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“Catholic” Kennedy Strikes Again as Supreme Court Overturns Texas Abortion Restrictions June 27, 2016

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“Catholic” Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy- for the umpteenth time – cast the deciding vote on a matter deciding issues gravely against the moral order yet again today.  Kennedy voted in favor of overturning Texas’ extremely successful 2013 abortion restrictions, restrictions that had led to the closure of about 60% of the state’s mills.  Thus, it is expected that many mills will re-open, or new ones start up, and abortion will be far more available in Texas than it had been for the past 3 years.  Kennedy’s ruling overturned a lower-court verdict by the 5th Circuit finding the provisions of 2013’s House Bill 2 to be constitutional.  Just as in Casey vs. Planned Parenthood, Kennedy will go to his death with the blood of millions on his soft, manicured hands.

But I’m certain he’ll remain a “Catholic in good standing” and continue to receive the feting from high prelates from one end of this land to the other.  He’ll probably even receive the Blessed Sacrament from the hand of Cardinal Burke himself, as he already has in the past.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court struck down Texas’ widely replicated regulation of abortion clinics Monday in the court’s biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter century.

The justices voted 5-3 in favor of Texas clinics that had argued the regulations were only a veiled attempt to make it harder for women to get abortions in the nation’s second-most populous state.

Justice Stephen Breyer’s majority opinion for the court held that the regulations are medically unnecessary and unconstitutionally limit a woman’s right to an abortion. [thanks for letting us know they are medically unnecessary, Doctor Breyer]

Texas had argued that its 2013 law and subsequent regulations were needed to protect women’s health. The rules required doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and forced clinics to meet hospital-like standards for outpatient surgery.

Breyer wrote that “the surgical-center requirement, like the admitting privileges requirement, provides few, if any, health benefits for women, poses a substantial obstacle to women seeking abortions and constitutes an ‘undue burden’ on their constitutional right to do so.” [So the entire bill has pretty much been struck down, which had been doing so much good. You think Breyer based his judgment on real medical evidence, or liberal medical opinion?]

Justices Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan joined Breyer. [Because of course they did. It’s only ever a question which way a “conservative” justice will approach, it’s never, ever a question how a leftist democrat-appointed one will]

……..Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dissented. [For all the good in the world it did them]

………Abortion providers said the rules would have cut the number of abortion clinics in Texas by three-fourths if they had been allowed to take full effect.

When then-Gov. Rick Perry signed the law in 2013, there were about 40 clinics throughout the state. That number dropped to under 20 and would have been cut in half again if the law had taken full effect, the clinics said.

Texas passed a broad bill  imposing several abortion restrictions in 2013 [because this was the plain will of the people]. Texas clinics sued immediately to block it, contending it impermissibly interfered with a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. [See – You have no constitutional right to a firearm, in spite of what the 2nd Amendment plainly says, but women have a “constitutional right” to murder their children, because it’s absolutely nowhere in the document, but “emanating from the penumbras”] The clinics won several favorable rulings in a federal district court [in front of a leftist judge in Austin] Texas. But each time, the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the state, at first allowing challenged provisions to take effect and then upholding the law with only slight exceptions.

Excuse me, but what the heck is the point of “democracy” when one unelected lawyer can totally obviate the will of a large majority of citizens?  The federal courts have become the prime means by which the amoral anti-Christian agenda of the sexular pagan leftists has been imposed on this country, often against the will of the people.  One man basically has gotten to decide whether millions of people would live, or die.  More and more, we appear ruled by an unelected, unaccountable oligarchy that privileges the state-sanctioned killing of children above all else.

A bit of context on the Texas bill might be helpful.  It was written as the Kermit Gosnell murder-house case was coming to light.  Gosnell’s mill was a horror show of filthy conditions and botched procedures, with many dying as a result.  So, increasing health and safety requirements for abortion mills was both timely and sensical.

Abortion and porn: the only industries the left doesn’t want to regulate to death, probably because they avail themselves of them so often.

When, oh when, will Anthony Kennedy finally be excommunicated, or at least threatened with it, for all the manifest evil he has done?

Two great sermons to listen to December 16, 2015

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Two very good sermons for your Advent listening pleasure, and, hopefully, edification.  In the first, Father speaks of the need to enjoy and benefit from Advent as a vitally important liturgical season.  Advent is a time of penance and spiritual preparation, not just a time to shop like mad and get so caught up in material concerns that the spirit of the season is totally lost and we wind up on Christmas morning both exhausted and totally unprepared to enjoy the great fruit available in that great festive season.  At the same time, we lose the great graces available from participating in the intended penance of Advent.  Good sermon:

Now another, which is more polemical, coming from that parish in “south St. Paul” which has been publicized quite a bit on The Remnant of late.  First, it’s great to hear that another diocesan parish is not only making the TLM available, but offering it every day!  That is a rare thing!  This priest must be blessed with a bishop at least somewhat well disposed to Tradition. Many priests are not so fortunate, including a priest from West Texas of whom I am very fond.  You may be thinking of El Paso, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Father launches from that announcement into a sort of parody of the Church today, imagining how St. John the Baptist would “accost” Herod for his illicit marriage if he were like the shepherds we have in the Church today. After giving a history of Herod and his sordid life, as well as the sanctity of St. John the Baptist, the priest examines the vast discrepancy between the repentance that great Saint preached, and the moral laxitude encouraged by Church leaders like Cardinal Kasper.  Kasper, so bereft of faith, pretends that God does not care about our personal sins, or certainly won’t hold them against us, and posits on that basis to allow those still in the depths of grave moral dereliction to approach and receive the holiest object in the material universe, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So imagine, if you will, how a Kasper the Baptist would approach Herod in his adulterous union.  John was willing to die for the Truth.  I think we all know Kasper would not endure so much as a hang nail for the same.  Another powerful sermon:

I had more I wanted to get to today, but I am out of time.  I pray you have a blessed evening!


