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Voris Obliterates AmChurch, and Challenges those Blase’ Souls that Sustain It July 19, 2019

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Amchurch, Novus Ordo land, the Great Facade………..whatever one wants to call it, Michael Voris obliterates it in the video below (h/t to reader Dismas).

Sort of……..frankly, he doesn’t go far enough.  For Bernadin and McCarrick, Dearden and Hallinan, Hunthausen and Mahony, didn’t fall out of the sky and land in their cathedras.  They were chosen and assigned, by popes dating back to Pius XII in some cases.  These are the popes Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton, regarded by several traditonal priests as the greatest theologian this country has ever produced, described as the popes between Saint Pius X and Paul VI as “weak and liberal……..who have flooded the hierarchy with unworthy and stupid men.”  That is to say, Voris identifies two key sources of the crisis in the Church, so far as the United States is concerned, but as always fails to follow the line to its inevitable conclusion.  Fenton was not sede vacantist in the slightest, and the quoted words were private comments pulled from his personal diary after his death, but nevertheless he was openly critical of the papalotry of his time and would be even more so today.  This is where Church Militant continually fails.

It’s a very rough line to draw.  If I had their reach and audience, I, too, would be very careful in how far I went in describing the crisis in the Church and its source, but it rings a little hollow to absolutely excoriate the hierarchy in the United States and say not a word about those in Rome who have selected, empowered, and backed up that hierarchy in all its error and destruction not only in the United States but around the world.

And, of course, today we see the apotheosis – or at least it’s apotheosis thus far, his successor may be far worse, God forbid – of this trend in the dictator pope Francis.

Nevertheless, these reminders of the corruption at the heart of the Novus Ordo establishment are healthy and helpful.  I would love to know how Voris’ video is received by any souls long used to the Novus Ordo church, who believe it to be the normative mode of Catholicism – indeed, for millions, it is the only form they have ever known.  But I am skeptical that many converts will be made by this video.  Perhaps there will be some, and God bless them if they see the light and Michael Voris for all his hard work. But I have found that very few souls happily ensconced in low-demand, happy-clappy, kindergarten-class Novus Ordo land very open to serious critiques of what they know.  Some of the very hardest to reach are the older souls who remember the pre-Vatican II Church, and dutifully followed their mother down this wide path to destruction so many years ago.  Souls who were devout enough to remain faithful even as the Church turned against her very core, her very nature, have a very, very hard time admitting, in the twilight of their life, that any reseverations they had decades ago were well placed, and that the experiment in aggiornamento has been a complete and total failure.  Of course, some of these folks went along quite wilingly, in the spirit of that tragic decade, thinking they really were good and great enough to “sing a new church into being,” to summon a “new pentecost,” one even greater than the first.

Nevertheless, watching this caused me to reflect on that occasional good news that comes out of the Novus Ordo environment, of priests offering Mass in Latin or more Confession, or good assignments made.  I like to think these are positive developments, but if they keep people from making the leap to the TLM and a real traditional Catholic community where the Faith is preached and, to the degree it can be in this sewer of a culture, lived, then they may actually be counterproductive.  It’s possible my own experience, where all these things – more Confession (which I sorely needed and need), more authentic forms of the Liturgy, increasingly solid catechesis from priests as we moved from the “large suburban parish” to the very conservative oddball Novus Ordo parish on the outskirts of the Diocese – pushed me and mine inexorably towards a traditional Latin Mass community.  But that may not be everyone’s experience.  At the same time, I do not feel comfortable criticizing those who are trying, by their own lights, to improve the situation in their parish, and seeing occasional positive moves in that direction.

Another thing Church Militant misses, today – they didn’t used to, at one time they were very much going in the direction of publicly excoriating the ambiguous, deliberately murky, and even blatantly erroneous aspects of Vatican II – is just that.  They don’t get to the root errors that caused Vatican II to happen.  Not at the level of, like Archbishop Lefebvre, accusing the Council.  I’ve been trying to screw up the courage to do a long podcast review of two books, John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition by David Wemhoff, with a strong whiff of E. Michael Jones about it, and Desire and Deception by Charles Coulombe.  I’ll have to do it as a podcast, otherwise it’d be a 5000 word post I’d never get out.  Both books dwell on possibly the key aspect of the Faith, the practical rejection of which led inevitably to the crisis in the Church today – Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus – but one I think is a rather poor and even often misleading effort, and the other is much more spot on.  It’s a subject I’d really like to do proper justice to, so I pray I can finally get around to making a recording and posting it.

