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Dominican theologian: Aquinas places sodomite “love” above marital love! November 13, 2015

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They’re really coming out of the woodwork now. Just as Obama’s administration has resulted in every manner of wild progressive coming out of the woodwork, and the doubling and tripling down of their radical demands, Pope Francis’ pontificate has surely energized the radical heretics who claim membership in the Church, and encouraged them to reveal their utterly fantastic (and false) beliefs.  BTW, this author sets my gaydar off more than a fleet of Tu-160s coming over the North Pole sets off the North Warning System:

A Dominican friar, Fr. Adriano Oliva, has celebrated the 800th anniversary of his religious order with a book about “the Church, the divorced and remarried, and homosexual couples.”

Amours (“Loves”) is a study of St Thomas Aquinas’ definition of love and aims to show that the “Angelic Doctor” recognized the “natural” character of homosexuality. In the wake of the Synod on the family, Oliva pleads for new ways of welcoming divorced and remarried and homosexual couples into the Church and of recognizing their unions in civil law…..

…….“The highest of friendships: this is how St Thomas Aquinas calls the unique, faithful and gratuitous love between two spouses who give themselves to each other in consecrated union, as a sacramental sign of the love of Christ for the Church, His spouse. Should couples who are divorced and remarried, who live out their union in a responsible manner, be banned from this friendship? Could it be that homosexual persons, who live as a couple with responsibility, be banned?” reads the text accompanying the book on the Cerf’s web-shop. [There are so many false assumptions and leaps of illogic in these few sentences it would take pages to fully unpack them.  The entire argument is built upon an edifice of falsehood]

It goes on: “Does a theological assessment of the ‘naturality’ of the homosexual inclination, which St Thomas recognizes, not open the doors to new ways of welcoming same-sex couples within the Church? The anthropology of ‘naturality’ then demands that civil rights be accorded to such couples in national legislations.”…….[Too bad Aquinas several times in the Summa refers to this vice as “unnatural” and akin to bestiality]

…….From this Oliva deduces the thesis according to which “St Thomas places the principle of pleasure in sexual unions between persons of the masculine sex as coming from the soul and not from the body, where he had placed venereal pleasure, on the other hand.” He then proceeds to declare: “St Thomas considers homosexuality as an inclination that is rooted in its most intimate part, the soul, from where affections and love are expressed.” [And thus superior to male-female relations within the confines of marriage, which can be argued to come from lower faculties than the soul]

Contrary to what this self-serving pedant claims, here is what Aquinas really thought about sodomy and such unnatural lusts. BTW, his most thorough analysis of them compares them directly to bestiality, something so unnatural and beneath human dignity as to be unmentionable if fallen men were not capable of infinite evil:

Commenting upon Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (1:26-27), Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, explains why the sin of homosexuality is so grave:

“Given the sin of impiety through which they [the Romans] sinned against the divine nature [by idolatry], the punishment that led them to sin against their own nature followed…. I say, therefore, that since they changed into lies [by idolatry] the truth about God, He brought them to ignominious passions, that is, to sins against nature; not that God led them to evil, but only that he abandoned them to evil….

“If all the sins of the flesh are worthy of condemnation because by them man allows himself to be dominated by that which he has of the animal nature, much more deserving of condemnation are the sins against nature by which man degrades his own animal nature….

“Man can sin against nature in two ways. First, when he sins against his specific rational nature, acting contrary to reason. In this sense, we can say that every sin is a sin against man’s nature, because it is against man’s right reason….

“Secondly, man sins against nature when he goes against his generic nature, that is to say, his animal nature. Now, it is evident that, in accord with natural order, the union of the sexes among animals is ordered towards conception. From this it follows that every sexual intercourse that cannot lead to conception is opposed to man’s animal nature.9

We see in this case exactly how modernists work.  Exceedingly shoddy, self-serving “scholarship” completely twists, or takes radically out of context, stern condemnations of grave sins and by feats of intellectual sleight of hand turns them around to say the opposite of their true meaning. Even more, numerous modernists – like Cardinal Kasper – have been caught making up quotes from Saints out of whole cloth, or radically altering their statements to say something the exact opposite of what they really said: just like in the Synod’s final report, the notorious paragraphs 84-86 misquoted Familiaris Consortio by leaving out <cough> Saint John Paul  II’s statement that granting Communion to the divorced and remarried was impossible.

