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Pray for Norcia August 24, 2016

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I had heard, vaguely, about an earthquake in Italy this morning, but I had no idea it struck so near to Norcia, a site very dear to all Catholics, but orthodox American Catholics especially, due to the admirable Benedictine community there.  In fact, at this very multinational company at which I now work,I heard a co-worker from Italy being queried about this earthquake and lunchtime; apparently, he had been in touch with some family and they were ok, but some could not be found.  So, I certainly pray for him.

The good news is that the community in Norcia relates that none of the monks were injured.  That’s especially cheering to me, since we know one of them at least a little.  The bad news is that the basilica and other facilities they have spent such great effort refurbishing and restoring have suffered significant damage. Even worse, ongoing aftershocks have forced all the monks but two to relocate to Rome for the time being.  They are being hosted by the generosity of the Benedictine international headquarters at St. Anselmo, while two brothers remain in Norcia to watch over their monastery, sleeping in tents outside for safety.

The monks are asking for, first, prayer support, and, secondly, financial support.  They are going to incur significant expenses, it may be expected, returning the basilica and other facilities to their former condition.  Donations may be made here.

This is a very good community that is doing quite a bit of good work to try to restore a much more authentic practice of religious life in the Church today. One of their foremost concerns in this time of trial, as related by Rorate, was their ability to maintain the order of the Rule while they must relocate and undergo what must be a severe trauma.  I am certain that with God’s grace they will succeed in doing so with little difficulty.  The final note from the monks, that I’ve seen:

Please continue to pray for our community, and consider giving a gift (https://en.nursia.org/donations/) to help our effort to rebuild.

May God bless and sustain them, and shower them in His infinite mercy.

Please also, of course, maintain all those others suffering through this disaster in your prayers.  The last I heard was 140 dead, with many more injured.  The toll may continue to rise.  Apparently, many of the small villages around Norcia were particularly devastated.  We do not know why it pleases God to allow such things to happen, but we do know that He causes great good to come from them if we cooperate with His Grace.

Damage to the sanctuary, courtesy Rorate:


That is so sad.


CDC: Majority of HIV Cases Afflict Tiny Population August 24, 2016

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And I’m quite certain you don’t need my help to discern what population that is.  In fact, as noted below, over 90% of new HIV cases in the US occur in those who engage in male-male sodomy, and sodomites have 55% of all HIV cases in the country.

But everyone keep pretending this behavior is perfectly natural, healthy, and beloved of God, even as the lightning bolts strike all around. BTW, CDC is being a bit liberal in their assessing sodomy-inclined men as being 2% of the population.  I read a lot of data and polls on this subject and they show that it is more like 0.5% – 1.5% depending on the source, with the mean a little over 1%:

Although homosexual men are a tiny sliver of the U.S. population, they account for the majority of all Americans living with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced.

Men who have sex with men (MSM) are two percent of the population but make up 55 percent of people who were HIV-positive in 2013, according to a CDC fact sheet released last Wednesday.

More than nine out of 10 new HIV diagnoses (92 percent) come from young gay and bisexual MSM, ages 13 to 24…….

……..“Gay and bisexual men are also at increased risk for other STDs, like syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia,” the CDC added.

“Two things never change when it comes to the U.S. government and homosexualism. First, the CDC is constantly providing evidence like this of the high risks associated with male homosexual behavior; and second, the CDC and pro-LGBT politicians never admit that the problem is unnatural homosexual behavior itself,” Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, told LifeSiteNews.

The CDC reported that men who have sex with men are 44-times more likely to contract HIV than heterosexual males, and 40-times more likely than women. Earlier this year, the CDC estimated that half of all black MSM will get the disease, a statistic that is repeated in the latest fact sheet.

“In a sane world, the CDC would encourage all men, but especially young men and teenage boys, to avoid homosexual sex,” LaBarbera said. “Instead, the CDC blames societal ‘homophobia’ and ‘stigma’ for the rising disease rates, even though the American public’s acceptance of homosexuality is at an all-time high.” [It’s not a sane world.  A world divorced from Jesus Christ is categorically insane, and grows more so daily]

It’s almost as if God designed a disease that was specifically associated with an abhorrent behavior.  That’s a bit pat, and harsh, but there is some truth to it.  Aside from lung cancer and habitual smoking, there are few deadly diseases that so tightly correspond to a specific behavior. Whether HIV is really some scourge from God or not I don’t pretend to know, but its rapid onset and virulent spread to epidemic proportions are fairly unprecedented in the annals of epidemiology, as is its resistance to a cure.

And, of course, it’s far more than just one disease.  Nor is disease the only problem.  There is herpes, chlamydia, antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, syphillis, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, deliberate self-harm, and suicide, to name a few.

The excuse that some of these evils stem from “homophobia” is wearing excessively thin, now that the pro-“homosexual” lobby has decisively won the culture war, at least for the time being.

