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The tragedy of children raised by “transgender” parents May 28, 2015

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Denise Shick was raised by a gravely disordered and perverse father, a man who thought he was a woman. She relates how devastating this experience was for her as a girl growing up, leading to early substance abuse and grave psychological difficulties that, I imagine, persist to this day.  She is writing in reaction to President Hussein’s recent declaration that he thinks “transgendered” individuals should be able to adopt. Her crowning point, which cannot be repeated enough, is that, as with every other sexular pagan innovation, it is the children who most bear the cost of the adult’s new-found sexual “freedom” (emphasis and comments per usual):

In a presidential proclamation for National Foster Care Month, Obama wrote, “With so many children waiting for loving homes, it is important to ensure all qualified caregivers have the opportunity to serve as foster or adoptive parents, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.”…… [This is garbage.  There are thousands of normally married couples out there waiting to adopt, but babies are going to sodomites and, God forbid, “transgenders,” due to progressive inclinations at many adoption agencies and the superior riches of many of the perverse. It is highly debatable that there is a true shortage of married couples desiring to adopt]

……I was raised by a transgender father.

I can testify to the emotional strain and confusion that my father’s life played in my sexual and gender identity. I sought out our neighbors for a foster father. Many times I pretended that one of my uncles or a friend’s father was my make-believe father[This is heart-breaking]

I was so hungry for my father; a transgender “mom” would not fit that need no matter how badly the adult wished it to. [And, the same applies to two “moms,” or two “dads,” or, frankly, single parents.  I know single parenthood is very common and there are people abandoned by their spouses who did nothing to deserve it, but it is still a deficient/disordered situation, at best]

My father experimented with my make-up and clothes, and by 7th grade I had decided that alcohol was the easiest method to numb my own pain. By the beginning of high school, I wondered if life was worth living.

There is nothing more painful for a daughter than to watch her dad put on a bra or have him wear your clothes. No daughter should have to place her clothes in her dresser drawers by a code so she can know if he had been pawing through her underclothes. [And this is supposed to be not just “normal” now, but good, brave, transgressive!  What a load of satanic LIES we are fed!]

It is not fair or healthy for a daughter to feel guilty about her developing body, or about becoming a woman. But in today’s world we encourage children to accept their parent’s sexual desires. We prioritize adult’s sexual preferences ahead of what is best for their children. [That’s been the entire point of the sexual revolution, to get adults to dissociate the pleasure of their gonads from the procreation and raising of children.  And it has been children – aborted children, contracepted children, abandoned children, children of divorce, poor little girls absolutely tortured like this one, who have paid the price.]

As a culture we are very willing to address the emotional distress, isolation and other negative issues of people who come out as transgender adults. But we have not even begun to discuss the issues involved and the impact this has on their wives and children.

Of course not!  Because that would undermine the agenda of creating a neo-pagan sexualarist Brave New World!

It is actually a tremendous blessing the wheels are going to fly off of this thing, that this culture is almost certainly headed for collapse, given what it will surely become absent such.  But God will not be mocked, and He will allow our own sins to destroy us.  Economically, morally, culturally, this culture is either dead or on life support.  Politically and militarily will not come far behind that.  There will be grievous persecution first, then, the collapse.

Beyond that, either centuries of Catholic rebuilding, or the survivors will get a crash course in eschatology.

Boy Scouts President Robert Gates – ban on sodomite Scout leaders cannot be maintained May 21, 2015

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Well, well, well…….if it isn’t Robert Gates, continuing his disastrous leadership in yet another critically important American institutions. After essentially destroying the defense acquisition process in his turn as Secretary of Defense, he now apparently intends to insure the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) is well and truly leveled during his administration.

Not that their present position – admitting Scouts with perverse inclinations into their ranks, but not Scoutmasters with the same affliction – is in any way tenable.  I wrote at the time they disastrously surrendered that it would’t be more than a year or two before just this happened, that they would have men given over to the most unnatural lusts, the vast majority of whom allow their faculties in that regard to run wild, serving in leadership positions.  Well, I was just about spot-on, Gates has all but called to lift the ban on sodo-Scout leaders (thanks to MFG):

The Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay leaders “cannot be sustained,” said president Robert Gates in remarks prepared for this week’s National Annual Meeting being held in Atlanta.

In his speech, which was posted to the Scouts’ website today and is available below, the former U.S. Defense Secretary and CIA director says he is not asking for a policy change — not yet, anyway. But, he says, “I must speak as plainly and bluntly to you as I spoke to presidents when I was director of the CIA and secretary of defense. We must deal with the world as it is, not as we wish it to be.”

The Irving-based Boy Scouts lifted its ban on openly gay youth members at its May 2013 meeting at the Gaylord Texan — much to the displeasure of then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry. But it continues to prohibit openly gay adults from serving as volunteers or paid BSA staffers.

In his speech, Gates points out that many councils are “openly” challenging the current policy — among them, for instance, the Boy Scouts’ Greater New York Councils, which recently hired an openly gay 18-year-old as a camp counselor. Said Gates, expect that trend to continue.

