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Catholic video begging permission to hold counter-cultural thoughts attracts massive ire July 1, 2015

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Catholic Vote has produced a video that basically begs the culture for permission to adhere to the Doctrine of the Faith.  That’s a fairly harsh view, perhaps, but I don’t think it unfair.  See the video and then I’ll share some of the “elite’s” responses:

I have several problems with this video.  I deplore the overall tone of surrender – “please don’t hate me because I think differently from you!”  I’m much more in the mode of Andrew Breitbart of late in his approach to the perverse left: You are completely, totally wrong about practically everything and I don’t have to beg permission from you or anyone else to believe what virtually all of you now hating me believed before it became easier to join the preference cascade and switch sides.  The real reason you hate and vilify me is because my mere presence holds a mirror up to your own inconstancy and cowardice.  I believe what I believe because it is the truth as can be irrefutably established from reason, nature, and trumping all, the Truth God has revealed through His Church.

I also don’t like the term “who happen to be gay”…….there may be people like that, but when we are speaking of the radical sodomite agenda we are speaking of people who define themselves according to a revolting, unnatural act.  It is an act so incredibly offensive that even the very demons hide their eyes in shame whenever it is committed (by two men, or man and woman, or whatever).  Yes we must have charity for these poor souls but that does not include whitewashing the act or pretending that the act they feel defines their very being can somehow be set aside as we bask in their notwithstanding goodness.  Charity in fact means presenting the truth of the evil of these acts and imploring these souls to desist from the acts and the entire associated lifestyle.

In the video’s favor, it was obviously intended to reach out to the “unchurched” or katholyc krowd and to strike home with them by mimicking “outing” videos used for  years by the “other side.”  It is being very widely viewed (thanks a great deal to the manic reaction below), so perhaps it has achieved its goal, though it seems most of the young people viewing the video are strongly opposed.

Now for some of the “elite” responses:

Adfreak: Gay marriage opponents act like an oppressed minority in Catholic Group’s Ad

GQ: Absurd Catholic Video Presents Bigots as the Victims of Marriage Equality

Dazed: This anti-gay marriage video could be the worst film ever

PR Newser: Advocacy group tries, fails to make anti-gay marriage ad

NewNowNext: Watch this hilariously awful anti-gay marriage PSA by Catholic Vote

Daily Kos: New ad by anti-gay Catholic group is crazy surreal

Adweek: Despicable new ad

Here, have a bit more from Adweek (I won’t link it, they can come after me all they like):

And everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as it doesn’t lead to legislation that discriminates. [We will reluctantly allow you hate-filled bigots to continue to hold your worse-than-Hitler views for now so long as you never pronounce them in public and keep your Bible-humping to yourself.  And don’t you ever try to influence legislation or any kind of public policy, you Christofascists. That is, you can privately hold those views for now.  Two years from now…..]   No, what’s galling about the ad is its appropriation of LGBTQ themes to marginalize LGBTQ people.

The ad, with a straight face, position Catholics as a persecuted group for not having their message of intolerance (here blatantly recast as its opposite) widely accepted these days. It even plays like a coming-out video for Catholics who are afraid to take the “brave” step of voicing their objection to equality. That’s a pretty audacious tactic—disingenuous and disrespectful, to say the least.

Oh is it now? And  yet who is castigating who in a publication that reaches hundreds of thousands?  Adweek is a major trade publication. It is incredibly influential, it probably reaches 100x as many people in a week as Catholic Vote.  Adweek has a major influence in the advertising medium, which is influential on literally billions of people around the planet, and yet Adweek is casting any opposition to this made up “same sex marriage” as “bigotry.”  That is persecution in and of itself.

And the Catholic Vote ad used “coming out” formatting as a deliberate send-up of radical sexular pagan tactics to hopefully wake some souls up to what is happening. But hang on, it gets worse:

Beyond that, it is rather illogical. You can’t reposition a group as oppressed when there is no movement to oppress them.   And you certainly can’t equate being called a bigot for spouting intolerance with anything near what members of the LGBTQ community have experienced for decades.

So saying “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman” is now being “a bigot spouting intolerance.”  That right there is categorical persecution, since being publicly identified as a bigot has long been to excluded from all decent society (such as it is, anymore) and a deadly threat to careers, livelihood, and even personal safety.  Please tell Baronelle Stutzman, Memories Pizza, and dozens of other Christians around this country who have had their lives and finances ruined by the radical sexular pagans that there is no persecution ongoing.  You guys are so endlessly vindictive you even got gofundme to stop allowing efforts to fund these people being persecuted.  But our persecutors are so lost they feel we “had it coming” for engaging in such doubleplusungood wrongthink.  Thus, they now come to break the dissenting Christians financially.

But there’s more to it than that. In all these responses, and I’ve read every one, there is not a single attempt to refute the argument that marriage is between one man and one woman.  They are all nothing but the most vicious ad hominem attacks on Catholics I’ve seen in a long time.  Even the recent Supreme Court decision posited virtually no real argument, from reason, for recognizing these false “marriages,” they simply declared a new “right” and went on from there.  The Obergefell decision was filled with nothing but bald assertion after bald assertion, with virtually no recourse to reason.  The dissenting justices (whom, I suppose, are also raving hate-filled bigots now, too?) literally mocked the majority for their lack of reason.

That’s because, aside from appeal to emotion and naked bullying, there is no justification for this travesty, and we can see that in this kind of over-the-top response to a really low-key ad.  The arguments for pseudo-sodo-marriage are so weak, and the reliance on naked force to implement this offense against decency so overwhelming, that they HAVE to insure there is absolutely no dissent, or at the very least, that any dissent be just pilloried in the media.  It was this kind of heavy handed propaganda campaign that instigated the preference cascade starting in 2009 in the first place!  They are deadly afraid that any dissent, and especially reasoned, Christian dissent could easily result in a tilt the other way.

And it will, eventually, lest we be headed for the Parousia, as I’ve said many times before.  But in the interim, I hope the above helps you realize how rough times ahead will be, and how solid in the Faith we will need to be to withstand them.

May God have mercy on us all, especially those who hate and revile us.

