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Priest slaughtered during Mass, nun injured; bishop claims perps “victims” July 26, 2016

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During Mass this morning in Rouen, a French priest was nearly beheaded (he perished), and a nun gravely wounded, during an attack by jihadists that also devolved into a hostage situation where several others were injured.  The instigators of this attack shouted the dreadfully familiar “allahu akbar” and were subsequently killed by French police.  The parish where this attack occurred had apparently been on an ISIS target list for over a year:

Two knife-wielding attackers who had pledged allegiance to ISIS, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” slit the throat of an 84-year-old priest and critically wounded at least one other person during a Tuesday morning terror attack on a Catholic church near the Normandy city of Rouen, officials said.

The terrorists, who were later shot and killed by police, forced priest Jacques Hamel to kneel before they slaughtered him, and the Islamist attackers captured the bloody episode on film, Reuters reported, citing a nun who escaped the assault. ISIS’ Amaq news agency said the France attack was carried out by two Islamic State “soldiers,” Reuters reported…….

……..The attackers, who were not immediately identified, entered through the back door of the church and took the priest, two nuns and two parishioners hostage during morning Mass, police said.

Police responded and later confirmed that the attackers had been “neutralized,” Sky News reported. Three hostages were rescued in good condition, while another was taken away on a stretcher, according to reports.

It seems basically everyone at the Mass – the priest, a couple of female religious, and two lay people, were taken hostage?  Amazingly, the Archbishop of Rouen, comfortably ensconced at World Youth Day in Krakow, described the murderers as “victims:”

Away from his diocese at the World Youth Day celebrations in Krakow, Poland the archbishop of Rouen has released astatement on the death of one of his priests this morning, which strangely seems to identify both the slain clergyman and his killers as “victims”.

He said: “I have learnt with sadness of the killing this morning at the Church of Saint-Etienne du Rouvray. The three victims: the priest, Father Jacques Hamel, 84, and the perpetrators of the assassination.

“Three other people were injured, one very seriously. I cry out to God with all men of good will. I would invite non-believers to join in the cry!……. The Catholic Church cannot take weapons other than those of prayer and brotherhood among men.

We can always count on the post-VII modernist-progressive cabal to invert the truth, say the wrong thing, and cause scandal.  How one turns vicious, cold-blooded murderers, shot in the very act of committing grave crimes, into victims, is beyond me.  It requires decades of deep immersion in moral relativism and a reprobate sense to arrive at that level of moral confusion and abdication of duty.

As for “other weapons,” how about the Truth, Bishop Lebrun?  How about preaching the Truth of Jesus Christ in season and out, and clearly denouncing the massive, soul-killing errors of Mohammadism?

Lebrun, a longtime liberal, was appointed Archbishop of Rouen by Francis just last year.  Perhaps he’s still growing into his office.

As for the priest, Father Jacques Hamel, he was 84  years when killed.  I know nothing of his personal beliefs, but he must be considered a martyr for the Faith and the Church in France.  He is the first priest martyred in continental Europe in quite some time, isn’t he?  Perhaps since the fall of the communist empire?

We live in dreadful times.  It is vital to stay prayed up.

Via Cardinal Sarah’s twitter feed: “How many dead before European governments understand situation of West today? How many decapitations?”

Indeed.  One more question: how many Catholics must die before the Church hierarchy recognizes that all “dialogue” with islam is a useless diversion, at best, and stands in total opposition to islam and its murderous errors as the Church did for so many centuries?

“I had an abortion, on Good Friday” she screamed. And the feminists cheered. July 20, 2016

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Shorter Ann Barnhardt below.  Diabolical narcissism defined in 12 seconds:


Also see: feminist solipsism.

Pro tip: that baby is not in Heaven, tragically.  Abortion is not a Sacrament.  Telling women their aborted babies go to Heaven only encourages them to go through with it.  They actually convince themselves they’re doing a good thing.  The constant belief of the Church, whether it be a solemn Dogma or not, has been that babies innocent of actual sin who die unbaptized cannot enter Heaven.  That’s not to say they endure eternal suffering, but they do not receive the blessedness of the Beatific Vision for having been ripped limb from limb at their mother’s command.

In reality, this soul is in enormous pain and needs a lot of prayers.  She’s desperately trying to convince herself that what she did was morally acceptable, even though on some level, she knows it is not, hence the desperate need to appear brave and transgressive.

