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FINALLY, the kind of decisive leadership one expects of a Catholic bishop! July 31, 2015

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Oh yes yes yes, here it is, that kind of firm, decisive stand so many have been praying for and hungering after for years!  We finally have our man, that great, strong bishop to lead the Church in this country into the 21st century and a new, sunlit upland of glory!

Archbishop Blaise Cupich has committed the Archdiocese of Chicago to tackle climate change!  Move over Augustine! Stand aside, Cyprian!  There’s a new standard for Catholic leadership, and his name is………Blaise:

Chicago’s Catholic archdiocese is the nation’s first to monitor its buildings’ power and water usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Archbishop Blase Cupich joined US Environmental Protection Agency officials Friday to mark the Church’s stewardship initiative, an answer to Pope Francis’ entreaty to preserve the earth.

Archdiocese officials plan to benchmark each of the 2,700 buildings — churches, schools, offices and multiple-family housing. They will track energy consumption and consider each building’s structure using the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager to rank them from 1 to 100.

Cupich said the Church is committed to following the pope’s encyclical, which took on climate change and environmental sustainability.

“Those who do not think religious organizations should have an opinion on climate change misunderstand the former and the moral dimension of the latter,” Cupich said. “We are called to care for those sickened by pollution, house those displaced by environmental calamities, and heal the spirits of those — especially our youth — who are disheartened by a world where human survival is now in question.”

Oh do tell me more about this wonderful new religion you belong to!  My stars, it sounds positively iiinteresting!  Why, I can just see it attracting all kinds of folks – Alinskyites, ACORN types, progressives, modernists, leftists, worldly elites……in other words, all the right kinds of people!

“Care for those sickened by pollution!”  How iiinteresting!  “House those displaced by environmental calamities!”  Oh my, dooo tell more!  “A world where human survival is now in question”……be still my heart!  I feel overwhelmed at the depth of your mind-blowing pastoral sensitivity!  So much concern, that just happens, by miracle, to completely align with sacred shibboleths of the progressive left!  And carefully scripted with the most repressive and anti-Catholic administration in the history of this country truly sensitive and caring Obama administration.  How very, VERY convenient!

Oh children we are truly a blessed flock to have shepherds like this!  Why I’m quite certain we can now look forward to a good two decades worth of the same kind of worldly, completely forgettable and politicized policy statements and PR releases from chanceries and even the bishop’s conference that afflicted the faithful from circa 1975 – 1995.  Oh joy!

Feigning seriousness for a moment, I do wish our bishops would spend 1/10th the time, focus, money, and energy they spend on political matters on actual matters related to the Faith and salvation.  But since we’re all saved anyway, what good is a bishop except to be a politician, right?!

Enjoy your new renaissance, modernist Catholics!  It will be your last.

Now, back to channeling Bugs Bunny:

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Priest predicts error to be adopted by Ordinary Synod on the Family, but……. July 23, 2015

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………not to worry, because Synods carry very little doctrinal weight (if any), and there is precedent for synodal error in the past.  I agree completely with the prediction and the lack of doctrinal authority in the Synod itself, which, like a national conference, is simply a meeting of a small sub-set of the world’s bishops and very far from an ecumenical conference.  But what I am concerned about is the encyclical which will follow the Synod, and the degree to which enemies of the Faith/modernist Katholycs will use the Synod to lure still more souls into perdition.  I am also concerned about the shut up and pray sentiment Father Nix seems to close his article with.

Nevertheless, interesting commentary from Father Nix, via Fr. Peter Carota (my emphasis and comments):

One of the surprising things I have seen among priests and the faithful under the Pontificate of Pope Francis is that certain people who used to hate the word “obedience,” maybe five years ago, now go on quoting obedience like they were St. John of the Cross!………

……..There is excitement and concern, from the left and right respectively, that the October 2015 “Synod on the Family” will change Church teaching on divorced and remarried receiving Holy Communion as well as those in homosexual unions being allowed to receive Holy Communion.  You might imagine that I don’t participate in the excitement of “the left” that doctrine might change, but did you know that I don’t participate in the concern to “the right” either?……[I get what he’s trying to say, but I disagree with common attempts to portray faithful/traditional/orthodox Catholicism as being a phenomenon of the right.  It is true that much of the Doctrine of the Faith is embraced by modern conservatives, but that Doctrine both long predates the liberal/conservative divide (something that did not exist until the late 17th century) and stands above political concerns. And certain aspects of the Faith are embraced by the left (though in totality, the right has adopted far more than the left, at least until very recently). But the main thing is this, which is the ultimate trick modernists have managed to fool people with: that Catholicism as always understood and practiced is now some weird phenomenon of “integrists” and “traditionalists,” creatures of the “right” who are simply manipulating the Faith in the same way that modernist sexular pagans do.  There probably exist examples of people who do, in actuality, do this, but it is false to smear the entire remnant of Catholics with these labels. And having concerns over the Synod and/or Pope Francis is hardly something that puts a Catholic’s credibility or faithfulness in doubt. Anyway, moving on….]

……..However, a synod does not only not have the weight of infallibility, but there is precedent for error in a synod!  This synod was the 18th century  Synod of Pistoia where Jansenism was promoted.  It’s crafty that Satan may be tempting the Church nowadays more towards presumption of God’s mercy, than the despair of God’s mercy within the Jansenism of the 18th century.  He’s tricky with that pendulum swing! [There have been other problematic synods, as well.  That is one reason why they fell out of fashion.  There were synods in 18th century France that also embraced Jansenism to varying degrees, and synods before that which seemed to find much to like in other errors.]

I hope I’m wrong, but I predict error coming in the October 2015 Synod of the Family, followed by Divine Intervention.  This is not because I’m a Savonorola prophet of doom, but on a very natural level, because of the manifest and public, shameless teaching of the Cardinals who have been recently promoted in these matters, as reported byLife Site News[Father then lists many statements from cardinals and bishops appointed to the Synod – by Pope Francis himself – which are highly disconcerting.]

