles.   

“That is the true Church,” says St. Jerome,” which was founded by the Apostles and endures unto the present day.”  The Catholic Church is Apostolic; it has lasted 2000 years, Luther himself confessed that it was the oldest.  The teaching of the oldest  of the Fathers agrees perfectly with our Catechism, and our services are substantially the same as those of the first ages. [I would say, regarding this 19th century Catechism, that is true, though I think the 1990 Catechism may be more problematic in that regard, introducing some post-conciliar concepts or understandings which are difficult to reconcile with the clarity expressed, for instance, in this post.]

….It is remarkable that men of the greatest learning and virtue have, even in the face of great sacrifices, entered the Catholic Church, while those who have deserted it have generally shown by their lives what they really were.  We have reason to rejoice in our religion that it offers us such special consolation in trouble and at the hour of death.

————-End Quote————-

It should be noted that no Catechism, even that released with Vatican approval as with the case of the 1990/97 Catechism, is an authoritative doctrinal source in its own right. They are simply vehicles to convey the understanding of Doctrine of its authors, which are hopefully experts and fully faithful to the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  Whether that is the case in all instances with the 1990 Catechism, produced under the direction of the problematic Cardinal Schoenborn, or not, is open to argument.  But I can say that Catechisms like the Spirago-Clarke, the Penny Catechism of Pope St. Pius X, the earliest versions of the Baltimore Catechism, etc., were all unanimous in their presentations of the Faith.  Which, of course…….go figure.

Modernism, rationalism, liberalism, et. al., began to badly infect Catholic literature around 1900.  It infected biblical scholarship first, which is why good priests will often recommend not using a study bible produced after 1800 (Haydock – about 1805).  Later, supposed compendiums of Doctrine became infected.  Some see elements of modernism in the 1914 Catholic Encyclopedia.  Now, it’s very difficult to find wholly reliable sources on Doctrine produced since 1950 or a few years later.

More on that in a minute, God willing.  I think this Spirago-Clarke Catechism very good, though I do think they might get a bit squishy regarding Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.  More on that on Monday, God willing.

Fourth Planned Barrenhood video reveals PB kills babies born alive to sell baby parts July 30, 2015

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And so yet another violation of federal law:

In the video, actors posing as representatives from a human biologics company meet with Ginde at the abortion-clinic headquarters of PPRM in Denver to discuss a potential partnership to harvest fetal organs. When the actors request intact fetal specimens, Ginde reveals that in PPRM’s abortion practice, “Sometimes, if we get, if someone delivers before we get to see them for a procedure, then we are intact.”

Since PPRM does not use digoxin or other feticide in its 2nd trimester procedures, any intact deliveries before an abortion are potentially born-alive infants under federal law (1 USC 8).

I will say Center for Medical Progress has set these up very well.  They released more nebulous, potentially less damaging videos first, and when Planned Butcherhood responded by pretending they are never in this for the money, that this kind of thing is just done for the good of medical science, etc., later video releases could reveal them as the liars they are.  Very well done.

From what I understand, the most damning videos are still to come.  But will they have any effect? Will the demonrat party and their Repubnik co-religionists in Congress give even these atrocities a pass, and continue to ramp up PP’s funding?  How is it that a “non-profit” can net over $100 million in 2014?

And now for the reaction: a judge in the People’s Republic of California has issued a temporary injunction against CMP from releasing at least some of their videos:

Yesterday, a judge in California issued a temporary injunction barring CMP from publishing videos that include footage from a May 2014 meeting between officials at StemExpress and CMP investigators posing as potential buyers of fetal organs. The StemExpress lawsuit alleges the covert recording of that meeting at a restaurant is the product of unlawful electronic eavesdropping.

California has unusually tough prohibitions on electronic recording. One of those restrictions is that all parties must consent to the recording of “confidential communications.” This isn’t my area of law, but a quick survey of the case law suggests that recordings in restaurants may sometimes be considered confidential communications and sometimes not, depending on the circumstances. It’s going to be a fact-specific determination, so CMP may ultimately be in a bit of trouble there depending on what the testimony and evidence turns up. On the other hand, the temporary injunction is a prior restraint, which typically isn’t the right solution to alleged newsworthy conduct that can be remedied post-litigation. The temporary injunction was ordered to last until a hearing can be convened on August 19. StemExpress also alleges theft, fraud, and interference with contract.

Other CMP videos can be released, so long as they don’t include the StemExpress meeting.

