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US birth rate reaches record low June 3, 2016

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We’re heading for European levels.   Socialism, is there anything it can’t do?!?


Maybe the 14 and  under and over 45 demographics will save us.

68 live births per 1000 women is, at present, about replacement rate (it varies, of course, according to death rate).  You can see how, since mass contraception and then abortion were legalized, the birth rate has plummeted to below replacement rate, and almost instantaneously, in demographic terms.  To have a birth rate collapse by nearly 50% in just over a decade is probably unprecedented in human history outside dire calamities like wars, plagues, and civilizational collapse.

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Oh, well……. that’s a calamity if I’ve ever seen one.  Damnable poison.

You can see the US has not been at replacement level but a couple of brief times since the mid-70s.  Immigration has been required to keep the population growing. The native born fertility rate is even lower.  Liberal white and Asian women have some of the lowest birth rates of any cohort, with Jews being the very lowest (0.6 babies per, but the growth of the orthodox/hasidic is starting to raise this up a bit).

The future belongs to those who show up.  Since the libs are deciding in increasing numbers not to, they require immigration and indoctrination to continue their political dominance, which, I think, may be much more fragile than it appears.  A sudden change could sweep the landscape and make much of this a bad memory.

BUT……I don’t see much evidence of that just yet.

Dear Lord – More Britons Claim No Religion Than Christianity June 2, 2016

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That’s what several decades of socialist-leaning governance (and especially cultural propaganda) will net you: a thoroughly demoralized, immoralized, de-Christianized population.  But it seems there has been a sea-change of late.  As Rod Dreher notes, the pace of de-Christianization (or embrace of atheism) has suddenly tremendously accelerated. Could it be related to the general advance of cultural marxism, which has made tremendous strides in the West in the past several years?  Do bears live in the woods?

A landmark in national life has just been passed. For the first time in recorded history, those declaring themselves to have no religion have exceeded the number of Christians in Britain. Some 44 per cent of us regard ourselves as Christian, 8 per cent follow another religion and 48 per cent follow none. The decline of Christianity is perhaps the biggest single change in Britain over the past century. For some time, it has been a stretch to describe Britain as a Christian country. We can more accurately be described now as a secular nation with fading Christian institutions. [I regard it as a formerly Christian country rapidly converting to islam]

There is nothing new in the decline of the church, but until recently it had been a slow decline. For many decades it was possible to argue that while Christians were eschewing organised religion, they at least still regarded themselves as having some sort of spirit-ual life which related to the teachings of Jesus. Children were asked for their Christian name; conversations ended with ‘God bless’. Such phrases are now slipping out of our vocabulary — to wear a cross as jewellery is seen as making a semi-political statement. Christians are finding out what it’s like to live as a minority.

Just 15 years ago, almost three quarters of Britons still regarded themselves as Christians. If this silent majority of private, non-churchgoing believers really did exist, it has undergone a precipitous decline. Five years ago, the number of people professing no religion was only 25 per cent.

But we were promised Vatican II and all the liberalization would fix all that!  You mean, they were wrong, or lied?!

And hey, guess what?  It ain’t just Britain that’s experiencing this trend.  America is no longer so exceptional.  We’re on the exact same path, just a few decades behind Europe/Canada, as we have been with regard to the adoption of the sexular progressive mindset, generally:

religiosity has been declining in the United States for decades, albeit slowly and from high levels. Second, religious commitment is weakening from one generation to the next in the countries with which the United States has most in common, and generational differences are the main driver of the aggregate decline. Third, the same pattern of cohort replacement is behind American religious decline. This decline seems to have begun with cohorts born early in the 20th century. At least since then, strong religious affiliation, church attendance, and firm belief in God have all fallen from one birth cohort to the next. None of these declines is happening fast, and levels of religious involvement in the United States remain high by world standards. But the signs of both aggregate decline and generational differences are now unmistakable.

In other words, Britain is way ahead of us, but we are on the same downward course.

A culture shedding its Christianity, every day looking more and more like a pagan culture getting ready to persecute Christians.  A Church in total doctrinal, moral, and ecclesiastic meltdown.  A hostile islam rising all around us.  Modern technology and an already over-weening nanny state ready to invade even the most personal spheres at the drop of a hat.