As for the sad character who wrote this:


Funny how he only wears his habit when he wants to appear Catholic.  Most interviews show him in suit and tie.

Which is all of a piece.  A modernist simulates Catholicism when he wants to influence the Church, but when he presents himself to the world, he shucks the trappings of Catholicism.

Hare Krishna chants in Our Savior parish, NYC November 11, 2015

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Boy, they are really desecrating Fr. Rutler’s old home in NYC.  The original video has been pulled, but someone got a copy of it and uploaded a video that combines two great affronts against proper divine worship, the “Gaia” hymn that was sung at the end of a Mass for shut-ins broadcast by the Archdiocese of Toronto (which I blogged on here), and now this “hare krishna” worship in Our Savior parish in NYC.  Both excerpts are combined in the video below, the hare krishna part starts at 4:00 (I would limit myself to watching the portions from 1:12 to 3:00 and 4:00 to 5:00):

More details:

The description of the video explains that the kirtan was filmed in ‘late September’ and organized and led by The Bhakti CenterAccording to the The American Conservative the kirtan was part of “an interfaith prayer vigil for action on climate change, as part of Pope Francis’ visit to New York.”

You see what they have done to the parish Fr. Rutler saved and totally revitalized.  In addition to stripping out much of the art he painstakingly adorned the church with (at great effort and expense), now they are promoting heretical religions of pagan gods.  Since Scripture tells us all the gods of the pagans are devils, this can be construed as support for devil worship within the sanctuary intended for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Calling it blasphemy doesn’t do justice.

But the Franciscans of the Immaculate must be crushed.  Different (an irredeemably hostile) religion, indeed.

Quick service message: watch out for fake MASONIC Miraculous Medals! October 28, 2015

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Via reader KK.  I’ve checked mine and their clean.  I doubt this is a very common problem, and to the extent it is I tend to imagine it’s focused more in Europe and Latin American countries, where masons tend to behave with a lot more nastiness, but nevertheless, something good to check out:

If you haven’t heard, the Freemasons have been making blasphemous versions of the miraculous medals by replacing the 12th star from Our Lady’s crown with a Masonic compass. This may or may not be news to my viewers, but regardless: this must be put in the public.


I think the more oval shape of the medal and the dual hanging ports are sort of a giveaway.

Most of our battles are with principalities and powers, it is true, but we also have to deal with wicked men who for centuries have sought the destruction of Holy Mother Church.  They love to play nasty little tricks on souls through things like this. Hopefully no one will find an affected medal.

Dear Lord Have Mercy: “Church of Lucifer” starting in Spring, TX October 27, 2015

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When the Church retreats, the vacuum created does not stay empty for long. Man was created by God to be an inherently religious creature.  If true religion disappears, false religions run in to take up the space vacated.  The worst of the false religions is out and out satanism, which has seen a major resurgence in the decadent, post-Christian West since the latter half of the 1960s.  Now the satanists are sufficiently emboldened, and feel their place in society sufficiently normalized, to open public “churches” instead of skulking about in the dark as they have done for centuries.

Dear Lord, have mercy on the poor souls who fall into this nightmare, so difficult to escape:

“We’re the first ever of our kind to be very open about this,” said Jacob No (not his real name), among the organizers of the international organization’s Houston branch.

While the Greater Church of Lucifer is certainly a first for Spring, a suburb north of Houston, No maintains that its open doors are a first in worldwide history.

“This is the first building in the history of the church that’s open to the public,” he said Wednesday in a phone interview.