PS – What if the decision had gone the other way?  My goodness, it was 5-4, what if Anthony Kennedy peered into his magic 8 ball and it said “no” that day?  Yes the left would have gone insane (and that would be different how……?) and the cultural campaign would have continued, but there has been a sea change since the decision in the rhetoric used, now even relatively mainstream sites like Adweek feel completely free in describing opponents of pseudo-sodo-marriage as “bigots” and haterz, whereas such harsh language was more muted before.  So, a 5-4 decision means that 160 million people are suddenly, overnight, bigots?

No one ever said the post-modern left fancied logic or consistency very much.

Call to end tax exempt status is really a call to end churches and plunder their property June 30, 2015

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One of the dominant characteristics of the Tudor dynasty in 16th and 17th century England was its totalitarian nature and profound lawlessness.  It was this lawlessness that laid the seed-bed for 17th century rebellion against monastery and the (to the present day) total ascendance of the Parliament over the monarchy.  Henry VIII infamously sacked much of the wealth of the English Church, the better to buy support among certain aristocrats and other unscrupulous souls.  He did so through an instrument of totalitarian government, the Act of Supremacy, which declared Henry the sole head of the “church in England.”

History never repeats, but historical situations do recur.  We don’t quite have an all-powerful king, but we do have a narrow elite hell-bent on pursuing their own narrow interest and using any and all means to do so.  We also have a nation horribly in debt and unable to meet even its present-day fiscal obligations, not to mention the titanic mountain of debt that looms on the near horizon.  These are two very powerful elements that, with this disastrous Obergfell Supreme Court decision, now have the means to plunder the churches both for the wealth that could be gained by so doing and, to paraphrase King Henry II, to rid themselves of these damned meddlesome Christians.

That’s the conclusion (and the extrapolation) I draw from Denny Burk’s warning that the sexular pagans are not nearly done with their revolution, and that they are coming for the churches next, both for our money, and to silence us once and for all (my emphasis and comments):

Mark Oppenheimer of The New York Times is now calling for the government to remove tax-exempt status from churches. After I posted a link to his article on Facebook, a pastor friend commented: “I’m not sure our small church could survive.” That, my friends, is the point. And Oppenheimer knows it. [Well, he admits as much later]

Legal gay marriage is not the endgame for the gay-rights movement. It never was. Moral approval is the endgame. The agenda is not tolerance for different beliefs and lifestyles. The agenda is a demand that everyone get on board with the moral revolution or be punished. That means if you or your church won’t get with the program, then the revolutionaries will endeavor to close you down. [That is it in a nutshell.  Reilly establishes very clearly that this “marriage” movement is all about gaining that precious, precious affirmation these poor souls so constantly crave.  It won’t work, of course, the Law of God written on their hearts will continue to keep them in misery so long as they live these terrible lives of sin]

But they aren’t going to say,”We’ll close you down,” in so many words. They will cover it in propaganda that conceals their real aim. They’ll say, as Oppenheimer does, that taxpayers are “subsidizing” churches, that ministers make fat-cat six-figure salaries, and that government should get those rich priests and preachers off the government dole[I don’t know what our bishops in this country make, but there are some fat cats in the Church in places like Germany.  But in this country, even the pastor of a large parish rarely makes more than $60k a year, though they do have many major expenses covered]

Never mind that the average base salary of a full-time senior pastor ranges from $33,000 to $70,000 (source). Never mind that ministers do pay income taxes. Never mind that it is absurd to suggest not paying taxes is a subsidy…….That doesn’t fit the fictional narrative activists wish to advance—that these churches don’t deserve to have their “subsidy” continued in light of their intolerable views on sexuality. [Yep, that’s the point.  And the rhetoric about “subsidy” reveals for the tweltheenth time that leftists view ALL income as belonging by right to the state, with lowered taxes somehow becoming “subsidies” or even “gifts” from the state to the citizen.  All they need now is their Fouquier-Tinville.]

No, the real intent of removing tax-exempt status is to cripple the institutions that continue their dissent from the sexual revolution. When tax exemptions are removed, donors will give far less than they are giving now. Churches will become liable to property taxes.[Especially in deep blue states, but it could become universal eventually]  That means that many churches will have to forfeit their property to the government because they won’t be able to afford the taxes they have to pay on it.[And what a bonanza that could be]  Many of them wouldn’t be able to pay them now. If donations went down, they would be that much further from being able to pay them. As a result, churches that reside on valuable properties in urban locations would be immediately vulnerable. Eventually, so would everyone else. [Dang right. Maybe it’s been a great grace that so many traddie parishes are in undesirable locales?]

Oppenheimer knows this. That is why he argues that if churches can’t raise the money for their new tax burden, then they don’t deserve to retain their property.[Who the hell is he to say this?  OK, if we ever elect a real social conservative, how about raising taxes on urban elites (especially NYC) to 95%?  If government is going to be all about will to power, punish the minority and squash all dissent, then this could involve into savage persecution of the other side depending on who comes out on top after a given election.  This process won’t last long, it will end in dictatorship – with a lot of people clamoring for it – just to return to some kind of perceived sense of order]   After all, he argues, the government would do a better job than churches at meeting the needs of their community. [This is false, private charities have been demonstrated to be far more efficient distributors of charity, being much closer to local needs.  Oppenheimer’s entire piece is full of such bald, unsupported assertions] He concludes, “So yes, the logic of gay-marriage rights could lead to a reexamination of conservative churches’ tax exemptions… When that day comes, it will be long overdue.”……[Ah – did you get that?  That’s the key.  It won’t be all churches.  It won’t be unitarian  universalists or other churches of the sexular pagan left.  It will be orthodox Christian churches.  So this is entirely about crushing opposition]

………When some of us warned of the religious-liberty implications of making gay marriage a fundamental constitutional right, we were told that such things would never happen. What they really meant was, “That will never happen, but when it does you Christians will deserve it.” Oppenheimer is making the case for why he thinks we deserve it.

————End Quote———-

Is it revealing the degree to which seemingly secular Jews have been playing in the advance of the sexular pagan agenda going back decades now?  Is it revealing that the entire Frankfurt School of avowed communists was made up of deeply self-loathing Jews (and thoroughly miserable human beings)?  Is there an eschatological element to this involvement by the Jews in the unprecedented retreat of Christendom over the past few hundred  years?