Just to show how far down in the weeds I’ve been for 5 months now….. June 29, 2016

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……only today did I learn, thanks to longtime reader and appreciated commenter TG, that Michael Voris made a rather significant announcement regarding his past life on April 21 of this year.

My commentary here is not, then, exactly news.  And, frankly, I don’t have much to say about Voris’ “revelation” (I say revelation in quotes, because he had already made clear he had numerous sins in his past of a sexual and likely perverse nature), but I do have some things to say about how this revelation was treated by some of Voris’ critics in the media.

I saw, to my disgust if not surprise, that a number of “mainstream” (if by mainstream you mean left-leaning to out and out leftist) Catholic commentators expressing glee at Voris’ past shame.  These commentators, almost to a man, inextricably linked Voris’ very strong stand against the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah that he has taken since his reversion and over the course of his apostolate to self hatred, an inability to “live with himself” as he “really is.”

Does anyone not see the incredibly nasty trap that is planted here?  It’s the same trap we see opponents of Christianity make all the time, pretending that because Christians are not perfectly sinless, they are perfect hypocrites when they comment on social ills and sins sweeping through the culture.

But the trap is particularly invidious when it comes to certain cultural causes of the left, like so-called homosexuality.  What the commentators are saying, is that Voris, in refusing to allow himself to sink into his past sins, by having true contrition for them and seeking God’s absolution and relying on the Grace that flows from it to avoid them in future, he is really in denial and all his efforts to encourage others to follow the path he himself has taken is just an exercise in self-hatred.  Thus true conversion is a lie and one can only be an “honest” and “forthright” Christian through the embrace of the sins the Left commands embracing. Convenient, that.

I was not surprised to see such commentary from pagans in the sexular pagan culture.  But to hear it, to see it from a number of self-described Catholics is simply horrifying.

These people apparently have absolutely no trust or belief in sanctifying Grace.  Apparently, in their mindset, once someone adopts a sin, they literally become that sin, and can never escape from it, in perfect alignment with pro-sodomite propaganda and the kind of “catechesis” that has flowed from lost and often sexually perverse priests and religious within the Church herself (awesome piece, BTW, read it all).  This is the lie of “born that way” writ large, which a) has never even come close to being proven (in fact, most of the evidence lies in the other direction), and b)  completely rejects the idea of conversion through Grace and true amendment of life.

Revelations of sin should always be painful for any Catholic to see.  Movements that celebrate and try to elevate sin to virtue should always be something we find deplorable and oppose with all our strength.  But some would apparently rather see those movements succeed, and good men brought very low indeed in suffering and shame, because their true “god” is their political/social ideology.  In a tragedy beyond measure, such people have had near total power in the Church for decades now.  The results are plain to see.

Of course, I’m not really surprised at the vituperative hatred revealed in the reaction of some to Voris’ April 21 Vortex.  It is part and parcel with their ideology, which cares none for the good of souls but solely for the triumph of the sexular pagan ideology’s grab for total power.

As for me, I’ve been there, though not to the same degree, thank God. There but for the Grace of God go I, that much I know.  I had a mental parting of the ways with the crew at CMTV a year or so ago and frankly don’t keep up with what they do very much (as this post reveals, coming two months after the fact), but I will always be thankful to them all for their work and the good they have done, which is substantial.

I guess I might close with one final question, though: did CMTV ever produce any evidence of the plot by the Archdiocese of New York to reveal Voris past, as he claimed?  Because that’s a very serious claim……..

Michael Voris’ Church abuse story, and the importance of having witnesses December 4, 2015

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Wow.  Quite a revelation.  I really appreciate the honesty.  I’ve had some very strong disagreements with some of CMTVs editorial stands of late, but all that goes out the window when it comes to matters like this, which cut to the heart of the crisis in the Church. Consider it a counterpart to yesterday’s post regarding three very bad Texas priests:

“They take responsibility for nothing, they own up to nothing.”  Fuggin’ a.  I know exactly what you mean.


  1. Never trust authorities in the hierarchy of the establishment Church
  2. Always keep copies, many copies.  Even have dead drops if possible, if you have really explosive/damaging material.
  3. Always have witnesses if possible.  I cannot stress that enough.  If you are pursuing some matter, especially abuse related or something related to sins against the 6th and 9th Commandments, insist  on witnesses or that meetings be in public places.  These are not well men.  They will do almost anything to keep their sinecures and continue in their sins.
  4. Remember that almost everyone in the hierarchy today – even if they were not a bishop when the abuse scandal was at its height 10 years ago – is somehow tainted by this scandal.  First of all, they knew it was going on.  So let that knowledge guide your dealings with them.