A Nightmare in Dallas – UPDATED July 8, 2016

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What an awful night.  I’m sure readers are all aware of the hellish atrocity that occurred last night in Dallas.  It was not a “tragedy!”  I am so sick of the culture of lies in which we are awash, and misidentifying brutal, deliberate, premeditated attacks like this as “tragedies” is part of that culture.  A tragedy is when a  tornado strikes, or a bridge collapses.  When people are killed as a result of deliberate, evil intent, it’s something else entirely – an atrocity, an unspeakable evil, a fruit of satan.

There is so much to discuss I hardly know where to begin.  First, I’d like to clarify something.  The national media (and local media, too, to an extent) is portraying this Black Lives Matter march as totally peaceful and happy prior to the atrocity which took place.  This is true in the sense that no acts of violence were committed until the shooting started, but there was a lot of very heated rhetoric and intimidation going on.

According to eyewitness reports on local media last night (which seem to be disappearing), marchers were shouting “F— the Police,” “No Justice No Peace,” and worse, taunting them, obstructing them in their duties at times, and behaving in a more and more confrontational manner as the march went along.  It is now known that the killer was probably not part of the march but used the event as a venue to target police, but he was certainly motivated by BLM rhetoric which increasingly posits that any police shooting of a black male is entirely unjustified.  And, there were absolutely deplorable interviews of marchers last night that showed little empathy for the cops and several strongly implied the police got what was coming to them.  This latter comment came from one of the leaders of the march, and was broadcast on KDFW Fox 4 last night at about 11 pm.  The reporter shut down the interview very quickly when it became apparent where it was going. I doubt that particular segment will be vaulted or made available online.

Right now the situation remains fluid and confused.  All night, Dallas Police maintained that there were two shooters, shooting in a triangulated pattern from elevated structures.  While 2 or 3 people remain in custody for questioning, only one murderer has been definitively caught, and killed, by a police bomb robot.  This occurred after negotiations had broken down and the murderer opened fire again on police.  There is video footage of the man killing Officer David Brent Thompson.  He shot him 4 or 5 times at point blank range with an AR-type weapon and left him to bleed out on the ground.  His blood stains and shell casings still litter the entrance to the El Centro Junior College building.

The known murderer has been identified as Micah X Johnson of Mesquite, Texas.  Johnson is reported as having no known priors and no ties to terror groups.  While I am generally disdainful of claims that people may be motivated to violence by political rhetoric, in this case, there seems little other motive than an outrage generated by the BLM movement.  The killer deliberately targeted white and/or hispanic cops.  According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown:

“He wanted to kill officers, and he expressed killing white people, he expressed killing white officers,” Brown said. “He expressed anger for Black Lives Matter.

This Black Lives Matters movement have practiced increasing levels of hateful rhetoric, intolerance, political theater (like shutting down freeways during rush hour, attacking other protests, interrupting/attacking other political events), and incitements to violence over the past year or two.  Now, the motivation for the worst mass attack on Dallas law enforcement in the city’s history has been directly attributed to this.  The left has lectured its opponents for years that political talk they don’t like serves as an incitement to violence.  I’ve always thought that’s balderdash, but, fine,  you made the rule, now play by it.   Of course they won’t, it’s all about nothing but power to them and whatever it takes to get it, so already they are trying to declare criticism of BLM verboten with regard to this atrocity.

In fact, the arch-idiot kleptocrat Jesse Jackson is trying to blame this attack on Trump!

A few other notes: there were some early suspects identified as men who were open carrying during the march, deliberately exercising their 2nd Amendment rights in a rather provocative way.  At least one of those men peacefully turned his firearm over to police as the shooting began, and later met with police to discuss the situation.  He was cleared and released.

Whether there were other shooters involved remains uncertain.  It seems improbable to me that one shooter could so quickly transit from a parking garage to ground level and back again, shooting all the time and successfully targeting a dozen police, killing five.  However, the latest press conference from Police Chief David Brown hinted that there was only one shooter.

At present, the atrocity stands at 12 police shot with five killed, and two civilians injured.  The  names of two of the police have been released:  the aforementioned Brent Thompson, a Dallas Area Rapid Transit policeman, and Dallas PD Officer Patrick Zamarripa.  I pray for the repose of their souls, and those of the other three killed.  I pray for the quick healing of the injured officers and civilians.  I pray for strength and solace for the families affected, especially the children who have lost their fathers.

Of course, the ultimate root cause of all this chaos in our society is the diabolical disorientation and reprobate sense that has afflicted tens if not hundreds of millions of Americans.  This is exactly the kind of behavior you get in a post-Christian, barbaric, neo-pagan society, and it will only get worse.  Be prepared.  The answer from Church leaders to atrocities of this kind should not be a call for political action, but a call to conversion.

