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“Same-sex” marriage proponents are some of the angriest, nastiest victors ever July 2, 2015

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Of course they are, it’s not about the incremental victories, it’s about completely crushing any and all opposition.  The rationalization – or really, mass hypnosis – can admit no dissent, lest it shatter of its own internal contradictions.  Eventually it will, of course, anyway: God and nature can only be fooled for so long.  Coupled with their desire to receive joyous affirmation from all and the silencing of any stubborn resistance, living a life so directly contrary to God and the natural laws He has instituted also feeds a gnawing discontent that never really goes away.  Thus, we have the most miserable, angriest victors ever:

George Takei went on a racist rant Monday in an interview in Phoenix, unleashing on conservative Justice Clarence Thomas in response to Thomas’ comments regarding the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, NewsBusters reported.

“He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry. He doesn’t belong there,” Takei said, later adding, “This man does not belong on the Supreme Court. He is an embarrassment. He is a disgrace to America. I’ll say it on camera.”

Takei’s rage came in light of the Justice’s contrary stance on the recent equal marriage decision, where the Court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Thomas released a statement saying that the government does not grant human dignity, and as such cannot take it away. Thomas argued that human dignity is inherent, and that the Supreme Court cannot issue it.

As for Takei’s “blackface” remark, liberals seem pretty pleasedby it.

Why pick on Thomas? I know he earns special ire from leftists because he’s a man of African descent who has gone off the demonrat plantation, but his criticism of the decision was hardly the strongest.  I’d say Scalia and Alito, the two strongest Catholics on the Supreme Court, had the most critical dissents. Scalia absolutely eviscerated the majority and stated that this country is no longer a democracy (in which case, maybe he should consider resigning, as Ann Barnhardt suggests demands screams?).  Why isn’t Takei going after him?  Could it be that progressives are really projecting their own personal racism in all that super-secret dog-whistle racism they attribute to more conservative types?

George Takei is a little, little man. No kidding, I had dinner with him at County Line barbeque (on the hill) in Austin back in 1991.  This was after the only Star Trek convention I ever attended (don’t ask, but those are exactly the kind of people who are feverishly progressive about things like pseudo-sodo-marriage).  My friend thought it’d be a lark to be the only two normal people at the convention. We weren’t, not quite, but it was pretty close.  A lot of special snowflakes and brittle Bettys there.  Anyway, they had some drawing for having dinner out with major star George Takei, Sulu from Star Trek, and somehow we were two of six to win.  So we went out to dinner with him, a couple of the convention organizers and the other 4.

When I say he’s little, I mean literally – the guy can’t be more than 5’2″.  My mom is that height, and he could not have been any taller. But his stature was one of the least aspects of his smallness.  I was going to say a whole bunch more, but I’ll pretty much leave it at this – have you ever been around someone whose every thought centers on themselves, who are literally incapable of imagining that the entire universe does not revolve around them?  That was my experience of George Takei.

Maybe he just had a bad day.  I should pray for him.

And I actually like a lot of Star Trek.  Not nearly so much as I used to, since I came to recognize all the socialist propagandizing (especially in STTNG) and leftist cultural proselytizing, but some of the early episodes were quite good as were some of TNG – like the Borg and Q.  I think Star Trek Deep Space 9 with the multi-season Dominion War saga and especially Elim Garak, my favorite Star Trek character of all time, was very good in that saga while being really bad just about everywhere else (intergalactic baseball?  Vics?  Please).  Since then it’s really gone to crud, I could not stand either Voyager or Enterprise (and I don’t count the JJ Abrams product), but I’m hardly a hater.  I went into that dinner quite excited at meeting a major Star Trek character, even if he had done almost nothing before or since.  Boy was I let down.

Personal rant concluded.  It’s hardly just Takei, he’s one example of hundreds.

Italian court orders release of $45 million worth of assets back to lay association of Franciscans of the Immaculate July 2, 2015

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Well…….yet another of the alleged justifications for the deliberate, premeditated destruction of this order has evaporated into the ether.  The only vague accusation still standing was the ostensible “drift” towards a too close embrace of the traditional Mass and the traditional practice of religious life. That’s what this brutal intervention has been about all along.

An Italian court has ordered the assets of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate stripped from the lay association that administered them restored to the group, after finding claims of financial irregularities were patently false (and if that happens in Italy, where “justice” is heavily biased in favor of the prosecution, you know there was really nothing to these baseless accusations):

The Court of Avellino has ordered the release of the property that belongs to the lay associations  that are close to the Order of the Franciscan Friars of the ImmaculateThus, another of the accusations bandied about in recent years dissolves into nothingness, spread against the founder and Superior General, Father Stefano Manelli  who was deposed by the Vatican.

The property had been seized at the direction of the late Apostolic Commissioner, Father Fidenzio Volpi, by the district attorney of Avellino. As the traditional Order was placed under provisional administration in Summer 2013, the Commissioner and the leadership of the rebels  realized that the  properties are not in the direct possession of the Order, but belong to the lay associations connected to the Order.

Thus, the Apostolic Commissioner did not have direct access to the property. Nevertheless, in order to lay hands on it, there were accusations of alleged  irregular transfers of assets. Alleged irregularities have been named in the past two years as the reason why the provisional administration was ordered by Rome. Officially there are no grounds for radical intervention in the life of the Order were announced by the Vatican to this day. [That’s true, Rome hasn’t ever stated why this draconian intervention was necessary, all justifications have come from Fr. Volpi or his hand-picked man drawn from among the handful of disaffected friars, Fr. Angelo Bruno]

The  judicial panel has now established that there were no irregularities  present and ordered the release of the seized real estate assets worth around 30 million euros. [Now that the damage has been done. How do they get their good names back?]

Commissioner Volpi’s actions were directed against the  lay organizations related to the Order, the Mission of the Immaculate Mediatrix (MIM) and the Third Order of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (TOFI). There are thousands of believers organized in these these worldwide and connected to the Order.

Just yesterday the appointment of a new Apostolic Commissioner for the Order became known. With the approval of Pope Francis the Congregation of Religious appointed the Salesian, Fr Sabino Ardito, to succeed Father Volpi. [Anyone know anything about him?  I’d say as an Italian Salesian, it’s not a terribly reassuring sign, but both he and the two coadjutors appointed are canon lawyers, which may help prevent the lawlessness of the previous administrator?]  The canonist Ardito will lead the fortunes of the Order for the time being until the summer of 2016. Then the three-year period of a regular provisional administration will be finished. The provisional administration could then, however, be extended on a proposal from the Commissioner.