Former curial official writes stinging critique of Franciscan pontificate December 9, 2015

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This was written and apparently submitted about a year ago. It does not seemed to have had any discernible effect.  The critiques presented are pretty standard, but the source is unique.  The critique was presented anonymously to prevent retribution, which, I think, tells us all we need to know about the new “mercy.”  Nice submission by One Pyotr Fiver (I just start off with the critique, without the intro. I do not include each item, you can read that at the linka – my comments):

1. An emotional and anti-intellectual attitude of yours which is often tangible and which has difficulties in dealing with theories and doctrines

The alternative to the Teaching Church is the Arbitrary Church, and not the Merciful Church. [Becoming more and more apparent every day] Among not a few of your own chosen employees and close counselors, there is to be found a true lack of competence, both in teaching and in theology; these men .. think rather all too often in pragmatic and political terms. … [ya think?]

2. Authoritarianism

You are distancing yourself from the wisdom which is preserved in the Church’s traditional discipline, in Canon Law, and also in the historical practices of the Curia. Together with your disdain for (supposedly) theoretical teaching, this propensity leads to an authoritarianism of which even the founder of your Order of Jesuits, St. Ignatius himself, would not approve. … [I think he put this amazingly gently]

3. A populism of change

Today, it is popular to call for change. However, especially the Successor of Peter has to remind himself and others of that which changes only slowly, and even more so of that which does not change at all. Do you really believe that the approval which you receive from the opinion-makers in the realm of politics and of the media is a good sign? … [Honestly?  I think he does. I think that’s the “faithful” he wants to please]

4. Your own conduct is seen as a critique of how your (often canonized) predecessors have lived, talked, and acted

I cannot recognize how this attitude comports with the humility which you have so many times invoked and demanded. … Your conduct implicitly proposes the idea that you intend to re-invent somehow the Petrine Office. … [I think that “somehow” is becoming clearer every day.  This is the pontificate Martini always thought he deserved, if it hadn’t been for that danged long lived Wojtyla.]

5. Pastoralism

Only recently, you said that you especially like those parts of the papacy where you can act like a pastor. Of course, neither a pope nor a pastor should raise any doubts as to whether the Church is following the teaching of Christ … [Mee-ow.  Spank.]

6. Exaggerated display of the simplicity of your own way of life

7. A particularism which often subjugates the goals and purposes of the Universal Church under the viewpoints of only a part of the Church

This attitude appears nearly comical with regard to a pope. …[An unserious man, for an unserious Church, in an unserious time?  But I err, he is most serious, about those things for which he has a strong motivation.  Like the legacy of Martini]


9. Lack of clarity about the interconnectedness of religious, political, and economic freedom

Many of your statements indicate that the state should rule more, control more, and be responsible for more areas, … history has proven wrong the idea that the state can take care of everything. … The welfare state can also become too powerful, and with it, too paternalistic, authoritarian, and illiberal. [Leftist gonna do what a leftist gonna do]

10. Meta-Clericalism

On the one hand, you show very little interest in the clergy, on the other hand, you criticize a clericalism which is more of a phantom than something that is real. [Yes and no.  The kind of clericalism Pope Francis envisions, which comes across like some lingering phantasm from his youth, of the strict and severe authoritarian conservative cleric literally no longer exists.  But there is a real clericalism among the progressive set in the Church, and it is thoroughly entrenched in many a bureaucracy] …. Like me, many others have difficulties with the way you sometimes talk and act. But that can be fixed, if it becomes clear that you listen to what others have to tell you. Unfortunately, I know that you are not yet capable of dealing well with such criticism – that is why I do not put my name on this letter. I want to protect my superiors against your wrath, especially the priests and bishops with whom I have worked for many years in Rome and from whom I have learned so much. You might want to work on taking away such fears – from me and from others – or, even better, to make such letters as this one superfluous, namely, by learning something from others. [Once again, ouch.  This letter cuts like a knife.  This priest knows this Pope very well.  Such a calamity.  But maybe now is the time to go ahead and name names, regardless of the consequences?]

———-End Quote———-

So are we seeing the beginning of a broad based backlash against this pontificate? Or too little, too late?

Beats me.  We’ve heard a lot of talk regarding a potential schism.  I don’t see one, yet.  But perhaps the making of one.

What a catastrophe.

So how do you see this playing out? Will it just continue with a growing chorus of criticism, and with an increasing portion of the Church getting to the point where they just ignore – or maybe just mock – the increasing insanity from Rome?  And what kind of impact will even that have on the Church?  Or do you really think it will come to a hard schism?  For myself, I’m skeptical, because schisms aren’t made by laity, they’re made by leaders, and I don’t see any with the cajones to take such an “extreme” course of action, no matter the cost.  We’ll probably just muddle along with growing practical schism, with individual nations and even dioceses being increasingly liberal and anti-liberal.


And things continue to spin out of control in FrancisChurch with quickening pace December 9, 2015

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Burqas on the Vatican.  Cardinal Turkson calling for birth control.  Already planning for the next sin-nod, which will focus on married priests.  The program of the arch-heretic Cardinal Martini continues to be implemented at a quickening pace.

