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Priest slaughtered during Mass, nun injured; bishop claims perps “victims” July 26, 2016

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During Mass this morning in Rouen, a French priest was nearly beheaded (he perished), and a nun gravely wounded, during an attack by jihadists that also devolved into a hostage situation where several others were injured.  The instigators of this attack shouted the dreadfully familiar “allahu akbar” and were subsequently killed by French police.  The parish where this attack occurred had apparently been on an ISIS target list for over a year:

Two knife-wielding attackers who had pledged allegiance to ISIS, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” slit the throat of an 84-year-old priest and critically wounded at least one other person during a Tuesday morning terror attack on a Catholic church near the Normandy city of Rouen, officials said.

The terrorists, who were later shot and killed by police, forced priest Jacques Hamel to kneel before they slaughtered him, and the Islamist attackers captured the bloody episode on film, Reuters reported, citing a nun who escaped the assault. ISIS’ Amaq news agency said the France attack was carried out by two Islamic State “soldiers,” Reuters reported…….

……..The attackers, who were not immediately identified, entered through the back door of the church and took the priest, two nuns and two parishioners hostage during morning Mass, police said.

Police responded and later confirmed that the attackers had been “neutralized,” Sky News reported. Three hostages were rescued in good condition, while another was taken away on a stretcher, according to reports.

It seems basically everyone at the Mass – the priest, a couple of female religious, and two lay people, were taken hostage?  Amazingly, the Archbishop of Rouen, comfortably ensconced at World Youth Day in Krakow, described the murderers as “victims:”

Away from his diocese at the World Youth Day celebrations in Krakow, Poland the archbishop of Rouen has released astatement on the death of one of his priests this morning, which strangely seems to identify both the slain clergyman and his killers as “victims”.

He said: “I have learnt with sadness of the killing this morning at the Church of Saint-Etienne du Rouvray. The three victims: the priest, Father Jacques Hamel, 84, and the perpetrators of the assassination.

“Three other people were injured, one very seriously. I cry out to God with all men of good will. I would invite non-believers to join in the cry!……. The Catholic Church cannot take weapons other than those of prayer and brotherhood among men.

We can always count on the post-VII modernist-progressive cabal to invert the truth, say the wrong thing, and cause scandal.  How one turns vicious, cold-blooded murderers, shot in the very act of committing grave crimes, into victims, is beyond me.  It requires decades of deep immersion in moral relativism and a reprobate sense to arrive at that level of moral confusion and abdication of duty.

As for “other weapons,” how about the Truth, Bishop Lebrun?  How about preaching the Truth of Jesus Christ in season and out, and clearly denouncing the massive, soul-killing errors of Mohammadism?

Lebrun, a longtime liberal, was appointed Archbishop of Rouen by Francis just last year.  Perhaps he’s still growing into his office.

As for the priest, Father Jacques Hamel, he was 84  years when killed.  I know nothing of his personal beliefs, but he must be considered a martyr for the Faith and the Church in France.  He is the first priest martyred in continental Europe in quite some time, isn’t he?  Perhaps since the fall of the communist empire?

We live in dreadful times.  It is vital to stay prayed up.

Via Cardinal Sarah’s twitter feed: “How many dead before European governments understand situation of West today? How many decapitations?”

Indeed.  One more question: how many Catholics must die before the Church hierarchy recognizes that all “dialogue” with islam is a useless diversion, at best, and stands in total opposition to islam and its murderous errors as the Church did for so many centuries?

Father de Smet and the Flathead Indians July 25, 2016

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I posted the audio of the sermon below over 3 years ago, but since the links for the sermon were then on AudioSancto which is now defunct, I was glad to see this sermon come back up on Sensus Fidelium last week.

The sermon discusses the life of St. Peter de Smet and other priests, mostly Jesuits, who very effectively evangelized the quite fierce tribes of the northern plains and Rocky Mountain regions of the United States.  These were tribes that had effectively resisted conversion by protestant missionaries for centuries.  However, they found the Truth of Jesus Christ, as revealed through the Church and its many faithful priests (at that time), quite irresistible.  Tens of thousands of Native Americans were converted to the Faith through the efforts of a mere handful of men, especially Father de Smet (whose biography I strongly recommend).  To say it was a struggle would be an understatement.