May God protect and defend the good souls at CMP.  They are doing ground-breaking work.

Without Planned Barrenhood’s focus and resources, the baby-murderers in this country would be very hard pressed to respond to continued pro-life pressure.  Planned Butcherhood has always been the focal point of the baby-butchery industry, its primary propagandist and most influential lobbyist.  Should it go away, it would cripple the abortion industry.

Lord, may that day come.

Texas Supreme Court overturns Houston “transgender restroom” law July 28, 2015

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A little bit of good news, anyway.  The Texas Supreme Court has overturned a Houston ordinance driven by gomorrist Mayor Parker that radically expanded “rights” for those given over to perverse inclinations, including the ability of “transgenders” to use any public restroom they wished.  This ordinance was widely unpopular and resulted in a large recall effort that was dismissed, quite possibly illegally, by the city on a technicality.  That recall effort led to an attempt to persecute Houston area pastors (all protestants – no Catholic pastor helped lead the effort).

At any rate, the Texas Supreme Court has found the ordinance unconstitutional:

In a victory for reason and common sense, the Texas Supreme Court has given the city of Houston 30 days to either repeal it’s ridiculous rules governing public restroom use by the opposite sex or put it on the ballot for voter approval.

The law was intended to make it possible for trans genders to choose whatever bathroom they felt comfortable in using. Opposition to the bill resulted in city officials subpoening the sermons and other documents from 5 local pastors, looking for violations of the equal rights statute. The subpoenas were withdrawn following a nationwide outcry…….. [I really think it was coverage on this blog that did it. Heh]

………The city has until Aug. 24 to act on the court’s order, which also suspended the equal-rights ordinance, raising the possibility of a ballot fight that could sway the outcome of the November mayor’s race. Ms. Parker is term-limited and cannot seek re-election.

The ordinance, approved by the city council in May 2014, added gender identity and sexual orientation to the city’s equal-rights law, touching off a backlash over transgender bathroom use.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott praised the court’s decision Friday, saying that, “Freedom of expression can only exist once government removes itself from stifling free speech, repressing religious liberty and interfering with the lives of its citizens.”

Yeah, well, Abbot’s opinion – not perfect even in itself – is probably in the distinct minority today.  I mean, do we have to discuss all this heavy stuff all the time?  Can’t we just get back to our Whataburger and Kardashians and just let people do what they want?  I mean, really………

Sorry folks that is it for me today.  Regular blogging will resume tomorrow, God willing.

Third sting video released on Planned Barrenhood sale of murdered baby parts July 28, 2015

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This is one in depth investigation.  In a new video entitled Human Capital – Episode 1: Planned Parenthood’s Black Market in Baby Parts, the Center for Medical Progress provides even more damning evidence that Planned Barrenhood routinely sells aborted baby parts for profit, something that certainly seems to be illegal under current federal law.

Most of the video below features the testimony of a woman who once worked at a business that purchased aborted baby parts for “research.”  She details the profit motive to Planned Barrenhood and her own personal horror at having to handle and manipulate tiny legs, heads, etc.  She claims both Planned Barrenhood and the company she worked for – just one of many that trade in human flesh – were profit-motivated and sought to maximize income.

The video closes with a chilling segment at a Planned Barrenhood facility where parts from little murdered babies are sorted through, analyzed for their economic value, and discussed like one were discussing cattle parts.  I wonder how many left wing employees at Planned Barrenhood believe “meat is murder” and yet have no problem haggling over the price of the little parts remaining from murdered babies.

No wonder the democrats have totally freaked out and are trying to change the story by investigating the Center for Medical Progress, instead of Damned Barrenhood.  There is absolutely no justification for this traffic in human parts and yet the left wing sexular pagan ethos more or less demands that this kind of thing occur.  There is no horror to which they will not descend in pursuit of their sexular pagan “utopia.”

Really, how far of a step is it, from using aborted baby parts for medical research, from creating babies intentionally for that purpose?  And then what follows after that?

Soylent Green, here we come.

Fort Worth TLM parish juridicially stands up August 1 – UPDATED, details confirmed July 28, 2015

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Fort Worth Bishop Michael Olson has announced that the FSSP personal parish of Saint Benedict will be effective as of Saturday, August 1.  It is unknown at this time when formal operation will begin with offering of the Sacraments.  I have no details on that as of yet.  I am not even certain the location of the parish has been announced.  The rumor is the “former” Saint Thomas the Apostle in NW Fort Worth, about halfway between Meacham Airport and Carswell?