I think it no surprise that sodomy and other moral evils have become increasingly ascendant in the culture wars at a time when more and more Americans are falling away from Christianity entirely and embracing all manner of other false, demonic beliefs, be they “sciencism,” the worship of science as a religion, leftism, new age, eastern mysticism, hedonism, etc., etc.  It’s difficult to discern which is the chicken and which the egg in this collapse of moral standards and Christian faith – does immorality cause people to fall away from Christianity, or falling away cause them to become more immoral?  In reality, it doesn’t matter much.

This is the sewer in which we now are forced by circumstance to live.  Stay very, very close to Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross.

Dear Readers, Could You Help Local Catholics in Grave Need? – UPDATED August 23, 2016

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My mom, in spite being 80 herself, volunteers at the Plano Community Home-East.  This is a home for elderly and disabled individuals who need affordable housing.

There is a crisis among some of the elderly there, and it is most heartbreaking.  There is a group of 1o or so Catholics there who have no way to assist at Mass.  They have been unable to attend Mass for months or even years, in some cases.  These are people on decidedly fixed incomes who both cannot afford, and in many cases no longer have the ability, to drive a car.  They have asked for help from local parishes and even the dioceses to provide transportation for them to Mass, or even look into finding souls who might help, but they have received a decidedly cold response (especially from the diocese).

Also, it seems these folks never have priests (or any others) visit them to bring the Blessed Sacrament.  More than the infinite Grace of the Eucharist, however, they long to assist at Mass, any Mass, and partake in the Source and Summit of our glorious Faith again.

I am praying volunteers who live in the Plano area can be found to make arrangements with these souls to provide transportation to assist at Mass.  I know bringing 10 or more souls to Mass may seem a logistical problem, but if even a few could be brought to Mass each week, over a month over a few weeks all could assist at Mass.  Or maybe you have a large van that could take all at once?  A further suggestion might be to see if these souls have any desire to assist at the TLM again, as they did in their youth.  Many Mater Dei families live in the Plano/Allen/McKinney area – perhaps some rides could be arranged that would have minimal impact on everyone’s schedules?

The good news is that all of these people are generally ambulatory, though some need a cane or a walker.  There is no need for wheelchair accessible transportation.

If there are any readers who live near the Plano area who think they could help, please contact me directly at larryr103@gmail.com.  If you belong to a local Catholic e-mail list like PARCH or whatever please consider sending out a link to this post!  The Plano Community Home is located at Ave L and 18th Street, so it is about 5 minutes from St. Mark or maybe 8-9 minutes from Mission of the Sacred Heart, though I imagine the elderly would feel more comfortable at the former.  The desire is most especially for SUNDAY Mass, though there may be an interest for weekday Mass at some point if arrangements could be made.

If any interested parties will get in touch with me, I’ll arrange contact with those needing help at the Plano Community Home to work out arrangements.  God bless you and thank you so much for your consideration.  You would be helping in a spiritual and corporal work of mercy of the highest magnitude.

UPDATE: As often happens when a large number of people are involved, especially elderly people, messages sometimes get confused.  Some people at the home are now claiming a priest DOES come to offer Mass weekly, while others continue to maintain that doesn’t happen.  I am trying to dig through this and find out the truth.  I am waiting for clarification from site staff/management.  However, it seems that even if there is a Mass offered there, some of the elderly are deeply dissatisfied with it, for what are probably the usual reasons.  There may be some interest in the TLM.  Stay tuned, I’ll get back with more details next week, God willing.

Bishop Farrell Farewell Interview August 19, 2016

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Via the Dallas Morning News, a farewell interview conducted with outgoing Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell.  I found two aspects of the interview quite starkly apparent – I’m sure  you’ll see what I mean below.  While the questions asked may have led the conversation in a certain direction, I was still struck by the lack of any mention of the supernatural/transcendent.  The other aspect I’ll flesh out a bit below.  BTW, I found the liberal Morning News’ headline unfair, as I’ll also discuss:

……..Farrell sat down for a conversation looking back at the changes in the Dallas diocese during his tenure — and assessing the needs his successor will face.

His responses have been lightly edited for clarity.


What did you do to assess the needs of the diocese?

“I spent my first three years traveling to parishes. I used to listen to people in the back of churches when they’d be going out of church on Sunday, and I would always stand and listen to them talk and they would complain to me about some things, and some were important.” [You guys here in Dallas remember seeing Bishop Farrell around parishes all the time, right, pretty much every Sunday?  Honestly, while there are 70 parishes in the Diocese, do you recall him at your parish more than once or twice, at most?  I have heard/read many, many complaints of Farrell’s lack of visibility/accessibility.]