……Let me (Fr. Nix, now) be very clear that I am obedient to Rome and the Bishops, [why feel compelled to make this statement?]  but no Bishop can change the words of Jesus Christ and what He said about divorce or what the Holy Spirit has said through the Apostle Paul on acting out any sexual sin (heterosexual or homosexual.)  Pray hard that I’m wrong about error coming down the pipes of this October Synod, but if I’m not, just remember that a synod can not change the words of Jesus Christ.  This is not a Protestant who believes in Sola Scriptura.………. [Huh?  Where did that come from?  Am I wrong in detecting a bit of a slight against the Society of Saint Pius X in that statement?]

I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m right and the synod disseminates error, “the right” will frenzy on how to explain the doctrinal confusion and “the left” will frenzy on how to rejoice over the doctrinal confusion.Either approach would be both unnecessary and superfluous.  As I wrote above, there is precedent in history for error to be found in a synod, and no synod can change the articulated faith and morals of Holy Mother Church, especially as found in Scripture, Councils, Creeds, Patristics and Ex-Cathedral statements.  A synod is none of these.  [So Father seems to be saying that we should not worry ourselves over the promotion of rank error from the highest levels of the Church, under the direct supervision of the Bishop of Rome?!?!  Goodness, if this is not something to get concerned over, what is?  I can tell you, having read a bit of history, that there was great consternation and “frenzy” over the outcome of the Synod of Pistoia.  It was a huge international controversy.  Is it “frenzy” to denounce any errors that come forth from the Synod and remind souls of Catholic Truth?  Is it “frenzy” to be scandalized by error emanating from the highest echelons of the Church?]

As Padre Pio said, “Pray, Hope and Don’t worry.”  God will straighten it out and we’ll all be fine. Chilax, as the niños say, even if things go down bad in October.

————–End Quote—————

I wish I could be as blissfully confident as Father Nix is as to the outcome of this Synod.  My concern is that souls will fall away in great numbers (and not only in the fallen West, but in places where the Faith is still relatively vigorous), either through the adoption of immoral acts “pastorally” made “moral” through a Synodal sleight of hand, or through scandal and wind up in one of the sects.  Pope Francis’ popularity is plummeting, especially among conservatives. More and more Catholics are becoming even further confused and scandalized.  While you and I and other souls may be blessed to stay faithful, what of those who won’t?  Absolutely prayer should be the bedrock of our faith, and excessive worry is unhealthful, but when the likelihood exists that errors promoted will lead to catastrophic consequences for potentially millions of souls, I’m afraid I cannot simply “chillax.”  If that makes me a bad, frenzied Catholic of the right, may God have mercy on me, but I doubt that’s the case.

I get that Father is probably trying to prevent souls being scandalized out of the Faith through his advice to calmly ignore the results of the Synod, but I think he takes his prescription a bit too far, and has fallen into common traps in slapping political labels onto what, up until recent decades, was simply Catholicism.

Your thoughts?

German Church implosion accelerates under Pope Francis July 22, 2015

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I’ve been meaning to post on this for days, but never got around to it.  Rorate has a post alluding to the rapidly accelerating decline in Church membership in Germany.  But Eponymous Flower had even more details days before, and it is to that post that I will mostly refer:

The German Bishops’ Conference (DBK) are in the midst of silly season this Friday and the dioceses have reported the Church statistics in 2014 and again this is explosive, because the number of leaving the Church has risen significantly again. After 178,805 people left in 2013, 217,716 people have left the church in 2014. That’s an increase of about 20 percent. Church attendance has risen with an increase of 0.1 percent to 10.9 percent. The total number of priests is 12,219 (2013 12,336)……

……..The numbers leaving the Catholic Church are still comfortably topped by the Protestant church. There 410,000 people have left.

The numbers leaving the Church in Germany are at present the highest ever.  The numbers on Mass attendance are misleading, raw numbers of attendees has dropped, even if the ratio of those who remain in the Church attending Mass increased very slightly.

Meanwhile, the German Church took in $6.3 billion from the Church tax and remains the largest employer in Germany after government at all levels with 1.3 million employees.  Those who refuse to pay the Church tax are automatically excommunicated in Germany, while those professing rank heresy and even apostasy are given a pass, so long as they pay that almighty tax.

According to Rorate, Mass attendance in Germany in 1990 was 22%. It has fallen by over half in one quarter century.

Msgr. Ganswein, Prefect of the Papal Household and private secretary to Pope Benedict XVI gave reasons for why the German episcopate continues to promote radical, seemingly heretical “pastoral” approaches even as souls flee the Church in unprecedented numbers:

I do not know. Maybe they give in to the Zeitgeist, perhaps they can be  led by  the applause of the people, which is made by the media … to be critical of the mass media, is certainly less enjoyable. A shepherd must not decide on the basis of whether the media applauds or not. The benchmark is the Gospel, the Faith, sound doctrine, Tradition.

Meanwhile, in the US, Pope Francis’ favorability rating has dropped precipitously in the past year, especially among those who identify as conservative.  Overall, his favorability dropped from 75% to 59% overall, but from 72% to 45% among self-described conservatives.  One wonders what the numbers would say were the survey broken down by those who assist at Mass weekly – the bare minimum to count as a Catholic, no?  71% of self-described Catholics in the survey view the Pope favorably – a stupefyingly generic term – whereas 89% did so last year. For whatever that means.

No, the Church is not a popularity contest, and being unpopular is not a sign of being a bad shepherd of the faithful.  To the contrary, a truly good and Catholic shepherd would probably have much lower approval ratings, as Pope Benedict did for most of his pontificate.  But our Blessed Lord told us the world would hate and persecute us, and that we would be blessed when they did so, because it meant we would be living lives contrary to the world and its master. Nevertheless, I think the visibly leftward turn of this pontificate is dismaying a good number of people.