The deal regarding Saint Thomas is that they have purchased new land to move the parish, and have plans in place to do so.  So the Fraternity may be taking over this vacating parish?  Not sure how the timing works out.  I’m not sure the new facility for Saint Thomas the Apostle is ready.

If Saint Thomas will become Saint Benedict, FSSP, here’s what it looks like:



I couldn’t find any clear shots of the interior, but there are stained glass windows along the side.  I don’t know if the church itself will require modifications to make it suitable for the TLM.

I suppose I should shut up and wait for the forma announcement?  Seems like they are cutting things pretty close before doing so, given that the parish stands up, officially, this Saturday.

Formal act of creation here.

UPDATE: A lot more from North Texas Catholic, the official news organ of the Diocese of Fort Worth:

Two priests from Fraternity of St. Peter will pastor new St. Benedict Parish// //

The parish will celebrate weekly Mass at 5:30 p.m. in the Extraordinary Form at St. Mary of the Assumption Church, 509 W. Magnolia Ave., on the near South Side of Fort Worth. [OK, Sunday Mass stays at St. Mary’s for now] Two priests from the Fraternity of St. Peter will lead the church community. Father Karl Pikus, FSSP, has been appointed pastor of the new parish, effective July 23. Father Peter Bryne, FSSP, whose appointment becomes effective August 10, will serve as parochial vicar.

Daily Mass will be celebrated on the campus of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, 2920 Azle Ave., at a time yet to be announced. St. Thomas Church is located in Northwest Fort Worth. The new St. Benedict Parish will also have its offices on the property of St. Thomas Parish until St. Thomas completes the building of its new church just north of Loop 820. [What I presumed is confirmed.  Still no date of beginning the new Mass, nor times]

The name for the new parish was chosen by Bishop Olson after consulting members of the community already celebrating the Latin Mass at St. Mary of the Assumption Parish.

Protest gov’t funding of Planned Barrenhood tomorrow July 27, 2015

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Tomorrow, July 28 2015, a nationwide series of protests will occur to express dismay at continued government funding of the murderous organization Planned Parenthood.  The DFW protest is at noon tomorrow at the Planned Barrenhood facility in Fort Worth.  All details here.  There are protest sites all around the country.

This protest is part of a broader effort by an organization calling itself “women betrayed.” Check the link to see if there is one near you. They are also encouraging all interested parties to contact demonrat congressmen to express outrage that these representatives would be the recipient of Planned Barrenhood blood money.  They have a list of all Congressmen – democrats to a man save for Susan Collins of Maine – who have received donations from Planned Barrenhood, and thus gained from the illegal sale of murdered baby parts.

Meanwhile, in a clear sign of this nation having developed, collectively, a reprobate sense, Obama is sicking the Department of Justice not on Planned Barrenhood, but on the Center for Medical Progress, the group that brought the latest revolting revelations of Banned Parenthood immoralities and misdeeds to light.  Demonrats are reacting in typical fashion, trying to project the evil they support onto actions of total innocents.  In this case, it’s shoot the messenger for holding up to the American people the brutal reality of abortion.  And that is one thing demonrats do not want discussed:

JUSTICE TO PROBE CENTER FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS — While congressional committees investigate Planned Parenthood’s practices, the Justice Department agreed to look into whether the group that released the sting videos obtained the footage legally. In response to a request by House Democrats, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday afternoon that Justice would “review all of the information and determine what the appropriate steps moving forward would be.”

Several state governments, including California, have also launched investigations of the Center for Medical Progress.

Which only gets back to Reilly’s brilliant thrust – it is the rationalization of sin that people have bought into.  Those who do grave evil but who support the rationalization can be excused, but those who point up the evil of the rationalization itself (in this case, the infinite evil of pre-born infanticide) must be excoriated.

Just the kind of environment one would expect in a post-Christian, socialist nation where the government bureaucracy mostly pursues its own ideological and material interest.  But most of us (or at least I) grew up believing America to not be that kind of place.  Much of Europe, yes, Canada, yes, the Soviet Union, certainly, but not the good ol’ USA, the “most Christian country in the world!”

I kept telling myself that for far too long.  But it is utterly untenable today.

How the Mexican bishops betrayed the Cristeros and Mexican faithful……. July 27, 2015

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………with more than a little help from the USCCB predecessor organization National Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC).