First, Cardinal Turkson says the earth has too many people.  Time to prevent a few billion more souls from ever existing and thus being denied knowing God and basking in His Presence for all eternity:

One of the Catholic Church’s most senior prelates has said that birth control could “offer a solution” to the impacts of climate change.

Cardinal Peter Turkson, the Pope’s leading adviser on climate issues, told the BBC that the Church had never been against natural family planning. [true, but its use must be reserved to grave personal situations, not supposed global crises]

The Catholic Church has recently adopted a more active role on the issue, encouraging churchgoers to join global climate marches before the start of COP21. The Church has also increased its engagement with the UN climate negotiation process itself, here in Le Bourget.
In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC, Cardinal Turkson suggested that birth control could help alleviate some of the impacts of climate change, particularly the lack of food in a warmer world.
 “This has been talked about, and the Holy Father on his trip back from the Philippines also invited people to some form of birth control, because the church has never been against birth control and people spacing out births and all of that. So yes, it can offer a solution,” he said.
“Having more mouths to feed is a challenge for us to be productive also, which is one of the key issues being treated over here, the cultivation and production of food, and its distribution. [Where is your faith?  The world does not suffer from a global food shortage. Local shortages occur, but in fewer and fewer places.  There are massive amounts of aid available.  This is a typically emotional argument with little substance behind it.]
“So yes it engages us in food security management, so we ensure that everybody is fed and all of that. The amount of population that is critical for the realisation of this is still something we need to discover, yet the Holy Father has also called for a certain amount of control of birth.” [Did he?  He said something about not breeding like rabbits.  So the meaning behind that statement was more birth control?  That’s what many suspected at the time, including me.  Thanks for the confirmation.  Now we know the smokescreens regarding Francis’ disastrous statements are just that.]

The issue is especially controversial in relation to climate change. The global population of 7 billion people is expected to grow to 9.7bn by the middle of the century according to the UN…….[They never finish that sentence. Yes, population growth will continue to about 10 billion at mid-century – and then will begin a rapid and terminal decline, the first in all history on a global scale.  By the end of this century human population will be back down to 6-7 billion, about present levels, with likely unprecedented economic calamities resulting from lack of young people sufficient to work enough to provide for the old.]

Why does Cardinal Turkson hate babies so much?  Why does he hate God so much, and desire to keep souls from ever knowing Him?

Next up, Sandro Magister on the next Synod.  The sin-nodal process is ideal for the progressive, not as difficult to pull off as a general council, but perfectly suited to the perpetual revolution they desire:

In mid-February Pope Francis will go to Chiapas, where hundreds of deacons with their wives are pushing to be ordained as priests. [so the wives want to be priestesseseseses?  Chiapas is the most reliably leftist region of Mexico]  And in the Amazon as well the turning point seems to be near. It was all written down in the agenda of Cardinal Martini

While waiting for Pope Francis to rule on communion for the divorced and remarried, which two synods discussed and split over, there is already a glimpse of the theme of the next synodal session: married priests.

The selection of the theme is up to the pope, as happened with the past synods and will take place with the next, independently of what will be proposed by the fourteen cardinals and bishops of the council that acts as a bridge between one assembly and the next.

And that married priests will be the next topic of synodal discussion can be gathered from various indications.

The first indication is the evident intention of Pope Francis to implement the agenda dictated in 1999 by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, in a memorable statement at the synod of that year.

The archbishop of Milan at the time, a Jesuit and the undisputed leader of the “liberal” wing of the hierarchy, said that he “had a dream”: that of a Church capable of getting into a permanent synodal state, with a “collegial and authoritative exchange among all the bishops on some key issues.” [See what happens when you don’t excommunicate heretics?  Their heretical ideas come back in a new generation to become the agenda of the day]

And here are the “key issues” that he listed:

“The shortage of ordained ministers, the role of woman in society and in the Church, the discipline of marriage, the Catholic vision of sexuality, penitential practice, relations with the sister Churches of Orthodoxy and more in general the need to revive ecumenical hopes, the relationship between democracy and values and between civil laws and the moral law.”

Magister then provides a number of other indicators that Francis will next look to married priests.

As to the burqafication of St. Peter’s, one I missed yesterday, via Edward Pentin:


So this display managed references to repressive islam and its subjugation of women but none to Jesus Christ, the Church, or His Mother.

I’ve prayed enough.  I’m signing.


Some Mercy! Papal Critics Threatened with Excommunication December 7, 2015

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You know liberal “mercy” only runs one way – towards the furtherance of their progressive, modernist agenda.  They have been, and will continue to be, most savage in their treatment of their ideological opponents, perceived and real.  So I am not surprised – in fact I quite suspected – to see from an official Vatican source very close to Pope Francis some kind of riposte regarding the opposition his pontificate has found among some Catholics, mostly those attached to the traditional practice of the Faith (IOW, Catholics).  Progressives never forget or forgive their enemies, and I figured that even the relatively slight opposition – official and otherwise – this pontificate has received has probably left a good number of its insiders boiling mad.

Well, the first little bit of steam escaped from that pressure cooker of ideology and power politics, and Archbishop Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, has implied very strongly that those who criticize this papacy may be, or already are, excommicated latae sententiae:

Archbishop Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for New Evangelization, has stirred controversy by suggesting that some criticisms of Pope Francis might result in automatic excommunication.

Archbishop Fisichella made his remarks while explaining how Pope Francis’s new “Missionaries of Mercy” will operate. The 800 “missionaries” will have the power to absolve from penalties previously reserved to the Holy See.