I think the broader point is this: contrary to expectations and what certainly seems to be a deliberate plan of action, positing a very progressive/modernist view of the Faith – whether this is Francis’ intent or not, that is certainly the mass perception – with seeming attempts to gravely undermine moral doctrine held since the Church’s inception, is, once again, not convincing great numbers of souls to enter the Church and is almost certainly precipitating even greater numbers of departures.  Caving on doctrine – or appearing to – only convinces people that you had nothing worthwhile to say in the first place,and confirms them in their error.  We have over 50 years of clear, concrete evidence of this phenomenon fact. Doctrinal revolution under the cover of pastoral changes  will scandalize millions out of the Church but won’t bring more than a handful of wild-eyed revolutionaries in.  But maybe that’s the point, after all.

Is the Fr. Barron appointment a case of both dioceses getting the worst of the deal? July 21, 2015

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I have seen two kinds of reactions to Fr. Barron’s appointment as auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles.  Reaction one is that this will hurt Chicago’s Mundelien Seminary’s orthodoxy and demonstrates an advancing modernization (in the heretical sense) of the Archdiocese by new ordinary Blaise Cupich.  The other reaction says this is really bad for LA, as now a man who advances noxious notions regarding the reality of hell, Christ’s self-awareness of His divinity, and Original Sin will be unleashed on poor, suffering LA.

I wonder: can’t both be right? While Barron is very troubling in some of his beliefs, truth be told, there are a lot worse choices one could make for seminary rector.  Instead of having a rector that held several errors, he might well be replaced with one who holds dozens or more.  That’s damning with faint praise, and adherence to heresy in one area is surely grounds for excommunication/damnation and much else, but, in this time of unprecedented crisis, there have been and are men even more divorced from the Faith than he in charge of priestly formation in many dioceses (including this one).

And now LA will get a very high profile bishop with a major media apostolate who just happens to err from divine revelation and Catholic Dogma on several matters:

This morning, Pope Francis formally announced Father Robert Barron’s appointment as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Bishop-Elect Barron is the founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, host of the award-winning CATHOLICISM film series, and since 2012 has served as the Rector/President of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary outside of Chicago, IL.

Barron’s whopper on hell (I provide this as an example of what NOT to believe, as in what is contrary to our Blessed Lord’s own words):

Some past posts excoriating Barron’s faulty beliefs.  Note that belief that Adam and Eve are “theological poetry” is a near-admission of belief in evolution of the species as well as feeding directly into the idea of universal salvation.  If there was no Original Sin, no Fall of Man, then Christ died for nothing, and we are all the most foolish of men for having believed in Him.  But Adam and Eve did sin, man did fall, and Christ’s suffering and death was the only possible sacrifice of sufficient magnitude to atone for the infinite evil of sin.  Those who reject Christ and/or die in their sins, unconfessed and unrepentant, will spend all eternity in hell, and I hold that to be a dogmatic belief of the Church.

I guess I’ll never be fit material for a bishop, then, huh?

PS – The positive spin is that this is good to help de-Mahoneyize LA, and maybe it will be beneficial in that regard, but I just can’t get past Barron’s really scandalous statements, statements, it must be said, he has stood by in the face of strong criticism.

+Brandmuller blasts indifference in episcopate, but he (and we) face an incredible struggle- UPDATED July 21, 2015

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Reader “Camper” sent me a link to this article on LifeSiteNews, which translates an op-ed written by Cardinal Brandmuller in Germany recently.  Brandmuller’s editorial is one of the most thorough, damning condemnations of the state of the Church and the blithe indifference of the episcopate in the midst of collapse I’ve read in some time – at least from a leading figure of the Church.  His analysis of the Church stands in near total contrast to the runaway giddiness of the aging, declining progressive faction, which, according to a new post at Rorate (quoting a National Geographic article on the Pope), now believe that all their cherished, long-frustrated hopes and dreams of remaking the Church in their own fallen image are about to be fulfilled.

I don’t think it any exaggeration to say that the Church stands at a great crossroads, which may well dictate the path she takes for the next 50-100 years: more modernist embrace of the world and doctrinal indifference, leading to further collapse, or the start, one may hope, of a return to sanity.

First, Cardinal Brandmuller:

The cardinal sees in certain circles in the Church almost a “perverse lust for self-destruction,” for example, “by undermining the procreation of life in different ways and in putting into question the natural sexual identity of man and woman.” [I’d say, dead on.  Of course, as St. Pius X made very clear, modernism is the death of faith.  That modernist beliefs would lead to a cultural death spiral through mass refusal of openness to life is hardly surprising.]

Cardinal Brandmueller describes the danger of adapting to “political correctness,” admitting that violating it entails “risking execution by the Media.” [The media is dominated by progressives, who have always hated the Church!  Even 150 years ago Blessed Pius IX recognized in the media an inveterate hostility to the Faith and the good of souls.  This tendency has only grown since then.  Trying to please the media is a sure path towards destruction.]

He decries the “dynamic of silence into which the majority” of bishops have slipped “and thus silently watch the execution.”  No one can claim “such conduct is worthy of a Christian,” he adds, “especially when dealing with fundamental questions concerning the teaching of Faith and Morals of the Gospel of Christ.”

