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May God have mercy on our country June 26, 2015

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Even though I am still in glorious deep rural Kansas I am aware that 9 unelected, unrepresentative, elitist oligarch lawyers in black robes just destroyed this nation as it has been known.

See previous post. It was spot on. We are beyond done. Major D’s are already speaking of eliminating tax exempt status for churches that do not comply.  That will only be the beginning.

May God have mercy on us all, especially “Catholic” Anthony Kennedy AND those prelates and priests who allow him to continue gravely wounding the Church and souls, heap sin upon sin, blasphemy the Our Lord in the Flesh, and basically wage a one man war against all that is good,  decent, and holy.

Pray, fast, and receive the Sacraments as much as you can, while you still can.  The future of this country unfolds before us like an endless night.

Isn’t it funny…… June 18, 2015

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…….that after decades of condemning the Church and the Popes for benighted scientific ignorance and knuckle-dragging medieval superstitious “sky-god” worship, the leftists now proclaim the Pontiff/papacy as the greatest source of scientific authority ever?!?

Why, it’s almost as if they hate and castigate everyone and everything that disagrees with their worldview, and extol and defend to the death almost to the mildest inconvenience whatever does?

In other words, as so many faithful Catholics have noted for decades, it’s always, ALL about the politics, tribalism, and personal interest to these folks?  Is there another way to understand their behavior?

Even the out and out pagans/wiccans are celebrating this document!  A self-described pagan in the Huffpost notes that Pope Francis is using language strikingly similar to their own Gaia-mother-earth-goddess worship:

The Earth, says Pope Francis, is protesting for the wrong that we are doing to her, because of the irresponsible use and abuse of the goods that God has placed on her. We have grown up thinking that we were her owners and dominators, authorised to loot her. The violence that exists in the human heart, wounded by sin, is also manifest in the symptoms of illness that we see in the Earth, the water, the air and in living things.

Do you think you know anyone who really grew up thinking they “owned the earth” and were its dominators and authorized to loot it? Who speaks of the world so personally?  Perhaps a certain casual indifference, but “dominating?”  How do the very poor comport in comparison with the relatively wealthy in their care for the earth?  Is the filth, decay, and litter abundant in slums an indication of a higher moral standing?

Best comment I’ve seen so far…….”The world will praise this Pope and this Encyclical because it has to do with its agenda and nothing to do with faith and morals.” The world will ignore his comments about abortion, embryos and population control. The world will not praise Paul VI forHumane Vitae.

It would have been a more profound act on the part of the Pope if this Encyclical was a call for the world to end the persecution and the annihilation of Christians or that true peace can only be found in a conversion to Jesus Christ and His Church but that would not be as politically correct in this age of toleration for everything except the truth. 

Way to go, Vox.


Some Democrats have taunted Republicans for becoming “cafeteria Catholics” on the environment. But this is a red herring. When the Church prohibits abortion, it’s enunciating an absolute moral principle. When a pope criticizes the use of air conditioners or of mercury in gold mining (Francis does both) we are very much in the realm of prudential judgments. And even his larger proposals about global reforms have to operate in a world where efforts to balance differing national interests and outright human needs have made straightforward moral judgments and compromises on international agreements all but impossible…….

…….the encyclical relatively ignores the much large group of poor, at least 2 ½ billion people on several continents, who simply need development, meaning primarily clean water, electricity, and stable governments that will allow them to improve their lot and deal with whatever nature – or climate change – may throw at them[And who, assuming draconian limits on carbon dioxide, would be almost assuredly permanently barred from ever enjoying even a fraction of the kind of wealth and comfort enjoyed by the post-Christian West.  Which, I fear, may be a significant motivation behind the climate hoax]

There’s much moral denunciation of “finance” and “technology” in the encyclical, much less appreciation of how the efficiencies of markets (properly regulated) and globalization, combined with technical innovation and the entrepreneurial spread of its use, have already lifted hundreds of millions around the world out of age-old misery. And will continue to do so……

Just some of the better opinions I read today.

But by far the best was how Vox opened:

Praised be Jesus Christ.

May His Holy Name be praised on the lips of everyone in the world at all times from now until eternity, Amen.

May God have mercy on us all.

WHAT a new springtime! If trends hold, there will be ZERO Christians in Britain by 2067 June 17, 2015

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Good Lord, that’s only 52 years away.  That’s closer to us than the Cuban Missile Crisis or Texas’ first national championship in football.

The thing is, trends like these always change.  As the number of believers decreases the trend lines will flatten out and a bottom will be reached – and that bottom will not be zero.  There are a goodly number of very staunch Catholics in Britain having large families and transmitting the Faith to the younger generations. But I had no idea that Christianity was dying in Britain as fast as it is.  How long before Oxford becomes a madrassah for the training if islamic imams?

