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Explosive claim: liberation theology not only created by KGB, but by Patriarch Kirill himself April 24, 2015

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WOW!  So……on a certain level, this makes a great deal of sense.  First, the fact that Kirill was an agent of the KGB – this is almost certain.  The KGB and internal security service (GRU) penetrated and dominated the Russian Orthodox Church from the early 20s until the collapse of the Soviet Union.  One could not be a rising star priest or prelate in the Russian Church without being very tight with the KGB. Further, reflect how Putin has both a KGB background and has aligned himself, in a sort of obviously superficial way, with not just the Russian Orthodox Church, but Patriarch Kirill in particular.  Those two have a very close working relationship which many Westerners (including trads) find very attractive and hopeful, but which could have an entirely different side – and makeup.

I am quite certain the KGB was behind the creation of liberation theology.  They probably paid and/or coerced various Christians, especially Catholics, to support communism.  They also directed the activities of home grown commies within the Church like Gustavo Gutierrez.  How deep and how complete that direction was is the only question.  And isn’t it interesting that when the FSU collapsed, support for liberation theology collapsed with it, until, about 7-8 years ago, communists began re-emerging in positions of great power and influence all over the world, and all of a sudden liberation theology came roaring back a few years later.  Isn’t that interesting?

Make of the below what you will, I would not be surprised if someone is not directing this resurgence of both leftism and liberation theology in the West, and it is certainly possible there is some Russian connection.  See what you think:

Liberation theology, of which not much has been heard for two decades, is back in the news. But what is not being mentioned is its origins. It was not invented by Latin American Catholics. It was developed by the KGB. The man who is now the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, secretly worked for the KGB under the code name “Mikhailov” and spent four decades promoting liberation theology, which we at the top of the Eastern European intelligence community nicknamed Christianized Marxism.

Liberation theology has been generally understood to be a marriage of Marxism and Christianity. What has not been understood is that it was not the product of Christians who pursued Communism, but of Communists who pursued Christians. I described the birth of liberation theology in my book Disinformation, co-authored with Professor Ronald Rychlak. Its genesis was part of a highly classified Party/State Disinformation Program, formally approved in 1960 by KGB chairman Aleksandr Shelepin and Politburo member Aleksei Kirichenko, then the second in the party hierarchy after Nikita Khrushchev.

In 1971, the KGB sent Kirill — who had just been elevated to the rank of archimandrite — to Geneva as emissary of the Russian Orthodox Church to the World Council of Churches. [Did Kirill have a background role at VII?]  The WCC was, and still is, the largest international religious organization after the Vatican, representing some 550 million Christians of various denominations in 120 countries. Kirill/Mikhailov’s main task was to involve the WCC in spreading the new liberation theology throughout Latin America. In 1975, the KGB was able to infiltrate Kirill into the Central Committee of the WCC — a position he held until he was “elected” patriarch of Russia, in 2009. Not long after he joined the Central Committee, Kirill reported to the KGB: “Now the agenda of the WCC is also our agenda.” [If these claims are true, it would mean the Russian Orthodox Church is still dominated by the security services of Russia. But there is more!]

…...Pope John Paul II, who knew the Communist playbook well, was not taken in by the Soviets’ liberation theology. In 1983, his friend and trusted colleague Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI), who at that time was head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, discarded as Marxist the liberation-theology idea that class struggle is fundamental to history. The cardinal called liberation theology a “singular heresy” and blasted it as a “fundamental threat” to the Church.  Of course, it was and remains a threat — one deliberately designed to undermine the Church and destabilize the West by subordinating religion to an atheist political ideology for its geopolitical gain.

Now names — like Oscar Romero and Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann – not heard since the 1980s, when the Soviet Union was still en vogue, are again making international news. And here we are. The promoters of a KGB-inspired religious ideology, which once embraced violent Marxist revolution, are now denying its link to Marxism and to the KGB.

Each society reflects its own past. Down through the ages, everyone who has sat on the Kremlin throne — autocratic tsar, Communist leader, or democratically elected president — has been preoccupied with controlling all expressions of religion that might impinge on his political ambitions. When Ivan IV — the Terrible — had himself crowned in 1547 as Russia’s first tsar, he also made himself head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Tsarism and Communism may have been swallowed up by the sands of time, but the Kremlin continues this tradition.

This brings us back to Kirill/Mikhailov. In 2006 Archbishop Kirill’s personal wealth was estimated at $4 billion by the Moscow News. No wonder. In the mid-1990s, the Russian Orthodox Church’s Department for External Church Relations, managed by Kirill, was granted the privilege of duty-free importation of cigarettes as reward for his loyalty to the KGB. It did not take long for him to become the largest supplier of foreign cigarettes in Russia. [This is no small prize.  Russians have some of the highest smoking rates in the world, and native Russian cigarettes have been known for decades for their atrocious quality.  Thus, foreign cigarettes are wildly popular with those who can afford them.  This likely translates into billions of dollars in profits.]

A few years ago, while Kirill was visiting Ukraine as the new Patriarch of Russia, a newspaper published a photo in which the prelate could be seen wearing a Breguet wristwatch, the price of which was estimated at 30,000 euros. The Russian newspaper Kommersant accused Kirill of abusing the privilege of duty-free importation of cigarettes, and dubbed him the “tobacco metropolitan.” Kirill denied having such a watch. He said the photograph must have been altered by his enemies, and he posted the “real” photograph on his official website. A careful study of this “real” photograph, however, shows that the Breguet watch had been airbrushed off his wrist, but its reflection is still clearly visible on a table surface beneath his arm.

Mikhailov and his KGB, rechristened FSB, are now doing their best to airbrush out the apron strings connecting them to liberation theology. Let’s not allow them to succeed.

Well, at the very least, this certainly casts a new light on a hoped for reconciliation with the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and especially the Russian Orthodox Churches. It also shows how much these bodies have been corrupted by nationalism and the domination of secular political leadership – just exactly the problem that generated so many early Church heresies out of Constantinople and led to the eventual Great Schism.  The more things change, the more they stay the same, no?

IF – and it’s a big if, even though the author was the highest level Soviet defector ever to the West – these claims are true, then it both explains a lot and is yet another condemnation of the ecumenical effort and the leftist spawn that is the World Council of Churches, a veritable font of modernism.  This would make ecumenism with the Russians, at least, a total sham and simply a political exercise.  But with the Church in Constantinople constantly shrinking to the point they may no longer have sufficient souls to produce a priest and thus a Primate, Russia’s suzerainty over the Eastern Churches is only likely to grow.  If this report is anything like accurate, however, ecumenism with the Russian Orthodox Church is like signing a pact with the KGB.

