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USAF Hosting Largest Ever Red Flag Exercise, Featuring Massive GPS Blackout over Western US January 31, 2018

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Now I know why I didn’t do a Flightline Friday for months – I knew once I got started on the subject, I wouldn’t be able to stop.  You’re witnessing the transformation of this formerly dumb Catholic blog to a smart military blog.

Actually, I’ve been just pounded at work this week and when I get a moment, I want to read something “light,” which has meant military. Because nothing says light like war and death.

Red Flag is the world’s premiere, largest, most complex, most realistic air warfare exercise.  Red Flags are typically held 4-6 times a  year, always at Nellis Air Force base adjacent to Las Vegas and the sprawling Nellis Test and Training Range.  Red Flag 18-1 is the first of the year, as the name implies, and is also the largest ever held.  Not only that, it is also one of the most secretive, highest-end threat environments ever presented at Red Flag, which is saying something, because many aircrew maintain that after experiencing the rigors of Red Flag, actual combat seems rather dull and uneventful.  Red Flag generally prepares aircrews for the highest end fight, against the most complex defenses and the most skilled adversaries.  This year is no exception, as, for the first time ever, USAF will be making use of GPS-jamming technologies so powerful that normal GPS reception over almost the entire western US will be affected for several hours a day while the exercises are ongoing:

The year’s first iteration of the USAF’s premier set of aerial war games, known commonly as Red Flag, is kicking off today at Nellis Air Force Base just outside of Las Vegas, but this exercise will be different than any in the past. Not only is it the largest of its kind in the exercise’s 42 year history, but the USAF is going to blackout GPS over the sprawling Nevada Test and Training Range to challenge aircrews and their weaponry under realistic fighting conditions. The tactic will spill over throughout the region, with warnings being posted stating inconsistent GPS service could be experienced by aircrews flying throughout the western United States.

The NBAA Command Center reports the U.S. military will begin training exercises on the Nevada Test and Training Range between 0400Z until 0700Z daily. Training maneuvers will impact vast portions of the Western U.S. including California, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana and New Mexico. FAA enroute ATC centers affected include Albuquerque (ZAB), Denver (ZDV), Los Angeles (ZLA), Salt Lake (ZLC), Oakland (ZOA) and Seattle (ZSE). Operations in R-2508 and R-2501 may also be impacted.

Arrivals and departures from airports within the Las Vegas area may be issued non-Rnav re-routes with the possibility of increased traffic disruption near LAS requiring airborne re-routes to the south and east of the affected area. Aircraft operating in Los Angeles (ZLA) center airspace may experience navigational disruption, including suspension of Descend-via and Climb-via procedures. Non-Rnav SIDs and STARs may be issued within ZLA airspace in the event of increased navigational disruption. Crews should expect the possibility of airborne mile-in-trail and departure mile-in-trail traffic management initiatives.

Those dates and the location perfectly correspond with Red Flag 18-1. The timeframe for the daily disruptions is also the same as the night launch and recovery period for Red Flag this time of year. Two major large force employment missions take place every day during the exercise, one during the light and one during the night, with each last roughly two to three hours.

This particular Red Flag includes players from the USAF, USMC, Australia and UK. [Those are the US’ top-tier allies and get access to the darkest and spookiest stuff.  Britain used to far and away be the most trusted in that respect, but more and more of late Australia is given the most favored nation status in access to highly classified capabilities and programs. Still, the two are easily the most trusted and given access to the most sensitive capabilities – and vice versa.  The militaries of the US, Britain, and Australia share as much, and are as integrated, as any in the world.] The very limited guest list of only America’s most trusted allies is indicative of a Red Flag exercise where high-end and sensitive capabilities will be put to the test. According to a press release from the USAF that was posted just hours ago, this seems to be an accurate assumption, with Colonel Michael Mathes, 414th Combat Training Squadron commander, stating:

“We’re trying a few new and different things with Red Flag 18-1… It’s the largest Red Flag ever with the largest number of participants, highlighting the balance of training efficiency with mission effectiveness… Red Flag 18-1 primarily is a strike package focused training venue that we integrate at a command and control level in support of joint task force operations… It’s a lot of words to say that we integrate every capability we can into strike operations that are flown out of Nellis Air Force Base.” [So Red Flag also often involves lower-tier allies, and even some nations that are only kinda sorta friendly, like India.  Adversaries are not invited. So, it’s not unusual for the Israeli Air Force to attend, or Colombia, S. Korea, and certainly other NATO nations.  But this one is reserved only for the closest allies, which says something special is going on]

