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Anti-Catholicism Rising: Even in “Catholic” Philippines May 23, 2016

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So the Filipinos have elected a new president, it seems, a man who has made numerous virulently anti-Catholic statements, and who promises to institute a “3 child policy” (I don’t believe he has specified what penalties will occur if families “violate” the policy), divorce on demand and government-funded contraception.

Apparently, his hostility to the Faith did not prevent a plurality of nominally Catholic Filipinos (where roughly 80% of the population today claims the name Catholic, down from over 95% about 20 years ago) from voting for him.  As in so many countries, so-called Catholics vote in their own persecutors – assuming, of course, these self-described Catholics even view these anti-Catholic policies and tirades as being opposed to the Faith, which, of course, they don’t (my emphasis and comments):

Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he will defy the Roman Catholic Church and seek to impose a three-child policy, putting him on a new collision course with the bishops a day after he called them “sons of whores”……..

……..Duterte’s often outrageous comments have won him huge support and his tirades about killing criminals and a joke about a murdered rape victim do not appear to have dented his popularity in the largely Catholic country.

“I only want three children for every family,” Duterte said on Sunday in Davao City. “I’m a Christian, but I’m a realist so we have to do something with our overpopulation. I will defy the opinion or the belief of the Church.”……[Not clear on if this “Christian” Duterte claims to be a Catholic or protestant.  Indications are that it is the latter, which, surprise!  A protestant advocating for draconian governmental interference into the most intimate of spheres, the size of family and relations between husband and wife]

…….On Saturday, he criticized the Church as the “most hypocritical institution”, meddling in government policies and said some bishops were enriching themselves at the expense of the poor. [So, opposition to your evil policies = “meddling in government policies?”  How many other tyrants have said similarly over the years?]

“You sons of whores, aren’t you ashamed? You ask so many favors, even from me,” Duterte said in an interview broadcast by TV station GMA.

Monsignor Oliver Mendoza, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Lingayen, whose head is the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, said the Church respected Duterte’s opinion [is that how you respond when someone calls your mother a whore?  You “respect their opinion?”  That’s not an opinion but an insult, and unworthy of respect.  This is a major problem, an indication of leadership far too willing to bow to the secular authority, and its certainly not limited to the Philippines] but that it would continue to speak against government policies that are contrary to Church teaching. [But even after you have done your duty, say, we are unprofitable servants, for we have only done what was required of us]

…..Political analysts said they were not surprised at Duterte’s statements because some bishops spoke out against him during the election campaign. [Only some.  Shocking, I know.  And thus his successful election?  So where does uber-progressive and Francis confidante Cardinal Tagle stand on this?]

“Like most liberal, secular politicians, Duterte is a deist,” said Joselito Zulueta of the University of Santo Tomas. “This in itself is a self-serving position conceived out of human conceit. He will do as he pleases except when he’s stopped by public criticism.” [Well, someone knows the truth!  And a Catholic university professor, of all people!  I need my fainting couch!]

He said Duterte’s government was expected to clash more with the Catholic Church not only on population issues, but on the restoration of death penalty, legalization of divorce and planned distribution of contraceptives[Which, if it occurs, means legalizing abortion within a few years, to deal with the “problem” of contraceptive failure (which failures are guaranteed and frequent).  Legalized abortion is also necessary to insure a “3 child policy.”  You can see where this diabolical plot is headed]

And once again we see bishops expending their limited and dwindling political capital on matters like the death penalty, on which the Church has spoken clearly until the last 40 years or so.  The state has always had the right of the sword, according to the Church, and while there may be prudential reasons to oppose the application of the death penalty in a given country either generally or on specific occasions, proclaiming it to be an intrinsic evil, as is generally done by Church leadership today, is simply not reconcilable with the Doctrine of the Faith.

That may sound like picking nits, but it’s not.  For as many people as a particular bishop, or even Francis, may turn on by making prudential matters into dogmatic ones, or elevating the progressive political platform into a pretended doctrine, they turn at least that many more off.  Even more, the confusion this causes undermines the Church’s moral authority in ALL spheres and can be a precipitating factor in souls falling away.



Which gets down to the root question: is this a feature or bug of the post-conciliar paradigm?