I’ve always been quite immune to conspiracy theories, but my goodness, is not the extreme corruption and leftism of prelates in Churches throughout the world, including our own, quite terrifying?  I don’t tend to believe in things like New World Orders and one world religions and all that, but this is pretty damning evidence that many of the ecumenical efforts and bodies of the world are hopelessly corrupted. That only increases my disdain for these efforts.


Nuns walk out on SF Catholic school due to pro-perverse campaign April 23, 2015

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Much more like this: five nuns of the Dominicans of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (an orthodox, but not traditional, order) walked out from the, ahem, Catholic high school in San Fran where they work, due to the promotion of a pro-sodomite propaganda campaign at the school  No word on any repercussions for the nuns, yet, but one has to wonder if there will not be some kind of retaliation.  More and more of us are going to have to make very tough decisions in the future – pray God for the strength to make the right ones:

Another assault on Catholic values in San Francisco Catholic high schools met with a bump in the road last Friday when a group of religious sisters refused to be part of an annual homosexual propaganda campaign foisted on one of the schools.

Five Marin Catholic High School teachers, religious sisters with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, left school April 17 once it was confirmed that the homosexual activist group Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) Day of Silence was being pushed past the school’s administration and onto Marin Catholic students.

The sisters felt “compromised, offended and uncomfortable,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported, leaving when some Marin Catholic students began distributing Day of Silence promotional stickers and flyers on the school’s campus Friday morning.

Marin Catholic is one of the four high schools in the San Francisco archdiocese encompassed in the controversy stirred by Church foes upset with the move to clarify expectations that faculty uphold Church teaching while employed with the archdiocese and not publicly contradict Catholic values……..

……One of the religious women, Sister Clare Marie, wrote in an e-mail to her students regarding their decision to leave that day that the sisters “do not support bigotry or any kind of prejudice,” but that they felt compelled to resist an event promoted by a group that “believes actively in promoting homosexuality in all classrooms, K-12.” [Just step back a moment and wonder, how ridiculous is it that good nuns like this have to defend their decision not to take part in, or by their presence give scandal by association with, the promotion of the grossest immorality possible. And they have to apologize over that!  Lord have mercy on us, the gates of hell have been opened]

The email also said those behind the pro-homosexual event advocated “against Christians who do not share their views” and handed out materials which “say that any church which teaches homosexuality is sinful is an ‘oppressor’ and should be opposed.”  [I think they got their text backwards – what they meant to say is that opposers should be oppressed.  Well on their way to achieving that……]

…….The Day of Silence campaign provides an avenue into schools for GLSEN to gain access to students. Students are given flyers and stickers to wear, and expected to “take vows of silence” the whole day as they attend their regular class schedule to “raise awareness about anti-LGBT language and bullying.” [All true.  And this is a peer-pressure heavy environment, where anyone who opts out is labeled a “hater,” “bigot,” and “oppressor.”]

Marin Catholic had not planned to take part in the April 17 pro-homosexual event, instead opting to conduct morning prayer over the PA system “to acknowledge and pray for students everywhere who have the experience of being ostracized, marginalized or silenced by bullying,” the administration said in a letter to parents. [Well……that would have been far better. Best would have been to ignore this false “day of awareness” entirely and teach the truth the Church knows on this subject]

[See if this makes any sense…..]…..Instead, the Marin Catholic High School plan was disregarded and usurped to promote the GLSEN agenda.

School officials told parents that the school’s message was “compromised and misinterpreted” the night prior, when it was linked on Facebook to the campaign by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, “an activist group with which we are not affiliated.” [How did it get linked?  How did mere linking on Facebook somehow allow the activists to come in and distribute their material?  Why not fight back? This sounds like trying to play both sides]

A GLSEN spokesperson told the Chronicle the group is “not trying to convert anyone” and “denied that the group ‘actively promoted’ homosexuality in the classroom.”  [B as in B….  They just make sure that anyone who dares even breathe a word of criticism gets the savage treatment they themselves claim to be protesting.]

……Marin Catholic was working hard to manage the politically-charged atmosphere to “bring authentic dialogue to the campus” with the hope of reconciling any alienation that may have been created between students and the sisters.

The administration told parents the sisters’ leaving during the pro-homosexual campaign “further confused the students and created some false rumors about the sisters not caring for students who feel bullied, ostracized or marginalized.”

OK, that to me is the most revealing part. How was it that the sister’s very modest act of simply leaving was radically misinterpreted to imply they were bullying or ostracizing others?  In a situation where 5 people feel compelled to leave a premises with 3 or 4 or 500 in opposition to them, who is really being ostracized?  What percentage of the student body hopped on board this disordered, probably immoral campaign?  Was it nearly all of them (this is, after all, Sodom on the Bay)?  Who is really persecuting who?

I know these sisters.  They are extremely devout and good.  They are among the best in the Novus Ordo Rite.  But the article reads as if they have lost all credibility with the students over this matter?  So, then, obviously, the schools have failed badly in their duty to preach and promote the Faith, going back years?

What a train wreck.  Catholic nuns getting chased out of Catholic schools due to the sodomite persecution.  That about sums it up, doesn’t it?  Tell me again just who the bullies are?

In very much related news, an unscientific, online poll run by the San Francisco Chronicle shows overwhelming support (90-10!!) for Archbishop Cordileone‘s attempts to inject some doctrinal orthodoxy back into the schools there, after decades of progressive management and promotion of error. Given the above, it seems Archbishop Cordileone needs to not only stand firm in the matter of requiring teachers to sign affidavits that they accept and promote the Doctrine of the Faith, but to redouble his efforts.

More evidence of craven anti-Christian acts in military April 23, 2015

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I was at a men’s discussion group last night, and the question came up of what happened with the flap over Catholic chaplains in the military being persecuted for proclaiming and defend Church Doctrine?  This was a big issue a couple of years ago, yet it seems to have gone down the memory hole. Given the radical social experiments being foisted on the military, and the military’s open endorsement of sodomy and aligned sins since “don’t ask, don’t tell” was repealed, it would seem most Catholic chaplains would, at the least, be in a very difficult position?  Have many silently just gone along with the program?  Anyone know or have any comments?  You can’t find any stories from the past year on this subject of any substance, whereas there were scores from 2013.  What’s up?