Lord I pray not. May this poor tortured order be freed!  But what happens to Fr. Manelli if the apostolic intervention is allowed to expire?  I imagine it will be felt that cannot be allowed to happen, and there will be attempts to extend the intervention at least until his death.  He is in his mid-80s and not in the best of health, but I hope our Lord keeps him around for many years to come.

Why has all this happened, now that all the justifications have fallen away?  There was never rife division in the order, the vast majority were fully in favor of the order’s somewhat traditional turn.  I have always felt this brutal breaking of the order stems from their having the temerity to hold conferences and publish books asking uncomfortable questions of Vatican II.  The American friar who certainly seemed to be the intellectual leader of the small group of disaffected friars made that much clear – his own book was more or less a polemical attack on those questioning efforts.  Ultimately, though, I have a hard time seeing this much hostility being just about questioning the Council.  It’s long seemed to me there is something a bit deeper, a bit uglier in the brutality we’ve seen against an order of unimpeachable integrity.  This is, and always has been, personal.

Of course, to the progressive, the personal is the political and deviating from their sacred shibboleths is taken as a personal attack.  So maybe that’s just how things roll in the merciful Church of today.

Catholic video begging permission to hold counter-cultural thoughts attracts massive ire July 1, 2015

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Catholic Vote has produced a video that basically begs the culture for permission to adhere to the Doctrine of the Faith.  That’s a fairly harsh view, perhaps, but I don’t think it unfair.  See the video and then I’ll share some of the “elite’s” responses:

I have several problems with this video.  I deplore the overall tone of surrender – “please don’t hate me because I think differently from you!”  I’m much more in the mode of Andrew Breitbart of late in his approach to the perverse left: You are completely, totally wrong about practically everything and I don’t have to beg permission from you or anyone else to believe what virtually all of you now hating me believed before it became easier to join the preference cascade and switch sides.  The real reason you hate and vilify me is because my mere presence holds a mirror up to your own inconstancy and cowardice.  I believe what I believe because it is the truth as can be irrefutably established from reason, nature, and trumping all, the Truth God has revealed through His Church.

I also don’t like the term “who happen to be gay”…….there may be people like that, but when we are speaking of the radical sodomite agenda we are speaking of people who define themselves according to a revolting, unnatural act.  It is an act so incredibly offensive that even the very demons hide their eyes in shame whenever it is committed (by two men, or man and woman, or whatever).  Yes we must have charity for these poor souls but that does not include whitewashing the act or pretending that the act they feel defines their very being can somehow be set aside as we bask in their notwithstanding goodness.  Charity in fact means presenting the truth of the evil of these acts and imploring these souls to desist from the acts and the entire associated lifestyle.

In the video’s favor, it was obviously intended to reach out to the “unchurched” or katholyc krowd and to strike home with them by mimicking “outing” videos used for  years by the “other side.”  It is being very widely viewed (thanks a great deal to the manic reaction below), so perhaps it has achieved its goal, though it seems most of the young people viewing the video are strongly opposed.

Now for some of the “elite” responses:

Adfreak: Gay marriage opponents act like an oppressed minority in Catholic Group’s Ad

GQ: Absurd Catholic Video Presents Bigots as the Victims of Marriage Equality

Dazed: This anti-gay marriage video could be the worst film ever

PR Newser: Advocacy group tries, fails to make anti-gay marriage ad

NewNowNext: Watch this hilariously awful anti-gay marriage PSA by Catholic Vote

Daily Kos: New ad by anti-gay Catholic group is crazy surreal

Adweek: Despicable new ad

Here, have a bit more from Adweek (I won’t link it, they can come after me all they like):

And everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as it doesn’t lead to legislation that discriminates. [We will reluctantly allow you hate-filled bigots to continue to hold your worse-than-Hitler views for now so long as you never pronounce them in public and keep your Bible-humping to yourself.  And don’t you ever try to influence legislation or any kind of public policy, you Christofascists. That is, you can privately hold those views for now.  Two years from now…..]   No, what’s galling about the ad is its appropriation of LGBTQ themes to marginalize LGBTQ people.

The ad, with a straight face, position Catholics as a persecuted group for not having their message of intolerance (here blatantly recast as its opposite) widely accepted these days. It even plays like a coming-out video for Catholics who are afraid to take the “brave” step of voicing their objection to equality. That’s a pretty audacious tactic—disingenuous and disrespectful, to say the least.

Oh is it now? And  yet who is castigating who in a publication that reaches hundreds of thousands?  Adweek is a major trade publication. It is incredibly influential, it probably reaches 100x as many people in a week as Catholic Vote.  Adweek has a major influence in the advertising medium, which is influential on literally billions of people around the planet, and yet Adweek is casting any opposition to this made up “same sex marriage” as “bigotry.”  That is persecution in and of itself.

And the Catholic Vote ad used “coming out” formatting as a deliberate send-up of radical sexular pagan tactics to hopefully wake some souls up to what is happening. But hang on, it gets worse:

Beyond that, it is rather illogical. You can’t reposition a group as oppressed when there is no movement to oppress them.   And you certainly can’t equate being called a bigot for spouting intolerance with anything near what members of the LGBTQ community have experienced for decades.

So saying “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman” is now being “a bigot spouting intolerance.”  That right there is categorical persecution, since being publicly identified as a bigot has long been to excluded from all decent society (such as it is, anymore) and a deadly threat to careers, livelihood, and even personal safety.  Please tell Baronelle Stutzman, Memories Pizza, and dozens of other Christians around this country who have had their lives and finances ruined by the radical sexular pagans that there is no persecution ongoing.  You guys are so endlessly vindictive you even got gofundme to stop allowing efforts to fund these people being persecuted.  But our persecutors are so lost they feel we “had it coming” for engaging in such doubleplusungood wrongthink.  Thus, they now come to break the dissenting Christians financially.

But there’s more to it than that. In all these responses, and I’ve read every one, there is not a single attempt to refute the argument that marriage is between one man and one woman.  They are all nothing but the most vicious ad hominem attacks on Catholics I’ve seen in a long time.  Even the recent Supreme Court decision posited virtually no real argument, from reason, for recognizing these false “marriages,” they simply declared a new “right” and went on from there.  The Obergefell decision was filled with nothing but bald assertion after bald assertion, with virtually no recourse to reason.  The dissenting justices (whom, I suppose, are also raving hate-filled bigots now, too?) literally mocked the majority for their lack of reason.