It just never, ever ends: Francis has had a busy week May 20, 2016

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He began the week by pretending to see deep inside the heart of every business person who fails to provide health insurance, and finding mortal sin (not a safe link, goes to Distorter).  He finished by implying that Christ actually gave His blessing to divorce, rather than castigating it in the harshest terms.  Before I get to the quotes, can I just say, someone capable of turning Scripture and Tradition this upside down and placing it at war with itself, is capable of literally anything.

First, today’s debacle, Franky George Bergoglio making Christ a liar in order to further his modernist-progressive deconstruction of the Church:

This morning Pope Francis gave a homily at Casa Santa Marta where he appeared to claim that Jesus approved of the Mosaic Law on divorce on the grounds of mercy. Or, as Francis put it, Jesus enunciated the “official” truth while then going above it or beyond it in order to engage in accompaniment, integration and discernment.

This is of course the very opposite of what is described in Matthew 19 and Mark 10. It is the Pharisees who attempt to use the Mosaic Law to justify divorce. And it is Jesus who rebukes them for it.

The Pope is fond of accusing his enemies of “casuistry” but it is he who consistently engages in it. This twisting of one of the most famous exchanges in the New Testament is striking in its attempt to mislead.

That would be to prevaricate, to obfuscate the Truth with deliberate intent to mislead.  Is that what Francis is doing?

I am of two minds, kind of. My rational, evidentiary side says: absolutely!  These 60s Jesuits are not dumb.  They know precisely what they are doing, and they do it for very specific reasons, to force the Church to fit into their ideological preferences. They have been at this game for a long time, and the consistency of their arguments and willingness to make both themselves and Christ liars from one moment to the next – whichever they perceive as aiding their progressive cause the most – shows them to be agendized ideologues in single-minded pursuit of a goal.

But the other part – the merciful part – of me says, well, maybe he’s imbibed such hideous, nonsensical, contrarian nonsense for so long, Francis is not only incapable of consistent reasoning, he doesn’t even realize when he’s turning logic and the plain meaning of Scripture on its head.

I have a very hard time believing that, however.  The twists and turns of Francis’ logic are simply too consistent, and too aligned with a particular goal in mind, to be honest mistakes of zeal and bad formation.  That is to say, it’s well past time my doubts have been taken out behind the woodshed, and put down.

To wit:

According to the National Catholic Reporter, the pontiff made the comments while delivering a homily at Casa Santa Marta on Thursday evening. He reportedly outlined a hypothetical situation in which a business employs someone from September to June but denies them health care coverage during their tenure. Francis observed that when the job ends, the worker “must eat air.”

“Exploitation of people today is a true slavery,” the pope said, referring to the suffering of workers who aren’t treated fairly. “We thought that slaves do not exist anymore. They exist. It’s true, people don’t go to Africa to take them and then sell them in America, no. But it’s in our cities.”

“Living off the blood of the people: This is a mortal sin,” he added. “And it takes much patience, much restitution to convert ourselves from this sin.”

As usual, Francis fails to make a direct point. He strongly implies, however, that failing to pay what he feels are sufficient wages (whatever that means), or only employing people on a seasonal, need-based basis (so teachers are mistreated?), or failing to provide health insurance, constitute a mortal sin.

Note the dichotomy, and note the perfect correlation with progressive (Leftist) thought: sins of the flesh are infinitely excusable, if they are even sins at all (and not occasions for “accompaniment” and “mercy”), while prudential matters that may or may not be sinful, being entirely dependent on circumstance, are not just sins, but mortal sins.  Whatever happened to “who am I to judge?”

Anyway, I don’t want to beat this horse too much.  As I said at the top, every stinkin’ week it’s the same thing, some new outrage, some new attack.  I don’t think it any coincidence that the despicable Fr. Thomas Rosica went on the offensive this week against Catholic blogs, either, castigating them/us for everything from being a “cesspool of hatred, venom, and vitriol,” to being “very disturbed, broken, and angry individuals who never found a pulpit in real life.”  Once again, where is the mercy, where is the accompaniment, where the endless apologias?  The truth is, those are reserved for those who serve, or advance, the ideological agenda.  Opponents will be crushed.

Talk to the Franciscans of the Immaculate about that.  They weren’t even given the chance to be opponents of the new authoritarian regime, they were cdestroyed in advance as  warning to all others.

It’s all about power with these people.  Power, and ideology.