Grand opening is scheduled for the evening of Oct. 30 at 310 Main in Old Town Spring. No declined to give the exact time, to discourage trouble.

“My main concern is picketers and people with guns,” he said. “We’re getting a lot of hate, but we just want to coexist.”

The group’s name may be misleading, since it does not refer to Satan.

“We are not devil worshipers in any form of the word,” he said. “We’re not a scary people. We’re very nice people.” [What a load of garbage.  In this interview (major link warning),  you said you ARE satanic.  More info that shows this is clearly satanic.  Could not the reporter have been bothered in the slightest to do a little research, rather than give this wide-eyed, fawning coverage?]

Lucifer, he said, is Latin for “morning star” or “bearer of light,” so the Greater Church of Lucifer roughly translates to a “gathering of people of like mind who seek the bearer of light or the light.” [Oh BS.  What a load of crap.  If this is such an innocuous thing, why is this the first such house of the diabolical ever open to the public?]

Several things from the extensive photo spread (which I won’t include in my post, for obvious reasons) that were not included in the main text of the article, which gives an obviously favorable slant to the coverage:  This church uses all the symbols of satanism, inverted pentagrams in circles, statues of Baal/Moloch, satanic black and blood red vestments, the building is lit at night in a blood red floodlight, and an altar for the conducting of black masses.  In addition, the founder of this satanic sect claims that he and his fellow believers preach the “importance of self-liberation from restrictive beliefs and the study of occult ‘wisdom’.”  But no, they’re not satanists!

You know I’m insanely proud to be a Texan, but I find it rather unsettling that both Texas and Oklahoma – two of the most conservative states in the country – have played major roles in this resurgence in satanism.  We had the horrific black mass last year in Oklahoma, and now this satanic temple is opening to the public, surely with a carefully sanitized production to avoid revealing what they really are.  Even though these two states are widely known for their conservatism, the vast majority of souls within them hold certain radical, post-enlightenment beliefs regarding individual liberty and disordered “freedoms.”  Politically conservative (for the US in 2015), from the moral standpoint, many, many citizens of these states are profoundly radical and immoral.  They are thoroughly disconnected from the heritage of Christendom.  Thus, it is not surprising to me that these states would see the most public emergence of even open satanism.  Incredible, but true.

It should be known that a protest is planned for this den of evil’s opening day: October 30.  Go figure, the day before All Hallow’s Eve.  This is surely an attempt at a commercial venture, thus the publicity.  The protest will run from 5:00-6:30.  If you want to join, the new satanic sect building is in Old Town Spring.  They are being very cagey about their address – I could not find it.  But Old Town Spring is not that large, and I’m sure if you want to join, you could contact the folks at the link above and they can give you pointers.

This item is starting to get a lot of play, I do hope a very good crowd turns out to witness against the steady rise of satanic evil in our culture.

A little more on the beliefs of this group, which shows the very tight relationship between new age and satanism:

“There is a problem in following through blind faith. This is about self-empowerment and seeing oneself in a positive way.”

“The goal is to usher in a new age for the progression of mankind without the slavery of dogmatic thought,” said No. “We are all gods and goddesses of our own life. We are the captains of our own ship and have the right to control our actions.”…..

……BlackMass Incubus, the other name registered by Thomas, is a Web-based retail outlet for church of Lucifer related books and products.

I’ll say this: our Church leaders bear a huge debt of responsibility for this resurgence of satanism.  They have left hundreds of millions of souls spiritually starved and desperate for anything they find meaningful, and a few lost souls even turn to this kind of evil in their casting about for spiritual sustenance.

Has Cardinal Di Nardo or any local priests spoken out against this?  Do they plan to organize protests, or is it up to lay people again to lead where clergy should be?

What a crying shame.

Leftist choir replaces Jesus with “Hilary” in hymn October 16, 2015

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Tell me again how the Left is not a system of fervent religious belief:

Religious, and implacably hostile to Christianity.