That’s because, aside from appeal to emotion and naked bullying, there is no justification for this travesty, and we can see that in this kind of over-the-top response to a really low-key ad.  The arguments for pseudo-sodo-marriage are so weak, and the reliance on naked force to implement this offense against decency so overwhelming, that they HAVE to insure there is absolutely no dissent, or at the very least, that any dissent be just pilloried in the media.  It was this kind of heavy handed propaganda campaign that instigated the preference cascade starting in 2009 in the first place!  They are deadly afraid that any dissent, and especially reasoned, Christian dissent could easily result in a tilt the other way.

And it will, eventually, lest we be headed for the Parousia, as I’ve said many times before.  But in the interim, I hope the above helps you realize how rough times ahead will be, and how solid in the Faith we will need to be to withstand them.

May God have mercy on us all, especially those who hate and revile us.

PS – What if the decision had gone the other way?  My goodness, it was 5-4, what if Anthony Kennedy peered into his magic 8 ball and it said “no” that day?  Yes the left would have gone insane (and that would be different how……?) and the cultural campaign would have continued, but there has been a sea change since the decision in the rhetoric used, now even relatively mainstream sites like Adweek feel completely free in describing opponents of pseudo-sodo-marriage as “bigots” and haterz, whereas such harsh language was more muted before.  So, a 5-4 decision means that 160 million people are suddenly, overnight, bigots?

No one ever said the post-modern left fancied logic or consistency very much.

Some stinging rebukes of Laudato Si and the Vatican climate conference July 1, 2015

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Via Pertinacious Papist, a very harsh analysis of Laudato Si by Maureen Mullarkey, who normally writes at First Things (but given the rebuke First Things received for daring to ask critical questions of the April Climate Conference from Vatican officials, perhaps they were gun shy to print this?), along with some videos of those awful, horrible, science-hating, utterly unreasonable “deniers” from the Heartland Institute, who everyone knows is just totally in the pocket of Koch Brothers and Chesapeake Energy (not).  First up, Mullarkey, who, I would say, pulls no punches (my emphasis and comments):

Subversion of Christianity by the spirit of the age has been a hazard down the centuries. The significance of “Laudato Si” lies beyond its stated concern for the climate. Discount obfuscating religious language. The encyclical lays ground to legitimize global government and makes the church an instrument of propaganda—a herald for the upcoming United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Paris…….

…..The document’s catalogue of distortions and factual errors are those of the climate-change establishment swallowed whole. There is no scientific consensus on man-made global warming, no consensus on the role of human activity in any of the environmental phenomena cited. [All true. But do you notice how much the rhetoric and actions of the “climate change” activists mirrors that of the “same-sex marriage” activists?  Of course, they are both part of the left which has always used brutal rhetorical tactics, but even by that standard they are both amazingly excessive in their attempts to utterly discredit ALL opposition as completely unfounded and simply bigoted or possessed of evil ulterior motives. Thus the reaction of the Vatican apparatus to mild questions raised over the climate change conference were very troubling for what it revealed: a thoroughgoing leftist mindset blinded by ideology to the point that there could be no other possible legitimate viewpoint, and any who don’t immediately jump completely on board could be nothing less than pretty much pure evil.  That’s very disconcerting to see from curial officials, even by post-conciliar standards] 

……Enter Jorge Bergolio. Informed objection to the pope’s roster of pending disasters is widely available—but also, at this point, moot. Reducing greenhouse gases has just been deemed a religious obligation. What should concern us now is the ecclesial climate that yielded this extravagant rant.

There is nothing to admire in its assault on market economies, technological progress, and—worse—on rationality itself. Bergolio, whom we know now as Pope Francis, is a limited man. His grasp of economics is straitjacketed by the Peronist culture in which he was raised. “Laudato Si” descends to garish, left-wing boilerplate. The pope is neither a public intellectual, theologian, nor a man of science. Yet he impersonates all three. [Wow. I can see why First Things shied away. Please try not to fly off the handle too much in response to this piece, but I do think the bit concerning Peronist provincialism is spot on.]

…….The document is steeped in Third Worldism. The imagined plight of the planet is the work of a rapacious West. Ignoring the role of corruption, mismanagement, and counter-productive ideology in failed or deteriorating states, it gives a ruinous pass to Third World oligarchs and despots. [And also to the far worse environmental record of virtually every communist state, including China up to this very day!  The Soviet Union possessed thousands of square miles of landscape completely devoid of life, due to the communist’s indifference towards the environment, an indifference which led to whole regions being polluted to levels where nothing still grows to this day. And yet Cardinal Maradiaga proclaimed capitalism as the sole source of environmental degradation.  This is nothing but ideology]

Bergolio’s resentment of First World prosperity is of a piece with his simplistic understanding of the “financial interests” and “financial resources” he condemns. He nurses a Luddite yen to roll back the Industrial Revolution for a fantasy of pre-industrial harmony between man and a virginal Mother Earth. He demonizes the very means that have raised millions out of poverty, and that remain crucial in continuing to raise standards of living among the poor.

Take no comfort from “Laudato Si’s” restatements of the Catholic Church’s traditional positions on the sanctity of life, the primacy of the family, and rejection of abortion. In this context, orthodoxy and pious expression serve a rancid purpose. They are a Trojan horse, a vehicle for insinuating surrender to pseudo-science and the eco-fascism that requires it. [A very harsh assessment. Do you think it fair?]

………Papal suspicion of private property and infatuation with a “theology of poverty” lend sanctimony to the class antagonism hibernating in the church’s “preferential option for the poor,” a problematic concept derived from Liberation Theology. (Problematic because the promise of the resurrection, the ineradicable core of Christianity, is not directed to a class, but to individuals.) [Now that’s a very interesting point, and could easily deserve a post or more to analyze and discuss on its own, but while the Church has always had enormous concern for the poor, I do think an ideology has developed in the Church over the past few decades that takes that concern in problematic directions.  I don’t want to get too much into that side issue now, though] 

It is reasonable to think that Bergolio is a greater friend to poverty than to the poor. [ouch]

A strain of inadvertent comedy runs through “Laudato Si.” Il Papa [double ouch, a reference to Mussolini, Il Duce] assumes the posture of governess to the world—Mary Poppins on the Throne of Peter. Who else could align the magisterium of the Catholic Church with exhortation to turn off the air conditioner, shut the lights, and be sure to recycle? For this Christ died: to atone for petroleum products. And for carbon emissions from private cars carrying only one or two people. [I guess I shall be damned for all eternity for my 30 mile commute to work each day.  And all so that we could live very near our TLM parish.  What a horrible Catholic I am, when I used to be 30 miles from the TLM and only 4 miles from work!]

