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Dear Fr. Rosica, please tell us again how Allahu Akbar is not a cry of Jihad……UPDATED November 18, 2015

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…….when last night at a soccer match in Turkey Turkish fans made the cry during the moment of silence requested for the victims of Paris.  BTW, another terror attack was apparently foiled at the last minute this morning in St. Denis:

It is getting comical watching left wingers engage in more and more bizarre acts of denial, literally descending into near-dementia, to keep from having to recognize reality.

Islam is on the march.  They don’t care whether leftists can “deal” with that or not, they are coming for them – and for us – either way.

I think we can also dispense with the “radical fringe” error regarding islam, as well, unless someone wants to posit that this soccer match was somehow attended primarily by jihadists.  No. This is increasingly the mainstream of muslim thought.  The West is old, decadent, and weak.  Islam is young and vigorous.  Europe is practically handing their territory over to islam voluntarily.

The strong horse theory again.  Muslims either at your throat or feet.  Appear strong and morally certain, and you get the latter, appear weak and indecisive, and you get the latter.

What do you think this clown communicates to islam?


UPDATE: For those complaining over my lack of accuracy, a peak at my schedule for the day:


Gee, maybe you’re lucky to get anything. I never intentionally misrepresent events. If I get a wrong impression in a very quick scan of someone’s twitter account, consider it an occupational hazard of the kind of blogging I am frequently forced to do.  Or, I could just not put out anything.  Your choice.

Did lack of an armed citizenry play a substantial role in the success of the terror attacks in Paris? November 16, 2015

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FYI, I just happened to buy this gun this past weekend.  I didn’t do it in response to the Paris attacks – I’m rarely so, uh…..reactionary – but I had been wanting a Ruger 10/22 tactical for a while and wound up in a place where I found one for a really good price.


Came with the red dot sight. I like it.  It’s supposed to be used but it ain’t used much.  It looks new to me. I ran some cleaning pads through it and they came out almost spotless – save for some manufacturer’s lube.  I am pretty certain I got me an effectively new gun.

I don’t bring this up to boast, but to touch on a very real point. I was speaking with two different French emigre’s this weekend.  Both have really embraced the Texan lifestyle, if you will. One has been here about 25 years and the other about 15. They were both extremely upset about recent events in France but noted the difference between terrorist attacks in Paris – where the citizenry are almost totally disarmed by legal fiat and even the police do not always carry firearms – and in Texas, where many citizens are.  They both felt very strongly that in a crowded environment like a restaurant or concert a fair number of people would be carrying – if the venues allowed them to (that is to say, if there were not metal detectors outside the concert hall, as was apparently the case in the recent attacks) – and could have saved many lives by directing counter-fire at the terrorists.  They also pointed out the attempt to attack the Jihadi cartoon event in Garland earlier this year that Pamela Gellar hosted, and how those terrorists barely made it out of their car before they were cut down.

My point is not so much to compare and contrast these specific incidents, however.  The main point is to make clear the huge change in calculus that affects terrorist planning when considering attacks against almost entirely disarmed populations, and those where a large number may – and they never know quite who – be armed.  This is an enormous variable and massively complicates the ability of radical muslims to carry out terrorist attacks.  To a large extent they do not care, they seek to die in these attacks anyway under the delusion doing so will get them to muslim heaven, but they do desire their attacks to be successful. There have been several instances of jihadist attacks with firearms in this country and while they have managed to kill and injure a few (generally less than 10-12), the prevalence of firearms (civilian and LEO) has meant these attacks are responded to quite quickly, greatly limiting the amount of damage that could be done.  In France, it was necessary to organize and dispatch dedicated tactical response units before the muslim attacks could be thwarted.

I suspect much of this will be blindingly obvious to many readers but we also live in a time where the ignorance of many in our culture – especially the young – is absolutely astounding.  What is readily apparent to you or I would never even cross the mind of far too many of our contemporaries.  But cross their minds it had better, lest they be shot down like sheep for the slaughter as so many Parisians were last Friday night.

An even more frightening thought to consider is the number of souls utterly unprepared for death who met their maker Friday night.  My wife dryly remarked that the terrorists rarely attack churches in post-Catholic France because they stage their attacks where the people are at, and they aren’t in church.

But I’m sure a few interreligious conferences can solve all our problems with militant islam.

Dominican theologian: Aquinas places sodomite “love” above marital love! November 13, 2015

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They’re really coming out of the woodwork now. Just as Obama’s administration has resulted in every manner of wild progressive coming out of the woodwork, and the doubling and tripling down of their radical demands, Pope Francis’ pontificate has surely energized the radical heretics who claim membership in the Church, and encouraged them to reveal their utterly fantastic (and false) beliefs.  BTW, this author sets my gaydar off more than a fleet of Tu-160s coming over the North Pole sets off the North Warning System:

A Dominican friar, Fr. Adriano Oliva, has celebrated the 800th anniversary of his religious order with a book about “the Church, the divorced and remarried, and homosexual couples.”