“[But] I  never forgot after three or four years when I got an email from Plano, I won’t tell what parish, asking me, now that I’d been there for three years, when was I going to do something about the terrible condition of the parking lot at one of our parishes. People expected me to do everything and anything.” [Like defend the Doctrine of the Faith against heresy and immorality?]

What has changed in the diocese under your leadership?

“I believe that parishes work differently than they used to in many different aspects. I think I have brought lay people in to do the administration, overseeing everything that’s done.” [Is this supposed to be a good thing?  In my writing going back to the very beginning, lay staff have been one of the most consistent, gravest problems in the Diocese.  From Sister Rupp to Always Our Children, they almost always feature in some scandal or heartbreak]

“We have what we call the diocesan finance council. Here are lay men and women who are involved in all of what I would call the business aspect of the church, I have tried to get them to lead and take responsibility for doing that.  In our high schools, I have board of directors and boards of trustees that I have always tried to empower. To empower the laypeople to make the decisions, not me. I’m not atumblr_nwettqFiF21sztyb3o1_1280 businessman. I’m not even that interested in the business aspect. That’s not my thing and not my vocation. I may be mildly successful at it. But it’s not my desire, neither am I interested in it.”

What are the challenges your successor will face?

“Obviously the challenge we all face is the tremendous growth of this diocese. That is a challenge that will continue. I do hope I have recruited enough young people to enter the seminary over the years so that task will be a little easier. When I came here to the diocese, we had 17 people studying for the priesthood over at Holy Trinity Seminary. Today, we have at this moment 70.” [There is no question the seminary situation is far better than when Bishop Farrell arrived.  Now, there has been quite a bit of attrition in the seminaries, where a lot of guys drop out before ordination, but things were in a deplorable state under Grahmann and they’re now quite a bit better, but short of need, sadly.]  

“I did not open up many [Was MD the only one? Perhaps some nationality based ones?] new parishes for the specific reason that I didn’t have the staff to staff, the priest staff. I think that after about three more years, that will be alleviated, The diocese will start seeing some of these young men being ordained.”

What else will your successor need to focus on?

“I think the work of trying to integrate and trying to get our communities to work together. You have people on the north side of Dallas who have never been, who have no idea what the south of the Trinity River looks like.” [This is I guess where the DMN got their silly headline about “rich people getting out of their comfort zones.”  For those outside the area, the Trinity River acts as a sort of literal and figurative dividing line between North Dallas and South Dallas, “rich” Dallas and “poor” Dallas, although, more and more, the distinction has become blurred.  South Dallas historically has lacked investment.  I live in Irving but I technically live south of the Trinity. So that’s the reference.  As for Bishop Farrell’s statement……I again note that souls, salvation, conversion, rarely seem to enter in. Lots and lots of people I know go south of the Trinity regularly to visit/serve with the Carmelites and the Missionaries of Charity, or to go to the DFW National Cemetery.  This is rarely an issue for committed Catholics, for CINOs, maybe so]

How soon do you think Pope Francis will name your successor?

“I think it will be within two months after I leave. I know sometimes that can stretch out for a year. But it will not happen in a diocese as large as Dallas. We grow continually, from migrants coming from the north and immigrants coming from the south. “

Meh.  Again with the hints that a successor has all but been selected.  As a for instance, I can guarantee you Farrell knew he was leaving Dallas, going to Rome, and probably heading this dicastery months ago. Rome would not give a bishop only 2 weeks to wind up affairs in a diocese after nearly 10 years of leadership.  I guess we’ll see.

Well Godspeed Bishop Farrell, thank you for Mater Dei.  May your successor give true liberty to the TLM in the Diocese of Dallas.

Our Sick Culture – STD Rates Skyrocketing Among Seniors August 19, 2016

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Remember the days of restraint and self-respect?  Neither do I, but my parents do, sort of. I’m sure my grandmother did.  I can’t imagine old Aunt Mirandy making the swinger’s scene.  Certainly, people have always sinned, but sexual profligacy among elderly folks did not used to be much of a problem.  It seems, based on the report below, fornication is rampant in retiree communities.  STD rates are rising steeply.

If the elderly are supposed to be the holders and transmitters of the morality and piety of a bygone age, we’re in serious trouble.  Of course, for a lot of these folks, the bygone age was the 60s, and these people are just reliving their “glory years:”

But according to the CDC, in some instances the rates of STD infection for people over 65 rivals that of people in their 20s.

“Everybody always talks about the joke of going to The Villages, and the Senior STD rate being so high there,” says fourth year med student Cody Davis, who visited a friend’s grandmother at famed central Florida retirement community The Villages.

“They’re at a constant senior spring break sort of thing, so they’re always partying and who knows what’s going on there, but their STD rate for seniors is very high in The Villages,” Davis says.

The Villages considers itself “Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown,” maybe even a little too friendly — but there’s no denying that seniors are having sex.