While Christians in the birthplaces of Christianity are crucified and beheaded for their faith, young girls are kidnapped and sold for the price of a pack of cigarettes, our encyclical whines: “In many parts of the planet, the elderly lament that once beautiful landscapes are now covered with rubbish.” [Yeah, I’d call that a whine]

There is more in that letter-to-the-editor vein: “Neighbourhoods, even those recently built, are congested, chaotic and lacking in sufficient green space. We were not meant to be inundated by cement, asphalt, glass and metal, and deprived of physical contact with nature.” [this is actually a point where Pope Francis may oppose most American leftist urban planners, who want every city to be like New York with hundreds of thousands crammed into high rise apartments with no personal lawns or terrible, horrible single family homes.]

Gospel quotations are bent to serve. In the chapter “The Gaze of Jesus,” we read this: “98. Jesus lived in full harmony with creation, and others were amazed: ‘What sort of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him?’ (Mt 8:27).” [Douay Reims has the 8:26-7 as: “And Jesus saith to them: Why are you fearful, of ye of little faith?  Then rising up, he commanded the winds and the sea, and there came a great calm.  But the men wondered, saying: What manner of man is this, for the winds and sea obey Him?”  This has nothing to do with the Christ as a kumbayah tree hugging nature communer]

That passage from Matthew has not a thing to do with harmony. Rather, it tells of Jesus’dominion over nature. It is a statement of authority, of lordship over the natural order. The verse complements one from John: “He that cometh from above is above all.” By abolishing the scriptural intuition of power and might, the truncated quotation makes Jesus a screen on which to project a chimera of cosmic equality…….

……Resurgent Islam and the spread of Sharia are the church’s enemies, not oil, coal, and gas. None are poorer than those who live, despised, in the path of ISIS. Where, then, is the encyclical calling for the conversion of Islam away from its murderous climate of hatred? Instead, the Vicar of Christ calls all the world—intending primarily the West—to “ecological conversion.” [Which conversion has, in fact, already happened. As the founder of Greenpeace noted on leaving the organization in 1986, all the reasonable things – ending nuclear testing, dramatically improving real air quality, not made up “carbon dioxide” problems, safe disposal of toxic waste, etc., etc. have already been done, or are at least constantly attended to.  He also noted that to justify their existence and their patent hatred of capitalism (and, not coincidentally, Christianity), the radical environmental left has to go to more and more extreme lengths.  Thus carbon dioxide becomes the world’s greatest threat, even though it is a totally natural product produced far, far more by the earth and normal life than it is by man. There is always room for improvement, but basically castigating an entire economic system and mode of life as fundamentally evil – on an environmental basis! – is much less Catholic than it is a political ideology]

Intellectual and moral confusion of such magnitude is a judgment on the ecclesial culture that produced it and the popular culture that consents to it.

———-End Quote———–

If you think some of the above was over the top, don’t go read the whole thing.  I would say Mullarkey got a pretty good head of steam going.

Now, real quick, because this post is already very long, the presentation made by Elizabeth Yore at the Heartland Institute’s colloquy in Rome, held at the same time as the Vatican climate change PR event conference:

I’ll close with this: one of the most damaging trends in Catholic catechesis/theological study over the past 50 years has been the tendency to radically mix up the prudential and the dogmatic.  Issuing an encyclical on a subject that by definition is largely outside the special charism of the Pope is only a furtherance of this very destructive trend.  I have long lamented how no one pays any attention to what the USCCB says because they issue 50 press releases every day on prudential subjects far outside the bishop’s competency – farm bills, telecommunications regulations, all manner of economic policies, etc, while they very, very rarely pronunciate on those matters that ARE their competency and in fact their duty as shepherds: moral matters and the Doctrine of the Faith.  For the most part the papacy, with some glaring exceptions, had avoided this tendency but it seems it has now adopted it with abandon.  Making prudential matters out to be somehow dogmatic is only going to turn some people off, and, far worse, massively confuse people as to what is actually required belief to be Catholic, and what is not.  We now have leftists attacking orthodox Catholics for not being on board the great climate change hoax, which is simply ludicrous but we instantly saw how this encyclical gave much more ammunition to those who want to turn the Church into just one more secularist, left-wing NGO.  More on that later, God willing.

And this was so exceptional I went with it though I am trying to avoid any non-synodal related coverage of this Papacy for the rest of the summer.

The plural of anecdote may be anecdotes, but this is one heckuva revealing one July 1, 2015

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Enough anecdotes……hundreds, maybe thousands……..do eventually become that most sacrosanct of terms in our science-beguiled society: “data.”  But for now this is just one anecdote that confirms what a whole bunch of DATA reveals, which data only reinforces what we already know from the natural law, Scripture, and Tradition: perverse couplings are inherently unstable, immoral, and prone to bad endings.  That one in fifty lasts more than a few years is far more anecdotal than the reality of how the vast, vast majority of these relationships go.

So what is one great new benefit of the Supreme Court imposed state recognition of pseudo-sodomarriage?  When their relationships almost inevitably fail, the divorce is now much, much easier:

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – While many were celebrating Friday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that now allows same-sex couples to marry in Tennessee, a smaller group was breathing a quiet sigh of relief for what it means for them — the right to divorce a same-sex spouse.

A former Clarksville woman filed what is believed to be the first paperwork in the state seeking a divorce from a same-sex partner. Her Complaint for Divorce was filed in Montgomery County Chancery Court just before the courthouse closed Friday afternoon.

The couple married in Shelbyville, Indiana, on June 4, 2014, but before Friday’s ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in Tennessee, they could not seek a divorce here. To terminate their marriage, one or the other would have had to move to a state that recognizes same-sex marriage and establish residency — a process that usually takes at least six months, said Nashville Attorney Ryan Johnson of Turner Law Offices.