Amours (“Loves”) is a study of St Thomas Aquinas’ definition of love and aims to show that the “Angelic Doctor” recognized the “natural” character of homosexuality. In the wake of the Synod on the family, Oliva pleads for new ways of welcoming divorced and remarried and homosexual couples into the Church and of recognizing their unions in civil law…..

…….“The highest of friendships: this is how St Thomas Aquinas calls the unique, faithful and gratuitous love between two spouses who give themselves to each other in consecrated union, as a sacramental sign of the love of Christ for the Church, His spouse. Should couples who are divorced and remarried, who live out their union in a responsible manner, be banned from this friendship? Could it be that homosexual persons, who live as a couple with responsibility, be banned?” reads the text accompanying the book on the Cerf’s web-shop. [There are so many false assumptions and leaps of illogic in these few sentences it would take pages to fully unpack them.  The entire argument is built upon an edifice of falsehood]

It goes on: “Does a theological assessment of the ‘naturality’ of the homosexual inclination, which St Thomas recognizes, not open the doors to new ways of welcoming same-sex couples within the Church? The anthropology of ‘naturality’ then demands that civil rights be accorded to such couples in national legislations.”…….[Too bad Aquinas several times in the Summa refers to this vice as “unnatural” and akin to bestiality]

…….From this Oliva deduces the thesis according to which “St Thomas places the principle of pleasure in sexual unions between persons of the masculine sex as coming from the soul and not from the body, where he had placed venereal pleasure, on the other hand.” He then proceeds to declare: “St Thomas considers homosexuality as an inclination that is rooted in its most intimate part, the soul, from where affections and love are expressed.” [And thus superior to male-female relations within the confines of marriage, which can be argued to come from lower faculties than the soul]

Contrary to what this self-serving pedant claims, here is what Aquinas really thought about sodomy and such unnatural lusts. BTW, his most thorough analysis of them compares them directly to bestiality, something so unnatural and beneath human dignity as to be unmentionable if fallen men were not capable of infinite evil:

Commenting upon Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (1:26-27), Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, explains why the sin of homosexuality is so grave:

“Given the sin of impiety through which they [the Romans] sinned against the divine nature [by idolatry], the punishment that led them to sin against their own nature followed…. I say, therefore, that since they changed into lies [by idolatry] the truth about God, He brought them to ignominious passions, that is, to sins against nature; not that God led them to evil, but only that he abandoned them to evil….

“If all the sins of the flesh are worthy of condemnation because by them man allows himself to be dominated by that which he has of the animal nature, much more deserving of condemnation are the sins against nature by which man degrades his own animal nature….

“Man can sin against nature in two ways. First, when he sins against his specific rational nature, acting contrary to reason. In this sense, we can say that every sin is a sin against man’s nature, because it is against man’s right reason….

“Secondly, man sins against nature when he goes against his generic nature, that is to say, his animal nature. Now, it is evident that, in accord with natural order, the union of the sexes among animals is ordered towards conception. From this it follows that every sexual intercourse that cannot lead to conception is opposed to man’s animal nature.9

We see in this case exactly how modernists work.  Exceedingly shoddy, self-serving “scholarship” completely twists, or takes radically out of context, stern condemnations of grave sins and by feats of intellectual sleight of hand turns them around to say the opposite of their true meaning. Even more, numerous modernists – like Cardinal Kasper – have been caught making up quotes from Saints out of whole cloth, or radically altering their statements to say something the exact opposite of what they really said: just like in the Synod’s final report, the notorious paragraphs 84-86 misquoted Familiaris Consortio by leaving out <cough> Saint John Paul  II’s statement that granting Communion to the divorced and remarried was impossible.

As for the sad character who wrote this:


Funny how he only wears his habit when he wants to appear Catholic.  Most interviews show him in suit and tie.

Which is all of a piece.  A modernist simulates Catholicism when he wants to influence the Church, but when he presents himself to the world, he shucks the trappings of Catholicism.

Horror: Dallas City Council, under thrall of sodomite activists, imposes transgender bathroom ordinance November 12, 2015

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The idea that Texas, being a very conservative state, is free from the kind of noxious, totalitarian impositions of radical social agendas from politicians beholden to immoral pressure groups is, unfortunately, not true.  As we saw in Houston, the Dallas City Council, under the leadership of corporate-interest-server mayor Mike Rawlings, has just voted to impose the same kind of “transgender” public restroom ordinance that Houston voters recently overturned by a huge margin.  This new amendment of the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance is another instance of blatant pandering to the tiniest of minorities, supposed transgenders making up perhaps a few percent (1-3) of the already tiny minority that enjoys the acts of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Given that Dallas has a population of 1.3 million, for the sake of a few hundred “transgenders” (go ahead, do the math), the remaining million-plus must now be imposed upon in the most invasive, heavy-handed way.