It’s often said that Britain’s church congregations are shrinking, but that doesn’t come close to expressing the scale of the disaster now facing Christianity in this country. Every ten years the census spells out the situation in detail: between 2001 and 2011 the number of Christians born in Britain fell by 5.3 million — about 10,000 a week. If that rate of decline continues, the mission of St Augustine to the English, together with that of the Irish saints to the Scots, will come to an end in 2067………

……..Our cathedral buildings will survive, but they won’t be true cathedrals because they will have no bishops. The Church of England is declining faster than other denominations; if it carries on shrinking at the rate suggested by the latest British Social Attitudes survey, Anglicanism will disappear from Britain in 2033. One day the last native-born Christian will die and that will be that. [I doubt that.  But I do look forward to the day that the false, heretical “Church” of England no longer exists. I pray all the souls belonging to it experience a real conversion and convert to the Church Christ founded, which isn’t doing all that well, either.]

……..It has all happened so quickly. Anglicans in particular are abandoning their faith at a rate that (in more ways that one) defies belief. According to the British Social Attitudes surveys, their numbers fell from 40 per cent of the population in 1983 to 29 per cent in 2004 and 17 per cent last year……

……His predecessor but one, however, is happy to do so. Lord Carey of Clifton, a more formidable figure in retirement than he was in office, last month warned the C of E that it was ‘one generation away from extinction’. The new Social Attitudes figures support his conclusions.

Between 2012 and 2014 the proportion of Britons describing themselves as Church of England or Anglican fell from 21 to 17 per cent: a loss of 1.7 million people in two years. That’s what you might expect if the established church had been engulfed in a gigantic paedophile scandal. But it hasn’t been.

Self-identifying British Catholics fell from 10 per cent to 8 per cent between 1983 and 2014. But that decline would have been far more dramatic without the arrival of Catholics from the Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Philippines. No wonder Cardinal Vincent Nichols stresses the ‘Gospel imperative’ to welcome migrants. [Yep. Same as the situation here in the US]

But he’s deluding himself if he thinks foreign Catholics will continue to fill his pews. Young Poles in England and Wales are noticeably less devout than they were ten years ago: I’d be amazed if more than a fifth of them were Mass-goers.

This applies to Scotland, too. The Poles propping up Catholic parishes won’t do so for much longer. Meanwhile, self-identification with the Church of Scotland has fallen off a cliff: from 36 per cent of Scots in 2001 to 18 per cent in 2013.

[So……why is this happening?] Why is British Christianity facing such a catastrophe? There is a one-word answer, but it requires a lot of unpacking: secularisation.

……….The American sociologist James Davison Hunter has explored this phenomenon in two books, Culture Wars (1991) and To Change the World(2010). Hunter is rude about left-wing Christians who think campaigns against carbon emissions or campus sexism are ‘Gospel causes’. On the contrary, he says, they are thoroughly secular and even if they succeed the churches won’t benefit……….

The author, Damian Thompson, as he is wont to do, then jumps the shark by saying that “conservative,” or more rightly put, faithful, observant Christianity and especially Catholicism aren’t the answer against secularization, either, because Roe v. Wade still hasn’t been repealed or something, an argument as nonsensical as it is meaningless.  For instance, Thompson failed to note that the most conservative evangelical sects are among the fastest growing entities in American Christianity.  Traditional Catholic parishes, while tiny by comparison, are generally growing, and quite rapidly.  That would seem to point that being observant is, far from doomed to impotence, at least on the right track, if far from exercising a culture-wide influence…….yet.

But the data, if not his commentary, does raise an interesting point: there has been a sudden explosion in departures from the Church in the few remaining developed, Western countries where it was still being fairly widely practiced.  Why?  Why has membership in traditional Christian churches (not evangelical sects) suddenly plummeted, and especially in the past 5-10 years?

I think the answer, secularization is right, but I think Thompson misses the forest for the trees.  What kind of secularization? Militant, left-wing secularization is proliferating rapidly through the leftist “march through the institutions.” They now control, by and large, the media, schools, academia, and the entertainment industry.  In order to shield ourselves from all this crap, faithful families have to literally unplug from the culture.  The first generation is coming to adulthood after the completion of this process, and they are turning out to be very indifferent, even hostile, to orthodox religion, after years of being formed to be exactly that.  I think the internet and the notion of avant garde hipster culture also plays a huge role.  That is why we have suddenly seen an unexpected explosion in really fringe, radical feminism from college age women in the past several years, as just one example. There are many others, from the sodomite front to global warming evangelizing…..our young people are profoundly religious, it’s simply that their religion is for the most part leftism.  Some will come back or enter the Church as they age, but most will not.

Some things that more and more people are positively turned off to include some of the ways in which modernists try to sell the Church, to the extent they even try: desperation, obvious attempts to be cool, pandering, etc.  Nothing turns off someone looking for the veracity of faith as much as a religion that seems unsure of itself, or even more, seems to stand for nothing.  I think those two factors are the two predominate reasons both the Church and the mainline sects have been hemorrhaging the most members.  And the eco-encyclicals, while bringing momentary notoriety, will only turn off lost souls looking for a safe harbor, and cause the Church’s enemies to mock her even more.

The only thing that will bring souls into the Church, and keep them there, is for the Church to be herself once again. But I’m afraid the powers that be are utterly insistent the Church go through complete collapse before we can even begin get back to that point.