Perhaps more immediate questions are: now that we have confirmation that the sexularist revolutionaries are already moving against the Church in the primary area they can influence – funding – and thus all of our dire predictions have been proved right……..does it matter?  Now that we have confirmation that these same pagans are already moving to legalize polygamy and even worse, incest, and we’ve been proved right again……will that knowledge make any difference?  Will enough people care?  Are there enough basically orthodox Christians and protestants of any stripe to stop this runaway freight?

I’m afraid the answers are likely no.  In certain regions, more rural communities in the South, West, and Great Plains, there remains a relatively large number of at least somewhat orthodox Christians and protestants, but everywhere else………we’ll be a tiny minority.  We certainly are in most cities. And once real suffering starts, our numbers will decrease even more.

If persecuting policies aimed at bankrupting churches are enacted at the federal (national) level, it will be very hard on most parishes.  It is possible more friendly state and local policy could offset a good deal of the damage done, however.  So this will likely be a more regional phenomenon, where leftist states are able to even further drive all opposition out but survival may be possible elsewhere.  Rod Dreher seems to be pointing towards rural enclaves a la the early monasteries.  Much will depend on how our bishops respond, but barring an unforeseen miracle I think it will become increasingly difficult to impossible for traditional Catholic communities to exist in liberal areas generally and large coastal cities in particular.  Maybe I’m being a bit too negative, but I don’t believe I am.  While I predicted pseudo-sodomarriage would be the law of the land 2-3 years ago, if you had asked me 10 years ago whether any of this would come to pass, I would have thought you were crazy.  That’s how fast things are moving.

It might not be a bad idea for traditional parishes to start identifying alternative centers for the Sacraments if they cannot maintain their present physical locations.  This might include barns, halls, meeting places, even open fields.

I don’t mean to discourage anyone, but we’re heading into a real, red persecution.  We need to be prepared.

Kennedy strikes again: Supreme Court stays Texas abortion limitation law June 30, 2015

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A commenter asked why I picked on Anthony Kennedy in my initial reaction to the destruction of marriage decision issued last week, when there was another ‘Catholic’ justice who voted in favor of this demonic nightmare (Sotomayor).  Well, I did that for two reasons…….one, this is about the umpteenth time Kennedy has voted against the solemnly proclaimed Doctrine of the Faith – it was he who kept abortion legal in Casey vs. Planned Parenthood, he who de-criminalized sodomy in Lawrence vs. Texas (and wrote the solipsistic majority opinion), he who cast the deciding vote in 2013 in favor of the federal government recognizing “same sex marriage” as actual marriage……and those are just the highlights.  Secondly, and more importantly, while Sotomayor does not present herself as a faithful, orthodox Catholic, she acknowledges she differs from the Church on a number of matters, Kennedy DOES present himself as a faithful Catholic.  That’s a big distinction.

Anyway, Kennedy has struck again, staying the implementation of aspects of Texas House Bill 2 which has resulted in the shuttering of a large majority of the state’s abortion mills.  It is quite possible given this stay, some which had shut down will re-open, at least temporarily:

The Supreme Court barred Texas on Monday from implementing a law that would have forced more than half the state’s 19 abortion clinics to close their doors this week.

The law, which was to take effect Wednesday, would require clinics to adhere to strict new physical standards and the doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

The court granted the reprieve after abortion rights groups requested an emergency stay, having unsuccessfully sought to have the law overturned. The stay will probably remain in place at least through the summer while the parties assemble a legal case and the court decides whether to take it up in the next term.

The court did not offer a reason for its 5-to-4 decision, and the law’s ultimate fate remains unclear. The court’s reliably conservative justices — Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. — dissented and would have let the law take effect.

So what are the odds Kennedy will let HB2 stand?  I’d say about 50:1 against, at least.

I have been heartened by some of the reaction I have seen to last week’s travesty of a decision.  I have seen a large number of conservatives finally, if belatedly, come to the realization that the Supreme Court decades ago ceased to be a deliberative body dedicated to interpreting the Constitution with respect to various laws and regulations, and has in fact become a “third legislature” of nine unelected lawyers (see Scalia’s blistering dissent) whose function is to enact social revolution which could never, or only with great difficulty, have been enacted by normal legislative action (re: “democracy”) into law.

That this is true is revealed by the fact that no one, anywhere, ever had any doubt as to which way any of the four hard leftists on the Court would vote on these matters.  It was simply never in doubt.  That’s because these leftists don’t give a whit for the Constitution or what it says, they are there to carry out the revolution by other means.  This has been the case for at least 60 years and frankly, longer than that.

And the “conservatives”…..please.  None of them is rock solid, and Kennedy has morphed more and more into an out and out leftist, at least so far as social matters are concerned.  But every single one of them can be turned to statism on this issue or that, as Thomas showed when he voted with the leftist block to support a TEXAS law forbidding Confederate flag symbols (for the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization) on Texas license plates.  Scalia supports statism when it comes to law enforcement and the “war on drugs,” Roberts of course has tied himself in knots trying to find ways to keep Obamacare “constitutional”…….they all will squish on one issue or the other.  And since the four leftists are utterly unmovable, all it takes is one.

On a more important matter, how have we as a nation come to this point?  How have we come to the point when the Church’s very ability to exist in this country is coming under severe threat?

I think we all know……we are here due to the ABJECT, MANIFEST AND NEAR TOTAL FAILURE of episcopal leadership in this country and around the world going back to the late 1800s when the foul and never fully repressed Americanist heresy reared its ugly head.  The Church as we have experienced it in this country over the past several decades is simply Americanism in action – indifferentism masked as ecumenism, excess focus on public or social virtues, doctrinal weakness/incoherence, toleration of rebellion, excess deference to protestantism, liturgical abuse, and most of all, heaping doses of moral cowardice masquerading as a false virtue of tolerance.  We have come to this point because the leadership of the Church has not only not fought hard enough against the sexular pagan revolution, many key players willingly aided and advanced the sexular pagan revolution through their covert relations with Planned Barrenhood, their Hyannisport meetings, their Land O’ Lakes conference and their “seamless garments.”  They have, very nearly to a man, totally failed in their duty to exercise Church discipline, protect the sanctity of the Church’s doctrinal edifice, and use the (truly charitable) means available to them to stamp out heresy and abuse.  Instead they have played footsie with heresy and cozied up to politicians and others who have done massive damage to the Faith, all out of desire to “maintain a place at the table” and keep the privileges enjoyed in the past for as long as possible, the impact to souls be damned.