I agree: quit all social media May 19, 2016

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Responding to the latest revelations of marked bias against conservative viewpoints at Facebook Screenshot-30-1024x550(after previous revelations regarding not just bias, but outright persecution of conservative viewpoints on Twitter), one of the two blogs I still have time to read, is calling for a total conservative pullout of all social media.  I say here here, I’m glad I deleted my Facebook long ago and don’t plan to ever return.  I’ve never been on Twitter.

Note the link does contain some coarse language, I copy some of the clean bits below:

FaceBook characterizes [conservative/pro-life actress] Patricia Heaton’s endorsement of an organization that does nothing but care for unwanted children as “anti-abortion.”

Blow Up Your FaceBook Account. Quit With Extreme Prejudice.

It’s time to rattle ten million sabers and begin destroying rotten institutions one by one. Make them fear us.

Brave men and women do not continue along in their passive acceptance of a meritless enterprise. Brave men and women resign.

They don’t just stay on board merely because a bad habit has become a habit.

Take control of your lives by ending your dependency on progressive institutions and time-wasting media indulgences. [IOW, destroy your TV]

I’m a proud Twitter Quitter and my life has improved since I cut the progressive IV drip.

What do I always hear about why people stay on FaceBook? “Oh, it’s a way to keep in touch with my friends.”

Hey, remember the old days when keeping in touch with your friends meant actually keeping in touch with your friends — getting together, having a phone chat, even going old school and dropping a letter?

In what sense is it “keeping in touch” with people when your “keeping in touch” is automated and consists of looking at someone’s wall for two seconds?

And hey — if there are people in your life so ancillary to your existence that “keeping in touch” consists of publishing “news items” about yourself every few days, maybe they’re not really you “friends” at all, but very shallow zombie relationships you’re maintaining the fiction of in order to feel a social connectedness, the real version of which you’re denying yourselves by pretending at it on FaceBook.

Destroy FaceBook. Destroy Twitter. Destroy ABC/Disney/Marvel/ESPN. Destroy NBC…….

So, it costs me nothing to say this.  I’ve never been big on social media, and only got sucked into Facebook to access some items not available elsewhere.  A

fter Facebook started persecuting pro-lifers a couple of years ago, blocking their viewpoints or labeling them “extremist,” I quit.  I got sucked back in briefly once, again to see something I couldn’t find elsewhere (which is a bad habit in and of itself, putting important Church-related content only on Facebook), but killed the account again several months ago.  Of course, they still have, and sell, all the personal preference data they gleaned from me during my membership.

More than a few Catholics I know have a bit of a Facebook addiction.  They spend hours on it most days.  This especially affects younger people (<30) and, surprisingly, Catholic moms.  A lot of Catholic stay at home moms use Facebook as a social outlet. I can understand that.  And there are a lot of good Catholic resources on FB.

My views  on that aren’t quite as harsh as Ace’s above, but I do think, generally, Facebook and Twitter are massive time wasters.  Yeah it can be a convenient way to “stay in touch,” but how much time is spent just idly scrolling through the feed looking at a whole bunch of stuff of very questionable merit?  Do you really need to post that photo of the Vietnamese vermicelli you had for lunch, or see your ex-high school crush’s new girlfriend?  Etc.

People sometimes ask me how I have time to read as much as I do, blog, etc.  Well, watching maybe 1 hour of TV a week, and that almost entirely movies (or pre-1970 Westerns) is one way.  You’d be amazed how much more productive you can be when you cut the cord.

Make a statement.  Just quit.  Or at least, find a conservative alternative, like Full 30 is a gun-centric conservative alternative to Youtube.  Stop giving money to your progressive overlords, the very people trying to crush the Christian religion, choke the life out of the Faith, and turn your children into progressive zombies.


Are you even slightly surprised? May 16, 2016

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Yeah, I thought not:


Shee-ee-esh.  Tip yer hand, much?

And I know that’s immodest dress, but the angle conceals most of the problem areas so I went with it.  Yikes.  Perversion powers progressivism, that much I know.  The object of Clinton’s lustful glance (which would be considered “rape” if done on a college campus by a male) has confirmed, she was staring exactly where she appears to be staring.

Sorry in advance to you west coasters who lose your lunchtime appetite over this.

Reminds me so much of this infamous bit of unhinged envy:


I prefer envy to perverse lust any day. I’m sure Carla Bruni, though no longer psuedo French first lady, still hopes Hilary doesn’t become president, for obvious reasons.  No woman will be safe, anywhere.