Sister Lucia: “Final Confrontation between the Lord and Satan will be over family and marriage” June 17, 2015

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A great post from Rorate today on Cardinal Caffara’s report of a conversation he had with Sister Lucia before her death.  Cardinal Caffara relates that Sister Lucia told him that the final confrontation between God and satan would center around the family and marriage.  That certainly seems to be a prophesy unfolding before our saddened eyes over the past several decades:

Q. There is a prophecy by Sister Lucia dos Santos, of Fatima, which concerns “the final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan”. The battlefield is the family. Life and the family. We know that you were given charge by John Paul II to plan and establish the Pontifical Institute for the Studies on Marriage and the Family.

Yes, I was. At the start of this work entrusted to me by the Servant of God John Paul II, I wrote to Sister Lucia of Fatima through her Bishop as I couldn’t do so directly. Unexplainably however, since I didn’t expect an answer, seeing that I had only asked for prayers, I received a very long letter with her signature – now in the Institute’s archives. In it we find written:the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid, she added, because anyone who works for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be fought and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue. And then she concluded: however, Our Lady has already crushed its head.

Talking also to John Paul II, you felt too that this was the crux, as it touches the very pillar of creation, the truth of the relationship between man and woman among the generations. If the founding pillar is touched the entire building collapses and we see this now, because we are at this point and we know it. And I’m moved when I read the best biographies of Padre Pio , on how this man was so attentive to the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of the spouses, even with justifiable rigor on occasion.

One Peter Five also notes that Sister Lucia is hardly alone in making this prediction.  The incredibly specific revelations made by Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador in the 1600s point to the same matter as being the crux of this final conflict:

Thus I make it known to you that from the end of the 19th century and shortly after the middle of the 20th century…the passions will erupt and there will be a total corruption of morals… As for the Sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with His Church, it will be attacked and deeply profaned. Freemasonry, which will then be in power, will enact iniquitous laws with the aim of doing away with this Sacrament, making it easy for everyone to live in sin and encouraging procreation of illegitimate children born without the blessing of the Church… In this supreme moment of need for the Church, the one who should speak will fall silent.

“The one who should speak will fall silent……”  A disturbing prediction for all of us, but I would have to think this is a direct reference to the highest authority in the Church.

As I’ve noted on this blog a few times recently, Our Lady has been warning us most emphatically through the most remarkable series of apparitions ever witnessed that we are embroiled in the final struggle between Christ and all the forces of darkness.  Our Lady has warned us at Quito, Fatima, La Sallete, and Akita that the Church would enter an unprecedented time of division, error, apostasy, and persecution.  And our Mother has warned us that much of the hierarchy would fall into the most grievous of errors, or, even more, go over into a hostile and competing religion and one aligned with the false, demonic religion of the gentiles (all of whose gods are demons). In point of fact, our Lady also made this direct reference to the fall of most clergy:

The Sacred Sacrament of Holy Orders will be ridiculed, oppressed and despised. …The demon will try to persecute the Ministers of the Lord in every possible way and he will labor with cruel and subtle astuteness to deviate them from the spirit of their vocation, corrupting many of them. These corrupted priests, who will scandalize the Christian people, will incite the hatred of the bad Christians and the enemies of the Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church to fall upon all priests. This apparent triumph of Satan will bring enormous sufferings to the good Pastors of the Church.…” [That’s always been at least somewhat the case, but there haven’t been too many times when the corruption of the priesthood has been as deep and all-encompassing as it is now]

Our Lady said, “…the secular Clergy will leave much to be desired because priests will become careless in their sacred duties. Lacking the divine compass, they will stray from the road traced by God for the priestly ministry, and they will become attached to wealth and riches, which they will unduly strive to obtain. How the Church will suffer during this dark night! Lacking a Prelate and Father to guide them with paternal love, gentleness, strength, wisdom and prudence, many priests will lose their spirit, placing their souls in great danger. This will mark the arrival of My hour.”

The reference to Freemasonry above is all the more remarkable because that benighted sect dedicated to the service of the world, the flesh, and the devil wasn’t even formally started until over 150 years after these apparitions occurred.


Where is our Saint Vincent?  Where is our great Saint who travels the world preaching repentance and mortification?  Where is the man proclaiming the end is near if we do not repent and convert?  Has he been stifled?  Where are the great Saints in the Church today (aside from every post-conciliar pontiff, naturally)?

I guess that’s why we’re in such a crisis.  There aren’t many, if any, such Saints, or if they are, they are very well hidden.

Then the duty must fall to us, no?


Just how many “transgenders” are there? – UPDATED June 16, 2015

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UPDATE: Format errors fixed. When I go to the farm in a few weeks I’m going to paint up a target with Google blogspot articles that have ruined my WordPress formatting and just go to town shooting them up.  That is a constant trial for my limited patience.

We already know that marriage is being effectively destroyed as the foundational institution of society for the sake of 1-2% of the population of this country – say 4 to 7 million people.  But now we are witnessing even a further assault on truth in the form of “gender fluidity,” or the “new normal” Bruce Jenner pretending to be a woman.  We have already seen major cities like Houston declare that public bathrooms should be open more or less to all, with no distinction according to sex.  A man in a bad wig and sloppily applied makeup can apparently use the women’s room there.  Federal courts have indicated likewise.  And as I discussed yesterday, if we’re going to force 320 million people to buy into the deranged fantasies of a few, shouldn’t there be some discussion of just how prevalent these few are?