It’s almost easy, over time, to forget about the horror of the boy rape scandal.  That’s why I use that harsh term – boy rape, because that’s what it was – to make it harder to forget.  Michael Voris was abused, by the system, by Notre Dame, by callous administrators, by a sicko priest.  But most were not fortunate enough to get off with mere abuse, many more were raped, had their 11 year old bodies torn open, bled for days, experienced a kind of shame nothing human can fix, permanently lost their faith, lost their ability to have faith……and a whole bunch of faithless mother $@×#€&s who pretend to be shepherds of souls covered it up.  They are STILL covering it up.  Yes they throw priests under the bus as soon as possible if anything breaks to the surface, but there is a whooooole lot of stuff from the past they are still sitting on.

When men who have sworn solemn vows to remain celibate not only fornicate, but do so in the most perverse manner possible……would we really expect them to have compunction about much of anything else?

Michael Voris reacts to Cardinal Dolan parade imbroglio March 20, 2015

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I like the little bit at the beginning of the video.  Voris reacts to his manhandling at the New York St. Patrick’s Day parade below:

Hmmm……pretty convincing that Cardinal Dolan probably directed his handlers to toss Voris?  I’d say.

Of course, the great scandal regarding the parade is that, while Cardinal O’Connor made clear he would never give any public support to a parade that included any anti-Church elements, from abortionists to sodomites, Cardinal Dolan quite happily agreed to be “grand marshal” of the first St. Patrick’s Day parade that featured a formal pro-sodomite group in attendance.  He even said it was great and swell that they were in the parade he was leading.

As for the continuing matter of whether it is right and proper to lambaste prelates, while maintaining that the Pope is sacrosanct from such criticism…..discuss. I am too late to do that matter any justice today.

At progressive Katholyc parishes, “all are welcome,” except orthodox Catholics July 2, 2014

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You may think the lede hyperbole, but Michael Voris has found a parish in NYC where that is most precisely the case.  St. Francis of Assisi parish, which prides itself on its inclusiveness, tolerance, and understanding, has no room for orthodox Catholics who say uncomfortable things.  “All are welcome…..”…..so long as your highest concern is serving the sexular pagan indifferentist agenda, rather than that terrible ol’ uninclusive, intolerant, divisive and “hurtful” Catholic Faith.

Why was the early Church persecuted?  It was not persecuted because it posited a new God for the Roman pantheon – new “gods” were admitted every time Rome conquered a new territory.  The Church was not persecuted because it said God was the best of all the “gods” – numerous religions perfectly acceptable to Rome made the same claim.

No, the Church was violently, relentless and cruelly persecuted because She made claims that were totally unacceptable to pagan Rome, just as they are unacceptable to the neo-pagans of today.  The Church said that there was only ONE God, that He had become Incarnate in Jesus Christ, and that ALL the other “gods” were false.  Not just false, but demons.  The Church also said the emperors were not gods, which made the emperors pretty mad, and further the Church made plain that many common Roman behaviors were gravely offensive to the One True God and had to be stopped.  That included the current “America’s Most Popular Sin!!,” sodomy.

So from the very beginning, the Church was not inclusive, She was, from the point of view of the Romans and others, maddeningly exclusive.  How dare a Church claim it alone had ALL the Truth and was established by the only True God in the flesh?!?  What kind of insane cult would make such claims?  And so the persecutions rolled.

We confront a frighteningly similar situation in the culture today.  The vast majority of people in the West, led astray by centuries of endarkenment anti-Church rhetoric and erroneous notions of “rights” and “liberty,” now confront the concept of orthodox Christianity with profound hostility.  “Who are these alien people who really believe this stuff?  Why can’t they just get along with the rest of us?  What is the matter with them?”

It’s the same “matter” that has always existed when the Church exists in a hostile culture.  What is very much different today, is that for the first time in Her history the vast majority of those purporting to be Catholic now think indistinguishably from the anti-Catholic Romans of old.

And those of us who strive to be openly faithful are most manifestly not welcome in their parishes.

 UPDATE:  Quick update to refute a rejoinder which is likely to come.  Some may say, no, this parish just doesn’t like Michael Voris.  They only do not like him because he puts himself out there and is known.  But I can assure you that should they know me, or many of you, and our beliefs – especially if we argue those beliefs publicly – we would be equally unwelcome.