The Dallas city council unanimously voted Tuesday to extend its anti-discrimination ordinance to transgender people, forcing businesses to allow men to use women’s restrooms, and vice versa. This applies to all businesses, government buildings and even private schools.

The amendment comes just after Houston residents voted against the controversial Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, nicknamed the “bathroom ordinance” for a provision that would force businesses to open their women’s restrooms to men. The ordinance lost 61 to 39 percent.

The Dallas ordinance, which also protects transgendered people from being denied employment and housing based on gender identity, had been worked on for over a year by Adam Medrano, chair of Dallas’ LGBT Task Force, a lobby group for pro-gay laws.

The ordinance, which had been set in place in 2002 for gay and lesbian legal protection, was seen as insufficient in the eyes of LGBT leaders. According to LGBT Task Force member Patti Fink, who praised the amendment, “[T]he transgender community believes they’re not included because the definition of gender identity is stuffed into sexual orientation.” She wanted the amendment to be passed “so it’s clear to those who live in this city [that] they have protections.”

Now, Dallas City Council officials are claiming that the situation is different from that of Houston. They claim voters last November overwhelmingly (77%) passed the essential terms of this ordinance by adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the list of protected classes afforded special rights over and above those enjoyed by everyone else.  However, living in the area all my life and following political events at least somewhat closely, the matter of this vote is being misconstrued. I can say that had the voters realized the implications of what was being considered, and how the city council would then take this “permission” granted by the citizens and run with it, the outcome may have been quite different.

Now there is significant opposition rising and I hope it is sufficient to force a vote to overturn this matter.  We shall see if Dallas retains the same level of sanity and basic moral decency as Houston.  I am not overly confident.  Dallas as a city is enthralled with money as few others, and that has always been the basis of its long declining conservatism.  I say declining, because Dallas, from being a reliably conservative city 20-25 years ago, has transitioned into just another urban blue zone, since most of the sensible people with adequate means moved out years ago.  The monetary conservatism has long permitted and even advocated a certain strain of cultural liberalism, at least since the 70s – whatever was best for the corporate bottom line.  So even the remnants of conservatism that existed 25 years ago when Steve Bartlett was mayor were mostly chimera.

Finally, the Dallas News article mentions that even Plano – hyper conservative Plano – has a similar ordinance providing additional protections and benefits to aggrieved minorities.  However, this measure was forced through by the mayor in an extremely contentious vote opposed by a huge number of generally staid and uninvolved Plano voters, and that vote has insured this mayor will be in office for only one term.  He is exceedingly unpopular, and is currently facing a recall effort.  He is in fact trying to turn deep red Plano at least purple, if not blue by building high rise apartment complexes (up to 30-40 stories) adding up to 40,000 new rental units.  The kickbacks to the council members and planning and zoning commission must be stupendous.

Don’t think the Dallas and Plano cases are unrelated. If you want to support the Plano recall effort, go here.

And if you are waiting to see Bishop Farrell’s response to this most notable event in the city which is the cornerstone of his diocese, you’ll probably have a good long wait ahead of you.

Once again, we see civic government in this country undermine the future good for the sake of the political present.  Appeasing outrageously immoral minorities for present political benefit only further undermines the moral order, the effects of the destruction of which falls most disproportionately on children, children who will be irretrievably damaged by the continued expansion of immorality and will then grow up to be even more disordered, immoral, and perpetually aggrieved adults.  Yet another reason why democracies always wind up destroying themselves.

Speaking of Demonrat moral atrocities……the normalization of pedophilia continues apace November 6, 2015

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They want your kids. This is not a fringe movement, any longer. It has mainstream support.  Witness the admittedly click-bait whoring Salon.com, with several recent articles attempting to humanize and normalize pedophiles, while castigating those who rightly fear and loathe pedophiles as the real monsters (safe link):

“I’m a Pedophile, But Not a Monster” was the headline on a particularly egregious recent example of Salon-dot-com’s habit of making soi-disant“counterintuitive” arguments on behalf of sexual deviance. Over the years, they have done this with every imaginable perversion and fetish. Nothing is too weird or too kinky for Salon-dot-com, whose editors are enthusiastically in favor of every kind of sex except normal sex. Your regular variety of husband-and-wife, penis-and-vagina sexuality — no, Salon-dot-com never has anything to say in praise of the kind of normal sex that normal people have. Instead, they’re always looking for the Confession of Strange Sex story/……

The pro-pedophile stance of Salon-dot-com could be seen as just another example of their attempting to get cheap clicks, boosting their traffic by appealing to readers with perverse sexual appetites, i.e., Obama voters.