Jonathan Last looks at a few of the numbers available.  Tranny activists claim that their kind make up 0.3% of the overall population – just under a million souls.  I can tell you straight off that number is complete balderdash, there don’t come to even a fraction of that number.  First of all, the way these activists calculate this number is based partly on one truth – that “gender dyphoric” individuals make up about 3% of the so-called homosexual population, but then they take a discredited piece of pro-sodomy propaganda and assume that these “homosexuals” make up 10% of the overall population.

Wrong.  They make up at most roughly 2 percent of the overall population.  So what you have is perhaps 2-3% of 2% of the population, or at most like 130,000-190,000 souls, a figure I’d more or less arrived at on my own.  So I found it interesting when the numbers Last bandies about are strikingly similar:

But Steve Sailer points out a piece in the New York Times which tries to hang a real number on the trans population by using Census data for 2010, looking at the raw numbers of people who’d changed their name from one seeming-gender to another (89,667 people) and from one sex to another (21,833). [So the NYT concludes there are about 110,000 “transgendered” types. A vanishingly small number in a country of 330 million]

As Sailer points out, by those metrics, the trans number is somewhere between 0.007 percent and 0.029 percent of the population. What this suggests is that whatever the real number is, it’s so tiny that it will be difficult to pinpoint with any precision. It’s just too small.  [Sailers numbers would be between ~25,000 and 100,000 total in this country]

Also, that it is insane that the American media has push the transgender narrative the way they have over the last couple of years. Here are some comparative numbers:

The Census estimates that there are 324,000 Wiccans in America, as of 2008). Back in 2001, the American Religious Identification Survey found that there were 22,000 Americans who practices Santeria; 33,000 who identified as “Druids”; 55,000 Scientologists; and 84,000 members of the Baha’i faith. This is the order of magnitude we’re talking about with transgenderism. [Are there really so few Scientologists, after decades of high-dollar promotions?  Sheesh, half of them must be Hollywood actors]

I know I’ve been beating these twin topics of “trans” whatever and sodomy to death of late.  I’m beginning to tire of it a bit myself, but given the Supreme Court decision looming on the horizon I think it necessary to get as much of this data out in the public, on the intrawebs where everything is eternal, before  it is too late.  I don’t mean to dwell too much on this but the Reilly book is a game-changer, to me (too bad it did not come out 10 years ago), and we must have tools to resist all these highly abnormal “new-normals” being foisted on us.

So bear with me.  I will write more on this in the coming days but I’m quite certain I’ll be petering out by the end of the month……unless some fresh atrocity faces us.  Then, who knows?!?

Opposition to pseudo-sodo-marriage must be grounded on the immorality of the act…. June 16, 2015

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……and not illusory and ultimately losing arguments about states rights, “democracy,” or any of the rest.  So says my new hero for life Robert Reilly in a recent article at Catholic World Report (that’s right Godfrey of Bouillon, you’re out).

Reilly notes that the reason conservativish people have been getting slaughtered in the courts on the marriage front is because they have steadfastly refused to make the imposition of state recognition of pseudo-sodo-marriage a matter of morals.  He goes on to show that several key players in critically important cases like the Supreme Court decision on the California Prop 8 law, including the judge who originally heard the case, are all horribly compromised by either personal attachment to this sin, or having close family members so attached (as pertained to the lawyer who argued in defense of Prop 8 before the Supreme Court, who then later announced, hey, guess what, I have a daughter given over to this sin and we cannot wait to celebrate her “wedding”).

Reilly posits that conservatives are making such a hash of the defense of marriage primarily because they have never been taught moral ethics or the natural law, and while they instinctively know that pseudo-sodo-marriage is wrong, their lack of formation inhibits them from making a moral argument against this attempted redefinition.  I’m certain that plays a role, as does the general collapse of true Christian religious practice in this country, but I’m not entirely certain all these court decisions were not completely rigged in advance.  In all the critically important court cases either rescinding state constitutional amendments or laws defining marriage as between a man and a woman or otherwise advancing pseudo-sodomarriage, I knew in my heart of hearts well in advance that the jig was up, that the court would only decide one way.

I have known that primarily because the elites in this country, whether Republicrat or Democan, have virtually to a man gone full bore in their support for the sexular pagan agenda and have done so going back decades.  That might explain at least as much as rank ignorance their refusal to argue the moral case against sodomy, which Reilly notes as the major failure of the conservativish opposition to the sodo-marriage revolution (my emphasis and comments):

…….Love seeks the well-being of the other person. An unchaste act, which is any homosexual act, harms the person on whom it is performed and the person performing it. Cooper [he who disastrously argued Prop 8 before the Supreme Court] explains that his “views evolve on issues of this kind the same way as other people’s do, and how I view this down the road may not be the way I view it now, or how I viewed it 10 years ago.”

Let us be clear as to how one can “evolve” in this way: one is historicism, the other positivism — both are inimical to America’s Founding and to understanding our Constitution correctly. [But perhaps, Mr. Reilly, America’s founding and Constitution were inimical to the retention of the moral order and the point we are at now was foreordained by the libertine ideals which informed the founding documents?]