Either we’re screwed, it’s the end times, or God is setting the stage for the greatest comeback/turnaround of all time!  The blood of martyrs makes the tree of the Church grow, right?  Stay faithful.  No matter what happens in the world, no matter how bad things get in the Church, keep the Faith, and all shall work out for us in the end.  We know the end of this story, if we keep close to Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross.

But be ready for the Cross.

Gueranger: Early Christians Overcame Enormous Obstacles in Spreading the Faith            May 18, 2016

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That may not seem a particularly insightful thing to say, but thinking a little harder on it, you have likely read, as I have, many people claim that Christ came at a uniquely fortuitous time, and that much of the success of the Christian religion was due to external factors.  And while there were factors working in favor of early Christianity – a fairly stable and uniform culture through which to spread, a certain readiness for the Christian message through the spread of reasoned discourse, among others – Gueranger shows that, overall, the environment into which Christianity was born was overtly hostile.

Thus, it is all the more miraculous that this new religion demanding such great personal sacrifice would not only survive, but thrive (from pp. 337-8 of The Liturgical Year Vol. 9):

[Describing the world at the time of the birth of Christ, which will also be the state of the world at His return……]During these sad long ages, another master has presented Himself to the nations, and they have enthusiastically hailed him as their king.  It is satan.  So firmly, indeed, has he established his rule, that our Lord calls him the prince of this world.  He must be cast out; that is, he  must be driven from the temples men have built to him, from society, from the soul, from literature, from art, from political life, all of which are under his sway. [Pretty frightening to see how much our own time corresponds, eh?]  There will be resistance from the world he has corrupted; nay, he himself the strong armed one will resist, and so powerfully that on mere created power shall ever make him  yield.

So, then, everything is against the Kingdom of Christ, and nothing is favorable.  And yet, if we are to believe certain modern writers, the world was in a fit state for a total and complete reformation!  Impious and absurd assertion!  Are we to deny the evidence of facts?! Or must we admit that error and vice are the best preparation for truth and virtue?  Man may know that he is in a state of wretchedness, and yet not know that his wretchedness comes from sin, still less be resolved to become, at cone, and at every sacrifice, a hero in virtue.

No: in order that Jesus might reign over a world such as ours was [and is] , there was need of a miracle; nay, of a miracle, as Bossuet observes, comparable to that of creation, whereby God draws being out of nothingness.  Now, it was the Holy Ghost who worked this miracle.  He willed that we, who have never seen the Lord Jesus, should be as certain of His being our Messias and God, as though we had witnessed his wonderful works, and heard His divine teachings.  For this end, He achieved the master-miracle of the conversion of the world, that He might confound the strong; and the things that are not, that He might bring to nought the things that are.  By this stupendous fact, which was evident to men as the noon day sun, the Holy Ghost made His presence known and felt by the world. 

———-End Quote———-

 Certainly an appropriate topic for this Octave of Pentecost.

And so here we are, 2000 years after Christ walked this earth and this new religion was born under inspiration of the Holy Ghost, and the whole thing seems to be slipping away.  We seem to be descending back into that darkness that covered the earth before God, through His mystifying, infinite love for us, became Incarnate.  More and more, I think this period of darkness part of God’s positive will, that we are nearing the Second Coming.  But I remain convinced that I shall die before that occurs.

If it seems that things are spiraling out of control, that the Church is gravely wounded and appears beyond human repair, keep in mind, it could all be part of a plan revealed a very long time ago.  That’s one reason, perhaps, why I am able to find good in the Church today, I don’t despair that things have somehow gone totally off-kilter and that God is no longer in charge.

Just a thought.  Hope you enjoyed the post.

Are you even slightly surprised? May 16, 2016

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Yeah, I thought not:


Shee-ee-esh.  Tip yer hand, much?

And I know that’s immodest dress, but the angle conceals most of the problem areas so I went with it.  Yikes.  Perversion powers progressivism, that much I know.  The object of Clinton’s lustful glance (which would be considered “rape” if done on a college campus by a male) has confirmed, she was staring exactly where she appears to be staring.

Sorry in advance to you west coasters who lose your lunchtime appetite over this.

Reminds me so much of this infamous bit of unhinged envy:


I prefer envy to perverse lust any day. I’m sure Carla Bruni, though no longer psuedo French first lady, still hopes Hilary doesn’t become president, for obvious reasons.  No woman will be safe, anywhere.