So when Salon-dot-com provided a platform to self-confessed pedophile Todd Nickerson, the Internet went wild with condemnation. The peasants in the online village wanted to take their digital pitchforks after Nickerson, to burn him at the Internet stake. Announcing himself to the world as a Creepy Dude Who Wants to Have Sex With Kids was not the kind of gesture for which pedophile Todd Nickerson could have expected to be praised, and yet the creepy dude nonetheless pretended to be shocked — shocked! — by the angry reaction:

I’m a pedophile, you’re the monsters: My
week inside the vile right-wing hate machine

My pedophilia essay outraged the right. My attempt to
humanize a real problem brought out their nastiest rage

You see? According to Salon-dot-com, you have nothing to fear from theCreepy Dude Who Wants to Have Sex With Kids. Instead, Salon-dot-com would have you believe, the real danger is “the vile right-wing hate machine.” It is the eagerness of Salon-dot-com’s editors to promote this bizarre worldview, in which Republicans are more dangerous than pedophiles, that makes “investors” willing to lose millions of dollars year after year to keep that crappy web site online.

Breitbart.com’s John Sexton had the distinction of being singled out by Todd Nickerson as an example of “vile right-wing hate,” and you see what that is about: Nothing says “right-wing hate” in the liberal mind more than the name “Breitbart” — you remember him, the guy who exposed a Democrat congressman as a pervert? Democrat politicians are perverts because Democrat voters are perverts who support Democrat policies that promote perversion, which are always praised by the Democrat perverts who write for sites like Salon-dot-com……..

These “progressive” perverts celebrate the murder of innocent babies in the womb, and want to “humanize” child molesters, and you are guilty of “vile hate” if you disapprove of their agenda. But wait, look, here is yet another writer at Salon-dot-com, lamenting that an “intellectually curious” pedophile was arrested for trying to meet with a 10-year-old girl:

I tell friends, colleagues, and strangers I meet . . . when they fail to understand why I am sympathetic towards pedophiles, “How would you feel if you couldn’t ever have sex with anyone? What if you also couldn’t look at the porn you liked because it was illegal, and couldn’t confide in anyone for support?” By this point, most people begin nodding their heads in agreement.

This is not just internet outrage generation or click-whoring for $$$. This is exactly how the sexular pagan left has pushed through legalization of abortion, contraception, divorce on demand, pseudo-sodo-marriage, and everything else over the past 50 years. It starts by humanizing the perverse by lying about the reality of their evil acts, portraying them in a sympathetic light through very rare examples of relatively “harmless cases,” or ones that seem “unfair,” and then absolutely demonizing all opposition as heartless and cruel.  Leftists have succeeded for decades at making normal, moral individuals into the “freaks” and those who commit the most hateful, soul-destroying sins the “victims.”  They are doing it here.  This is not accidental. If you check out the links above and other material at McCain’s site, you’ll see the left is positively starting to rally around pedophiles.

And McCain is probably right, that they are doing so because they have so addled their minds and souls through porn use, self abuse, and unfulfilling random acts with strangers, that they have fallen themselves into this horrific disordered lust themselves.  Private sin begets public heresy.  It’s all of a piece.

I don’t know how we’re going to manage to keep our kids safe 20 years from now.


The sickness never ends: Democrats push for “marriage” between father and adopted son November 6, 2015

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Something that normal folks, not given to sodomitical inclinations, do not know about these relationships is the disgusting “daddy-son” character that almost all of them involve.  This is a driving force behind the frequent wide age discrepancies between “partners” in relatively long term relationships (that only survive due to their open nation and constant involvement of others).  Very conservative writer and feminist gadfly Milo Yiannopoulos, who is also an active sodomite, has described the weird tensions and bizarre psychologies that play out in sodomitical relationships, as those involved sort out “who is daddy.”  He himself has related being repulsed by such psychodramas, which aversion he uses to justify his serial acting out with others in one night hour stands.

So it was that a few years ago a sodomite “adopted” his much younger lover, for the tax benefits that were in it (who on earth permitted this?!?).  Now that pseudo-sodo-marriage is recognized by the state, they are suing to have the adoption dissolved so they can pretend to marry.  And they have powerful demonrat backers – including supposed Catholic Senator Bob Casey – supporting them.  The demonrats will refuse no demand of their large and hugely influential sexular pagan constituency.

Welcome to the endlessly disgusting brave new world of the sexular pagans:

Three years ago, Nino Esposito adopted his adult gay lover, Roland Bosee, Jr., as his legal son in order to save money on future inheritance taxes. [How on earth do you adopt an adult, and one you’re sexually involved with?!?  How in the heck did that happen?  FYI, Pennsylvania is seriously messed up] Now that homosexual “marriage” is legal in Pennsylvania, they went to court to dissolve that legal adoption so as to “wed.”