I almost said this in the original post, but I’ll say it now: surveying all the wreckage of the past 50 years, I find it increasingly difficult not to conclude that a new religion was not unleashed on the world about 50 years ago, and that this new religion is implacably hostile to the old.  That’s a very disconcerting thought to have, but it is also an extremely difficult one to put away.

I love Michael Voris and Christopher Ferrara and Michael Matt February 27, 2014

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There seems to be some sad controversy developing between people who should be friends and allies. I decline to participate.

I love Michael Voris. I have met him personally and know of his commitment to aid souls in obtaining salvation and remedying the crisis in the Church.  I firmly believe his work is of great benefit and that he is completely sincere in all his efforts.

I have never met Chris Ferrara or Michael Matt, but I also appreciate their work very much.  I think Ferrara’s book exposing the foundations of the United States as highly problematic and delving deeply into the heresy of liberalism/Americanism is a huge contribution to the sensus fidelium.

I had never met an SSPX priest until this past Saturday.  He was a great gentleman, scholarly, and obviously well formed. I have strong feelings of thanks towards the SSPX, because without their endurance, even what some may call their obstinacy, I am convinced the great Traditional Mass would have disappeared forever.  At the same time, I wish and pray their canonical situation could be regularized. I think there are some problems with their current status but those problems pale in comparison to the problems with say, the Jesuits, most Dominicans, Franciscans, etc.

It is very easy for those of us who have only known the glory of the traditional Mass and traditional practice of the Faith for a short time to cast aspersions at those who have been struggling to adhere to that practice and see it grow and spread through long decades of vicious persecution. It is easy to claim how misguided some souls are, how wicked their errors, from a very comfortable position where no suffering is required and you have all you could ever want.  That’s my position, and I’m incredibly blessed.  I daily get contact from readers not so fortunate, who struggle with agonizing decisions as to whether risk “disobedience” or to continue to expose their children and themselves to nightmarish abuse and error, to see their children literally falling away because of what they are exposed to.  It is easy to forget that some people have now been in this fight for 40 or even 50 years, when some of us have only come into it in the past 4 or 5.  50 years of combat can take a toll on a person.

I don’t have any great answers for this situation. I’m sure all involved are motivated by true compassion and zeal for souls.  As for me, I have no criticism to make of any personalities involved. I feel no need to assault the SSPX.  I haven’t seen anything from Michael Voris or Michael Matt or Christopher Ferrara that makes me say – these guys are a danger.  These guys are really leading people astray.  I just haven’t seen it, and I follow them all pretty closely. What I see instead is almost universally works of great value, prudence, and basic goodness.

Commence fire if you like, I shall keep my powder dry, and safely locked up.

Against my better judgment, I’m going to open comments.

If this is the state of the Church in Ireland…. February 17, 2014

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……then we have reached the 9th level of post-conciliar hell.  Two young lads from Ireland tell Michael Voris how his apostolate saved and re-converted them back to the Faith.  A Faith they had rejected because they had never, in spite of years of Catholic schooling, been taught the slightest thing about it.

One was even in seminary.  There he heard things like “oh, priests don’t evangelize,” and “you have too much zeal.”

Are you blankety blankety blank blank blank blank blank kidding me?!?  Priests don’t evangelize?  Too much zeal?

Quite.  We wouldn’t want too much zeal.  And the Church since Vatican II is the Body in need of conversion and repentance, desperate for the world to teach us its one true faith many satanic narcissisms.

These men say they can’t find formation and true leadership anywhere in Ireland like they see on ChurchMilitant.TV.  They need to find a Fraternity parish and relocate immediately.  Unfortunately, there are none in Ireland, which means Irish bishops haven’t been very pressing in requesting a Fraternity apostolate, I would guess.  There is one in Edinburgh and one in England.

These guys note that the Faith in Ireland had survived all manner of vicious English persecutions, protestant slights, having priests denied to them, even a massive famine.  It survived all these massive sufferings, but it has not been able to withstand something quite different – great material comfort.  Modern materialist comfort I think plays a huge role in this ongoing collapse of Faith – you can observe how the Faith died in countries in Europe, for instance, as the post-WWII economic boom advanced and they all reached high levels of prosperity at different times.  There are a handfuls of exceptions to this, but not many.

But then again, the Faith has also collapsed in much of Central and South America where poverty remains widespread and dire.  So materialism is nothing but an external factor, coinciding and perhaps exacerbating the collapse of faith from within, caused by a abusive Masses, awful catechesis, grave scandals, etc., etc.