My dear Air Force is the poster child for the paganization of the military.  20 years ago, the USAF officer corps was dominated by convicted Christians and the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs was rife with devout evangelical Christians, so much so that there was a lot of cross-pollination between James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, also in Colorado Springs, and USAF leadership. But starting about that time, an aggrieved Jewish atheist named Mikey Weinstein started filing suits against the Air Force for alleged religious discrimination, which cases were rarely proved but resulted in quick caves to escape the bad PR.  So, by 2000 or so, the USAF was turning over base chapels to wiccans and other false, demonic practices, even though doing so offended the vast majority of service members.  Nowadays, being an open and devout Christian in the Air Force is a quick way to end one’s career.  Christians today have to be more closeted, if you will, than the perverse ever had to be under “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

As evidence of this growing bias, there has been an imbroglio at Patrick AFB, Fl, which services Cape Canaveral and the eastern space launch ranges, over a POW-MIA table and an offending Bible.  You already know how this story turned out:

A sad little kerfuffle has unfolded at Patrick AFB, Florida in recent weeks.

It’s sad, because the controversy was totally preventable and completely unnecessary. But in today’s politically correct military, senior leaders scramble to avoid offending the smallest minority, lest that individual or group contact their Congressmen, the media–or both–and create a tempest that derails a commander’s career. Never mind that such efforts often anger the vast majority of military members and generate the same controversy the commander was hoping to avoid.  [I have a lot of contacts in the military.  They all, to a person, tell me that the vast majority of commanders from 0-4 up are far more concerned with pushing the reigning PC BS and radical social engineering than they are with combat effectiveness or mission performance.  There are still a few good salts, but they will hit a camo-ceiling at O-5, if they are that lucky, and most are being quickly forced out.  The military is being deliberately de-Christianized and emasculated, all to satisfy the insatiable leftist desire for power and control.  That incident earlier this week was just one more example, and note, even after the uproar, the order remains in place for ALL Army ROTC cadets to experience this public humiliation of cross-dressed emasculization.]

At Patrick, the sordid business began–of all places–at the base dining facility.

Like many military mess halls, the Riverside Dining Facility at Patrick proudly displayed a “POW-MIA Missing Man Table,” honoring those held captive in the nation’s wars, and those who went missing in action. The tables are a long-honored military tradition; the display includes a white table cloth setting with an inverted glass, a plate with lemon and salt, a single rose, a candle and a Bible.

According to the National League of POW and MIA Families, each element is carefully selected for its significance. The Bible “represents the strength gained through faith in our country, founded as one nation under God, to sustain those lost from our midst.” [Almost all Vietnam POWs who spent years in hell and survived were and are devout Christians.  They all attest to the critical their faith played in their survival]

But someone at Patrick took offense to inclusion of the Bible, so the entire display was removed last month. Bad move, because that caught the attention of airmen, retirees and other personnel who eat at Riverside. They raised cain, and late last month, the “missing” POW-MIA table made the pages of Florida Today, the largest newspaper on the Space Coast.

Once the media came knocking, base “leadership” had a change of heart. Here’s a statement they released in late March, affirming their desire to honor POWs and those missing in action, and promising to restore the display:…….

[Craven self-serving boilerplate response unworthy of inclusion on this blog.  But note if the display returns it will not have a Bible.]

So far, there has been no confirmation that the POW-MIA table is back on display at the dining facility.

The Patrick incident is merely the latest skirmish in the USAF’s internal war over religion, which has been raging for almost two decades. In the mid-1990s, the service began allowing Wiccans and other groups to use base chapel facilities, a move that brought complaints from Christian and Jewish airmen. Later, the Air Force became embroiled in a legal battle with a former JAG officer, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, who claimed he was subjected to anti-Semitic comments and harassment as a cadet at the Air Force Academy in the 1970s, and his sons received similar treatment at the school three decades later….. [So his experience was so horrific he deliberately exposed his sons to it 30 years later? Or were they always agents provocateurs intent on overturning the predominant, if disordered, Christian characteristics of the military?  Ever read John Cardinal Krol and the Cultural Revoltion?  I am very far from a Jewish conspiracy theorist, but a pretty strong case can be made that leftist people of Jewish (few, if any, practice their faith, but they certainly appear to hate Christians) descent have been in the vanguard of the cultural revolution in this country.  Goodness, Saul Alinsky, anyone? The entire Frankfurt School was Jewish communists!]

……And that begs another question: would the POW-MIA table still be on display if it included a Koran, the vedas, or the Tipitaka? [Certainly the former]  And where were the base chaplains when this controversy erupted? Did any of them take a stand in the name of the military’s religious heritage, founded on Judeo-Christian principles? [Good questions]

Lest you think this is just an oddball one off, you could check out this or this or this.

America’s military: a global force for sexular paganism and leftist grievance mongering.

One of the few things Obama did not lie about was his plan to fundamentally transform America.  Mission accomplished.

After 8 more years of this under Hillary!, there won’t be anything left.

The Church is not a body of shivering pacifism – we ain’t called the Church Militant for nothing April 23, 2015

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Today is the Feast of St. George, Patron of England, in the traditional Rite, a first class feast in that country.  A commemoration is observed elsewhere Feria of Paschaltide.  As such, Dom Prosper Gueranger has a great exhortation to St. George and reminds Catholics that ours, while a peaceful Faith, is not a pacifist one.  Our God is the God of Armies, after all, and we are the Church Militant. We should be militant about the rights of the Church, the conversion and salvation of souls, and opposition to evil.

I thought there was a good amount of Catholic gold below.  See what you think:

Thou, O George, art the glorious type of a Christian soldier.  While serving under an earthly monarch, thou didst not forget thy first duty to the King of Heaven.  Thou didst shed thy blood for the Faith of Christ; and he, in return, appointed thee protector of Christian armies.  Be their defender in battle, and bless with victory them that fight in a just cause…….Our Lord is the God of Armies; and he frequently uses war as the instrument of His designs, both of justice and mercy.  They alone win true victory who have Heaven on their side; and such soldiers, when on the battlefield, seem to the world to be doing the work of man, whereas it is the work of God they are furthering.  Hence are they more generous, because more religious, than other men.  The sacrifices they have to make, and the dangers they have to face, teach them unselfishness. What wonder, then, that soldiers have given so many martyrs to the Church!   [Our muslim president – of course – thinks Christians should be ashamed of the Crusades.  Au contraire, Christians should be exceedingly proud that an entire region was liberated of ignorance, cruelty, and error, and returned to the Kingdom of Christ.  Even 150 years ago, when Gueranger wrote, essentially all Westerners knew and understood this – the Crusades, while unfortunately not fully successful, were an overwhelmingly good thing.  God can and does use combat to his ends. The entire Reconquista of Spain, the only fully successful ejection of islam from a territory once conquered, was a glorious episode in the life of the Church and surely in line with God’s Will.  That is why the most successful Reconquistador of them all is a Saint – San Fernando III]

But there is another warfare, in which we Christians are all enlisted, and of which St. Paul speaks, when he says: Labor as a good soldier of Christ; for no man is crowned save he that striveth lawfully (II Tim II:5)………We, then, are soldiers, as thou wast, O holy martyr!  Before ascending to Heaven, our divine leader wishes to review his troops; do thou present us to Him.  He has loaded us with honors, notwithstanding our past disloyalties; we must, henceforth, prove ourselves worthy of our position. In the Paschal Communion which we have received, we have a pledge of victory; how can we ever be so base as to permit ourselves to be conquered!  Watch over us, O sainted warrior!  Let thy prayers and example encourage us to fight against the dragon of hell.  He dreads the armor we wear; for it is Jesus Himself that prepared it for us, and tempered it in his own precious Blood: may we, like thee, present it to Him whole and entire, when He calls us to our eternal rest!

