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About that UN “Women Deliver” conference the Girl Scouts supported June 5, 2013

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I posted on Monday about a diabolical UN conference called “Women Deliver” that was supported and attended by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS).  Make note, this international group operates based on donations from national organizations, the most substantial of which is the US Girl Scouts.  And the US Girl Scouts gets its funding from membership dues, cookie sales, and other income sources associated with local troops. So at least some fraction of money raised at your local Catholic parish by your local Girl Scout bunch goes to help fund these kinds of disasters.

As I noted on Monday, not only did the conference feature all manner of radical pro-aborts, including notorious and woman-killing late term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, it also featured many of the most radical pro-abort women politicians in the world, including the two Cruella DeVille twins, Kathleen Sebelius and Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi.  But I learned at Jill Stanek’s yesterday just how disastrous this conference was.  Witness the quotes below from other pro-aborts, including the Dallas-native and Ursuline grad/award winner Melinda Gates, regarding how abortion and widespread, dang-near coerced contraception is the ONLY way to “empower” women.  Some of the comments are so extreme as to be demonic in their subversion of the natural order:

A billionaire and a princess graced the stage to tell nurses and clean water advocates that any effort to help poor women is secondary to giving them contraception and abortion. [So, all this “helping women” rhetoric really has much less to do with true help, than with advancing the radical feminist pro-abort misanthropic agenda]

Sexual and reproductive rights are “at the core of human life,” said Princess Mary of Denmark. Until women have power not to have children, they won’t have power to improve nutrition, grow crops, or deliver babies safely, said Melinda Gates. [Examining the psychology of these 3 mothers regarding their seeming hatred for natural reproduction would, I think, keep Sigmund Freud in the finest cigars for a lifetime.  Why do they always, always, have to turn women into enemies of their own biology?  What thinking drives them to believe that women can only be “empowered” by being exactly like men?  Again, paging Dr. Freud, Dr. Freud……]

“Pregnancy is not natural,” said Frances Kissling, the former head of Catholics for Choice. [I rest my case]

And with that, the sharp divide became apparent between first-world activists who want a universal right to abortion and the poor women they believe should have fewer children….

The first Women Deliver in 2007 presented family planning and abortion as the solution to reduce deaths from pregnancy and childbirth. The second conference in 2010 ran into trouble when new research showed the annual number of maternal deaths is far less than the estimated 536,000.

Attendees complained this year’s conference offered no program to address maternal mortality except to enhance midwives to be trained to provide abortion….[the “concern” about women’s health is nothing but a smokescreen for their population control agenda?]

A… participant noted $8 billion a year goes to family planning and advocates are demanding more. Yet “they don’t want to share it” with other causes. “And they don’t want to give any other group a platform that will distract from expanding abortion.”

Of course. Because these uber-rich women (ok, maybe not Kissling) know what is best for all of us. They know the world doesn’t need any more black or brown babies, even if condemning women to small family size in some situations may actually exacerbate poverty, rather than relieve it.  But they have drunk deep at the well of Margaret Sanger, and I have to wonder if there isn’t some of that same eugenics in the thinking of these three rich white women speaking of others in such a condescending manner, as if they don’t have the intelligence to determine what is right and good for them.

And, again, we see the modernist utilitarian viewpoint reigning supreme, along with the error that evil must be done that “good” may come of it.  Even pro-aborts like Gates and Kissling have to admit (or pretend) that abortion is, at least theoretically, morally, a bad thing, a thing that is not ultimately desirable (I could be wrong, they could be so far gone that they actually worship it, like a few other radical feminist sickos).  But they advocate for abortion because they know contraception fails, and a lot. So, to achieve the “good” of population control – which the Gates in particular, like so many hyper-wealthy whites before them, have developed a positive obsession about – they are willing to engage in perhaps the greatest moral evil ever visited on mankind: the mass genocide of entire generations.

So now you know, just exactly what the Girl Scouts support.  And yet they continue to be sponsored by dioceses and parishes from sea, to shining sea.