Christ or Chaos: Rejecting Christ does not result in cool rationalist enlightenment, it results in barbarism April 29, 2016

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Sorry I haven’t posted much of late.  It’s been an interesting week.  I’m doubly sorry for not posting much from The Liturgical Year, such a treasure of Catholic thought.  Rectifying both, here is a bit from Gueranger’s writing on Pope St. Gregory VII, the great Hildebrand who rescued the Church from the grip of barbarism and the tyranny of the secularizing state.  Gregory VII, more than anyone else, set the stage for the exaltation of Christendom which occurred in the 12th and 13th centuries.  Now, 800 years later, the West – the creation of Christendom –  has grown old and tired, and seeks to die.  What comes in its place will not be happy, it will be hell, which is exactly what you get when you reject Christianity en masse.  Even though written 150 years ago, the excerpt below paints a grim and prophetic vision of the future, one playing out before our eyes.

From pp. 386-7 of The Liturgical Year Vol. 8:

…….Governments have rebelled against the spiritual power; they have thrown off obedience to the Vicar of Christ; they have refused to acknowledge the control of any authority over earth.  The people, on their part, have revolted against their governments, that is, against a power which has ceased to have any visible and sacred connection with God; and this twofold revolt is now hurrying society on to destruction.

This world belongs to Christ, for He is the King of kings, the Lord of lords (I Tim vi:15), and to Him hath been given all power in heaven and in earth (St. Matt xxviii:18).  It matters not who they may be that rebel against Him – be they kings or be they people, they must inevitably be chastised, just as were the Jewish people who said in their pride: “We will not have this Man to reign over us!” (St. Luke xix:14).  Pray, O Gregory, for this world which thou didst rescue from barbarism, and which is now striving to relapse into degradation.  The men of this generation are ever talking of liberty; it is in the name of this pretended liberty that they have unchristianized society; and the only means now left for maintaining order is outward violence and force.  Thou didst triumph over brute force by making the laws of right acknowledged and loved; thou gavest the world what it had lost – the liberty of the sons of God, the liberty of doing one’s duty – and it lasted for ages.  O come, noble-hearted pontiff! and aid this time of ours!  Beseech our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive the wickedness of them that have driven Him form the world, and scoff at His threat of returning on the day of His triumph and His justice.

Yes, pray to Him to have mercy on the thousands among us who call themselves Christians, and perhaps are so, yet who are led astray by the absurd sophistry of the times, by blind prejudice, by a godless education, by high-sounding and vague words, and who call by the name of progress the system of keeping men as far as possible form the end for which God has created them.  

———–End Quote———–

I don’t think that last paragraph can be stressed too much.  We  live in times awash in absurd sophistry, guided by a false science that assumed – by deliberate, malicious intent, starting 300 years ago – that anything that could not be inspected, weighed, and measured, did not exist*.  Thus, the new scientists, who nowadays conduct themselves like the high priests of a diabolic religion, determined from the outset that God was dubious and distant, at best, and it was no time before they concluded He is non-existent. They discounted all miracles and the incredible testimony of millions of faithful souls going back centuries.  They cut the beating heart out of Europe, in favor of the new religion they envisioned themselves – or their heirs – leading.

This new religion of sciencism was married to a new political force – progressivism or leftism.  In fact, the two have always existed in symbiotic relationship.  As one “advances,” so does the other.  As science began its long descent from noble profession founded on reason, with theology as her queen, it constantly provided new bases upon which to attack the old, existing order of Christendom.  Rationalism, materialism, deism, enlightenment philosophism, evolutionism, modernism……the more radical the claims of science became, the more radical their political allies in the progressive wing became. Their attacks were always always always first and foremost directed against Christianity, that is, the Church.  Yes they have had many other targets but the prize has always been Rome.

As more and more of the old order was overthrown and replaced with a radical, new, and largely godless one (with various paeans given to “freedom of religion” or “freedom of worship” from time to time, to calm the fears of the masses),  it was declared more and more loudly that progress was finally being achieved, that man was finally and irrevocably on the ascent, that the religion that had kept him held down for so long was finally being crushed, or at least put in its place. But the claims of success are solipsisms, and the crushing of religion must become ever more severe in order for the next great “advance” to take place.  Thus, religion must be driven from the schools, to better indoctrinate the children in godlessness, then it must be driven from public square, then the marriage bed, and finally, driven out entirely.