There was a time when the whole Christian world loved and honored thy memory with enthusiastic joy; but now, alas! this devotion has grown cold, and thy feast passes unnoticed by thousands. [heck, billions]  O holy martyr!, avenge this ingratitude by imitating thy divine King, who maketh His sun to rise upon both good and bad; take pity on this world, perverted as it is by false doctrines, and tormented at this very moment by the most terrible scourges. [Indeed]  Have compassion on thy dear England, which has been seduced by the dragon of hell, and by him made the instrument for effecting his plots against the Lord and His Christ. [Since this was written, we can see that this intercession was indeed answered, at least for a while.  Before the great collapse of the mid-20th century] Take up thy spear as of old, give the monster battle, and emancipate the isle of Saints form his slavish yoke.  Heaven and earth join us in this great prayer!  In the name of our Risen Jesus, aid thy own and once devoted people to a glorious resurrection!

———-End Quote———

I went with this sort of martial post due to a sermon I heard last night.  The priest asked how we could expect to stand up in a genuine persecution when we can’t even keep ourselves from sinning for a day or two.  Do we believe if we have a strong attachment to delicious food we could stand prison food for a long time without cracking?  Or if our bodies must always have comfort, what then?

The priest was certain that some of us in the pews last night – and it was not that many – will have the great grace to offered some kind of martyrdom (he did not specify which kind) in our lifetimes.  If there is even a small chance of this, we should be doing all we can to separate ourselves from sin.  And yes, I am a huge hypocrite to even write this.  May God have mercy on me.

We still have some time to get ready.  We should be using it very wisely.

Fr. Carota in Mexico April 22, 2015

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Fr. Peter Carota has been in Mexico for some time, serving as many souls as he can.  I take a bit from each of a number of posts below.  He is experiencing quite a bit of resistance to the traditional practice of the Faith there, especially from wayward priests and religious, some of whom he describes as drunk and materialistic.  These are some of the people most opposed to the traditional practice of the Faith, because, it must be said, it stands as a rebuke to so much of their own apostolates, such as they are.  Unfortunately, they also influence many lay people there, who are also resistant to the TLM and the traditional Faith.  Is it different in the Mexico City area than it is in Guadalajara? I ask because Fr. Romanowski said many Guadalajarans are still attached to more traditional piety, even if not the TLM, like kneeling to receive Communion.

Some snapshots of Fr. Carota’s experiences:

I had to go pay the electricity bill in another city, Tenancingo.  All the micro buses where full.  So I hitch hiked.  The woman who stop was going to the same city.  She ended up being great friends with Herman Gabriela.  We prayed the Holy Rosary all the way.  As I was leaving her, I told her (with kindness) that the tight pants she was wearing offend God greatly.  She accepted my correction and said she wears them because it is easier to work in them.  [My wife has kind of objected to this kind of admonishment, especially by men, before. What do you think?  I don’t have a problem with it. We’re certainly not going to change adhering to the blase’ status quo]

I have compadres here who work on Sunday and sell tight pants to woman.  I keep on lovingly telling these people it is wrong.

Last night people arrived for the Latin Mass and for spiritual direction.  Also a 17 year old man who wants to become a priest with the Augustinians.  But I told him how liberal they are and that many of the ones I have known are into money and get drunk. I hated to talk bad about priests to a young man who wants to become a priest.  But he could lose his vocation and possibly his faith if he does not know the situation of the priesthood. [Boy ain’t that the truth. I know a young man who for years was just certain he wanted to be a priest, then he went on retreat to a group that has a pretty good reputation and they absolutely destroyed his interest in the priesthood. It was amazing – a two week retreat, and he came back a radically different person, and has shown no sign of changing since. We still have no idea what happened, other than that they encouraged him to date and, maybe more, IYKWIM]

Another woman came to talk to me about her son who has some spirit that sleeps with him in his bed.  She also told me that her TV gets pornography.  I am begging everyone to get rid of the TV, dress modest, not work on Sunday and go to Holy Mass. [Doesn’t it seem there is an inordinate amount of very marked demonic activity in Mexico?  I know a lot of Hispanics are mixed up in the occult, and many more are still very superstitious – there are shocking items for sale in Mexican markets near our house, all kinds of potions and spells, supposedly.  What’s up with that?]

WE are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know what will get us to hell and what we can do to avoid them.

We waited to have the Latin Mass so that the family of Leonardo could experience it.  He loves it and wanted his family to experience it.  The man who drove the small bus had never experience it before and he said it gave him a peace that he had never felt before.

Before we started offering the Holy Mass, I showed this picture below to help the people understand that the Mass is a sacrifice, not a feel good prayer……


…….Then we began to talk about the holy Mass and true Catholic morals.  We talk about it being a contemplative prayer directed to God and not to man.  I explain to the people how the masons, (who were behind Presidente Elias Plutarco Calles killing of the Cristeros), are also to blame for getting rid of the Latin Mass because it united the Catholics in One Holy Catholic Church with One Holy Latin Mass.  (Yes there is an insignificant number who are Catholics and have the Divine Liturgy in Greek, Russian and Aramaic.  But in comparison to the Billion who used the Roman Missal in Latin the number is small.)

One of the young men said he did not understand Latin and I give the same answer; I am not speaking to you, I am speaking to God and He understands His sacred language.

I told her to listen to the good that is deep in her soul and not to the 3 enemies, the devil, the flesh and the world.  I said that God probably has a special mission for her, but the devil doesn’t want her to accomplish it.

Her parents do not go to mass every Sunday, even though they try to live good lives.  But I explained to the mother that her daughter was not protected because her father is not being the spiritual protector of the family by missing Sunday mass.

The grandma was a good Catholic and understood what I said.  She probably is 80 years old.  I told the mother and daughter that they would miss the holiness of the grandmother after she died.  These holy old women are not appreciated until they die.  Then the whole family usually separates and there is no one to pray for them.  