Typical Friday disaster: Obama requires all public schools to permit boys in girl’s restrooms May 13, 2016

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Typical of the Obama administration, a highly controversial, unconstitutional, and heavy handed administrative action, counter to all law and decency, has been released on a Friday (actually shortly before midnight Thursday), the slowest news day of the week.  The hope being that, by the time Monday rolls around, the 24 hour news cycle will have moved on, or outrage over this shocking departure from the former “checks and balances” of American government can be dismissed as “old news.”

Obama has had the Department of Education, which Ronald Reagan sadly failed in closing, issue a directive to all public schools in the nation that they had better accommodate the mental illness of an aggrieved few, permitting boys to use girls restrooms and vice versa, or face the heavy hand of federal persecution.  Schools that fail to comply could not only lose federal funding, but also be the target of expensive lawsuits from the federal government and aggrieved students.

I say again, sending kids to public school by choice (and not serious circumstance) now amounts to such a dereliction of parental duty it in all likelihood rises to the level of sin:

The Department of Education will instruct every public school in America to provide “suitable” bathroom and locker room facilities to match transgender students “chosen gender identity.”…….

……..The directive comes from two top administration officials: Catherine E. Lhamon, the assistant secretary of education for civil rights, and Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. It will put state and local officials and higher-education institutions on notice that they risk losing federal education aid if they limit students to areas or teams based on their gender assigned at birth. [Look on the upside!  A lot of girls basketball teams are going to win state championships with 6′ 8″ bearded centers!  How many “women’s” basketball, soccer, etc., teams at the collegiate level will not soon be stocked with men?  So, in effect, the Obama administration is citing Title IX to UNDO exactly what Title IX was supposed to fix (even though it was fatally flawed from the outset)]

The action comes just days after the Justice Department and the state of North Carolina filed dueling lawsuits over a new law requiring individuals in that state to use bathrooms based on their birth gender.

Citing Title IX, which prohibits sexual discrimination at educational institutions that receive federal funding, the two officials warn that the obligation “to ensure nondiscrimination on the basis of sex requires schools to provide transgender students equal access to educational programs and activities even in circumstances in which other students, parents, or community members raise objections or concerns.

They also add that your considered objections and deeply held beliefs don’t move them a bit, you bible-humping Christofascists.

Greg Abbot has announced he will fight this latest, lawless, and egregious move by the Obama administration to crush federalism and rule by executive fiat. How many lefties claim Richard Nixon was going to crown himself king and destroy the American system of governance, for acts that were not even 1/10th as illegal/unconstitutional as Obama’s?  Oh well……leftists always lie, leftists always project.

Regardless of how this gets worked out in the courts, every parent in America will wake up this morning having to deal with an issue they probably never thought they’d have to face several years ago. Parents now have to decide how they will deal with the reality that their child will not enjoy a basic level of privacy when they use a restroom or locker room when they go to school. Will this bring about a rise in private school attendance? Will it inspire more parents to home school their children? [By all rights, it should.  I will not be surprised at all should Obama move against homeschooling before he leaves office, either.]  Will states flirt with the idea of refusing federal education funds? [I think an  honest reckoning might find that the costs imposed by the feds exceed the benefit received in tax monies back.  Because that’s all it is, the feds don’t “give” anyone anything, they simply send a bit of the money taken in taxes back.  Between Common Core, sodomite-“rights,” transgender activism, and all manner of progressive agitation, opting out seems an increasingly attractive option.]

Either way, if anyone wondered what President Obama meant when he promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” now they know.

Indeed.  And he is far from done.  He’s going to go absolutely nuts this year.  There is nothing to hold him back.

Quick hits: Target continues to suffer, Texas Nationalist Movement gains unprecedented ground May 13, 2016

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Two quick news items of interest via Brietbart – in the first, in spite of Target’s CEO going on a PR offensive to justify his decision to open restrooms and dressing rooms to people of both sexes, ending centuries of custom and practice in favor of a perverse agenda benefiting a minuscule number of people, the company’s stock and value continues to tank as the boycott movement grows:

The CEO of retail giant Target is zig-zagging between the many customers who are angered by his decision to open single-sex bathrooms to the other sex, the gender-identity progressives who pushed for the disastrous transgender policy, and the Wall Street stock-pickers who have chopped roughly $4.5 billion off the company’s value…..