If you read  yesterday’s single post, you know that the US presently has a significant vulnerability to anti-satellite weapons, which is another way to deny critical capabilities like GPS to US forces.  Powerful ground- or air-based jammers are another way to accomplish the same goal.  I’m glad, in a sense, to see USAF taking the threat seriously and training to fight in a GPS-degraded environment.  My brother-in-law who is apparently a genius at packaging ever-smaller and cheaper inertial navigation systems (INS) into aircraft, weapons, ships, and ground vehicles has his work cut out for him, but should stay busy for years.

A bit of a rah-rah video from USAF on this Red Flag 18-1.

Unfortunately, a Royal Australian Air Force Boeing EF-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft caught fire and was severely damaged during the exercises this week.  Apparently the crew were able to escape without injury, but the aircraft is likely a total write off.  It seems the starboard engine caught fire and burned through the empennage.

As to the threat, here’s a video the Navy released of Russian Su-27 Flankers – armed with live missiles – flying dangerously close to an EP-3E Aries II electronic surveillance aircraft over the international waters/airspace of theBlack Sea recently.  This kind of thing used to happen occasionally during the Cold War, but has been occurring regularly, several times a year, since tensions mounted with Russia over their intervention in the Ukraine/Crimea:

In some of those shots, that Flanker is single digit feet from the Aries.  Dangerous.  Lots of potential for bad things to happen with that kind of behavior.

So am I the only one to get sucked into “The Expanse?” May 25, 2017

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Regular readers know that we haven’t got any cable or satellite, but I’m not completely dead to the culture, yet.  I still hear about things through blogs and news sites.  I heard about the SyFy network program The Expanse several months ago and quickly got sucked in.  Enough so that after I had exhausted the first season episodes available free on Amazon Prime, I waited a few months but finally cracked and bought the second season.  The show is by no means perfect, but it is very, very good.

One warning.  I guess the broadcast standards have really collapsed because the show has all kinds of cuss words in it.  It’s not really gratuitous, the situations generally call for such language, but the show features such dire situations so frequently the language does tend a bit blue.  And another warning – one unfortunate failing of the production was the inclusion of totally gratuitous sex scenes in the first episodes of both seasons.  This is such a sop to the sick and fallen culture it’s really sad to consider, because neither of these scenes is even remotely necessary for plot advancement or character development.

But aside from that there is very much right with the show.  The Expanse is set in the late 23rd century, a time when man has colonized much of the solar system, with Mars a heavily populated independent power and a huge population scattered on myriad asteroids and moons of the gas giants.  The Earth is still the greatest power in the solar system but Mars is rising and seeks to ultimately displace Earth.  There are lots of cold war-type tensions and then a radical new discovery literally changes everything.  The fight to gain control over this discovery and weaponize it for advantage drives much of the plot in the first two seasons.

The thing I like best about the show is that it is relatively realistic, as Sci-Fi goes.  It’s not quite 2001: a space odyssey, but it’s close.  They show real weightlessness, they show the effects of “high-G burns” when the interplanetary spacecraft must impose huge G-loads on the crew to do certain maneuvers, they show mostly realistic weaponry (but no anti-missile missiles is a pretty bad miss), long-range ship-to-ship, missiles, nuclear warheads, point defence guns, interplanetary guided missiles, etc.  It’s a quite fully realized universe and one that is enjoyable to watch.

The third major party in the series are the “belters,” souls who live among the asteroids and many moons colonized on the outer planets, people who have been in low-G and low-oxygen environments for so long their physiology has changed and they can no longer live on Earth.  They also have a unique language developed for the show, which to me sounds a lot like Afrikaans (and the English they speak is spoken with a South African accent).  The belters view themselves as outcasts who are preyed upon by the “inners” and violently punished whenever they “get out of line.”  This is another major story arc through the series.

The production values and CGI are top-notch.  There are some errors, like spacecraft with voluminous empty spaces serving no purpose (but they look pretty on TV) and crazily sped up transit times between, say, the rings of Saturn and the asteroid belt (which even at 5 million miles per hour – a speed the ships in the series regularly attain – could take many days or even weeks).