“There’s the effect of Viagra, which is extending the sexual activity of many men,” Davis says. [Which shows how technological progress is so often twisted into the service of grotesque activities.  I have little problem with the taking of Viagra in the confines of marriage, though I do find it a bit unnatural for 85 year olds to be getting their freak on.  But it is apparently used a great deal to fuel fornication and/or adultery, which is manifestly immoral and a thoroughly ugly thing.]

But when it comes to STDs?

“I think that it’s not something they think about, they don’t worry about sexually transmitted diseases,” Davis says…….[God’s justice can fall on anyone, regardless of age.  Not that contracting an STD is always a sign of God’s justice, but He does allow our sins to become our chastisements]

………”If you go to the Florida Department of Health website or the Centers for Disease Control, you would notice an alarming trend,” Dr. Merritt says. “Thirty-five percent of HIV cases are now on people 50 years and older.”

Now hold on a minute. In the US, well over 95% of new HIV cases occur in men.  That increase, if it is one, in people contracting HIV above the age of 50 is virtually entirely occurring only among those inclined toward male-male sodomy.

Whatever happened to growing old with dignity? I’m not saying people have to maintain a Victorian stiffness, but it’s a bit disconcerting to me to read about elderly people behaving like rutting animals.

Remember being told to “act  your age” when you were younger?  Do we now have to lecture hyper-sexed boomers to the same end?

This is what comes from the cultural glorification of – worship would be more like it – youth and a kind of wanton sexuality totally detached from any moral moorings.  Heck, I used to worship at that altar myself.  How many of us lament the passing of another year at our birthdays?  Should we not rather rejoice at what God has given us?

Some of the best, most stable societies the world has seen have been those where a strict moral decorum was maintained and where being possessed of many years was something to be venerated as worthy of great dignity.  Not anymore.  Now even octogenarians are convinced they can act like they’re 22 forever (and not a good 22).  No one says as much, but this cult of youth revolves around an enormous fear of death, fear for what will come after.

Well, we don’t have to fear.  We know.  After death comes judgment, then Heaven or hell, for all eternity.  For the worldlings, this is a terror, something to be fled.  For those who know and love Jesus Christ, it is a comfort, and, for those possessed of great sanctity, even something to be longed for, as so many Saints did.

At any rate, it’s the total opposite of what we see in the world around us in these sad, last days.

The Real Goal of H-1B Visas is Driving Down STEM Field Salaries August 11, 2016

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Many readers will recall that I was laid off from my job of 8 years (12, actually, but in two different stints) earlier this year.  I have described my not only finding a new job, but one that actually allowed me to get a little uptick in pay, as miraculous.  Not only did I find that job in record time (5 weeks), but the fact that I didn’t have to take a pay cut after leaving an unusually high paying employer (Fujitsu) was beyond amazing.  Your prayers, I am convinced, made all the difference. I shall forever pray for you – I pray.

One thing I was frustrated by during my job search – and I’ve kept looking around just a tiny bit since – is how little salaries in my profession had gone up since the last time I was on the market in 2006.  They had remained totally flat, if not decreased a bit.  I found many companies unwilling to pay a senior, highly skilled mechanical engineer, with very strong CAD and analysis skills, more than the same amount a year they were offering 10 or 15 years ago.  I had a lot of contacts with HR people or hiring managers that got positively peeved when I told them my salary requirements, and I fired back more than once that they were basically paying under $50k a year in 2006 dollars for that $75k salary they were so proud of (when you factor in inflation).

So I was fairly interested to see this news report, and especially the attached graph, that shows how salaries among computer programmers and IT types have actually FALLEN since 2002 in constant dollars, and I can say that software engineers and IT folks have it better than more “old school” engineers like mechanicals.

Meanwhile, barely 2/3 of those with STEM degrees are actually using their degree in their present employment, and the unemployment rate of STEM types has nudged upwards over the years.

All of which proves that the much vaunted STEM shortage is really a fabrication.  Or, they never quite finish the sentence…….many corporations, including ones headed by astonishing wealthy individuals (Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc), do have a shortage of STEM workers…..at the very low salaries they want to pay.

That is why, as the article below notes, H-1B visas tend to go to very young, inexperienced workers, making them cheaper still.

Leaching off last week’s DNC Convention, tech industry-behemoths Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon hosted a mini-conference amidst the gathering elite aimed at building awareness of the supposed lack of tech-education among America’s youth. The policy-push comes off Microsoft’s ‘National Talent Strategy’ hatched a few years back; an initiative which the company’s own general counsel apparently admitted was nothing but a ‘manufactured crisis’ really geared to serve the industry’s H-1B immigration agenda. Indeed, if America really did have an ‘education crisis’ in the STEM-fields, why do so many of the hundreds of thousands of H-1B professionals imported here every year come from places that do far worse educationally than we do?