That just about brings us up to the present day.  And now that religion – I should say, Christianity, because false religions are just peachy with the Left – has been all but driven from the public square, now that sciencism is everywhere ascendant, is the world the great paradise of peaceful, cool, kind, rational individuals we’ve always been promised, if God could only be killed?

Hardly.  The entire premise was false, as it was inspired by evil and founded in error.  Reject God, and you don’t get peaceful coexistence, you get a new barbarism.  Or you get overrun by islam.  Christ or Chaos – the world can have one, or the other.  The choice the world has made has been obvious.  Instead of Christ, we get this:

It’s staggering there was actually a time when this commercial would have been anything but wretch inducing.

But I guess I’ve said this about 400 times already.  Boring, much?




A perfect lamentation for our time from Dom Gueranger April 15, 2016

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A perfect lamentation for our time in the long history of the Church from The Liturgical Year of Dom Prosper Gueranger.  This comes from the reading from the Friday of the Third Week of Easter, which just happens to be today!  Go figure.  Pretty strong stuff below, but so very apropos for the mounting nightmare surrounding episcopal authority:

How much they are to be pitied, O Church, who do not know thee!…..how much they are to be pitied who once knew thee, and afterwards in their pride and ingratitude, denied thee! And yet no one ever fell into such misery, unless he first voluntarily shut his eyes against the light that was within him. [This is truly key, and must never be forgotten. There is always a positive act of the will in the descent into error]  How much they are to be pitied who know thee, and still live enjoying what thou givest thy children, and who yet take side with thine enemies in insulting and betraying thee!  They are men whose character is shallowness of mind; they speak their opinions as though they were oracles; they have contracted the flippant effrontery of our age; and to hear them speak of thee, one would suppose that they look on thee as a human institution, which they may approve or blame according to their own humor. [AHEM! I can’t possible imagine just who such a condemnation might apply to in the Church today!]

Instead of revering whatsoever thou hast taught regarding thyself and thy rights, instead of revering what thou hast ordained, regulated, and practiced; these “Catholics,” whose sympathies are all with thine enemies, would have thee conform thy teachings to the so-called progress of the times.  The whole world is given to thee as thine inheritance; and yet those insolent children would have thee be content with what they think proper to assign to thee.  Thou, the Mother of mankind, must be under their wise care!  It is from them that thou must henceforth learn how best to fulfill thy mission!  Godless men, adorers of what they called the rights of man, dared, a century back, to expel thee from political life, which up till then thou hadst kept in harmony with its Divine Master.  These men have left disciples who would have thee withdraw from everything that regards the outward world, and look on as a mere stranger.  Thou must no longer exercise the rights given thee by the Son of God over both soul and body; this royalty of thine is out of date, and thou must be satisfied to enjoy the liberty which, in virtue of the law of Progress, is granted alike to error and to truth.  The wise and powerful ones of this world have dethroned thy Spouse after two thousand year’s reign; and instead of resenting such a project with holy  indignation, as tending to the destruction of the last bulwark of Christendom, there are many among us who approve of it, and this on principles which are, it is true, in favor with rationalistic politicians and leaders, but which are formally condemned by thy teachings, thy acts, nay, by thy very existence.  How short-sighted are such Catholics as these, who hope to make thee acceptable to the world by giving thee the semblance of a human institution!  The world is too shrewd; it knows thee to be essentially supernatural, and this is what it can never tolerate.

———End Quote———

And so the effort to make the Church acceptable to the world by raping her of her sacred beliefs and cherished practices (a rape all the more horrific as it constitutes incest, a rape committed by son against mother) is doomed to failure, as the world, informed as it is to such a very great extent by satan, knows that the Church is the supernatural entity of God and so can only be destroyed, not transformed into some acceptable human institution. Not that there is ever a want of people to make the attempt.

We can see in the above, however, that the modernist-progressive effort to bring the Church low has been around for 150 years and more, and has always been working against a concerted plan. The bastions served incredibly well for a over a century against this particular threat, till they were pulled down by the defenders themselves, who had absorbed far too much of the lying propaganda they had heard blasted over the Church’s walls.  50 years ago, all those intricate defenses pious minds and the work of Grace could produce were destro50 years ago, all those intricate defenses pious minds and the work of Grace could produce were destroyed, and the Church was left nearly defenseless against her constant enemies of the world, the flesh, and the devil.  Even worse, whole generations of men were ordained priests thoroughly infected with diabolical error, and they have now risen to the highest levels of authority.  I don’t despair for the Church – She is the Body of Christ, completely indestructible and beyond taint in her mystical element – but  I do have enormous fears for the souls of millions who will fall into error and even damnation as the shadow of the diabolical spreads ever deeper into the Church.