Judge Lawrence J. O’Toole, of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, told the men that state law didn’t give him the power to dissolve a legal adoption, unless there was fraud involved.

Now Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is asking the Obama administration to strongarm the judge. [Which would not be the first time the Obama Administration has done so. They threatened the Fifth Circuit Court, set to rule on Obama’s violation of US immigration law in granting “executive amnesty” to hundreds of thousands of illegals, just this week.]

Sen. Casey wrote a letter asking U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama White House to “issue guidance for courts across the country” in the matter. Casey hopes to set a national precedent for homosexuals, “so that gay couples who have previously entered into adoptions can annul them in order to receive marriage licenses.” [Just how incredibly wrong is this?!?  How many of these people can there be! As you will see below, Casey is simply doing the bidding of his sodomite masters.  He needs their money to fund his future campaigns, and if the country has to be destroyed and countless souls lost in the process, well, that’s a small price to pay for electoral victory, right?!?]

Judge O’Toole noted in his ruling that the primary purpose of Esposito adopting Bosee was for money, to reduce the Pennsylvania inheritance tax payable upon the death of one of the men from 15% to 4%, “as the two men would now be in a parent-child relationship instead of a third party relationship.” [Sheesh.  Ever notice the marked greed of those given to this perverse inclination?]

Sen. Casey even told the president how to legalize the dissolving of gay adoptions. His letter said the administration’s “guidance” could be based on decisions other judges have made that allow the dissolution of adoptions, and Casey noted a Bucks County judge who annulled a homosexual couple’s adoption.

Gay activists showered praise on Casey. “I love Senator Casey for taking a position,” LGBTQ lawyer Helen Casale said.

“The ACLU is hopeful that the Superior Court will apply established legal principles to allow annulment of adoptions by same-sex couples who that [sic] they can finally partake of their constitutional right to marry,” Witold Walczak, the legal director ofACLU Pennsylvania, said. [It is incredible the lies the left pedals to get their way.  First, they aren’t hardly “couples,” in the sense the vast majority would recognize, they are free-wheeling fornicators who happen to co-habitate. The “established legal principles” are based totally on will to power and made up on the fly, they descend from nary a first principle, save “I want.”  And “constitutional right to marry”……can you see where that will lead?  Groups? Incest?  Children?  It’s coming, mark me, it’s all coming.]

Because adoption law is a state prerogative, the White House “may have to be creative and devise a [response] that’s respectful of a court’s prerogatives,” Casey said. [In other words, utterly lawless.]

We live in a sick time.  And it’s only getting worse.

Remember, Bob Casey can and does receive the Blessed Sacrament whenever he wants.  He constantly adds sacrilege to his mountain of other sins.  Poor wicked lost souls.  What a disaster.

UK academic extols the benefits of pedophilia November 2, 2015

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Only an academic could determine that pedophiles are just ideal for roles involving continuous close contact with children:

In my studies of the Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1980s, many members admitted sexual feelings for children which they had been able to contain or turn to social good. Some gravitated toward occupations such as schoolteacher or social worker, where they could enjoy the company of children without plotting abuse. This fitted with personality profiles indicating that they were gentle, rational and not disposed to harm anybody.

It is widely known that those with pedophile inclinations gravitate towards positions that put them in close proximity with children.  So the idea that this is somehow a form of “therapy” for them where they can enjoy their perversion without destroying the soul of perfectly innocent children is perfectly asinine.  It is only in a truly sick and deviant post-Christian society that attempts to normalize placing people with exceedingly perverse and difficult to control impulses into situations where they are very likely to be tempted into acting on those impulses could possibly be printed in an ostensibly mainstream publication.  Yes the Independent is very left wing, but it is still within the mainstream in Britain.

It’s like encouraging alcoholics to work in bars, or drug addicts to transport powerful mind altering drugs.  It’s insanity.

It’s also indicative of what I have long believed to be the ultimate goal of the satanic sexular pagan agenda – unfettered sexual access to children.  To remind, this was all part of the demonic religion of the Canaanites who so frequently lured the Israelites away from God and into their diabolical religions.  Sexual access to children – with the concomitant child sacrifice (already legalized as abortion) – was a key “selling point” for this perverse religion.  Warren Carroll, among other historians of note, have posited that this religion (the worship of “Baal/Moloch”) was the most satanically evil religion to ever afflict the face of the earth – which would of course make sense, with satan using his best efforts to lure the then chosen people away from God.

In a post-Christian society, all of satan’s old tricks, so long pushed deep underground and to the extreme fringes of society, are now clawing their way back into the mainstream.  Or trying to, anyway.  Pseudo-sodo-marriage, abortion, divorce on demand (most child sex abuse occurs in homes where there are non-blood related adult males), coming normalization of polygamy and incest are all simply paving the way for the ultimate objective – the legalization and normalization of child sex abuse.