“While technically we have the authority to revoke their charters, such an action would deny the lifelong benefits of Scouting to hundreds of thousands of boys and young men today and vastly more in the future,” he says in the prepared remarks. “I will not take that path. [So, you’ve given up.  Shocking. If you took a strong stand now, you could nip this trend in the bud, but by announcing you will take no action, you are not only insuring many more poor, morally lost souls will try to gain positions of influence in the Scouts, but, even more, you are positively encouraging them to do so.  You’re basically announcing, on the QT, I’m in support of this, I will do nothing to stop it.  Remember to check out the Troops of Saint George for a solidly Catholic alternative to the Boy-Rape Scouts]

Further prediction:  it won’t be more than 10 years or so before two things happen: there are massive lawsuits against the Scouts due to sex abuse that occurs between scouts and “masters,” and the BSA will become a predominately left-wing sexular pagan advocacy organization a la the Girl Scouts.  You are going to allow at least some men with powerful inclinations towards “twinks” unfettered access to them in remote, rural locations.  Normal boys will flee in spades, within a few years virtually no normal boys will join up, and you’ll be left with a much smaller sodomite-advocacy group.  Satan couldn’t be happier, and Baden-Powell must be spinning in his grave.

MFG also recommends this: interesting analysis that indicates that parishes that host Boy Scout troops but who refuse sodo-marriage could be held liable.  The wheels, the wheels are coming off: http://www.adfmedia.org/files/BSALegalRamifications.pdf

Atrocity: 1 in 8 deaths in Netherlands a result of euthanasia May 19, 2015

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And more than that, a judge just overruled doctors in the case of a demented elderly woman whose family claimed she wanted to die, but whose doctors said she was incompetent to make such a decision.  So now the precedent has been set for the state directly deciding who lives and who dies.

Life is sure cheap in a sexular pagan paradise, is it not?

A judge in Holland has ordered the euthanasia of an 80-year-old woman after doctors tried to prevent her family from having her killed. [I’m sorry, but I’m going to throw a bit of hardline skepticism in here.  Evil laws permitting things like euthanasia always assume everyone is always virtuous and just carrying out someone’s (twisted) wishes, or easing someone’s suffering, but in how many cases are unscrupulous children offing their parents to get to the inheritance, or get rid of the old nag, or hospital admins from having to lose money on “someone who’s going to die anyway.”  There are so many ways for people to use this as a means to commit murder for the most prurient reasons with state sanction and legality]

Doctors serving the Ter Reede dementia specialist care home in Flushing argued that she was not mentally capable of consenting to death by lethal injection.

But for the first time in 13 years of legal euthanasia in the Netherlands, a court over-ruled the doctors’ wishes and ordered that the euthanasia went ahead.

The woman’s family, who live in Middelburg, claimed that she harboured a ‘death wish’ and obtained a court order so she could die by euthanasia. [But this was apparently not documented well, or at all.  

A judge sitting in an ‘emergency session’ in Utrecht then threw out an appeal from medical staff treating the woman.

A day later she was taken from the care home and killed by the Life End Clinic, which was set up with the aim of making euthanasia more easily accessible in the Netherlands….. [So that’s it, one appeal, and the next day you’re dead?!?  What a robust system they have there!]

The woman’s GP, the management of the care home and its psychologist were all equally opposed to plans to kill her by euthanasia and they had asked for an independent report into her condition…….

……A woman in her 80s was killed last year simply because she did not want to live in a care home……

…….Overall, deaths by euthanasia, which officially account for three per cent of all deaths in the Netherlands, have increased by 151 per cent in just seven years. 

The figures, however, do not include cases of so-called terminal sedation, where patients are given a cocktail of sedatives and narcotics before food and fluids are withdrawn. [The preferred method of putting patients down in US hospitals, with or without family or patient consent.  It’s murder on the QT]

Studies suggest that if such deaths were added to the figure then euthanasia would account for one in eight – about 12.3 per cent – of all deaths in the Netherlands. [And would probably be one of the leading, if not the leading, causes of death in the Netherlands?]

Doctors in neighbouring Belgium, which last year legalised euthanasia for children, are now killing an average of five people every day by euthanasia, according to latest figures, with a 27 per cent surge in the number of euthanasia deaths in the last year alone.

In one of the most shocking cases, a Brussels man last week described how he arranged the double euthanasia of his octogenarian parents who wanted to die because they were afraid of loneliness.

I can’t advise people enough to get a lawyer and draw up very clearly what kind of treatment you expect if you are incapacitated in any way.  Don’t rely on anyone else, even  your own children, to follow  your wishes without clear, legally-actionable guidance.  Make sure you never, ever get a “living will” or any kind of advance directive from standard boilerplate, instead draw up a document saying you want all reasonable care, food and hydration, and even “heroic means” to keep you alive. Absolutely say no to organ transplantation, and remember, you have to positively opt out of that now, the state now assumes the default answer is “yes” (and how typical of all progressive causes – what was once optional now becomes default, and will soon be mandatory).

For over 100 years, discerning souls have predicted that wealthy, advanced, liberal nations in Europe and North America had become so amoral – it was apparent even then – that it would not be long before they had become so thoroughly imbued with satanic materialistic, utilitarian thinking that they would even start to kill their own children, disabled, and elderly persons. Anyone who didn’t “pull their weight” or who was a “drag on progress” would be killed.  Mind, this isn’t the “bad guys,” the Hitlerites or commies……it’s us, who always tell ourselves we’re the “good guys.”  Please.  We have so offended God, any punishment at this point is easily conceivable.