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have the whole truth and God’s protection from the devil by all of the sacramentals we correctly believe in, (The crucifix, Holy Water, St, Benedict’s medal and the scapular. [Yes, we are so blessed]

[The saddest of all……] It can be absolutely overwhelming entering into any Catholic Church for the new mass.  My friend invited me to his son’s baptism here in the parish of Malinalco.  During the mass, women all dressed alike in tight pants and in white tops were the ‘liturgy helpers’.  They did the reading and at the time of the consecration stand with candles near the altar.  Almost all of the women in the church were also in tight pants.  Those, who after mass had their children baptized, were even dressed worse.  The priest had everyone clap after the baptism. [While a lot of caucasian Americans dress horribly for weddings and sometimes on Sundays, I would have to say my that in my experience Hispanic women in this country are somewhat worse at dressing immodestly at Mass. It almost seems to be a contest to see who can wear the most revealing clothing. Even more, I have been to a number of Spanish Masses and find more of a problem with disinterested or distracted (phones, video games, etc) behavior.  Is that typical?  There are some wonderfully devout Catholics in Latin America, but Father notes some not so good ones here, and I have seen quite a few here north of the border. I have seen “anglos” do the same, but not in the same numbers. Is this criticism fair?  Is my experience too narrow or biased?  But then it seems there are some really very holy regions like Guadalajara.]

After mass and baptism I went to talked to two of the priests.  One I have known for 30 years.  The other one is new.  As I approached, I ran into my neighbor.  She said: ‘I have really bad news.  The pastor will not allow you to offer the Latin Mass in the neighborhood chapel.  She was so depressed and could not understand.  I was not surprised at all.  She is helping the pastor with the youth and thought he would say yes. [Note it was no imposition on the pastor at all.  He just doesn’t like the TLM, or Fr. Carota, or both]

After the baptism we went to the Fiesta.  There were a lot of people drinking too much and women terribly immodest.  I was asked to bless the food and I just tried to be kind to everyone who was there.  How do you fit in?  What do you say?   I just stayed enough time to eat and then told everyone good by.  I tried to be the presence of Christ in this party environment.

People, from all over the pueblo, continue to keep coming to go to confession or for the Latin Mass.  But I am afraid the priests will get angry.  I am not inviting them, they just hear that I am in town and keep coming.

What is so so frustrating is that you want to help people, but because you are traditional, most of the bishops and priests are against you.  And then you see the horrible condition that the Catholics are in and you wonder, ‘What can I do?’  ‘Don’t they see?’

I redundantly ask myself, ‘What is so horrible about traditional Catholicism, traditional modesty and traditional morals?  Isn’t there something worse that the bishops and priests can be worried about? [As Dismas would say……it’s a different religion, and it will brook no competition, especially from the former religion of the same name]

Meanwhile, I just keep on hearing confessions, praying for the sick, giving counsel to the lost and offering my private Holy Latin Mass.  All I can say, over and over again, is thanks be to God we are traditional Catholics and are trying to live lives pleasing to God. [I really admire Father’s charity.

Please pray for Fr. Carota. He is really wearing himself trying to reach as many souls as he possibly can with the traditional practice of the Faith.  He is a very good man.  We need so many more like him.

The real story of Bishop Finn’s tenure in Kansas City April 22, 2015

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Since Bishop Robert Finn resigned – or was forced to resign – from his episcopal see in Kansas City, MO on Monday, he has once again been exposed to all manner of vicious attacks and outright calumnies.  Certainly there is some room for disappointment in Bishop Finn’s handling of matters related to one perverse priest in Kansas City during his tenure, but whatever failures of leadership Finn may have had pale in comparison to many of his much more left-wing confreres guilty of far worse failures including abject personal immorality, which in a number of cases is still ongoing.

I found the article via Bishop Gracida to give the most accurate accounting of Bishop Finn’s tenure, which included turning around one of the most disastrously heterodox and immoral dioceses in the country.  There are some nice quotes from the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles below.  In a nutshell, and as I said yesterday, Bishop Finn was hated not for any particular alleged failings, but for who he was.  He was hated and vilified for his orthodoxy and the threat he posed to the status quo of the dominant left-wing elite in that small metropolitan area, which only sought excuses to attack him.  Sadly, the less than perfect handling of the Fr. Ratigan affair gave Bishop Finn’s enemies all the ammo they needed to bring him down.

As Bishop Gracida said, you can chalk this “victory” for the anti-Catholic left at the feet of the Kansas City Star and the National Heretic Reporter (I add emphasis and comments):

 After years as the American media’s object of blame in the Church’s sexual abuse scandal, and criticism from the left for his efforts to promote Church doctrine and traditions, the head of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has been removed by the Vatican from his position…..

…….“It has been an honor and joy for me to serve here among so many good people of faith,” Bishop Finn said in a statement on his diocese’s website. “Please begin already to pray for whomever God may call to be the next Bishop of Kansas City – St. Joseph.”

Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Joseph Naumann, head of the archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, as apostolic administrator temporarily until Bishop Finn’s successor is named…….

……A grand jury found Bishop Finn guilty of a misdemeanor in 2012 for failing to report a priest, Fr. Shawn Ratigan, to the police after the diocese discovered that he had sexual images of minors on his computer. [Given how dozens of other prelates around the country got off absolutely scot-free for far worse crimes – if Finn’s even was a crime, see below – this was a gross miscarriage of justice.  Finn did very little, if anything, wrong. I cannot stress how much certain very influential Kansas City and Johnson County residents despised him, and wanted him gone. It was those very same elites who helped drive this criminal investigation.  Many lawyers have attested that the statute under which Finn was charged doesn’t even apply in his case, and that he almost certainly would have won a reversal on appeal, but Bishop Finn did not want to drag his own name, and, especially, that of his Diocese and the Church through the media again]

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, has defended Finn throughout the ordeal. In a press release today, Donohue offered the following point-by-point of the facts surrounding the case: [You know I’m not real high on Donahue, but he’s righter here than usual]

  • In 2010, a computer technician found disturbing crotch-shot photos of girls fully clothed on Ratigan’s computer; there was one naked photo of a non-sexual nature.
  • Even though there was no complainant, a police officer and an attorney were contacted by diocesan officials. They both agreed that the single naked photo did not constitute pornography.
  • After Ratigan attempted suicide, he was evaluated by a psychiatrist—at the request of Finn. Ratigan was diagnosed as depressed, but was not a pedophile.
  • Finn put restrictions on Ratigan, which he broke. The diocese then contacted the authorities, though it had no legal mandate to do so.
  • Finn ordered an independent investigation, even though there was no complainant.
  • When it was found that Ratigan was again using a computer, an examination revealed hundreds of offensive photos.
  • The Vicar General, Msgr. Robert Murphy, then called the cop
  • A week later Ratigan was arrested. 