He and Robert J. Turner are representing Taramarie Gulledge, who now lives in Kingston Springs but lived with her wife and their almost 3-year-old daughter in Clarksville until the couple split up in May.

My goodness!  They were “married” for a whole 11 months!  What a great witness of heroic virtue and joyfully willed sacrifice!

But wait, there’s more!  The complaint hints at promiscuity in one of the partners and possible domestic violence!  Short duration, promiscuity, and violence……it’s a trifecta of core characteristics of these kinds of immoral couplings!  The only thing missing is substance abuse/unresolved mental health problems.

And naturally, there’s a child in the mix!  For the sake of the child, this “divorce” could actually be quite a good thing, provided whoever gains custody doesn’t further descend into this lifestyle.

Yes, I’m possibly being a bit over the top and taking a harsh view of this sordid affair, but statistics from European countries where this kind of “marriage” has been recognized by the state for years indicates that these relationships rarely last.  The data shows that the average duration of a “marriage” between two women in the Low Countries and Scandanavia is just under 3 years.  It’s almost as if the “marriage” is really about the wedding, a great big party and a desperately craved affirmation that never quite stills that deep ache in their heart that comes from living an unnatural, perverse lifestyle.

State-recognition won’t solve anything, it will not make these people feel any better about themselves, and once that realization dawns en masse, then they’ll really start looking for a scapegoat, and the goats will be me and you.  As Reilly notes, unable to face their own immorality, they will cast about looking for others to blame, seeing in the few remaining opponents to their immorality the source of their inability to ever be not just happy, but even at peace. This will be a totally false attribution, but we’ve already seen it in operation many times.

Of course, even should they be totally successful in not only driving believing Christians from the public square, or, by some calamity, even manage to convert everyone to their irrational, immoral ethos, it won’t make the slightest bit of difference in how they feel.  Oh yes there will be parties and some may even have a somewhat lasting sense of triumph, but ultimately, they will end up exactly where they are now and have always been, mired in a lifestyle that is unnatural, immoral, and undignified, and that small still voice, which never quite goes away no matter how many partners you have or how many drugs you take, will still confront them with the reality of the evil of what they do.  It is that voice they flee from, and in that flight they seek to tear down all the possible reminders of their sin.  But you can’t overcome nature and you can’t kill God, so the voice will remain, the only question is how much damage will be done in the interim, both to themselves and to everyone else.

It’s a Greek tragedy playing out on a culture-wide scale, with the “hero’s” great flaw preventing them from seeing that their Odyssean work will only destroy themselves and those around them.  The more I contemplate this matter, I tend not to become angrier, though there is enough of that, but I get sad.  Each one of these people was created as a soul of infinite worth and dignity, and yet they have mired themselves in the worst filth, and with their power and hubris, they have convinced many, many people to pretend along with them that they are in fact good and even holy!  It is the lies that make me angry, the lies that have the stench of death and the sulfur of hell.  But in the individual souls I only feel great sadness, as for the women above and especially their poor child, who never had a say in the matter and will likely grow up badly damaged as a result, as a good number of children raised in such disordered environments have already attested.

Such a shame.  And it will get much, much worse before it gets better.

In the US today, lies trump truth June 30, 2015

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One of the inevitable, almost certainly pre-written pieces that came out in the wake of last week’s disastrous decision to force legal recognition of pseudo-sodomarriage on all 50 states – directly contradicting the express will of 31 states and almost as many state constitutional amendments – was one having to do with the alleged superiority of such immoral “unions.”  That someone could make such a claim with a straight face is a sure indication of the unprecedented depths to which the morals of this nation have descended.  Unfortunately, we will likely face such ludicrous claims frequently, so we must be armed with reasoned analysis to refute them totally and forcefully.  I will fisk some of the claims below for  your reference:

it’s worth keeping in mind the findings of psychologists John and Julie Gottman … gay couples have an edge[.] … [G]ay couples have a healthier fighting style than straight couples. [Perhaps that’s because they have so much practice.  Milo Yiannopoulos, an open sodomite, reports that nearly half of all lesbians have been assaulted at least once by their partners.  These rates are stratospheric compared to the general population. Perhaps that is why lesbian partnerships almost never last more than 3 years]

……The Gottmans give an example from a workshop they held with gay and lesbian couples. They gave couples some exercises to complete and the men went through the exercises much more quickly than the women. While the lesbians felt that there was not enough time to complete the exercise properly—they wanted more time sharing answers among one another and with the group—the men wanted the exact opposite.  [All the claims in this piece come from one pair of researchers who use non-statistically valid methods and self-reporting schemes.  It is worthless analytically, even as it assaults reason violently]

About 60 percent of gay men, one study found, have had sex outside of their marriage and 44 percent of them said that they had done so with the blessing of their partner. By comparison, about 14 percent of straight men and women reported having sex outside of marriage… [The numbers are actually a lot higher than that, with nearly 90% of male couples requiring an “open relationship” to last more than a couple of years.  The median number of lifetime partners for a sodomite of 20 years experience is in the hundreds, with many in the thousands]

… given how strong the male sex drive is, it’s unrealistic to expect men to remain monogamous for life. [This is just utter balderdash, billions of men over the course of history have managed it, this is nothing but special pleading for base behavior] Having occasional trysts outside of marriage helps gay men keep the marriage together. [A relationship founded on promiscuity is no marriage] The problem is that when individuals have an orgasm, they release a hormone called oxytocin, which makes people emotionally attached and bonded to another person. “So there is attachment taking place through sex,” he said. [My goodness, incredibly they admit there even could be a downside.  But I would hazard, based on the behavior of my next door neighbor, there is little attachment going on, but a whole lot of drug and alcohol fueled screaming and yelling at 3 and 4 in the morning.  His house is the sole source of police responses on our street, and they happen with some regularly.  His charming response to complaints (not mine)? Go —- yourself.]

Lesbians suffer from the opposite problem. Rather than having too much sex, they seem to be having too little. The term “lesbian bed death,” coined by the sociologist Pepper Schwartz, is a now-famous descriptor for how little sex lesbian women report having.

Indeed, the vast majority of lesbian relationships become completely platonic after the first 3-6 months.  That’s another point that Yiannopoulos included.  These highly disordered relationships tend to feature a great deal of obsessive-compulsive behavior that tends towards the violence seen above.  In order to get a new thrill and re-initiate their perverse behaviors, gomorrists tend to seek out new partners.  So again, we see how the behavior of these morally lost soul has been sanitized and re-cast in terms to make them palatable to the majority, by completely misrepresenting how they actually conduct their lives.