Note it started with pre-born babies.  Then it was the disabled and elderly.  How long before it’s literally a Brave New World and everyone gets killed at 60 or some arbitrary number?  How could anyone laugh at such a prediction, judging from what’s already been normalized and legalized?

Virtually no one believes in redemptive suffering or the difficulty of this life anymore.  No one looks forward to Heaven as our true home where the good will go after a life of suffering and virtue.  Everyone (more or less) thinks this life is the only one, and to the extent Heaven exists, it’s just a replay of this life on some cosmic scale, with the focus certainly NOT being on God.

This is the time when darkness reigns.  Pray for these souls who murder others, and who ask to be murdered.  It seems inescapable that they will have a most unpleasant experience at their particular judgment.

What next? Waco outlaw biker shooting May 18, 2015

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9 bikers reported dead, and 18 injured, after a biker gang meeting went seriously wrong yesterday in Waco.  This is not my usual fare (I’ll class it as non sequitur), but it’s so violent and random – and potentially indicative of societal breakdown a la the late 60s – that I thought I’d post it.

Apparently, two heated rivals among the “1%er” outlaw motorcycle gangs – the Bandidos and the Cossacks – had been experiencing increasing tensions and violence over the past few months.  The Bandidos, based in Texas and apparently Texas’ largest outlaw motorcycle gang, felt the Cossacks were invading their turf and refusing to pay dues to the older, established Bandidos.  Whatever that means.  So what is apparently a regular bi-monthly meeting of motorcycle gangs to…….discuss whatever it is they discuss…….turned into a free-for-all brawl with over 170 arrested and potentially facing murder charges.  Over 170 have been charged with involvement in organized crime (seems difficult to prove?), while some will apparently face capital murder charges:

About 170 suspects arrested after a shootout between rival biker gangs and police Sunday at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant that left nine dead and 18 injured were ordered held in lieu of $1 million bonds Monday while investigators continued the painstaking process of gathering evidence at the crime scene.

By early afternoon about a third of the suspects had been booked into the McLennan County Jail.

All 170 will be processed into the jail, Sheriff Parnell McNamara said Monday, although some may later be transferred to other facilities.

Affidavits and arrest warrants totaled more than 500 pages, an official said.

At least some and technically all of those in custody could be charged with capital murder because of the number of victims, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

All of those killed and injured were bikers, police say

No officers or bystanders were hurt.

I saw a news clip that said there were dozens of bikers – along with regular patrons – in the restaurant when the fight broke out. It quickly degenerated from fists to knives and then guns, and subsequently spilled outside.  Non-biker patrons and employees fled to the freezer to escape the gun fire.  Once the fight spilled outside, Waco police, pre-positioned due to past problems and intelligence that this meeting could go bad, began to approach the brawl. The bikers then allegedly opened fire on police, leaving several vehicles bullet-ridden but striking no officers. The police then opened fire and apparently re-established order quickly.  No idea how many of the killed and injured died as a result of biker violence, and how many were due to the police.

Twin Peaks is a seedy, Hooter-esque place In fact, though I’ve never been, the female staff at these restaurants apparently wear even less than the Hooter’s girls.  Thus it is quite possible the derangement of faculties driven by exposure to scantily clad young women could have helped precipitate this brawl.  I’m sure alcohol and meth played their role, too.  Because nothing honors the Lord on the Sabbath like burning some crank and then setting out for an R-rated skin joint with violence in mind.  So wrong, on so many levels.

Silly me, I knew there were real, criminal type motorcycle clubs still around, but I had no idea their membership numbered in the thousands in this state alone.  And here I thought all the rather rotund dudes with silver ponytails I see driving around on Harley’s were just mid-life crisis types trying to re-live their glory years.

Such a sad scene.  By some miracle, all the victims were apparently members of the gangs themselves.  No police and no passersby were even injured, let alone killed.  That speaks to at least some level of fire discipline, and it seems a high percentage of the members of these gangs are former military.  The woman in the video below makes clear, however, that patrons had experienced intimidation from the Bandidos at this restaurant before (0:45 – 1:00):

The Twin Peaks chain has pulled the franchise for the restaurant that had been hosting regular biker days and other events for bikers in spite of increasing concerns from law enforcement.  I would imagine the franchise holder is in for a mass of legal problems.

I pray for the souls of the deceased  Eternal rest grant to them O’ Lord.  May those who remain be converted. May this kind of madness cease.  It seems a good number of those present were from the DFW area.

And, yes, Waco is a strange place.  It’s been the center of a disproportionate number of bizarre acts of violence.  I could tell a story or two of interaction with some Wacoites from my bad old days but I’ll skip for now.