That’s why I’ve been praying with such fervor these past 20 months or more, but I fear the Church has entered Her passion and what must come will come. That makes prayer and penance all the more necessary, that we may have the Grace to remain faithful in the terrible days already well underway.

God bless you. I pray for you all.

Our times look a lot like the end times according to Gueranger December 4, 2015

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I know I’ve posted some prophecy from Dom Prosper Gueranger regarding the state of the Church towards the end of the world, but danged if he doesn’t describe our times well. Of course, Dom Prosper saw shades of the Church’s final passion even in his own time, 150 years ago, but I imagine even one as prescient as he would have had a hard time predicting just how far the Church would fall.  However, as Gueranger notes, if we living in something like the beginning of the end times, it is not all suffering and darkness.  We can hope, if we be faithful, to witness and be part of that glorious final victory Christ shall win over the world, the flesh, and the devil:

Now, all this will again happen when the time draws near of the Second Coming of the Messias.  The earth will once more be filled with desolation, and mankind will be again a slave of its self-degradation.  The ways of men will again grow corrupt; and, this time, the malice of their evil will be the greater, because they will have received Him who is the Light of the world, the Word of Life. [And will have rejected Him] A profound sadness will sit heavy on all nations, and every effort for their well-being will seem paralyzed; they, and the earth they live on, will be conscious of decrepitude; and yet it will never once strike them that the world is drawing to an end.  There will be great scandals; there shall fall stars from heaven, that is, many of those who had been masters in Israel shall apostatize, and their light shall be changed into darkness.  There shall be days of temptation, and faith shall grow slack; so that when the Son of Man shall appear, faith shall scarce be found on the earth, and even within the Church. [Which our Lord and St. John made clear in the Gospels and the Apocalypse. The faith has grown dead in the hearts of so many who claim membership in the Church] Let it not be, O Lord, that we live to see those days of temptation; or, if it be Thy will that they overtake us, make our hearts firm in their allegiance to Thy Holy Church, which will be the only beacon left to Thy faithful children in that fierce storm.

Grant, O Lord, that we may be of the number of those chosen olives, of those elect bunches of grapes, which Thou wilt complete the rich harvest which Thou wilt garner for ever into Thy house.  Preserve intact within us the deposit of faith which Thou hast entrusted to us; let our eye be fixed on that Orient of which the Church speaks to us, and where Thou art suddenly to appear in Thy majesty.  When that day of Thine comes, and we behold Thy triumph, we will shout our glad delight, and then, like eagles which cluster round the body, we shall be taken up to meet Thee in the air, as Thy apostle speaks, and thus shall we fore ever be with Thee (I Thess iv:16). Then we shall hear the praises and glory of the Just one, form the ends of this earth, which it is Thy good will to preserve until the decrees of Thy mercy and justice shall have been fully executed.  O Jesus! we are the work of Thy hands; save us, and be merciful to us on that great day.

——–End Quote———

I always appreciate reading things like this, not because I am constantly on the lookout for signs of the Parousia, but because they remind me that whenever the Second Coming occurs, my particular judgment is almost certainly going to occur first. And even if it does not, for us, there is no practical difference. Whether we are judged individually at our death, or in the presence of billions at the general judgment, the onus on us is to be found in the State of Grace whenever that occurs!  If we see to that, then the particulars of when or how will not matter overmuch.

Still, let those who have eyes, see.

Armed group protesting outside DFW area mosques December 2, 2015

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Reader Camper sent me a link to the Breitbart article below that discusses a recently formed group that is staging armed open carry protests outside DFW area mosques.   Open carry by itself has long been extremely controversial, even among gun rights activists, but staging armed protests outside hostile religious institutions is really amping things up.  While I recognize the obvious provocative nature of these protests, and also prudential reasons to oppose them, given the way things seem to be coming apart in our nation, I am finding myself fairly sympathetic to this group and its aims.  What do you make of this?