UPDATE: Video of “protesters” mocking police AFTER the shooting.  Also, drunken protesters attempted to loot a local 7-11 and then mocked and harassed officers sent to defend it.

Photos of the two deceased identified at present, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarippa:


I watched this poor man get cut to pieces last night on video.  He ducked right, when he should have ducked left.  But he was trying very hard to stop the shooter, and lost his life in the process.  He was very close. UPDATE: Further analysis reveals Thompson actually hit the murderer at least once with his sidearm, but it seems the Army killer was wearing hard body armor and the handgun round(s) just bounced off.  Then he very coolly tracked Thompson and shot him repeatedly at point blank range.


This will probably be the only post of the day,  because I was up really late last night, but I may try to update it as more information becomes available.

Atrocities against Egypt’s Christians continue to grow July 7, 2016

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At least three Christians (all Copts) have been killed in Egypt in the past week and a half.  They included a priest and a nun.  The layman was beheaded.  Some are trying to say the nun was accidentally wounded, but there is some skepticism over this.  A brief roundup on the depredations against Christians in one of the more stable, “permissive” Mideastern states.  Things in places like Syria and Iraq are far, far worse:

Yesterday, July 5, a Coptic nun was shot dead in Egypt.

The police called it a “tragic accident”.  It currently not being treated as a crime. The nun was accidentally caught in a shootout between two rival clans. An stray bullet  killed the nun, says Fides ……..

……..The first reports reported an anti-Christian attack.The investigating police of Guizeh denied this, however, describing the shooting between two local Muslim clans as the reason for the “accidental” death of the nun.

……..On June 24, several Christian homes had been burned in al-Baeda in Alexandria. A Muslim mob had gathered after Friday prayers in front of the house of Christian Naim Aziz because the false rumor was spread among Muslims, that the house may be converted into a church. The Muslims shouted the slogan: “Under no circumstances will there be a church here.” To be sure, deeds followed their  words, and and they burned down the house of a Christian and a few other Christian homes for good measure. [When an area is under muslim suzerainty, generally it is impossible to get permission to build new Christian churches or even substantially improve/repair existing ones.  That’s a powerful means to help keep the Faith in check]

…..The Christians of Egypt have been experiencing a new wave of Islamic violence for months. Last Thursday a Coptic Orthodox priest was murdered on the Sinai Peninsula belonging to Egypt. The priest Raphael Moussa was 46 years old. After the Holy Mass, which he celebrated in the Mar Girgis Church of the city of El-Arish in the north of the peninsula, he was killed in the parking lot in front of the church by a targeted shot. The murder was claimed by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS).

A separate post from Eponymous Flower deals with the beheading:

on Monday, July 4, a Coptic Christian was stabbed in Tanta (Gharbia Governorate) by Islamists and then beheaded.

The 33-year-old pharmacist and Coptic Christian, Magdy Attia, was lured with a medication order into a house and killed there. According to Egyptian media reports, the house is inhabited by Salafists.

Awful.  What is happening to the Christians of the Mideast is horrific.  I pray their sufferings may bring a great flowering of the Faith there and conversion of millions of muslims.

For the commenter who dropped by this morning and left a profanity-filled rant, buddy, I do cover the persecution of Christians in the Mideast all the time.  I have written dozens of posts on the subject over the years, as longtime readers can attest.  I can’t possibly ride everyone’s hobby horse every day, and, yes, local events tend to get more play than international ones.  I understand your outrage and anger but I ain’t the one to direct it at.  I’ve been a strong supporter of Mideast Christians and your comments were as unjust as they were unhinged.

Any further such comments will result in permanent banning, even granting some leeway for English not being your first language.


I love Eastern Christian art.  It is so ancient, so warm.  There are incredible treasures of Christian art and architecture in Egypt.  I pray they are permitted to survive.  EG28-8-14JT


The fact that the Church leadership continues to very often ignore or explain away muslim atrocities against Christians in pursuit of (I guess) the great one world religion project is one of the most galling aspects of being a Catholic today.

The “homosexual” influence on the Novus Ordo Mass July 7, 2016

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Via Fr. Richard Heilman of Madison, WI, a small data point on the “homosexual” influence on the Novus Ordo Mass, especially in the form of those deplorable hymns that so degrade and clutter the Novus Ordo as offered in practically every parish in the country.  Ever notice that so many of them have “show tune” type melodies?  Yeah, there’s a reason for that.