God will not be mocked.  He allows our sins to destroy us or at the very least really, really chastise us.  The Church in this country is about to go through an unbelievable chastisement due to the failure – at all levels, it must be said – to live the Faith rightly for decades now.  It is not going to be at all pretty, or fun.  It’s going to be a bitter trial and diabolical confusion.

As I said, may God have mercy on us all.  I do think we shall have many opportunities for heroic virtue in the days ahead.


WHAT a new springtime! If trends hold, there will be ZERO Christians in Britain by 2067 June 17, 2015

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Good Lord, that’s only 52 years away.  That’s closer to us than the Cuban Missile Crisis or Texas’ first national championship in football.

The thing is, trends like these always change.  As the number of believers decreases the trend lines will flatten out and a bottom will be reached – and that bottom will not be zero.  There are a goodly number of very staunch Catholics in Britain having large families and transmitting the Faith to the younger generations. But I had no idea that Christianity was dying in Britain as fast as it is.  How long before Oxford becomes a madrassah for the training if islamic imams?

It’s often said that Britain’s church congregations are shrinking, but that doesn’t come close to expressing the scale of the disaster now facing Christianity in this country. Every ten years the census spells out the situation in detail: between 2001 and 2011 the number of Christians born in Britain fell by 5.3 million — about 10,000 a week. If that rate of decline continues, the mission of St Augustine to the English, together with that of the Irish saints to the Scots, will come to an end in 2067………

……..Our cathedral buildings will survive, but they won’t be true cathedrals because they will have no bishops. The Church of England is declining faster than other denominations; if it carries on shrinking at the rate suggested by the latest British Social Attitudes survey, Anglicanism will disappear from Britain in 2033. One day the last native-born Christian will die and that will be that. [I doubt that.  But I do look forward to the day that the false, heretical “Church” of England no longer exists. I pray all the souls belonging to it experience a real conversion and convert to the Church Christ founded, which isn’t doing all that well, either.]

……..It has all happened so quickly. Anglicans in particular are abandoning their faith at a rate that (in more ways that one) defies belief. According to the British Social Attitudes surveys, their numbers fell from 40 per cent of the population in 1983 to 29 per cent in 2004 and 17 per cent last year……

……His predecessor but one, however, is happy to do so. Lord Carey of Clifton, a more formidable figure in retirement than he was in office, last month warned the C of E that it was ‘one generation away from extinction’. The new Social Attitudes figures support his conclusions.

Between 2012 and 2014 the proportion of Britons describing themselves as Church of England or Anglican fell from 21 to 17 per cent: a loss of 1.7 million people in two years. That’s what you might expect if the established church had been engulfed in a gigantic paedophile scandal. But it hasn’t been.

Self-identifying British Catholics fell from 10 per cent to 8 per cent between 1983 and 2014. But that decline would have been far more dramatic without the arrival of Catholics from the Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Philippines. No wonder Cardinal Vincent Nichols stresses the ‘Gospel imperative’ to welcome migrants. [Yep. Same as the situation here in the US]

But he’s deluding himself if he thinks foreign Catholics will continue to fill his pews. Young Poles in England and Wales are noticeably less devout than they were ten years ago: I’d be amazed if more than a fifth of them were Mass-goers.

This applies to Scotland, too. The Poles propping up Catholic parishes won’t do so for much longer. Meanwhile, self-identification with the Church of Scotland has fallen off a cliff: from 36 per cent of Scots in 2001 to 18 per cent in 2013.

[So……why is this happening?] Why is British Christianity facing such a catastrophe? There is a one-word answer, but it requires a lot of unpacking: secularisation.

……….The American sociologist James Davison Hunter has explored this phenomenon in two books, Culture Wars (1991) and To Change the World(2010). Hunter is rude about left-wing Christians who think campaigns against carbon emissions or campus sexism are ‘Gospel causes’. On the contrary, he says, they are thoroughly secular and even if they succeed the churches won’t benefit……….

The author, Damian Thompson, as he is wont to do, then jumps the shark by saying that “conservative,” or more rightly put, faithful, observant Christianity and especially Catholicism aren’t the answer against secularization, either, because Roe v. Wade still hasn’t been repealed or something, an argument as nonsensical as it is meaningless.  For instance, Thompson failed to note that the most conservative evangelical sects are among the fastest growing entities in American Christianity.  Traditional Catholic parishes, while tiny by comparison, are generally growing, and quite rapidly.  That would seem to point that being observant is, far from doomed to impotence, at least on the right track, if far from exercising a culture-wide influence…….yet.

But the data, if not his commentary, does raise an interesting point: there has been a sudden explosion in departures from the Church in the few remaining developed, Western countries where it was still being fairly widely practiced.  Why?  Why has membership in traditional Christian churches (not evangelical sects) suddenly plummeted, and especially in the past 5-10 years?

I think the answer, secularization is right, but I think Thompson misses the forest for the trees.  What kind of secularization? Militant, left-wing secularization is proliferating rapidly through the leftist “march through the institutions.” They now control, by and large, the media, schools, academia, and the entertainment industry.  In order to shield ourselves from all this crap, faithful families have to literally unplug from the culture.  The first generation is coming to adulthood after the completion of this process, and they are turning out to be very indifferent, even hostile, to orthodox religion, after years of being formed to be exactly that.  I think the internet and the notion of avant garde hipster culture also plays a huge role.  That is why we have suddenly seen an unexpected explosion in really fringe, radical feminism from college age women in the past several years, as just one example. There are many others, from the sodomite front to global warming evangelizing…..our young people are profoundly religious, it’s simply that their religion is for the most part leftism.  Some will come back or enter the Church as they age, but most will not.

Some things that more and more people are positively turned off to include some of the ways in which modernists try to sell the Church, to the extent they even try: desperation, obvious attempts to be cool, pandering, etc.  Nothing turns off someone looking for the veracity of faith as much as a religion that seems unsure of itself, or even more, seems to stand for nothing.  I think those two factors are the two predominate reasons both the Church and the mainline sects have been hemorrhaging the most members.  And the eco-encyclicals, while bringing momentary notoriety, will only turn off lost souls looking for a safe harbor, and cause the Church’s enemies to mock her even more.

