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Harris County persecution of Center for Medical Progress set to backfire? February 10, 2016

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I was interested to learn that the Harris County prosecutor who filed charges against David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) for, get this, using a fake ID (and pushed for the maximum felony charge carrying a 20 year sentence) has been very eager to try to get Daleiden to take a plea deal.  The intent from the start on the prosecutor/Planned Barrenhood side seems to have been intimidation, the sending of a clear message that if you embarrass Planned Butcherhood you’ll have to contend with the full force of the law.

But the prosecution and Planned Parenthood seem to have missed a salient point.  That may be exactly what Daleiden/CMP want.  By going to trial, they can subpoena Planned Barrenhood’s internal records, and they can put PB officials on record, in a court of law, testifying as to their baby-butchering and parts-selling practices:

Harris County prosecutors offered David Daleiden a plea deal. He didn’t take it. Bravo.

You see, now that felony charges were brought against Daleiden for altering government records*, and a misdemeanor involving the purchase of human body parts, the death merchants have realized that it’s not a good idea to put the Center for Medical Progress investigator in front of a jury.

So they threw him a plea deal for a misdemeanor after Daleiden posted bail today. For his part, Daleiden stuck to his guns, asking prosecutors for an apology instead of a deal.

“I think we all know that every day that goes by that the Texas authorities do not prosecute Planned Parenthood for their illegal trade in baby parts, they are sending a message to the entire country,” Daleiden told supporters outside the courthouse. “The state of Texas right now is open for business in baby body parts.”

If Daleiden were to go to trial, the videos he made along with Sandra Merritt and the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts operation would certainly enter into evidence. And they’d be found to be truthful. And Planned Parenthood officials would be subpoenaed to testify at the trial. And they’d be found to be lying.

And oh, BTW, about that prosecutor:

With her top campaign contributor representing a prominent abortion practitioner and a Planned Parenthood board member working in her office, the attorney for pro-lifer investigator Susan Merritt said it’s no wonder that Devon Anderson indicted the pro-life investigators as opposed to Planned Parenthood.

I’m shocked, shocked to find evidence of collusion – or at least strong bias – involving a supposedly Republican DA and a radical promoter of abortion.  That’s never, ever happened before.

The response from the prosecutor and PB will likely now be to draw out the pre-trial proceedings for as long as possible, in the hope of exhausting CMP’s financial resources.  It will be interesting to see how this develops.  This case has several aspects.  Planned Barrenhood and their allies in the Harris County prosecutor’s office obviously intended to persecute CMP for embarrassing them.  Even if CMP escapes these charges, the left-wing media will forever paint them as “accused felons” in future.  The goal is to destroy their credibility, and all it required was an accomplice to their baby-killing agenda in a prosecutor’s office.  This kind of thing is happening more and more, and has caused many to fear that conservatives are now more or less defenseless before the progressive minions abusing their positions of power at all levels of government.

There’s another interesting point raised below: how long are we going to silently, meekly allow the powers that be to exercise that power in such a biased and plainly unjust manner:

I should also note that David Daleiden is apparently prepared to go to jail over this. If that bothers you – if you don’t like the fact that a jury could put a man in jail for twenty years because he used a fake ID in one of the few ways that society finds acceptable and even moral* – then, well, that’s why people do civil disobedience. REAL civil disobedience, not the petulant, look-at-me garbage that the Activist Left revels in.

Anyone know if there have been any protests outside the Harris County courthouse or DA’s office?  I guess there were a a number of people there when he turned himself in.  But how about some old school civil disobedience like the pro-life movement used in its early days?  I am told that was found to be counterproductive?  Or was it just uncomfortable?



It’s much safer to live on a toxic dump site than it is to be “gay” February 8, 2016

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So said the reformed “gay” and celibate Joseph Sciambra on his blog recently.  He notes several dire statistics concerning men drawn to sodomize other men, which make clear that this lifestyle is far more dangerous to one’s health than living on top of a toxic waste dump (in this case, Love Canal) for years.  Please note, this post deals with very explicit subject matter, children and those with delicate consciences should not read:

Condom use is declining among men who have sex with men. In a large survey of MSM in major urban areas, nearly two-thirds reported having condomless anal sex at least once during the past year, and a quarter said they had receptive anal intercourse without a condom the last time they had sex with a man. [It was only a matter of time.]

  • 67% of HIV-positive men reported condomless anal sex with a male partner;
  • 65% of HIV-negative men reported condomless anal sex with a male partner;
  • when asked about their most recent sexual encounter, 26% of HIV-negative MSM and 20% of HIV-positive MSM reported only having had oral sex;
  • of HIV-negative men aged 18-24, over 28% reported condomless receptive anal intercourse;………
  • in comparison, the CDC estimates that there are 1,218,400 people in the US infected with HIV; that is approximately 0.37% of the total population; that means – in some “gay” communities, the HIV rates are nearly 95X higher than in the general population; at the infamous Love Canal toxic dump site in New York State the risk of cancer was only 1.7-2 times higher than in neighboring areas and birth defects were 3.4 times higher than in the rest of the country.