If one browses through one of the many hymnals produced by Oregon Catholic Publishing that fill the pews of virtually every Novus Ordo parish, one will find two names more prominent than perhaps all others – Marty Haugen and David Haas.  As Fr. Heilman shows below, Haas, at least, holds some truly blasphemous beliefs regarding the Second Person of the Holy Trinity and St. Paul:

…..[M]y greatest repulsion for this music stems from the way these “tunes” pull us “out of” a sense of the sacred, rather than drawing us in. There is a “spirit” that has irked me for all these years.

To understand this “spirit” a bit more, see that today the same David Haas posted on FB his “openness” to the sexual activity of Jesus Christ.

Folks … stay very, very clear of this music.

Father then shared the following from David Haas’ Facebook page:


Blasphemies like this regarding Our Blessed Lord or the Saints always say far, far more about those who make them than their intended targets.  This supposed “debate” is founded on nothing more than the fevered imaginings of those so given over in their own lives to disordered lusts and  uncontrolled appetites that they have to disparage even God Himself in an attempt to justify themselves in their own minds.

We have mountains of evidence from Scripture and Tradition that completely, utterly disprove any notion of Our Lord, especially, was anything other than completely, totally chaste.  This attempt to turn the Christ into a creature given over to sexual appetites is in fact a revival of gnostic perversions long ago refuted.

Even if one rejects Scripture and Tradition, by reason alone, does Haas believe it impossible for souls to remain celibate for long periods of time?  Does he thus throw out the testimony of thousands of Saints and thousands more living religious today, who successfully maintain(ed) celibacy over decades?  Again, much is being revealed here, but it ain’t about the Saints or Our Lord.

And yet this man, apparently comfortable with contemplating such perversions of thought and blasphemies against Our Lord, has a profound influence on the Mass as offered in 99+% of all Catholic parishes in the Anglosphere, at least.  What are we to make of that?

Of course, you know the answer to that.  Haugen-Haas musical influence on the Mass is a core part of its decomposition into a happy clappy festival of mutual admiration and self-appreciation.  It is the quintessence of the reduction of the Mass from transcendent, vertical offering of adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication to God, to a horizontal festival of man in all his “glory.”  Some might even call it a different religion.

But of course, who are we to judge?

Iowa pro-sodomy state agency threatens churches with legal action……. July 6, 2016

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………if they fail to amend their doctrine to suit the sexular pagan fanatics now in control of so many levers of state power.

If you think I am exaggerating, I am not.  What we are presented with here is the first major step in the leftist effort to finally destroy Christianity in the public sphere.  Christian churches in Iowa (mosques are naturally exempt, one presumes) face a hideous choice under edicts enacted by the Orwellian Iowa Civil Rights Commission: either become private “member’s only” institutions closed to the public (and with no public voice whatsoever), remain public and bend their doctrine to the whim of the sexular pagan left, or face the wrath of a state possessed of unlimited funds pilfered from the very people they intend to persecute.

The National Review believes even liberal judges would strike this down, but I am not nearly so confident as they are (my emphasis and comments):

I’m old enough to remember when Christians who expressed concern that LGBT activists would attempt to regulate church services were dismissed as paranoid nutjobs. [You mean, the Left lied to us?!?  How can this be?!?] Well, welcome to our new paranoid future. My friends and colleagues at the Alliance Defending Freedom announced today that they were filing suit against the Iowa Civil Rights Commission to block enforcement of gender identity guidelines that purport to regulate “a church service open to the public.”

News flash — virtually every church service is open to the public. The guidelines, published in a “public accommodations providers guide to Iowa law” contain the usual nondiscrimination catch-all phrases, noting that a “public accommodation” commits an act of gender identity discrimination when it, to take a few examples, intentionally uses names and pronouns inconsistent with the person’s “presented gender” (whatever that means), refuses access to preferred bathrooms, or even “indirectly” advertises that a transgender person is “unwelcome” or “not acceptable.” [Such as, for instance, condemning sodomy or transgenderism in a sermon, or even quoting from the Bible one of the 20 odd places establishing these acts as evil?]

Incredibly, the document contains an FAQ specifically directed at churches. Here it is:


Sometimes. Iowa law provides that these protections do not apply to religious institutions with respect to any religion-based qualifications when such qualifications are related to a bona fide religious purpose. Where qualifications are not related to a bona fide religious purpose, churches are still subject to the law’s provisions. (e.g. a child care facility operated at a church or a church service open to the public). [There it is.  Close your doors upon yourselves, Christofascists, yield to the grave evil of moral perversion, or we’ll pound you into dust.]

