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Protest gov’t funding of Planned Barrenhood tomorrow July 27, 2015

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Tomorrow, July 28 2015, a nationwide series of protests will occur to express dismay at continued government funding of the murderous organization Planned Parenthood.  The DFW protest is at noon tomorrow at the Planned Barrenhood facility in Fort Worth.  All details here.  There are protest sites all around the country.

This protest is part of a broader effort by an organization calling itself “women betrayed.” Check the link to see if there is one near you. They are also encouraging all interested parties to contact demonrat congressmen to express outrage that these representatives would be the recipient of Planned Barrenhood blood money.  They have a list of all Congressmen – democrats to a man save for Susan Collins of Maine – who have received donations from Planned Barrenhood, and thus gained from the illegal sale of murdered baby parts.

Meanwhile, in a clear sign of this nation having developed, collectively, a reprobate sense, Obama is sicking the Department of Justice not on Planned Barrenhood, but on the Center for Medical Progress, the group that brought the latest revolting revelations of Banned Parenthood immoralities and misdeeds to light.  Demonrats are reacting in typical fashion, trying to project the evil they support onto actions of total innocents.  In this case, it’s shoot the messenger for holding up to the American people the brutal reality of abortion.  And that is one thing demonrats do not want discussed:

JUSTICE TO PROBE CENTER FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS — While congressional committees investigate Planned Parenthood’s practices, the Justice Department agreed to look into whether the group that released the sting videos obtained the footage legally. In response to a request by House Democrats, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday afternoon that Justice would “review all of the information and determine what the appropriate steps moving forward would be.”

Several state governments, including California, have also launched investigations of the Center for Medical Progress.

Which only gets back to Reilly’s brilliant thrust – it is the rationalization of sin that people have bought into.  Those who do grave evil but who support the rationalization can be excused, but those who point up the evil of the rationalization itself (in this case, the infinite evil of pre-born infanticide) must be excoriated.

Just the kind of environment one would expect in a post-Christian, socialist nation where the government bureaucracy mostly pursues its own ideological and material interest.  But most of us (or at least I) grew up believing America to not be that kind of place.  Much of Europe, yes, Canada, yes, the Soviet Union, certainly, but not the good ol’ USA, the “most Christian country in the world!”

I kept telling myself that for far too long.  But it is utterly untenable today.

How the Mexican bishops betrayed the Cristeros and Mexican faithful……. July 27, 2015

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………with more than a little help from the USCCB predecessor organization National Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC).

In 1928, the Cristeros controlled most of Jalisco and significant parts of four other provinces. They more or less controlled 3 provinces.  Under General Gorostieta, and in spite of US policy which armed Calles’ forces while blockading arms to the Cristeros, more and more victories were obtained.  1929 opened similarly well.

Morally, Archbishops Mora and Diaz continued to advocate that it was impossible to negotiate with leftist Masonic Church-haters who had broken every agreement they had made.  But after the death of Mora in 1928, the NCWC and the Coolidge administration put strong pressure on his successor Archbishop Ruiz to make some kind of peace.  The Mexican bishops were assured they would receive strong intervention from US ambassador Dwight Morrow and the US government generally.

However, as we shall see, treaties negotiated between Church leadership and hateful, persecuting governments are rarely worth the paper they are written on.  There is much to consider below as the Church in this country seems fated to enter into a similar period of persecution.

From this point, I will take up from No God Next Door, pp. 137 – (my emphasis and comments):

Negotiations were opened by the Rev. John J. Burke, CSP, who, according to the “The Church in Mexico,” pamphlet of his NCWC, had no official warrant from the United States administration, but merely the informal statement of President Coolidge’s pleasure, could Mr. Morrow, also informally, arrange a conference between the Mexican government and the Catholic authorities.

Father Burke held conferences with Calles on April 4 and May 17 1928, when an agreement was reached, but this was not ratified until more than a year later, June 4, 1929, when it was signed……. [follows description of the “concessions” made by the Mexican government, which were essentially none.  The only modification was to promise to only “register” priests approved by the hierarchy, a promise soon broken.]

On the strength of the good will implied in these concessions, if concessions they be, Archbishop Ruiz announced, as Apostolic Delegate, that “the Mexican clergy will resume religious services pursuant to the laws in force.”  Churches were reopened, but “in accordance with the number of priests allowed by the different state governments.”  There was further agreement that the bishops would call off the Cristero insurrection, and the government would grant complete amnesty to all the insurrectionists.

The settlement met with general distrust and gravely alarmed the League of Liberty Leaders and their most eminent supporters, lay and cleric…….

The outstanding leaders insisted that submission to the government registration of priests and limitation of their numbers m and to the exclusion of religious teachings from even their own schools, would put them in a worse position that before; and the suppression of the Cristero movement would leave Catholics defenseless against the absolute and unhindered power that this agreement was conferring on the persecutors. [And that is exactly what happened. Just as they were forcing Calles to consider making real concessions, they jumped at the first deal offered, which only regularized and institutionalized the unjust, persecutorial relationship between Church and state. Once the Cristeros were suppressed, the Catholics only bargaining chip would be gone, and there would be nothing to hinder the government. That is exactly what happened.]

No trust could be put in the alleged security for future betterment unless they themselves retained the physical power to enact it; for they were convinced that Mr. Morrow would stand with the Calles gang as he had consistently been doing, and there was no hope of United States support. The promised amnesty would be but a sentence of death for Cristero leaders, for the pledges of the Calles faction were worthless; and thus the Church they were defending, in leaving them helpless, would be doing for Calles what he and his armies had been unable to effect.

In opposing all treaties with faithless and unprincipled persecutors they were able to cite one of the negotiators in support. Bishop Diaz had made several such pronouncements in the United States, and in his final statement to the American people as executive secretary of the Mexican Hierarchy, April 7, 1927, he covers admirably the present situation……[Quote from Diaz’ statement follows]

….No settlement is possible between any right thinking people and an irresponsible tyranny.  The government of Mexico is a ruthless bloodstained tyranny against which thousands of its people are in arms; and its Constitution, which was never submitted to the people, is an instrument fashioned by a selfish oligarchy the robbery…….of their own.”  It can authorize theft or tyranny; hence there could be no settlement until that doctrine of persecution and thievery is repudiated……

…..”The Church led no armed rebellion; but it was good Catholic Doctrine as it was good American doctrine that forcible resistance to an unjust tyranny is the righteous duty of every citizen; and he was proud to say that his people in Mexico are true to the right and are justifying their faith by the blood of martyrs.”……[But the treaty was enacted nonetheless, due to concerns that the lack of regular religious life was a grave threat to the Faith of all Catholics in Mexico.  They chose to be blinded by Calles’ false rhetoric rather than continue in the path of armed resistance.  And what came of that?]  