Other damning statistics from a different post:

The UK-based FS Magazine, a gay men’s health and life periodical, surveyed over 1000 “gay” men in Britain and discovered that:

  • “41% are in, or have previously experienced, an open relationship.”


More findings – of those men in an “open” relationship:

  • “93% strongly disagree that ‘open relationships are not real relationships.’”
  • “31% believe relationships end up open because gay men can’t be monogamous. However 47% think that it’s quite possible to have an monogamous relationship but choose not to;”
  • “Over two thirds of the men we surveyed who are currently in an open relationship said they don’t use condoms with their partner – although 64% say they always use condoms with casual partners. 55% have picked up an STI during their open relationship, with 70% believing they got that STI from a casual partner.”

I could not find the below on Sciambra’s site, but reader MJD sent me the following, which apparently came from it, regarding yesterday’s Super Bowl halftime show featuring the diabolical Beyonce:

“I attended a talk given by local exorcist Priest Fr. Gary Thomas last week in San Francisco – almost as an aside, he mentioned that Beyonce is involved with satanism and that her Superbowl half-time show (from 2013) was littered with demonic imagery; there was an audible gasp from the audience; 2 years ago I wrote about Beyonce’s collaboration with a child pornographer; Beyonce will be at the SB again this year; please do not watch the Superbowl, which is really an occult ceremony interrupted by a sporting event; BTW – Lady Gaga will offer up this country as a blood sacrifice to hell by singing the National Anthem…Enjoy the cultural decline.”

Not sure how he arrives at the Lady Gaga blood sacrifice thing, but who am I to judge question?  It’s not like I doubt it.

And yet we are now taught that this is perfectly normal, and even better than normal, a positive good we should all accept as wonderful and even strive to emulate as fundamentally better than we are now, or were raised to be.  This is nothing but the acting out of the massive confirmation bias prevalent – one might say omnipresent – among the self-anointed sexular pagan elite.  They desire the destruction of the family as an institution, as it is the primary obstacle to the complete reordering of society that they seek.  It is  nothing more than the same old reordering the communist/hard left has always sought, but they have found the ultimate means of bringing it about by attacking masculinity, fatherhood, the conception of self, and the family.  Unfortunately, in spite of the obviousness of the gambit to those with eyes to see, they have been amazingly, spectacularly successful.

The cost to souls and society at large has been incalculable.  Joseph Sciambra is just one case in point, there are millions more like him (including myself), who have bought the lies the sexular pagans have sold.  We have been blessed, by the Grace of God, to reject those lies and strive to follow the narrow way of Jesus Christ.  But we are the rare minority.  Such a tragedy.  An even greater tragedy is the rarity of leaders in the Church who are willing to confront this evil, to name it and shame it, as it were, and to lead souls away from its many seemingly attractive enticements.

Man shot and killed at Lubbock parish, even though Diocese announced gun ban February 8, 2016

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It is unclear at this time whether the Diocese of Lubbock has followed through on its promise to ban the open or concealed carry of guns from all Church premises. At issue is whether the required signs have been installed. However, the intent has been made plain since late last  year.  And as has occurred in so many other “gun free zones,” they almost seem a magnet to violence.  A man was shot and killed outside a Lubbock church last night:

A man was taken to University Medical Center following a shooting at a Lubbock church Sunday evening. Just after 8:30 pm – about 2 and-a-half hours after the shooting – police said the victim died.

The shooting occurred at the Saint Elizabeth’s Catholic University Parish, located at 2316 Broadway Street, early Sunday evening.

Witnesses said they heard a gun shot when they were exiting Sunday night mass.

Lubbock Police immediately responded and Orestes Garza, 51, was taken to UMC where he later died.

Garza is known as ‘West’ by many in the community. He was a musician performing at the Mean Women Grill and The Cactus Theater.

“Genuinely loved by everyone that met him and his dynamite performing skills and human being that he was will radiate through the Cactus Theater and the Lubbock community for many years to come,” said Dustin Garrett, a friend and co-worker at the Cactus Theater.

Late Sunday evening, Levelland Police apprehended the suspect involved in the fatal shooting. Levelland Police Dispatch said the suspect is in custody at the Hockley County Jail. The name of the suspect has not been confirmed yet. [He has now. Se llama Pete Garcia]

It sounds passing strange to say, but fortunately, this was a focused attack and not a crazed gunman seeking to kill as many as possible.  This individual apparently had some long-standing beef with the deceased and committed a heinous, evil act.