“For what purpose did we receive the Sacrament of Confirmation?” he asks. “And, did not the bishops at their consecration promise that they would proclaim faithfully the Gospel of Christ and would preserve, pure and entire, the Deposit of the Faith according to the Tradition as held by the Church, always and everywhere?” [One must wonder how often this promise was not made in good faith. Judging from the behavior of the large majority of bishops over the past 50 years, it would seem, far, far too often.  The thing is, apparently many bishops are convinced –  or pretend to be convinced – that the practice of the Church can be radically changed while Doctrine is left supposedly untouched.  This is impossible, and reveals a revolutionary mindset (one that apparently thinks the faithful and even many good priests are none too bright) intent on trying to “sneak” changes to doctrine through the backdoor.  We’ve seen the game plan laid out by Vatican favorite Fr. Tom Rosica – doctrine will be changed by changing Church-wide practice, first, and then once those changes have been implemented and practiced for a long time, maybe many decades, “doctrine will be changed” to catch up.  Talk about a death wish, that’s it, right there, the death of the Church, a la episcopalianism.]

The cardinal calls for a “de-secularization” of the Church, meaning a form of thinking which does not follow earthly principles and calculations but “follows the Truth of the Faith.”  Instead of “preaching ‘Christianity light,’” he said, “we should have the courage to demand a program which is in firm contrast to the societal mainstream of today and lives out fully” the commandments. [I agree, but those who believe as we do are apparently in the distinct minority.]

“The Church can and must proclaim the Natural Moral Law which has been perfected by the Gospels and which is understandable for the man of good will,” he says. “Thereby, the Church should not allow herself to be deflected by the [growing] resistance against her message.” [I agree again.  But apparently, not enough even in the episcopate do.  They seem to fear the world more than God.  They seem to believe, in spite of the mountainous evidence of the past 50 years, that the problem is that the Church has not changed enough to please the world and her master, and must bow down to both still more.  They are apparently totally blind to the effects of their own Doctrine either in the Church, or in the sects which have followed a similar path.  The only people rejoicing over this latest push for the revolution are the Pope’s evangelical buddies, who will pick up scads of disaffected Catholics, and more importantly, their money.]

Now, what we are up against, once again via Rorate, quoting sources ostensibly close to Pope Francis.  All of this is hearsay, but given its consistency with so much of what we’ve been able to observe over the past 2 years, I certainly would not discount it out of hand:

Similarly, Saracco, the Pentecostal pastor, discussed with the pope the possibility of removing celibacy as a requirement for priests. “If he can survive the pressures of the church today and the results of the Synod on the Family in October,” he says, “I think after that he will be ready to talk about celibacy.” When I ask if the pope had told him this or if he was relying on intuition, Saracco smiles slyly and says, “It’s more than intuition.”

This would appear to be the pope’s mission: to ignite a revolution inside the Vatican and beyond its walls, without overturning a host of long-held precepts. “He won’t change doctrine,” insists de la Serna, his Argentine friend. “What he will do is return the church to its true doctrine—the one it has forgotten, the one that puts man back in the center.[Do you see the lie?!? “He won’t change doctrine,” but will “return the Church to its true doctrine!”  So what you are calling for is……a change in Doctrine!  Also note the revolutionary, anthropocentric viewpoint, the quintessence of the post-conciliar mentality – “man is the center of the Church.”] For too long, the church put sin

 in the center. By putting the suffering of man, and his relationship with God, back in the center, these harsh attitudes toward homosexuality, divorce, and other things will start to change.”

You get the juxtaposition, right: the Church’s very loving approach toward souls – please don’t sin for your own good, for the sake of your eternal soul! – is now a “harsh attitude.”  This is modernism 101, pure and clear.  Just as after VII, the this revolutionary cabal – speaking of Pope Francis as one of their own, I pray they are wrong – plans to advance their worldly revolution while pretending Doctrine is unchanged.  It’s untenable and laughable, and will only harm souls, but it provides them with the kind of cover they need to keep many Catholics from seeing reality.  This is the kind of fig leaf that those often derided as “neo-Catholics” or “neo-conservatives” cling to as they argue that “doctrine hasn’t changed.”  That makes recognizing and exploding these kinds of claims all the more important.

Another important point, made by a commenter: just where in the Church is there any focus on sin?  What a laugh!  In most places sin is virtually never mentioned, and even if it rarely is, it is generally fake “corporate sins” like capitalism and not loving mother Gaia enough.  There is a repository of condemnation of sin, however, and this is most important: IT IS IN THE DOCTRINE! Only in doctrine is sin generally firmly condemned in the Church today.  That makes clear what they are really going after: doctrinal change, made first by stealth, and then, once they feel strong/bold enough, to try to change it formally.

It is amazing that anyone could claim that the Church has not put man’s relationship with God at the center of her focus.  I’d say the only time that has been true has been in the last 50 years, when man’s relationship with God has often been a sideshow to far more earthly concerns.  You know, things like environmentalism, progressive activism, funding abortion and contraception through Catholic charities, etc., etc.  That is, the same old same old which has veritably brought the Church to her knees.  Like all good progressives, those quoted above look at the failure of their program and can only exclaim: it’s because we didn’t go far enough!  We didn’t cave enough on core doctrine!  Once we jettison that last, final bit of doctrine – say, the Divinity of Christ, or the Resurrection (don’t laugh, look at the Unitarians and other more liberal “mainline” sects) – then the souls will just come pouring in.

The real religion of Katholycs is leftism…….they simply adopt a Catholic patina as they march through one more institution.


Dennis Prager gets it: leftism is the dominant religion of our time July 15, 2015

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Boy howdy. I could not agree more, at least with that point.  And also with this corollary: leftism has influenced all other religions, including islam (in its violent reaction against it) than any religion has influenced it.  In fact, more and more religions, including Katholycism, are really just leftism with a patina of religion added.

Of course, this must always be the case. Leftism is a messianic religion of diabolical origins that inverts Truth and will brook no competition.  And we are in for the roughest of rides imaginable, given what is happening at the highest levels of the Church.  First, Mr. Prager:

The pope’s acceptance of Morales’s gift — along with his attacks on capitalism during his Latin American tour — further confirms one of the most troubling moral developments of our time: The Roman Catholic Church is currently led by a man whose social, political, and economic views have been shaped by leftism more than by any other religious or moral system. [Prager is an orthodox Jew.  His only dog in this fight is that he is strongly conservative and opposes leftism in all its forms.  Is his diagnosis of Pope Francis’ outlook significant?  I think it is.]