The abomination of desolation, indeed.  It won’t be long after they force the mainstream “Christian” religions to perform pseudo-sodo-marriage that the main push for legalized child rape will begin.  They’re just testing the waters now, judging reactions.  Think on it this way:  sexular pagans already argue that children are somehow mature enough to decide for themselves, with no parental involvement, whether to have an abortion or not.  They are also turning “consent” into such a confused and loaded term that no one will know what it means in a few years (see the campus rape epidemic false panic).  Both of these can be used to argue in favor of children being able to grant “consent” to being raped by adults.

And then there’s the muslim factor, which I did not even mention.

We may be praying for the end times before long.  Keep your kids as far from the state run indoctrination centers/schools as you possibly can – they will be the prime hunting grounds.

China’s horrific one child policy may be ending, but it’s probably far too late October 30, 2015

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Two news pieces came out yesterday regarding the Chinese government’s apparent plan to end their draconian one child policy.  Directed largely at urban dwellers (rural folks could frequently get “dispensations” for two and sometimes three children), this policy saw much horrific behavior on the part of the Chinese government and immense suffering inflicted on people.  It also led to a severe imbalance in China’s population – since boys are so preferred in Chinese society, girls were routinely aborted or killed at birth so the family could have a male heir.  I’m a male chauvinist pig, but that’s a severely messed up mentality.

The core problem with this policy – aside from the brutality of it all, which has resulted in the deaths of likely hundreds of millions over the past 40 years – is that when you limit a population to one child per couple, you cause a demographic implosion.  No matter how far back you care to go, so long as couples are limited to one child, any number of grand parents, great-grand parents, great-great grand parents, etc., will have only ONE grand child, great-grand child, great great, etc., ad infinitum. It is a great way to completely wipe out a population over the course of 10 or 15 generations.

The other thing this kind of evil policy does is to instill in souls a truly corrosive set of beliefs.  Once you get people accustomed to having one or no children, even when you want them to start having more, they’ve already adopted the “no-reproduce” mentality and even huge incentives to reproduce wind up having no effect.  We see that in Europe, Russia, Japan, and other nations today.  So now that the Chinese government is set on “generously” allowing two kids per urban family, this article prognosticates that its probable very few will take up the offer:

China’s population of working-age adults started shrinking in 2012, and by 2050 the country will be home to fewer than 1.6 workers for every retiree, according to a 2013 report from the Paulson Institute. That’s comparable to aging, slow-growth countries like Japan and Singapore. In response, the regime is hoping to spark a baby boom.

Unfortunately, by this point, even a two-child policy may be too little, too late. [And it leaves this satanically repressive “family planning” apparatus in place] Most Chinese outside the big cities can already have two, and sometimes more, children. Meanwhile, a recent, limited opening in several cities failed to turn up many urban couples interested in having a second child.

The reasons aren’t unique to China: As societies become wealthier and concentrate in cities, couples choose to have fewer kids. A peer-reviewed study from 2012 found that between 2000 and 2005, urbanization accounted for a net decline in fertility in all but three of China’s provinces. The government could try enforcing maternity-leave policies better and providing more generous childcare subsidies. But such policies haven’t really succeeded in Singapore or Japan, and there’s little reason to think that they’d work any better in China.

The author then goes on to recommend that China try to “import” labor – basically, to steal the most vital resource of other countries, it’s people, just as we see many US business leaders doing with Hispanic labor today.  A relatively high wage country like China (wages have exploded there in the past several years) can certainly attract workers from lower wage countries like Burma, Cambodia, Laos, etc., but what impact does that labor drain tend to have on those abandoned countries?  Evidence from the Western hemisphere suggests it leaves those former countries mired in poverty, and severely inhibits their own ability to develop organic economic growth.  But such is the zero sum game of the corporate capitalist.

For some examples of the kinds of horrors the one child policy has engendered, here is another article sent along by reader MFG:

His wife was seven months pregnant with their second child when the group of people barged into his home and took her away. He followed them to the local hospital, where — against medical advice and despite his pleadings — they jammed a needle into her belly.

“They grabbed my wife’s body like they were grabbing a pig, four or five people holding her hands and legs and head, and injected a shot into her belly,” the man said, asking not to be named for fear of retribution. “Neither my wife nor I signed any consent form.”

Ten hours later, she gave birth to a boy, wriggling and faintly crying. But the doctors in southern Hunan province would not even let her hold the dying infant, the husband said, putting the baby in a plastic bag and instructing him to pay a cleaner a small sum to bury it on a nearby hill.

The incident happened not during the horrors of some Mao Zedong-inspired mania in the 1950s or 1960s, but in 2011, in the Internet age and when China was walking proudly on the global stage as a major power…….

……In 2012 alone, official statistics show 6.7 million women in China were forced to have abortions under the one-child policy. Rates in previous decades often topped 10 million a year. As a result, experts say, suicide rates among women in China are significantly higher than among men in contrast to global norms.