Also, just really, really stupid.  So, we not even in 2016,  yet, and already the freakish, cultish behavior of the Left is getting ramped up.

Compare with the previous post……people hunt around for pathetic worldly saviors when they don’t believe in Jesus Christ.


Bishop Vera Lopez of Saltillo: “Homosexuals” will save the Church October 16, 2015

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Immediately before the formal start of the Synod, an organization that is the public face of the radical sodomite lobby in the Church (and among the clergy) held a conference in Rome.  This conference took place on Oct. 3, the day before the Synod kicked off.  There is also evidence this group was tied into the very visible “coming out” of Polish Fr. Charamsa.  The conference featured many of the most notable advocates of the “normalization” of sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance, including the notorious Sister Jeanine Gramick and Bishop Vera Lopez of Saltillo, MX.

While most of the rhetoric at the conference was forgettable sexular pagan boilerplate, the involvement of Bishop Vera Lopez is of particular note. He has faced well-merited criticism for years for his very openly pro-perversion stance, having made numerous statements that have been as damaging as they are openly contrary to the Doctrine of the Faith. He is perhaps the single-most heterodox bishop in the entire Mexican episcopate. To my knowledge, he’s never faced any real repercussions for his radical advocacy.

Given the winds blowing in the Church today, at least as progressives perceive them, it’s no surprise he ramped up his rhetoric to a whole ‘nuther level:

The day’s proceedings were concluded by the most anticipated and important speaker of all due to the position he holds, the Dominican Bishop Raúl Vera López from the Mexican diocese of Saltillo, known for his views that are openly in contrast with Catholic doctrine, in favour of the rights claimed by LGBT and promotion of abortion. The bishop started by declaring that he felt honoured and privileged to be breaking new ground together with the LGBT community. He then praised the skill and organisational capacity of the gay rights movement, likening the LGBT community to the tiny ants in a Mexican proverb which, through their perseverance and hard work, manage to defeat monsters far greater than themselves: “those who are small and well organised overcome the monsters; you are well organised and you will win.” [That much is true: the pro-sodomite lobbies have worked a revolution in the culture by their lavish funding, powerful organization and the complicity of a satanically pagan media.  But it is their organization that is probably their most effective weapon, and faithful Christians really have nothing that is comparable]

Lastly, Bishop Vera López pointed the finger at those priests who, he said, use the Bible as a club to beat poor sinners, and urged them to open their eyes to today’s social changes. At this point, having declared his support for all kinds of family, gay and straight, he addressed the audience with a heartfelt and urgent appeal: “We need you to create a more inclusive church; you are our saviours. [So now virtue and piety are evil, and SIN is the savior.  Could anything be more blasphemous?  It is a perfect inversion of the truth]  (…) The Church did the same work with migrants and subsequently society began to change. (…) Now, Pope Francis needs us. He has cast aside the doctrine and has taken up the Gospel of mercy, peace and love. Please help us!”

There is so much that is hugely significant in the above.  First, we see plainly that the sexular pagans in the Church clearly associate Francis’ protean revolution with the destruction of Doctrine.

Secondly, this is the fruit of decades of inculcation of moral relativism and even inversion.  For decades the Left has attacked traditional morality and created severe doubt in billions of minds as to what constitutes right and wrong. This process deliberately elevated sin, evil, and perversion as normal and reasonable, if not outright good, while attacking traditional virtues like chastity, self-control, etc. Now they come to the point which was the goal all along – to flip the two in the cultural mindset.  That is, good becomes “evil,” and evil “good.”  That is nakedly apparent from the above.  So now faithful Catholics who adhere to the constant belief and practice of the Church are the “evil” ones, while unrepentant sodomites and others lost in the gravest of sins are now “good.”