The H-1B program was created in 1990 following claims from the then-brand new tech lobby that American professionals with sufficient tech-skills were in short supply. Twenty-five years on, that labor market-shortage has apparently still not been corrected with the industry spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year lobbying Congress to import more and more tech-professionals from abroad. …….

……..Recently, the Immigration Reform Law Institute obtained government records showing that between FY2013 and May of this year, almost one million H-1B petitions for imported white collar-workers were approved by DHS officials. And of all those successful petitions, a whopping 70 percent went to white collar-workers from India. This isn’t exactly surprising. BigTech loves Indian workers; not only because English is India’s national language, but because the workforce there is young (and therefore cheap). Unsurprisingly then, according to DHS-data almost three-quarters of petitions awarded to professionals in 2011 went to those aged between 25 and 34—Gender discrimination’s also likely. Although DHS says it doesn’t track gender-data, one labor association’s estimated that at least 80 percent of H-1B petitions go to men.

For a very long time, I shied away from believing that corporate titans and captains of industry were really as greedy as they are often portrayed as being.  But that reticence is becoming harder and harder to maintain.

I don’t mean to sound like a grousing populist man of the people, but I have recent and direct experience of seeing how wages in my profession, the one I was promised by parents, teachers, professors, and counselors alike would always be in high demand and was a “sure bet,” have stagnated if not retreated in constant dollars.  I have seen how many long time professionals of eminent capabilities have not been as blessed as I have been, and are still desperately searching for engineering employement 6, 12, 18, even 24+ months after being laid off.  Or if they do find employment, it is most often contract-based with no benefits and at a significant cut in pay.  And I have seen far too many companies gut their R&D investment, placing short term profits over long-term viability.

Once again, it is little wonder Trump is as popular as he is.  It’s not only the blue collar types that are being crushed, it’s a great many white collar professional types, too.

If I didn’t have responsibilities towards my wife and children……. August 11, 2016

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……….reports like the one below, which just completely suck the life-force out of me, would strongly encourage me to start imploring God to release me from this life.  I’m kidding, but not much.  I find these reports so devastating. I think of the little boy, raised apparently by a single mother, perhaps a single mother with a great deal of anger for her ex or men in general, who now wants to become a girl – at age five.  FIVE!  Think about the trauma that must have occurred for a boy that young to reject his own nature and seek to become something else, something opposite, something more like mommy, so maybe mommy will love him just a little bit more.

You may find the last bit somewhat strong, even unfair, but wait until you read the mother’s own words (my emphasis and comments):

The mother of a 5-year-old transgender child is fighting the Pearland Independent School District in Texas to allow her child access to the girls’ bathroom.

Kimberly Shappley — mom of soon-to-be kindergartner, Kai Shappley — said her fight against the school district started in May. The district allows students to use gender-neutral bathrooms, found in some areas of the school, but the mom says that isn’t enough.

“I went to the campus and approached the school district to try and work with them,” she told ABC News today. “I wanted to make sure Kai wouldn’t be discriminated against and be able to use the girl’s bathroom, but it soon became very apparent that the superintendent has a very strong, prejudiced stance against the LGBTQ community.” [Keep that phrase in mind as you read along]

The Pearland School District issued a statement to ABC News explaining that its “stance on transgender students remains” and all “Pearland ISD kindergarten classrooms have a private, gender-neutral bathroom within the classroom for student use.”

But Shapply wasn’t happy with just a gender neutral bathroom. [Strongly implying an activist bent, otherwise, why would not having the same restroom standard as all other students not work?]

Kimberly Shappley told ABC News today that she was still concerned her daughter, Kai, would feel alienated and discriminated against if she wanted to use the girls’ bathroom during recess, physical education, or assemblies — times she might not have access to a kindergarten classroom where a gender-neutral bathroom is available. [At a minimum, if this was really based in reason, you would wait for the problematic situation to develop, rather than just assume it will off the bat.  But an activist, someone looking to fight and win a cultural battle, would make a point of arguing an in extremis situation like this from the start, because they are demanding a desired outcome/seeking cultural change]

[Now get this…….]“I am a devout and conservative Christian and an ordained minister,” she said and explained that she tried to “make” her child behave like a boy when he was a toddler. [Then again, some 12-15% of “conservatives” report they always vote democrat, so……]

“I knew my kid was different before the age of 2,” Shappley said. “My child was very feminine, flamboyant and dramatic. No matter how I tried to punish, reshape or discipline her, she continued being very feminine.” [Uhh huh]

Kai, who is named Joseph on his birth certificate, was suicidal. “Kai was begging the Lord to let her die,” she said. “My child would pray and ask the Lord to let Joseph go to heaven and be with Jesus.”