There are two general approaches to acts of grave evil of this kind.  One is to enact laws and ordinances that restrict the rights of individuals to defend themselves, hoping against hope that the law of averages will work in one’s favor and an attack will not materialize.  Inherent in this mode of thinking is that people are generally irresponsible and need to be closely monitored and directed in what not to do.  Thus, they should be denied the ability to protect themselves.

The other view is that law-abiding people are responsible individuals possessed of rights from their Creator, one of the chief of which is the ability to protect themselves when under attack or threat of attack.  It is possible had such an individual been present Sunday night, Pete Garcia might have been stopped and Orestes Garza still alive.  At the very least, we can see, yet again, how totally ineffective such bans are against individuals bent on committing grave felonies.

I’ll pray for the repose of the soul of Orestes Garza, and for an end to reflexive imposition of bad policies that do nothing to prevent gun violence, and may even help perpetrate it.

BTW, a reader had an interesting idea.  One reason why dioceses decide overwhelmingly to ban guns is because it is much cheaper, liability-wise, for them to do so.  That’s because there is generally little or no penalty, in terms of monetary liability, if an attack occurs on a premise with a gun ban.  But that may be changing.  There is a law under consideration in Tennessee that would hold entities that enact such bans liable for any injuries or deaths due to malice that occur on premises covered by a ban.  Individuals who would have been otherwise armed could thus so for damages.

It remains to be seen how effective this would be at overturning gun bans in private locales. Such would at least help tilt the cost calculations – which tend to dominate this kind of decision-making – back in favor of law-abiding armed citizens.

Hideous, glowing WaPo report on “homosexual” priests February 1, 2016

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Uff da.  They may be right that half or more of current clergy are inclined to same-sex attraction, but that only indicts the horrific dereliction that has afflicted seminaries and dioceses going back decades, to before the Council.  Suffice it to say, a cadre of ideologically motivated and perversely inclined men started entering the priesthood in deliberate, focused fashion in the mid-20th century, rose to occupy many levers of power in the Church, and remade the institutions they controlled into something radically different from what they were intended to be.  Their presence was a key element in the revolution within the Church.  The continuing influence of avowedly “gay” priests is a cancer eating away at the heart of the Church, as these men are ultimately living a lie and are, on some fundamental level, gravely handicapped, if not totally unsuited, for the sacred office they hold (happily celibate men who eschew their disordered inclination are a special case I won’t get into in this post.  I’m speaking of the unapologetic types identified below).

The source is the Washington Post, so you can expect these men – who entered the priesthood knowing the Church’s clear Doctrine on the disordered nature of same-sex attraction and the manifest evil of sodomy – receive a sympathetic ear.  This is in fact a push piece intended to stir up sodomitical radicalism in the Church, but it’s important to know what we’re up against (my emphasis and comments):

At a time when the phrase “coming out” is starting to sound almost quaint, the Catholic priesthood may be one of the last remaining closets — and it’s a crowded one. People who study gay clergy believe gay men make up a significant percentage of the 40,000 ordained priests in the United States, including some who believe they may even be the majority…….[Maybe.  Which doesn’t make it OK, it just shows the depths of the crisis and the derangement that has afflicted the Church in the past few decades]

The Catholic Church is in the throes of a historic period of debate about homosexuality. Between Pope Francis’s now-famous “Who am I to judge?” line and two high-profile, global meetings he called in the past year to open up discussion about sex and family, there has perhaps never been as much dialogue among Catholics about how far to extend the welcome mat to gay people[We shall never be rid of that damnable statement.  It will continue to scandalize and serve as justification for noxious sin and revolution in the Church for decades to come]

……..Gay priests are invisible in this debate; the church does not research the topic. However, interviews with a dozen priests and former seminarians who are gay, and experts on gay priests, reveal a group of men mostly comfortable with their sexuality. Many express no urgency for the church to accept it. Some, however, say the priesthood remains sexually repressive; one said there is an “invisible wall” around the topic among priests[Chastity is not repression. Sheesh the worldliness, the hedonism of these guys.  I’ll just add that some of the worst child abusers in the priesthood – like those at St. John’s Abbey in Minnesota – were those who “embraced” their sexuality and had no shame whatsoever about it.]

……..The Rev. Warren Hall decided to join the tiny number of out priests after he was removed as campus minister of Seton Hall University last May. Officials noted he had supported a group on Facebook that advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and racial justice……..

…….“Priests want to be good priests, they want to do their job,” said Hall, who was reassigned to a Hoboken, N.J., parish. [So he’s still in service.  C’MON!]

………Priests who have come out — in some cases citing the need to confront anti-LGBT discrimination — say they have found scant support among other priests.