Thirdly…….I increasingly believe that many things we see going on around us may not be accidental.  See his comments on migrants.  I assume he is referring to the flood of millions of muslims into Europe.  What suddenly caused many hundreds of thousands to flood into Europe in a concentrated mass, something unprecedented in history?  Note the timing with the Synod, the increasing lawless Obama administration, the total collapse of conservative parties in the US and Europe as real opposition to the dominant socialist governing paradigm…….is all this accidental?  Vera Lopez is a nut, but he’s also plugged into many of the most radical sexular pagan groups.

More in a follow-up post.

“I want them all [Christians] to die in a fire” September 9, 2015

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A few brief quotes from Maggie Gallagher (quoting a lot of Irish today!) on the subject of the growing progressive hatred of Christians.  I disagree with Gallagher that because the views below are representative of only a minority of progressives, we need not be overly concerned.  The numbers are less important then who these progressives are.  They are the most well-educated, well-connected elite among progressives, and the history of the past several decades has conclusively shown that the views this elite holds almost always trickles down to the great majority of the rank and file.  If the best educated, best paid, most influential progressives are burning with a de-humanizing, irrational hatred for Christians (that is, realizing the basic nature of leftism), history indicates that before very long, the vast majority of progressives will share these views.

I picked this up via CMR, I cut to the chase with the most bombastic quotes:

………they found is that religious prejudice is much more prominent than racial prejudice…….

………But the difference that leapt out for Yancey and Williamson is between the social groups who are anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim or anti-black, and those who dislike conservative Christians: the anti-fundamentalist animus was the prejudice of the powerful, not (like hatred of Muslims or Jews) of the relatively powerless. “Our research confirms the finding of our 2010 study that people who harbor animosity towards conservative Christians hold relatively high levels of social power.”………

…….“I want them all to die in a fire,” said one man with a doctorate. “I would be in favor of establishing a state for them. . . . If not then sterilize them so they can’t breed more,” said a middle aged man with a master’s degree. [Note how comfortable the extreme  left is with the language and tactics of the cruelest totalitarian states.  This is straight out of Nazism]“The only good Christian is a dead Christian,” said another under-45-year-old man with a doctorate. “I abhor them and I wish we could do away with them,” said a middle-aged woman with a master’s degree. “A tortuous death would be too good for them,” said a college-educated man between the ages of 36 and 45. “They should be eradicated without hesitation or remorse,” said an elderly woman with a master’s degree. [Again, almost verbatim a Hitler phrase]

……Yancey and Williamson asked these anti-Christian progressives…….what laws they would support to “deal with” conservative Christians……[A] substantial minority (37 percent) could think of many laws they wished to pass, from stripping churches of tax exemptions, to banning homeschooling[They hate, hate, HATE us for homeschooling. They recognize why most parents homeschool and the threat that poses to the satanic sexular pagan dystopia they want to foist on us all]

Astonishingly, many well-educated progressives in this sample supported laws stripping conservative Christians of basic human rights: “Restrict their ability to become judges, senators, representatives, member of Cabinet, military chief of staff and other powerful members of government,” said a man over 75 with a bachelor’s degree. [Because Christians aren’t quite human] “Should not be able to make decisions regarding the law, they should somehow have to be supervised if they are working with other people (drastic, I know),” said a woman under 45 with a master’s degree. “We should put in place mandatory extreme prison sentences for anyone or any group that attempts to take away civil liberties guaranteed by our constitution,” said a middle-aged man with a master’s degree. [Apparently, and I mean this with all sincerity, something about succumbing to an extremely militant, leftist viewpoint also means jettisoning and and all sense of irony.  Don’t you find the idea of someone advocating for the stripping of someone else’s rights under the guise that the dreaded “other” somehow threatens those same rights a bit ironic?] “Churches should not be allowed to provide orphanages and adoption programs,” said one elderly man with a doctorate. [What’s with all these oldsters hating on the Church?] I think we should restrict the indoctrination of children in religious dogma and ritual” said a middle-aged man with a master’s degree. Conservative Christians should “not be allowed to hold political office, be police etc., serve in the armed forces,” said another middle aged man with a doctorate. [And again, who wants to strip whose rights?]