In reference to Canon 1370, which imposes automatic excommunication for “physical violence” against the Roman Pontiff, Archbishop Fisichella said:

“I would say that we need to understand well ‘physical violence,’ because sometimes words, too, are rocks and stones, and therefore I believe some of these sins, too, are far more widespread than we might think.” [Canon Law is not written to be interpreted so broadly.  Or it has not been heretofore.  This certainly has some sinister overtones. I almost hear the hissing of the serpent in the background.  I think it safe to say, the progressives are quite peeved at the opposition that has been mounted to their agenda.]

Archbishop Fisichella’s comments will be interpreted by many as an attempt to silence faithful Catholics who are deeply concerned by the direction currently being taken by those who hold offices at the highest levels of the Church…….

Follows a long list of only the most recent/severe scandals of the Franciscan pontificate.

In the face of these and other scandals Catholics have not only the right but also the duty to offer respectful, but forceful, criticism. This grave duty is outlined in Canons 211 and 212 of the Code of Canon Law…..

h/t reader BBM

As I said at the top, I’m not surprised by this in the least.  I will not be surprised to find many occasions for bitter irony in the upcoming “year of mercy,” as the heterodox and least likely to convert are showered with favors and praise, while the most faithful are scorned and excoriated.

Even more, this pontiff has made very clear on too many occasions to list the nature of those he views as his opponents, or “bad Catholics.”  They are Catholics who pray the Rosary “excessively,” who stand outside abortion mills, who adhere to outmoded ecclesiastical models (meaning, the pre-conciliar Church), who adhere to a certain liturgical “fashion,” who are “unmerciful,” “close-minded,” “promethean,” “neo-Pelagian,” etc., etc.  You get the point.  In short, YOU.

Progressives in the Church have long been vindictive, judging it quite right to take exceedingly harsh action against those they view as being opposed to the post-conciliar zeitgeist.  This dates back all the way back to the late 60s and early 70s, when those who raised the alarm over the new liturgy and theological chaos were brushed aside as unreconstructed obstructionists who simply would not get on the programme nouvelle.  I’m sure you can think of many numerous instances of how this played out.  These guys, they are nothing if not vindictive.

So…..the next year may be very rough. All manner of gestures for the unchurched and unfaithful, and the cold, hard hand of discipline for the most devout.  It’s the inversion that has taken place in the Church in these past decades reduced to crystalline purity.  I’ve been praying a great deal for faith, for steadfastness, because I have feared a this kind of persecution from within for some time.  This year might be the time of the greatest test, I don’t know.

Pope: “God is Father and Mother” December 3, 2015

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What can one say anymore? I agree with Rorate, this is a statement with enormous, and dire, implications.  It will be used and abused by feminists and similar types for years, probably decades, to come.  Also contained in this rambling discourse are further condemnations of the Church’s 2000 year defense of Doctrine as “exclusive.”  Yes, the Church is exclusive, and so is Heaven, but that doesn’t play well in the radical egalitarianism beloved by those given over to a libertine, progressive mindset.

Rorate’s quote is quite long. I’m short of time and have had a long day, so I’ll only quote the most key parts:

Pope Francis: The theme of mercy has been strongly accentuated in the life of the Church, since Pope Paul VI. John Paul II stressed it strongly with Dives in Misericordia, the canonization of Saint Faustina and the institution of the Feast of Divine Mercy on the Octave of Easter. [How many readers have problems with Divine Mercy as proposed by Saint Faustina?  I know [a good number do.  I waver.]

…….My first Angelus as Pope was on God’s mercy and, on that occasion, I also spoke of a book on mercy which was given to me by Cardinal Walter Kasper during the conclave……The world is in need of discovering that God is Father, that there is mercy, that cruelty isn’t the way, that condemnation isn’t the way, because the Church herself sometimes follows a hard line, she falls into the temptation of following a hard line, into the temptation of stressing only the moral rules, many people are excluded. [Again touting Cardinal Kasper.  Hinting at what may come in the post-synodal exhortation?  It is not cruel to condemn, if that condemnation leads to repentance, that repentance to conversion, and that conversion to everlasting life. As a matter of fact, it is the modern indifferentism, and pretense that grave sin isn’t, that “mistakes” don’t really matter to God, thus totally blocking the process of conversion, that is cruel. It is the cruelty of the world against the true mercy of God.  Once again we see Pope Francis quite clearly state that the pre-conciliar Church was unmerciful.]

……Q:  Can the Jubilee of Mercy be an occasion to rediscover God’s ”maternity”?

……. Yes, He himself affirms it when He says in Isaiah that perhaps a mother can forget her child, a mother can also forget her child … “I, instead, will never forget you.”……..Therefore, I prefer to use <the word> tenderness, proper to a mother, the tenderness of God, tenderness born from the paternal insides. God is Father and Mother. [So because the Holy Ghost inspired an allusion to a mother, that means God is a Mother-figure?  That’s an unreachable stretch.]

…….To discover it will lead us to have a more tolerant, more patient, more tender attitude. In 1994, during the Synod, in a meeting of groups. it was said that a revolution of tenderness should be established, and a Synodal Father  — a good man, whom I respect and love – then very elderly, said that it wasn’t appropriate to use this language and he gave me reasonable explanations [So we should thus conclude, that it was Bergoglio who made this intervention in favor of a “revolution of tenderness?”] , from an intelligent man, but I continue to say that today the revolution is that of tenderness because justice stems from here as does all the rest [Ideologue: (n) one who holds to a notion or idea in spite of all contrary evidence] ……..The revolution of tenderness is what we have to cultivate today as the fruit of this Year of Mercy: God’s tenderness towards each one of us. Each one of us must say: “I am an unfortunate man, but God loves me thus, so I must also love others in the same way.”