…….That tough feedback includes a consumer boycott that now has 1.2 million supporters, much damage to the company’s brand, and a massive sell-off on Wall Street that has chopped the company’s share price from almost $84 on April 19 to $75.70 on May 11.

That’s a loss of $8.30 per share, or 10 percent, or almost $5 billion since April 19. Of course, some part of that loss is due to President Barack Obama’s weak economy — but no company is helped by many management decisions that anger so many customers.

Indeed.  We can see how powerful a motive virtue-signalling is to the progressive elite through acts like this.  Completely nonsensical from a business perspective (wading into highly contentious cultural battles is a no-win proposition for a consumer-driven business), the desire to project membership in the progressive vanguard caused this CEO to alienate millions for the sake of the approval of a few thousand.  Virtue-signalling and tribal allure are powerful stuff.  And it’s not just the Left that falls into it, though so much of their current ascendance IS driven by those two factors, wanting to appear to hold the “correct” beliefs and being possessed of an unassailable moral superiority.

Moving on, secondly, the Texas Nationalist Movement, which seeks to make Texas an independent nation again, has had a significant success at the Texas Republican Party Convention in Dallas this week, gaining approval  to have the full convention vote on a proposed non-binding ballot referendum on whether Texas should exit the Union:

The Lone Star State has taken one more step towards Texas Independence. A resolution has passed a platform committee at the Texas GOP Convention and is now expected to go to a vote before all of the delegates.

Texas pachyderms are in Dallas, Texas, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. They will be there through Saturday, May 14 attending the state Republican Convention.

Two-thirds of the Texas GOP platform committee voted to place a call for a voter referendum on Texas Independence before the full-body of the delegates. There was robust debate on the issue, and a motion to strike the resolution that failed, but now the measure is headed to the permanent platform committee. It is expected to get out of that committee and to the delegates without any problem.

Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) President Dan Miller told Breitbart Texas that supporters of Texas Independence “scored a major victory” in getting the issue to the delegates at the convention. He said members of the movement who are delegates have been working to get the support. He said, “We are farther than we have ever been before.”

Although there are a few more steps in the process, the resolution is expected to get to the delegates for a vote.

You can see more at the link, but while I think it is true such a measure – even a non-binding one – has never gotten this far before, I’m not so certain it’s a sure thing that it will make it to a floor vote.  Also, this measure, being non-binding, is entirely symbolic, but does indicate a growing mood that the federal government is not only out of control and increasingly unjust, but also beyond fixing.

I’ve said before, while I’m not a fervent supporter of Texas independence, I’m certainly not opposed.  I’m just not certain it’s the panacea it is often presented as being, as Texans, while somewhat more conservative than most other state populations, are unfortunately just as imbued with all the moral failings and disordered notions as just about everyone else in this country.  But, I think, notionally, the concept of an independent Texas is an attractive one, at least so far as leaving the sinking federal ship.  We’re still many miles away from that, and there is the unanswerable question of how the feds and the other 49 states would react.

Anti-Catholic sentiment showing up more and more in family (divorce) court May 12, 2016

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There has been a very sad situation develop locally, where a family, experiencing the division and dissolution so common to so many families in this time of diabolical narcissism, has been further wounded, and gravely so, by a decision of the courts.  That decision was based on a belief that being “too Catholic” is bizarre, extreme, and potentially (if not certainly) dangerous to children.  The fallen away spouse, who abandoned the marriage and has since shacked up with someone else, has been arguing for some time that religious extremism is endangering his children and demands that he should be given greater control over their lives, by having more generous visitation.  Naturally, this father is a former Catholic.

While courts almost always side decisively with the female half of a divorced couple in awarding custody, to the extent that most fathers are generally given custody for all of two weekends a month (a huge problem in and of itself, but not germane here), in this case, it seems the anti-Catholic sentiment of the judge was sufficient to rule contrary to norm, and quite stridently so.  The children will now be placed in a far more confusing situation, and one that places their nascent faith at grave risk.

I don’t want to say anymore regarding the local situation than that, as I am striving to preserve general anonymity while imploring prayers for this suffering family.  I would like to warn, however, that this is a situation that will likely afflict Catholic families more in more in future, where religious fervor, far from being the boon to good morals and solid citizenship it traditionally was held to impart, will now be seen as a grave problem to be eradicated, something akin to psychological illness, a danger to self and especially to children exposed to this “extremism.”  And, it must be said, we shall have Pope Francis and most of the bishops and clergy to thank for this situation.