Parishioners were very supportive. [Gee, a priest with a huge skeleton, something that he knows is not rightly ordered to the priesthood, raises up morally indifferent people.  Color me shocked!] Religious women were very supportive. [The most disordered cohort in the Church.  Shocked!] One group that was silent were my brother priests. Gay as well as straight,” said the Rev. Fred Daley, a Syracuse, N.Y., priest who came out in 2004 after he was angered by people blaming gay priests for the global clergy sex abuse crisis…….[Please.  Nearly 90% of the victims were boys.  Give me a break.  And yet another open priest still in service.  Is he celibate? Note that Syracuse in the disastrously liberal upstate NY dioceses]

The mixture of fealty to God and the church and concern about harming parishioners or their standing in the priesthood has led some gay priests to gauge each situation before opening up. [So then on some level they are fundamentally dishonest.  Is that a desirable characteristic in a priest?  Notice how all this revolves around THEM. More below]

A New York priest says he comes out only in rare private circumstances, when counseling someone struggling to accept their homosexuality. “I’ve been in multiple situations where someone will say: ‘I’m a piece of s—.’ I’ll say: ‘Do I look like a piece of s— to you? God made me this way.’ ”[I am so tired of hearing this.  This priest is destroying who knows how many souls, as an authority figure who invincibly convinces them that their sins are No. Big. Deal. Most will never overcome that tragic experience]

A Pennsylvania priest says he’s “quietly subversive,” speaking acceptingly of gay people but not to just anyone. Even the confessional is not a truly safe place for him to tell someone who is gay that it’s not a bad thing. “We have too much to lose. I’ve invested my life in this business.”

That last bit really encapsulates the, I would say diabolical, nature of these men.  First, it’s all about him, again.  Second, we see the self-serving revolutionary mentality, “quietly subversive.”  Thirdly, we see his incredibly disordered approach to the priesthood – “this business.”  Fourth, we see a mentality that defines self around one’s sexual predilections to a disconcerting degree, which weighs heavily against the right conduct of a priestly office.  But that’s what many priests have been formed to be, mid-level managers in Amchurchcorp and occasional “sacramental administrators,”  whose personal life is held to be as inconsequential as that of a McDonald’s manager.

A self-identified “gay” priest argues towards the end of the article that the newer generation of priests is more conservative but just as “gay” as the preceding generations.  Which, I pray is not true, but I would not be shocked to know that the lavender mafia controlling the vast majority of seminaries continues to weed out non-disordered men.  I really do tend to think this kind of thing is much less prevalent in the few traditional seminaries, but I’m sure the crisis extends even there but to a dramatically lesser degree.  We should bear in mind, however, the self-serving nature of the priest’s claim – he has an obvious ax to grind, his conduct of the priesthood is bolstered if he feels like it’s inevitable, “everyone is doing it,” and even the more conservative priests are “just as bad.”  It could be BS.

BUT…….reports like this do highlight the grave crisis afflicting the priesthood. It’s going to take a long time for this consuming illness afflicting the priesthood to recede to more historic norms, if not be excised almost entirely.  Unfortunately, with the culture losing its mind and all but trumpeting this inclination as not just equivalent to, but in many ways superior to a well-ordered, moral life, it may well get still worse.  That seems incredible, but we live in unprecedented times.

On the bright side, we will never run out of things to pray for.


Transgender chic and neutering men January 28, 2016

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Transgender chic and neutering men.  Those two things are not unrelated. Witness the Gucci spring 2016 “menswear” line.  I have to put menswear in quotes because, really, most of this is women’s clothing put on heroin-addicted sodomites.  Amazing how whatever the latest revolutionary agenda the left wants to push manifests itself, simultaneously, in a thousand different ways, isn’t it?





On the right, above. Really?!?  It doesn’t even fit.  It looks like they bought it at the estate sale of a late 70s businesswoman.  Nice purse, Nancy.


Those are friggin’ dresses and skirts.  And not a one of them is even slightly original, they’re regurgitated designs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s but with horrible fabrics.

Look, the fashionistas have come up with incredibly tacky and preposterous designs for decades.  This is the fruit of a decadent culture in a seemingly terminal state of decline.  Culturally, we are exhausted.  Often these “fashion” designers simply try to be outrageous.

Buuutttt……at the same time, dressing men in what are obviously women’s clothes would not have sold even among the delirious fashionista set even 20 years ago.  At least not clothes this obviously feminine.  Given the recent “triumph” of the sodomites across Western culture with their being accorded, by government fiat but also popular will essential equality with normal, natural relations, and the seeming ascendance of those afflicted with gender dysphoria in their wake, can this be written off as strictly accidental?  Or is it part of a deliberate cultural push by a very tightly connected (and directed?) cadre of self-anointed elites who are dictating to the rest of us how things are going to be?

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the latter. Men are to be totally neutered, that’s the goal.

At any rate, Johnny has it right:

And yes I know the actor was a flamer who succumbed to AIDS quite early.  Still, funny character.