It’s unclear to me how a branch of the Iowa state government has determined that a “church service open to the public” does not have a “bona fide religious purpose,” but there it is. [Simple.  They’ve simply taken Obama’s extremely narrow conception of “freedom of worship” to the next logical step, making worship an entirely private affair conducted behind closed doors for members only, with no public outreach allowed, let alone any political activism.] Under current guidance, churches in Iowa must become “members only” to exercise their religious liberty.

How much evidence do we need that the sexular pagan left views Christianity as its mortal enemy, to be destroyed at all costs (and the costs have been dear indeed, and will become only more so)?  We must acknowledge that Christianity cannot coexist with the sick, twisted culture the Left wishes to forcibly visit on us all?

Between Leftism and the Church, only one can survive.  Of course, we know who the ultimate victor will be, but how many souls will be lost as the struggle enters its final, fatal phase?

I’m sure the trolls will have a snappy answer, by completely avoiding the question.

The real point of all this is, of course, to help insure a permanent democrat majority at all levels of government by crushing the most solidly conservative voting block there is, the moral/social conservatives.  If they didn’t think this would help the democrat party, they wouldn’t bother.

LGBT Types Seek to Indoctrinate Pre-schoolers June 29, 2016

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I’ve long maintained, the ultimate goal of the sexular pagan left is to make children sexually available to them, legally and as a matter of state-sanctioned (if not demanded) behavior.  Some have scoffed at that, but as they continue to try to push their propaganda upon younger and younger children, the obvious goal is to plant seeds of confusion and self-doubt that will yield many new “converts” to this grave perversion of God’s gift of the act suitable for the procreation of children.  Once very young children become so confused as to claim affliction with this lifestyle, how long will it be before activists demand they have the right to act out on it, and not only that, but to be schooled in it by experienced adults?  Thus, the frankly pornographic nature of some of the propaganda already being foisted on grade school age children (my emphasis and comments):


….A new web series called “Queer Kids Stuff” aimed at preschoolers (yes, you read that right) is now attempting to teach those barely out of diapers what the phrases “gay,” “bisexual,” and “transgender” mean.

In the opening minutes of the first show, the host tells a teddy bear, as well as innocent viewers, that “gay means love.” [Which is such a diabolical inversion of the Truth as to be straight out of hell.  Love apparently now means physically abusing others for your own base gratification even to the point of inflicting grave bodily injury and the transmission of horrific and often incurable disease]

Although no U.S. preschool programs have indicated yet that they will embrace the series, it may only be a matter of time.

“It is easily conceivable that videos such as these will be sanctioned eventually by local school boards and implemented in preschool and prekindergarten classes,” said Sean Ryan, communications director of the pro-family organization Mass Resistance, based in Waltham, Massachusetts. [In point of fact, it is probably inevitable]

“Activists are trying to force these topics on younger and younger children because that is the only way their movement wins,” he said. [That is, the only way their movement wins, by gaining new supporters if not devotees of this gross disorder, is to so corrupt the natural innocence of youth that these children are open to any manipulation, no matter how perverse or contrary to nature. Thus the urgency with which the devotees of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah promote it]

“Rational adults don’t buy into the so-called ‘Queer Theory’ or transgenderism. Unfortunately, children are a soft target for homosexual activists as they are malleable and still learning about the world.” [And thus open to accepting almost any lie some authority figure, like a teacher, foists on them.  Even children prepared and warned by parents will likely be influenced to at least some degree by it.]

JamesMichael Nichols, deputy editor of the Queer Voices section of The Huffington Post, claims the web series explains the “issues and language” of the LGBT community in a way “that is accessible for preschool-aged children.” [Who decided these were things that needed to be communicated? Self-interested agitators, that’s who.  This is entirely about propagandizing, or, even more, indoctrinating defenseless children in perversion at an age when it will do the most damage.  Children don’t need to know about this evil, and when they come to the age that they do, it needs to be done with great care and by the parents alone.]

The show is “intended to be a conversation starter between adults and kids about queer issues,” Nichols wrote. “While the episodes may focus on explaining a basic queer idea — like what does ‘gay’ mean — it also answers questions for children that some adults may not have the ability or language to talk about.”…… [Translation: adults (re: parents) will most often get the message “wrong,” failing to inculcate the children in tolerance towards, or personal acceptance of, this perversion sufficiently for the activists goals]

…….”These are the years of the W’s: who, what, when, and why,” series creator Amer told The Huffington Post. “These ages are when children are learning and soaking up everything they can about the world they were pretty recently introduced to. While they are learning about the world, they are also beginning to form their own opinions about the things in this world.”