You buying that a five year old was suicidal because of “gender dysphoria”?  You buying there isn’t some really severe mental pressure being exerted on poor Joseph?  Where is dad, by the way?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is probably all you need to see of poor Joseph:


That’s a soul that will likely never be right. I have known some “transgender” types.  They were amazingly, unbelievably messed up, unstable people.  Like driving their car into the NA building because someone said something they didn’t like. Like literally messing their own pants when they didn’t get that last cigarette. Being even more slavishly needy of being the object of male sexual gratification to make up for their own lack of masculinity.  Unbelievably narcissistic and screwed up.  Which is why they make such nasty opponents, there are no lengths to which they will not stoop in pursuit of whatever it is they want.

I don’t believe for a moment this boy arrived at this choice on his own, truly independent volition. What a devastating tragedy.

Trump Brings Out Shocking Classism of Republican “Elite” August 11, 2016

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Via Rorate, a really interesting post by Dalrock, examining how conservative elites (well, two prominent ones, anyway) now chastise blue-collar whites for falling into the moral morass the self-anointed elites of both parties themselves created.  From serial divorce and concubinage to casual drug use (leading to addiction) to contrabortion and now redefining marriage, wealthy elites have by and large been able to escape the painful economic and social effects of the immoral culture they have created.  Meanwhile, they castigate blue collar folks “failure” to uphold the very standards the elites themselves have successfully destroyed.  Trump’s success is a sign of the peons revolting against those who view themselves as masters:

Love him or hate him, Trump has managed to bring the Republican elite’s seething contempt for the working class to the surface.  Back in March, Kevin D. Williamson at National Review wrote that white working class communities deserve to die:

If you spend time in hardscrabble, white upstate New York, or eastern Kentucky, or my own native West Texas, and you take an honest look at the welfare dependency, the drug and alcohol addiction, the family anarchy—which is to say, the whelping of human children with all the respect and wisdom of a stray dog—you will come to an awful realization. It wasn’t Beijing. It wasn’t even Washington, as bad as Washington can be. It wasn’t immigrants from Mexico, excessive and problematic as our current immigration levels are. It wasn’t any of that…

The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible…[I have liked a great deal of what Williamson writes, but never saw this before.  As someone who visits these kinds of locales regularly, several times a year, and has family scattered throughout them, I find this gravely offensive and about as backwards as one can get.  What is the greatest predictor of economic disadvantage, tendency towards crime, and drug addiction?  Growing up in a single parent (mom only) household.  But it wasn’t the working class whites of Muleshoe or Watertown or Harlan County that clamored for divorce on demand, it was the white upper and upper middle classes.  The working class have embraced the false freedoms imposed by the sexular pagan elite, to their shame and great self-injury, but they didn’t create this mess, in fact, in many cases they were some of the most stalwart opponents of the agenda the elites insisted on imposing, and yet now they are being blamed for it as is it were their own.  Surely there is enormous blame to go around, I’m not giving those folks a pass, but I will say that, even to this day in the small towns I visit regularly, there is far less divorce, concubinage, and drug addiction than there is in the “sainted” big city.]

Trump’s focus has been on the elite’s policy of driving down the wages of the working class through lopsided trade deals and flooding our economy with cheap foreign labor.  Williamson ironically disregards the economic crisis faced by the working class by accurately noting that our elites have done even more damage by creating a new family model that only works for the upper middle class. [It doesn’t even work for them, the children are devastated and eventually enough will be brought low by this that whole families will sink from “upper-whatever” to “lower-whatever” class. But the upper classes generally have the financial wherewithal, the reserves, to weather the devastation of frivorce and other ails better than the lower classes]

The callousness on display here is breathtaking, yet it is commonplace amongst Republican elites. [Is it?  My gut says yes, certainly, Republican elites have always been disdainful of social conservatives and our concerns, preferring to please the donor class. Not sure how much more evidence there is, however, of a bias specifically against icky lower middle class blue collar types]  Much of the contempt for Trump stems from the contempt the elite have for the segment of society that he is reaching out to, a segment the Republican elites have done their best to ignore for decades.  This shines through even when members of the elite try to learn from Trump’s example…….

[Now another damning quote from another conservative writer]………They will have to go to the Fishtowns of America, to the forgotten and shuttered places, and by word and deed show the people there, however backward they might be, that they can rebuild their lives and their communities, and that they aren’t alone anymore…..[Wow]

………This attempt by the Republican elites to minimize the plight of the white working class is not only foolish politically, but is also built on moral quicksand.  It is true that the dysfunction we observe typically involves poor choices by all involved.  But it is also true that these same elites have reworked marriage to a model that only works for the elite.

That is, one not built around the father-provider and mother-nurturer, but basically eliminating the father from the family and replacing him with Uncle Sugar, the surrogate provider of the state.  That method denies an increasing number of children, tens of millions of them, a father, almost insuring future poverty, joblessness, poor education, and a profound tendency towards crime.  It gravely wounds society from a moral standpoint, of course, but also produces young people of weak moral fiber and with little work-ethic, helping insure the economic malaise Williamson, et. al., claim to find so damning.