Not only were the physical dangers enormous, the scope of work incredible, the difficulty in converting what may be termed barbarians, who had engaged in many immoral practices for generations, and making that conversion stick, were almost insurmountable.  Many tribes made quick converts, but tended to relapse into bad behavior, especially when protestant Americans, lusting for land and wealth, would come bringing mass quantities of liquor to trade with the tribes – a few barrels of whiskey for 10,000 acres of land, say. Even more tragically, when it became apparent that the Catholic priests were making thousands of lasting converts, the predominately protestant Americans appealed to their government to break the Catholic influence by forcibly removing them from their missions and installing protestants in their place.  Most of the natives subsequently fell away, either reverting to animistic religions or adopting a far less efficacious “ecumenical” form of Christianity.  Among those who remained nominally Christian, very few had the same depth of conviction and practice they had embraced under Catholic influence.

All of this was ordered to produce a demoralization in the native peoples to make them less cohesive, less of a threat to manifest destiny, and more apt to be moved, by force, onto always shrinking reservations, reservations often located on land so poor no white wanted it.

I say all the above as someone who is fairly cold to the “noble savage native” narrative the Left likes to impose.  For just one example, Native Americans fought many genocidal wars amongst themselves, which is why there are no, or virtually no, Mohicans or Hurons, among others, around today.  There was an urgent need for conversion, not only with regard to the eternal destiny of souls, but as a practical matter.  Many of the Catholic priests understood that, and sought to help make Native tribes/communities stronger by giving them a solid moral base on which to stand.  Thus, their exclusion from the missionary field permitted by the US government was not simply an instance of anti-Catholic bias, but also one with a tangible worldly purpose in mind.

This has long been one of my favorite sermons to listen to.  One of its best characteristics is its destruction of errors like “invincible ignorance” and “implicit baptism by desire”:

Even if you’ve heard this one before, as I have, it’s worth more than one listen!  I pick up new points every time I hear it.

Pope Francis Ally: muslims who become Christian should be killed July 21, 2016

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Via Mahound, the kind of interreligious dialogue that muslims appreciate – conversion for Christians to islam is just peachy, but muslims who convert to Christianity must be killed (my comments):

Two months ago, Pope Francis welcomed Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb, – the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, and the highest scholarly authority in Sunni Islam – to the Vatican.

And a week ago, the Pope sent a representative to Al-Azhar as a follow-up and to “relaunch dialogue.”

The original meeting, which included discussions between larger delegations from Al-Azhar and the Vatican, was characterized as extremely friendly – a sort of “re-set” of Catholic-Muslim relations after the iciness allegedly set off by Pope Benedict’s Regensburg remarks in 2006…….

……..The Pope gave Sheik el-Tayeb a number of gifts including a copy of Laudato si. [Oh I’m sure Tayeb read that with bated breath.  Cover to cover in a night, for sure.  In reality, it probably went in the fire]

Then they spontaneously embraced.


However, as the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies recently pointed out (as highlighted by Raymond Ibrahim in a recent essay), el-Tayeb has a history of saying one thing to Western audiences and another to Arabic or Muslim ones. [No, really?!?]

For example, during this past Ramadan, el-Tayeb reaffirmed on his television show that Islam mandates death for apostates:

Contemporary apostasy presents itself in the guise of crimes, assaults, and grand treason, so we deal with it now as a crime that must be opposed and punished…. Those learned in Islam [al-fuqaha] and the imams of the four schools of jurisprudence consider apostasy a crime and agree that the apostate must either renounce his apostasy or else be killed.

The plucky Institute made a public statement calling on him to renounce this position, also making the general observation that
Al Azhar adopts two contradictory speeches: one is open and directed externally, while the other supports violent extremism, and is directed internally. [It’s called taqqiyah, or “holy lying,” and is sanctioned by the Koran.  Basically any immoral behavior is sanctioned, provided it is directed towards the house of war, or the infidel.  That’s us.  Muslims are actually called to lie to the infidel in order to weaken their resistance to islam and bring them into the ummah, or islamic world.  That can be achieved by relatively peaceful means, but since that rarely happens, it is usually down to war and violent repression.]
Interestingly, it appears that the statement was not released in English or referenced on the English version of the site.