Already in divorce courts across the land, it is being touted that abandoned spouses who remain true to their marital vows and uphold the Doctrine of the Faith in their homes are dangerous zealots,  radicals who are “more Catholic than the pope.”  Numerous papal statements, including ones involving formal teaching, can be pointed to as a contrast to an adherence to the traditional practice of the Faith.  Numerous supporting statements can be found from the majority of bishops and clergy, even to the point of inviting them in as expert witnesses to refute the “errors” of “extremist” traditional Catholics.  The stage is being set – has been set – for making the raising of children according to the constant belief and practice of the Faith, if not illegal (yet), at least so strange and unsettling as to cast grave doubt on the stability of its practitioners.

This of course goes back to the maxim, in a world where everyone has gone insane, the sane are judged to be crazy.  While it is always risky to extrapolate current trends far out into the future, all the signs regarding governmental/societal “tolerance” for the raising of children in a faithful, Christian manner are negative in the extreme.  Once again, the complicity of the hierarchy in the dissolution of Christendom and the internal attack on Catholic Dogma have played an enormous role in bringing this demonic  situation about.   I’ve said it before, but, I used to believe that my wife and I would generally be able to raise our children free from outward persecution, while I was quite concerned for my children and grand-children, but now I think we’ll be incredibly blessed to do so (especially with a new baby extending our parenting another 6-7 years in the future).

That’s how fast things have fallen apart, within and without the Church.  Pope Francis’ papacy is a watershed in this terrifying trend, however, as, for the first time, the enemies of true piety and devotion can point to official Church documents, from the highest level, casting severe doubt, if not completely contradicting, whole swaths of Catholic belief and practice.  We  haven’t even begun to see the dread effects of these incredible novelties (errors) in practice.  It took a while for Griswold vs. Connecticut (and similar) to get us to pseudo-sodo-marriage, but the path was set in stone from the first step.  The same will occur with Evangelii Guadium and Amoris Laetitia, unless they be formally rebuked and corrected, at some point.

Again, please pray for this abandoned spouse, who has been a rock of faith, and especially the children.

Media elites suggest it is wrong for young men to reject “transgenders” interested in them May 11, 2016

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You know the old saw some people will say: “I’m okay with homosexuality, so long as they don’t make it mandatory?”  Yeah, about that.  The media elites driving the “gender is a construct” revolution in Western society have spoken, and they have decided it is bad, very bad, for males to reject men pretending to be women on the basis of their being, uh…..not women.  That is to say, the fantasy play we are all to be forced to enact will extend into the most intimate areas, making one a bigot if one decides simply slapping on some makeup and shaving the legs isn’t enough to make one a woman:

Transgender teens Claire, Devon, Arin and Katie have set out to expose the harsh reality of modern, teen relationships. [Do notice, the “harsh” reality revolves entirely around the disastrous choices these men have made] 

Appearing in a new BBC Three documentary, Young, Trans and Looking for Love, they let viewers see a glimpse of their lives as they struggle to find love. [Not a whiff of indoctrination here]

The doc shows the moment Claire, from Virginia, meets a guy that she likes, only to be rejected by him as soon as he finds out she was born a boy….. [#$@%^&!!  What do you expect!  This is infinite solipsism.  Trans-boy gets to be picky about who HE chooses, but it is so wrong for others to have criteria in their dating (which is very disordered, anyway).  Does trans-boy go after girls?  No.  But this creature expects men to shuck all their preferences and fundamental inclinations and go along with her mental illness-inspired fantasy reality?]

…….She says: “In a lot of ways, I don’t like telling a guy. Once I tell him all respect goes out of the window. [I’ve mentioned I’ve had some interaction with trannies. I deliberately use the term they find offensive.  One of my biggest complaints about them is you will never meet a group of more offensively narcissistic individuals in your life.  Brittle, unstable, and pathologically narcissistic, which we see here, this individual deciding it no problem to found a relationship on a lie.]

Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts[I simply don’t know what to say.  But you can see the depths to which we will be forced to comply with the deranged fantasies of desperately sick individuals]

“Once I’ve had or get the surgery, I think it will change a lot for me because right now if I meet a straight guy and he doesn’t know – we can’t get physical if I don’t tell him. [So Mr. Infinite Solipsism decides it best to found all future relationships on a lie.  Like the fact that he is a male, and always will be, no matter how many people cooperate in his fantasies.]