It also reconfirms what is probably the single most important development one needs to understand in order to make sense of the contemporary world: The most dynamic religion of the past hundred years has been leftism, not Christianity, not Islam, not any other traditional religion. Indeed, regarding traditional religions, leftism has influenced them — particularly Christianity and Judaism — far more than they have influenced the Left. Mainstream Protestant Christianity, much of Catholicism (especially in Latin America, where Pope Francis lived his whole life before becoming pope), and most of non-Orthodox Judaism have become essentially liberal/Left movements with religious (and in the case of Judaism, ethnic) identity…….

……..My heart breaks for the millions of Catholics who feel that their beloved Church is being led over a moral and religious cliff by a leftist pope and innumerable other leftists among cardinals, bishops, and parish priests.

Though I am not a Catholic, my heart breaks too. The only institutions that can resist the left-wing takeover of contemporary life are religious ones. When they fail, upon which institutions can we depend?

Tragically, we cannot turn to the contemporary Catholic Church. When the pope keeps a hammer-and-sickle crucifix; when the pope declares free-market capitalism, the one economic system that has lifted masses of people out of poverty, to be largely evil (“the dung of the devil”); when Cuba’s Cardinal Jaime Ortega declares that there are no political prisoners in Cuba; and when the pope issues an encyclical on global warming while the oldest Christian communities in the world are exterminated, it is clear that while one can still turn to individual Catholic priests and lay leaders for moral guidance, one cannot turn to the Church and its pope for moral guidance. On the contrary. One must fight back. [he goes a bit off there at the end.  THE CHURCH IS MORE THAN THE POPE! Yet we can see how the error of hyper-montanism has been so widespread as to sink even into the minds of those outside the Church.  We most certainly can and MUST “turn” to the Church, in her perennial Truth which NO MAN CAN CHANGE!  Even with 50 years of a competing religion being foisted on us by revolutionaries at every level of the Church, the voice of the perennial Magisterium still OUTVOTES THEM 20:1!.  I also think he’s a bit off about the unalloyed good of capitalism, knowing the perspective he comes from, I’ll pass over that.]

Now via Rorate, revelations that Laudato Si was influenced – and WRITTEN – by a cabal of extreme progressive modernists whose influence at the Vatican has veritably exploded in recent months.  I won’t take much, just the conclusion, but the details presented are hugely important and I encourage you to read the whole thing:

“A Radical Vatican?” [an article written by sudden Vatican confidant and collaborator, and extraordinarily radical enviro-nut, Naomi Klein in the New Yorker last week]is noteworthy not only as an example of how secular figures that the Vatican itself considers as allies are treating the encyclical as an epochal break from Catholic tradition, but also for its passages about the theological intentions behind the encyclical. (See below; emphases ours.) Here we find Naomi Klein quoting Fr. Seán McDonagh, who is part of the “administrative team” of the ultra-liberal and theologically dissident “Association of Catholic Priests” (ACP) in Ireland— and was involved in drafting the encyclical. McDonagh’s role in draftingLaudato Si is trumpeted not just by the ACP’s website (which calls him “one of the chief advisors to the Vatican in the composition of the encylical”) but by his own congregation (the Columbans — see this) and by Vatican Radio, which not only acknowledges that he was one of the theologians consulted for the encyclical, but also chose to interview him about its importance. (Keep in mind that it is exceedingly rare for any of the actual drafters or advisors for an Encyclical to be publicly identified by official Church sources.)…….. [but as we all know, the usual rules do not apply to leftists]

………There can be no doubt that the Pope and his circles, in both word and deed, are attempting an institutional alignment of the Church with certain strains of “environmentalism” and with left-leaning “popular movements” — a move that will have far reaching practical implications even for the day-to-day life of the Church.

What the media (both secular and Catholic) have reported about the “Communist crucifixes” is but the proverbial tip of the iceberg of what has been happening in the last few weeks. It is no exaggeration to say that the “deep”, “total” and “irreversible” change of which some of the Pope’s closest advisers (Cardinals Maradiaga, Braz de Aviz and Archbishop Tucho Fernandez) have spoken about since the beginning of the year, has begun to be implemented at a fierce and rapid pace.

I am afraid that is right.

I have only two things more things to say.  First, this is a different religion being proffered.  Secondly, nothing is permanent in this world.  The leftists will never be able to implement “irreversible” revolutionary change.  That is one reason among many why death is a gift.  These men will die, and be replaced by better men, eventually, in what will probably be a much, much smaller Church.  In fact, we should even rejoice in some respect at this hard progressive turn we’ve seen, as it will bring about more cleansing from the Church and will result in an eventual traditional dominance that much sooner. The tragedy is that millions upon millions of souls will probably fall into hell as a result, but, eventually, the progressives – who never make converts and sure don’t reproduce themselves – will eventually die off.  They will do unimaginable damage in the interim, but, given the depth of crisis we are at already, it might well be a blessed thing to go ahead and accelerate it and get it over with.  I’ve generally not agreed with that philosophy, but since it seems the progressive maelstrom is coming, let it come quickly and be over with quickly.

Meanwhile, many even once fairly decent souls have observed how the tide has turned and reacted accordingly.

“[Sodomitical] acts are putrid sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance!” July 15, 2015

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UPDATE: So………an interesting thing happened.  I put this post up yesterday.  It went out via e-mail and it received a couple of comments.  Sometime overnight, it disappeared.  Completely.  As in completely to the extent that I didn’t even have a draft or any other record of it being created, which the software always keeps.  The only thing I can imagine is that WordPress deleted it.  If so, I got no message informing me of the fact.