Darwin and Marx – the anti-Christian shapers of our culture May 18, 2015

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Another excerpt from Diane Moczar’s book The Church Under Attack that examines the thought of both Charles Darwin and Karl Marx, the two men probably most singly responsible for the disastrous state of the world today in terms of moral collapse, creeping totalitarian statism, and the steady erosion of the influence of the Faith.  Much below may already be known to you, but I think by tying the two together you may come to a greater appreciation of their continuing evil influence, AND the influences that worked upon them to arrive at their deliberately anti-Christian philosophies (from pp. 135-139, I add emphasis and comments and do condense a little bit of text):

Darwinism and Marxism are both continuations of the Enlightenment  craze for science as well as of that current of Enlightenment thought known as determinism.  This is the approach to reality that denies free will and assumes some underlying, non-rational mechanism to account for what happens in the world.  For Darwin it was evolution, for Marx the class struggle, for Freud….subconscious drives within the psyche. [Where did this denial of free will come from? From protestantism, of course, in particular Luther’s and especially Calvin’s deterministic, unrelenting God]

To start with Darwin, then, the myth about him is that, through his scientific observations, particularly on his famous expedition to the Galapagos Islands, he acquired data that led him to think that one species could “evolve” into another………Like Luther with his new religious principles largely worked out long before he posted those theses [on the door of Wittenberg Cathedral in 1517] Darwin had thought up his evolutionary theories before he ever set foot on the Beagle to being the famous voyage, on which he “discovered” the evidence to support the theory, as ideologues are fond of doing.  He himself was also the first Social Darwinist, categorizing the various human races he encountered on his travels as more evolved or less evolved, using various criteria………for Darwin and his well-heeled followers, the summit of evolution was the Victorian English gentleman. [Amazing that!  So convenient. First I do away with God, then I appoint myself and my friends in His place.  Nice trick! Moczar does not mention above that not only did Darwin first create his theory, then selectively find evidence to support it, but he formed his theory deliberately as a means to attack Christianity at its very core, Sacred Scripture. He knew if he could convince people he had “disproved” Scripture, especially the Creation account of Genesis, he could gravely wound the Christian Faith and peel many, many followers away.  Mission accomplished!]

….Darwin’s thought is not free from contradiction and incoherence……[Darwin realized early on…] if all biological change comes about by chance, there is no room for God. If there is no creator guiding the development of life, then life just emerged on its own.  Something, in short, came from nothing.  A modern analyst of Darwin’s works has remarked on how often Darwin insists that “God would not have done it this way,” in order to argue his case for blind chance against God’s Providence.  He seems to have been haunted by God, insisting, for example, that the excessive production by plants of seeds hat will never germinate is too wasteful and disorderly to be part of a divine plan.  Certainly, a tidy, thrifty, Victorian God would “not have done it this way.” [It is from the prim Victorians that we get the theologically ridiculous phrase “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”]……..

We need not go into a refutation of Darwin’s theory, which has been amply accomplished from many angles by many competent writers, with new ones turning up all the time……..[explains Marx’s admiration for Darwin]…….Darwin had postulated not only the “struggle for survival” and the “survival of the fittest,” but their inevitability – and implicit denial both of Providence and of human free will.

……..Marx capitalized on the ongoing craze for all things “scientific” by calling his new system “scientific socialism” and studding his explanations of it with supposedly scientific examples……His other inspiration was the work of Hegel, the German idealist philosopher whom Marx so admired that he joined the Young Hegelians at his university when he was a student.  Hegel had a theory of Idea as the prime force in history, with one idea (the thesis) being challenged by an opposite idea (the antithesis) and the conflict eventually resulting in a synthesis that would become a new thesis, and so on. [It must be stated that Hegelian dialectics are the driving force behind the poison, anti-Christian philosophy of modernism.  Look at Kasper’s attempts to alter (in reality, destroy) the moral edifice of the Faith through his proposals on marriage.  There is a “thesis” – the Church’s existing Dogma.  The “antithesis” comes from the radical sexular pagans in the world today.  He seeks a “synthesis,” a sort of middle ground between the two, with the Church, naturally, being the one to give.]

[Follows an explanation of Marx’s theory.  I’ll assume your familiar enough with that, and simply note Mozcar’s great rhetorical question – if history is nothing but the class struggle in action, and the process has gone on from the beginning of time, why should the process of class struggle stop simply with the forced imposition of the “dictatorship of the proletariat?”  He never even attempted to explain that. Communist systems are some of the most rigidly classist, hierarchical societies the world has ever seen, with the “nomenklatura” enjoying great privileges, and varying levels of privilege being dolled out according to caste all the way down]

The whole system is rife with contradictions.  Man hos no free will, according to Marx the determinist, but somehow he will respond to the Communist Manifesto’s call to the workers to throw off their chains.  How can he, if he lacks the freedom to decide on an action in the first place?  Never mind, it sounds good.  Religion, of course, is “the opium of the people,” merely one of the tools the exploiting class uses to keep the proletariat in their place…..

Marx’s philosophy was profoundly atheistic, but long before he wrote Das Kapital, his compendium of communist ideas, he expressed a very different view in the horrific poems he wrote to satan – apparently a very real person to Marx – breathing a fanatical hatred of God and mankind.  “I want to avenge myself,” he wrote, “on Him Who reigns above us.”  God must have been real to him, at least as the object of his hatred.  Other poems reveal a demonic rage and desire to destroy the whole world if he could.  Taking the role of God, he screams, “I shall howl gigantic curses at mankind.”  Once he had thought up communism, he remarked “What do I care if three-quarters of the world perish, provided the fourth that is left is communist?”  This creepy versifier was no humanitarian; he had no care for the individual suffering worker and objected when a socialist organization to which he belonged was to be called a “brotherhood.”  “There are many men,” sniffed Marx, “whose brother I do not choose to be.”  A thoroughly nasty man, he also bullied his wife, had an affair with her servant, and seems to have had unhappy daughters, both of whom later committed suicide. [This hatred of God and desire to wreak vengeance on mankind was a trait quite common to many of the endarkenment philosphes and leaders of the French Revolution.  Voltaire, Robespierre, Fouqier-Tinville, Hobbes, all had twisted and dark views of humanity, which informed the perverse philosophy they developed.  The world has suffered ever since for their embrace of the satanic.  I did not know Marx was so warm towards satan until reading the above, but it is hardly surprising – his system is probably the most evil ever invented, being the perfection of the libertine, anti-God and anti-Church ideas developed in the 18th century.  Note that many of these men, especially Marx, were epic failures in life, thoroughly nasty men in both habit and outlook, who sought to avenge their failures on the world. Lenin was much the same way until the Germans, in a damnable act, shuttled him on a sealed train to St. Petersburg in order to drive Russia from WWI.  But what does it say of human society that their perverse ideas have been allowed to be so influential?]