The acting ranges from fair to superb.  Shohreh Aghdashloo is brilliant as a leading Earth politician Chrisjen Avasarala.  I love Cas Anvar’s Martian of Indian-descent who speaks with a Texan accent, Alex Kamal.  Dominique Tipper has grown on me.  I think the dude playing James Holden is just OK.  Most of the others are serviceable but overall the acting does not bring the show down at all.

What really carries it along is the plot and the very well-realized universe.  The story is gripping and tends to draw you in.  They are dealing with end of the world solar system type scenarios quite regularly (hence, the language) but the scenarios are not utterly implausible.  Once you accept the MacGuffin that drives everything along it all flows very sensically.

If you like sci-fi it’s a definite must-see, provided you can get past the language and the two brief but gratuitous scenes in the first episodes of series 1 and 2 (fortunately you have a bit of warning for both and can easily skip past).  If you like good drama with a healthy amount of action, you’ll also probably enjoy it. If you think this culture has absolutely nothing to offer anyone and prefer a good book to anything broadcast, you’re probably wiser than I.  But sometimes my ‘ol noggin’ wants a break and this one wasn’t too bad.

Season 3 will air sometime in the first half of 2018.

Some reminders on commenting on this site December 16, 2015

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About once a year, I have to make a post like this.  Some post will attract a flood of newbies to the blog, people who have not trod the long intellectual path this blog has followed over the past 6+ years.  They will frequently become offended. Some come here with no good will to start with.  Some just want to blast and blaspheme from the start.

So, as a reminder to folks who have, for whatever reason, stumbled on this site or just started to comment, this blog has always had several rules regarding commenting:

Rule 1 – The most important.  This is a public blog, certainly, and I invite and enjoy reader participation in the comments, but it has always been and shall always remain first and foremost my place on the internet for MY thoughts and MY ideas.  Blogs are ludicrously easy to start and if you want your own place to put out your ideas, I highly encourage it.  Go for it.  But as a result, commenting here is really more of a privilege than a right.  That may not be the policy of many blogs, even most, but it’s mine.  And it will remain so.

Rule 2 – Longtime valued commenters get more leeway.  But if you show up here and your first comment includes gratuitous cussing or insults, or recourse to blatantly thoughtless and anti-Catholic jabs, you reveal a lack of good will and I shall have no patience for you.  The internet is full enough of such foolishness and I don’t need my sweet clean blog sullied with them.

Rule 3 – Like number 2, those who give off indications of trolling or ill intent will be banned without warning.  Long experience indicates that is the wisest policy, as subsequent attempts at commenting or other means of revelation almost invariably reveal the nastiness of such individuals.

Rule 4 – Even with regard to long time and otherwise valued commenters, please try to keep foul language to a minimum. I am no shrinking violet, my dad was a farm hand, construction, and oil field worker and he cusses a blue streak, and much of that sadly rubbed off on me.  A friend’s mom condemned me as “vulgar” when I was about 14.  Nonetheless, certain exceptions aside (we all get exasperated from time to time), please try to keep this blog G-rated.

Rule 5 – Another thing, while passionate discussion, even heated at times, is fine, please do not resort to insults directed at other commenters, nor demeaning of motives. This especially applies to new arrivals casting aspersions at long time commenters.  That is another way to get banned.   Having a different point of view is fine.  Arguing against someone else is fine.  But name-calling or worse is not something I don’t want to see in this blog.

Rule 6 – Consider this a continuation of Rule 1.  If you find this blog intensely annoys you, if you think I’m crazy, a fascist, a rad-trad, whatever, you can certainly provide your reasoning and argue your viewpoint, but if you become obsessive, seeking to decry every post or just in general become a nuisance, you probably won’t last very long.  Again, get your own blog.  The viewpoint I have has developed over 6 years of intensive writing and study, I have read scores if not hundreds of books related to the Faith and history in that time frame and I have written about 4 million words.  I did not come to hold the views I do lightly.  And, my thinking now is very much different from what it was 6  years ago.  I am not an ideologue, but I am, or hope to be, the product of an intense period of reading, writing, thinking, and general analysis that has resulted in the written product you see today.  Your comment is unlikely to shake my worldview.  So if you’re feeling trollish, best move along.

Rule 7 – Not really a rule, just a personal preference – don’t be deathly serious.  Yes this blog discusses very serious matters but I try to maintain at least some amount of levity.  We can have fun.  It’s ok to let our hair down every once in a while.  So feel free to be silly at times, too, if you so desire.