Amer also said, “If they aren’t seeing queerness in their world (particularly in their media), how can they know to ask questions and spark conversations (as many parents won’t do this themselves)? And what happens if the first time they are introduced to a queer topic, it has a negative connotation? As soon as that happens, it is far more difficult to undo that moment than it is to simply introduce the topic truthfully and positively first.” [And here the goal is revealed: it’s entirely about indoctrinating children in a pro-Sodom/Gomorrah belief system, at least causing them to accept these evils as perfectly natural and normal, if not adopting it themselves]


……..Ryan said today’s parents naturally support the indoctrination of the young — they themselves were indoctrinated, even if they don’t realize it. [Indoctrination in state-approved morality was a primary goal of the evil Prussian-model schools upon which almost all schools in this country are based]

Kids don’t naturally buy into this stuff. They have to be brainwashed,” he asserted. “We’ve seen this with the acceptance of homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Homosexuality is supported by a majority of adults aged 18-29, not because young adults just naturally support it — but because they are the group that first began to be bombarded by this propaganda in the early 1990s.”

Great closer. It’s absolutely true, and, more than that, it is the result not of some natural movement towards this false “acceptance” of perversion arising from some “enlightening” of the culture, but it is the result of a deliberate, orchestrated plan, concocted by devotees of this lifestyle to use their massive financial resources and numerous allies in the media, government, and academia to indoctrinate Americans, especially children, into supporting this sin which cries out to Heaven for vengeance on a mass scale.  Heck, they even wrote a book about how they were going to do it, and they have followed it to a T.

What is amazing in all this, is in the face of this and so many other myriad evils associated with the public (and most private) schools, so relatively few parents are homeschooling their children.  To me, unless some grave impediment prevents it, failure to homeschool (or find a rare morally sound private school) in this age is a serious dereliction of parental duty.

I’m out the next 3 business days.  It’s farm time. Have a blessed weekend and I hope you assist at Mass on this Feast of St.’s Peter and Paul!

As a result of Francis’ diktat, I hereby apologize for everything in this post.

Another Day, Another Egregious Insult from Anthony Kennedy June 28, 2016

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I might exaggerate a bit.  The names of those voting to refuse to hear a religious liberty case revolving around conscience rights with regard to infanticide were not released.  But given that only Alito, Thomas, and Roberts voted to hear the case, that pretty much let’s us know who cast the deciding vote yet again, doesn’t it?

All kneel before almighty Emperor Zod Kennedy!

The Supreme Court on Tuesday narrowly rejected an appeal over whether a private pharmacy can be forced by the state to dispense the so-called “morning after” pill, in effect refusing to expand its look into a religious liberty fight and certain reproductive health services.  [No, in effect directly attacking the entire conception of religious liberty and further tightening the noose around the necks of Christians]

At issue is a 2005 Washington state order that a family-owned pharmacy in Olympia provide so-called emergency Plan B contraception — including morning-after and week-after pills — that the business owners equate to abortion, in violation of their closely-held religious beliefs.

While the official vote total was not released, at least three justices dissented on the decision not to intervene. Justice Samuel Alito strongly dissented, saying the signal from the court was clear: “Violate your sincerely held religious beliefs or get out of the pharmacy business.” [Which is the whole point: yield to the sexular pagan state, Christofascists, or go broke clutching your bibles]

“If this is a sign of how religious liberty claims will be treated in the years ahead, those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern,” he wrote. [That’s the understatement of the century]  Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Clarence Thomas would also have granted the case for review.

The pharmacists say, as a proposed accommodation, when a customer asks for one of these drugs, they would be referred to one of more than 30 pharmacies within a five-mile radius that willingly offer these drugs.

Washington officials say their law — similar to ones in eight other states — ensures patient access to the medication, regardless of an individual pharmacist’s personal beliefs.

Which, again, yield on your most cherished religious beliefs, which we in the secular pagan state religion find deplorable, or you will be crushed.  Obviously, if there are 30 choices within 5 miles, no one will be more than slightly inconvenienced by this pharmacy’s abstention.  But the point is not convenience, or the availability of dangerous chemical cocktails to kill babies.  The point is to crush Christian belief and drive it from the public square.

And I don’t think I exaggerate at all in saying that.