Which gets back to a point I raised two weeks ago, which is that gomorrists admit of having far more male partners!!! than women unafflicted with this perverse lust do.  I personally find in this fact very strong evidence that this lifestyle is far more about conscious choice than it is anything else.  All this data has been carefully buried, of course, in service of this most demonic of social revolutions.

I should remind readers that the Talmud, one of the major sources of Jewish belief, states that God unleashed the Flood that destroyed almost all life on earth when the people became so deranged they began to “marry” people of the same sex.  I don’t want readers to feel I am being overly negative, but I am trying to impress on folks the unbelievably dire situation that faces us.

I do strongly recommend reading books like Mexican Martyrdom and The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest if you want some idea of what is coming our way.  Books on more recent persecutions are probably superior to older ones since they incorporate some of the invidious advances that have been made in the persecutor’s arsenal.  The Last Crusade is another good source.

I will try to do a post on recommendations for sources like this at another time.

Call to end tax exempt status is really a call to end churches and plunder their property June 30, 2015

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One of the dominant characteristics of the Tudor dynasty in 16th and 17th century England was its totalitarian nature and profound lawlessness.  It was this lawlessness that laid the seed-bed for 17th century rebellion against monastery and the (to the present day) total ascendance of the Parliament over the monarchy.  Henry VIII infamously sacked much of the wealth of the English Church, the better to buy support among certain aristocrats and other unscrupulous souls.  He did so through an instrument of totalitarian government, the Act of Supremacy, which declared Henry the sole head of the “church in England.”

History never repeats, but historical situations do recur.  We don’t quite have an all-powerful king, but we do have a narrow elite hell-bent on pursuing their own narrow interest and using any and all means to do so.  We also have a nation horribly in debt and unable to meet even its present-day fiscal obligations, not to mention the titanic mountain of debt that looms on the near horizon.  These are two very powerful elements that, with this disastrous Obergfell Supreme Court decision, now have the means to plunder the churches both for the wealth that could be gained by so doing and, to paraphrase King Henry II, to rid themselves of these damned meddlesome Christians.

That’s the conclusion (and the extrapolation) I draw from Denny Burk’s warning that the sexular pagans are not nearly done with their revolution, and that they are coming for the churches next, both for our money, and to silence us once and for all (my emphasis and comments):

Mark Oppenheimer of The New York Times is now calling for the government to remove tax-exempt status from churches. After I posted a link to his article on Facebook, a pastor friend commented: “I’m not sure our small church could survive.” That, my friends, is the point. And Oppenheimer knows it. [Well, he admits as much later]

Legal gay marriage is not the endgame for the gay-rights movement. It never was. Moral approval is the endgame. The agenda is not tolerance for different beliefs and lifestyles. The agenda is a demand that everyone get on board with the moral revolution or be punished. That means if you or your church won’t get with the program, then the revolutionaries will endeavor to close you down. [That is it in a nutshell.  Reilly establishes very clearly that this “marriage” movement is all about gaining that precious, precious affirmation these poor souls so constantly crave.  It won’t work, of course, the Law of God written on their hearts will continue to keep them in misery so long as they live these terrible lives of sin]

But they aren’t going to say,”We’ll close you down,” in so many words. They will cover it in propaganda that conceals their real aim. They’ll say, as Oppenheimer does, that taxpayers are “subsidizing” churches, that ministers make fat-cat six-figure salaries, and that government should get those rich priests and preachers off the government dole[I don’t know what our bishops in this country make, but there are some fat cats in the Church in places like Germany.  But in this country, even the pastor of a large parish rarely makes more than $60k a year, though they do have many major expenses covered]

Never mind that the average base salary of a full-time senior pastor ranges from $33,000 to $70,000 (source). Never mind that ministers do pay income taxes. Never mind that it is absurd to suggest not paying taxes is a subsidy…….That doesn’t fit the fictional narrative activists wish to advance—that these churches don’t deserve to have their “subsidy” continued in light of their intolerable views on sexuality. [Yep, that’s the point.  And the rhetoric about “subsidy” reveals for the tweltheenth time that leftists view ALL income as belonging by right to the state, with lowered taxes somehow becoming “subsidies” or even “gifts” from the state to the citizen.  All they need now is their Fouquier-Tinville.]

No, the real intent of removing tax-exempt status is to cripple the institutions that continue their dissent from the sexual revolution. When tax exemptions are removed, donors will give far less than they are giving now. Churches will become liable to property taxes.[Especially in deep blue states, but it could become universal eventually]  That means that many churches will have to forfeit their property to the government because they won’t be able to afford the taxes they have to pay on it.[And what a bonanza that could be]  Many of them wouldn’t be able to pay them now. If donations went down, they would be that much further from being able to pay them. As a result, churches that reside on valuable properties in urban locations would be immediately vulnerable. Eventually, so would everyone else. [Dang right. Maybe it’s been a great grace that so many traddie parishes are in undesirable locales?]

Oppenheimer knows this. That is why he argues that if churches can’t raise the money for their new tax burden, then they don’t deserve to retain their property.[Who the hell is he to say this?  OK, if we ever elect a real social conservative, how about raising taxes on urban elites (especially NYC) to 95%?  If government is going to be all about will to power, punish the minority and squash all dissent, then this could involve into savage persecution of the other side depending on who comes out on top after a given election.  This process won’t last long, it will end in dictatorship – with a lot of people clamoring for it – just to return to some kind of perceived sense of order]   After all, he argues, the government would do a better job than churches at meeting the needs of their community. [This is false, private charities have been demonstrated to be far more efficient distributors of charity, being much closer to local needs.  Oppenheimer’s entire piece is full of such bald, unsupported assertions] He concludes, “So yes, the logic of gay-marriage rights could lead to a reexamination of conservative churches’ tax exemptions… When that day comes, it will be long overdue.”……[Ah – did you get that?  That’s the key.  It won’t be all churches.  It won’t be unitarian  universalists or other churches of the sexular pagan left.  It will be orthodox Christian churches.  So this is entirely about crushing opposition]

………When some of us warned of the religious-liberty implications of making gay marriage a fundamental constitutional right, we were told that such things would never happen. What they really meant was, “That will never happen, but when it does you Christians will deserve it.” Oppenheimer is making the case for why he thinks we deserve it.