Radical Feminism as power fantasy for emotional cripples and revenge-minded deviants January 22, 2016

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Now there’s a lede expressing some hot opinion.  I was very tempted to substitute “is a” for “as,” but I guess I left myself some breathing room.

I really like the cultured Brit acadamecian David Thompson.  Not sure if I’ve ever linked to him before, but I read his site regularly.  He covers the topics of radicalism in the culture and academy a great deal.  One of his favorite targets to lampoon is radical feminism (in truth……there is no other kind).

He has a good post noting the supreme irony – or is it bone-chilling Orwellianism? – of a Canadian radical feminist site recommending a curfew for all males (no age range specified), at least until males are sufficiently neutered, in the opinion of the feminists, to allow them back out at night.  If that is not ugly bigotry masquerading as moral grandstanding, I don’t know what is:

[Allegedly outraged by the mass sexual assault of women all over Europe by male muslims, some women, prevented by leftist ideolgy from making necessary distinctions and placing the blame where it properly lies, propose a typically radical, if bigoted, response….] Feminist Current is apparently “Canada’s leading feminist website.” Its editor Meghan Murphy tells us that “female students are under constant threat” and that all women everywhere live in a state of unending terror:

And who is it we fear? Is it other women? No. It is a male. A male with a penis that he may or may not use as a weapon. [I tell you, I read a lot of feminist screeds, and this fear and loathing of the penis is a real and growing thing. I wonder if it comes from a whole generation of women raised with little or no contact with their fathers, who have never known (many) males and regard them as alien and frightening?]

Armed with a mind of infinite subtlety, [heh] Ms Murphy has more than a few ideas on how to combat this throbbing phallocratic menace: [bwahaahaahaaa]

There are solutions: a feminist revolution… an end to masculinity… all of that would help. 

An end to masculinity. Yes, I know, it’s quite a project. But first, baby steps:

It’s time to consider a curfew for men.

One more time:

While a curfew would not resolve the problem of patriarchy and male violence against women, it does, in a way, address entitlement and privilege… The more I consider the idea of a curfew for men, the more it makes sense. [So that would include black men, Hispanics, etc?  So basically your advocating the policy of sundown towns circa 1930?  KKK, anyone?]

Why, it almost sounds like a gratuitous power fantasy, the product of an unwell mind. [Ya think?] Of course a curfew will make dating rather difficult if you’re not a lesbian, [a feature, not a bug, to this crew] and overnight motorway maintenance will have to be done exclusively by ladies. And there’ll be no more working nights to support your family, you indecently privileged patriarchal shitlord. Happily, however, our collective punishment as menfolk may not be eternal:

After a designated period of time, we’ll allow them back on the streets after dark to see how it goes. [Gratuitous power fantasy, indeed, and one that is laughably unlikely to happen.  A full restoration of the Church is much more likely.  Or do I err?]

Clearly, Ms Murphy is determined to upend idle stereotypes of feminists as batty misandrists unmoored from reality…….

………As you might imagine, the readers’ comments at “Canada’s leading feminist website” are also quite… special. There, you’ll learn that in addition to a gender curfew, “there should be a limit on how many men can congregate together in public places at any time of day.” Because “three [men] together constitutes a gang.” You’ll also learn of the urgent need to “break apart the white family, the foremost institution of oppression,” and that, obviously, “all men rape occasionally.”

Why, it’s almost as if all this talk of “equality” and “fairness” was just a smokescreen for a giant transfer of power through process of slow revolution, with the new masters far more brutally repressive and cruel than the old ones ever were, even in the fevered imaginations of the new revolutionaries.

Goodness, you mean to tell me leftism is really a religion of endless self-aggrandizement and power-seeking posing as high morality?  You don’t say:

Ukrainians starved by Stalin

Ukrainians starved by Stalin

Killing Fields - Cambodia

Killing Fields – Cambodia

Killed by FARC

Killed by FARC


Religion of Peace Alert: Afghan cuts off wife’s nose when she opposes his 2nd “marriage”…..to 6 year old January 21, 2016

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Ah, the joys of the religion of peace.  Brutal subjugation of women.  Ritualized child rape (of either sex).  Slavery.  Freedom to murder in the name of “god.”  Oh yes, surely another valid covenant and path to Heaven, no need to convert from this satan-inspired religion, at all:

The woman, Reza Gul, 20, was attacked by her husband with a knife on Sunday in Shar-Shar, a village in an impoverished and Taliban-controlled part of Faryab Province.

On Sunday afternoon, Zarghona said, Reza Gul and Mr. Khan got into an argument over his having taken his uncle’s 6- or 7-year-old daughter as his fiancée, [so not only a 6  year old, but a niece!  And how about the father willing to sell his 6  year old!  And this is not unusual in islam, at all. South and Central Asia, in particular, are rife with such perverse barbarity]  with the intention of making her his second wife this year. During the dispute, Mr. Khan erupted into a rage, took a knife and cut off his wife’s nose, said Zarghona, who goes by a single name.