That’s all.  If these rules seem restrictive (bear in mind, again, that long time commenters get considerable leeway in every case), please bear in mind that they are not only for me but also for you, dear reader, to help maintain a Catholic environment in which all souls can feel comfortable, safe, and not scandalized…..well, at least no scandalized by the blogger’s or commenter’s behavior, the news I report is frequently scandalous enough.

Thank you for your attention and patience.



Your blogger finally revealed December 1, 2015

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I’ve never been one to post a lot of personal items.  I have long tried to remain semi-anonymous for a number of reasons, even though scores of readers know my name, where I live, etc.  And that’s fine. I don’t try really hard to be anonymous, but I also think it imprudent, given the subject matter I cover and the opinions I express (which, I pray, are always in line with the solemnly defined Doctrine of the Faith) to just lay it all out there and make my identity really easy to find.  I have found through experience that people who get torqued off over a blog post can do some really nasty things, so I try to keep my personal info at least a little bit obscure.  The fact that seems to exercise some people, or even undermine their opinion of me, doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  It is what it is, and it will remain that way.

But I stumbled on this ancient photo at a friend’s Facebook site and thought I’d share it.  It’s quite a scene.  This was from 1986. I was fifteen years old.  I think I cut quite a stunning figure in that blue satin dress, don’t you?  Err……..I mean, I look pretty pathetic trying to come off as “punk” for a costume party. Eh……whatever.  I put on about another 2-3 inches over the course of the year after this photo was taken, and then another 60 lbs in the intervening years since (all muscle, of course).  My date was the blonde on the left (if I recall, she was going as Marilyn Monroe).  We had an on again off again kind of thing going for a couple of years in high school. She was actually a pretty nice girl, but had a bit of a rough patch in her life after college that I think has now smoothed out.  The other girl was actually my next door neighbor, but I can’t say we got along very well.


So I actually got to ride home in the backseat of a police care that night.  It wasn’t anything dramatic, another friend, not pictured, decided to drive his brand new car to the party even though he was a few weeks shy of getting his license. He took me and another guy out for a quick drive and, wouldn’t you know, he got pulled over.  The cops decided to take me home, for some reason.

That was the only time (in high school) one of only two times I ever had to ride in a police car, which was pretty ridiculous, since I had a dozen odd involvements with the local constabulary where I was frankly guilty of much more substantial infractions than the one that night.  My best friends bailed me out of a certain MIP just a few weeks after this party. Wild times, I thought I was having fun (and….I was, in a natural/sinful sense) but was also laying the ground work for a whoooole lot of misery later.  Even then, I never wanted to drink, unless I could get quite buzzed or outright drunk.  It wasn’t too long after my sophomore year that I could start to tell, in the internal forum, that I had a big potential for a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Potential realized.  But that’s ground we’ve already covered, at least a bit.

So I binged out on “The Man in the High Castle” over the break December 1, 2015

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Did anyone else watch “The Man in the High Castle” on Amazon?  What did you think?

I was very impressed.  The first two pilot episodes had production values that were up and down, but the fully funded episodes (3-10) were vast improvements.  It was, to me, a most convincing alternate reality.  If you’re not up on the series, it is an internet TV-like production of Phillip Dick’s 1962 novel of the same time, which hypothesizes a world where the Japanese and Nazis somehow emerged not just victorious in WWII, but in possession of the entire land mass of the United States, save for a lawless but Nazi-dominated “neutral zone.” Japanese and Nazi relations have deteriorated since they completed their joint victory in the late 40s, and they now exist in a tense state of Cold War, with the Nazi’s having a tremendous technological advantage on nearly all fronts (including sole possession of nuclear weapons, which is frankly stupid, but whatever).

The real drama in the series is not so much the tensions between Nazi and the Imperial Japanese but the horrible life Americans lead under these conditions. The point of departure for the series was Roosevelt’s assassination in early 1933, which allowed the isolationist elements in the US to keep the US from preparing for war until much later than in our time line. When war finally was forced on the US, we were unprepared and lost in the Pacific after a protracted struggle and during a Nazi invasion of Virginia in the 1947 time frame. The US finally surrendered after Washington, DC was nuked by the Nazis (a fitting end, I might add).  Life under Nazi rule is unbelievably awful, with all but the fittest and healthiest (and whitest, and non-Jews) being consigned to endlessly operating death camps.  There are hints of horrible slaughters and a greatly reduced US population.  The US is also greatly impoverished, having never really emerged from the Depression.