——–End Quote——–

I once heard a good priest give a sermon to a wedding party.  Unfortunately, it was not recorded and has never been posted online, so I cannot share it with you.  The souls to be married were then traditional Catholics – now apparently both fallen away, please pray for them – but their families were made up of soft protestants and sexular pagans.  The sermon traced the sad development of these libertine ideas so destructive of souls and the entire society from Luther’s screeds to the present day. It’s a very easily discernible line of thought if one shakes off the blinders we’ve all had carefully installed over our eyes by the schools and constant propaganda we are exposed to.  It goes from protestant denial of free will and so many allied matters, which informed rationalism, which informed endarkenment liberalism/libertinism, which informed Hegel, Heidigger, and Nietzche, which informed communism, Nazism, and other evils, along with modernism, which inevitably to the resurgence of un-Christian sexular paganism today.  All of these ideas or philosophies, whatever you want to call them, had at their heart an attack on Scholastic reason but even more the Church and Her Doctrine.  They have each been the natural, virtually inevitable outcome of its predecessor, and they have each advanced the culture further and further away from its Christian center.  We are now out on the periphery of the spinning wheel as I noted earlier, more and more souls are being thrown off into the darkness, and it seems inevitable that the entire culture will be joining them shortly.

After that, nothing but bedlam, barbarism, naked power, and enormous suffering.  We should be doing all we can in terms of prayer and penance to steel ourselves, and our children, for the time ahead.


US ranks with N. Korea, China in allowing late term abortion May 13, 2015

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At present, the US House of Representative is debating again whether to allow a bill banning abortion beyond 20 weeks to go to a vote.  The measure was shot down by quivering RINOs earlier this year, but pro-lifers have kept the pressure up and have gotten a floor vote scheduled for today.  We’ll see what happens as a result.  I wouldn’t hold my breath on its passing.

Nevertheless, Marjorie Dannenfelser has a piece at National Review that indicates the US is one of only 7 countries, including China and N. Korea, that allow abortions past 5 months.  Copious scientific evidence indicates babies are able to feel pain quite well by that point, so we have been torturing to death millions of babies these past 42 years.   No wonder our country seems so cursed by God.  We’re down among the most amoral, godless, socialist countries in the world.

The bill does provide a number of improvements to this ongoing scandal:

Improvements include:

Protections for babies born alive: A second physician is required to be present at an abortion to provide care to the baby and transport the child to the hospital, ensuring that any child born alive is given the same type of care that any other preemie would receive.

Informed consent: Women considering late-term abortion deserve relevant information about the procedure……

……Statistical reporting: The law requires that all post–20 week abortions be reported to the National Center for Health Statistics, which will issue an annual statistical report (without personally identifying information) providing information about abortions carried out after five months.

……..The sad reality is that in many parts of the country, if Dr. Gosnell had simply killed those babies in utero moments earlier, instead of outside the womb, his acts would have been completely legal. A few inches separates cold-blooded murder from a perfectly legal procedure. [It may separate legally, but it is murder either way]

The legality of these late-term abortions puts the United States on the fringe internationally, as we are just one of seven countries to allow elective abortions after five months of pregnancy. In doing so, we are standing with countries such as China and North Korea, not exactly known for being champions of human rights.

Obviously, the only truly moral response is to outlaw all abortion and all murderous medical treatments, including euthanasia, immediately.  But this bill, if it passes, would represent a significant step in the right direction.  However, when we see things falling apart around us……is it any wonder?  Can we be surprised at the state of this nation, morally, when we see atrocities equal or worse to those of pre-Christian Rome on a daily basis?  This country, supposedly “under God,” has been spitting in His eye and telling Him how much it hates and disbelieves in Him for decades. We’ve been killing the children He miraculously creates.

It is thus absolutely no wonder at all that we are in this depraved, fallen state?  This nation – not all of us, but most – has behaved like a new Canaan, barbecuing our babies to death with saline solution and sacrificing our children on the forbidden altar of satan.  So go figure we’re in the state we’re in.  We’re frankly blessed to even still be around, and not be a smoking hole in the ground.  That’s what we’re tempting with our current atrocities against God, all this sodomy.  The Talmud says it was when the people began to pretend that men could marry men, and women marry women, that God unleashed the Flood.  Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for less.   How long God will let this stand is not ours to know, but I don’t think it will be much longer.



The perverse agenda for your kids (WARNING: GRAPHIC) May 13, 2015

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I don’t think “perverse” fit it anymore, more like fireball satanic nightmare straight outta hell.