“Though no child was ever touched or abused by Ratigan, it is clear that he never belonged in the priesthood,” said Donohue. “But Bishop Finn did not take a cavalier attitude toward his misconduct. If he had, Ratigan’s problem would have been ignored altogether, counting on the fact that no one ever called his office saying Ratigan had abused his child.” [Indeed, in many dioceses, this would have been completely buried. The authorities would have never even known about this had Bishop Finn and his administration not involved them]

Since assuming leadership of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese in 2005 the bishop has been the subject of vitriol for undertaking efforts to refocus the diocese’s direction in union with the Church. Changes in staff and programs, along with steps to ensure the diocesan newspaper functions faithfully, drew liberal ire and public attack from the beginning.

Shortly after his arrival, a local newspaper [the distorter] circulated a derisive eight-page issue focused entirely on biasing the faithful against the bishop, placing it in numerous churches throughout the diocese.

[To me, the best defense of all……] Bishop Finn, an ardent defender of life throughout his episcopate, has been completely misrepresented in the media campaign against him, say the nuns in a contemplative women’s religious community in the diocese.

Our Bishop is a man who inspires faith, holiness, and a great zeal for the things of God,” Mother Cecilia, prioress for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, told LifeSiteNews in November. “It breaks my heart that so many people only know about him what they hear from the blaring voices of the media and news outlets which have carried a prejudice against him from the beginning.” [Indeed. Some of the biggest points in Finn’s favor to my mind are the immense respect with which he is held by these wonderful nuns, his close attachment to the TLM and the great respect so many good traditional priests have for him, and Finn’s own great devotion to the Benedictines of Mary, who are practically his home away from home.  These are all testimonies to his character and devotion]

She also defended the bishop’s work to faithfully shepherd the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese, pointing out that it resulted in making him a target.

“Ten years ago, Bishop Finn was thrown into the midst of a diocese known far and wide for being a hotbed of heterodoxy and dissent,” Mother Cecilia said. “He made necessary and important changes right from the start, and those who were displeased have never forgotten nor forgiven.”

During Finn’s tenure, the diocese has experienced explosive growth in vocations to the priesthood and diaconate, he has opened the cause for canonization of a religious sister, and has overseen the building of two new churches.

The Vatican’s decision to investigate Finn surprised many given that several high-ranking Church officials have faced strong allegations of shielding sexual predators, yet have been left in place. [It’s a clear sign of the sea change that has occurred in the thinking or correlation of forces, if you will, at the top levels of the Church]

Mother Cecilia told LifeSiteNews last fall that despite the campaign against him, Bishop Finn has persisted in humility and fidelity to the Church throughout.

“Our bishop has edured and suffered so much throughout these years,” Mother Cecilia said. “I continue to be amazed and inspired by his humility, charity, and patient resignation amidst so many relentless attacks.”

More comments from Mother Cecilia here, including a few I quote below:

Mother Cecilia has heard many stories from the pre-Finn days, the most poignant being one in which a Kansas City woman described her horror when during his homily, a priest smashed the high altar with a hammer.

“Amidst energies, money and agendas that are directed toward secular and even sinful ‘progress,’ there is a striking lack of sympathy for the spiritual suffering that countless Catholics had been enduring for the previous two generations, where everything they held sacred was torn to pieces before their eyes,” she said.

“These spiritually disenfranchised souls had no voice, no media outlets, no financial resources, no advocate. But they prayed. And Bishop Finn was the answer to their prayers.”….

“I continue to be amazed and inspired by his humility, charity, and patient resignation amidst so many relentless attacks,” said Mother Cecilia.

Bishop Finn clearly understands the Church’s primary role is to sanctify her individual members, she said, likely the reason he’s drawn the ire of Church foes………

……She credits his caring and committed regard for her sisters as integral to the blooming of the Benedictines.

“He has been a tremendous source of inspiration to each of the sisters,” Mother Cecilia said. “His heroic witness to the faith of the Church, and his quiet determination to reform the diocese despite tremendous opposition is like having one of the saints you read about in history right before your eyes.”

Wow.  That is high praise.  I don’t know him well enough to go that far, but if these good nuns who know him so well  call him a saint, perhaps  some of those casually casting aspersions at the bishop should reconsider.

“There is nothing in this world that God loves more than the liberty of His Church” April 22, 2015

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So said the great Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor of the Church St. Anselm, as quoted by Dom Prosper Gueranger in his Liturgical Year.  We have heard much over the past few years about “religious liberty,” and requests from bishops and other Church leaders in this country that the Church at least not be persecuted and allowed to operate on an equal footing to the sects and other religions.  Many have lamented this approach, since it fails to recognize the unique rights that must be accorded to the Church as the sole Body founded by Christ for the salvation of souls and His specific vehicle on earth for that purpose.  In fact, the Church is so much more intimately connected with God, being literally His Body on Earth, than any of the other Christian groups or other religions, that for many centuries it was seen not just as a right but a demand that the Church hold an exalted place in society.

Tragically, under the influence of liberalism and other errors, so many in the Church today, including almost the entire hierarchy, operates under a very grave misunderstanding of the Church’s rightful place in society, seeking only equivalence rather than the ascendance the Church demanded and was accorded for so many long centuries.  As we have seen to our dismay in recent years, we find that “equivalence” and “tolerance” are illusory, that it is a very short walk from a Church that tries to treat Herself as an equal to a Church that is attacked, persecuted, and put in a marked subordinate position.