This is EXACTLY what results from the apotheosis of leftist sexular paganism, communism.  Leftism is a materialist, utilitarian ideology.  Taken to its logical conclusion – communism – creates governments that treat humans like cattle and has caused mass slaughter in every single country that has been forced to endure them.

And as we see around the world today, in spite of the mountains of evidence indicating the unavoidably evil nature of leftist systems of government, it seems more and more that the self-anointed elites of our society are determined to push a reluctant world in that direction, even creating a one world superstate where there will be no alternative to the nightmare of amoral materialist leftism.  Things like China’s one child policy aren’t accidental by-products of leftism/communism – it’s what they do.  They are the essence of leftism.  We see so many leftists in our own country calling for unlimited abortion on demand and without apology, they advocate for the slaughter of the elderly and sick because they are no longer productive, they even argue in favor of “post-birth abortion” – child murder – as an inalienable parental right.  Leftism is uniquely sick because it is a uniquely diabolical and deliberately anti-Christian mindset.  It’s evil consequences are an inseparable part of its evil beliefs.

But you knew that already.  Well, maybe someone will stumble on this blog who doesn’t.

Dear Lord Have Mercy: “Church of Lucifer” starting in Spring, TX October 27, 2015

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When the Church retreats, the vacuum created does not stay empty for long. Man was created by God to be an inherently religious creature.  If true religion disappears, false religions run in to take up the space vacated.  The worst of the false religions is out and out satanism, which has seen a major resurgence in the decadent, post-Christian West since the latter half of the 1960s.  Now the satanists are sufficiently emboldened, and feel their place in society sufficiently normalized, to open public “churches” instead of skulking about in the dark as they have done for centuries.

Dear Lord, have mercy on the poor souls who fall into this nightmare, so difficult to escape:

“We’re the first ever of our kind to be very open about this,” said Jacob No (not his real name), among the organizers of the international organization’s Houston branch.

While the Greater Church of Lucifer is certainly a first for Spring, a suburb north of Houston, No maintains that its open doors are a first in worldwide history.

“This is the first building in the history of the church that’s open to the public,” he said Wednesday in a phone interview.

Grand opening is scheduled for the evening of Oct. 30 at 310 Main in Old Town Spring. No declined to give the exact time, to discourage trouble.

“My main concern is picketers and people with guns,” he said. “We’re getting a lot of hate, but we just want to coexist.”

The group’s name may be misleading, since it does not refer to Satan.

“We are not devil worshipers in any form of the word,” he said. “We’re not a scary people. We’re very nice people.” [What a load of garbage.  In this interview (major link warning),  you said you ARE satanic.  More info that shows this is clearly satanic.  Could not the reporter have been bothered in the slightest to do a little research, rather than give this wide-eyed, fawning coverage?]

Lucifer, he said, is Latin for “morning star” or “bearer of light,” so the Greater Church of Lucifer roughly translates to a “gathering of people of like mind who seek the bearer of light or the light.” [Oh BS.  What a load of crap.  If this is such an innocuous thing, why is this the first such house of the diabolical ever open to the public?]

Several things from the extensive photo spread (which I won’t include in my post, for obvious reasons) that were not included in the main text of the article, which gives an obviously favorable slant to the coverage:  This church uses all the symbols of satanism, inverted pentagrams in circles, statues of Baal/Moloch, satanic black and blood red vestments, the building is lit at night in a blood red floodlight, and an altar for the conducting of black masses.  In addition, the founder of this satanic sect claims that he and his fellow believers preach the “importance of self-liberation from restrictive beliefs and the study of occult ‘wisdom’.”  But no, they’re not satanists!

You know I’m insanely proud to be a Texan, but I find it rather unsettling that both Texas and Oklahoma – two of the most conservative states in the country – have played major roles in this resurgence in satanism.  We had the horrific black mass last year in Oklahoma, and now this satanic temple is opening to the public, surely with a carefully sanitized production to avoid revealing what they really are.  Even though these two states are widely known for their conservatism, the vast majority of souls within them hold certain radical, post-enlightenment beliefs regarding individual liberty and disordered “freedoms.”  Politically conservative (for the US in 2015), from the moral standpoint, many, many citizens of these states are profoundly radical and immoral.  They are thoroughly disconnected from the heritage of Christendom.  Thus, it is not surprising to me that these states would see the most public emergence of even open satanism.  Incredible, but true.

It should be known that a protest is planned for this den of evil’s opening day: October 30.  Go figure, the day before All Hallow’s Eve.  This is surely an attempt at a commercial venture, thus the publicity.  The protest will run from 5:00-6:30.  If you want to join, the new satanic sect building is in Old Town Spring.  They are being very cagey about their address – I could not find it.  But Old Town Spring is not that large, and I’m sure if you want to join, you could contact the folks at the link above and they can give you pointers.