So, roughly 1000 Iowa teens had been propagandized by the media to believe that there is an epidemic of persecution against so-called “gay teens” in their schools.  Being decent kids, if ignorant, they thought they should try to help these poor oppressed “gays” out.  So they attended a conference that was supposed to be about “anti-bullying” strategies. What they got instead was a day full of satanic sodomite propaganda, including lessons in analingus, methods for women to appear to like men, fisting, and other such delightful topics.  Probably most of these kids, even in this day and age, were introduced to many of the sick topics discussed for the first time at this conference. Innocence can only be lost once, these kids will never be quite the same again (LAST WARNING BAD TOPICS FOLLOW):

They thought the Iowa Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth was about anti-bullying. Instead, about 1,000 teenagers from more than 100 Iowa communities were treated to a profanity-laced performance by a drag queen along with graphic conversations on oral sex and a transgender tutorial on how to make fake testicles.

Some parents were furious about some of the sexually explicit comments from paid speakers – including a comedian who told the high school students how “pleasurable it is for gay couples to eat each other’s behinds and how to use different flavors of (oils) to make it taste better.”

Bullying is a terrible thing and it is a very real problem in American public schools – for both gay and straight students. Many of the young people who attended the Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth did so because they cared about their classmates. They wanted to learn how to stand in the gap for others. [Look, bullying is an issue. It’s not good. But it also a canard, it’s being used as an excuse, as a vehicle, to advance the perverse sexular pagan agenda.  And I do think a lot of what is called “bullying” is really just super Special Snowflakes unable to deal with any of life’s little bits of unpleasantness.  That’s not to say there are not occasional outlandish acts of cruelty, but I think those are much more rare than we are being led to believe]

“We were absolutely flabbergasted,” one father told me. “It was graphic and pornographic. From a parent’s perspective I cannot think of anywhere this should be an acceptable conversation.”

The parent, who agreed to talk with me provided he was not identified, has a teenage daughter who attended the conference. The 18-year-old is a member of her school’s student support group that helps bullied teens.

“She though the conference would give the group better ideas on how to deal with bullying issues,” the parent told me. “But there was hardly anything about that.”

The parent described sessions about where discussions were held on how to clean yourself before anal sex “and the pleasure you can get from eating your partner’s backside.”

Television Station Local 5 News obtained cell phone video filmed by a student at the conference – where an attendee asked,“Is anal painful?” [Yes. And unnatural, disgusting, and very, very messy.]

“For paid speakers to be in front of a group talking about how to avoid choking during oral sex – I cannot fathom where that would be an appropriate conversation,” the father told me.

……..Iowa Safe School posted additional information on its Facebook page and website – blasting The Family Leader and accusing them of distorting the conference and misquoting the speakers.

They said The Family Leader has tried to “bully, intimidate and take away a special event for Iowa’s students, parents and educators.”

It should be noted that Iowa Safe Schools does not specify how The Family Leader distorted the conference or which speakers were misquoted.

Of course not.  As with the situation with the New Jersey Catholic school teacher who was creamed for criticizing the sexular pagan agenda, none of the attacks were on the merits of her criticisms, they were just blatant ad hominems like we see above.  That’s because they know their actions and their entire agenda would be viewed very negatively by a large majority of people in this country, even at this point.  So they shoot the messenger and engage in savage tactics in order to destroy their opponents and dissuade others from voicing concerns.

It is truly amazing the degree to which totalitarianism has crept into the thoughts and actions of so many in this country.  This totalitarianism is almost exclusively seen among the radical left today.  And the left is becoming increasing radical, and thus increasingly totalitarian.  There are few efforts by the left today to even argue points on merit, they simply attack, attack, attack. And with a compliant, incredibly biased media, their attacks are amplified out of all proportion to their true numbers, which remain quite small in the grand scheme of things.

We have to be living through the ultimate tail wagging the dog scenario.  The most perverse, lost 1-2% among us are telling the rest of us how it’s going to be.  Sacred beliefs and the very foundation of society is being sacrificed to this noisy, sickened 1%.  I would not believe it were it not happening so clearly before my eyes.  Incredible.

“The best lack all conviction, and the worst are full of passionate intensity,” indeed.

Thank goodness we have science, to provide such brilliant insights: porn, video games leading to ‘masculinity crisis’ May 11, 2015

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Well, yes they are, but they are also symptoms of an already extant crisis that predate the internet or video games by many years.  The broader problem or “crisis” – one largely deliberately caused – has to do with the culture rejecting the proper (Catholic) understanding of roles and duties for men and women and healthy approaches to the God-given natures as man and woman, masculine and feminine.  We have had generations of man-boys now, a phenomenon that got its start as part of the broader attack on the family.  If you take out the father, you can in most cases take out the entire family.  And if you take away traditional, I would say divinely-instilled conceptions of masculinity, you will take out the father, or so neuter him that even if physically present his impact will be minimal.

So file this in the water is wet category of breakthrough scientific research – porn and video games are destroying boys and young men’s virtue, film at 11:

A leading psychologist has warned that young men are facing a crisis of masculinity due to excessive use of video games and pornography.

Psychologist and professor emeritus at Stanford UniversityPhillip Zimbardo has made the warnings, which form a major part of his latest book, Man (Dis)Connected…….

……Zimbardo says there is a “crisis” amongst young men, a high number of whom are experiencing a “new form of addiction” to excessive use of pornography and video games……….