Q: Can you anticipate to us a gesture you intend to make during the Jubilee to give testimony of God’s mercy?

Pope Francis: So many gestures will be made, but on a Friday of every month I will make a different gesture.

Oy vey.  Here comes another push for trashing the Liturgy – even more than it already has been – through “inclusive language.”

I fear Rorate’s closing note is right:

In the abusively “ultramontane” (or pseudo-ultramontane) atmosphere of the Franciscan papacy, where liberals and their conservative fellow-travelers defend everything that falls from the mouth of Francis as pure orthodoxy, one does not have to be very imaginative to realize how much the enemies of the faith will make use of this erroneous expression. [Indeed]Keep in mind that the Pope affirmed, in this interview, that the Jubilee of Mercy will be an occasion to “rediscover” the “maternity” of God. 

As of late, not a week has passed without an ambiguous or problematic expression coming from the Pope and causing immense confusion and difficulty for the already-besieged, outnumbered, and often-demoralized defenders of Catholic orthodoxy. It would seem that during the Jubilee of Mercy, things are about to get even worse.

Ultramontanism run amok – hypermontanism – is a grave disorder in the Church today.  It is the prime mode of operation for the crisis.  “This is impermissible!”

“But the Pope said it.”

“Oh, well……ok, then.”

We already have severe problems in the Church, and in so many domestic churches, where proper understanding and operation of the roles of father and mother, male and female, have been not just lost, but corrupted and turned upside down.  This kind of language is profoundly unhelpful, and even more, dangerous.  I fear it will give renewed vigor to efforts like the feminist push for “inclusive language” in the Liturgy.  Heck, why stop there, we can’t have cisnormative, heteronormative language in the Liturgy, either, right!  Bugnini and his acolytes intended the liturgical revolution to be a perpetual motion machine, never stopping, forever grinding the Mass (and other Sacraments) down into meaningless, perfectly ineffective modernist gibberish.

I’m out of time.  What a mess. Our Lady, have mercy on us.  Pray for us!  Christe eleison!

Pope Francis: “Wars are the leading cause of death.” December 1, 2015

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Pope Francis made an absolutely ludicrous statement.  Wars are so far from being the leading cause of death virtually EVERYWHERE in the world his statement below beggars belief.  Is he really this ill-informed, or unhinged, or given to ridiculously flawed on the spot statements?

On his recent flight back from Africa, Pope Francis was asked a “gotcha” question from the press regarding condom use in avoiding the spread of HIV on that continent where it is so rife.  After undermining 2000 year old doctrine yet again, Pope Francis went on a rant that exposed his incredibly simplistic (I would really like to say, stupid) view of the causes of poverty and suffering in the world while once again harping against “arms manufacture” and wars.  But when he claims that wars are the number 1 cause of death (he said this generally, as if it is a universal truth around the world), he really demonstrated his grave inability to either proclaim the Faith or even think clearly, missing the obvious fact (which rarely, if ever, appears to occur to him) that ABORTION has been the leading cause of death around the world over the past 40 years, with probably close to two BILLION lives snuffed out in that time from this satanic sacrifice of perfectly innocent (of actual sin) children:

Pope: The question seems biased to me. Yes, it is one of the methods, the morality of the Church faces a bit of a predicament here. [No, it doesn’t!  The Doctrine of the Faith, properly understood and explained, never faces a “predicament” it cannot viably address.  How about, stop fornicating, stop raping virgins, stop engaging in anal sex with men?  No, that’s too “hard,” it’s an unsolvable “predicament!”] The fifth or the sixth commandment: defend life or a sexual relationship that is open to life. [So is he uncertain which one it is?  Nevertheless, there is much more to both Commandments that simply being open to life]  But this is not the problem. There is a greater problem than this: this question makes me think of the question they once asked Jesus: tell me Master, is it acceptable to heal on a Saturday? Healing is obligatory!  Malnutrition, exploitation, slave labour, the lack of drinking water, these are the problems. [Modernists always are trying to achieve an earthly paradise. They insist that all temporal suffering be wiped out.  I’m not saying these things should not be overcome, but the mentality is most distressing, because Pope Francis and those like him appear to throw out the Church’s constant understanding that joyfully accepted suffering of our lot in life is THE prime means of living in accord with Grace and achieving salvation. “Take up your cross and follow me.”] We’re not talking about which plaster we should use for which wound. The great injustice is social injustice, the great injustice is malnutrition. I don’t like making such casuistic reflections [“casuistic” is Jesuit-speak for doctrinal distinctions/clarity – saying “No you cannot do that” when it comes to the groinal issues] when there are people dying because of a lack of water and hunger. Think about arms trafficking. When these problems cease to exist, then I think we can ask ourselves the question: is it acceptable to heal on a Saturday? Why are arms still being manufactured? Wars are the leading cause of death. Forget about whether it is acceptable or not to heal on a Saturday. Make justice and when everyone is healed, when there is no injustice in this world, then we can talk about Saturday.

Wow.  Just wow.  Does he really believe this?  I mean, could he really be that unimaginative and that much of a lockstep ideologue?

Even at the height of WWII, there were more people dying from natural causes around the world than were dying from warfare.

And throughout it all, not a single mention of abortion

Peace out man, groovy, like, you know, war is bad n’ stuff.  Flower power, make love not war, smoke a J, give peace a chance.

