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Latin Mass tonight May 20, 2013

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There is Novus Ordo Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano at 7pm. This is the last Mass for some time.  I think the Mass is on hiatus for 3 weeks, to be re-tooled. When it comes back for the new fall season, however, watch out!  It’s going to be as wild and upredictable as a cross between I Dream of Genie and Bewitched, if you can imagine that!

Mind-blowing, indeed!

Seriously, the Mass will be on break for a few weeks after tonight, Monday, May 20.


Prayers for local tornado victims May 16, 2013

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It was a wild and wooly night in North Texas. We drove home from Mass under a torrential downpour, with tornado warnings all around.  The really severe weather was down to the south and west of DFW, from west of Granbury to east and south of Cleburne. I pray for the repose of the souls of the deceased, and all those who had their lives turned upside down last night:

Granbury tornado:



Mile-wide tornado near Cleburne:



We drive through part of the area the tornadoes struck all the time.  The path through Johnson County followed near US67 for quite a while. It is most fortuitous that the huge tornado was in mostly rural areas.  Otherwise, the damage could have been of biblical proportions. Thank God for that.


Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschooling Conference June 28-29 May 14, 2013

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The annual Immaculate Heart of Mary homeschooling conference for North Texas will be held June 28-29 at the Arlington Convention Center.  The main website for the conference is here.  Speakers include:

  • Fr. Shenan Boquet, head of Human Life International
  • Dr. Michael Foley, traditional Catholic and Baylor professor, whose articles are published in many traditional publications like Latin Mass Magazine
  • Mr. Andrew Pudewa, who is the director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Mrs. Virginia Seuffert, a long term homeschooling mom

Admission is free. All details in the flyer here.


Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark May 13, 2013

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7pm at St. Mark in Plano.


It’s Ascension Thursday May 9, 2013

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And it’s been a very messed up day. I fried my smart phone last night.  I think it may be fixed, but I lost the morning getting it taken care of. That’s why I didn’t have the early morning reminder post about Mass today I wanted to do.  So, here it is.  I am also running around with my head spinning, as I just got my rear handed to me by my priest/spiritual director over a matter in which I have been gravely in error. I was very disappointed to still find so much error running around in my head. And yes, it’s on a subject I’ve blogged on, but it’s not what I would call anything core to the Faith, just revealing of very distorted thinking.  Certainly the inheritance of my protestant upbringing and latent paganism. More on that, possibly, later.  Not today. I’m still processing.

Anyway, it’s Ascension Thursday, get thee to Mass.  There are still Masses available in the Diocese, even though it is now mid-afternoon.


Pray for the Holy Father! May 6, 2013

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We should always pray for our leaders in the Church, our shepherds, and especially for our chief pastor, the Holy Father Pope Francis.  I do pray for our pope, bishops, and priests every day, almost without exception.  But it is being widely reported, that Pope Francis implored the crowd at Mass last week for a very specific prayer intention – three Ave’s, and he used that word, Ave’s, for the Pope’s intentions.  In case you hadn’t seen that request, I wanted to make sure I took at least some small action to further the Holy Father’s request.


Too often, I think present-day Catholics have the mentality that the Church exists to do things for them.  Provide Mass, provide community, provide social services, provide schools, etc, but not so often do we hear people talk about what they owe the Church.  And that is a very great deal. In addition to the 6 precepts of the Faith, the absolute bedrock bare minimum a professed Catholic must do, we must do so very much more over and above that for all those who serve the Church for us!  Religious, priests, bishops, the Pope, and yes laity, too, who all serve the Church in varying capacities, all need our prayers for their sanctification and the performance of their apostolates in accord with God’s Will.  In an increasingly self-centered society, we sometimes need reminders that the Church does exist for us, yes, but we also exist for the Church!  And our Holy Father with the bishops in union with him, is the very personification, if you will, of the Church!

None of this is to say that the Holy Father is beyond criticism or exists on some exalted, beyond human plane.  In fact, it is the fact that he is fallible in almost every circumstance and is a man just like us, that he needs our prayers all the more.

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark May 6, 2013

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Same bat-time, same bat-channel. There may be a change to the Mass in a few weeks with the use of EP1, the closest to the Roman Canon, so pray for that, if you feel so moved. I have been.

St. Mark in Plano at 7pm


Stolen from the always funny LarryD.

May is the best month for the Rosary April 30, 2013

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Perhaps you already pray the Rosary daily.  If not, starting tomorrow May 1, Mary’s month begins. What a great rebuke to the communist atheists, the fact that their eternal enemy, She who will eventually crush them under her heel like satan (their paragon), has her month begin on their “great” holiday, “May day.”

I stole some of the below from Mundabor, it’s excellent advice:

May is the Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What better occasion than to make a resolution to start to pray the Rosary every day, than the month of May!

Among the heavenly investments  I have mentioned in a past blog post, the Rosary is – after Mass attendance, of course – very probably the best. Padre Pio and countless other saints insisted on the Rosary. Praying the Rosary devoutly every day is a beautiful sign of predestination. I cannot imagine a better way to enrich your prayer life – nay, your life – than to pray the Rosary.

When I die, I want my last rosary to be not older than the day before. And I can die every day. Therefore…

If you should read this blog for years and take from it the habit of praying the Rosary, the benefit taken from this blog would be spectacular even if I have written rubbish for now almost three years and in more than 2,000 posts (which I do not think, at all; but I’m not you, either…).

The last bit made me laugh, because MY blog is now 3 1/2 and I’m coming up on 4,000 posts before too long – my OCD nature being so difficult to escape – but I happen to know I write almost entirely rubbish.  I’m amazed how many good people read the inarticulate ramblings of a sinner like me. But I must agree, that if this blog has resulted in any souls, even one, praying the Rosary more often, or any pious activity, then my efforts have been worth it.  I started this blog to hopefully inspire some change for the better in the local Church, but over time my concern has been more for conversion of souls, even if the subject matter, perhaps, doesn’t always reflect that.

But I must agree, if you want to have a personal devotion, and I think every Catholic must, the Rosary is the place to start.  There is no question it has been foundational in the interior lives of thousands of Saints for the past several hundred years. And I have personally found Our Lady to be so very efficacious of Grace, and so wonderful to commune with, that I cannot recommend any better way to grow in love for Christ than through His Mother.

I also strongly recommend the family Rosary, if not every day then at least a few times a week. I have found that praying the Rosary together immensely helps transmit the Faith to children and builds mightily the unity of the family, our domestic church.

Our Lady of the Expectation

Michael Voris on the lukewarm April 30, 2013

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I guess I’m a bit late on this one, it came out last week, I think, but it’s a very good video.  The comments that Michael addresses at the beginning of his video, regarding souls leaving the Church because they are starved of the Faith within it by progressive modernist ideologues I have heard from so many souls. This is a very painful situation.  I have had numerous comments on my blog, and conversations with people in various situations, explaining how they left the Faith because it left them starved of spiritual sustenance. When they returned, by an act of Grace I know not how, they almost universally gravitated towards the TLM to get that spiritual support they desperately needed. This is a very widespread phenomenon. Even more common, however, are the souls who leave and never return. For each starved soul that leaves and eventually finds his way back, I would hazard to guess that 6 or 8 never make it back.  And each one of those souls lost is a tragedy of infinite proportions:

The testimony Michael presents is a stunning indictment of the current state of the Church.

I should write about the experience with spiritual starvation my family had recently at a parish in Plano, but I’m out of time.  Perhaps another day.

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark April 29, 2013

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7pm. St. Mark in Plano.