……..No peace resulted.  Within a week President Portes Gil [a Calles puppet]  declared at a Masonic banquet that he would see to it that the Constitution and laws were entirely and strictly enforced; and that as a Mason and as President he had yielded nothing.  This was in fact true of the substance of the compact; but now he had publicly repudiated in word the good will he had expressed in signing it; and he and his fellows began at once to repudiate in deeds the amnesty he had definitely pledged.

Within a month five hundred surrendered Cristeros were shot, or murdered in their homes, their property seized, and their persecuted families left destitute; and altogether five thousand Cristeros and hundreds of priests shared the same fate. [This was written in early 1935.  The number steadily increased for some years to come.  The last Cristero is believed to have been murdered in retribution by the government in 1946]  This, with the expulsion of the episcopate and clergy and sisterhoods, leaving but some two hundred registered priests for over fifteen million people, and the stamping of the Moscow brand of atheizing communism on every school and office in the land, are now blazoned to the world the cost of compromise with irresponsible tyranny; and, therewith the lesson, that no compact of liberty is possible unless tyranny should first be uprooted………

———End Quote——–

And so the Catholic Church in Mexico languished, with barely 300 priests – including 200 “registered priests – to service that population for fifteen million for a decade or more. Almost half the states of Mexico had no priest at all. Even after President Cardenas began to back off the pressure of the persecution, onerous restrictions remained for decades.  Some of them survive to this day.  The Church did recover after a fashion from this persecution, but never fully.  It was a much weaker Church that was then rocked by the revolution which afflicted the entire Church Universal from the late 50s onwards.  And now even though Catholicism remains the default, professed religion of about 80% of Mexicans, the large majority of these are weak, superstitious, and frequently given over to all manner of dangerous and destructive practices like “santa muerte.”

This whole episode is instructive for American Catholics.  It gives a modern example of an episcopate willing, at the very least, to make disastrous decisions based on what many feel were misguided and exaggerated pastoral concerns.  At worst, it shows a hierarchy willing to do anything to cut a deal and resume at least some of their accustomed perquisites.  There is a good deal of evidence that it was the bishops who gained most from this “deal.” They were at least allowed to return to the episcopal palaces and resume their pre-persecution lifestyles, for the most part (or is that too harsh an assessment? Fr. Kenny was surprisingly critical of the hierarchy, especially given the time).

Possibly a for instance: the driving force behind the Calles deal that fatally undermined the Cristeros was Archbishop Ruiz. Upon signing the deal, he was elevated Archbishop of Mexico City and Primate of Mexico, or what was left of the Church in Mexico.

A final, brief PS to the excerpt above.  In 1933 President Cardenas – the man who ultimately relaxed the persecution – declared the following before the Masonic Anti-Clerical Convention held in Guadalajara – the heart of Catholic Mexico to this day – in 1933: “God is a myth; religion is a fable; the clergy are bureaucrats of a theological farce, and on this basis they wold operate for the emancipation of human thought.”



Mexican Revolution directed by a cabal of radical freemasons/American exploiters July 23, 2015

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I have, good readers, been blessed to read several good histories on the persecution of Catholics in Mexico.  Blood Drenched Altars, Mexican Martyrdom, The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene, and the writings of Gary Potter all helped shape at least a basic knowledge of the course of the terrible persecution that afflicted the Catholic Church in Mexico over the period 1815 – 1940.

However, I must say, none of these books have established so clearly the near total involvement of highly anti-Catholic radical Masons at the top of the Mexican revolutionary leadership throughout this time period, and the deliberate 51tVnzCvRzL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_
intervention of the United States government in favor of these Masons, as Father Michael Kenny SJ’s book No God Next Door.  From Joel R. Poinsett’s initial formation of a joint Mexican-American Supreme Masonic Council in New Orleans in 1827 – which set the course for the Mexican revolution for the next century, and thoroughly inculcated its anti-Catholic character – to Woodrow Wilson’s constant intervention in favor of the most radical, Church-hating elements in the disastrous “Tampico Affair” and other acts, this American-influenced (and at times dominated) Masonic cabal was the vital instigator of the vicious persecution of the Church and the subsequent secularization of Mexican life, which largely persists to this day.

There is far too much vital history contained in this book to cover in one post.  You really need to read the book.  But I can give some excerpts that will help establish the reality of American Masonic (and racist, anti-Catholic US Southerner) involvement in the savage, century-long persecution of the Church.  First, I’ll establish the personage of Joel R. Poinsett: Southerner, dedicated to establishing a great southern expansion of the United States (realized after the unjust war of 1846) mexiko_erschiessung-jpgfor the purposes of preserving the relative power of the slave states against the increasingly abolitionist North, Poinsett was appointed the first representative of the federal government to recently independent Mexico in 1825.  He immediately began gathering around himself all the radical, disaffected elements he could find, men dedicated both to turning Mexico into an American-type representative democracy, and, even more, dedicated to breaking the influence of the Catholic Church over Mexican life.  Thus, an early example of “nation-building” American hubris, almost two centuries before our adventures in the Middle East, attempting to impose on an unwilling and, even more, indisposed population the same kind of government that required centuries of development (and protestant/endarkenment) errors to bring to fruition in the United States.

When Poinsett was informed that Mexico was not then (nor is not now?) a suitable land for American-type democracy by Mexican leaders, he began organizing plots to overthrow that leadership and instigate an American-backed progressive revolution. His plan was to install a liberal democracy so friendly and beholden to the US for its power that it would willingly trade away most of Mexico’s land so that they might rule the rump state that remained. His actions caused great scandals, and he was subsequently recalled to the US under a dark cloud of shame, and his co-conspirators were exiled with him.