We’ll see what happens this time.  I changed the title just a bit. If what I think happened did happen, we are witnessing a huge and chilling advance in the repression of Catholic belief and practice.

Fr. Michael Rodriguez, who has been rather quiet of late of necessity, has released a most timely meditation on the increasingly precarious position of Catholics in this culture of darkness. Indeed, the title of the talk is “All Around Us There Is Darkness,” and I can hardly think of a title more apt. You can listen to it here at the Saint Vincent Ferrer Foundation website.

Just to be real easy, I’ll break it out as a link——>>>>> click here

I am hoping this gets turned into a Video Sancto upload soon.  Some quotes, as best as I’m able to record them:

Darkness, destruction, diabolical disorientation, and the definitive act of the defiance of God.  

God has been rejected, and his plan for creation overturned.

The Supreme Court of the United States legalized, and exalted, sodomy.

This is absolute moral corruption of God, His Law, and His Creation.

It is impossible to believe in God, Who created Man in His own image and likeness, and accept the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah.

As a whole, this country has sold it’s soul to the devil.

Homosexual acts are putrid sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance  And we allow this?  What in Heaven’s name has happened to the Catholic Church whose mission is to be light to the world and salt of the earth.

We are staring the reign of satan in the face. How are our shepherds going to respond?  If our shepherds truly love God and His Law, there should have already been a public declaration of excommunication for so-called Catholic Supreme Court justices Kennedy and Sotomayor.  There should also be public declarations of excommunication by every local bishop for any Catholic who publicly supports such unnatural unions or approves of homosexual acts, which are intrinsically evil. 

It is not possible to be Catholic and support homosexual activity in any way, shape, or form. We have reached a desperate point in this country, and for the good of souls our bishops must begin to excommunicate all those who are participating in and promoting the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.  This is a sin which is an abomination before God and man. 

How is it possible we have fallen this low? We are now worse than pagans and animals.  One doesn]t even have to believe in God to know that sins against nature are wrong, terribly wrong.  Even animals by instinct know male with female, female with male. 

How have we come to this point? I think the answer is rather obvious. Man has turned away from God.  Man has rejected God.  Man in his arrogance and pride has usurped the place of God.

Specifically as Catholics, we have to reflect on how the majority of us have turned away from true Catholicism.  If you have any doubts about this………all one has to do is look at the reality that we are facing now.  How can one possibly be Catholic and support sodomy?  [And yet the large majority of self-described Catholics do – over 55% of Catholics support pseudo-sodo-marriage]  It boggles the mind, and breaks the heart, to see what has happened to Catholicism. It is not only the faithful.  It is also, very much, in the Catholic hierarchy.  It breaks the heart to see prelates, in a false practice of mercy, even encourage those in grave sin to receive the Blessed Sacrament. 

62% of Irish Catholics voted in favor of sodomy, and our Church leaders are preaching about the environment?!?  Everything is upside down.  

The problem is that we have turned away from true Catholicism.  This is the root of the problem…….We must recover the Traditional Latin Mass and true Catholic Doctrine. 

And that’s just from the first 16 minutes!!  Please listen to the whole thing!

This is the best sermon I’ve heard on this subject so far.  I’ve heard some pretty good ones, but none that put the matter so starkly as this one.  And this, from a priest who is already suffering greatly for his defense of the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  I won’t go into detail for his sake, but this is a very brave and noble act by Father Rodriguez, but then, I’d expect nothing less.

Please pray for Father Rodriguez, and for our distraught Church!  Pray for Pope Francis, who is setting an unbelievable example given the crises that afflict the Church and world.

PS – If my blog gets taken down by WordPress permanently I will get word out via Vox Cantoris and Rorate Caeli and others if I can.  I will get a replacement started ASAP.

It was in South America that the Pontificate of Pope Francis was clearly revealed…… July 13, 2015

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………and it was an image that shocked faithful souls and scandalized Christians worldwide:

download (14)

He did not say “This is not right,” but “I did not know that.”

While a picture may be worth a thousand (or more) words, and while some are calling this the defining image of this papacy, the words themselves were often at least as troubling, if not more so:

“A faith which does not draw us into solidarity [Or, a faith which doesn’t help the poor in slums directly, but there is a strong political connotation]  is a faith which is dead or a lie. ‘I am very Catholic. I am very Catholic. I go to Church every Sunday.’ But tell me, mister, madame, what happens in Bañado Norte? ‘Oh, I don’t know. I know that there are people there, but I don’t know.’ More than going to Mass on Sundays, if you do not have a heart of solidarity, if you know not know what happens to your people, your faith is weak or it is sick or it is dead. It is a faith without Christ. Faith without solidarity is a faith without Christ, a faith without God, a faith without fraternity.”

OK, so even those very few Catholics who make it to Mass every Sunday religiously stink if they are not running a soup kitchen in the poorest slums of the world.  Gotcha.

But on the other hand:

Pope Francis called for a more welcoming Catholic church, open even to those don’t accept its teachings, as he preached at a large open-air Mass on the last day of a weeklong South American tour.

Speaking to hundreds of thousands of people at a military air base on the outskirts of Paraguay’s capital city on Sunday, the pontiff taught a lesson in how the church should—and shouldn’t—attempt to spread the Gospel.

He called for “welcoming those who do not think as we do, who do not have faith or who have lost it, at times through our own fault. Welcoming the persecuted, the unemployed. Welcoming the different cultures, with which this land is so richly blessed. Welcoming sinners.”

Which, the Church has always done these things, so nice straw man.  But the dichotomy is stark: faithful Catholics, unless they engage in approved, politically-loaded activity (the slum Pope Francis mentioned is one where people have squatted on private property for years, creating a very divisive political and social issue), are woefully deficient. But those who persist in rejecting Church Doctrine and even violently attacking the Church must be welcomed.  I see.  And we must be prepared to endure grave, soul-wrenching scandal and immorality in the hope that Christ might somehow sanctify it.