What are we to make of this? [Taqqiyah]

Is Pope Francis aware that his new Muslim friend appears to believe that apostates from Islam should be killed? How does this comport with the “protection” of Christians in the region? Or perhaps the Pope, in his rejection of “proselytism,” does not believe that Christian converts are worthy of protection, or should not be placed in the category of “Christians.” Maybe it’s more of an ethnic category.
Also, converts do tend to be a bit conservative, after all. [Heh.  Great point]
Actually, I suspect the Pope has no idea what el-Tayeb really believes or more to the point, doesn’t really care. But he does seem to care very much about publicizing how dialogue with his quasi-peer distinguishes him from his predecessor……[It’s all about the agenda, which has little to do with islam, and everything to do with internal Church politics, remaking the Church according to Francis’ vision]
…..In fairness to el-Tayeb, as the highest Sunni Muslim scholarly authority in the world it would be difficult if not impossible for him to declare to a Muslim audience that apostates shouldn’t be put to death, as this is clearly stated in the Koran, the Hadith and Islamic history and tradition. [In other words, it’s a hardcore islamic doctrine and not subject to reform without encountering immense resistance.  Thus, the taqqiyah] In that context, advocating the death penalty for apostates is not an unusual or extreme position at all. Indeed, polls show that most Muslims in Egypt support it. Though, again, there is a tradition of not, as it were, making a big deal of this to Western audiences………

……..The problem with Islam is not that all Muslims are evil. It’s that all Muslims are to one degree or another beholden to an evil ideology. Many Muslims (including most women) are enslaved to it.

So, why don’t they just leave?

See above.

Who speaks for them?

Not Pope Francis, obviously.

Sorry to say, but that much is certainly true.  Francis’ defense of persecuted Christians has appeared disinterested and pro forma, to say the least.  But someone should remind him it is his solemn duty as the Vicar of Christ to speak for and defend all Christians, including non-Catholics, and even those wicked, nasty conservative ones.

How could any reasonable Christian-muslim dialogue occur on anything like an even or rational basis, when one of the religions in question preaches death to the infidel and those who convert from it? That is to say, what kind of dialogue could occur, other than one based on Christian surrender?  Is that not what many perceive this dialogue to be – the Church surrendering to islam for the sake of sexular pagan plaudits, or at least to serve a worldly ideology?

And to think this is the same Church as St. Pius V, Saint Fernando III, or Urban II.  Or…..???

I know. Water is wet.  But I gotta write about something.  I can’t come up with 20 original posts a week!

We need background checks and waiting periods on axes and truck rentals July 18, 2016

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The Left is all about will to power.  They don’t even make a pretense at being consistent. Thus, they don’t blink an eye when someone uses a truck to mow down dozens or an ax to wound  (and possibly kill) several in Germany.  There is no call for background checks on buying an ax, or waiting periods to get a semi.  They start out with an ideological belief-  guns are bad, icky, scary, whatever – and then act on that presupposition.  It has nothing to do with logic, consistency, or reason, and cares nothing at all for sacred rights or the words of the Constitution.

In point of fact, it has far more to do with disarming the population to allow the state to gain total power over them than with any care for the good of others.  Most leftists are deeply misanthropic.

And, of course, the religion of the person in question must be brushed aside and buried as quickly as possible.  That’s because the ideology places members of that particular religion at the very peak of the pyramid of victimization  upon which the Left has built its power in the West.  This particular choice – making muslims “sainted” victims rather than the murderous exegetes they so often are – reveals, to me, the fundamental anti-Christian nature of the Left.  The Left knows militant islam hates their pluralist, libertine beliefs, and would kill them or at least repress them violently given the chance.  And yet even knowing this, they still elevate islam to a sacrosanct group with the greatest claims to vicitimization and the false moral authority the Left grants to those most “persecuted.”  This only makes sense, if one comprehends that the ultimate enemy of Leftism is not religion (Leftism itself is a sick stand-in of religion and co-opts many elements of religion) in general but Christianity in particular. Most of the leading thinkers from which the Left draws its philosophy were virulently anti-Catholic if not anti-Christian in general (Hobbes, Locke, Voltaire, Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel, Marx, Engels, etc). Knowing that militant islam hates Christianity at least as much as they do, leftists are only too happy to cooperate with islam in the destruction of Christendom.

There are many attendant factors: self-loathing, horrible catechesis, bad example from bad Christians, daddy issues, etc., but ultimately, the Left’s cozy relationship with islam, turning it from aggressor into supposed victim, has everything to do with the pursuit of its core ideological goals.  As I have said many times, eventually, most people professing leftism today will gladly don the hijab, answer the call to prayer, and freely give up the public promiscuity and perversion in which they claim to place so much truck, so long as they may be rid of that meddlesome Christian God.

I think the Left is more perceptive than it knows in this choice.  Islam is veritably the anti-Christianity, or anti-Catholicism.  There are certainly muslims of good will and pious devotion, but the religion in toto has always been one of violent aggression and horrifying immorality.  It is a religion heavily influence by, if not directly created by, satan, or, at the very least, the very worst elements of man.