But Poinsett was a determined man.  He gathered around himself in New Orleans the revolutionary friends he had made in Mexico, and introduced them to the Lodge.  The Lodge would become the meeting place, nexus of communications, and Miguel_Pro_volleysource of diabolical inspiration for the Revolution for the next 120 years.  We take up this seminal secret meeting at the Grand Lodge La Luz in New Orleans held in 1827 under Poinsett’s direction:

Poinsett and the pro-American liberal party he had organized adopted in secret session of the Grand Lodge La Luz in New Orleans, 1827, the following preamble and platform:

“Convinced that the clergy, inasmuch as it opposes colonization (of Mexico, by Americans), is a permanent obstacle to reform; that it impedes the diffusion of light, [i.e., endarkenment ideals promoted by Masonry] provokes antagonism towards foreigners (i.e., Joel R. Poinsett)….the Mexican National Rite adopts in all its parts the political plan and program of reform proposed by progressive men (i.e., Joel R. Poinsett), which should be initiated in Congress as soon as possible by the Masons who hold seats there…….because being based on the principles taught by Masonry, the Rite should redouble its efforts to make it effective in accordance with the terms in which it is conceived, namely:

1. Absolute freedom of opinion and abrogation of all laws censoring the press
2. Abolition of special privilege for the clergy…..
3. Suppression of monastic institutions and all laws recognizing the intervention of the clergy in civil business, such as the marriage contract, etc.
4. Improvement of the moral condition of the people by depriving the clergy of its monopoly on public education by increasing educational facilities and inculcating social duties by means of the foundation of…….secular educational institutions for classic literature, science, and morals” [Education was in the hands of the Church because, to that time, no other entity could be bothered to provide it.  Education was free or incredibly cheap, and had been a substantial expense for the Church which operated schools, seminaries, and colleges at her own expense for the good of the people.  But since those schools naturally conveyed a Catholic viewpoint and the Doctrine of the Faith, along with all the other subjects, it had to be destroyed as an obstacle to “progress.”]

victoriano_ramirez-jpgSo what did this lead to?  With the practically communist 1917 Constitution – never voted on or approved by the people, but rammed through an unelected Congress under threat of violence – all of these anti-Church provisions and more were put in place.  And it was the United States government that assured the victory of the most radical elements in the long Mexican revolution:

“Article 3 of the 1917 Mexican Constitution is the main avenue that Calles [bastard child, never baptized, likely not even qualified to hold office as the son of a foreigner, he was also a brigand, murderer, insatiable thief, and manifest failure at all he tried before he became, for his enormous hatred of the Church, a powerful figure in the Revolution] has seized for the permanent uprooting of religion from the minds and hearts of Mexico.  This article abrogates the parents right to provide for the education of their offspring; and on this quite justifying basis, Calles proclaimed, and by organic law has since executed, his purpose, “to enter into and take possession of the consciences of children, of the consciences of youth,” and compel all Mexico “to belong to the revolution.”

Thus, also was finally realized in its fullness the plan of action set by Joel R. Poinsett and adopted in 1827 by the joint Mexican and American Supreme Masonic Councils in New Orleans, namely, to abolish the privileges of the clergy and all laws recognizing intervention of the clergy, and “to deprive the clergy of its monopoly on public education.”

This meant, as the context obviously shows, that the Church must be kept out of the schools, and religion out of all education, so that the State shall mould the pupils to its will.  This was precisely the purpose of the Farias decrees of 1833, of the Juarez code of 1857, of the Queretaro Constitution of 1817, as of the Calles amendments of 1934 and of the high Masonic Councils before and after 1827.  And all were based on the same ground, that the child belongs to the state, and that the state alone has the right to educate him, the parent not at all.  [Turning parents, in effect, into slaves of the state, slaves enjoined to provide offspring that the state will then take and mold according to its will.  How similar to the rhetoric of leftists of our own time (it takes a village).  There is nothing new under the sun, or Son.]Fr._Francisco_Vera_1927

……..That the child belongs to the state, and that the state has the sole right to educate him, and that all religion must be excluded from his teaching, is a primary Masonic doctrine, not only in Mexico and Latin countries, but here in the US, as well.  In Spain and France and other Latin lands the first sign of Masonic dominance is the exclusion of the crucifix from the school and its replacement with anti-Christian teachings.  United States Scottish Rite Masonry has always been in union with the Grant Orient and in sympathy with this policy, and all American masonry is in formal union with it now.…….

…….The Supreme Council of the Thirty Third Degree in Washington and the Imperial Council of Oregon, having resolved in 1920 that education in religionless public schools must be made compulsory, on all, both started an agitation for a law in Oregon compelling public school attendance for all children from 8 to 16. They assumed credit for its adoption in 1922 and had similar bills ready for other states……..

No sooner had the Supreme Court [in 1934] ruled out the Masonic doctrine as the direct antithesis of our “fundamental theory of liberty,” that the Supreme Council of the Thirty Third Degree issued in Washington a counter pronouncement in download (15)defiance of the Supreme Court of the nation…………issuing a profession of principles which Calles and his Mexican Masons could not better:

“We are, therefore, justified in continuing to assert and maintain our belief in the value of the compulsory requirement of attendance of all children upon the public schools.  We cannot at this time but insist upon the existence of the principle that the right of the child to avail himself of the educational opportunities of the public school is superior to the right of the parent or of any corporation, secular or religious, to shape islam-overview-universe-next-door-chapter-10-13-638in advance his intellectual allegiance and we should be alert to unite with every movement which tends to the maintenance of this right.” [It certainly seems that in this year of our Lord 2015 the Masons have essentially achieved their goal of “de-mythologizing” virtually all young people in this country and so many others – thus paving the way for our conquest by islam]

———–End Quote———–

Sorry, this post is becoming longer than I planned, so I’ll cut it off there.  Still later in the book, no less a personage than Theodore Roosevelt denounced the favoritism and direct aid given to the worst, most anti-Catholic revolutionaries by several American administrations, especially democrat ones. It is no accident that the Revolution in Mexico made its greatest gains, and consolidated its cruel anti-Church policies to the utmost, under the administrations of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.  Father Kenny shows that it was Wilson’s repeated intervention on the side of the revolutionaries Carranza, et. al., that allowed them to triumph over the much more moderate government of Huerta, among others.  Even the fruitless “punitive expedition” of Pershing against Pancho Villa could be seen as an effort to aid the by-then established Miguel_Pro_prayingradical government consolidate its power.  It certainly could not be due to Villa’s attack on the US in Columbus, NM, since Wilson (and others) had looked the other way on numerous previous occasions when such depredations occurred (as in, when Calles ordered the murder of three men in Laredo, TX), and even more, allowed free passage to armed revolutionary columns through US soil, all the while seeing to it that they were well supplied in arms, ammunition, food, and money, while blockading all such vital materials to the more conservative elements.