Mr. Khan and one of his brothers then threw Reza Gul on the back of a motorcycle with the intention of taking her away to kill her, Zarghona said. But news of the attack spread quickly in the village, causing an uproar, and Mr. Khan fled for his life.

“I went to the Taliban,” Zarghona said. “I asked them: ‘Is this the Islam we are following? My daughter’s nose chopped off? But you are doing nothing about it. I want justice.’ ”

Mr. Yaqubi, the police official, said the authorities had heard that “the Taliban has already arrested Muhammad Khan, and he is presently in their custody.”

“We don’t know what they plan to do with him, but we will follow the case and bring him to justice.”

Well given that the Taliban has supported child rape posing as marriage before, I imagine they’re on the horns of a dilemma in this case.

Islam countenances all the following:

  1. Bigamy (and trigamy and more)
  2. Keeping of slaves, especially female
  3. Buying and selling of children as possible
  4. Child rape (male and female)
  5. Brutal treatment of women (to nary a peep from Western feminists)
  6. An institutionalized culture of violence and “might makes right”
  7. General barbarism (which is why islamic “culture” is frozen at about the 9th century level)
  8. Use of the sword and male dominance of women as its major tools of “evangelization”
  9. Ritualized rape of adult women if they are not defended by male relatives
  10. Murder of women raped by men for “adultery”

But it’s a religion of peace, from which muslims need not even consider conversion to faith in Jesus Christ!  I know this, because Franky said so!

And just what have our billions squandered on such a deliberately backwards land accomplished?  We may as well have just had a giant bonfire with it, for all its accomplished.  Brits, Russians, and Americans have tried for nearly 200 years to bring some semblance of order, decency, and civilization to Afghanistan…….I think we can judge that at this time it is simply impossible.

I should also add that Afghani men have been identified as leading perpetrators of the mass sexual assault against women in European cities recently.  And yet our president would open this country to at least some number of these people.

I know what’ll fix ’em up good!  Some dialogue!  Sick Cardinals Koch and Parolin on them and I’m sure their dulcet tones will sing a song that will bring islam right into the 21st century as an eager partner of FrancisChurch in building a New World Order!  Those guys bring success to every endeavor!

Ladies man

Ladies man

While Cardinal Koch dreams of the future of the “priesthood” in the background.

Like so much left-wing moral grandstanding, Live-Aid accomplished the exact opposite of its do-good intent January 15, 2016

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I’m sure that to anyone not steeped in the manner of thinking I’ve developed over many years, that some of my statements sound ridiculous.  Extreme.  When I say that leftism is a competing and implacably hostile religion to Catholicism, I’m sure they scoff.  And when I say that leftism is destructive in virtually every single one of its effects, even when it tries to do good, they probably think I’m nuts.  Just a rabid right-winger.

So let me provide a concrete example of that latter bit.  Remember Live-Aid, back in 1985?  A huge rock concert cum media circus on two continents to raise money for starving Ethiopians?  Run by Bob Geldoff, an Irish leftist whose anti-Catholicism has to be seen to be believed, the event raised, purportedly, around $100 million.  Did that money benefit starving Ethiopians?  Did it help end the war that precipitated the starvation?  No.  In a very long series of reports at Spin Magazine, dating from 1986, it turns out that Live-Aid gave the entirety of the money to the Ethiopian dictator who was the cause of the crisis in the first place, who then used it to build up the strongest army between the Sahara and South Africa, and inflicted that army on his own people to finally and definitively win the ongoing civil war.  It should be noted that the Ethiopian dictator, Mengitsu, was a client of Soviets and was in the process of turning Ethiopia into a communist country (which is what the civil war was all about to begin with).

It seems that Geldoff simply could not comprehend that a fellow hard leftist would not have a heart of gold.  So in spite of warnings from every single aid agency present in Ethiopia NOT to give Mengitsu the money, he did so, probably as much out of ideology as out of foolishness.

Since we’re a bit past the 30th anniversary of Live-Aid, Spin has re-released the articles it ran back in 1986 exposing the scam.  Like I said, they’re quite long, but make very informative reading.  I excerpt below from the preface to the articles that neatly sums up the total failure of the moral preening Live-Aid:

One night at dinner in late 1985, a friend talked about Ethiopia being in a civil war. Neither I nor anyone else at the table had heard that. It hadn’t been covered in the American press. This was just six months after the Live Aid concerts in Philadelphia and London had directly and indirectly raised over $100 million dollars for famine relief in the African nation. The next day I asked my sister Nina, an assistant at SPIN then, to research this, because if the country was at war, it would surely be difficult to move aid around and get it to people who needed it.