But guns are bad, so give yours up, bible-humper*:

A teenage Afghan refugee armed with an axe and knife injured four people on a train in southern Germany before being shot dead by police, officials say.

Three people were seriously hurt and one suffered minor injuries in the attack in Wuerzburg, police said.

Initial reports said up to 20 people had been injured but it was later revealed that at least 14 had been treated for shock.

The motive for the attack is not yet clear. [OH PLEASE!  The motive is to kill the infidel!  Muslims believe that to die while on jihad, killing “infidels,” is a ticket to their false, depraved vision of paradise!]

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said the attacker was a 17-year-old Afghan refugee who had been living in the nearby town of Ochsenfurt.

*- Yes I know the term is traditionally “bible-thumper,” but haters of Christianity have replaced with an even nastier version, which is the one I give above

Heretics gonna Heresify – Methodists Elect 1st Openly “Gay” Bishop July 18, 2016

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I think I made up a word there.  If heresify ain’t a word, it should be.

I was a methodist, once.  My parents were split, one a methodist, the other had a high church Anglican/Episcopal background.  Anglo-Catholic, really.  For the first half of their marriage, they mostly went to methodist churches.  Then my mom finally won that war, I guess, and they’ve been Anglican ever since.

What I remember most from my time in the methodist sect was how much I hated it, and how ugly the building was.  That “church” is still around, but the original building from my time is now a mosque.  They built a much fancier building in north Plano 20 years or so ago.

I severely disliked that methodist “church” because it was as clubby, clique-ish, and class-ridden as you can imagine.  At least among the kids it was.  Most of the kids there went to another school, so I was on the outs from the beginning.  My mom really pushed me to be in the  youth group, which I detested.  They had a really swishy youth minister and he had some just brilliant ideas like all night stay-overs at the church building for about 80 kids aged 11-17.  Which, even in the mid-80s, went about as you would expect.  My best friend, now sadly a very fallen away Catholic and militant atheist (thanks Catholic schools!), and I bailed at about 4 in the morning. We walked the 2 miles home to my house in the dark (times was a bit different back then).  My mom was rather surprised and displeased when she woke up and found us playing video games at about 6 in the morning.

That, and getting the crud bullied out of me on various field trips is about all I remember of that place.  Good times.

Anyway, this sect is being riven by the same cultural forces tearing most protestant sects apart, and which Francis, in his, ahem, wisdom, has seen fit to unleash on the Church.  A sub-body of methodists has determined to follow the episcopalians into division and dissolution, having “elected” (how democratic!) an open lesbian to play at being a bishop:

The Western district of the Methodist church has elected an openly gay bishop despite the denomination’s ban on same-sex relationships.

The Rev. Karen Oliveto was elected late Friday night at a meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, of the church’s Western Jurisdiction. Oliveto is pastor of Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco. She is the first openly gay bishop in the 12.7 million-member denomination.

The United Methodist Church is deeply divided over LGBT rights. Church law says same-gender relationships are “incompatible with Christian teaching.” But several regional districts are openly defying the prohibition by appointing gay clergy and allowing same-sex weddings in churches.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t really care about this, save for how this instance illustrates two things.  The first is the folly of ecumenism with protestants, whose beliefs are so varied and contradictory that any illusion of progress with one sect invariably means a setback with another.  That clearly demonstrates why the inevitable path of the “ecumenical movement” is towards the watering down of sacred Doctrine until it means absolutely nothing. It also clearly proves that the traditional Catholic approach to the protestants was to aim at their conversion to the Church Jesus Christ founded is not only doctrinally sound and in accord with the tradition handed down to us, it is also the only program that makes sense from a rational standpoint.  All else is just whistling in the wind.

The second illustration is the warning this provides to the Catholic Church under Francis, demonstrating clearly that the sexular pagan left is never satisfied with half-measures and will continue pushing until all Christian groups are either fully co-opted into the hellish man-made “paradise” (dystopia, really) they constantly push towards or are completely destroyed/neutered.  That is to say, opposition is the only option, cooperation only hastens the destruction.  The Church also knew this for centuries, before she was struck by her own revolution/coup from within and became all too friendly with the liberal zeitgeist.

But, being long time readers of this blog, you knew that already.



Turkey “Coup” Looks More and More Like a False Flag Operation……..     July 18, 2016

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……..so much so, that an alternative title for this post might be “Why Your Correspondent Is a Sucker.”