I’m still not terribly down with Trump, but I have zero problem understanding why so many are.  I’m far from certain he’s the right answer to the problems crises so many face, but I can understand why folks would be willing to take a shot on the perceived outsider, no matter how dubious that perception may be.

It’s amazing how far we’ve fallen.  Can you imagine Ronald Reagan, or William Safire, arguing to just write off all the small towns and rural districts of America?  THEY ARE YOUR NUMBER ONE BASE!!!!!! No group votes more consistently “(R) than rural whites. What kind of idiot would think something like that, let alone write it?!  What an amazingly tribalistic, classist notion.

But that’s where we’re at.  I really fear this country is way beyond any political savior at this point, the moral rot is too deep, the evil too widespread.  The center cannot hold, the best lack all conviction, and all that.  Perhaps I’ll be surprised, however.  We’ll see.

In France, They Kill Priests and Raze Churches August 4, 2016

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In fact, with regard to the latter, they raze scores a year, at last count.  Fairly convenient and easy for the government to do, given that it owns all Church property, since it was seized in the terrible law of 1905.

With respect to one particular Paris parish (say that three times fast), however, the end was a little more ugly than most, which end more with a whimper and the chomping of backhoes than with the anguished cries of broken-hearted parishioners. But Sainte Rita parish had been used by the Institute of the Good Shepherd, a growing Ecclesia Dei community located in France, and still had many souls attached to the Mass and other Sacraments offered there. That is to say, it was a parish more alive and vibrant than most of the French churches being torn down at an awful rate in these days of no faith, who have few, if any, to mourn over them.  All to make room for a parking lot, which the new owners of the property judged to be more profitable and useful in Paris in the Year of Our Lord 2016 than a Catholic church.  So, Sainte Rita, too, had to go, in spite of its usefulness to souls.

It was a scene of ugliness and brutality.  The faithful made what meager defense they could against the mighty power of the state and its armored security forces, stacking pews near the door, standing and kneeling in prayer at the last TLM offered and Rosary prayed in the church.  Priests were dragged away, altar boys hustled out, and pious souls, some of them quite elderly, were tossed about like ragdolls.  All to make room for a parking lot.

It was a scene we may see repeated all too frequently in the near future, an unbelievably tone-deaf act mere days after a priest had his throat slit by muslims (the “radical” being needlessly repetitive).

The sacking of the church, and the reasons for it, are explained in depth here, but I assume many are already familiar with the situation.  I’ll repeat a bit of the backstory and coverage from Mahound for those who may not be:

It was a scene with which all who attend the traditional Latin Mass are perfectly familiar – except, perhaps, for the fact that most of the parishioners were standing. They were standing because the pews had been removed in order to form a barricade at the entrance to the church. A group of police in riot gear and armed with truncheons and tear gas was outside preparing to storm the building. St. Rita has been slated for demolition since October 2015.

As the police began ripping the pews away from the entrance, the faithful, arms locked, broke out in song. The priest continued reciting the ancient prayers. The altar boy remained at his side. A second priest led a small group kneeling beside the sanctuary in the recitation of the Rosary. Some of the faithful prepared handkerchiefs for covering their noses in the case that the police decided to put their canisters of tear gas to use.

As the police stormed the church, the faithful quickly retreated to the sanctuary, encircling the steps to the altar, using their bodies to protect the priest and the altar boy, who were still celebrating Holy Mass. One by one, they were forcefully torn away. The priest who had been praying the Rosary was thrown to the floor and dragged from the sanctuary and out of the church. Fr. Guillaume de Tanoüarn, still engrossed in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, was pulled from the altar by his vestments and forced outside………

…….And this, precisely one week after another Mass had been invaded, ending with an 86-year-old priest having his throat slit at the altar.

On the sheet metal fence that had been erected outside the Church, someone had sprayed in large letters:

In France, we kill priests and raze churches.        

And then next to it, the Greek words of the traditional liturgy, “Kyrie Eleison!”

Lord have mercy on us! 

Well, the sexular pagan state gonna be sexular pagans.  Their god is the almighty dollar or euro, and a 115 year old church means nothing compared to $3.6 million.