US influence was so decisive that even the arrival of US warships in Mexican ports could instigate the fall of a government, Miguel_Prodepending on the vagaries of the political situation.  Throughout Calles reign, US diplomats like the racist southerner Josephus Daniels (long-time friend of FDR since Wilson administration days and an ardent supporter of Jim Crow laws in the South) provided him with most vociferous, unequivocal support, while dismissing concerns that he was repressive or dictatorial in any way.  They did this due to both a similarity of political outlook – progressives always reward and never criticize their “friends” – and because US industry with billion dollar concessions in Mexico demanded it.

Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States!

Final thought – could the current enormous influx of immigrants from Mexico, to the point where they will likely constitute a majority in most of the Southwest of the US within a few decades, be poetic justice for US treatment of Mexico for so many years?  God works in mysterious ways, but never fails to punish those who attack His own.

Something to consider, anyway.

Baton Rouge Diocese: “Who are we to judge whether public sinners believe or not?” July 22, 2015

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Mind you, that is public sinners: as in those who, in some way, publicly proclaim their sin, in this case, rejection of Catholic Doctrine, i.e., heresy.

A case – likely to be increasingly frequent in the near future – developed in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA.  A man publicly known to be lost in sins of sodomy and even to have a pretended “marriage” to another man, presented for Communion. This man was publicly unrepentant of his sin.  The priest, aware of this man’s condition, quite rightly protected the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament and defended the sinner’s soul (in great charity) by refusing to allow him to blaspheme the Blessed Sacrament.  The man, naturally in this day and age, complained publicly over this act of kindness (which he took to be a cruel abuse), and the bishop, equally naturally, promptly caved, issuing a scandalous apology.

Just another day in the American Catholic Church, I suppose (my emphasis and comments):

Tim Ardillo, an avowed aberrosexual “married” to another man, [public declaration of which in and of itself is grounds for excommunication and denial of the Blessed Sacrament] is claiming that he was denied Communion at the funeral of his dead mother on July 10 in St. Helena’s Church in the Diocese of Baton Rouge (Louisiana).  Ardillo wanted to receive the Body of Christ in  Communion, however, he was denied by Pastor Mark Beard.

The magazine The Advocate stated that the Diocese of Baton Rouge has since apologized to Ardillo for the incident, personally from the archbishop of New Orleans himself, Msgr. Gregory Aymond. [This has been widely reported, but was it confirmed?]

According to Ardillo, pastor Beard had justified his refusal by saying it was because he was “not married in church.” The presumed reason, according to the aberrosexual, was that he had previously said  in the obituary  for his mother he was described as being “married” to a man. [There we go, very public declaration of unrepentant grave sin.  The pastor, being apparently aware of the man’s identity and status, should have, in charity, approached him before Mass and addressed the matter, making clear his intent, but perhaps that was impossible for any of a number of reasons.]

The Secretariat of Archbishop Aymond declined to comment. The apology was neither confirmed nor denied. No one from the parish wanted to take a position……..

……..What this meant in practice, at least in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, said the diocesan press officer, Donna Carville, a communion assistant (Eucharistic Minister): The diocese will not tolerate refusal of Communion to Catholics, “just because they are gay.” [This is a very dangerous and unfortunate statement. Would she say the same of some other, less culturally popular sin?  Being possessed of strong attraction for people of the same sex is profoundly disordered. It may or may not be sufficient grounds for denial of the Blessed Sacrament (it depends how it is acted upon).  But this was not the case here. This was the case of a man making a public declaration of grave sin!  Canon Law is exceedingly clear on this point.]

It was “very surprising that Communion was denied. This does not work  … We do not have people refuse communion. Who are we to judge whether they believe [the Church’s teaching on Communion] or not? This is a matter between them and God,” said Donna Carville. [Well we can certainly see the rhetoric of the current pontificate in this statement.  But she’s completely, totally wrong. Once again, we don’t have to peer into anyone’s soul, the man made a public declaration of which the priest became aware.  That’s perfect grounds for the priest’s action. In addition, Canon Law stipulates very clearly, contrary to this bonehead quoted below, that public sin requires public retraction and penance PRIOR to amelioration of the sin and an ability to return to the Blessed Sacrament.  That is why the continued reception of grave public heretic politicians is such an enormous scandal, they have never publicly retracted their heresy.]

It should not be used to deny the Eucharist, because someone is not married in Church, seconded the canon lawyer, Roger Keeler, coordinator of the Canon Law Society of America, and a priest of the Archdiocese of Edmonton in Alberta State (Canada). “The Communion is not a weapon. It is not a reward for good behavior. It is food for tired souls,” said Keeler.  [Once again, direct quotes of Pope Francis, and very damaging ones] The priest could not know the marital status of those who come forward for Communion. [WRONG.  In this case, he did.  And that was manifest sufficient grounds for his actions.  He should be commended by all involved, starting with his bishop, but also the man who attempted to receive, piling sacrilege on top of his other sins.]

Let’s see what Canon Law really says:

Can. 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.

Can. 916 A person who is conscious of grave sin is not to celebrate Mass or receive the body of the Lord without previous sacramental confession unless there is a grave reason and there is no opportunity to confess; in this case the person is to remember the obligation to make an act of perfect contrition which includes the resolution of confessing as soon as possible.

Of course Canon 915 is perfectly clear.  “Others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin – like an open declaration of no just sodomy but pseudo-sodo-marriage – are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”  That seems very clear to me, and indeed was, for about the first 1950 years of the Church’s existence.  But now its a matter for apologies and groveling worries about “weaponizing” the Blessed Sacrament.

In all this mass abrogation of duty, it is the souls who ultimately pay the price.  The souls of laity falling into hell like snowflakes, and the souls of bishops, too, paving the floor of hell.

Unbelief/rejection of their Faith was the cause of the chastisement of the Jews July 22, 2015

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Dom Prosper Gueranger spends a number of pages of his meditations on the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost in The Liturgical Year recounting the final chastisement and destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple, and the Old Covenant.  Just as Jesus Christ our Lord had prophesied, Jerusalem was completely, utterly destroyed by Roman legions under Titus Flavius Vespasianus.  This was after several previous chastisements, most notably the first destruction of Jerusalem and the Babylonian exile.

Why was Israel, God’s original chosen people, so chastised?  The Bible – and Gueranger – tells us, it was due to constant sin and rejection of the True Faith God had given Israel. Eventually Israel’s crimes became so great that God completely terminated His covenant with them and instituted the New Covenant in Himself, the Second Person of the Trinity.