I know my coverage of this matter may seem a bit non sequitur, but Turkey is a key muslim state.  It is one of the few states with the potential power to counterbalance the extremes of Sunnism (Saudi Arabia) and Shiaism (Iran) in the muslim world.  A nominally secular Turkey is, to me, far preferential to an extremist, militant Iran or the jihad-exporting Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia.  The nightmare is a Turkey that becomes Wahhabist and then you have a practical new Caliphate stretching from the Bosporus to the Arabian Sea – just like in the bad old days, facing a decadent, faithless, and fractious West.

As such, I was probably a little too willing to believe that the secular/military reaction to Turkish President Erdogan’s rapid islamification of Turkey had finally come.

In reality, it looks like what we’ve been treated to is either one of the most inept, half-hearted coups in recent history, or a false flag operation designed to destroy the remnants of opposition that remain in Turkey, especially the military and judiciary.  Erdogan has waged war on both institutions for years, gradually neutering the two bodies always seen (and with much reason) as the ultimate guardians of the Kemalist secular state.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I knew, quite well, a former Major General in the Royal Thai Army.  She served from the early 70s to 2011.  Anyone who knows the political history of Thailand post-1970 knows that she had much involvement in coups, which she had.  Supatra always related that there are two absolutely key factors in a successful coup:

  1. Kill the son of a, uh, gun (president, king, general, dictator, whoever is the target of the overthrow).  Think Diem in 1963, or Allende in 1973.
  2. Gain total control over communications, especially telecommunications/internet and broadcast media.

Neither occurred in the Turkey “coup.”  In fact, there were not even serious attempts at this, and the government continued to function, and seemingly direct events, throughout this stage-acted “coup.”

Supposedly, a “special forces team” was sent to nab Erdogan, but “missed by minutes.”  Of course, it is the government reporting this, so I am quite skeptical.  What is passing strange is that the very heavy F-16 presence overflying Istanbul and Ankara (but not dropping any ordinance) apparently not only saw Erdogan’s very showy flight into Istanbul’s airport, they escorted it in!  In any normal coup, if the president had really been able to flee, he would never make himself such a juicy, easy target for any manner of threats – fighters, AAA, shoulder fired missiles, etc.

Bridges and airports count for very little in the initial stages of a coup, yet these were the first targets of the supposed Turkish coup leaders.  The Turkish coup never even bothered to shut down state-run TV stations and made almost no attempt to shut down internal telecommunications and social media (while shutting down external, foreign access!), while they shut down opposition TV and radio!

A few other signs the coup was really intended to provide a pretext for Erdogan to crush what opposition remains and gain total control over the military:

  • Mass arrests started even while the coup was supposedly still ongoing. To date, 8000 officers in the Turkish military have been arrested
  • Large amounts of pre-prepared propaganda suddenly appeared on the streets of Istanbul/Ankara after Erdogan called on his followers to take to the streets. We are supposed to believe that thousands of professional signs and posters were printed in the space of an hour or less
  • There appears to have been close coordination with mosques, Erdogan’s core base support, in broadcasting “calls to prayer” from loudspeakers within minutes of the coup’s initiation, demanding good muslims take to the streets to oppose the “coup”

Other signs this was a “theater play,” or a “tragic comedy” in the words of some opposition politicians:

  • No government officials, bureaucratic officials, Members or Parliament or the President were taken hostage during the coup attempt and were able to freely continue their duties while the military attempted to take over bridges and airports. [This is most damning. It indicates either the total ineptness, or the falsity, of this supposed coup. Given Erdogan’s past penchant for false flag, I know where my money is]
  • The statement read on TRT [Turkish state television, which then resumed normal broadcast, hostile towards the coup]was completely anonymous and gave no names, with no details emerging in regards to the Peace at Home Council
  • The Government did not declare martial law and a curfew. [to the contrary, they encouraged people to take to the streets. Amazingly, for a coup with supposedly thousands of armed soldiers running around, only a few dozen were killed]
  • The coup attempt was largely confined to metropolitan areas and soldiers were told to hold key bridges ‘until further orders’, which never came.
  • The privates and corporals holding bridges and airports were not aware of their involvement in the coup attempt and no senior ranking soldiers were seen during the events.
  • Only 16 soldiers were sent to take over the Presidential Complexin Ankara, which is the largest palace in the world, only to be immediately overpowered by police forces.
  • The whole coup appeared to have been organised on WhatsApp
  • Media outlets such as CNN TürkDoğan Holdingwere taken over by the military but were still allowed to continue their operations.
  • TRTwas able to resume normal broadcast as soon as the junta statement had been read.
  • Armed soldiers were consistently overpowered by and surrendered to groups of protestors, many of which were armed only with knives or bats.
  • Electricity cuts in several provinces where no military action was taken, followed by calls from Mosques for people to take to the streets.
  • The coup attempt was launched at prime time when everyone would become aware of the events, rather than at a more inconspicuous time in the early morning.