In those days we didn’t have the Internet, so research was done by going to the library and trawling through endless spools of microfiche — film of newspaper pages from around the world. That evening she came into my office ashen faced — she had discovered it was clear, and very well evidenced, that this famine, the awful depictions of which had pulled on the world’s heartstrings, was man made, by government planes deliberately napalming rebel farms. 

Every year Ethiopia experiences some degree of drought, the worst ones bringing famine. But the country historically dealt with this. Some years were worse than others. In 1984 the famine that inspired first Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and then Live Aid, was very bad and people were dying of starvation. But the cause was less nature than cynical genocide. A fact apparently so easy to discover that an editorial assistant barely out of college did so in a matter of hours at the library. 

I asked Bob Keating, a superb young investigative reporter who had just started working with us, to look into this for a story. The assignment was simple — all this money had been raised, where was it going, was it actually doing good?

He discovered it was not doing good, but, horrifically, unimaginably, the exact opposite. The Ethiopian dictator, Mengistu, until then deadlocked in the war, was using the money the west gave him to buy sophisticated weapons from the Russians, and was now able to efficiently and viciously crush the opposition. Ethiopia, then the third poorest country in the world, suddenly had the largest, best equipped army on the African continent. [This is exaggeration.  In the 70s and 80s, I don’t think any country on the African country could compare to South Africa, militarily.  I imagine Egypt and others along the Med were also stronger than Ethiopia at that time, but they were strongest of anyone in between]

By this time we had all seen the pictures and TV footage of Bob Geldof, the figurehead of Live Aid, bear hugging and playfully punching Mengistu in the arm as he literally handed over the funding for this slaughter. It was on TV now alright, but as an endless, relentless reel of heroic Bob Geldof highlights. He drenched himself in the adulation and no one begrudged him it, until our investigation exposed the holocaust that Live Aid’s collected donations had help perpetrate on the Eritrean independence fighters. 

Most damningly, Keating reported that Geldof was warned, repeatedly, from the outset by several relief agencies in the field about Mengistu, who was dismantling tribes, mercilessly conducting resettlement marches on which 100,000 people died, and butchering helpless people. According to Medicins Sans Frontiers, who begged Geldof to not release the money until there was a reliable infrastructure to get it to victims, he simply ignored them, instead famously saying: “I’ll shake hands with the Devil on my left and on my right to get to the people we are meant to help.” [This is so typical. Self-congratulatory moral grandstanding is the true end, not so much actually helping people. Leftism in a nutshell.]

In the course of preparing our story, we tried to interview Geldof, who in the beginning, perhaps expecting more of the same media worship, was apparently willing to talk, but as soon as he and Live Aid realized what we knew and were going to ask him about, he declined. For more than a month we kept calling and faxing requests for his comments. As we were nearing our deadline, we Fedex’ed him written questions and two cassettes, every day for two weeks. Two cassettes because I urged him to record his answers on two machines, send us one cassette and keep the other as a record, so there could be no dispute about quoting him out of context.

He never replied, and our report, in July 1986, shocked the world. That is not an overstatement. It comprehensively exposed the fraudulent use of the charitable money by unmistakably the world’s most brutal dictator, and the naive, hubris-drenched, unwitting complicity of Live Aid and Geldof. 

After the story broke, Geldof lied, claiming we published it to punish him because he wouldn’t grant us an interview. That sounded as ridiculous as it was, and, more crucially, was a pretty thin rebuttal for the serious issues revealed in the article……

……..This week, SPIN is republishing the stories that we ran then over a several-month period, starting with the first article today, which is the 30th Anniversary of the concerts in 1985, and continuing with our follow-up investigation published in September ’86, and the publication in the August ’86 issue of a statement Geldof distributed to the media (but not to us), which we then rebuffed, point by point.

Once again, 29 years later from the original publication of these articles, we have asked Bob Geldof to respond. [He hasn’t]

Stunning scandal unfolding in NY – sodomite drug addled S&M priest embezzlement and coverup December 15, 2015

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Lots in that lede, sorry – it seems there are very detailed reports, dating back over 10 years, that a certain Father, or is that “Father,” Miqueli of St. Frances de Chantal parish in the Bronx has been embezzling parish funds for years to engage in drug-fueled sodomite sadomasochistic romps with a male prostitute.  There are all kinds of details emerging now, including that this Fr. Miqueli reputedly stole nearly $1 million from two parishes to pay for his sick passions, that the Archdiocese of NYC has known about his activities for years, and that this priest apparently felt invulnerable to discipline for his alleged criminal behavior because he was protected as a member of the archdiocesan sodomite lobby.

Some highly detailed links below (all to Church Militant, save the one above).  Be warned, the content discussed is very explicit and will likely be upsetting to a number of readers.  First, Vox’s commentary on the matter (same warning applies to this!):

Cardinal Dolan, you deserve wherever this leads and may it lead to your downfall and a cleansing.