Many homosexual “marriage” opponents seem to suffer a sense of moral illegitimacy — and this includes many Republicans. They have the right instinct, but do not know how to express their view. When they are put on the spot to defend their position, they really have no way to explain it. Since they do not want to be embarrassed, they simply shut up or retreat. Most of these people have no background in moral philosophy or ethics. They are products of our modern educational system which denudes the mind of any notion of natural law, which is the fundamental point from which unnatural “marriage” should be opposed, and replaces it with moral and cultural relativism. [They are products of our modern Church and sects, too, which by and large have failed to instill an understanding of right morality as ordained by God, or to the extent they have, almost always do so by quoting the Bible, an august authority, truly, but one more and more rejected by our secularized society.  What even those who can argue from a point of biblicly-inspired morality miss is the sense of Tradition that would take the Bible out of the distant past and connect it to the present day.]

The reason for the kind of backpedaling exhibited in Indiana, whose governor, Michael Pence, could not adequately support the religious freedom protection law he had signed, is that so many refuse to recognize what this conflict is really about. [morality vs. endless license ending in cultural suicide] The retreat to the position of defending religious freedom means that the issue of the immorality of sodomy and other homosexual acts has been abandoned – both in and out of court. That is a terrible substantive and strategic error. Giving up on the moral issue basically gives the whole issue away — because if sodomy is not wrong, then not allowing it to serve as the basis of marriage must be bigotry. One must forthrightly say and show that sodomitical behavior is against the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” and that, therefore, it cannot be advanced as a right. If sodomy is wrong, then it cannot be the basis of marriage.

Alas, one will not be able to find any such moral principles set out in the parties’ briefs filed in the marriage case to be decided by the US Supreme Court later this month. For example, the State of Michigan’s brief states that: “This case is not about the best marriage definition. It is about the fundamental question regarding how our democracy resolves such debates about social policy…” Yes, it is partly about how things are decided, but it is also about what is being decided. It is not simply a procedural issue; it is also a substantive one. 

After giving a thoroughly inadequate description of what marriage is, the Michigan brief gives the characterization of the same-sex view “that marriage is primarily about commitment, with gender and biological procreation taking less prominent roles. From this perspective, marriage is a commitment that grounds couples and provides familial stability.”

What, I wonder, is the purpose of participating in your opponent’s denial of reality? Do grapes in the process of winemaking take a “less prominent role” in a winemaking process that uses no grapes?……..Then this asinine observation is added: “Importantly, neither view stigmatizes the other; they are simply different conceptions of what the marriage institution should be.”  

Well, yes, they are different, in fact, contradictory. If there is something the marriage institution “should” be, shouldn’t a conception of marriage antithetical to it be stigmatized? [Duh. And thus the stage is very well set for the Supreme Court Emperor of the Known Universe Anthony Kennedy to decide that opposition to pseudo-sodo-marriage can only be rooted in bigotry and thus extend his pretense of “gay marriage” to the 50 states]

Next we learn from the Michigan brief that voters should be able to decide such issues “on decent and rational grounds.” After giving away those “rational grounds” in the brief’s introduction, it is not surprising that the petitioners nowhere present those grounds. Instead we hear that, “The difference in these views is not that one side promotes equality, justice, and tolerance while the other endorses inequality, injustice, and intolerance.”

Well, then, what is the difference? Are right and wrong simply two different views of morality, neither of which is false?  [To the moral relativists who make up 97% of this country, yes]  This is the path to insanity, and to another loss in court. Natural marriage and unnatural “marriage” are not two kinds of marriage: one is marriage, and the other is not. If you’re not willing to say at least this much, why bother saying anything? Michigan is tying the noose around its own neck, but at least it is consistent, with Judge Posner’s words, in giving “no moral arguments against same-sex marriage.”

That is not to say that the moral arguments have not been made to the Court – but that job fell to the amici curiae[Which were certainly ignored by the court’s five sexular pagans]

———End Quote———

I’ve taken enough.  Do go read the whole thing, especially for Reilly’s reporting of how virtually all the major court decisions advancing so-called “gay rights” have done so in a deliberate moral vacuum, pretending all along that sodomy is fully the equivalent to the marital act that naturally tends to have the result of the procreation of children.  Of course, he explodes that myth, as well.

I do think this is the reason the pro-marriage movement has failed.  It has failed to convince people that there is a hugely important moral issue at stake.  The pro-life movement has been much more successful in that regard, but they had the benefit of starting decades earlier, before the moral rot had become nearly so deep, and having a more easily obvious issue to work with: life and death are still widely seen as ultimate moral matters.  But marriage has been under steady assault for decades, starting with contraception, which reduced most marriages to predominate sterility, then divorce on demand, which shattered the concept of unity and instigated serial polygamy, then abortion, to “clean up the mess” left by contraception, and now that marriage has been left a purposeless temporary arrangement between individuals, pseudo-sodo-marriage to complete the destruction.  Polygamy is already in the wings (as Reilly notes, court rulings in favor of polygamy already have been made in recent years) with incest and opening up children to adult sexual predation right behind.

It’s a horrific brave new world in the offing, and I pray Reilly is right that it won’t last very long.  But forever long it does last, we are looking at hell on earth.