One final damning quote:

The sheer number of these arrests made at such a such a speed could only be done so if the “Turkish government had all those lists ready”, as suggested byJohannes HahnEuropean Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, on 18 July 2016. Hahn also claimed that because these lists were already available immediately after the coup, the “event was prepared” and the lists were to be used “at a certain stage”.

Far from weakening Erdogan, this “coup,” then, is actually intended to secure him in power for life, and make the islamization of the Turkish government/state inevitable.

And if a few thousand have to die to complete your play, well, omelettes don’t get made without breaking a few eggs, do they?

Military Coup Underway in Turkey July 15, 2016

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This is Turkey’s best and final hope to avoid falling under a very long-term islamist government.  The Turkish military has always been regarded as the ultimate guardians of the secular state created by Kemal Ataturk in 1923.  Under the 10+ year government of Recip Erdogan, however, he has pushed the nation further and further away from its secular founding. Many have been surprised that the military has not acted to date. Now, I’m not normally in favor of a secular state, but when the choice is secularism, or militant islam, secularism is probably – Turkish style, which, historically, was not terribly radical – the better option.

It will be interesting to see how this develops.  At this point, and given that Erdogan was on the cusp of making the Hagia Sophia a mosque again (an eternal affront to Christendom, as it was for 1000 years one of Christianity’s grandest structures), I see this as a positive good and hope it succeeds.  An islamist Turkey within Europe and possessed of 100 million souls and a powerful, very well-trained military would be a frightening prospect, virtually another or even worse Iran.

It’s a shame Greece and Bulgaria totally botched their golden opportunity to drive the Ottomans from Europe in 1913 and reclaim Constantinople for Christendom due to stupid infighting.  Now the fate of Turkey seems to depend on the still un-islamified portions of the military.  I have to wonder if the plans to transition the Hagia Sophia back to a full-time mosque did not energize the coup leaders to act.  The Hagia Sophia as a museum has long been seen as a powerful symbol of a secular Turkey.  It would be quite prophetic if it was the pending  islamization of a great Christian church that precipitated this reaction.

There are some reports of gunfire in Constantinople, with many videos of aircraft flying over in full burner, an interesting show of force.  It may be a long night in Istanbul, but the coup leaders are claiming to have already deposed Erdogan and are consolidating power.

We shall see.

Watch this F-16 zoom down a hillside:

Are Orthodox, Copts, and Similar Killed for the faith Christians? July 14, 2016

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Two weeks ago, I did a post on the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt.  A commenter objected that those holding heretical views or in schismatic groups are not Christians.  I argued back that they are certainly considered to be Christians by the muslims, and are dying for the Faith, even if they hold erroneous beliefs.

This may seem like hair-splitting, but touches on matters foundational to our self-understanding as Christians.  As such, I ran the matter past a local traditional priest, and was gratified to find his understanding of these folks essentially identical to mine.

In normal situations, it is not wrong to say that Copts or Orthodox are not Christian, or are at least highly faulty ones.  They hold views that are erroneous, dangerous, and perhaps even damnable under certain circumstances.  Of course, most all of these people know no better, they were raised in this error or in schism and were taught it was right and correct from a very early age.  Their personalresponsibility for holding such errors is, then, highly debatable.

However, my post was not describing a normal situation.  It was describing a situation of dire, religious-oriented persecution.  These people are being wounded and killed for professing Jesus Christ as their Savior and rejecting islam.  They can, in that sense, even be considered martyrs.  Of course, the specifics of individual situations mean everything, but broadly speaking, they are dying for their belief in Jesus Christ, an act always held to be immensely meritorious.  It is even quite possible that in some situations this profession was sufficient to overcome whatever guilt they hold for their erroneous/schismatic beliefs and provided a baptism by desire/blood into the True Church.  That’s an elaborate issue and goes beyond the scope of this post, but I believe, and the priest agreed, that such a profession of faith could – could – even be meritorious of salvation.

And that’s precisely why the muslims torture, maim, and kill them, because these people refuse to deny Jesus Christ as their savior and refuse to accept the false, demonic religion created by the Arabian goat herder Mohammad.