Better even than Mahound’s coverage, some of it originally from One Peter Five, are the scenes captured from the raid in photo and video.  They convey better than thousands of words just what went down at Sainte Rita’s:

Sainte Rita

Sainte Rita

Sainte Rita Fence

Sainte Rita Fence

Pews as Barricades

Pews as Barricades

Dangerous Old Folks

Dangerous Old Folks

Sainte Rita, Ready for the Assault

Sainte Rita, Ready for the Assault

Sainte Rita Priest 2

Dragging Priest Away

Dragging Priest Away

Mass is over for You

Mass is over for You

You can see the whole sordid affair, from the breaching of the steel fence originally intended to keep Catholics out (turned into a defense), to the tearing open of the doors, to the removal of the pew barricades, to the violent dragging away of the faithful and even a priest below.  The video was shot with a phone or tablet and of course jerks and bounces, but it does reveal the entire affair from start to finish:

The reasons may vary in future, but I doubt this is the last such scene we’ll see enacted in a Catholic parish in the relatively near-term.  Heck, they’ve probably played out numerous times in parishes in Iraq and Syria, there just wasn’t a plethora of recording media present, or the recordings were not permitted to survive.

Priest Martyred by ISIS Gave Land for Mosque August 1, 2016

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While avoiding speaking ill of the dead, especially those martyred, I am overwhelmed with a sense of irony, and a sense that the Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.

Father Jacques Hamel, murdered by crazed islamists (is there any other kind, I ask only somewhat in jest?), ostensibly in retribution for something that happened nearly 1,000 years ago (the Crusades – muslims will never, ever forget the time Christians came in and forcibly pried loose a small part of formerly Christian lands from the islamic death grip – that is such a grave offense to their sense of the “ummah,” and that what “allah” has granted to islam, shall always be a part of it), had donated some land so that a mosque (another one) could be built near his parish.  This can certainly be filed under no good deed shall go unpunished, but I wonder if there isn’t a more important message being conveyed by Him Who is infinitely Just. Not that God would be the author of evil, but………..I’m sure you can discern what I am driving at.

While trying to maintain charity for this poor departed soul, who desperately needs prayers, as do all un-canonized souls, I will say that Father Hamel certainly appears to be a man of his generation, the generation that found Vatican II and the “new pentecost” so intoxicating:

Father Jacques Hamel, the 86-year-old assistant priest at the church in St Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Normandy, met his Creator last Tuesday when two Muslim men armed with knives slit his throat while chanting the Islamic takbir. The killers claimed they were sacrificing blood to avenge the 11th century Crusades. It turns out that Fr Hamel was actually a dear friend to Islam. According to his fellow members of clergy, Fr Hamel helped put aside a plot of land near the church, where he would ultimately be murdered by Islamic jihadists, for the purposes of building a mosque to serve the Muslim community in the area.

“Church authorities facilitated the giving of land beside his church to local Muslims to build a mosque, and they were given use of the parish hall and other facilities during Ramadan,” stated Father Mark Ephrem Nolan, Prior of the Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Cross. [Was this true charity, with the eternal end of souls always in mind, or was this more worldly sentiment?]

Despite the ongoing wave of Islamic terrorism, Christians in the Rouen community where Fr Hamel was killed have made an earnest effort to welcome Muslims with open arms and open hearts.

“Efforts have been made by the Christian community to be welcoming to Muslims,” saidFr Nolan. “The Sisters even give reading lessons to Muslim kids in tower blocks.”

Both parishioners and clergy alike all attest to the fact that Fr Hamel was a humble man who put his life’s work in building personal relationships. “He led a pure, simple life, with an emphasis on building friendships,” added Fr Nolan. [Did he also instill a powerful sense the Doctrine of the Faith, especially the extreme dubiousness of salvation outside formal communion with the Church?]

…….. In the final pastoral letter to his parish before his unexpected death, Fr Hamel reminded the Christian congregation to “accept each other as they are,” without judgment or ridicule. [Even souls bound for hell?  Is that how Saint John Vianney preached, or practically any other Saint one might care to name?]

And still, Islamic terrorists took his life in a fit of hatred and rage.

Well, of course they did.  Expecting otherwise requires willful ignorance, or obstinance, in the face of 1400 years of unequivocal testimony to the nature of islam.  Only a West totally denuded of Faith, aside from a few souls here or there, and so blinded by a false and damnable ideology of “religious tolerance” (a tolerance originally dreamed up to drive the Church from the public square, and assert a permanent ascendancy of the secular state over Her), could think otherwise.

And yet, even in the face of this diabolical act of evil, even as muslims throughout the West throw down the gauntlet of challenge, openly advocating that they will force Europe, and, if possible, the entire West, to submit to their false, demonic cult of violence and cruel repression, Church leaders in France and in the Vatican STILL refuse to see the truth in front of their face. The secular leaders of the West are, if anything, even more blind.  Of course, for partisans of sexular paganism, which is pretty much all elites everywhere, their true enemy has always been orthodox, believing Catholicism.  They are quite happy to submit to the man-made religion of islam if it means seeing their archenemy vanquished.

I fear – or perhaps I should say, the evidence strongly indicates – that applies equally if they wear a red- or pink-piped cassock, or a Saville Row suit.

Lord, have mercy on Your Church. We are in desperate need of it.


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