How dare you, after all that has gone on with homosexuals in the priesthood raping and sodomising young boys and men, yes, HOMOSEXUALS DID IT, — how dare ignore the faithful and allow this filthy pervert who paid to have someone urinate in his mouth, offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

What sacrilege.

What filth. Trading the Precious Blood for urine! Did you felch him too? [I’m sure it was the other way around.  Miqueli sounds like a raging bottom – which fact that I know that term is such a dark commentary on our society]

And a thief on top of all the perversion.

I truly hope this brings you down and all those sodomites with you.


SODOMITE SADOMASOCHIST THIEF PRIEST RESIGNS[Yes, he resigned Saturday.  It appears a public lawsuit is capable of penetrating even the strongest of sodomite clergy strangleholds on a diocese (NY being one of the places most thoroughly dominated by the lavender mafia]


I’ll just add that I’ve read the three reports above and it appears there is COPIOUS evidence supporting these allegations.  That is, they look less like allegations that certifiable proof that have been covered up for years.  Recall my mention last week that radical immorality in the priesthood was still a going thing.  It most certainly is.

Which brings me to the next post I’m stealing linking from Vox (I have to do it at least once a week!), faithful, even traditional Catholic journalist George Neumayr has some explosive allegations regarding Cardinal Wuerl, claiming he has taken millions of dollars of lay faithful donations to live in a rich penthouse with (what one must presume are sodo-lover) priests.  As a result, he got tossed from a recent public event involving Cardinal Wuerl:

Why would Cardinal Wuerl have a member of the press removed from Church property by the police during a book signing? Because I have been investigating Wuerl’s corrupt use of the faithful’s money. He has been furtively using donations to finance a multimillionaire penthouse on Embassy Row. His press secretary has denied every one of my requests for an interview and so I have sought to interview Wuerl and priests with whom he has lived at the penthouse by typical journalistic means. Outrageously, Wuerl has used my mere reporting as a pretext to call the police on me. This is the “transparent,” “accessible,” and “accountable” Church of Pope Francis? May God help us all. [Leftists always project. Leftists always lie.  If they call for mercy, get ready for some sweet, sweet repression]

In all of my years of reporting, I have never seen a churchman as deviously insular and elitist as Wuerl. On the hard-earned donations of the faithful, he has lived like a Borgia-era cardinal, indulging his affluent tastes while eschewing his flock and ignoring or abusing his priests.

The “gay” mafia didn’t accidentally happen.  It was created by men given over to perversion.  Men like Bishop Lynch and Cardinals Bernadin and McCarrick and quite possibly Wuerl.  Too bad the evil these men do only seems to come to light after they retire or as their careers wind down, after the damage they have wrought is more or less complete.

I’ll tell  you how I feel about Wuerl:

He has a very complete Madonna collection, IYKWIMAITYD.  Also, Cher, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Dead or Alive, you get my meaning.

Suggested text of letter to OKC city council regarding new satanic blasphemy December 14, 2015

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See post below.  Contact for OKC city council at bottom.  You can just copy and past the e-mail addresses and use the text if  you see fit. I tried to keep it brief:

I am heartbroken to learn once again that your fine city plans to permit a horrific anti-Catholic display within its confines, and this time, on Christmas Eve, the Eve of the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am shocked that a permit was given for what is a deliberately provocative act intended to insult the sensibilities of thousands of OKC residents and millions more worldwide.

From the point of view of a faithful Catholic, there is little more blasphemous that could be done, aside from a black mass (which you have already permitted), than the deliberate desecration of an image of the Mother of God.  One must increasingly wonder, what is the particular animus that Oklahoma City holds towards Catholics, to permit these events over and over again?   What specific actions is the city taking to demonstrate solidarity with its many Catholic citizens when they are being so insulted and provoked?  Does the city government not recognize what kind of image is being presented by the continued approval of these gravely offensive acts, and the kind of reaction that could engender?

Why does Oklahoma City government not fight the request for permit and require a legal challenge to be made?  That would result at least in a delay to this atrocity taking place, if not preventing it outright. Or are Catholic citizens not worth such efforts?  Would the reaction be different if this were planned outside a Baptist church or a mosque?  I increasingly wonder.

I pray you take some kind of step to both block this blasphemous desecration from taking place and to demonstrate that Oklahoma City is not a hotbed of anti-Catholic hatred and discrimination.

Mayor Mike Cornett – mayor@okc.gov

Ward 1 James Greiner ward1@okc.gov

Ward 2 Dr. Ed Shadid ward2@okc.gov

Ward 3 Larry McAtee  ward3@okc.gov

Ward 4 Pete White  ward4@okc.gov

Ward 5 David Greenwell  ward5@okc.gov

Ward 6 Meg Salyer  ward6@okc.gov

Ward 7 John A Pettis Jr  ward7@okc.gov

Ward 8 Mark K. Stonecipher ward 8@okc.gov



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