A critical note of distinction: these people are NOT dying for the errors they hold or in rejection of the Catholic Faith.  If they were, their actions would not be efficiacious of Grace and would be greatly offensive to God.  They are dying for Jesus Christ and His religion by the lights they have.  Those lights may be faulty, but they are the best they have.  Those lights are not extinguished from merit due to these errors.  In the same sense the Church has declared martyrs and Saints certain souls from the days of the Fathers who died for the Faith even though they had not been formally received into the Church and probably still held wrong beliefs even up to the moment of death.

As I said, it’s a complex issue.  Fundamentally, I believe in Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus as a straight up, literal interpretation, but I have a hard time believing souls holding errors innocently would still be damned by God for all eternity after dying for the Holy Name.  Since they are being viciously persecuted for Christ, since they are dying for Christ, I will call them Christian.  The priest agreed.

I’m open to refutation based on quotes from Saints, Fathers, and/or Councils.  I don’t think there is such, but one never knows.  There has always been a mystical element of the Faith, however, in that we must recognize that what we can see and record is not all there is to reality.  God operates beyond time and space and even a murderer who viciously repudiated the Faith throughout his life was often considered saved by a mere kiss of a crucifix on the gallows.  We don’t know what God sees in the human heart.

Atrocities against Egypt’s Christians continue to grow July 7, 2016

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At least three Christians (all Copts) have been killed in Egypt in the past week and a half.  They included a priest and a nun.  The layman was beheaded.  Some are trying to say the nun was accidentally wounded, but there is some skepticism over this.  A brief roundup on the depredations against Christians in one of the more stable, “permissive” Mideastern states.  Things in places like Syria and Iraq are far, far worse:

Yesterday, July 5, a Coptic nun was shot dead in Egypt.

The police called it a “tragic accident”.  It currently not being treated as a crime. The nun was accidentally caught in a shootout between two rival clans. An stray bullet  killed the nun, says Fides ……..

……..The first reports reported an anti-Christian attack.The investigating police of Guizeh denied this, however, describing the shooting between two local Muslim clans as the reason for the “accidental” death of the nun.

……..On June 24, several Christian homes had been burned in al-Baeda in Alexandria. A Muslim mob had gathered after Friday prayers in front of the house of Christian Naim Aziz because the false rumor was spread among Muslims, that the house may be converted into a church. The Muslims shouted the slogan: “Under no circumstances will there be a church here.” To be sure, deeds followed their  words, and and they burned down the house of a Christian and a few other Christian homes for good measure. [When an area is under muslim suzerainty, generally it is impossible to get permission to build new Christian churches or even substantially improve/repair existing ones.  That’s a powerful means to help keep the Faith in check]

…..The Christians of Egypt have been experiencing a new wave of Islamic violence for months. Last Thursday a Coptic Orthodox priest was murdered on the Sinai Peninsula belonging to Egypt. The priest Raphael Moussa was 46 years old. After the Holy Mass, which he celebrated in the Mar Girgis Church of the city of El-Arish in the north of the peninsula, he was killed in the parking lot in front of the church by a targeted shot. The murder was claimed by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS).

A separate post from Eponymous Flower deals with the beheading:

on Monday, July 4, a Coptic Christian was stabbed in Tanta (Gharbia Governorate) by Islamists and then beheaded.

The 33-year-old pharmacist and Coptic Christian, Magdy Attia, was lured with a medication order into a house and killed there. According to Egyptian media reports, the house is inhabited by Salafists.

Awful.  What is happening to the Christians of the Mideast is horrific.  I pray their sufferings may bring a great flowering of the Faith there and conversion of millions of muslims.

For the commenter who dropped by this morning and left a profanity-filled rant, buddy, I do cover the persecution of Christians in the Mideast all the time.  I have written dozens of posts on the subject over the years, as longtime readers can attest.  I can’t possibly ride everyone’s hobby horse every day, and, yes, local events tend to get more play than international ones.  I understand your outrage and anger but I ain’t the one to direct it at.  I’ve been a strong supporter of Mideast Christians and your comments were as unjust as they were unhinged.

Any further such comments will result in permanent banning, even granting some leeway for English not being your first language.


I love Eastern Christian art.  It is so ancient, so warm.  There are incredible treasures of Christian art and architecture in Egypt.  I pray they are permitted to survive.  EG28-8-14JT


The fact that the Church leadership continues to very often ignore or explain away muslim atrocities against Christians in pursuit of (I guess) the great one world religion project is one of the most galling aspects of being a Catholic today.

