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Cardinal Burke: “I will resist.” February 9, 2015

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I was wondering if Cardinal Burke’s audience with Pope Francis would have resulted in a demand that he cease speaking out publicly.  Apparently not.  Cardinal Burke has given an interview on French TV in which he is asked what he plans to do if Pope Francis continues with so-called pastoral approaches that have the effect of undermining, if not obliterating, the sacred deposit of the Faith on marriage, the family……heck, the entire moral edifice of the Faith is under attack.

The interview has already received broad coverage, but keeping with my typical day late and dollar short mode of operation, I thought I’d glom on and add a few piffling comments.

The comment that has received the most attention came after the interviewer asked Cardinal Burke what he would do if Pope Francis insisted on a promoting changes that cannot be reconciled with the timeless belief and practice of the Church, Burke responded:

I will resist. I cannot do anything else. There is no doubt that this is a difficult time, this is clear, this is clear.

Cardinal Burke also described the situation that Pope Francis is forcing as painful and worrisome.  Further, he made clear that the “pastoral approaches” being proposed have the effect – however they are described or implemented – of destroying Doctrine:

I cannot accept that communion be given to a person who is living in an irregular union, because it is adultery. On the matter of persons of the same sex, this has nothing to do with matrimony. This is a suffering that some persons have, of being attracted – against nature, sexually – to persons of the same sex. Those people, we must help them to live chastely. But there is no relation to marriage and family, it is a separate issue.

And yet by dragging the matter of sodomy into a Synod on the family, the progressives have already scored an enormous victory, getting wide areas of the Church discussing grave perversion on the same level as the rightly-ordered (by God) family.

Cardinal Burke also discussed the limits of a Pope’s power, and how even he cannot change solemn Doctrine.  Not that there is not a grave temptation to try.

This gets me back to one of my old warhorses, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.  If there is a Doctrine in the Church that has, for all practical effect, been “changed,” that is it.  I say that, because if 80+% of self-described Catholics fail to accept the Real Presence, and 90+% reject the intrinsic evil of contraception, I would hazard that 98 to 99 percent of the Church no longer accepts Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, even when rather liberally interpreted.  Yes, officially, that Doctrine – as well attested to and defined as any in the Church’s long history – remains “on the books,” but even very conservative priests and prelates so water it down that entry to Heaven is open to essentially anyone, when, in the past, the mass belief of the Church was the diametric opposite.

That is one major reason why I don’t feel tremendously reassured when I see people say “well, this Pope may do this or that, but we know he can’t change Doctrine, so don’t worry.”  Perhaps……but we have seen an absolutely key Doctrine (what could be more key than the conditions surrounding salvation, and the degree under which it can be obtained?) so radically minimized and ignored that the effect is essentially the same. I guess a fig leaf remains, but not much more.

Discuss. I am running very late.  I am a convert whose entire family remains outside the Church.  I pray for their conversion, as I pray daily for their salvation, but I am very concerned at the prospects of people I love very much.  This matter is most intimate to my concerns.  It would be so very easy for me to pretend that being outside the Church poses little or essentially no barrier to salvation, but I know that is not the case.  My sensus fidei – which I pray is well formed – tells me to pray and fast ever more for their conversion, that if I don’t………well, I hate to contemplate the eventualities.

I guess I’m just looking for that “doctrinal certainty” that self-seeking neo-pelagian disciplinarian legalist restorationists are always craving to calm our nervous tempers and chase away our insecurities.  Validation……that’s it.

Do you ever get the impression someone doesn’t like us very much?