But as Gueranger warns us, the same fate can befall us, and even almost the entire human element of the Church, if we are similarly unfaithful. Entire nations have been condemned by God to destruction for rejecting His Law and the practice of perversion. A grim reminder for we of the Church – and her leaders – in this time:

[N]ever forget that the same causes which brought about the destruction of the Jews would also lead you to ruin.  They fell, because of their unbelief; you, who once had no faith and yet God showed mercy to you, are now what you are by faith.  Be not, therefore, high-minded with self-complacency; but remember how God, who broke off the natural branches from the glorious tree, will not spare  you, if you cease to be faithful; and whilst you do well to admire His mercy, you do not wisely if you forget His inexorable justice………..

……..But the assurance of salvation, granted to the bride of the Son of God, does not extend to her children, taken either individually or collectively –  that is, men or nations. On each one of us it is incumbent that we meditate on the sad fate which befell Jerusalem; as also on what happened ages before, to the ancestors of the Jewish people, viz., that scarce one of those who were living when Moses led them out of Egypt lived to enter into the promised land.

————-End Quote————

Indeed, of 600,000 adult Jewish men who left Egypt in the Exodus, precisely TWO survived to enter the promised land. Now the Exodus from Egypt and journey to the promised land of Israel is a highly significant type of our earthly journey through the dangers and temptations of the world and our hoped for entry into Heaven. While Christ’s crucifixion, death, and Resurrection has greatly changed the calculus in our favor, it hasn’t entirely altered the validity of this type.  Something to be kept in mind.

As is the testimony of so very many Saints and holy people, who attest from visions or even personal experience that even the vast majority of baptized Catholics go to hell.  Completely contradicting Fr. Barron and other modernist “hopes,” the constant testimony of the Saints has been that many more are lost than are saved.

The unprecedented and terrifying situation faithful souls face today, of course, is that so much of the Church herself seems to be in the very predicament Dom Prosper warns about.  Unprecedented in modern times, and having only a few possible similar instances throughout its 2000 year history, this crisis leaves many souls lost and confused over where to turn, what to believe.  Fortunately we do have Tradition, the Magisterium of the past, to turn to.  The Church can never become something she is not, she can never validly counter her own established Sacred Doctrine, so as long as we cling to that, we can be assured of remaining faithful – in spite of what men today may say.  It should be remembered that when the Jews faltered, there were faithful remnants then, too, and they were likewise chastised as not being with the times, as being unreasonably obstinate, and refusing to go along with what the great mass of people wanted.  A good number of prophets were put to death for their defense of the Faith as it was.

Men cannot change what God has revealed.  Men cannot pretend to take flatly contradictory “pastoral approaches” to matters in ways that obliterate settled Dogma and remain faithful.  No we cannot, and do not want to, become protestant and pick and choose for ourselves what to believe and what to reject.  But that is not the point.  The point is to cling to that which has been clearly revealed and defined in the long course of centuries.

And that’s the very difficult part in a hierarchical Church.  In those rare and terrible times when the hierarchy itself seems to be turning on the Church, it is exceedingly difficult to remain a faithful Catholic.  I pray for the strength to remain so.


Some happy news for a change July 21, 2015

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When thinking about a looming/ongoing persecution, considerations of the influence of technology offer both hopeful and fearful portents.  Fearful, because through technology the persecutors can gain influence over our lives in ways unimaginable to previous persecutors.  They can literally monitor our (external) thoughts and try to come into the privacy of our homes through various means straightforward and devious.  Denial of technology, coupled with denial of the means to make a living, are other methods of control.  But at the same time, technology can also provide means to help endure the persecution.

One thing I’ve seen others mention a number of times, and its a thought I certainly share, is that we use the modern means at our disposal to aid each other as we are targeted for persecution.  Even though enemies of Jesus Christ and His Church will go to diabolical lengths to try to make their persecution effective and deny that aid, such as blocking those accused of “hate crimes” from using secular funding sites like gofundme, souls of good will have found ways around these cruel attempts to completely excoriate convicted Christians.  So I was heartened to find that Aaron and Melissa Klein, who have been (ludicrously) fined $135,000 and had their fundraising initiative blocked on gofundme (for being Christian), are not going to be left completely destitute by this onerous and totalitarian governmental judgment.  In fact, they have raised over $390,000 at their Continue to Give site:

A crowdfunding campaign for the Oregon bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa has set a site record by raising $352,500 in about two months after being kicked off the GoFundMe website, far exceeding the initial goal of $150,000.

Jesse Wellhoefer, founder of Continue to Give, said the Sweet Cakes effort has raised more than any previous campaign on behalf of individuals in the three-year-old crowdfunding website’s history.

Continue to Give also handles ongoing fundraising for nonprofit organizations as well as mobile and kiosk tithing for churches.

GoFundMe, the nation’s largest crowdfunder, removed a campaign for Sweet Cakes by Melissa in April after receiving complaints from gay-marriage supporters. The bakery’s owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, are locked in a legal battle with the state for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex ceremony, citing their religious beliefs.

……..The Oregon labor commissioner ordered the Kleins to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple for “emotional damages” to Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer after declining to prepare a cake for their June 2013 commitment ceremony.

Mr. Klein had informed the couple that he was sorry but that the bakery did not prepare cakes for same-sex ceremonies as a result of the family’s religious convictions. Gay marriage was not legal in Oregon at the time.

The Kleins are expected to appeal the labor commissioner’s July 2 decision to the Oregon Court of Appeals. [I had read that because this decision was made in an “administrative court” recourse to appeal would be difficult if not impossible. They can certainly appeal, but the way the law is worded, from what I understand, it is likely the case will be thrown out. Their only appeal then would be to federal court.  They are getting some pro bono representation but given that they’ve lost their business and are surely racking up extensive legal fees, all this money they’ve raised may not go as far as one might hope. I’m sure they could use still more help.]

This is what we’re going to have to do.  There are still millions of believing Christians in this country, and even if most are protestants they are still souls of good will. We’re going to have to band together and aid each other as much as possible as this persecution gets ratcheted up.  Those willing to stick their necks out and take a stand are likely to pay an increasingly steep price for doing so.  This is not an extended ad for the Klein’s, but a reminder that we all will probably have to change the way we do things (and the way we spend our money) as the general cultural situation continues to deteriorate.