“Catholic” Kennedy Strikes Again as Supreme Court Overturns Texas Abortion Restrictions June 27, 2016

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“Catholic” Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy- for the umpteenth time – cast the deciding vote on a matter deciding issues gravely against the moral order yet again today.  Kennedy voted in favor of overturning Texas’ extremely successful 2013 abortion restrictions, restrictions that had led to the closure of about 60% of the state’s mills.  Thus, it is expected that many mills will re-open, or new ones start up, and abortion will be far more available in Texas than it had been for the past 3 years.  Kennedy’s ruling overturned a lower-court verdict by the 5th Circuit finding the provisions of 2013’s House Bill 2 to be constitutional.  Just as in Casey vs. Planned Parenthood, Kennedy will go to his death with the blood of millions on his soft, manicured hands.

But I’m certain he’ll remain a “Catholic in good standing” and continue to receive the feting from high prelates from one end of this land to the other.  He’ll probably even receive the Blessed Sacrament from the hand of Cardinal Burke himself, as he already has in the past.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court struck down Texas’ widely replicated regulation of abortion clinics Monday in the court’s biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter century.

The justices voted 5-3 in favor of Texas clinics that had argued the regulations were only a veiled attempt to make it harder for women to get abortions in the nation’s second-most populous state.

Justice Stephen Breyer’s majority opinion for the court held that the regulations are medically unnecessary and unconstitutionally limit a woman’s right to an abortion. [thanks for letting us know they are medically unnecessary, Doctor Breyer]

Texas had argued that its 2013 law and subsequent regulations were needed to protect women’s health. The rules required doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and forced clinics to meet hospital-like standards for outpatient surgery.

Breyer wrote that “the surgical-center requirement, like the admitting privileges requirement, provides few, if any, health benefits for women, poses a substantial obstacle to women seeking abortions and constitutes an ‘undue burden’ on their constitutional right to do so.” [So the entire bill has pretty much been struck down, which had been doing so much good. You think Breyer based his judgment on real medical evidence, or liberal medical opinion?]

Justices Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan joined Breyer. [Because of course they did. It’s only ever a question which way a “conservative” justice will approach, it’s never, ever a question how a leftist democrat-appointed one will]

……..Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dissented. [For all the good in the world it did them]

………Abortion providers said the rules would have cut the number of abortion clinics in Texas by three-fourths if they had been allowed to take full effect.

When then-Gov. Rick Perry signed the law in 2013, there were about 40 clinics throughout the state. That number dropped to under 20 and would have been cut in half again if the law had taken full effect, the clinics said.

Texas passed a broad bill  imposing several abortion restrictions in 2013 [because this was the plain will of the people]. Texas clinics sued immediately to block it, contending it impermissibly interfered with a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. [See – You have no constitutional right to a firearm, in spite of what the 2nd Amendment plainly says, but women have a “constitutional right” to murder their children, because it’s absolutely nowhere in the document, but “emanating from the penumbras”] The clinics won several favorable rulings in a federal district court [in front of a leftist judge in Austin] Texas. But each time, the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the state, at first allowing challenged provisions to take effect and then upholding the law with only slight exceptions.

Excuse me, but what the heck is the point of “democracy” when one unelected lawyer can totally obviate the will of a large majority of citizens?  The federal courts have become the prime means by which the amoral anti-Christian agenda of the sexular pagan leftists has been imposed on this country, often against the will of the people.  One man basically has gotten to decide whether millions of people would live, or die.  More and more, we appear ruled by an unelected, unaccountable oligarchy that privileges the state-sanctioned killing of children above all else.

A bit of context on the Texas bill might be helpful.  It was written as the Kermit Gosnell murder-house case was coming to light.  Gosnell’s mill was a horror show of filthy conditions and botched procedures, with many dying as a result.  So, increasing health and safety requirements for abortion mills was both timely and sensical.

Abortion and porn: the only industries the left doesn’t want to regulate to death, probably because they avail themselves of them so often.

When, oh when, will Anthony Kennedy finally be excommunicated, or at least threatened with it, for all the manifest evil he has done?

The Next Persecution: Dallas City Council Urged to Ban Conversion Efforts Targeting Sodomites June 21, 2016

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Pray, and contact the Dallas City Council, especially if you live in the city limits, urging them to vote against this massive expansion of persecution of Christians.  A move to get the council to vote to ban “gay conversion therapy” would have ominous implications even for preaching the Doctrine of the Faith, and could lead to a chilling of Catholic expression and apostolates in the Diocese.  For one thing, it is quite possible Courage and other ministries oriented towards serving/converting those with same-sex attraction (like this one) could be banned, or at least face expensive lawfare in the courts.