This item is starting to get a lot of play, I do hope a very good crowd turns out to witness against the steady rise of satanic evil in our culture.

A little more on the beliefs of this group, which shows the very tight relationship between new age and satanism:

“There is a problem in following through blind faith. This is about self-empowerment and seeing oneself in a positive way.”

“The goal is to usher in a new age for the progression of mankind without the slavery of dogmatic thought,” said No. “We are all gods and goddesses of our own life. We are the captains of our own ship and have the right to control our actions.”…..

……BlackMass Incubus, the other name registered by Thomas, is a Web-based retail outlet for church of Lucifer related books and products.

I’ll say this: our Church leaders bear a huge debt of responsibility for this resurgence of satanism.  They have left hundreds of millions of souls spiritually starved and desperate for anything they find meaningful, and a few lost souls even turn to this kind of evil in their casting about for spiritual sustenance.

Has Cardinal Di Nardo or any local priests spoken out against this?  Do they plan to organize protests, or is it up to lay people again to lead where clergy should be?

What a crying shame.

Good News? Texas officials raid Planned Barrenhood abortuaries October 22, 2015

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Each of the three Planned Butcherhood facilities raided today is an abortuary.  Texas law enforcement officials are apparently looking for evidence that Planned Barrenhood has diverted Medicaid funds to pay for abortions.  I can tell you, this happens ALL THE TIME.  I have personally had dozens of people seeking abortions tell me that the cost of the abortion was no problem, as Medicaid was paying for it.  Who knows how well Banned Parenthood has been able to bury this data, but Abby Johnson thinks they may face serious problems as a result of these raids:

Investigators from the state of Texas served subpoenas at three Planned Parenthood facilities to determine whether their employees are guilty of defrauding the state’s Medicaid program, according to media reports.

Officials from the Office of Inspector General walked into Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas this morning and demanded the offices turn over employee and patient records for inspection, Planned Parenthood officials said…..

But some familiar with the investigation told media outlets that the inspectors were investigating charges that the facilities illegally used Medicaid money to fund abortions……

……Inspectors reportedly asked for medical forms from recent patients to determine the reason for their visits, before comparing those records to Planned Parenthood’s invoices to Medicaid.

“The breadth and depth of what was requested this morning was unprecedented,” Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas’ vice president for community affairs, Sarah Wheat, told the Austin Statesman[In other words…….”WAAAHHH!!!!”]

The move comes just three days after HHSC officials announced plans for Texas to remove Planned Parenthood from its Medicaid program. A letter written Monday by Inspector General Stuart Bowen Jr. cited undercover video recordings by the Center for Medical Progress that show Planned Parenthood agreeing to alter its abortion technique to maximize the number of body parts harvested and to receive payments.

The inspector also mentioned a “prima facie case of fraud.”

Planned Parenthood officials denied any wrongdoing. “Representatives from the Texas Office of Inspector General showed up at Planned Parenthood health centers in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio looking for an excuse to take health care away from thousands of women and men who rely on Planned Parenthood for preventive care — but what they will see is professional, compassionate and quality health care,” said Yvonne Gutierrez, the executive director of Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, in a statement. “Despite their efforts to distort the truth, health care — no matter what — is what happens at Planned Parenthood.” [Remember, leftists always lie, and leftists always project.  Leftists equate baby murder with “health care.”  We’ve seen rhetoric from the American left for several years now that basically devolves all women’s health care down to contraception and baby murder.  So, anything that threatens abortion becomes a “threat to women’s health.”  And no, the facilities raided are all abortuaries where nothing happens but baby slaughter.  Planned Barrenhood in DFW area has completely changed their operating procedures so that their two baby abattoirs are as used as efficiently as possible.]

……Allegations that Planned Parenthood defrauds taxpayers – in Texas and around the country – are nothing new. In 2013, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC) paid $4.3 million to settle allegations of Medicaid fraud, refunding the Texas state government and the Obama administration. There are also allegations that Planned Parenthood bilked Texan taxpayers for a decade by performing unnecessary medical procedures on incarcerated teenagers……..

…..The Alliance Defending Freedom recently released a report that “improper practices” fleeced taxpayers nationwide out of $129.7 million at “a minimum.”…….[Oh, so it seems there just MIGHT be something to fraud charges against Planned Butcherhood, after all!!!]

Any organization so lost as to spend all their time looking for ways to maximize profit from the murder of babies is not going to have many scruples about ripping off taxpayers for a few tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.  I think that goes without saying.

I don’t know about nationally, but I think there is at least a somewhat reasonable chance that we may see Planned Barrenhood driven from this state in the next 5 or 10 years.  If this kind of pressure can continue to be applied, I think eventually they’ll be beaten.


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