Of course, monetary support is helpful and ever necessary here in “nothing’s free in the ‘free world'”, but prayer support is even more needed, both for those who fall victim to persecution, and for ourselves.  Eventually, most if not all of us will get to “enjoy” the growing persecution.  The help we give now will be helping ourselves later.

OTOH, here’s an item out of left field.  A very out n’ proud baker bashes those of his lifestyle who are enjoying tormenting Christians now that they feel themselves possessed of the cultural whip hand.  I won’t post it here, but you can check it out if you like.  There’s a soul who needs some prayers.

I had one final thought on this matter of forced participation in pseudo-sodo-marriage: could a Christian, instead of refusing, just do a really horrible job instead?  Could a baker just mangle the cake, replacing salt for sugar and just really botching the job, or a florist fill bouquets of dead flowers, or a photographer deliver 500 slightly out of focus prints?  Would that kind of non-violent, passive resistance be acceptable?


+Brandmuller blasts indifference in episcopate, but he (and we) face an incredible struggle- UPDATED July 21, 2015

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Reader “Camper” sent me a link to this article on LifeSiteNews, which translates an op-ed written by Cardinal Brandmuller in Germany recently.  Brandmuller’s editorial is one of the most thorough, damning condemnations of the state of the Church and the blithe indifference of the episcopate in the midst of collapse I’ve read in some time – at least from a leading figure of the Church.  His analysis of the Church stands in near total contrast to the runaway giddiness of the aging, declining progressive faction, which, according to a new post at Rorate (quoting a National Geographic article on the Pope), now believe that all their cherished, long-frustrated hopes and dreams of remaking the Church in their own fallen image are about to be fulfilled.

I don’t think it any exaggeration to say that the Church stands at a great crossroads, which may well dictate the path she takes for the next 50-100 years: more modernist embrace of the world and doctrinal indifference, leading to further collapse, or the start, one may hope, of a return to sanity.

First, Cardinal Brandmuller:

The cardinal sees in certain circles in the Church almost a “perverse lust for self-destruction,” for example, “by undermining the procreation of life in different ways and in putting into question the natural sexual identity of man and woman.” [I’d say, dead on.  Of course, as St. Pius X made very clear, modernism is the death of faith.  That modernist beliefs would lead to a cultural death spiral through mass refusal of openness to life is hardly surprising.]

Cardinal Brandmueller describes the danger of adapting to “political correctness,” admitting that violating it entails “risking execution by the Media.” [The media is dominated by progressives, who have always hated the Church!  Even 150 years ago Blessed Pius IX recognized in the media an inveterate hostility to the Faith and the good of souls.  This tendency has only grown since then.  Trying to please the media is a sure path towards destruction.]

He decries the “dynamic of silence into which the majority” of bishops have slipped “and thus silently watch the execution.”  No one can claim “such conduct is worthy of a Christian,” he adds, “especially when dealing with fundamental questions concerning the teaching of Faith and Morals of the Gospel of Christ.”

“For what purpose did we receive the Sacrament of Confirmation?” he asks. “And, did not the bishops at their consecration promise that they would proclaim faithfully the Gospel of Christ and would preserve, pure and entire, the Deposit of the Faith according to the Tradition as held by the Church, always and everywhere?” [One must wonder how often this promise was not made in good faith. Judging from the behavior of the large majority of bishops over the past 50 years, it would seem, far, far too often.  The thing is, apparently many bishops are convinced –  or pretend to be convinced – that the practice of the Church can be radically changed while Doctrine is left supposedly untouched.  This is impossible, and reveals a revolutionary mindset (one that apparently thinks the faithful and even many good priests are none too bright) intent on trying to “sneak” changes to doctrine through the backdoor.  We’ve seen the game plan laid out by Vatican favorite Fr. Tom Rosica – doctrine will be changed by changing Church-wide practice, first, and then once those changes have been implemented and practiced for a long time, maybe many decades, “doctrine will be changed” to catch up.  Talk about a death wish, that’s it, right there, the death of the Church, a la episcopalianism.]

The cardinal calls for a “de-secularization” of the Church, meaning a form of thinking which does not follow earthly principles and calculations but “follows the Truth of the Faith.”  Instead of “preaching ‘Christianity light,’” he said, “we should have the courage to demand a program which is in firm contrast to the societal mainstream of today and lives out fully” the commandments. [I agree, but those who believe as we do are apparently in the distinct minority.]

“The Church can and must proclaim the Natural Moral Law which has been perfected by the Gospels and which is understandable for the man of good will,” he says. “Thereby, the Church should not allow herself to be deflected by the [growing] resistance against her message.” [I agree again.  But apparently, not enough even in the episcopate do.  They seem to fear the world more than God.  They seem to believe, in spite of the mountainous evidence of the past 50 years, that the problem is that the Church has not changed enough to please the world and her master, and must bow down to both still more.  They are apparently totally blind to the effects of their own Doctrine either in the Church, or in the sects which have followed a similar path.  The only people rejoicing over this latest push for the revolution are the Pope’s evangelical buddies, who will pick up scads of disaffected Catholics, and more importantly, their money.]

Now, what we are up against, once again via Rorate, quoting sources ostensibly close to Pope Francis.  All of this is hearsay, but given its consistency with so much of what we’ve been able to observe over the past 2 years, I certainly would not discount it out of hand:

Similarly, Saracco, the Pentecostal pastor, discussed with the pope the possibility of removing celibacy as a requirement for priests. “If he can survive the pressures of the church today and the results of the Synod on the Family in October,” he says, “I think after that he will be ready to talk about celibacy.” When I ask if the pope had told him this or if he was relying on intuition, Saracco smiles slyly and says, “It’s more than intuition.”

This would appear to be the pope’s mission: to ignite a revolution inside the Vatican and beyond its walls, without overturning a host of long-held precepts. “He won’t change doctrine,” insists de la Serna, his Argentine friend. “What he will do is return the church to its true doctrine—the one it has forgotten, the one that puts man back in the center.[Do you see the lie?!? “He won’t change doctrine,” but will “return the Church to its true doctrine!”  So what you are calling for is……a change in Doctrine!  Also note the revolutionary, anthropocentric viewpoint, the quintessence of the post-conciliar mentality – “man is the center of the Church.”] For too long, the church put sin

 in the center. By putting the suffering of man, and his relationship with God, back in the center, these harsh attitudes toward homosexuality, divorce, and other things will start to change.”