The only thing that will bring souls into the Church, and keep them there, is for the Church to be herself once again. But I’m afraid the powers that be are utterly insistent the Church go through complete collapse before we can even begin get back to that point.

Why the sexular pagan agenda must crush all opposition, especially the Church June 16, 2015

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The core of Robert Reilly’s analysis of what I term the “sexular pagan agenda” reveals why it must be totalitarian in nature and crush all opposition.  Because this agenda, whether it be in promoting the evil of contraception, or in its new guise under the so called “gay rights campaign,” is not only fundamentally divorced from upright morality, but in constant opposition to the same, it exists solely as an exercise of the will. The sexular pagan agenda cannot be argued from the point of view of morality or the natural law, but strictly from the point of view of personal will masquerading as illusory “rights.”

In the case of pseudo-sodomarriage, we have the will of a few million severely sick and lost individuals trumping the will of the great mass of people, even if most have already rolled over and played dead.  Grounded solely in personal will, or whim, this effort is necessarily authoritarian and cannot brook any serious scrutiny.  As such, all opposition, and especially morally grounded opposition, must be crushed.  That is why the sodomites must eventually come for the Church, as Reilly explains in some detail below:

Since the necessity for self-justification requires the complicity of the whole culture, holdouts cannot be tolerated, because they are potential rebukes.  The self-hatred, anger, and guilt that a person possessed of a functioning conscience would normally feel from doing wrong are redirected by the rationalization and projected upon society as a whole (if the society is healthy) or upon those in society who do not accept the rationalization. [And we see this across the board in leftist behavior. College girls who regret drunken hook ups with boys who then ignore them blame an “evil patriarchy” for their self-caused misfortune.  Ne’er do wells blame supposed evils of capitalism for their inability to provide for themselves.  And on and on it goes] These latter are labeled homophobes, though it is they who become the objects of hatred.  They are blamed for the misfortunes in homosexual life, which are not longer ascribable to the behavior that produces them, but to those who do not accept the behavior as moral, thus discomfiting its practitioners. [Thus the mass rationalization, or really self-hypnosis, inverts reality.  That is why so many things see in this culture seem upside down and inside out.]

Coercion is the solution to this dilemma. Those who do not accept homosexual behavior as normative must be legally forced to embrace the rationalization or be silent in the face of it.  In the same way we once learned of the inherent goodness of married life, we must not be taught – and compelled to accept – the “new morality” of homosexuality.  The instruments of coercion are first cultural and then political.  The homosexual campaign marches through the institutions of society – the press, the entertainment media, medical associations (particularly psychiatric and psychological ones), religious bodies and the clergy, civic societies, business and corporate executives……..- transforming them one by one to its cause.  After the long march, it is ready for the political assault – to gain the levers of government through either the courts or legislatures to enforce compliance.

……..”the paradise of sexual liberation was only plausible only insofar as it aspired to universality.  It could only calm the troubled conscience in an effective manner when it was legitimized by the regime in power.  In this regard, what better conscience machine could there be than one which confidently banned God and His Law from public life and then went on in the name of high moral purpose to make this vision normative for the entire world?“……

“We [sodomites] are not longer seeking just a right to privacy and a right to protection from wrong. We have a right – as heterosexuals have already – to see government and society affirm our lives.”  Homosexual author Urvashi Vaid declared: “We have an agenda to create a society in which homosexuality is regarded as healthy, natural, and normal. To me that is the most important agenda item.” …….”Being queer means pushing the parameters of sex, sexuality, and family……transforming the very fabric of society…….We must keep our eyes on the goals of providing true alternatives to marriage and of radically reordering society’s view of reality.”

Since only the act of sodomy (along with other peculiarly perverse sexual practices) differentiates an active homosexual from a heterosexual, homosexuals want “government and society” to affirm that sodomy is morally equivalent to the marital act.

———End Quote———-

Always keep that last bit in mind.  In fact, Reilly in that conclusion does not go far enough, because the real agenda-makers among the radical sodomites have openly declared they want to see marriage destroyed, and even more, “a radical reordering of society’s view of reality.”

People grounded in the natural law and the God-given moral order know that dystopian schemes to “reorder society’s view of reality” will always end in massive bloodshed and equally massive failure.  But the destruction that occurs in the painful process of learning that you can only defy reality and our God-given natures for so long will be beyond immense. We can also see how a movement grounded in the triumph of the will over reality will be ripe for brutally repressive tactics.  It is no coincidence that many leading early Nazis were sodomites (at least until Hitler purged them).

We can also see that this diabolical movement is unabashed in its hatred for God, revealed Truth, and the moral order. Do not let those incredibly false and disordered protestant sects that pretend to be “houses of god” for the perverse (like the so-called Metropolitan Community Church) fool you.  They have to constantly attack Sacred Scripture to try to prove it does not say what it so plainly says, and in well over a dozen places (it’s actually closer to two dozen).  Key “gay” activists have made clear that eventually their movement will come down to a struggle between their perversion (very similar to the satanic, perverse Canaanite sects that the ancient Israelis fell into) and the Church of God.  This is a fight for our very existence.  We will of course prevail in the end, God always does, but the question is how much devastation will be wrought in the interim.

Judging by the way things are going now, that devastation is likely to be immense.  We better get prayed and mortified up, because many of us will likely be put to the test.

REPOST Cambridge academic conference: “Pedophilia is natural and normal for human males” June 15, 2015

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I was working on a new post on this same subject when I remembered……haven’t I written on this topic before?  Indeed I had.  Yes, it;’s a repost, but given that we are probably going to see one of the final victories for the pseudo-sodo-marriage effort this month (I pray it may be stopped.  St. Joseph, pray for us, pray for the conversion of Justice Anthony Kennedy, the effort to normalize the sexual abuse of children will surely be one of the major efforts going forward.  Children have always been the ultimate prize of the sexual revolution.

So proclaimed a major academic conference held recently in Britain.  Sodomy is just the beginning, folks, the ultimate goal is your children:

“Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males,” said the presentation. “At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children … Normal males are aroused by children.”