“And then if he finds out, things just get so complicated, I can’t even begin to explain.” [Gee, you mean the fact that you’re a man who’s had all kinds of unnecessary surgeries and dangerous chemical treatments to appear more like a woman?  Basically, your entire existence is a lie, you are (or will become) incapable of reproducing, you will always, no matter what, have a Y chromosome and will be biologically male?  Yeah, just a few “complications.”]

There are some heart-breaking pics at the original story, which I did not link to.  Fairly safe link above.  I cannot imagine what trauma caused normal, healthy-looking little boys to so despise themselves they seek to obliterate their God-given existence.  Three almost certain factors: poor father image/absence of male role model, the constant cultural attacks on manhood and masculinity, and chronic self-abuse.  Self-abuse and porn use drastically alter the brain, leading to all manner of perversions of thought and being.  Note that something like 80% of so-called transgenders are male.

It will be mandatory, at some point.  It is not at all preposterous to claim that at some point in the relative near future, it will be considered a hate crime to reject same-sex advances.  Look at how far we’ve fallen just in the last 10-20 years alone.  But then again, sometimes, dramatic turn arounds do occur.  Who would have predicted the fall of the Soviet Union in 1984?  And yet 5  years later, it was gone.

Those whom God will destroy He first makes mad   May 10, 2016

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A really good sermon below on the madness overtaking our culture, the natural resort of millions of souls rejecting God and His Truth.  But it’s more than just a natural effect, it is also a supernatural one.  God will allow our sins to destroy us.  We are very deep into the West’s final descent into madness.  A culture that can no longer tell male from female is one that is not long for this world, and it is one that is very far beyond any natural means of restoration:

Check out the bit from John Maynard Keynes.  He admits that as an atheist he both had a deliberate plan to destroy Christianity (which paints an entirely different light on his disastrous economic theories), and at the same time benefited from being raised in a still-Christian culture.  He knows that the post-Christian culture he helped create will be filled with emptiness and endless misery – and yet he still worked feverishly to that end?  Demonic possession, much?

In a world full of madmen the sane will be judged insane.  And since leftism is, more than anything else, an anti-Christian religion, not only will faithful Catholics be viewed as cray-cray, but as apostates and hateful bigots.  As just a bit of illustration of this future rushing into seemingly inevitable focus, a Harvard professor has declared that now that Christians have “definitively lost” the culture wars, they should be treated like Nazis:

Tushnet blames what he calls the “culture wars” on conservatives, and he says liberals should now make conservatives pay. “The culture wars are over; they lost, we won,” he writes in italics. Tushnet claims that conservatives “had opportunities to reach a cease fire, but rejected them in favor of a scorched earth policy.” [Remember: leftists always lie, leftists always project]

So what’s next? Tushnet explains: “the question now is how to deal with the losers in the culture wars.” And his answer isn’t comforting: “My own judgment is that taking a hard line (‘You lost, live with it’) is better than trying to accommodate the losers.”

Tushnet explains his unwillingness to respect the rights of the “losers”: “Trying to be nice to the losers didn’t work well after the Civil War, nor after Brown. (And taking a hard line seemed to work reasonably well in Germany and Japan after 1945.)”

Ah, yes, if the “losers” of the American “culture wars” are the functional equivalent of racists and Nazis, then Tushnet’s argument works wonderfully. But if Orthodox Jews, Roman Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Latter-day Saints, faithful Muslims, and other Americans who believe that marriage is the union of a man and woman are decent members of society, maybe Tushnet should reconsider his hostility.

When one holds religious beliefs with a white-hot intensity, then any deviation from those beliefs becomes totally unacceptable heresy, heresy that must be crushed at all costs.  The reason why Christians have lost the culture wars over the past several decades is because the faith of the leftists in their sexual pagan demonic paradise dystopia has been, on the whole, stronger than the faith of most Christians, and especially Catholics.

Ever notice how leftists, though truly few in number, constantly drive the terms of the debate in this country,  constantly have conservatives on the defensive (in spite of the hateful Harvard professor’s claims that conservatives somehow instigated the culture wars, which doesn’t even make sense, but what he really means is, how dare you have the temerity to even oppose me), and seem to win far more often than not?  Yes there are structural factors in their favor, but one major reason they have been overwhelmingly successful is that they practice their false religion on a 24/7 basis.  They have the courage of their convictions.  They are of the stronger faith, generally speaking (present company likely excepted, but, then again, are we really doing all we can?  Our leadership sure ain’t).