You get the juxtaposition, right: the Church’s very loving approach toward souls – please don’t sin for your own good, for the sake of your eternal soul! – is now a “harsh attitude.”  This is modernism 101, pure and clear.  Just as after VII, the this revolutionary cabal – speaking of Pope Francis as one of their own, I pray they are wrong – plans to advance their worldly revolution while pretending Doctrine is unchanged.  It’s untenable and laughable, and will only harm souls, but it provides them with the kind of cover they need to keep many Catholics from seeing reality.  This is the kind of fig leaf that those often derided as “neo-Catholics” or “neo-conservatives” cling to as they argue that “doctrine hasn’t changed.”  That makes recognizing and exploding these kinds of claims all the more important.

Another important point, made by a commenter: just where in the Church is there any focus on sin?  What a laugh!  In most places sin is virtually never mentioned, and even if it rarely is, it is generally fake “corporate sins” like capitalism and not loving mother Gaia enough.  There is a repository of condemnation of sin, however, and this is most important: IT IS IN THE DOCTRINE! Only in doctrine is sin generally firmly condemned in the Church today.  That makes clear what they are really going after: doctrinal change, made first by stealth, and then, once they feel strong/bold enough, to try to change it formally.

It is amazing that anyone could claim that the Church has not put man’s relationship with God at the center of her focus.  I’d say the only time that has been true has been in the last 50 years, when man’s relationship with God has often been a sideshow to far more earthly concerns.  You know, things like environmentalism, progressive activism, funding abortion and contraception through Catholic charities, etc., etc.  That is, the same old same old which has veritably brought the Church to her knees.  Like all good progressives, those quoted above look at the failure of their program and can only exclaim: it’s because we didn’t go far enough!  We didn’t cave enough on core doctrine!  Once we jettison that last, final bit of doctrine – say, the Divinity of Christ, or the Resurrection (don’t laugh, look at the Unitarians and other more liberal “mainline” sects) – then the souls will just come pouring in.

The real religion of Katholycs is leftism…….they simply adopt a Catholic patina as they march through one more institution.


I really must go on a church tour of Mexico! July 20, 2015

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Beautiful images from Puebla, Mexico. I sorely wish that I had been full of some zeal when I used to travel to Mexico a great deal!  I spent far too much time in bars and restaurants back then.  I missed out on a great deal.  I’ve never been to Puebla, but in pretty much any major Mexican city one can still find incredible Church art and architecture.  The American- Mason inspired leftist governments never managed to destroy all of it, though they have ruined a very great deal.  I thought I knew quite a bit about the satanic influence Americans had over the various leftist Mexican governments that have existed, but I knew nothing  until I read No God Next Door. It definitively proves the Masonic conspiracy that has so tortured Mexico for nearly two centuries.  In some sense, the American role in the subjugation of the Church makes the subsequent “invasion” of the US southwest by largely Mexican immigrants a just recompense.  Potentially another post right there.

For now, enjoy the beauty.  Lord that we could have a Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe like this in our city!  Beauty like this is such an amazing way to reach souls.  Anyone know the story behind the illumination of the cathedral?  Is it done with UV paint and black-lighting?  Very striking!

blue vestments iii



That above is the sacristy!  WOW!  As a woodworker, the construction and finish on those cabinets is mouth-watering.  Probably built entirely by hand, too, no power tools!  Checking out the trim work and filigrees along would be worth the trip for me (yes I do more than carpentry I can also make furniture of fair quality).


Side altar, I think.


For some reason, that photo just says “Mexico” to me.  So beautiful with a style all its own.


iglesia_24That is also described as being the cathedral of Puebla lit up.  I guess a different side?

I can well see why the villains in the Carranza, Calles, Zapata, Obregon and their ilk were so filled with envy and greed by the Church’s glorious possessions, given by pious souls over centuries.  If this is what remains, I can only imagine how blessed Mexico was 100 years ago.


Men’s Prayer Vigil report plus answers to FAQs July 20, 2015

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I continue to be blown away by the response of men to this prayer vigil effort outside sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) in Dallas.  We had a very good turnout Friday night.  And, even more inspiring, there were a lot of first timers.  Several of the regulars in this effort were unable to make a Friday night, but an equal number of new faces showed up.  So, we had another good crowd that certainly attracted attention.

I mentioned after the last prayer vigil that we had been accosted by a manager of the SOB ‘The Men’s Club.’  This time we were approached by a number of “dancers.”  The approaches were not nearly so hostile as that of the manager.  They were more questioning with a bit of mocking perhaps.  Again we had one member of our group tend to deal with them while the rest prayed.

Friday night, to me, had a different feel.  We didn’t stay that late, about 10:30, but it felt different than Wednesdays have. A bit more hard edged.

I will say that every time out I/we learn something new.  Late Friday night we had a Suburban pull up and the driver asked us what we were doing.  We told him, and he said he runs a safe house for women who want to leave this lifestyle.  I got the firm impression from him that some of these women do feel trapped, or even more, are coerced into performing in this manner.  For everyone’s benefit, I took photos of his card so we can all have details of this alternative for these women:



The sad part about this guy is that he’s a cradle Catholic who has left the Church.  He grew up going to Saint Thomas Aquinas including attending Catholic schools (which probably explains a great deal as to why he’s now a former Catholic).  Yet another soul lost to the Church, in this case, one that is visibly on fire and doing very good works.  We didn’t get to speak with him as to why he left but if he is like so many other souls, it’s because he was spiritually starved.  He seemed kind of shocked that there would actually be Catholic men similar to himself – that’s another commentary on the crisis in the Church.

He told us there are fenced in areas behind the clubs with barbed wire around the top.  This is where the women can go “smoke.”  This group throws little convenience kits with their contact info over the top of the fence and then drives off.  Good for them, that’s pretty bold.

Switching topics, I have become aware that some men interested in taking part in this effort have not done so because they are afraid of being scandalized or even forced into an occasion of sin.  I guess some people have wondered whether there are naked dancers running around outside trying to tempt us with the siren song of bacchanalian lust.

That is not the case at all.  All the dancers we have seen have been in street clothes.  It may not be the most modest dress in the world, but it is generally just comfortable jeans and tees and things like that.  Even Dallas in this year of our Lord 2015 does still have laws regarding public nudity and similar that are enforced.  And recall we are across Northwest Highway from the place, very visible but 30 yards from their property.  There has been nothing scandalous that I’ve seen from any of the dancers.