Islam and Leftism – BFFs July 5, 2016

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A couple of indicators that my theorem that the religion of leftism truly only abhors ONE religion – Christianity – and that it will not only tolerate, but willingly submit to islam (or whatever else, but none seem likely to pose a similar threat in the foreseeable future) as their own false religious beliefs gradually fall to tatters before the face of an unyielding reality have come to light recently.

The first – islam is growing rapidly in communist Cuba, and the government – which has persecuted Catholics for decades – seems none too concerned:

Pedro Lazo Torres, known as the Imam Yahya, said there used to be so few Muslims in Cuba that they could hold their prayers inside someone’s home. As they grew, their prayers spilled out into the street. Torres is now president of Cuba’s Islamic League and says the number of Cubans asking to convert continues to increase.

He now operates out of a mosque that was inaugurated in June of 2015 thanks tofunding from Turkey’s president, Recep Erdoğan. Located in Old Havana, the mosque sits next to an Islamic museum, known as The Arab House, and has brand new Spanish-Arabic copies of the Koran…….

……..But for an island that sees little immigration, most Muslims in Cuba are converts.

“Ninety-nine percent of Cuban Muslims are converted to Islam and not descended of Arabs,” said Ahmed Abuero, the mosque’s religious leader…….

……..Standing on the doorstep of the mosque, Carlos Manuel, 17, a nursing student who adopted the Islamic name Ahmed Abdel Salam, says he converted to Islam over a year ago.

“My three brothers are all Christians,” he said. “For now.”

Abuero hears that and whispers “Inshallah,” or “God willing.”

Catholicism in Cuba has been pounded for decades, to the extent that a population that was once 99% Catholic is now perhaps 25%, and really only a handful actually practice the Faith seriously.  It is hardly surprising, then, that islam would make such inroads.  A further factor is Cuban’s indoctrination in leftism for decades, and a local Church that has long been morally weak and corrupt (as the biography of St. Anthony Marie Claret so clearly reveals).  Thus, souls are starved, and fed almost entirely on false progressive pablum.  Easy pickins.

Nevertheless, many of the souls now converting to islam were at least baptized Catholic, and are now throwing away their birthright for a mess of poisonous pottage.  What a tragedy.

On another continent, islam continues to advance in once secular, left-wing leaning Turkey.  It seems Kamal Ataturk’s plan to secularize Turkey has completely failed, and Turkey is descending further and further into radical islamism.  Once again, souls starved on a thin progressive gruel are casting about for anything real to replace it, and, in the absence of any substantive missionary efforts on the part of the ecumaniacal post-VII Church, muslim prayers were heard in the Hagia Sophia over the weekend for the first time in over 80 years:

The first Muslim call to prayer in the post-Atatürk era from within the Hagia Sophia occurred last week on July 1.

The former basilica, converted by force into a mosque in the 15th century, hosted a call to prayer the last Friday of Ramadan this year after the government allowed regular recitations of the Quran from within throughout the Muslim holy month. Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper notes that, while Muslim calls to prayer have been made in designated prayer areas in the Hagia Sophia complex – near the minarets Muslim conquerers added to it following the siege of Constantinople – it has not been made in the building itself in nearly a century.

The Hagia Sophia, one of the most important sites in Christian history, ceased being a mosque in 1935 after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, designated the site a secular museum……..

……The Hagia Sophia, and Turkey generally, has come under increasing Islamization during the tenure of current president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Shortly before Ramadan began, Erdogan’s government announced that the site would host Koranic recitations throughout the month, an unprecedented extended use in the post-Atatürk era……

…….Turkish leaders in the ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) and prominent clerics have appeared confident that the Hagia Sophia will soon be designated a mosque.

And so 90+ years of a progressive, secular oriented government in Turkey come to a close, replaced by militant islam.  This one particularly hurts, because the Hagia Sophia church is such a symbol of not only Christendom, but especially Christendom’s long resistance to muslim aggression.  Muslims are very aware of such symbolism. Having the Hagia Sophia as a mosque is, to them, incredibly important, as it symbolizes in stark terms islam’s ascendance over the West, and, especially, Christianity.

I fear especially for the ancient mosaics that have been restored in the glorious structure.  Most were lost forever when muslims either ripped them from the walls or covered them in concrete after seizing the church – for centuries, Christendom’s grandest.  A few have been restored to at least some semblance of their former glory.  But islam is a totally iconoclastic religion, even more so than the errant Judaism from which it is derived, so if the Hagia Sophia returns to being a full-time mosque, how long will these irreplaceable artistic treasures and monuments to a glorious faith survive?

Darkness seems to be descending all around the world.




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