[The following explains why science almost always fails to address, or even measurably improve, the very crises it has helped visit on the culture……]…….In his opinion, the solution is to accept that the problem is serious – parents must become aware of the number of hours a child is spending alone in their room playing games and watching porn at the expense of other activities. [You mean parents should have close relationships with their kids?  That’s impossible, right?!?  The TV told me so, over and over again!]

He also blamed negative images of men in the American media, which show men as being “slobs, undesirable, only wanting to get laid and being inadequate in doing that.” [Well, he got that part right.  That pretty much nails the cultural image of “dad” conveyed by the mass media for the past 20 years or so]

He also called for better sex education in schools – which should focus not only on biology and safety, but also on emotions, physical contact and romantic relationships.

It is amazing how resilient these scientists are to identifying and recommending the things that have been proven to prevent kids from getting lost in porn and all the other vices – close relationship with parents, strong involvement in a Christian, especially Catholic church, being encouraged to participate in outdoor activities and sports, etc.  No, it always has to be a plan or program that tends to benefit their clan.  The ONE thing that can lead a soul out of the nightmare of addiction over the long haul – faith in Jesus Christ – is of course totally ignored.  To introduce Him would be to surrender one’s credibility as a scientist at the start.

I want to make clear, video games are not, like pornography, intrinsically evil.  There is no problem with many games that do not introduce immoral themes and do not feature excessive gore or other disordered matter.  Video games can be a decent recreation if kept within due limits.  But video games, especially the more modern immersive types, have been shown to have a strong potential for abuse/addition and many contain material that is morally toxic (Grand Theft Auto series, for instance).  So strong caution and parental monitoring is most definitely called for, but I am not one to think there has to be a blanket ban.



Primate of England, Cardinal Nichols, to offer Mass for “gays” May 6, 2015

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For the first time a Cardinal, a Prince of the Church, will offer Mass for souls who openly indicate, and advocate in favor of, their affinity for sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. That is, the Cardinal is offering Mass deliberately and directly for individuals who persist publicly in a state of profound disorder and, in almost all cases, manifest grave sin.

It seems impossible not to state that the Church is descending into chaos and open tolerance of the gravest evils:

Cardinal Vincent Nichols will celebrate Mass for gay Catholics on Sunday in central London.

Same-sex attracted Catholics, along with their families, will attend the Mass at Farm Street Jesuit Church, in Mayfair on May 10 at 18:15.

The Mass will mark the first time a cardinal has celebrated Mass specifically for same-sex gay Catholics.

Are there any other than “same-sex gay” people?  Do people who not only fall into sin, but who openly advocate in its favor and who fall into such error that they reject even the idea that their perverse predilection constitutes a sin (thus they are heretics) deserve the name Catholic?  Isn’t that an unwarranted moniker and a very large part of the problem in the Church, the continuing abuse of language and plain meaning in publication after publication, source after source, falsely identifying those who reject the Doctrine of the Faith as Catholics, and always in the service of the radical modernist agenda?

As to the unimaginable scandal this Mass will cause – even over and above the regular weekly Mass offered specifically for these poor lost souls on a weekly basis, which only confirms them in the gravest of sins as they pile up blasphemy upon blasphemy re-crucifying Our Lord week after week – consider this a companion piece to the report on Joe Biden yesterday.  Readers have sent me absolute confirmation of his presence at Mass and reception of the Blessed Sacrament.  I cannot substantiate this next detail, yet, but the VP received from the hand of a priest.

So what are faithful Catholics to make of this more than mere failure of leadership, but scandal created by a positive, voluntary action taken by a major prelate?  Of course Nichols has long been known for his extreme progressive tendencies, but at a time when the Church in general and faithful souls in particular are experiencing dire persecution for their holding fast to the moral beliefs the Church has always held from her inception, this kind of action takes on a radical nature that appears aimed at supporting revolution within the Church.  I don’t see how it can be viewed any other way.  Certainly it is crass and self-serving, but given the scandal at the first session of the Synod and the full-court press on the Church and faithful Christians ongoing in the culture, the timing of this scandal and the nature of the act looks inescapably like a flag-planting, a declaration of a doctrinal stand.

Which, coming from a prince of the Church, is just an incredible betrayal. But it’s hardly the first one, we’ve been betrayed to death for decades now.


Educated beyond imbecility – Australian “philosophers” question value of family, state parents should feel guilty for spending time with kids May 6, 2015

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There is no limit to the error and evil to which souls will descend when they reject God.  To explain the mind-numbing catalog of evils of the former Soviet system, the best Alexander Solzhenitsyn could do was to say: “people have forgotten about God.”  I can’t think of a much better one-phrase explanation for the accelerating descent into madness and barbarity that we see all around us.  This latest episode from some Australian philosophers is simply beyond description.  You have to read it to believe that people would actually think thoughts so inane.

Two Australian philosophers have posited that having an intact and healthy family life constitutes an “unfair advantage,” and that parents who spend time with children, for instance, by reading to them, should be wracked with guilt over their care, because there are other, slovenly parents who don’t do so, and isn’t it evil to create such a disparity?  This is cultural marxism to the Nth degree, courtesy of our insane academic class:

‘I got interested in this question because I was interested in equality of opportunity,’ he says.