And now that they have won, they are not going to be generous winners. These are souls tortured by self-hatred and mental anguish, but the “beautiful” part of their religion is that it always gives them someone to blame for their personal failings (the exact contrary of Christianity).  It’s going to get very ugly.  They will be coming for us, but especially, our children.

Molon Labe.

Of course, this is why I say, leftism must be destroyed.

Believing in the Doctrine of the Faith Will Get You Fired, and Investigated by Police, at “Catholic” colleges  May 3, 2016

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At Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles – a university in the 20th century Jesuit tradition of modernism, immorality, lies, and obfuscation – a lay employee was fired for having the temerity to very gently explain Catholic doctrine to militant students afflicted with perverse inclinations and general confusion over gender identity, which every 4 year old generally figures out quite clearly, unless they attend public schools and most colleges and universities.  In which case, they lose their minds and no longer know up from down, and particularly right from wrong.

Although the students initially acted politely and seemed to appreciate the back and forth of the conversation, you just knew this being a leftist dominated institution in the Year of Our Lord 2016, they would just have to file a complaint.  Complain they did, and now the employee is not only fired from their job at Loyola, but they are under investigation by the Orwellian-named “Bias Incident Response Team,” and the Los Angeles Police.  Which just goes to show that not much has changed since the days of L.A. Confidential:

It’s uncommon at Jesuit universities these days for someone to openly share a traditional Catholic viewpoint. [How’s that for understatement of the decade?]

When it happened at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, the school was so spooked it called the Los Angeles Police Department. [Was it spooked, was it really afraid, or is this simply part of the process of the radical Left attempting to ratchet up the open persecution of Christians in this country to an entirely more threatening level?]

Both the police and the university’s Bias Incident Response Team are investigating the stated belief that only two genders exist, male and female, as a hate crime.

A Loyola alumni office employee discussed her views on sexual orientation, which align with the Roman Catholic Church, with three students who were hanging up posters on the subject on April 14.

Cosette Carleo, one of the students involved, told The College Fix in a phone interview that the hate crime under investigation is “denying transgenderism.”….

…..The employee told Carleo, who identifies as gender-neutral, that only two genders exist, male and female, according to the student. Carleo told The Fix that statement was the hate crime.

Carleo responded that “you can have your opinion” as long as it doesn’t “deny my existence.”

Let me rephrase that for honesty: “You can have your opinion, so long as it corresponds to mine, which just happens to be a violent competing religion that will brook no compromise, least of all with you, Christofascist.  Furthermore, I’m insane, and you must not simply share my insanity, but rejoice in it, and call it normality and saneness.”

OK, got a bit windy and harsh there.  But how many marginal people of unhappy unbringings are falling into this mental illness because they perceive not only that it brings them great power and attention (as this example brilliantly illustrates), but it also conveys on them unassailable moral authority and victimhood status that elevates them to veritable superhuman status?  Just whom has the power of the university and police-like state at their back?  It sure ain’t the Catholic.  So forgive me if I scoff at your self-serving claim that my refusal to accept your mental illness as a gender somehow denies your existence.  Give me a break.

Naturally, it turns out that two very different accounts of the exchange have surfaced.  But the supposedly Catholic university has chosen to side entirely with the aggrieved radical, even though there are serious holes in their story. In fact, the university immediately shamed and castigated the employee, refusing to hear her side of events.

The amount of space being given to Catholics to not just “operate” or evangelize, but simply exist, is shrinking at an alarming pace.  I do not think Michael Matt and some others are wrong to fear that before long, the state will find reasons, related to “hate” and “bias,” to refuse to allow us to homeschool our children.  What shall we do then?  If we let our kids be brainwashed by the state, everything we have worked and suffered and struggled for will be for naught.  Much will depend on the specific circumstances, of course, but our options will be limited by deliberate choice.

How long will God allow a culture – and a Church – filled to the gills with such evils to stand?  And where in the heck is Cardinal Gomez in defending this persecuted woman?

The thing is, bowing and scraping to the culture a la Amoris Laetitia isn’t going to buy the Church acceptance or wiggle room.  It’s going to cause the flashing knives of the Left to grow longer and to strike harder.  Hard experience with the world caused the bastions to be built in the first place.  But modernists just had to know better, didn’t they?


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