In 1928, the Cristeros controlled most of Jalisco and significant parts of four other provinces. They more or less controlled 3 provinces.  Under General Gorostieta, and in spite of US policy which armed Calles’ forces while blockading arms to the Cristeros, more and more victories were obtained.  1929 opened similarly well.

Morally, Archbishops Mora and Diaz continued to advocate that it was impossible to negotiate with leftist Masonic Church-haters who had broken every agreement they had made.  But after the death of Mora in 1928, the NCWC and the Coolidge administration put strong pressure on his successor Archbishop Ruiz to make some kind of peace.  The Mexican bishops were assured they would receive strong intervention from US ambassador Dwight Morrow and the US government generally.

However, as we shall see, treaties negotiated between Church leadership and hateful, persecuting governments are rarely worth the paper they are written on.  There is much to consider below as the Church in this country seems fated to enter into a similar period of persecution.

From this point, I will take up from No God Next Door, pp. 137 – (my emphasis and comments):

Negotiations were opened by the Rev. John J. Burke, CSP, who, according to the “The Church in Mexico,” pamphlet of his NCWC, had no official warrant from the United States administration, but merely the informal statement of President Coolidge’s pleasure, could Mr. Morrow, also informally, arrange a conference between the Mexican government and the Catholic authorities.

Father Burke held conferences with Calles on April 4 and May 17 1928, when an agreement was reached, but this was not ratified until more than a year later, June 4, 1929, when it was signed……. [follows description of the “concessions” made by the Mexican government, which were essentially none.  The only modification was to promise to only “register” priests approved by the hierarchy, a promise soon broken.]

On the strength of the good will implied in these concessions, if concessions they be, Archbishop Ruiz announced, as Apostolic Delegate, that “the Mexican clergy will resume religious services pursuant to the laws in force.”  Churches were reopened, but “in accordance with the number of priests allowed by the different state governments.”  There was further agreement that the bishops would call off the Cristero insurrection, and the government would grant complete amnesty to all the insurrectionists.

The settlement met with general distrust and gravely alarmed the League of Liberty Leaders and their most eminent supporters, lay and cleric…….

The outstanding leaders insisted that submission to the government registration of priests and limitation of their numbers m and to the exclusion of religious teachings from even their own schools, would put them in a worse position that before; and the suppression of the Cristero movement would leave Catholics defenseless against the absolute and unhindered power that this agreement was conferring on the persecutors. [And that is exactly what happened. Just as they were forcing Calles to consider making real concessions, they jumped at the first deal offered, which only regularized and institutionalized the unjust, persecutorial relationship between Church and state. Once the Cristeros were suppressed, the Catholics only bargaining chip would be gone, and there would be nothing to hinder the government. That is exactly what happened.]

No trust could be put in the alleged security for future betterment unless they themselves retained the physical power to enact it; for they were convinced that Mr. Morrow would stand with the Calles gang as he had consistently been doing, and there was no hope of United States support. The promised amnesty would be but a sentence of death for Cristero leaders, for the pledges of the Calles faction were worthless; and thus the Church they were defending, in leaving them helpless, would be doing for Calles what he and his armies had been unable to effect.

In opposing all treaties with faithless and unprincipled persecutors they were able to cite one of the negotiators in support. Bishop Diaz had made several such pronouncements in the United States, and in his final statement to the American people as executive secretary of the Mexican Hierarchy, April 7, 1927, he covers admirably the present situation……[Quote from Diaz’ statement follows]

….No settlement is possible between any right thinking people and an irresponsible tyranny.  The government of Mexico is a ruthless bloodstained tyranny against which thousands of its people are in arms; and its Constitution, which was never submitted to the people, is an instrument fashioned by a selfish oligarchy the robbery…….of their own.”  It can authorize theft or tyranny; hence there could be no settlement until that doctrine of persecution and thievery is repudiated……

…..”The Church led no armed rebellion; but it was good Catholic Doctrine as it was good American doctrine that forcible resistance to an unjust tyranny is the righteous duty of every citizen; and he was proud to say that his people in Mexico are true to the right and are justifying their faith by the blood of martyrs.”……[But the treaty was enacted nonetheless, due to concerns that the lack of regular religious life was a grave threat to the Faith of all Catholics in Mexico.  They chose to be blinded by Calles’ false rhetoric rather than continue in the path of armed resistance.  And what came of that?]  