The group that organized the armed protest at a mosque in Irving, Texas, in November looks to hold another protest. [Previous protest was on Nov. 21.  Wish I had known about it.  It would have been interesting to cover.]

This protest is scheduled for December 12 at a mosque in Richardson, Texas. [I know exactly where this is.  It’s very close to where I used to play hockey.  It’s a very large mosque.] The organization received criticism last week for reveling the names and addresses of Muslims and others who opposed the city of Irving’s support of a Texas legislature bill to ban Sharia law from Texas courts. [He also released the names of those who spoke in favor of the measure, and all names, for or against, were already on the City of Irving website, anyway.]

The Bureau of American-Islamic Relations (BAIR) announced the December 12 protest early Tuesday morning on its Facebook page. David Wright III founded the group and also posts about the Irving mosque on his Facebook page.

BAIR hosted a group of armed protesters who stood outside of the Irving mosque on November 21. Dozens of people openly carried rifles……. A few days after the meeting, Wright published the names and addresses of Muslims and supporters who spoke at a March 19 city council meeting in Irving.

In calling for the second protest in Richardson, BAIR posted, “We do not pick mosques at random.” The group claims the Richardson mosque has a “documented history” of taking in Syrian refugees and working with “terrorist front groups like CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations).” [Members of this mosque were convicted of having directed millions of dollars in local donations to Hamas.  Some of these same leaders of the now defunct Holy Land Foundation were also involved in CAIR.]

“They are Sunni Muslims that have taken over the entire neighborhood and even renamed streets after the Islamic culture,” Wright posted on the event page. “Do I need to say anymore?” [Not sure about the streets]

……..The Dallas region that includes Irving, Richardson, and Garland has become the epicenter of conflict between Muslims and other Americans. One incident has followed another in the region beginning with Breitbart Texas’ revelation of an “Islamic Tribunal” in Irving.

All true.  Irving is 15% muslim.  There are neighborhoods that are entirely, deliberately muslim. Some of these were sort of planned communities.

I think what is happening in the DFW area is this: you have a large muslim population in an area that still retains – more than most other parts of the country – a strong traditionally American and Christian identity.  You have people seeing their country irrevocably changed and becoming increasingly frustrated at that.  Folks are getting to the point of being willing to take stronger stands, even ones that may seem shocking to the soft coastal elites, like standing outside a mosque carrying loaded assault rifles.  I think it shows the increasing desperation many Americans feel as they see their country slipping away.

I am wondering if similar protests against other elements in our culture – left wing agitation, for instance – might not be an effective way of tamping down on the seeming runaway activism that is taking over more and more institutions and dominating the national discourse to a disturbing degree.  What if 50 armed men stood outside a hall where a raging feminist was to rant, or across the street from universities that have caved into extreme leftist agitation?

I know many people will never be comfortable with these kinds of displays.  They see a gun and immediately think there’s a madman on the loose, or they simply think there is too much risk involved in a group of armed men being involved in emotionally charged protest-type situations.  I can understand both points of view.  But I am afraid so long as our governing class continues to ignore the concerns of tens of millions of Americans regarding unconstrained immigration and other threats to this nation as it has always been constituted, I think the tendency toward extreme reaction is only going to grow.  You can’t marginalize natives of this country in favor of immigrants of highly dubious character forever without engendering some kind of very strong backlash, and I fear this may only be the beginning stages of it.

Dom Gueranger prophesied these our times 150 years ago October 7, 2015

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Anyone with a brain can see where things are headed today, but it took (in my estimation) some special perspicacity for Dom Gueranger to extrapolate out from the French Revolution and 70-80 years of liberal government to the kind of crisis that is afflicting the Church today.  Gueranger knew that satanic liberalism would play a major role in the persecutions of the earth’s final days, under the instigation of the devil. However, I was blown away at much of the below, which seems to forecast also a great falling away in the Church, and not only among the erstwhile faithful, but even among those charged with keeping and protecting the Truth handed onto them through the solemn offices they hold.  This is practically a prophecy for the Church since Vatican II, and especially since March 2013.  From The Liturgical Year vol. 11:

It is then at the end of the world, more than at all previous times, when satan is turned loose in all his fury, that the faithful will have to remember the injunction givendownload (19) to us by the apostle in today’s Epistle (Eph V).  They will have to comport themselves with that circumspection which he enjoins, taking every possible care to keep their understanding, no less than their heart, pure, in those evil days.  Supernatural light will, in those days, not only have to withstand the attacks of the children of darkness, who will put forward their false doctrines; it will, moreover, be minimized and falsified by the very children of the light yielding on the question of principles; it will be endangered by the hesitations, and the  human prudence, of those who are called far-seeing men.  Many will practically ignore the master-truth, that the Church never can be overwhelmed by any created power or human reason.  If they do remember that our Lord has promised to uphold His Church even to the end of the world (St. Matt xxviii:20), they will still believe that they do a great service to the good cause by making certain politically clever concessions, not weighted in the balance of the sanctuary.  Those future worldly-wise prelates will forget that our Lord needs no shrewd schemes to help Him to keep His promise; they will entirely overlook this most elementary consideration, that the cooperation which Jesus deigns to accept at the hands of His servants in the defense of the rights of His Church, never could consist in the disguising of those grand truths which constitute the power and beauty of the bride.  They will forget the apostle’s maxim, laid down in his Epistle to the Romans, that to conform oneself to this world, to attempt an impossible adaptation of the Gospel to a world that is unchristianized, is not the means for proving what is good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.  So that it will be a thing of real and rare merit, in many an occurrence of those unhappy times, merely to understand what is the will of God…..[Just a fierce rebuke of so many in the leadership today who seek to obliterate Sacred revealed Truth in practice, for the sake of some erroneous notion of mercy or, more truthfully, to garner the praise of the world.]

Gueranger“Make yourselves sure of the full reward,” says St. John (St. Jn viii:9), which is given only to the persevering thoroughness of doctrine and faith.  Besides, it will be then, as in all other times, that , according to the saying of the Holy Ghost, the simplicity of the just shall guide them, and far more safely than any human ingenuity could do; humility will give them wisdom; and, keeping themselves closely united to this noble companion, they will be made truly wise by her, and will know what is acceptable to God.  They will understand that, aspiring like the Church herself to union with the eternal Word, fidelity to the Spouse, for them as for the Church, is nothing else than fidelity to the truth; for the Word, who is the same object of love to both of them, is, in God, no other than the splendor of infinite truth.  Their one care, therefore, will ever be to approach nearer and nearer to their Beloved…….By so doing, they will be serving their fellow-creatures in the best possible way, for they will be putting in practice the counsel of Jesus, who bids them seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice, and confide in Him for all the rest.  Others may 25443389have recourse to human and accommodating combinations, fitted to please all parties; they may put forward dubious compromises, which (so their suggesters think) will keep back, for some length of time, the fierce tide of revolution; but those who have God’s Spirit in them will put a very different construction on the admonition given us by the Apostle, to redeem the time the Lord gives us for His good. [That is what I see missing in so many of our Church leaders today – faith, seeking God and His Justice, knowing that if they do so ALL these other things will be taken care of, by God.  Instead, our leaders try to outsmart God, they try to “fix” His Church and His Truth, the better to appeal to a world whose faith and reason have grown so cold.  It will fail, of course, and all they will accomplish is to speed the fall of millions of souls into hell like so many snowflakes. That is the great tragedy of this crisis of Faith]

……..When, therefore, the final tribulations shall commence; when exile shall scatter the faithful, and the sword shall slay them, and the world
download (18)shall approve all that, prostrate, as it will then be, before the beast and his image (Apoc xiii) – let us not forget that we have a leader chosen by God, and proclaimed by the Church; a leader
[he refers to St. Michael] who will marshal us during those final combats, in which the defeat of the Saints (Apoc xiii) will be more glorious than were the triumphs of the Church in the days when she ruled the world. [Think on that – our defeats in the coming time – heck, even today – may be more glorious than the triumphs of the past.]  For what God will then ask of His servants is not success of diplomatical arrangements, nor a victory won by arms, but fidelity to His Truth – that is, to His Word; a fidelity all the more generous and perfect as there will be an almost universal falling off around the little army fighting under the Arcangel’s banner.  Uttered by a single faithful heart, under such circumstances, and uttered with the bravery of faith and the ardor of love, the cry of St. Michael, which heretofore routed the infernal legions, will honor God more than the blasphemies uttered by the millions of degraded followers of the beast will insult Him. [Isn’t that incredible!  Beautiful!]