Some yellowing tract from the Seventies or early Eighties, era of abusive celebrities and the infamous PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange? No. Anonymous commenters on some underground website? No again.

The statement that paedophilia is “natural and normal” was made not three decades ago but last July. It was made not in private but as one of the central claims of an academic presentation delivered, at the invitation of the organisers, to many of the key experts in the field at a conference held by the University of Cambridge.

Other presentations included “Liberating the paedophile: a discursive analysis,” and “Danger and difference: the stakes of hebephilia.”

Hebephilia is the sexual preference for children in early puberty, typically 11 to 14-year-olds.

Another attendee, and enthusiastic participant from the floor, was one Tom O’Carroll, a multiple child sex offender, long-time campaigner for the legalisation of sex with children and former head of the Paedophile Information Exchange. “Wonderful!” he wrote on his blog afterwards. “It was a rare few days when I could feel relatively popular!”…….. [Lord sometimes it is so hard to be merciful when some people do such evil things.  How a man with a repeated history of child sex abuse can be allowed to campaign for its legalization is beyond me.] 

…..After a fierce battle in the American Psychiatric Association (APA), which produces it, a proposal to include hebephilia as a disorder in the new edition of the manual has been defeated. The proposal arose because puberty in children has started ever earlier in recent decades and as a result, it was argued, the current definition of paedophilia – pre-pubertal sexual attraction – missed out too many young people. [Sounds rather eerily like the start of the sodomite movement, with de-listing same sex attraction from the APA’s DSM in the early 70s. That’s when the movement got started in earnest.  Now, 40 years later, they appear totally ascendant. I pray that appearance is short lived.  But what of pedophilia?  Will pedophilia be “normalized” in 30 or 40 years?  You know people will try]

Ray Blanchard, professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, who led the APA’s working group on the subject, said that unless some other way was found of encompassing hebephilia in the new manual, that was “tantamount to stating that the APA’s official position is that the sexual preference for early pubertal children is normal”. [And that is very far from accidental]

Prof Blanchard was in turn criticised by a speaker at the Cambridge conference, Patrick Singy, of Union College, New York, who said hebephilia would be abused as a diagnosis to detain sex offenders as “mentally ill” under US “sexually violent predator” laws even after they had completed their sentences.[Thus we can plainly see the angle of attack for the normalization movement.  If pedophilia is not a mental illness, it must be “normal.”  And from normal, it will become “natural.”  And how can we make something so normal, natural, and wholesome as raping a 5 year old illegal?  What are we, monsters?!?  Just because some antiquated religious diktat of some unhinged tribe of the distant past says pedophilia (or sodomy) is wrong, we can’t let such arcane notions inform our thinking today!  And that is precisely how the
“normalization” of sodomy has been worked out in recent years.]

This is coming.  You can be assured that it is.  I can only thank God my children will probably be grown before the propaganda campaign succeeds and this next great immoral taboo is lifted in the name of the advancing God-hating socialist paradigm progress.  But I fear already for any grandchildren God may see fit to bless me with.

Another reason for all my kids to have religious/priestly vocations!

Promiscuity and pseudo-sodo-marriage June 9, 2015

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One of the great secrets the pro-sodomy lobby has managed to keep as they have rapidly swung public opinion in favor of their perversion as some sort of inescapable, genetically-caused compulsion that obviates free will and just forces them to engage in sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance (according to Sacred Scripture) is that sodomites in “long term” relationships behave just like the most virtuous normal mom-dad couples imaginable.  They never lie, cheat, no steal, nor tolerate any among themselves who do.

WRONG.  In reality, 92% of these relationships between individuals given over to these kinds of sins last less than 4 years.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, it seems in order for these relationships, such as they are, to last even beyond that brief period, massive fornication with others outside the relationship is not just expected, but even viewed as necessary to the relationship’s survival.  How opposite from the image they have created for themselves can you get?  The following contains excerpts from Robert Reilly’s excellent Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything.

What else is typical of homosexual behavior that might belie its naturalness and suitability for marriage?  If the love between homosexuals is spousal in nature, as the advocates of homosexual marriage claim, we would then expect it to be as exclusive as it is in heterosexual marriage……..But if the primary interest is sexual, then the other person is replaceable, in fact, disposable.  So which is it?

….the most extensive survey of of sex in America found that ‘a vast majority of heterosexual married couples are faithful while the marriage is intact.’………the authors……reported that 90 percent of heterosexual women and more than 75 percent of heterosexual men have never engaged in extramarital sex.  This comports more or less, given human frailty, with what one would expect from the natural exclusivity of spousal love.  In short, heterosexual couples were 41 times more likely to be monogamous than heterosexual couples.

…….fidelity is not typically the case with homosexual couples.  He cites The Male Couple, researched and written by two homosexual authors, as ‘one of the most carefully researched studies of the most stable homosexual pairs.”  He states that “its investigators found that of 156 couples studied, only seven had maintained sexual fidelity of the hundred couples that had been together for more than five  years, none had been able to maintain sexual fidelity.  The authors noted that “the expectation for outside sexual activity was the rule for male couples and the exception for heterosexuals.”……Fidelity requires chastity.  How could an act (sodomy) that is in its essence – meaning in every instance – a violation of chastity serve as a source of fidelity or as the foundation of monogamy?

………”a 1978 study found that 43% of male homosexuals estimated having sex with 500 or more different partners and 28 percent with 1000 or more different partners.  79% said that more than half of these partners were strangers, and 70% said more than half were men with whom they had sex only once.”  [Such honest studies have been rare over the past 15-20  years, at least, since the onslaught of political pressure from very well funded activist groups has made researchers terrified of even looking at the subject anymore. What few studies are performed are of generally very poor quality and agenda-driven, frequently coming from sodo-advocacy groups themselves.  However, there are some notable exceptions]

A 1997 survey of 2583 sexually active homosexual men in Australia reported that “only 15% of men reported having fewer than 11 sex partners to date, while on the other end of the spectrum 15 percent had over 1000 sex partners.  A whopping 82% had over 50 partners and nearly 50 percent had over 100.”…….

………According to researchers, 42.9% of homosexual men in Chicago have had more than 60 sexual partners, while an additional 18.4% have had between 31 and 60.  All total, 61.3% of the area’s homosexual men have had more than 30 partners, and 87.8% have had more than 15, the research found.  As a result, 55.1% of homosexual males in Shoreland – known as Chicago’s “gay center” – have at least one sexually transmitted disease, researchers said.