Incredibly, the Japanese, even the incredibly fanatical and ruthless Kempetai, come off as comparatively reasonable and “humane” in their rule, in comparison to the nightmarish evil efficiency of the Nazis (who have also conquered most of Africa, killing hundreds of millions, all of Europe, etc.  South America exists as kind of free but under Nazi domination.  Japan holds most of Asia.  Russia has been fully conquered).  While there are no black or even brown people in Nazi-occupied America, there remain many in a much more polyglot “Japanese Pacific States.”

The main background is that Hitler is old and very sick.  He is expected to die shortly.  Hitler prefers peace with Japan, while all his underlings want to fry San Francisco (the Japanese administrative capital in the US) in nuclear fire and take over the entire US for themselves.  Everyone is waiting for the shoe to drop once Hitler dies.  But the series finale hints that Hitler may not be as sick as he pretends (for some reason, neither Fascist Italy nor Franco’s Spain is ever mentioned, probably due to lack of creativity on the part of the writers).

With this background, the plot centers around films that somehow show history as it unfolded in the world we know, with the Allies victorious and Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan crushed.  These films exist among resistance forces in the US and are attributed to the eponymous “Man in the High Castle.”  The Nazis and Japanese are terrified of these alt-reality (our reality) films and want them confiscated at all costs, fearing they may inspire more resistance or even for that correct history to somehow play out. Again, there is a hint at the end of the series (ep. 10) that the films are not what they appear to be, and the man in the high castle may have a most surprising identity.

I really enjoyed the series. I thought many of the performances top-notch.  I still cannot get over the idea of Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith, the head of the US Nazi police state.  It is such a shock to hear Obergruppenfuhrer…….Smith?!?  I thought the performances of the main American leads -the heroes, to date – to be so understated as to be almost bland. Now, they could be trying to emulate the reality of life under a brutal occupation – the same kind of very closed down, unemotional, hyper-guarded behavior one can still witness today among older people in former communist-bloc countries.  However, in a dramatic series, they often came off as a bit cold and distant.

There are a thousand small details that make this series work, dramatically.  I haven’t the time to even begin to go into them, but I’ll say even though the history proposed is asinine* beyond belief, if you can suspend your disbelief just a bit at the get-go, the series sucks you in and keeps you hooked with cliffhangers at the end of every episode.  It is made for binge watching.

Some video trailers and excerpts below.  The last one in particularly chilling:

Must watch this one:

*- Regarding this alternate reality, I have long believed -and I believe it can be quite proved – that Germany lost WWII on July 22, 1941.  Nothing the United States or Britain did was necessary to change that fact.  Our material aid certainly helped hasten the ultimate victory, and we played a huge part in terms of military arms, of course, but the very, very best Nazi Germany could have done once they invaded the Soviet Union was to maybe, if absolutely everything wen their way, was to fight to a draw, a draw that would have bled all of Europe white achieving.  Materially, the Soviet Union had greater economic resources than those of Germany.  Not much greater, but enough to keep them in the war, and almost certainly win it (after a brutal 8-9 year slog) even without Western aid.  This alt-history is very sketchy on the details, it is a very long walk from Roosevelt killed in 1933 to the US occupied by Germany and Japan.  They don’t tell us how Britain (with her own massive resources, nearly equal to those of Germany) fell, or how Germany could possibly have the manpower (and Navy!) to implement an invasion of the US, or conquer Russia in 1941.  As it was, Barbarossa as fought – even with the mistakes like the diversion to Kiev in September 1941 – generally went about as well as it possibly could have for the Germans.  Even had they conquered Moscow, the Soviets would have still rolled them up once General Winter set in (unless you start hypothesizing really unlikely things like the Japanese invading Siberia in 1941 in support of the Germans, something, given their experience in 1939, they were most hesitant to do) due to the Nazis’ greatly extended lines of communication and extreme thinness of their forces relative to the front they were defending.  From there, the Nazis could probably continue to make advances on a partial front in ’42 and ’43 as per our history, but even if they advanced to the magical Arkhangelsk/Astrakhan line, they’d have been damned hard put defending that 2000 mile long front for as long into the future as Stalin cared to fight – which was pretty danged long.  Even if Stalin negotiated a peace treaty, the drain on Nazi manpower to subjugate conquered portions of the Soviet Union and maintain large forces for the inevitable Soviet counterstroke would have been enormous.  No way they would have enough manpower for an invasion of the US, let alone the fact that they had virtually no navy to speak of.  I could go on, but you get the point.