I pray we have many more bishops like Saint Anselm again, men who fought, and were ready to die, for the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ and the primacy of place due the Church founded directly by Jesus Christ. I know I quote a lot for Gueranger, but this is perhaps the most important quotation I have ever made:

As bishop, his whole life was spent in fighting for the liberty of the Church.  Though gentle as a lamb by nature, he was all energy for this great cause.  He used to say: “Christ would not have His Spouse be a slave; there is nothing in this world that God loves more than the liberty of His Church.”  There was a time when the Son of God allowed Himself to be fettered with bonds in order that He might loosen us from the chains of our sins; but now that He has risen in triumph from the dead, He wills that His Spouse would be, like Himself, set free.  She cannot otherwise exercise the ministry of salvation confided to her by her divine Lord; and yet there is scarcely a single hundred years in her existence in which she has not had to fight for this holy liberty.  The rulers of this earth, with very few exceptions, have ever been jealous of her influence, and have sought means to lessen it at every turn. [Indeed, Ferrara argues persuasively that it was just to limit this influence and force the Church from her position of prominence that the endarkenment was born. Crushing the supremacy of the Church, such an “evil, medieval” ideal, was the prime interest of the work of Locke, Voltaire, Robespierre, and so many other leaders of the endarkenment.  They have succeeded, I imagine, beyond their wildest dreams]  In our own times there are numbers of her children who do not even know that she has any rights or privileges; they would be at a loss to understand you, if you told them that she is the Spouse of Christ, and therefore a queen; they think it quite enough for her, if she enjoy the same amount of freedom and toleration as the sects she condemns; and they cannot see how, under such conditions as these, the Church is not the kingdom He wishes her to be, but a mere slave.  [So true. And that is why many Catholics are quite troubled by aspects of the most recent Council and especially the implementation in practice we have seen, where the Church constantly abases herself and speaks, if anything, as quite nearly subordinate to the sects and other religions, rather than being exalted quite above them – but always from a preeminence of supreme charity and great humility]

St. Anselm would have abominated all such theories as these; so does every true Catholic. [Do they?  It’s very rare today.] He is not driven into disloyalty to the Church by the high-sounding words, progress and modern society; he knows that all such thinking comes from the Church having been deprived of rights.  One of these is that she should not only be recognized, in the secret of our conscience, as the one only true Church, but that, outwardly defended against every opposition or error.  Jesus, her divine Founder, promised to give her all nations as her inheritance; He kept His promise, and she was once the Queen and Mother of them all.  But nowadays, a new principle has been asserted, to the effect that the Church and all sects must be on an equal footing as far as the protection of the State goes.  The principle has been received with acclamation, and hailed as a mighty progress achieved by modern enlightenment: even Catholics, whose previous services to religion had endeared them to our hearts and gained our confidence, have become warm defends of this impious theory.  [Gueranger could plainly see, over 150 years ago, where all this acceptance of “enlightenment” theories would lead the Church.  “Defenders of this impious theory”……and yet, it must be asked, what of Dignitatis Humanae and Guadium Et Spes?]

Trying as were the times when St. Anselm governed the See of Canterbury, thy were spared the humiliation of producing and ratifying such doctrine as this.  The tyrannical interference of the Norman kings was an evil far less injurious than the modern system, which is subversive of the very idea of the Church.  Open persecution would be a boon, compared to the fashionable error of which we are speaking.  A winter torrent brings desolation in its track: but in the summer, when the flood is over, nature brings back her verdure and flowers. The errors which now prevail are like a great sea that gradually sweeps over the whole earth; and when the Church can find no spot whereon to rest, she will take her flight to Heaven, and men must expect the speedy coming of the Judge.

———–End Quote———-

Indeed. That seems more and more true today – that the Church is rapidly running out of room to maneuver, that we are in the midst of the Great Apostasy prophesied by St. John, and the Second Coming is right around the corner – give or take a century or millennium.

We know not the day nor the hour, but we do know when souls fall away, we often know when error is promoted, and we know when A is not like B.  Many Catholics see the pre-conciliar A as very unlike the present B.  How to square the corner, how to figure all this out?  Much better minds than I have been struggling this since before I was born, and I really have no idea.

But I will go on promoting what the Church believed for a very long time, in most cases throughout almost her entire history, and quoting from solid sources of the past.  I pray doing so provides some comfort and guidance to souls.  It does me, anyway.  The God-send of the past, of the Tradition, is that it can not be easily changed, in spite of the efforts of Cardinal Kasper and some others to rewrite history.  That’s another reason I prefer books to reading on computer/Kindle/whatever – electronic memory is arguably a lot easier to destroy than a library full of books.

Anyhoo.  Lunchtime.

A Psalm for our time April 22, 2015

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I was praying Compline last night when a Psalm I’ve read probably hundreds of times suddenly penetrated the depleted uranium of my skull and caused a “Eureka!” moment.  Psalm 11 is the perfect Pslam for our time!  Wow…….how could I have missed it so many times before.

Yes, that’s the kind of penetrating analysis you pay absolutely nothing for here at veneremurcernui.  You get exactly what you pay for it.

Anyhoo……the Psalm, first from the Baronius Press Roman Breviary:

Save me, O Lord!  For no one now is faithful; truth has vanished from the sons of men.

Everyone speaks falsehood to his neighbor; with deceitful lips and a double heart they speak.

May the Lord destroy all deceitful lips, and the boastful tongue,

Those who say “We will glory in our eloquence; our lips are our own, who is our master?”

Because of the misery of the needy and the groans of the poor now will I arise, saith the Lord.

I will grant safety to them, I will act faithfully in this.

The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver tried by fire, freed from dross, sevenfold refined.

You, O Lord, will keep us and protect us from this generation forever.

About us the wicked strut, in Your mysterious wisdom, You have multiplied the sons of men.

Now the same Psalm, from the Douay-Rheims Bible:

Save me, O Lord, for there is no saint: truths are decayed among the children of men.

They have spoken vain things every one to his neighbor: with deceitful lips, and with a double heart they have spoken.

May the Lord destroy all deceitful lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things.

Who have said: We will magnify our tongue: our lips are our own, who is Lord over us?

By reason of the misery of the needy and the groans of the poor, now will I arise, saith the Lord. I will set him in safety.  I will deal confidently in his regard.

The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried by fire, purged from the earth refined seven times.

Thou, O Lord, will preserve us: and keep us from this generation for ever.

The wicked walk round about: according to they highness, thou hast multiplied the children of men.

————End Psalm————

I don’t know about you, but it certainly feels more and more that truth has vanished from the “sons of men.”  And even more, how many falsehoods do we hear from our neighbors, even ostensible “good conservatives” or “good Christians” about things like sodomy, obliterating the understanding of marriage, fornication, pornography, and so much else?  When I hear some old protestant conservative Republican tell me “gays have a right to marry, they do have that right”……with deceitful lips and a double heart they speak.

So many around us now (we pray not ourselves) are convinced they can set aside, even overcome the Truth our Blessed Lord has revealed through their eloquence of words or simply naked force. But we know never have truer words been spoken than those contained in Sacred Scripture and interpreted through Sacred Tradition.

We must pray for protection from the wicked who strut about us.  Goodness, they are everywhere. And even though there are so many evil and lost, God still blesses them with offspring and so many wonderful material benefits.  But for how long?

For how long, indeed.