Yikes. Mind you, 37% of self-identified progressives held opinions generally of this kind, if not always quite so virulent (I’m frankly not sure), but, again, the survey identifies these folks as the “thought leaders” of the left.  It is their ideas that tend to influence the rank and file and drive the progressive agenda.

At root, leftism – or the Revolution, still ongoing – is about total rejection of the idea of a higher Being to which submission is required, and the indulging of all the passions as a sort of demonstration of the rejection of God.  Indulging of the passions is the Revolution’s prime selling point to the masses – “you get rid of your delusions about God,” they claim,”and we’ll make it so you can enjoy your every whim of perversion and license!”  That’s the basic tradeoff.

But there is a further aspect to the tradeoff that goes unspoken: not only do you have to give up your ideas regarding God, you have to accept the leftist overlord in the position of God, determining what kind of job you can have, how much money you can make, intimate aspects of family life, government intrusion into every possible minute aspect of daily life, etc.  That’s the great “trade” they propose – you give us unlimited power, and we’ll give you unlimited sexual license. At least for a brief while. Almost all totalitarian leftist states have required – of necessity, they have found – a return to at least some kind of moral order after their absolute suzerainty is assured.  There are variables…….the USSR under Lenin and early in Stalin’s rule was as amoral and licentious as they came, but the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot instilled an almost monastic life of forcible self-denial on virtually everyone not of the highest elite immediately upon taking power.

Key takeaways: they hate us with a blinding passion, they hate us not because of what we do but because of who we are, and given enough power, they will instill a persecution as severe, if not more so, than any the Church has endured in Her 2000 year history.  And all the bleating and professions of fervent progressive faith many bishops and priests make on a daily basis won’t matter a whit, because they will belong to l’infame, the object of hatred of the satanic Revolution since 1517 and before.  Unless, of course, those progressive churchmen apostasize, then they’ll be eagerly used for the confusion and destruction they can sow.

As many good priests and holy people have been warning us, we had better get prayed up.  I fear we face a very painful future, but one that is not necessarily dark, but actually full of light for us, if we remain faithful!

Praying to the pagan goddess “gaia” at Mass in Toronto August 6, 2015

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The danger in writing a meandering, unfocused encyclical that seems to adopt most of the worldly zeitgeist is that fallen elements “within” the Church will adopt it as their own and take it to the next logical step.  And so now a parish in Toronto closes a televised Mass (and hoo-boy what an uninspiring Mass of the elderly, for the elderly that was) with a hymn to the pagan goddess gaia……..that is, to a demon.  For “all the gods of the gentiles are demons” (Ps 95:5).

See @ 27:30:

Yeah baby.  Worship that devil!

The only young people within 500 yards of that Mass are paid employees.

Brought to you, by the way, by the Archdiocese of Toronto official Youtube channel.

Makes you so proud to be a Catholic, dudn’t it!  I can feel the Holy Ghost coursing through my veins when I hear the soaring lyrics of “Oh Gaia!”

A church of dying liberals, for dying liberals.  Oh this is a church with a grand, grand future.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in time:

h/t Michael Matt

Texas Senate passes “Pastor Protection Act;” tries to provide legal protections for pastors to refuse sodo-marriages May 12, 2015

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Thanks to reader skeinster for the link.  The Texas Senate has apparently “tentatively” passed a bill that clarifies clergy’s right to refuse taking part in a fake marriage for “same sex” couples.  The bill would increase legal protections for clergy who find themselves in such situations, making it much more difficult for an aggrieved perverse couple to take legal action against them.  Please do read the justifications of the bill’s demonrat opponents, it is incredible in light of the events of the past year that they would still trot out these pathetic arguments:

The so-called Pastor Protection Act — a bill that clarifies clergy members’ right to refuse to marry same-sex couples — tentatively passed the Texas Senate on Monday.  [Right off the bat, the quite left of center Texas Tribune stakes out their ideological position on this bill – dramatically opposed]

After a brief debate in which several Democrats questioned the necessity of the measure, lawmakers approved Senate Bill 2065 along nearly party lines with a 21-10 vote. State Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., D-Brownsville, sided with the chamber’s 20 Republicans. Final passage is expected Tuesday.