……..No peace resulted.  Within a week President Portes Gil [a Calles puppet]  declared at a Masonic banquet that he would see to it that the Constitution and laws were entirely and strictly enforced; and that as a Mason and as President he had yielded nothing.  This was in fact true of the substance of the compact; but now he had publicly repudiated in word the good will he had expressed in signing it; and he and his fellows began at once to repudiate in deeds the amnesty he had definitely pledged.

Within a month five hundred surrendered Cristeros were shot, or murdered in their homes, their property seized, and their persecuted families left destitute; and altogether five thousand Cristeros and hundreds of priests shared the same fate. [This was written in early 1935.  The number steadily increased for some years to come.  The last Cristero is believed to have been murdered in retribution by the government in 1946]  This, with the expulsion of the episcopate and clergy and sisterhoods, leaving but some two hundred registered priests for over fifteen million people, and the stamping of the Moscow brand of atheizing communism on every school and office in the land, are now blazoned to the world the cost of compromise with irresponsible tyranny; and, therewith the lesson, that no compact of liberty is possible unless tyranny should first be uprooted………

———End Quote——–

And so the Catholic Church in Mexico languished, with barely 300 priests – including 200 “registered priests – to service that population for fifteen million for a decade or more. Almost half the states of Mexico had no priest at all. Even after President Cardenas began to back off the pressure of the persecution, onerous restrictions remained for decades.  Some of them survive to this day.  The Church did recover after a fashion from this persecution, but never fully.  It was a much weaker Church that was then rocked by the revolution which afflicted the entire Church Universal from the late 50s onwards.  And now even though Catholicism remains the default, professed religion of about 80% of Mexicans, the large majority of these are weak, superstitious, and frequently given over to all manner of dangerous and destructive practices like “santa muerte.”

This whole episode is instructive for American Catholics.  It gives a modern example of an episcopate willing, at the very least, to make disastrous decisions based on what many feel were misguided and exaggerated pastoral concerns.  At worst, it shows a hierarchy willing to do anything to cut a deal and resume at least some of their accustomed perquisites.  There is a good deal of evidence that it was the bishops who gained most from this “deal.” They were at least allowed to return to the episcopal palaces and resume their pre-persecution lifestyles, for the most part (or is that too harsh an assessment? Fr. Kenny was surprisingly critical of the hierarchy, especially given the time).

Possibly a for instance: the driving force behind the Calles deal that fatally undermined the Cristeros was Archbishop Ruiz. Upon signing the deal, he was elevated Archbishop of Mexico City and Primate of Mexico, or what was left of the Church in Mexico.

A final, brief PS to the excerpt above.  In 1933 President Cardenas – the man who ultimately relaxed the persecution – declared the following before the Masonic Anti-Clerical Convention held in Guadalajara – the heart of Catholic Mexico to this day – in 1933: “God is a myth; religion is a fable; the clergy are bureaucrats of a theological farce, and on this basis they wold operate for the emancipation of human thought.”



Ladies, beware “natural” products containing phytoestrogen! July 27, 2015

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Good reader TE alerted me yesterday to an “essential oil” product from Young Living containing phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen is essentially natural birth control.  Sold as a “beauty aid” or “support for the female glandular system,” I was advised by a local priest that phytoestrogen has strong capabilities to block conception.  doTERRA, which seems quite popular among traditional Catholic women, sells products containing the substance.  Phytoestrogen is sometimes sold alone and thus easy to identify, but it is also frequently mixed into other products.

Something else my wife has learned, however, is that phytoestrogen is found in many foods, and could play a role in women having difficulty conceiving.  In addition, there are many foods and substances that can greatly lower progesterone levels, which my wife has learned is a factor in miscarriages (you see my interest).

A partial list of foods that contain high levels of phytoestrogens below:

flax seed
soy beans
soy nuts (anything soy or flax)
multigrain bread
sunflower seeds

Regarding the lowering of progesterone, caffeine/chocolate are supposed to be bad. Foods that raise estrogen should be avoided.  But there are some specific foods that are recommended to be avoided in order to avoid low progesterone levels:

Flax seed

My wife has a fuller list. I will try to post that later if possible.

Some of the above is a bit speculative but high doses of phytoestrogens have been used for birth control for millennia. Estrogen is known to lower progesterone, typically.  Low progesterone is implicated by the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction in being a frequent cause of miscarriage.

I just put this out as a brief public service.  It may have no import for you at all, or it might.

Amazing the things learned, and forgotten, over time.


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