11204435_809478699173009_1953912015021680069_n (1)


“You do not convince people with arguments, strategies or tactics. You convince them by learning how to welcome them,” he said on Sunday. “For that, it is necessary to keep doors open, above all the doors to the heart.”

And on a certain level, I agree.  But when has the Church shut her doors, unless by shutting them you mean preaching the Truth of Jesus Christ?

But on another level, is this not precisely the strategy of the “new evangelization” of the past 50 years?  Has any pastoral program in the Church’s history failed more spectacularly than just this approach, driving those seeking real spiritual sustenance from the worldly, secularist desert they find in the Church and into the sects, and failing to convince anyone that the Church provides a unique, soul-saving sanctuary for them?  But as with all sacred left-wing shibboleths, the answer, as always, is that the revolution did not go far enough, and if we can only be “pure”enough, “sanctified” enough in left-wing ideologies then we can usher in that so-longed for new man-made utopia?

We’ve been trying mercy, mercy, mercy with no rigor whatsoever for 50 years…..when will we ever get around to sharing those “hard truths” with all these scads of new converts our worldly mercy is supposed to be attracting?

And we had the sad spectacle of the Church apologizing for the conversion of the Latin American countries.  While it is true that slavery and repression abounded during the Spanish and Portuguese conquest and administration of these territories, it is also true that the conquered cultures practiced wicked, satanic religions involving mass human sacrifice and literal rivers of blood flowing in their capitals and principle cities.  Pope Benedict XVI was quite right when he said that the suffering endured by these native peoples was far exceeded by the Grace they gained through the Church’s conversion efforts.  While Francis did note that “thousands of priests” opposed the destructive tactics of the colonial regimes, he failed to make clear that the Church had nothing to do with that repression and did a very great deal to oppose slavery and other evils.  In the present context, however, the apology is being taken by enemies of the Church, including far-left leaders of “indigenous groups,” as a tacit admission that the actual Christianization of Latin America was evil and wrong and should not have been done. Some are already demanding the Church turn over properties as reparations to them, for the “evil” of destroying the temples of their diabolical religions.  Context is everything, and in this case, more fuel has now been added to a roaring anti-Catholic fire in the formerly most Catholic region of the world.

And we have Cuba and the US to look forward to, now!

Am I being unreasonable, unfair?  Am I only looking on the dark side?  This past week has been to me incredibly revealing. On his home turf, Pope Francis felt more comfortable being fully himself.  What he has said and done in terms of embracing numerous left wing shibboleths and undermining much Catholic belief has been beyond extraordinary: I have to say it’s unprecedented in the modern era, at least, if not in the entire history of the Church. This man’s vision of the Faith is one that is quite radical and much detached from virtually every one of his predecessors.

But it is also consistent.  It is consistent in that Pope Francis seems to really believe that Doctrine/Dogma – Sacred Truth – can be set aside in pursuit of some “higher goal.” What could possibly be higher than the Truth which is vital for salvation, I have no idea.

He often speaks of Doctrine as “well, of course the Church believes/teaches X, and I am a ‘loyal son of the Church so I believe that, too,’ but we have these people that don’t accept that doctrine so shouldn’t the Church in mercy set aside X so that these people will face one less obstacle to the Faith?”  And since there are scores if not hundreds of elements of Doctrine that so offend, he seems prepared to set a very great deal aside in the hopes of attracting people to the Church.   The problem as I’ve noted above is that this has been, quite nearly universally, the practical program the Church has followed for over 50 years now, and it has been proved a truly unprecedented failure.  The supposition seems to be that making it the practical reality of the Church wasn’t enough (one more big push for “utopia”), and so we must now try to formalize these things in “pastoral applications” that has the great likelihood (I would say certainty) of emptying the Church of her entire moral edifice.

So…….we have that to look forward to, too.

Folks, I am at a loss as to how to respond.  This Pope is a rock star and he just received the adulation of literally millions in Latin America. Protests from the few faithful are unlikely to move him.  I am all about taking concrete action but at this point about all I can recommend is prayer and penance.  We’re down to miracles at this point.


Funny pic, and the destructiveness of ecumenism July 10, 2015

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Reader D sent me this…….yeah, I think this is probably about dead on:


Speaking of the end of the world, staring mouths agape while Christ descends in His glory, would most souls even think to go to their knees and beg forgiveness in His Name?  I think all those “rapture” evangelicals are going to be in for a very big surprise when they aren’t immediately taken up to Heaven as they expect.

You know where I live there is a huge Hispanic population…..probably 2/3 or more.  And I have to guess that at least half are protestant or pagan, because there is only one Catholic parish that caters to that entire population in Irving (we’re talking probably 80,000 people, at least), and there are literally dozens of little sect houses around, ranging from tiny house churches to others that draw a couple thousand.  A lot of businesses are Hispanic owned and many of them are devout and display elements of their belief,  usually protestant fundamentalist.

References to the “rapture” abound in these displays.  These are signs or posters in Spanish intended for Hispanics. I’ve seen in several local businesses a large poster that depicts the “rapture” and takes a number of gratuitous shots at the Church.  If you understand the idea behind the “rapture,” it’s that “born again” protestants will be whisked away to Heaven while the rest of us poor “unsaved” souls are left here to face all manner of calamities.  So what do these posters show?  Catholic priests and religious and lay people “left behind,” rejected by God with our false pieties displeasing to God, while planes are crashing, volcanoes exploding, tidal waves are smashing, etc., etc.  It’s a very clever bit of propaganda aimed at slamming the Church and reaffirming the converted Hispanics in their sects.

