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Michael Voris takes on Bishop Robert Lynch November 14, 2013

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I don’t think it unfair to say that Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg, FL, is one of the more openly liberal bishops in the country.  He has previously attacked pro-lifers as hypocritical and savaged any who would dare to point out the grave scandals ongoing at Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities, and CCHD.  I did a post on Bishop Lynch and his progressive antics 3 months ago.  Now Michael Voris is reporting on still more scandals, including some which I did not know before, regarding payoffs to dismiss sexual harassment suits made by men, and allegations of a possible ongoing relationship with a contractor who has gotten fat contracts from the Diocese:

“reflect on their commitment of time and services to social services.”  Certainly, an important consideration, but one that should pale in comparison to the duty we have to render proper worship and honor to God for His own sake and for the sanctification and salvation of our souls.

If you want to see what kind of creature Bishop Lynch is, read this.  A quote:

“Bishop Lynch accelerated the rate of “modernization” of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Traditional Catholics report that he radically reduced the practice of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in local parishes and he enthusiastically promoted sex instruction in Catholic schools. He permitted the continuance of Dignity-like Masses for homosexuals and welcomed New Ways Ministry into the diocese.”  [New Ways Ministry has been specifically condemned by the Vatican for heretical pro-homosexual propagandizing and ordered to disband, although there has been no disciplinary follow-up.]

Much more here.

There is no reason for a bishop, for an inheritor of the mantle of the Apostles, to live so lavishly. It is difficult to see how vacations in Bermuda and other posh spots correlates with the kind of evangelical poverty lived by the Apostles.  The great Saint and Bishop Charles Borromeo kept himself constantly poor, to the point of giving away his own furniture, to help plague victims in Milan.  And yet with all the reports of lavish living and rules-violating no-bid contracts, it takes great temerity for Bishop Lynch to lecture pro-lifers about the amount of consideration they have for “social services.”  Is there any more typically elitist liberal attitude than this?

Bishop Robert Lynch is a protege’, along with Cardinal Roger Mahony, of Cardinal Bernadin, he who had the Chicago “Gay” Men’s Chorus sing at his wake as a sort of final parting shot to the faithful. I pray……I PRAY…..these men are wrong in their exuberance over Pope Francis.  Bishop Lynch points to all that is so very wrong with the American episcopate, especially that part derived from the McCarrick-Bernadin cadre. It seems so very far removed from the example of the great Saints and Apostles who preceded them.