We few, we happy few? As P Blosser says:

For my part, I make no secret of what I see around me. We have no divine promise that the Church in America will survive, or, for that matter, that the Church in the West will survive, or that geographical Rome as the official headquarters of the Catholic Church will survive. We have entered a new Dark Ages, the darker because Enlightened western man thinks he already knows what the Gospel is, and has seen through its empty promises by the light of reason. The truth, however, as G. K. Chesterton put it, is that “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.” And the more ignorant post-Christian western man becomes of the actual content of the Faith, the more adamantly he sets his face against it.

See to it that every member of your family knows The Faith (not his faith, whatever that may happen to be, but THE Faith). Their spiritual survival in the darkness ahead will depend on it.

Rorate Caeli’s Call for Unity among traditional Catholics January 20, 2014

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I have been aware, going back at least a few months, of a sort of “declaration of war” by certain traditional Catholics associated with the Ecclesia Dei communities against the Society of St. Pius X.   I have really tried to stay out of this.  The reason for that is encapsulated in the first paragraph of the post from Rorate quoted below, one prime reason why the revolution in the Church was able to occur in the late 60s and early 70s was that the opposition was so divided and more concerned with internecine warfare than fighting the revolution in the Church.  That warfare took some time to die down, but by then, the new system was firmly in place.  I also think this internecine strife is only going to wind up hurting good souls who love tradition within and without the SSPX.  But at the same time, I think there is a duty to caution souls gravely scandalized by events in the Church that there are, indeed, problems with the SSPX.  SSPX partisans at times minimize or even dismiss these problems, so I can see some utility in pointing those out (and, I think I do that from time to time on this blog).

I have a good deal of sympathy for Rorate’s position below.  Counseling in private is one thing, engaging in public warfare is another.  Is this the time to engage in that warfare?  Are we really sure scads of souls are being “scandalized out of the Faith” by “fleeing” to the Society?  What does thinking such say of how one views this pope?  If one believes this pope is so whacked out it’s a metaphysical certitude souls in their thousands will decamp to the Society unless they are vehemently warned against doing so, isn’t that declaring something rather severe about the pope?

The issue of obedience is also a key here.  Yes, the SSPX obviously raise very serious questions regarding obedience, but what of others who have been directed, under obedience, not to stir up this kind of internecine conflict, and yet they are doing so fervently, if behind the scenes?

Just some rhetorical thoughts.  Rorate:

The division of the Traditional Catholic world was a master stroke by the enemies of the 1962 Missal and of the Roman Catechism. They have managed to sow discord between friends and to establish fratricidal hatred among priests who used to march together hand in hand. The first group began to treat their brothers as radicals, the second called the others sellouts. The former were convinced that those who remained under Abp. Lefebvre would soon fall in total schism, and the latter thought with certitude that their former brothers would abandon both Mass and Catechism.
What can we say more than a quarter-century later? That, on both sides, these judgments were, in great measure, overreactions.
On its own side, for all its known problems, the Society of Saint Pius X did not become schismatic or a parallel “church”. It has always kept contacts with Rome and has made what it considered necessary in order to regularize its situation with the successive popes, even if, for reasons that its superiors considers prudential (and with which we ourselves may prudentially disagree), regularization has not been achieved for the moment. On the other side, the Ecclesia Dei communities never abandoned the Traditional Mass, nor traditional Catechesis.It must be said in all honesty: on the side of the SSPX, recognition of the Pope remains, and the desire for its work to be recognized is still sought, according to different measures that vary from person to person. On the side of the Ecclesia Dei communities, there remains a disapproval of the new Mass (regardless of the fact that it is considered both valid and legitimate) and of the alteration of traditional doctrine, both of which are also expressed differently from person to person. The exceptions within these groups confirm the rule in both communities.