That’s how our protestant “friends” do ecumenism, which is why they’ve lured tens of millions of American Catholics away over the past several decades.  While our Church continues to play secular patty-cake with their leaders, those leaders are implementing powerful means to steal Catholics from the bosom of Christ’s Church.  That’s one of my greatest annoyances with post-conciliar ecumenism – the fact that Church leaders are so gosh-darned earnest about it all and really believe in it, while the protestants (especially those evangelicals Pope Francis has recently lionized) most often are not.  My perception is that they often use so-called ecumenism to defuse Catholic defenses to protestant predation at the official level, while at the grass-roots they ramp up their efforts to pick off naive nominal Catholics even more.  That was my experience, anyway.

I know a lot of sects view converting Catholics as about their highest priority.  One major reason for that is they view uncatechized Catholics as such easy prey, which, they generally are.   Thus recent very publicized events which show even the highest levels of the Church appearing to put protestants on the same level, and providing them with enormous moral prestige, are profoundly destructive.  It seems like each ecumenical “advance” is paid for by  souls falling away.

Sorry, rambling.


Pope Leo XIII on communism July 9, 2015

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It seems hard socialism has been getting a lot of favorable PR from highly surprising sources of late.  I thank Ann Barnhardt for uploading this introduction from Quod Apostolici Muneris, Pope Leo XIII’s denunciation of socialism.  Now this is doctrinal, not any off-the-cuff, crowd-playing remark:

At the very beginning of Our pontificate, as the nature of Our apostolic office demanded, we hastened to point out in an encyclical letter addressed to you, venerable brethren, the deadly plague that is creeping into the very fibres of human society and leading it on to the verge of destruction; at the same time We pointed out also the most effectual remedies by which society might be restored and might escape from the very serious dangers which threaten it. But the evils which We then deplored have so rapidly increased that We are again compelled to address you, as though we heard the voice of the prophet ringing in Our ears: “Cry, cease not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet.”(1) You understand, venerable brethren, that We speak of that sect of men who, under various and almost barbarous names, are called socialists, communists, or nihilists, and who, spread over all the world, and bound together by the closest ties in a wicked confederacy, no longer seek the shelter of secret meetings, but, openly and boldly marching forth in the light of day, strive to bring to a head what they have long been planningthe overthrow of all civil society whatsoever.

Surely these are they who, as the sacred Scriptures testify, “Defile the flesh, despise dominion and blaspheme majesty.”(2) They leave nothing untouched or whole which by both human and divine laws has been wisely decreed for the health and beauty of life. They refuse obedience to the higher powers, to whom, according to the admonition of the Apostle, every soul ought to be subject, and who derive the right of governing from God; and they proclaim the absolute equality of all men in rights and duties. They debase the natural union of man and woman, which is held sacred even among barbarous peoples; and its bond, by which the family is chiefly held together, they weaken, or even deliver up to lust.Lured, in fine, by the greed of present goods, which is “the root of all evils, which some coveting have erred from the faith,”(3) they assail the right of property sanctioned by natural law; and by a scheme of horrible wickedness, while they seem desirous of caring for the needs and satisfying the desires of all men, they strive to seize and hold in commonwhatever has been acquired either by title of lawful inheritance, or by labor of brain and hands, or by thrift in one’s mode of life….

All so very true. And we can see how the Church, in the person of her Supreme Pontiff, approached the incredible evil of socialism for so very long, right up until the socialist-driven revolution which shook the Church to her foundations 50 odd years ago.

Socialism is evil, period.  It is a system of greed and envy, of sloth and barbarity. It encourages theft and relies on fosters mass immorality of the basest kind to assure its ascension in the body politic.  It is closely aligned, intellectually, with that synthesis of all heresies, modernism.  Indeed, to my mind (and I am not alone), modernism is nothing but an attempt to rationalize the Faith with evolutionary socialism – but with the socialism always totally predominate and the Faith reduced to nothing but a thin veneer of bland sentimental platitudes to gain moral authority.

And yet:

In his speech, Francis spoke about the importance of “distributive justice”, that is the need for wealth to be distributed, as a condition for social peace……

I just noticed when reading this: while Pope Francis has on numerous occasions pointed out failings – often valid, sometimes not – for what certainly appear to be his understanding of capitalism and free markets, he much, much more rarely points out failings in socialism, which is actually about as prevalent in the major world economies today as “pure” capitalism.

Distributive justice, however, is more than saying: “You have a duty to aid your fellow man, materially.”  It is calling for a system of wealth transfer at the governmental level, forced charity, if you will.

An even bigger ruh-roh, for me:

Religious freedom – a phrase we often encounter in civil discourse – also reminds us that faith cannot be restricted to a purely subjective experience. It also challenges us to help foster the growth of spirituality and Christian commitment in social projects.”

I guess I should be very thankful Leo’s encyclical is still on the Vatican website, and in English, too. I have no idea whether Pope Francis rejected the commie crucifix Church-hating commie Evo Morales tried to present him, or not, I couldn’t hear a thing, but the speeches in South America have been decisively friendly towards the left in that always politically divided and fractious region.

What is it that socialism promises, however?  Is it not prosperity for all at the expense of a relative few?  Is it not about taking from others so that some, ostensibly, can have more?  The reality, of course, is very different, socialism is really a revolution against the rich carried out by middle-class technocrats who then place themselves atop society as the new elite. It has universally led, whether instantly or over a few decades, to poverty, massive debt, societal breakdown, and ultimately collapse. One of the major reasons Latin American countries are so poor is that most have chosen to elect socialist leadership at various times over the past century or so.  Argentina, in particular, used to have a higher per capita GDP than the US, but then started elected socialists in the 20s and 30s, and is now much poorer country, but more than that – the gap between rich and poor has skyrocketed even more!

This South America trip has been explosive, has it not?  Feeling at home in his native continent?  Stirring things up?  Giving liberation theology, Marxism with a Catholic patina, another chance?


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