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Testimony of Steve Willeford, Hero in Texas Church-Shooting November 8, 2017

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A very good interview from Steven Crowder below.  Sutherland Springs is only about 5 miles from where one of my wife’s sisters lives.  I do not know if they knew any of the victims.  My sister in law lives just outside La Vernia, which is about 7 miles from the shootings.

There is more and more evidence that the crazed shooter was motivated at least generally by hatred of Christians, with a heaping dose of base millennial instability, grave childhood woundedness, and severe emotional disorders to complete the tragic mix .  He used an AR-type weapon to perpetrate this atrocity, while he was also stopped by an AR-type firearm.  Hero Steve Willeford testifies that, due to the body armor the maniac atheist shooter Devin Kelley was wearing, it required at least an AR-type firearm to stop him.  It also seems increasingly likely that it was Willeford’s shot that put an end to Kelley’s life:

Obviously, prayers are urgent for all those suffering from this evil, a sign far less of a country in need of stricter restrictions on firearms for citizens to defend themselves (the killer, by the laws on the books, should never have passed the background check and should have been red flagged in the instant check database, but the Air Force failed to convey his domestic battery conviction to the FBI), than it is in need of a great cultural and spiritual renewal/restoration.  This is revealed even more in the response of the far left in this country, including such pathetically lost and self-loathing characters as Will Wheaton, which indulged in some vicious Christian-bashing in the wake of this crime.  Much of this commentary, though it comes from sources already known for their hatred of Christianity, is so over the top it is revelatory of the amoral hell that is at the root of Leftism.  Only a wholly amoral soul, one given over practically totally to that worst moral condition to which a soul can fall – a reprobate sense – could have uttered some of the hateful vituperation Wheaton and others hurled in response to the victims in this shooting.  Some were even mocking the deaths as being “deserved” because the victims were Christians, Texans, and thus probably conservatives, and so unworthy of life.

This is the cultural milieu in which we are forced to work out our salvation.  The self-anointed “elites” of the culture and country mock Christian prayer and the practice of virtue, while hiding crimes like child rape and the abuse of women committed by themselves and their allies (but what should we expect, from a group of people to treat the wholesale slaughter of perfect innocents, largely for the sake of convenience, as their holiest and greatest shibboleth?).  They laugh at a Christian response to an unspeakable tragedy but cover up for and extol islam when a similar attack is committed in New York a few days earlier, telling us how “allahu ackbar” is almost always a beautiful prayer.  Do you think these scum would declare the Pater Noster or Ave Maria a beautiful prayer under any context, but especially if a crazed false Christian uttered such words while in commission of a horrible crime? We’d never hear the end of it.  Just another reason why tens of millions of Americans no longer believe the slightest thing the media says.

As I’ve said for years, the self-described “rational,” “scientific,” atheistic Left is nothing of the sort.  They belong to a pseudo-religion that has hatred for Christianity, and especially Christian morals (the rejection of these morals being the driver behind all they do), at the very center of its creed.  Islam is simply another false totalitarian religion which the Left is making common cause with in its effort to finally rid itself of that Savior they are too proud, broken, or stupid to countenance.  But most of these leftists will happily don the hijab and prostrate themselves towards Mecca five times a day should the right circumstances arise.  They are not generally anti-religious – they are some of the most fervent (if depraved) religionists around.  They are simply anti-Christian.  They are revealing it more and more practically every day.

Thank you all for your thoughts and concerns about my health (TT, you are a wonderful person and a true friend.  Already had some Lourdes water, though!).  I go in tomorrow for some more follow-up.  It’s taken a lot longer than I would have liked to get this settled down (it is still not, yet, but hopefully tomorrow will be a big step forward).  We also had a major medical test on my son.  Good news there, what we were concerned were signs of seizures are not, in fact, seizures.  He may have had one or two breakthrough seizures in the past 6-7 months but that seems to be it, based on the test results.  So that is awesome. As for me, hopefully after tomorrow we’ll know a lot more and I can start to get back to my regular routine.


1. Baseballmom - November 8, 2017

What a beautiful interview. Such a good man. And he’s right, he had to have a weapon that matched the perps weapon. God Bless Him.

2. skeinster - November 8, 2017

I pointed out on another blog that this humble, godly man is such an antithesis to the Left’s mind-troll image of a gun-totin’ redneck bigot in fly-over Jesusland that if they could drop their prejudices for a second, minds might be changed.

But you’re right- that would be a religious conversion.

(To be fair to Mr. Wheaton- I think he was calling out what he saw as the hypocrisy of pols. He later apologized to “people of sincere faith” and said he wasn’t talking about them. Fwiw.)

Glad to hear the boy’s okay.

Tantumblogo - November 9, 2017

I saw his retraction, but he’s said loads of outlandish anti-Christian stuff in the past.

Dude is bitter over being rejected by ST fans.

3. Canon212 Update: Serves You Right for Praying – The Stumbling Block - November 8, 2017


4. V.E.G. - November 8, 2017

He is the direct descendant of the Archbishop of York, Edwin Sandys! Not bad for a descendant of an Archibishop! He is the cousin of Benjamin Franklin!

5. V.E.G. - November 8, 2017

He is the son of the American Revolution!

Tantumblogo - November 9, 2017

So am I.

6. V.E.G. - November 14, 2017

Here is the ancestry of Stephen Willeford:
Here is the direct descendant of Stephen Wayne Willeford:
Robert Wilsford (born in 1321)
William Wilsford
James Willford
William Baker WILLIFORD
William Edward WILLIFORD
Delbert Lavoy Williford
Delbert Blake Williford
Stephen Wayne Willeford (That’s him!!!!!!!)

Congratulations, Steve! Not bad for a direct descendant from the 13th century and has been around for almost 700 years!

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