If same-sex attracted folks are “born that way,” why do Gomorrist women have more male partners than other women? June 15, 2015

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I must say, Robert Reilly’s Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything is an absolute tour de force.  I cannot recommend his book enough.  I plan to come back to it a number of times in the coming days or even weeks to bring out the many powerful arguments he posits – strictly from reason and the natural law – against the mass propaganda effort that pretends sodomy is not immoral.  I don’t want to beat this topic too much, and I also don’t want to abuse fair use on this wonderful author, but he brings out so many critically important points I have not seen addressed elsewhere, or not nearly so well, that I think it a duty to share as much of the book as I can.

A case in point. In the appendix, Reilly lists some additional public health data that underscore the unhealthiness of this perverse lifestyle.  The negative health effects apply equally to both sodomites and gomorrists, but there is some really shocking info, such as this tidbit that totally explodes the myth of “born that way:”

“The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association [oh c’mon!] warns that lesbians have the richest concentration of risk factors for breast cancer than any subset of women in the world. They have higher risks for cervical cancers.  They are more likely to be obese.  They use more alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs.  A study of over 1400 lesbians found the following:

  • Lesbians have more than twice the number of male partners than heterosexual women (only 7 percent of those who identify themselves as lesbians never have sex with men)
  • They are 4.5 times more likely to have 50 or more male sexual partners in a lifetime
  • They are 3 to 4 times more likely to have sex with men who are at high risk for HIV – “homosexuals,”   bisexuals, and IV drug users.
  • Lesbians experience higher rates of bacterial vaginosis and hepatitis C”

Let’s unpack this a bit.  What we are seeing here are women, many of them with chronic and severe weight and “body image” problems, who after giving themselves away to any man who will pay them a bit of attention then basically turn around and after getting used and dumped 50 times, finally decide men are just bad and become lesbian.  In my drug use and recovery days, I knew several avowed lesbians and all but one of them described their lifestyle as a conscious decision they made.  The other one was married to a man for about 10 years but then somehow got seduced by a hockey player girlfriend and decided that was the way she was. But even she admits she never longed for women or fantasized about them or anything until that really creepy seduction took place.  Blech.

To me, this data, gathered by a pro-revolting sex group!, just obliterates the “born that way” narrative, and with it, the entire argument, such as it is, in favor of pseudo-sodo-marriage. By far the most effective argument the pro-sodomy front has put out is the idea that they are born that way, that their perversion is natural and “God-given,” and that they thus should have all the rights and privileges of other people who happen to not be born that way.  This sense they are “born that way” conveys the idea that sodomy is natural and, even more, moral.  If the “born that way” mythos is destroyed, so will the primary rationale for this effort to destroy marriage.  What I don’t understand is why this data has not gotten wider publicity, since it’s been out for about 15  years.  Obviously the media has buried it, but what about the pro-marriage groups.  I knew from experience that a lot of gomorrists had a very long and troubled experience with men, but I had no idea of the scope of the matter.  Wow.  Those are some really wacked out women.  Nothing points out the absence of good father’s in women’s lives more than this kind of information.

Other data from the appendix:

  • Men who have sex with men account for 61% of all new HIV infections in the US in 2009 and 2010, as well as half the people living with HIV in the US in 2008
  • MSM make up less than 2% of the population aged 13 and older, but account for over 50% of all new HIV infections
  • From the Journal of Sexuality in 2009, compared with those not lost in this grave sin, sodomites demonstrate over 4 times the lifetime rate of suicide attempts, 2.4 times the rate of drug dependence, and vastly greater rates of depression, anxiety, and deliberate self-harm.
  • From the same study, gomorrists demonstrate 4 times the rate of alcohol dependence, 3.5 times the rate of drug dependence, and vastly greater rates of depression and suicide attempts.

Further, the data indicates that descent into this lifestyle only accelerates and pre-existing predisposition towards these serious medical and mental health problems.  In sum, the life expectancy at birth for someone who falls into the sodomite lifestyle is 20-30 years less than one who does not.

I asked last week why a stronger response against this mass embrace of the rankest immorality has not emerged out of the Church, as we saw very quickly in response to the imposed legalization of abortion by judicial fiat.  Publicly, there has been very little response at all, save for occasional scandalous statements from prelates endorsing, and not condemning, this lifestyle that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.  I appreciate those who shared their responses, but I cannot say I was encouraged them. One respondent shared that he has been engaged in such efforts for years but has only met indifference.  I think that is because while most people can still understand the general value of life, of allowing a baby to live, over and above any purported notion of made up “rights,” people are so utterly bereft of a proper understanding of marriage as to be beyond convincing of the evil of this attempted redefinition.  That’s still a bit odd to me, because even 2-3 years ago most people still DID oppose this evil, but there has been a mass preference cascade and the numbers that had been about 60-40 against for a number of years suddenly shifted in the opposite direction.  I’m still digesting what I read and hope to formulate a response, but it seems there is not much basis for mass opposition to this further step into the abyss.

In which case, get your Communion wine and hosts, and hunker down for a long, hard persecution.  It’s going to be a very rough ride for a very long time.

PS – A wise priest advised us to invoke St. Charles Lwonga if we find ourselves cast into a prison.  Perversion reigns supreme in prisons today, and rape is common.  St. Charles was a great martyr for purity.  His intercession can protect you.  I have started asking for his intercession and aid now, well before I find myself in a precarious position.