————End Quote———-

Is it revealing the degree to which seemingly secular Jews have been playing in the advance of the sexular pagan agenda going back decades now?  Is it revealing that the entire Frankfurt School of avowed communists was made up of deeply self-loathing Jews (and thoroughly miserable human beings)?  Is there an eschatological element to this involvement by the Jews in the unprecedented retreat of Christendom over the past few hundred  years?

Perhaps more immediate questions are: now that we have confirmation that the sexularist revolutionaries are already moving against the Church in the primary area they can influence – funding – and thus all of our dire predictions have been proved right……..does it matter?  Now that we have confirmation that these same pagans are already moving to legalize polygamy and even worse, incest, and we’ve been proved right again……will that knowledge make any difference?  Will enough people care?  Are there enough basically orthodox Christians and protestants of any stripe to stop this runaway freight?

I’m afraid the answers are likely no.  In certain regions, more rural communities in the South, West, and Great Plains, there remains a relatively large number of at least somewhat orthodox Christians and protestants, but everywhere else………we’ll be a tiny minority.  We certainly are in most cities. And once real suffering starts, our numbers will decrease even more.

If persecuting policies aimed at bankrupting churches are enacted at the federal (national) level, it will be very hard on most parishes.  It is possible more friendly state and local policy could offset a good deal of the damage done, however.  So this will likely be a more regional phenomenon, where leftist states are able to even further drive all opposition out but survival may be possible elsewhere.  Rod Dreher seems to be pointing towards rural enclaves a la the early monasteries.  Much will depend on how our bishops respond, but barring an unforeseen miracle I think it will become increasingly difficult to impossible for traditional Catholic communities to exist in liberal areas generally and large coastal cities in particular.  Maybe I’m being a bit too negative, but I don’t believe I am.  While I predicted pseudo-sodomarriage would be the law of the land 2-3 years ago, if you had asked me 10 years ago whether any of this would come to pass, I would have thought you were crazy.  That’s how fast things are moving.

It might not be a bad idea for traditional parishes to start identifying alternative centers for the Sacraments if they cannot maintain their present physical locations.  This might include barns, halls, meeting places, even open fields.

I don’t mean to discourage anyone, but we’re heading into a real, red persecution.  We need to be prepared.

Mexicans in Chihuahua block passage of “same-sex marriage” bill…… June 30, 2015

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………and Bishop Michael Jarrell of Lafayette, LA calls for civil disobedience against such manifestly unjust and immoral laws.

Blaise Cupich of Chicago, however, released the formal instrument of surrender for his archdiocese.

Differing responses to the moral calamity that faces us.  I am certain this will be par for the course for at least the next few years:

A dozen Catholic priests, accompanied by dozens more of the faithful, prevented the discussion of a bill to create homosexual “marriage” in the Mexican state of Chihuahua by their impassioned protest outside of the capitol building and their entrance into the congress itself to observe the proceedings, according to reports in the local and national press.

Following a prayer vigil the night before in the cathedral of the state capital, the protesters began to gather outside of the state congress and express their rejection of allowing debate over the legal recognition of homosexual unions as “marriages.” At 11:30 pm a group of about ten priests accompanied by laymen entered the congress itself to witness the proceedings, holding placards expressing support for the traditional family.

Seeing the protestors and the presence of the priests, the president of the state congress, Cesar Augusto Pacheco Hernandez, stated that the topic would not be addressed at the session, according to the local El Diario newspaper. The decision was met by cheers from the pro-family protesters……..

……..According to recent Supreme Court decisions, it is “discriminatory” to link “the requirements of marriage to sexual preferences,” as this “unjustifiably excludes homosexual couples -who are in similar conditions as heterosexual couples- from marriage,” the Court stated.  It added its claim that it is “unsuitable” to “consider that the purpose of marriage is procreation,” and affirmed that the “only constitutional purpose this decree acknowledges is the protection of family as a social reality.”

They’re almost entirely fake, transitory “unions” anyways!  The entire agenda is founded on a hideous lie, which is that the normal course of sodomite/gomorrist relations resembles anything like even marriage as it exists today, as abused and denigrated by “heterosexuals” as it is, let alone marriage as it has been for thousands of years – the indissoluble union of a man and woman oriented towards the creation of new life.  The only way sodomite “unions” persist more than a handful of years, if not months, is through constant and expected fornication with others.  Even then, above 90% of such relationships last less than 3 years.  That lets alone the profoundly unnatural aspects of this behavior, with hideously high rates of all manner of horrific diseases – anal cancer, rectal prolapse, sky-high rates of domestic violence, depression, drug addiction, suicide.

No matter what court decides what, the actions that define the sodomite agenda will remain foul, contrary to nature, incredibly offensive to God and downright sickening and evil.

I’ve wondered as a blogger a few times as to why the pro-life movement has chosen to totally eschew the more confrontational tactics of the late 70s and 80s that generated a lot of controversy but also probably saved a lot of lives.  At that time, human chains blocking entrances to mills and rescue operations even inside mills were quite common.  I have been told that such means were counterproductive and just got the pro-life movement labeled as crazy, while noting our cultural and religious enemies rarely have such compunction.  Radical tactics certainly seem to work for them.

Possibly along those lines, Bishop Michael Jarrell of Lafayette, LA seems to call for civil disobedience, at least among elected officials, without postulating what that might involve (I really think, in charity, priests and prelates owe their flocks very clear moral guidelines on the forms of resistance we may morally engage in).

Personally, I’m all for considering such steps.  You know I’ve been praying outside strip clubs for a little while now, and while I think that helpful and sort of an overlooked evil in our midst, I’ve been debating with myself if that’s really the most effective place to be or even if that’s what I’m being called to.  Part of me wants to park myself outside some of these sodomite pseudo-churches that confirm these people in their sins by butchering Christianity into a neo-pagan evil and confronting this gravest threat to our religion more directly.  But I can envision such engagement escalating quickly and I don’t think we have the numbers for that kind of confrontation, yet, even while I wonder if I am spiritually up to such (I’m sure the others are, but I am weak and cowardly).  I’m sure we’ll know very soon where these pseudo-sodo-marriages are taking place, and maybe that’s where we can take a stand in the near future.  I’ll think about it more.