……Homosexual activist Michelangelo Signorile, author of Queer in America, stresses that for “gay men the term ‘monogamy’ simply doesn’t necessarily mean sexual exclusivity…..The term “open relationship” has for a great many gay men come to have one specific definition: a relationship in which the partners have sex on the outside often, put away their resentment and jealousy, and discuss their outside sex with each other, or share sex partners.”  Therefore, Signorile suggests that “rather than being transformed by the institution of marriage, gay men…………could simply transform the institution itself, making it more sexually open, even influencing their heterosexual counterparts.  [Given the recent explosion in porn use and rates of adultery among “heterosexuals,” this may indeed be the case]

In 1995 Thomas Schmidt, PhD, wrote in Straight and Narrow that “promiscuity among homosexual men is not a mere stereotype, and it is not merely the majority experience – it is virtually the only experience.  And even if we set aside infidelity and allow a generous definition of “long-term relationships” as those that last at least four years, under 8 percent of either male of female homosexual relationships fit the definition.  In short, there is practically no comparison possible to heterosexual marriage in terms of either fidelity or longevity.  Tragically, lifelong faithfulness is almost nonexistent in the homosexual experience.” In other words, the popular depiction in the media of the faithful homosexual couple of decades duration is largely a fiction[I would say, is almost entirely so]

If the nature of the “love” between homosexuals were spousal, what could account for such behavior?  In a spousal relationship, the spouse is not replaceable because it is the person who is loved.  Another person simply will not do……..

What then does the near-universal level of promiscuity mean?  Former homosexual William Aaron answered that question: “In the gay life, fidelity is almost impossible. Since part of the compulsion of homosexuality seems to be a need on the part of the homophile to ‘absorb’ masculinity from his sexual partners, he must be constantly on the lookout for [new partners].  Consequently the most successful homophile ‘marriages’ are those where there is an arrangement between the two to have affairs on the side while maintaining the semblance of permanence in their living arrangement.”………

….What all this means precisely is that the nature of the love between homosexuals is not spousal, as sexual substitutes seem to be the norm………

This level of promiscuity is pornography in action.  It has all the symptoms; it is not directed toward any end that can satisfy it.  It is insatiable. The sheer number of partners easily illustrates the point.  Why so many?  Yet, no matter how many, it never seems to be enough. [Another reason I see such a strong correlation between addiction and this perverse inclination.  Sodomy is basically addiction to perverse sexual inclination and acts]…….Because it promises something it cannot deliver, promiscuous behavior eventually produces a sense of betrayal.  The futility inherent in it generates fury that often leads to violence and despair that often leads to self-destruction.

If the love between homosexuals is not spousal in its character, why should it be blessed in a supposed marriage?  What is the point of insisting on homosexual marriage when promiscuity prevails? Why should some homosexuals push for and insist upon it?  The answer, as indicated previously, is simple: to complete the rationalization of their misbehavior, they must sacramentalize it.  Anything short of this would not be acceptable.  The purpose is to reach the ultimate rationalization – the sanctification of sodomy.

————–End Quote————-

Which last point is why they must, inevitably, come for the Church.  The Church is the ultimate prize, the last and final major source of resistance to their desires to upend morality, to pretend to turn what is evil into what is good, and to gain that final and ultimate (if futile) “affirmation:” that of God, or at least, God’s agency on earth.  Of course, even were it possible that the Church would somehow sanction sodomy and pretended marriage between individuals of the same sex, the Law of God would remain written on their hearts and the gnawing pain that what they are doing is wrong would endure.  There is no answer for sin, their is no balm for its burning effects, but to repent and sin no more.

But that’s no fun! It would be far too painful, to far too many people, to admit, at this point, that sodomy is indeed wrong. And so their wild, fruitless struggle against nature, reason, and God will go on.  I fear – I know – many good souls will be caught in this maelstrom.  But our God is the good God, the source of all power, and He will see us through this latest rejection of Him and His Church.  Pray to remain faithful!



Dear Lord in Heaven have mercy on us all: four indicted in gruesome baby murder June 3, 2015

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Four Dallas residents, two men and two women, have been arrested for beating a pregnant teen to the point that she miscarried, and then attempting to destroy the evidence of this murder in what can only be described as total loss of personal control to a demonic influence:

Four people are under arrest for beating a pregnant 14-year-old girl in order to force an abortion.

A fifth relative was arrested for sexually assaulting the girl. News 8 has chosen not to name that suspect or his exact relationship to the sexual assault victim as to not reveal the girl’s identity. [It was her own father]

According to court documents, between January and March 2013, a teenage girl was beaten at a home in Dallas. There were several adults in the house who were upset with the girl’s pregnancy.

Those arrested for the beating were cousins of the teenager.

They learned the girl was pregnant after she was sexually assaulted by a relative and wanted to get rid of the baby, so they allegedly beat the girl until she aborted. [It sounds like the 14 yo was complicit in this?  Beat my baby out of me?]

……The assault occurred in the living room of Sharon Jones’ house. The girl told police that Cecila McDonald, 25, pinned the girl’s “arms down to the floor as Accomplice Lonnell McDonald sat on the complaint’s stomach and began repeatedly bouncing up and down. Accomplice Sharon Jones called suspect Cedric Jones Jr. and told him to come over to the house.”……..

……According to court documents, the suspects continued to beat, punch, and kick the girl in the stomach.

The assault caused serious bodily injury to the girl……..

The girl then began “throwing up and having severe cramps,” the affidavit said, adding these gruesome details:

“She was uncontrollably pushing and delivered what she believed was a stillborn baby … Accomplice Cecila McDonald entered the bathroom and placed the baby in a white plastic mop bucket and removed it from the room.”

At some point after the assault, the baby was placed in a short, pill-shaped, black metal charcoal grill and attempted to burn it.”

The affidavit said the family members then plotted to dispose of the body.

“Accomplice Sharon Jones contacted suspect Cedric Jones Jr. approximately two days later and offered to pay him $25 if he would take care of the rest of it. Suspect Cedric Jones, along with a witness, returned to the location at which time Suspect Cedric Jones Jr. placed the remains in a dark green plastic bag with a red drawstring, placed it in his trunk, and stashed the remains in an unknown location.”