But if you thought that’s bad, Pope Francis also pronounces that faithful Catholics are idolaters:

[Pope:] In the Catholic Church we have some – many – who believe they possess the absolute truth and they go on sullying others through slander and defamation and this is wrong. I say this because it is my Church. [His Church?  Or Jesus Christ’s?]Religious fundamentalism must be combatted. It is not religious, God is lacking, it is idolatrous. What religious leaders need to do is convince people who have these tendencies. [You’re failing, massively] Fundamentalism that ends in tragedy or commits crimes is a bad thing but it exists in all religions. [But only ONE religion for the past 100 years has made its very mission to be the murder of thousands of innocent non-combatant individuals in the name of God through hundreds if not thousands of separate attacks and ongoing wars of conquest and oppression. But that religion does not get names, no, it’s those damned fundie Catholics who have to be combated]

The similarity in diatribes from Pope Francis and President Obama are amazing.  Both turn a deliberately blind eye towards the grave threat (and constant atrocities) of militant islam, while both castigate Christians for their perceived failings (mostly of the distant past). Both also seem to view their internal ideological opponents as their true objects of ire, while barely being able to even feign much concern over islam.

And yes, Pope Francis, I do believe the Catholic Church has absolute Truth, that’s why I became Catholic. It is very much apparent you are equally convinced that the Church does NOT possess that Truth.  What you are doing leading the Church, the very Body of Christ on earth, I really cannot possibly imagine, other than that God is very, very displeased with us.  And I feel Pope Francis has, since the beginning of his pontificate, made very clear who he views as those “fundamentalist Catholics” – that is, his prime ideological opponents – those who hold the Truth revealed by Jesus Christ through His Church to be inviolable, and in particular those attached to the pre-conciliar practice of the Faith.

In other words, you and me.

In one sense, I am very glad for Francis’ pontificate. He manages to put the struggle for the Church in starkest, grimmest terms possible.  We see with him exactly what the Church is faced with in combating this great modernist revolution. At least, it is apparent to those with eyes to see………

Protestant lack of proper Liturgy has de-sacralized the entire culture November 17, 2015

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Some edifying thoughts from Dom Prosper Gueranger below (from Vol. 1 of the Liturgical Year).  I’m also reading Phoenix From the Ashes as many readers will also know, but also A Sense of the Sacred on the medieval liturgy.  Both completely detonate all the modernist myths, drawn from faulty, faked, or tendentious “scholarship,” regarding the supposedly “impure” Liturgy of Trent and the modern “reform” movement that gave us the Novus Ordo.  The only way the modernist revolution was able to happen was widespread ignorance within the Church of long-past liturgical forms and doctrinal evolution.  They basically made it up as they went along, often creating extremely “weak” evidence to support their claims. I especially enjoyed the destruction of the ridiculous notion of the priest “presiding” at Mass, like a “first among equals” from an 18th century Congregationalist revival meeting.

Anyway, Dom Gueranger, writing ~150 years ago, notes how protestant impoverishment of the notion of liturgy has played a substantial role in the de-sacralization of the former Christendom:

But in nothing is the excellency of the Liturgy so apparent, as in its being mild for children, and solid food for the strong; thus resembling the miraculous bread of the desert, and taking every kind of taste according to the different disposition of those who eat.  It is, indeed, a divine property, which has not unfrequently been noticed even by those who are not of the true fold, and has forced them to acknowledge that the Catholic Church alone knows the secret of prayer.  

Nay, might it not be said that the reason that the protestants have no ascetic writers, is that they have no real liturgical prayer? [Name one.  Bonhoeffer?  Was he really ascetical, or polemical?  There is no equivalent of Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Alphonsus Liguori, or many others among the sects.] It is true that a sufficient explanation of the absolute want of transcendent spirituality, which characterizes all that the reformation has produced, is to be found in its denying the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, which is the center of all religion: but this is virtually the same as saying that protestants have no liturgical prayer, inasmuch as the Liturgy is so essentially and intimately connected with the Eucharist.  So true is this, that wheresoever the dogma of the Real Presence has ceased to be believed, there also have the canonical Hours ceased, and could not but cease.

———End Quote———

Wow.  Now think on that a bit.  Wheresoever the dogma of the Real Presence has ceased to be believed, there also have the canonical hours ceased.  Is this not the situation in the Church today, where most frequently by the deliberate mal-intent of the teachers, belief in the Real Presence has almost totally collapsed, and along with it, the prayer of the Divine Breviary.  You might say, aren’t the Liturgy of the Hours the same?  The answer I would give is no, absolutely no, as the Divine Breviary developed over centuries with the input of thousands of Saints known and unknown, while the Liturgy of the Hours was constructed in barely 30 months as a banal, manufactured product of committee, with heavy influence from modernist heretics.  So, in a very real sense, Gueranger is exactly right, and he is right as regards the Church.  Praying the Breviary has collapsed almost entirely along with disbelief in the Real Presence.

Which…..duh.  The “reformers” themselves, from Bugnini on down, made plain their intent to make the new Liturgy – which encompasses much more than the Mass – as inoffensive to protestants as possible. Those were the days of great ecumenical dreams of the immediate implementation of the indifferentist one world church.  Bugnini and company did all they could to bring that about, and went far more than halfway in brutalizing the Liturgy and destroying the faith of millions in the process of protestantizing the Mass and all the other sacramental rites.

Maybe the lede was a bit off target. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that official Catholic conniving in protestant rejection of the Liturgy has played the decisive role in the final desacralization of the culture?