State Sen. José Rodríguez, an El Paso Democrat who voted against the measure, questioned whether it could be used to justify a refusal to perform interracial marriages — shielding religious officials from prosecution “no matter how extreme [their] views are.” [Please.  Can he cite one instance in the past 25 years when a religious figure has refused a marriage on racial grounds?  This is just a wicked calumny masquerading as a “concern.” I wonder what role this Rodriguez character played in the drama that has played out in El Paso regarding sodo-marriage and the persecution of a certain priest?]

Pointing out that same-sex marriage is banned in Texas, state Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, asked what problem the bill was trying to fix.

Whitmire said it was “unheard of” that a same-sex couple would try to force a pastor to perform a wedding ceremony if that pastor did not accept their marriage.  [Really?!?  REALLY?!  They have shown an unrelenting cruelty and desire to see their opponents not just beaten but crushed to the point of homelessness and abject misery.  They have tried to wipe out the existences of florists and bakers and bed and breakfast owners, all related to their attempt to foist the ultimate affirmation of their perversion on the rest of us, their false, damnable “marriages.”  In fact, this is so”unheard of,” that right now a Christian “pastor” is being cruelly persecuted in Coeur d’Alene Idaho because of his refusal to take part in this mockery of marriage.  The city has declared all pastors “must” perform such false simulations of marriage.]

“They just want to be left alone to love their partner. They want to get married with clergy in a setting that embraces that union,” he said.   [so that’s why they’ve tried to destroy any baker, pizzeria owner, florist, or anyone else who doesn’t give them the affirmation they so desperately crave? Pour encourager les autres?]

It’s time like these that I wish Lex was still around to comment. His searing wit would have torn this self-serving movement apart much better than I can.  God rest his soul.

How many instances of Alinskyite tactics can you find in the above?  Massive misrepresentation of fact, mockery of valid concerns of others, routine use of double standards, and always always always pushing for the progressive cause.  The only really heartening bit in the above is to note that the dems are outnumbered over 2:1 in the Senate.  But for how long?

So Fr. Z is pumping JPII as a Doctor of the Church now?!?  Should we just make every Saint a Doctor and be done with it?

Photos of Biden at St. Thomas Aquinas May 6, 2015

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I’ve been given approval to post these photos of VP Joe Biden at St. Thomas Aquinas parish in Dallas this past Sunday.  No, they don’t show him receiving, but I am told by two people who were there that not only did he receive the Blessed Sacrament, he did so from the hand of the priest, I believe pastor Fr. John Libone.  Someone has promised me pics from the inside of the church but I haven’t received those, yet.  Nevertheless, it is certain Biden was at the 9 am Mass, and that he received the Blessed Sacrament without challenge.  So, yet another wound to our poor lacerated Lord:

biden sta 2

Compare photo location to this one of front facade of St. Thomas Aquinas:


Same double-double doors, same statue of the Angelic Doctor.

He gabbed around with Girl Scouts (a scandal in itself).  They’re lucky they weren’t groped:

biden sta 3


biden sta

Joltin’ Joe stepping out to Kenwood Ave.

He was there. He received the Blessed Sacrament. The Knights are in an uproar (as well they should be).  He is, after all, one of their number, since Supreme Knight Carl Andersen squashed all dissent and used heavy-handed tactics to prevent ANY KoC council from terminating the membership of a high-profile heretic political member like Biden.  Yes, his home and state councils in Delaware did try to act against him, but they were quite brusquely made to stand down by Andersen.

And it is for that very reason that I left the KoC.

I’ll post more as it becomes available.