This series hypothesizes that the Germans/Japanese succeeded because a huge number of Americans became very willing collaborators and soldiers in the Axis forces.  Yes, some of this would happen, it always does, but I strongly doubt there would really be an “Obergruppenfuhrer Smith” in any kind of realistic reality.  The Nazi’s never trusted their conquered subjects enough to give them that kind of authority, and they looked on Americans as a largely sub-Aryan mongrel race, anyway.  I find the idea that most Americans would become quite willing Nazis, to the extent of having no compunction at all regarding the mass-slaughter of those judged to be less than imperfect, difficult to take, but, then again, this nation has very happily seen the murder of 60 million odd unborn children over the past 44 years and most people are, at most, only slightly put off by that. Only a relative minority find it as horrifying as it indeed is.

So maybe there are a lot more would-be Nazis among us than we realize.  The vast majority of them call themselves progressives, just as the Nazis presented their ideology as a new order and a very progressive, “scientific” way of life.

Blogging may be light – computer issues June 2, 2015

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I got a really nasty virus called a “sinkhole” in what the admins are calling a “drive by” attack, meaning I just happened to land on the wrong page at the wrong time.  I didn’t do anything stupid, like respond to a fake alert that I needed to update my anti-virus software or anything like that. Trend Micro just started sending out all kinds of alerts, and was apparently blocking literally hundreds of attempts to launch really bad websites.  Glad I did not see any of those.  The admins also said viruses are getting so advanced, act so quickly, and can mirror all your normal functions so exactly, even while proxying you out to some other platform, that the protection software is falling badly behind and it’s basically down to wiping your hard drive and starting over again.  Great.

Also, we’re going through our ninth layoff in the last 7 years at work, so I have that going for me.  I would really appreciate your prayers, at this point, anyone resembling “dead wood” was let go long ago, and they’re cutting deeply into muscle and sinew.

Having said that, I do have a backup machine right now so I may be able to get out a few things today.

Ewoks are real! March 27, 2015

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To me, it looks like a jackrabbit cross-bred with a koala bear, but my kids thought it looks like an Ewok.  Yes, it was at that moment that I realized George Lucas had completely lost his touch, and he never got it back.  Funny thing is, little kids tend to like the prequels better. But of course, they’re little kids. I will probably go see the JJ Abrams sequels rolling out late this year, but I don’t hold out much hope. I thought he ruined Star Trek.  And I hate CGI.  It has always looked fake to me, and it ages horribly.  Give me detailed models and slit scan techniques any day.  No one can possibly improve on Kubrick!


Apparently it’s called  “lli pika.”  It supposedly lives in the mountains of western China/Tibet.  Looks tasty.


Cute! April 7, 2010

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I got this off of Patrick Madrid.  Do I have to go to Confession for stealing this?

Heartbreaking March 1, 2010

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A quick non-Catholic post.  I used to play alot of hockey.  I stopped because life got too busy, and the beer swilling culture that surrounds playing made it hard for an alky like me to play.  I do miss it.

Prior to the Olympics, no one gave the US men’s team much of a chance to medal.  However, they did have a very good goalie, who turned into an absolutely phenomenal goalie as the tournament went on.  The US team gave the ridiculously talented Team Canada about all it could handle, but in the end, a couple of defensive miscues proved too much.   That’s too bad……you could see that the US players were truly heartbroken, none more so than the goalie, the Sabre’s Ryan Miller.   And it just had to be that annoying wunderkind Crosby that scored the winning goal……sorry, it’s a weakness, he grates on me.  He’s just so ridiculously gifted, and he acts like a baby alot on the ice. 

So here’s to the US team and goalie Ryan Miller.  The good thing is that this US team is quite young, and may be even better in four years.  We need to grow some more defensive talent here in the US, and they could have a very powerful team. 

I think I may have to go hit some stick and puck time.  I feel motivated to skate again, after watching the past 2 weeks.

Long weekend February 15, 2010

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Sorry I haven’t posted for the last 3 days.  I had a busy weekend – snow day on Friday (a foot of snow, in DALLAS!), spent the day out with the kids, and drove 700 miles on Saturday.  Yesterday was catchup day, and I had to chop a bunch of wood I brought back from God’s own country, Harper, Texas USA. 

I’ll try to get some posts up today.  Lots of interesting goings on for me to blather on about endlessly.