Keeping focus on the crisis in the Faith is critical and charity for souls demands it November 16, 2015

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I’ve had some discussions with several traditional/”orthodox” Catholics, maybe even including some priests, of late who have remarked to me that there is little point in constantly “carping” on or “whining” about the crisis in the Church.  With regard to my blog, that would include posts examining the history of the crisis, or specific manifestations of it today, or reviewing/excerpting books that discuss it in earnest, etc.  I have to say, I very, very much disagree with this viewpoint. I understand it, on a couple of levels, but I think it really misguided.

I would say to priests and others who have some reluctance to “dwell” on the crisis in the Church, yes, you may have been raised in a traddie home, read all the books, and maybe even gone on to become a traditional priest.  All this may be very old hat to you.  You may be sick of talking about it, or, more likely, having to fend off very uncomfortable questions that arise surrounding the crisis, and its particular apotheosis under the pontificate of Pope Francis.  And, yes, sometimes (very rarely in my experience) some folks get so twisted off regarding the crisis in the Church that they wind up falling away entirely.  While the latter is something to keep in mind, it should not be so omnipresent as to make discussing the crisis either a chore, or something one refuses (or are extremely reluctant) to do.

Why?  Because while someone who has been blessed to be in traditional communities for decades may be dreadfully familiar with the crisis and all its particulars, millions of others are not.  Every year, every week, hundreds if not thousands of Catholics in this country alone, many of them converts, wake up to the reality that the Church as they experience it every week in your typical Novus Ordo parish is not at all what the Church is supposed to be.  These people don’t know the SSPX, Michael Davies, Romano Amerio, Dr. Roberto de Mattei, or the FSSP.  If they’re anything like I was ~8 years ago, they’ve never even heard of any of them. They don’t know if the TLM is valid or not, and have no idea what is meant by “traditional practice of the Faith”.  They see the Pope and many others saying and doing incredible things, destructive things, and they aren’t sure if its right or not.  Even more, they are extremely uncertain if it is possible to be a faithful Catholic and to examine the Church of today critically in the light of Tradition.  Many have been told that to do so is to make oneself a possible heretic or schismatic, or at least a “bad Catholic”.

In a very real sense, those souls are abandoned in the Church today.  It is a matter of either blind luck or special divine intervention if they don’t fall away before finding a traditional/orthodox parish that provides the answers – and far more importantly, the spiritual food – they so desperately crave. In fact, in my mind, there is a far, far greater likelihood of those kinds of souls falling away entirely, into sects that seem to make more sense and offer far greater spiritual sustenance than the pablum fed souls in most parishes today, than there is of souls scandalizing themselves out of the Church by getting overwrought in their too-great knowledge of the crisis.

When I say that, I am thinking much of my own experience, and that of other souls who have been blessed to follow a certain path.  We managed to stumble into a TLM parish, almost entirely by word of mouth (because almost all dioceses that have TLMs try very hard to pretend they don’t), and through Grace and the presence of good priests and other good orthodox souls managed to start to learn about the Church prior to the Council.  But we are a tiny minority.  The vast majority of souls in the Church who feel spiritually starved or distraught over the abuses and heresy they face on a constant basis never make that connection. Instead, they leave.  I can name dozens off the top of my head who have followed that route.  They outnumber those who found a good home (almost always traditional, but sometimes not) probably 5:1 or more.  More distressingly, they outnumber those trads who “scandalize themselves out of the Faith 20:1 or more.

I pray I never forget where I was several years ago, when I was starting to learn about the Faith in earnest and gaining the rapidly dawning realization that what I found in your typical suburban parish in Plano or Richardson was a very far cry from the Faith as it has existed throughout almost her entire history, until recently.  And that’s why I won’t stop talking about the crisis, I won’t stop pointing up particular examples of it, and I won’t stop repeating the responses from the Church’s bi-millenial Tradition that effectively answer the claims of modernists and provide guidance to souls who are desperately craving such.  I will continue to do so even if it means this blog’s readership falls off, as some get tired of reading the same old thing over and over again.

On that note, I’ve always maintained that this blog is meant to confirm the faithful, less than convert those outside the Church, and it is, but it is especially meant to help those who have been in the Novus Ordo, post-conciliar wilderness their entire lives find the path to traditional sanity and, I pray, sanctity.  My most cherished “achievements” as a blogger will always be the handful who have told me they converted to the Church through my writings.  I have no idea to what degree that is true, but I am profoundly thankful and humbled to have played what I’m sure was a small role in that process.  More to the point, however, while always striving to be aware of the poorness of my efforts, I am almost as proud to have been inspiration for the few dozen souls who have told me they started assisting at the TLM and adopting a much more traditional practice of the Faith after reading my blog.

Please forgive my braggadocio.  I highlighted these “achievements” (which were absolutely God’s, not mine), not to toot my own horn but to stress the very practical reasons for this blog’s focus.  The crisis in the Church is THE topic that dominates all others, aside from the always paramount necessity to practice virtue, receive the Sacraments, and correspond to the best of our ability with God’s Grace.  I try to post about daily some material that is uplifting and hopefully helpful to souls in that correspondence with Grace, but on a practical level the crisis is the unavoidable topic, it looms over everything like a deadly shadow.  To ignore it, to pretend it doesn’t exist, to try to wish it away, would be to me to be irrelevant.  Even more, it would mean to me to fail in my duty of charity to souls, to not give them the fullest picture of the Church in these days as I understand it, the unbelievable crisis afflicting the Church, and the only possible response: return to Tradition, centered, wherever possible, on grounding one’s life in the Traditional Mass and all the Sacraments.