Beautiful interview with Fr. Joseph Terra on anniversary of attack June 15, 2015

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This report came out a few days ago, I really don’t read hardly anything anymore, I haven’t the time, so I don’t know if it got much coverage or not, but it’s a nice interview with a typically reluctant Fr. Joseph Terra. The report came out on the anniversary of the attack on Fr’s Terra and Walker, FSSP, which resulted in Father Kenneth Walker’s death and Fr. Terra’s brutal injury.

There is much virtue on display below.  I pray you find it as edifying as I did (my comments):

….it was a year ago today that the unthinkable happened. Two men of God were attacked in the quarters they shared next to the church they served in the shadow of the state Capitol.

Now, Terra has returned to serve Mater Misericordiae (Mother of Mercy) Mission, the church he helped rebuild with his own hands. But the Mass he says tonight will be a requiem for the dead. A requiem for Walker.

Terra is an intensely private man, but he knows that because he is a priest and a victim of a violent crime, he is in the public eye. He agreed only reluctantly to be interviewed, sending an enigmatic reply through an emissary, saying that while he did not wish to be interviewed, he would not refuse a request. [I would say that it is not enigmatic, but humble. True humility is so rare today, especially in the context of the news media, it might appear as something else]

In the interview, he speaks in spare sentences, choosing his words, guarding his emotions, as one does when talking to a stranger who is asking too-personal questions. [Again, I would imagine that Fr. Terra, recognizing his influence as a shepherd of souls and always cognizant of his and their eternal destiny, chooses his words very carefully to insure he never gives scandal and only ever speaks in an edifying and virtuous manner.]…….

……..It was late in the afternoon on a Wednesday, and Terra heard a noise in the courtyard behind the rectory.

————End Quote———–

What a beautiful witness from Fr. Terra to faith, forgiveness, acceptance of suffering, and adherence to God’s Will when very, very bad things happen to us.  His is the example we should seek to emulate as the likelihood of a vicious persecution seems to increase daily around us.  Should others make us suffer, hard as it may be, we must not hate them for it. We must respond to their hatred and persecution with love.  From that love, some will be converted, as we pray Gary Michael Moran is converted.  Martyrdom is the water that raises up new souls to God.  Many will laugh us to scorn and spit in our faces, but even if all do, we must keep the Faith.  That is vital to our own sanity and salvation during times of dire trial.

Perhaps Fr. Walker’s intercession has played a role in Fr. Terra’s miraculous recovery.  Save for the scars on his head, he looks very much like he did before the attack.

And so it seems, as an aside, that yes Fr. Terra will be the new pastor in Tyler and that Fort Worth will be getting an FSSP parish late this summer.  But Bishop Olson still terminated the TLM at Fisher-More College out of sheer animus.  This is all just a part of his devious plot to lull trads into a sense of complacency before he really nails them.  Film (Amazon Women on the Moon) at 11.

h/t MFG. Thanks!

REPOST Cambridge academic conference: “Pedophilia is natural and normal for human males” June 15, 2015

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I was working on a new post on this same subject when I remembered……haven’t I written on this topic before?  Indeed I had.  Yes, it;’s a repost, but given that we are probably going to see one of the final victories for the pseudo-sodo-marriage effort this month (I pray it may be stopped.  St. Joseph, pray for us, pray for the conversion of Justice Anthony Kennedy, the effort to normalize the sexual abuse of children will surely be one of the major efforts going forward.  Children have always been the ultimate prize of the sexual revolution.

So proclaimed a major academic conference held recently in Britain.  Sodomy is just the beginning, folks, the ultimate goal is your children:

“Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males,” said the presentation. “At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children … Normal males are aroused by children.”

Some yellowing tract from the Seventies or early Eighties, era of abusive celebrities and the infamous PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange? No. Anonymous commenters on some underground website? No again.

The statement that paedophilia is “natural and normal” was made not three decades ago but last July. It was made not in private but as one of the central claims of an academic presentation delivered, at the invitation of the organisers, to many of the key experts in the field at a conference held by the University of Cambridge.

Other presentations included “Liberating the paedophile: a discursive analysis,” and “Danger and difference: the stakes of hebephilia.”

Hebephilia is the sexual preference for children in early puberty, typically 11 to 14-year-olds.

Another attendee, and enthusiastic participant from the floor, was one Tom O’Carroll, a multiple child sex offender, long-time campaigner for the legalisation of sex with children and former head of the Paedophile Information Exchange. “Wonderful!” he wrote on his blog afterwards. “It was a rare few days when I could feel relatively popular!”…….. [Lord sometimes it is so hard to be merciful when some people do such evil things.  How a man with a repeated history of child sex abuse can be allowed to campaign for its legalization is beyond me.] 