A problem has been that, throughout the years, some religious authorities, while the situation remained by itself already quite confusing, proclaimed fatwas, dogmatizing attitudes that would require a certain pliancy and lots of understanding. We heard, for instance: “Visiting the SSPXers? Don’t even think about it, or you’ll be excommunicated!” Or still: “Go to a Mass with those sellouts? You’ll lose your faith there!”
In the documentary on the life of Abp. Lefebvre which was recently released in America, a famous professor and journalist, Jean Madiran, who had distanced himself from the SSPX in 1988, made nonetheless this brave declaration regarding the Lefebvre consecrations: “It is hard for me to say today that he was mistaken.” Since he passed away in 2013, it is, at least in a small way, his testament. That the most famous French layman of the Traditionalist struggle is willing to affirm this soon before dying should make us ponder. Many faithful in the young generation refuse this mutual demonization whose only motivation seems to be the fear of having some sheep escape to the neighboring pasture.
There is much more to read at Rorate.
I’m really very torn on all this.  I don’t want to see souls decamp to the SSPX, but I also don’t feel a need to excoriate the Society at present.  I understand certain souls feel compelled to be in the SSPX, and some of those folks are good people.  I kind of don’t like the idea of tearing into them. But I mainly feel that right now we who love Tradition face a grave external threat from progressive elements and we should really be oriented primarily against that.  At the same time, SSPXers and other traditionalists do seem to like to pick on sede vacantists.  Is that hypocritical (I’ve never said that I’m not.)?
Another reason I don’t feel a strong need to go after the SSPX is that I simply have not studied their situation in any great depth.  It’s not a big interest of mine.  I think if I were to stake out some strong position I’d wind up making a fool of myself at this point.  It feels pretty odd being the guy saying  “can’t we all just get along” after all the volleys of fire that have emanated from this site, but that’s kind of where I’m at.
What do you thinka?


Michael Voris takes on Bishop Robert Lynch November 14, 2013

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I don’t think it unfair to say that Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg, FL, is one of the more openly liberal bishops in the country.  He has previously attacked pro-lifers as hypocritical and savaged any who would dare to point out the grave scandals ongoing at Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities, and CCHD.  I did a post on Bishop Lynch and his progressive antics 3 months ago.  Now Michael Voris is reporting on still more scandals, including some which I did not know before, regarding payoffs to dismiss sexual harassment suits made by men, and allegations of a possible ongoing relationship with a contractor who has gotten fat contracts from the Diocese:

“reflect on their commitment of time and services to social services.”  Certainly, an important consideration, but one that should pale in comparison to the duty we have to render proper worship and honor to God for His own sake and for the sanctification and salvation of our souls.

If you want to see what kind of creature Bishop Lynch is, read this.  A quote:

“Bishop Lynch accelerated the rate of “modernization” of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Traditional Catholics report that he radically reduced the practice of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in local parishes and he enthusiastically promoted sex instruction in Catholic schools. He permitted the continuance of Dignity-like Masses for homosexuals and welcomed New Ways Ministry into the diocese.”  [New Ways Ministry has been specifically condemned by the Vatican for heretical pro-homosexual propagandizing and ordered to disband, although there has been no disciplinary follow-up.]

Much more here.

There is no reason for a bishop, for an inheritor of the mantle of the Apostles, to live so lavishly. It is difficult to see how vacations in Bermuda and other posh spots correlates with the kind of evangelical poverty lived by the Apostles.  The great Saint and Bishop Charles Borromeo kept himself constantly poor, to the point of giving away his own furniture, to help plague victims in Milan.  And yet with all the reports of lavish living and rules-violating no-bid contracts, it takes great temerity for Bishop Lynch to lecture pro-lifers about the amount of consideration they have for “social services.”  Is there any more typically elitist liberal attitude than this?

Bishop Robert Lynch is a protege’, along with Cardinal Roger Mahony, of Cardinal Bernadin, he who had the Chicago “Gay” Men’s Chorus sing at his wake as a sort of final parting shot to the faithful. I pray……I PRAY…..these men are wrong in their exuberance over Pope Francis.  Bishop Lynch points to all that is so very wrong with the American episcopate, especially that part derived from the McCarrick-Bernadin cadre. It seems so very far removed from the example of the great Saints and Apostles who preceded them.

Pray and offer support for the suffering Catholics in the Philippines November 12, 2013

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I’m so glad Michael did this. I have been meaning to do a post on the suffering souls in the Philippines, but now here is an even better reason to do so. If you want to help those in the Philippines afflicted by the typhoon in a material way, you can do so through two ChurchMilitant recommended charities:



Video below provides a few more details. And if you would, in your charity, say some prayers for those suffering in the Philippines and for the Church there, which is falling somewhat into the same crises that have stricken the Church in the West.  And as Michael notes below, Western aid agencies will use monies intended to help recover from this disaster as a means to force the Philippine state to embrace even more grave western immoralities, like the legalization of abortion and sodomy.  They have already gotten it to embrace contraception.  So please consider helping these faithful Catholic charities above to provide material assistance with an even greater blessing, the Truth Christ has revealed through his Church.

I thank Michael and CMTV for putting this video together.