Just satanic.

Now, pro-aborts will point at this nightmare and say: “See what happens when there are restrictions on abortion?!”  I would counter with: “See to what depths people will sink after decades of pro-abort rhetoric and constant propaganda that argues that sexual pleasure can be divorced from reproduction?!?” I would also point out that it is just this kind of underage abortion involving abuse that the abortion industry most assiduously tries to keep covered up, even up to and including major crimes committed by a sitting governor.

People have always been fallen, always prone to evil.  But we’re more and more getting to a point where barbarity has a casualness, an indifference, about it that is really chilling.  This is what comes of teaching people that might makes right and that emotion and self-pleasing are the only rule that should guide.  This is also a direct result of the deliberate de-Christianization of this country.

So sad.

Bruce cum “Caitlyn” Jenner being showered with all manner of accolades, but this will not end well June 3, 2015

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Deuteronomy XXII:5:  A woman shall not be clothed with man’ s apparel, neither shall a man use woman’ s apparel: for he that doeth these things is abominable before God. (thanks to reader TE)

Anyone who has paid to Bruce Jenner’s said transformation since his glory days at the 1976 Olympics will know that he has always craved that limelight that so briefly shined on him in the mid-late 70s.  As the celebrity began to dim, he went to rather extreme lengths at times to try to restart his “career.”  Jenner spent most of the late 70s and 80s trying to piece together an acting career to stay on the “A list.” However, his efforts were largely unsuccessful, and he gradually slipped from the public consciousness.  He appeared in infomercials for much of the 90s and 00s, then struck gold when his step-daughter Kim Kardashian became an unreal “reality TV show” idol.   However, a looming divorce and the inevitable decline in the show’s ratings meant something had to be done.  An entire backstory has now been created that Bruce Jenner always felt trapped as a woman in a man’s body – but there are a number of discrepancies in those accounts, including the fervent denial of his most recent ex-wife that this “conflict” has persisted for a long time.

Jenner, a father of six, has been far from alone in discerning that the next great cultural “advance” into wanton immorality and the destruction of virtue will surround so-called transgenderism, a word that did not exist until 1980.  While sodomy is still enjoying its ascendance, sexular pagan forces are already gathering around the notion of “gender” as fluid, even while they maintain the laughable proposition that “sexuality” is etched in stone.  Transgender advocates and those “brave” (re: depraved) enough to “make the change” are showered with accolades and encouraged to embrace their life-destroying perversion.  Indeed, Jenner is to be honored as ESPN’s “highest award,” and Disney has indicated its support for his grave psychological imbalance through an upcoming animated movie Inside Out.  Time Magazine has called Jenner an “instant icon” and opines that his descent into sexual madness is “revolutionary” for the transgender community.  He has been feted and interviewed and given every possible reinforcement for making this now irrevocable decision.

And Jenner is hardly alone.  A reader and friend who works at a major area defense contractor saw his company go all out to encourage and support a man who now believes he is really a woman (but no matter how much mutilation is done, that pesky Y chromosome just will not go away).  A major internal PR offensive was mounted, and any dissenting voices were squashed, and quite harshly.  The none-too-subtle message to employees was that they will get on board with this.  Many other companies, including my former employer Cisco Systems, behave similarly.

So please do not tell me that surely no one would go through all this difficulty and drama unless they really were supposed to be the other sex!  Just as there are a panoply of reasons behind false rape allegations, the culture is giving all manner of rewards and encouragements for people to embrace this most destructive of lifestyles (nearly half of all “transgenders” will attempt suicide, and half of those will succeed).  And note that this phenomenon afflicts men disproportionately: over 2/3 of those who have their bodies mutilated in pursuit of realizing their “dream” are men.  As has already been noted on this site, there is a burgeoning industry in the field of psychology that exists to more or less coax men into making this irreversible, nightmarish change.  And there are many individuals out there who truly feel their lives were more or less ruined, I think is the right word, once the irreversible act has been completed.  The highest suicide rates of any definable group on the planet exists among “post-operative transgenders” – men who have seen their bodies irrevocably changed, their very manhood lost forever.

I think it no accident that men are disparately sucked into this madness.  This is part of a much broader trend towards the destruction of masculinity.  As such, Jenner, the great athlete and icon, succumbing to this grave illness is an enormous triumph for the sexular pagan left.  But if it hadn’t been him, someone else would have succumbed to the temptation to seek the accolades and adulation he is garnering.  Already we are being told that Jenner can “finally be ‘herself,'” with the sexular pagan left instantly advancing the lie that Jenner’s previous very masculine, very manly existence was the false one, and his current psycho-pathology is the “real him.”  Up is down, black is white, Laverne Lenny is Shirley.  Every single thing the sexular pagans advance is a diabolical lie that obliterates good in souls and is destroying the entire culture.

I feel very badly for the lost, confused Jenner. I fear his life will end at his own hands, as it does in so many individuals who have gone down the path he has chosen.  I pray that is not the case.  But once the furor dies down, once his usefulness to the sexular pagan left is gone, once he looks horrible as an overly modified septuagenarian, once all the means of exciting publicity are gone, there will be only one way to return to the limelight.  And I fear this poor desperate lost man will choose it.

Blogging may be light – computer issues June 2, 2015

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I got a really nasty virus called a “sinkhole” in what the admins are calling a “drive by” attack, meaning I just happened to land on the wrong page at the wrong time.  I didn’t do anything stupid, like respond to a fake alert that I needed to update my anti-virus software or anything like that. Trend Micro just started sending out all kinds of alerts, and was apparently blocking literally hundreds of attempts to launch really bad websites.  Glad I did not see any of those.  The admins also said viruses are getting so advanced, act so quickly, and can mirror all your normal functions so exactly, even while proxying you out to some other platform, that the protection software is falling badly behind and it’s basically down to wiping your hard drive and starting over again.  Great.

Also, we’re going through our ninth layoff in the last 7 years at work, so I have that going for me.  I would really appreciate your prayers, at this point, anyone resembling “dead wood” was let go long ago, and they’re cutting deeply into muscle and sinew.

Having said that, I do have a backup machine right now so I may be able to get out a few things today.


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