…..After a fierce battle in the American Psychiatric Association (APA), which produces it, a proposal to include hebephilia as a disorder in the new edition of the manual has been defeated. The proposal arose because puberty in children has started ever earlier in recent decades and as a result, it was argued, the current definition of paedophilia – pre-pubertal sexual attraction – missed out too many young people. [Sounds rather eerily like the start of the sodomite movement, with de-listing same sex attraction from the APA’s DSM in the early 70s. That’s when the movement got started in earnest.  Now, 40 years later, they appear totally ascendant. I pray that appearance is short lived.  But what of pedophilia?  Will pedophilia be “normalized” in 30 or 40 years?  You know people will try]

Ray Blanchard, professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, who led the APA’s working group on the subject, said that unless some other way was found of encompassing hebephilia in the new manual, that was “tantamount to stating that the APA’s official position is that the sexual preference for early pubertal children is normal”. [And that is very far from accidental]

Prof Blanchard was in turn criticised by a speaker at the Cambridge conference, Patrick Singy, of Union College, New York, who said hebephilia would be abused as a diagnosis to detain sex offenders as “mentally ill” under US “sexually violent predator” laws even after they had completed their sentences.[Thus we can plainly see the angle of attack for the normalization movement.  If pedophilia is not a mental illness, it must be “normal.”  And from normal, it will become “natural.”  And how can we make something so normal, natural, and wholesome as raping a 5 year old illegal?  What are we, monsters?!?  Just because some antiquated religious diktat of some unhinged tribe of the distant past says pedophilia (or sodomy) is wrong, we can’t let such arcane notions inform our thinking today!  And that is precisely how the
“normalization” of sodomy has been worked out in recent years.]

This is coming.  You can be assured that it is.  I can only thank God my children will probably be grown before the propaganda campaign succeeds and this next great immoral taboo is lifted in the name of the advancing God-hating socialist paradigm progress.  But I fear already for any grandchildren God may see fit to bless me with.

Another reason for all my kids to have religious/priestly vocations!

Archbishop Nienstedt resigns; Pope Francis to publicly meet sodo-activists June 15, 2015

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Or should that be “resigns?”  I don’t know.  Another Ratzinger-appointed conservative bishops will no longer be in public ministry.  And, it appears that if our liberal “friends” simply throw or recycle enough accusations of “mishandling” priestly sex abuse matters they can get any bishop they strongly disfavor sacked?  I don’t know that, either, all I do know is that prelates with a mass perception of being far more progressive in orientation have quite publicly “mishandled” sex abuse cases far more dire in their scope, immorality, and the suffering caused, and yet they have been permitted to remain in their positions until retirement or even several years beyond.  That looks like a significant double standard, but who am I to judge?

The Vatican Bollettino has announced Pope Francis’s acceptance of the resignation of Archbishop John C. Nienstedt of St. Paul and Minneapolis. He has no replacement yet; Newark’s Coadjutor Archbishop Bernard Hebda has been appointed Apostolic Administrator during the sede vacante in the archdiocese.

Auxiliary bishop Lee Anthony Piché, who is only 57, has also had his resignation accepted.

As our readers know well, Abp. Nienstedt has been the subject of renewed accusations of “mishandling” allegations of sexual abuse committed by a priest of the Archdiocese, only the latest in a series of accusations that have been hurled against him by his mostly-liberal critics.  [Including almost laughable claims that Abp. Nienstedt fondled a boy while taking photographs after a Confirmation Mass]

As one conservative bishop after another is speedily removed over allegations of mishandling accusations of immorality and / or sexual abuse against the clergy subject to them, we await the day when liberal bishops and cardinals who are guilty of far greater offenses will experience the same treatment.

In a not-totally-unrelated note, apparently Pope Francis is to host a “historic” first papal public meeting with sodo-activists in July (link not provided due to immoral site):

Pope Francis will hold his first public meeting with a married gay activist during a trip to Paraguay in July.

The activist, Simón Cazal, the executive director of the Paraguyan LGBT rights group SOMOSGAY, was invited to a round table with the pope and civil society leaders in Paraguy’s capital city of Asunción on July 11, BuzzFeed Newsreports.

The sitdown will mark the first time the pope has met with an LGBT political activist, though he has held private pastoral meetings with LGBT people in the past.

Cazal, who married another SOMOSGAY activist, Sergio López, in Argentina in 2012, was extended the invite from the committee of the Paraguayan bishops’ conference, due to the “high impact of your organization on Paraguyan society,” according to the invitation obtained by BuzzFeed News. [Now get this…….]

López told BuzzFeed News SOMOSGAY was shocked to be included in the meeting, which comes after the group called on the Catholic church to “abandon the positions of intolerance and insults dehumanizing LGBT people.”[So not only is a public platform being provided, but with the massive prestige and influence of the papacy attached.  This is worse in many respects than the platform given to Jeffrey Sachs and other pro-aborts at the “climate change” conference last month. Even the activist, who has made a career out of castigating and denigrating the immutable Truth revealed by the Church, who in many respects could be called an enemy of the Church, was shocked to have been so invited]

Paraguay is one of a handful of countries in South America that offers no protection for LGBT citizens or same-sex couples, BuzzFeed reports. In the eyes of Paraguayan law, López and Cazal’s marriage is not even legal. [Can’t you just hear the 24 year old who wrote this article going “like, oh muh gawd, gay marriage isn’t even legal there, like, can you imagine?” And thus this very public stand is taken in opposition to the still moral laws of the country where the PR event will take place. Is it possible to see this as anything but an effort to undermine Paraguay’s current laws?  There is a huge amount of history here, with a heavily left wing element in the Paraguayan Church seeking to push that country in a strongly left wing direction. A recent president was a former priest.]

Just amazing.  There simply are not words………


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