I am saddened that in this time, when the crisis has grown particularly acute and may even exceed the dread days of the late 60s/early 70s in terms of destructiveness, it seems not everyone is willing to forthrightly answer the errors emanating from the highest levels of the Church and to elucidate souls in a proper response to them (that is to say, to tell souls that rejecting these errors is not merely permissible, it is a moral imperative).  I pray all our good leaders may realize it is not whining or complaining to point out, even with grave frequency, the elephant in the Catholic living room, the revolution against the Church from within.  To me, it is the paramount duty to charity and truth to address this unprecedented crisis.  Pray forgive me if my doing so becomes tiresome, but whether it is or not, I feel a definite compulsion to continue.  I firmly believe at this time Our Blessed Lord absolutely desires His Church, His Body on earth, to be purified and restored to her former glory.

May we be blessed with far more leaders who feel quite similarly called.


Dominican theologian: Aquinas places sodomite “love” above marital love! November 13, 2015

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They’re really coming out of the woodwork now. Just as Obama’s administration has resulted in every manner of wild progressive coming out of the woodwork, and the doubling and tripling down of their radical demands, Pope Francis’ pontificate has surely energized the radical heretics who claim membership in the Church, and encouraged them to reveal their utterly fantastic (and false) beliefs.  BTW, this author sets my gaydar off more than a fleet of Tu-160s coming over the North Pole sets off the North Warning System:

A Dominican friar, Fr. Adriano Oliva, has celebrated the 800th anniversary of his religious order with a book about “the Church, the divorced and remarried, and homosexual couples.”

Amours (“Loves”) is a study of St Thomas Aquinas’ definition of love and aims to show that the “Angelic Doctor” recognized the “natural” character of homosexuality. In the wake of the Synod on the family, Oliva pleads for new ways of welcoming divorced and remarried and homosexual couples into the Church and of recognizing their unions in civil law…..

…….“The highest of friendships: this is how St Thomas Aquinas calls the unique, faithful and gratuitous love between two spouses who give themselves to each other in consecrated union, as a sacramental sign of the love of Christ for the Church, His spouse. Should couples who are divorced and remarried, who live out their union in a responsible manner, be banned from this friendship? Could it be that homosexual persons, who live as a couple with responsibility, be banned?” reads the text accompanying the book on the Cerf’s web-shop. [There are so many false assumptions and leaps of illogic in these few sentences it would take pages to fully unpack them.  The entire argument is built upon an edifice of falsehood]

It goes on: “Does a theological assessment of the ‘naturality’ of the homosexual inclination, which St Thomas recognizes, not open the doors to new ways of welcoming same-sex couples within the Church? The anthropology of ‘naturality’ then demands that civil rights be accorded to such couples in national legislations.”…….[Too bad Aquinas several times in the Summa refers to this vice as “unnatural” and akin to bestiality]

…….From this Oliva deduces the thesis according to which “St Thomas places the principle of pleasure in sexual unions between persons of the masculine sex as coming from the soul and not from the body, where he had placed venereal pleasure, on the other hand.” He then proceeds to declare: “St Thomas considers homosexuality as an inclination that is rooted in its most intimate part, the soul, from where affections and love are expressed.” [And thus superior to male-female relations within the confines of marriage, which can be argued to come from lower faculties than the soul]

Contrary to what this self-serving pedant claims, here is what Aquinas really thought about sodomy and such unnatural lusts. BTW, his most thorough analysis of them compares them directly to bestiality, something so unnatural and beneath human dignity as to be unmentionable if fallen men were not capable of infinite evil:

Commenting upon Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (1:26-27), Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, explains why the sin of homosexuality is so grave:

“Given the sin of impiety through which they [the Romans] sinned against the divine nature [by idolatry], the punishment that led them to sin against their own nature followed…. I say, therefore, that since they changed into lies [by idolatry] the truth about God, He brought them to ignominious passions, that is, to sins against nature; not that God led them to evil, but only that he abandoned them to evil….

“If all the sins of the flesh are worthy of condemnation because by them man allows himself to be dominated by that which he has of the animal nature, much more deserving of condemnation are the sins against nature by which man degrades his own animal nature….

“Man can sin against nature in two ways. First, when he sins against his specific rational nature, acting contrary to reason. In this sense, we can say that every sin is a sin against man’s nature, because it is against man’s right reason….

“Secondly, man sins against nature when he goes against his generic nature, that is to say, his animal nature. Now, it is evident that, in accord with natural order, the union of the sexes among animals is ordered towards conception. From this it follows that every sexual intercourse that cannot lead to conception is opposed to man’s animal nature.9

We see in this case exactly how modernists work.  Exceedingly shoddy, self-serving “scholarship” completely twists, or takes radically out of context, stern condemnations of grave sins and by feats of intellectual sleight of hand turns them around to say the opposite of their true meaning. Even more, numerous modernists – like Cardinal Kasper – have been caught making up quotes from Saints out of whole cloth, or radically altering their statements to say something the exact opposite of what they really said: just like in the Synod’s final report, the notorious paragraphs 84-86 misquoted Familiaris Consortio by leaving out <cough> Saint John Paul  II’s statement that granting Communion to the divorced and remarried was impossible.

As for the sad character who wrote this:


Funny how he only wears his habit when he wants to appear Catholic.  Most interviews show him in suit and tie.

Which is all of a piece.  A modernist simulates Catholicism when he wants to influence the Church, but when he presents himself to the world, he shucks the trappings of Catholicism.