The point being, the status quo has obviously failed.  Our political and church leadership have totally collapsed in the face of the advance of this gravest of perversions.  Do we just circle the wagons and prepare for the day they come for us, or do we take the fight to the enemy while we might still have a prayer of making a difference?  Is it prudent to do so, or will that just make the parishes from which we emanate greater targets?  Does that even matter at this point?  If we’re doomed to suffer anyways, should we actively seek it out or wait till it comes to us?  With the abdication of our shepherds, must the sheep become their own shepherds?   I don’t know, perhaps you have some thoughts.

Kennedy strikes again: Supreme Court stays Texas abortion limitation law June 30, 2015

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A commenter asked why I picked on Anthony Kennedy in my initial reaction to the destruction of marriage decision issued last week, when there was another ‘Catholic’ justice who voted in favor of this demonic nightmare (Sotomayor).  Well, I did that for two reasons…….one, this is about the umpteenth time Kennedy has voted against the solemnly proclaimed Doctrine of the Faith – it was he who kept abortion legal in Casey vs. Planned Parenthood, he who de-criminalized sodomy in Lawrence vs. Texas (and wrote the solipsistic majority opinion), he who cast the deciding vote in 2013 in favor of the federal government recognizing “same sex marriage” as actual marriage……and those are just the highlights.  Secondly, and more importantly, while Sotomayor does not present herself as a faithful, orthodox Catholic, she acknowledges she differs from the Church on a number of matters, Kennedy DOES present himself as a faithful Catholic.  That’s a big distinction.

Anyway, Kennedy has struck again, staying the implementation of aspects of Texas House Bill 2 which has resulted in the shuttering of a large majority of the state’s abortion mills.  It is quite possible given this stay, some which had shut down will re-open, at least temporarily:

The Supreme Court barred Texas on Monday from implementing a law that would have forced more than half the state’s 19 abortion clinics to close their doors this week.

The law, which was to take effect Wednesday, would require clinics to adhere to strict new physical standards and the doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

The court granted the reprieve after abortion rights groups requested an emergency stay, having unsuccessfully sought to have the law overturned. The stay will probably remain in place at least through the summer while the parties assemble a legal case and the court decides whether to take it up in the next term.

The court did not offer a reason for its 5-to-4 decision, and the law’s ultimate fate remains unclear. The court’s reliably conservative justices — Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. — dissented and would have let the law take effect.

So what are the odds Kennedy will let HB2 stand?  I’d say about 50:1 against, at least.

I have been heartened by some of the reaction I have seen to last week’s travesty of a decision.  I have seen a large number of conservatives finally, if belatedly, come to the realization that the Supreme Court decades ago ceased to be a deliberative body dedicated to interpreting the Constitution with respect to various laws and regulations, and has in fact become a “third legislature” of nine unelected lawyers (see Scalia’s blistering dissent) whose function is to enact social revolution which could never, or only with great difficulty, have been enacted by normal legislative action (re: “democracy”) into law.

That this is true is revealed by the fact that no one, anywhere, ever had any doubt as to which way any of the four hard leftists on the Court would vote on these matters.  It was simply never in doubt.  That’s because these leftists don’t give a whit for the Constitution or what it says, they are there to carry out the revolution by other means.  This has been the case for at least 60 years and frankly, longer than that.

And the “conservatives”…..please.  None of them is rock solid, and Kennedy has morphed more and more into an out and out leftist, at least so far as social matters are concerned.  But every single one of them can be turned to statism on this issue or that, as Thomas showed when he voted with the leftist block to support a TEXAS law forbidding Confederate flag symbols (for the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization) on Texas license plates.  Scalia supports statism when it comes to law enforcement and the “war on drugs,” Roberts of course has tied himself in knots trying to find ways to keep Obamacare “constitutional”…….they all will squish on one issue or the other.  And since the four leftists are utterly unmovable, all it takes is one.

On a more important matter, how have we as a nation come to this point?  How have we come to the point when the Church’s very ability to exist in this country is coming under severe threat?

I think we all know……we are here due to the ABJECT, MANIFEST AND NEAR TOTAL FAILURE of episcopal leadership in this country and around the world going back to the late 1800s when the foul and never fully repressed Americanist heresy reared its ugly head.  The Church as we have experienced it in this country over the past several decades is simply Americanism in action – indifferentism masked as ecumenism, excess focus on public or social virtues, doctrinal weakness/incoherence, toleration of rebellion, excess deference to protestantism, liturgical abuse, and most of all, heaping doses of moral cowardice masquerading as a false virtue of tolerance.  We have come to this point because the leadership of the Church has not only not fought hard enough against the sexular pagan revolution, many key players willingly aided and advanced the sexular pagan revolution through their covert relations with Planned Barrenhood, their Hyannisport meetings, their Land O’ Lakes conference and their “seamless garments.”  They have, very nearly to a man, totally failed in their duty to exercise Church discipline, protect the sanctity of the Church’s doctrinal edifice, and use the (truly charitable) means available to them to stamp out heresy and abuse.  Instead they have played footsie with heresy and cozied up to politicians and others who have done massive damage to the Faith, all out of desire to “maintain a place at the table” and keep the privileges enjoyed in the past for as long as possible, the impact to souls be damned.

God will not be mocked.  He allows our sins to destroy us or at the very least really, really chastise us.  The Church in this country is about to go through an unbelievable chastisement due to the failure – at all levels, it must be said – to live the Faith rightly for decades now.  It is not going to be at all pretty, or fun.  It’s going to be a bitter trial and diabolical confusion.

As I said, may God have mercy on us all.  I do think we shall have many opportunities for heroic virtue in the days ahead.


May God have mercy on our country June 26, 2015

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Even though I am still in glorious deep rural Kansas I am aware that 9 unelected, unrepresentative, elitist oligarch lawyers in black robes just destroyed this nation as it has been known.

See previous post. It was spot on. We are beyond done. Major D’s are already speaking of eliminating tax exempt status for churches that do not comply.  That will only be the beginning.

May God have mercy on us all, especially “Catholic” Anthony Kennedy AND those prelates and priests who allow him to continue gravely wounding the Church and souls, heap sin upon sin, blasphemy the Our Lord in the Flesh, and basically wage a one man war against all that is good,  decent, and holy.

Pray, fast, and receive the Sacraments as much as you can, while you still can.  The future of this country unfolds before us like an endless night.


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