The only bad behavior we’ve seen was from that manager two weeks ago, who used a storm of profanity and coarse language in attacking us and the Church.  I think I effectively blunted his attacks and made good responses but I certainly got to hear a week’s worth of “grown up words.”  I would imagine a replay is very likely in future.  I didn’t feel scandalized by this, but maybe some would.

The other thing we experience is general gawking, picture taking (literally), occasional hassling by homeless……..that’s been about it.  Really, it’s been pretty low-key.  We’re across a major road from the place, so we haven’t gotten any threats or felt unsafe in any way.

I will say this: I was really surprised how few men were at the SOB Friday night.  I figured Wednesday nights would be slow but I don’t think there were many more there on Friday night.  It was far from packed.  I guess leaving at 10:30 may still have been considered “early,” but I kind of doubt it.  Usually by 10:30 a pretty good crowd should be filtering in.  We saw a lot of U-turns right in front of us, whether that was men who planned on going there seeing us and changing their minds, I don’t know.  I like to think we are having an influence on the lack of crowd.

One last thing.  I understand two young men could not join us Friday night.  As an alternative, they went and prayed, kneeling, directly outside a “gay bar” here in Dallas.  Apparently, they received a much hotter reception than we ever have.  I don’t think they were physically attacked, but they had a lot of perverse men yelling at them, shouting terrible things, etc.  Eventually management threatened to call the cops.

I’ve considered doing similar, but I don’t think we’ve reached that time, yet. My thought with that kind of intervention is to go heavy or don’t go at all.  I’d prefer only to make such a prayer intervention with a group of 20-30 minimum.  A strong presence tends to impress and cow others.  But more importantly, I think we still have much more to do in opposing these burlesque joints.  Our impact continues to grow, we’re clearly being seen and noticed, we’re starting to coordinate with other groups…..in short, we’re still building towards whatever God wills for us.  It’s not time, yet, to switch the focus of efforts even to this other matter that is probably an even greater evil in our city and culture at large.

Having said that, I know the two  young men who had the faith and bravery to pray outside such a hostile, evil place.  They have my utmost admiration and my prayers.  God bless you C and J!  You guys be careful, and I pray you can make it to one of my little efforts soon!

Next prayer vigil is planned for Wednesday August 5 at 8 pm.  We will alternate Wednesday and Friday nights every two weeks.

Thanks again to all the men who turned out.  You guys continue to inspire me.

State Department: Muslims yes on immigration, Christians no July 17, 2015

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The State Department has signaled quite strongly that they will not be establishing special visas for Christians facing extermination in the Mideast.  That this extermination is a direct result of disastrous US policy, which has caused the murder or flight of millions of Christians from their 2000 year old homeland, apparently has left them unmoved.  Or, is this simply yet another instance of this administration’s blatant disregard, or even hostility, towards Christians?

As thousands of Syrian Muslims are imported to America. via U.S. State Department is Denying Visas for Assyrian Christians Facing Death in Iraq. h/t sharia unveiled

The U.S. State Department may have sent a signal to an Anglican bishop in Iraq that despite persecution and harassment from the terror group known as ISIS, Christians in that country will not find any support from the United States government. (Photo via Gospel Herald)

According to Faith J.H. McDonnell of Philos Project, the Rt. Rev. Julian M. Dobbs, bishop of the Diocese of CANA East (Convocation of Anglicans in North America), revealed that part of U.S. foreign policy during an interaction with the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM). Dobbs made his case to the State Department on behalf of a group of Assyrian Christians who are desperate to leave northern Iraq.

“There is no way that Christians will be supported because of their religious affiliation,” the State Department said.

McDonnell reported that the Assyrian Christians received both the permission and blessing from their own bishop to leave Iraq. Until recently, church leaders in the region have urged Christians to stay in the Middle East; now they have concluded that their chances of survival are much better if they left.

Christianity in Iraq is going through one of its worst and hardest stages of its long history, which dates back to the first century,” Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil said. “Throughout all these long centuries, we have experienced many hardships and persecutions, offering caravans of martyrs. Yet 2014 brought the worst acts of genocide against us in our history.”

Warda added that “Christianity as a religion and as a culture from Mesopotamia [ancient Iraq]” now faced “extinction” due to the ongoing threat posed by ISIS…….

……“Donors in the private sector have offered complete funding for the airfare and the resettlement in the United States of these Iraqi Christians that are sleeping in public buildings, on school floors, or worse,” McDonnell wrote. “But the State Department—while admitting 4,425 Somalis to the United States in just the first six months of 2015, and possibly even accepting members of ISIS through the Syrian and Iraqi refugee program, all paid for by tax dollars, told Dobbs that they ‘would not support a special category to bring Assyrian Christians into the United States.’” 

McDonnell contended that the United States government made it clear religious affiliation does not mean support for Christians in the region in the form of asylum.

“The State Department, the wider administration, some in Congress and much of the media and other liberal elites insist that Christians cannot be given preferential treatment,” McDonnell wrote.

No no, of course not.  The ONLY impermissible religion to our self-anointed, increasingly satanic “elites” is the very Christianity the vast majority of them have rejected.  Quite an interesting psychological paradigm playing out, I’d say.  Persecution generated by self-loathing and lingering doubts over rejecting the God who made them.

But to take that hatred to the extent that it is formal policy not only to block the very Christians being slaughtered and veritably wiped out of their ancestral home – as a direct result of US actions! – but to freely admit muslim radicals to this country in their thousands, who then turn around and slaughter Americans, is so asinine as to be diabolical.  This is beyond leftist shibboleths, and entering into the territory of self-hatred so strong it seeks its own destruction.  It is deliberate cultural suicide.  And it is being orchestrated by those people who constantly look down their noses at us (if not far worse) as our betters.

Lord have mercy on us.  The extreme disorder built into this country at its founding (not being founded visibly with God as its Head) is manifesting itself, inevitably, in these final days as the antithesis of rightly ordered Christian government it always was.  So the Christian becomes the scapegoat for every evil and the target of every persecution.

Again, Lord have mercy on us.  We are sheep without a shepherd in a land of hatred and immorality.

Pray for the Iraqi and Syrian Christians!  Fifteen years ago there were millions of Christians in those lands, today, those numbers have been reduced by 2/3 or more. A deliberate program of genocide is being carried out to sweep away the last vestiges of Christianity from the reason in which it was founded.  This is a direct attack on our very identity as Christians.


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