Dallas LGBT advocates want the city to become the first in the state — and only the fourth in the nation — to bar mental health professionals from attempting to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of people under 18.

Rafael McDonnell, communications and advocacy manager for Resource Center, Dallas’ LGBT community center, told the Observer he’s scheduled to discuss a proposal to ban so-called reparative therapy for minors with a subcommittee of the city’s LGBT Task Force in the near future.

McDonnell said outlawing the widely discredited practice [nice assertion of opinion in a news piece – who judges it “discredited?”  Why, the sodomite lobby, of course! The Texas Tribune is a leftist rag funded by Soros-affiliated groups, so go figure] would be consistent with Dallas’ comprehensive resolution in support of LGBT equality, which was approved by the City Council in 2014. [Let’s look at this a bit.  This resolution now touted as being so “comprehensive” was sold at the time as being very limited in scope and posing no threat to religious practice or even activities like ministering to/counseling to those with same sex attraction disorders.  And now of a sudden we see the resolution for what it was always intended to be: a way to provide state-sanctioned insulation for those with perverse inclinations from criticism.  Even more, it is a way to use the force of the state to punish opponents of sodomy.  Unfortunately, no matter how much they think they “succeed,” hell remains.]

All of these “equal rights” ordinances and resolutions are just ticking time bombs planted by the left for use at a later date.  Sometime that later date is 10 years later, sometimes it is 3 months.  But they always get used.  Absolutely NO ONE favoring the resolution declared, when it was passed in 2014, that this would be a great tool to suppress religious objections to the sins of same sex sodomy, and yet here we are.  This is how it always works with such things.

Jeremy Scwab is a man who, I believe, suffered from same-sex attraction in the past and who has been living a more God-centric and morally ordered life for some time.  He runs a ministry specifically aimed to help walk people out of the same-sex lifestyle.  His concerns on this latest effort to crush Christian opposition to same-sex sodomy below:

For the last two years I have been fighting against a particular assault on religious freedom and defending my ministry apostolate Joel 2:25 International (http://www.Joel225.org) in courtrooms and state legislatures in California, Illinois, and New Jersey.  Anti-catholic activists have maligned me in the news media and online constantly as a result, but I have been blessed to see hundreds of men, women, youth, and families find healing and restoration through our work and that has made it all worth it.

I know I have asked for your prayers before when I had to testify in court and when I pushed for some protection against this attack here in Texas. Now, the activists have found another route to attack us, the Dallas City Council…..

……If these plans succeed, a large part of our ministry work will be illegal here in Dallas and in fact teaching the Catholic faith to youth will be technically illegal. This law forbids anyone from saying anything about homosexuality other than that it is a “healthy and natural variation of human sexuality” – which of course is in direct contrast to the catechism which states infallibly [A catechism is not an infallible expression of the Magisterium. But that the Church infallibly defines same-sex acts as gravely sinful is certainly a dogmatic expression of the Church’s Ordinary Magisterium] that it is an intrinsic disorder. As a convert, I am grateful that the Church continues to stand strong on the Truth and even when I was lost in darkness, the Church’s teaching was a beacon of light that guided me back to reality and eventually to healing and wholeness. [And thus we can see what evil is wrought by those who seek to undermine or even overthrow that Doctrine]

Please join me in praying that the Dallas City Council will vote AGAINST this ordinance. If you know anyone who could influence them, please ask them as well.

I sold my condo in Dallas and moved to Carrollton a few months ago – in anticipation of this. After seeing the outrageous treatment of religious freedom in the New Jersey courts, I knew I had to get out of Dallas county. For now, Joel 2:25’s Teen ministries will survive this, but there are many other ministries that are threatened – including the Confirmation classes at many Dallas parishes where our Joel 2:25 Young Adults have been invited to share their personal testimonies and any mention of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body within a Catholic high school would be illegal here in Dallas as it is now in Illinois, New Jersey, and California.

Obviously, we know this law is unconstitutional, but as we have seen recently, the majority of the Supreme Court and Federal Court judges have no regard at all for the constitution and religious freedom.I have worked to overturn the California law, but the courts refused to hear it…..

Based on the above, it is obviously far better to prevent this measure from being passed than to try to deal with the mess afterwards.  I’m waiting breathlessly for a very strong statement of opposition to this effort by Bishop Farrell any second now.




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