Michael Matt on the growing left-wing fascism – and a traditional response to the growing persecution April 21, 2015

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Michael Matt has a good Remnant video up examining the recent persecution in Indiana surrounding a very mild bill restoring a modicum of protections to Christians acting in conscience against the culture of sexular pagan death.  Of course, the Indiana legislature and Governor Mike Pence caved under the absolutely ludicrous pressure, which massively misrepresented the Indiana RFRA law as some means to viciously persecute sodomites.  It was, of course, nothing of the kind.  But Americans are now sufficiently dumbed down that the political-cultural left can get away with the most Stalinesque lies. And as Matt further notes, the law as re-written and subsequently approved actually undermines the pre-existing rights of Christians to refuse providing service for those demanding something that violates deeply held beliefs.  So the poor denizens of Indiana are actually worse off than they were before, as this law intended to provide some very minimal legal defense actually exposes them to greater threat of being persecuted!

Anyway, Matt examines the rapidly deteriorating situation for Christians in this country, and the rising persecution.  He forecasts, as so many others have, that this persecution of the perverse against the Church will, and very soon, result in heavy pressure on the Church to bless and perform fake “gay weddings.”  I fear I am not confident that many pastors and bishops will resist to the point of true suffering.  Many will almost certainly seek some face-saving accommodation, even though the extreme sexular pagan left will not be appeased away. In fact, appeasement and accommodation only increases their appetite for conquest, as it does in all totalitarian thugs.

As he notes, Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

So, after watching that video, we might wonder how we can bring the Faith to others, especially the traditional practice of the Faith and all the “old” beliefs associated therewith, and in making these conversions not only save souls but work a little grace in this diabolical nightmare of a culture we are surrounded with.  Fr. Chad Ripperberger gives us some very valuable advice on how to do that below, including some errors to avoid. One of the knocks on “traditional Catholics,” whatever that means to whoever says it, is that they can have a substantial superiority complex and be uncharitable.  I tend to think this is a cliche that perhaps applied more in the past than it does now, and also that it was always over-exaggerated, but I think it has some truth at least in part. There is a temptation among any elite, which the most devout Catholics certainly desire to be (a member of the elect!), to sort of look down our noses at others who are not as wonderfully holy and pious as we are.  The treatment for that malady is humility, as well as benevolence/benignity for others – in other words, charity.

So while I agree that we do need to challenge the false, diabolical, and plainly evil assumptions and movements in the culture which surrounds us, we must remember to do so with great charity and not a smug superiority.  This is something I know I need to work on, I can see it in what I write.

However, in terms of what Father specifically proposes above in the form of a “Traditional Challenge,” I am very happy and eager to comply.   I think it is a great idea to invite more people to assist at the TLM.  My proudest achievement as a blogger, after the out and out conversions/reversions I am told it has caused, is its role in bringing a few dozen individuals/families to the TLM.  If I’ve done any good at all, that is the evidence of it.  And I do pray on a daily basis (though I need to do more) for souls to be exposed to and fall in love with the TLM and the entire Catholic Faith as it has been practiced throughout virtually its entire history.  So much good advice there, I think.

Moreover, I am increasingly convinced that the widespread re-adoption of the Traditional Mass and the whole traditional practice of the Faith is the only thing that can save this fallen world and see the restoration of Christendom.  So while this “challenge” is a work of charity for others, it is also a work of charity for ourselves and especially our children.

Do you invite people to the TLM?  Have you gotten some to come?  Do you think it necessary to assist exclusively at the TLM for two months to come to appreciate it?  My experience has generally been shorter – 3-4 weeks is usually enough for people to get over the “this is so different” and start to appreciate it.

BTW, Father Ripperger requests that you do one of the following in listening to his sermons/”penanceware”: (1) $1.00 via Paypal (https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/web…), (2) offer up a decade of the Rosary, or (3) perform some form of penance for the intentions of Fr. Ripperger (for each individual media file downloaded). The same rule applies if you copy and distribute to friends.

The US military – increasingly, a global force for evil April 21, 2015

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For the past 40 odd years, whenever a demonrat president was in office, the military has been used and badly abused as a petrie dish for every possible manner of sexular pagan social experiment imaginable.  Whether or not this experimentation – “don’t ask, don’t tell,” opening combat roles to women, extreme application of politically correct behavior and severe limits on even a semblance of freedom of speech, open persecution of Christians, open advocacy of the most radical sodomite demands, open mocking of sacred beliefs of most service members – has a deleterious effect on unit cohesion and combat effectiveness has never been a concern for the leftists occupying the levers of power in a demonrat administration. In fact, reducing or destroying military effectiveness is a feature, not a bug, in their minds.

But I never thought that US military personnel would be forcibly required to cross-dress in public at the risk of their military careers if they refused to do so.  Such has indeed been occurring throughout the nation’s ROTC units under US Army Cadet Command head Brigadier General Peggy Combs, the first woman to head the command.  As reported widely today, MALE Army ROTC cadets have been required to wear high heeled shoes in public, with their standard combat fatigues, to take part in radical feminist “take back the night” and other forced marches of a highly political nature.  I’m fairly certain these commands have been highly illegal, and even more, should result in Combs being instantly sacked, but almost certainly won’t:

In the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event, cadets were required to wear high heels and march to “raise awareness of sexual assault against women.”

“Its a Cadet Command wide thing, pretty much every battalion in Cadet Command has had to, or will have to do it. GEN Combs has picked it up as a CC initiative.”

“They were threatened with negative counselling statements and OERs if they didn’t participate. It was pretty much ‘do this or we’ll kill your career before it even starts.’

I am having a hard time not seeing this as some twisted woman’s revenge fantasy upon young men, forcing them to wear women’s clothing in public – in uniform – as a means of humiliating them to the utmost.  This is beyond wrong, it is wicked and cruel.

The pictures, as always, are worth more than any words I could write:




This is the way of the US military today.  Devout Christian?  @#%& you, get out or get on board with our sickeningly amoral agenda.  Conservative? Too bad, march in a leftist march or your career is finished.  Male?  Tick off one perpetually aggrieved woman and your 20+ years of service are wiped out in a heartbeat.

Can an organization of such power, and lost in such total immorality, be, as the Navy likes to advertise, “a global force for good?”  Or has it become, on the contrary, more of a force for evil?

I know many good, traditional priests, especially those with prior military service, who counsel young Catholic men to stay as far away from the US military as they can, because it is becoming, or has already become, so amoral as to pose a great threat to the faith of even the most solid Catholic.  I hate to agree with that advice, but I must, even though it gives the radical progressives what they want: a completely secularized US military, detached from any transcendent morality and, worse, prepared to obey any order.  It is interesting to note how the de-Christianization program of the US military mirrors that of the German Heer and later Wehrmacht under the Nazi regime.

What a horror.  You voted for this, 52% of America.


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