‘I had done some work on social mobility and the evidence is overwhelmingly that the reason why children born to different families have very different chances in life is because of what happens in those families.’   [Well, duh!  We need a PhD to tell us that. Sure earning your salary there, bud]

Once he got thinking, Swift could see that the issue stretches well beyond the fact that some families can afford private schooling, nannies, tutors, and houses in good suburbs. Functional family interactions—from going to the cricket to reading bedtime stories—form a largely unseen but palpable fault line between families. The consequence is a gap in social mobility and equality that can last for generations……. [The poor you will always have with you.  But the left would destroy the family not to aid the poor as they purport, but to serve themselves. The family is the final block to ultimate leftist power.  See how the family was destroyed in the old USSR]

……One way philosophers might think about solving the social justice problem would be by simply abolishing the family. If the family is this source of unfairness in society then it looks plausible to think that if we abolished the family there would be a more level playing field.’   [But at what cost?  Just because Plato argued in favor of a limited application of this theory (he was refuted by the far more moral, and brilliant, Aristotle) doesn’t make it reasonable. I know a woman who adopted a child raised in a post-Soviet Russian orphanage. There were tens or hundreds of thousands of children abandoned by their mothers in the wake of the Soviet collapse. So many of those children received the level of care one would expect from a communist orphanage. Left alone in their cribs for week, with no love, no comforting caress, the vast majority of them developed life-long attachment disorders and profound psychological problems.  The boy I know, and so many like him, will never be remotely right. They will in fact be a future source of suffering for others, either through their cruelty and criminal activities or through their inability to truly love and care for someone else. And this is what this philosopher sees as “good,” a bunch of devastated, broken human zombies.]

…..‘What we realised we needed was a way of thinking about what it was we wanted to allow parents to do for their children, and what it was that we didn’t need to allow parents to do for their children, if allowing those activities would create unfairnesses for other people’s children’. [Remember how I said this was all about power and control.  Believe me now?  So they’ll decide what parents are allowed to do.  You think homeschooling is high on their list of allowables?]

The test they devised was based on what they term ‘familial relationship goods’; those unique and identifiable things that arise within the family unit and contribute to the flourishing of family members.  

For Swift, there’s one particular choice that fails the test.

Private schooling cannot be justified by appeal to these familial relationship goods,’ he says. ‘It’s just not the case that in order for a family to realise these intimate, loving, authoritative, affectionate, love-based relationships you need to be able to send your child to an elite private school.’…… [No, of course not. All children must attend the same government-run conformity centers public schools!  You can bet they have an even more negative view of homseschooling] 

……..So should parents snuggling up for one last story before lights out be even a little concerned about the advantage they might be conferring?

‘I don’t think parents reading their children bedtime stories should constantly have in their minds the way that they are unfairly disadvantaging other people’s children, but I think they should have that thought occasionally,’…… [And remember the mandatory self-flagellation for contributing to inequality!]

……Then, does the child have a right to be parented by her biological parents? Swift has a ready answer.

‘It’s true that in the societies in which we live, biological origins do tend to form an important part of people’s identities, but that is largely a social and cultural construction. So you could imagine societies in which the parent-child relationship could go really well even without there being this biological link.’ [Yes, having bored, disinterested, low-paid government employees raise children would surely be better.  Sure worked out well for my friend’s Russian adoptee!]

From this realisation arises another twist: two is not the only number.

‘Nothing in our theory assumes two parents: there might be two, there might be three, and there might be four,’ says Swift[And I think you can now see what this entire effort has been about all along – rationalizing perverse individuals adopting or making frankenstein babies and “diverse living arrangements.”  Sick.]

It’s here that the traditional notions of what constitutes the family come apart. [Only in the mind of a leftist academic.  For billions of people around the world, what constitutes family is crystal clear.]  A necessary product of the Swift and Brighouse analytical defence is the calling into question of some rigid definitions…….

We do want to defend the family against complete fragmentation and dissolution,’ he says. ‘If you start to think about a child having 10 parents, then that’s looking like a committee rearing a child; there aren’t any parents there at all.’

Oh bull!  That’s just another arbitrary distinction with no fundamental basis. If you are going to argue that groups of casually-related people (primarily through sex) can constitute a family, there is no upper limit to the number.  Saying “10 is too many” is a completely arbitrary distinction and doesn’t stand the slightest scrutiny.

None of the above does.  I am reminded of the fact that the satanic “ethicist” Peter Singer has advocated for child-murder on children up to five years old, simply because mom or dad feel like it.  Because a child’s life is worth nothing, but an ethicist’s is.  But why stop at 5?  Singer actually has a point, in that the distinction presently made between killing children in the womb or those outside it is as artificial as the limit on the number of parents above, once you destroy the concept of the family as mother, father, and children.  Singer based his entire argument on the fact that abortion is legal, so why not child murder?  Personally, I’d prefer we pare down the number of academics by a few hundred thousand.

And the critical part is that all of this insanely perverse, diabolically evil thinking stems from one central fact: rejection of God and a transcendent source of Truth.  When men try to be god and reject that truth, there is no limit to the insanity and depravity that will follow, as the above so aptly demonstrates (which, believe it or not, was part of a broader effort to somehow “justify” the existence of the family as such a horrid source of inequality.  And the (forgive me, Lord) idiotic reporter just sat there and lapped it up uncritically.  Gashats.


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