———End Quote———-

Even if we feel abandoned by men, even if we feel all alone, even if those entrusted with the sacred office of preserving and propagating the Truth Christ has revealed to all for the salvation of their very souls, always know that there is an immense, invincible army at our backs, aiding us in ways we cannot imagine.  With this great Host, we can never fail.  Everything may look incredibly dark and gloomy, but so long as ONE soul persists in the Faith the Church remains.  We may experience great sufferings, but so long as we remain faithful, we know that in the end the final victory shall be ours.  What a glorious, inspiring truth God has given us.

Perhaps consider this post to be a bit of plate for your spiritual armor on this Feast of Our Lady of Victory, or the Most Holy ?Rosary.  May she guide and protect us through all our trials.

Three Magisterial statements on Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus September 23, 2015

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Sort of a for the record kind of post.  Three statements from popes on Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.

There is but one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all is saved.”  – Pope Innocent III at the Fourth Lateran Council, 1215

“We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff” – Pope Boniface VIII, Bull Unam Sanctam, 1302.  Poor Boniface VIII. I think his deposing by Philip the unFair was a decisive turning point in the history of the Church, when the secular authority began to assert dominance over the ecclesiastical authority

The most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes, and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics, can have a share in life eternal; but that they will go into the eternal fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless before death they are joined with Her; and that so important is the unity of this ecclesiastical body that only those remaining within this unity can profit by the Sacraments of the Church unto salvation, and they alone can receive an eternal recompense for their fasts, their almsgivings, their other works of Christian piety and the duties of a Christian soldier.  No one, let his almsgiving be as great as it may, no one, not even if he pour out his blood for the Name of Christ, can be saved, unless he remain within the bosom and the unity of the Catholic Church.” – Pope Eugene IV, Bull Cantate Domino, 1441

I do have a question – what is the level of doctrinal authority given to these statements.  Obviously, Innocent III’s at Lateran is dogmatic, because it was given by a Pope in union with an ecumenical council.  It is also the least precise of the three.

I know papal bulls are considered Magisterial/doctrinal, but do the statements/declarations raised therein rise to the level of a Sacred Dogma.  I am no theologian, but my understanding of the degree of certainty that should be accorded to papal statements would indicate that yes, such clear statements that reiterate prior dogmatic statements and clarify/strengthen them are dogmatic.  But perhaps I am incorrect.

If they are dogmatic, meaning requiring of the assent of faith of all Catholics, how can Pope Eugene IV’s very specific statement be reconciled with widespread belief in the Church today (they certainly have historical antecedents, as well) that it is possible for those outside visible communion with the Church to be saved through ignorance or  other means?  Eugene IV’s statement seems to say that ignorance is no excuse and that  NONE of those who are pagans, Jews, or heretics/schismatics (including the protestant sects that did not exist at that time) can be saved.

Pope Eugene IV claims that even those who die for Christ but outside communion with the Church are damned.  Is this not problematic with respect to baptism by blood?

Cantate Domino also discusses the Church’s definitions of the triune God and specifies that those who reject the Doctrine of the Trinity are heretics and outside Communion.  If one is damned for not holding to the Church’s Doctrine of the Holy Trinity could those who are ignorant of it be saved?  It would seem that by definition they would not hold the view, being ignorant of it.

In addition, and I think this is most significant, Cantate Domino seems to state – it is not completely clear – that the definition of being “in communion,” or of being a Christian, is having received baptism.

I want to make clear that I don’t reject the idea that those outside the Church can be saved – I certainly hope they can, for the sake of my entire family – but my question is how the doctrines on baptism by desire/blood can be reconciled with Pope Eugene IV?  I have read several analyses of this matter from traditional sources, including the SSPX, and found they ignore Eugene IV’s statement entirely or make only an oblique reference to it.

I’ve read some rather exhaustive arguments in favor of baptism by desire/blood as possibilities – which is rather contrary to the dominant meme in the Church today, which is that pretty much everyone is saved automatically – and I found little to dispute in them. What I did not find was analysis that convincingly reconciled Eugene IV’s Bull and the doctrine on baptism of desire/blood.  I did read two analyses that tried such a reconciliation but to my estimation they failed very badly.

So……..while accepting the possibility of baptism by desire/blood (while personally feeling these means of salvation are probably quite rare), I would like to see something that really reconciles Cantate Domino with those doctrines substantially, with a minimum of arm waving.  Anyone have a recommendation?