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God Always Blesses His Church Abundantly…. May 3, 2016

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……..even when the human element is unworthy of the blessing, or actively rejects it.

JMJHF Productions – one of my favorite Youtube channels – shot a great deal of hi def footage at last year’s Chartres pilgrimage.  With this year’s pilgrimage just days away, what better way to prepare and/or get fired up for Pentecost by watching beautiful footage of last year’s?

Find below three videos of the three days’ pilgrimage, one for each day.  There are several others on their playlists.  The Faith is not dead!  It still lives in the beating hearts of many.  As the world darkens, never forget you have allies, including the greatest Ally of them all, Who will reward you abundantly for your faithfulness amidst suffering.

The next one features Bishop Athanasius Schneider at the Pentecost Mass:

The Mass of the Ages, offered with all splendor and dignity, in a thousand year old Church, one of the most beautiful in the world.  Who could ask for anything more than that?

One more, interviews of the pilgrims!  Lord, thank you for such stalwart souls, and please bless Your Church with many, many more!

This is very much a family run enterprise.  They depend on donations to make videos of this kind available.  You can support JMJHF Productions here or by sending a donation to:

St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation of Texas
5628 Rosa Ave.
El Paso, TX  79905
Phone # (915) 500-3025
Website: http://svfonline.org/
Email: stvincentferreroftexas@gmail.com
Please indicate donations are for support of the JMJ HF videos.
The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation. You will receive a receipt for your donation.

Bad comment problem again May 3, 2016

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I guess there’s always another way to muck things up, and now that I felt I had the valid comments winding up in spam largely licked, now many in the past few days have gone straight to the trash!  That’s never happened before.  It seems there were a spate of comments so affected just today, and a spate on April 21 (sorry for the long delay finding them).  That’s nuts, comments are never supposed to automatically go to trash, only I’m supposed to be able to send them there.

Anyway, I fished out 17 good comments, about 10 of which came from today.  Sorry they were delayed getting posted.  I’ll try to watch the trash folder every few hours to check for more.  If you have been waiting for your comment to post, check now, they should be there.

Sorry and thanks for your patience.  Comments have always been a periodic problem going back years.

Saint Alphonsus – we must all be martyrs, either of the sword, or of patience May 3, 2016

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In keeping with the previous couple of posts, some exegesis on suffering from St. Alphonsus I found helpful.  I pray you do, as well.  Minimal commentary on this one, I probably say too much as it is:

He that loves God in suffering earns a double reward in paradise.  St. Vincent de Paul said that it was a great misfortune to be free from suffering in this life. And he added, that a congregation or an individual that does not suffer, and is applauded by all the world, is not far from a fall. [AHEM cough-choke-gag]  It 06956ce2b3was on this account that St. Francis of Assisi, on the day that he had suffered nothing for God, became afraid, lest God had forgotten him.  St. John Chrysostom says, that when God endows a man with the grace of suffering, he gives him a greater grace than that of raising the dead to life; because in performing miracles man remains God’s debtor; whereas in suffering, God makes Himself the debtor of man.  And he adds, that whoever endures something for God, even had he no other gift that the strength to suffer for the God whom he loves, this would procure for him an immense reward.  Wherefore he affirmed, that he considered St. Paul to have received a greater grace in being bound in chains for Jesus Christ, than in being rapt up to the third heaven in ecstasy.

But patience has a perfect work (Jm i:4). The meaning of this is that nothing is more pleasing to God than to see a soul suffering with patience all the crosses sent her by Him.  The effect of love is to liken the lover to the person loved. St. Francis de Sales said, “All the wounds of Christ are so many mouths, which preach to us that we must suffer for Him. The science of the saints is to suffer constantly for Jesus; and in this way we shall soon become saints.” A person that loves Jesus Christ is anxious to be treated like Jesus Christ – poor, persecuted, and despised.  St. John belied all the saints clothed in white, and with palms in their hands (Apoc vii:9). The palm is the symbol of the martyr, and yet all the saints did not suffer martyrdom; – why, then, do all the saints bear palms in their hands?  St. Gregory replies, that all the saints have been martyrs either of the sword or of patience, so that, he adds, “we can be martyrs without the sword, if we keep patience.”

————-End Quote———-

There’s an old saying, be careful to ask God for patience, He’ll give you plenty to try your patience.  I fear that in these times our patience will be sorely tested whether we ask for it, or not.

But we should keep in mind that bearing faithfully, patiently, all manner of persecution and scandal is just as valid a way of pleasing God as is being tossed in prison or run upon a sword.  That’s the point of the above, and it’s a lesson vital for the fears and threats we have to deal with almost every day in this sad fallen age.

Pray, do penance, hope, and don’t worry! OK, try hard not to worry.

Furthermore, I consider that leftism must be destroyed.



It feels weird just kind of lopping it on there. It changes the tenor of the end of the post, from hopeful/reflective to combative. Total non sequitur.  Meh.  May not stick with it.  We’ll see. Barnhardt is pretty much always combative, while I try to have an occasional other side.

Shhh…….don’t tell May 3, 2016

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Look what accidentally jumped into my shopping cart Saturday night.  Numero doce:

petredprifle (2 of 26)

Ain’t she just about the purtiest AK you ever did see?  Who needs 2″ groups at 800 yards, anyway?  I can’t shoot that far, regardless.

Given that the H-woman is almost certain to be our next president, and given her strident statements regarding gun control and mounting rhetoric about banning semi-auto firearms, I consider this purchase not one of excess, but of grave prudence.  Yeah, that’s it………

I was going to get a much cheaper model but when I saw this, with the nickel plate receiver, Guncote, treated barrel, and refinished original Russian AK furniture, I couldn’t say no.  It shipped today.  Might have it by the weekend.  But it’s sort of a secret, so no telling.  It being easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission is a maxim I tend to live by.  So Catholicism was really a natural fit.

I know, shotguns and handguns are probably more practical.  One day I’ll buy another shotgun.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get another handgun, the two I have are fine and they just don’t move me like long arms do.  There are several other semi-autos I’d like to get before anything else, including a C308, FAL, and a Dragunov clone. I did see a really wicked double barrelled semi-auto shotgun at the local shop the other day, but it was almost $1500.

One day:


Believing in the Doctrine of the Faith Will Get You Fired, and Investigated by Police, at “Catholic” colleges  May 3, 2016

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At Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles – a university in the 20th century Jesuit tradition of modernism, immorality, lies, and obfuscation – a lay employee was fired for having the temerity to very gently explain Catholic doctrine to militant students afflicted with perverse inclinations and general confusion over gender identity, which every 4 year old generally figures out quite clearly, unless they attend public schools and most colleges and universities.  In which case, they lose their minds and no longer know up from down, and particularly right from wrong.

Although the students initially acted politely and seemed to appreciate the back and forth of the conversation, you just knew this being a leftist dominated institution in the Year of Our Lord 2016, they would just have to file a complaint.  Complain they did, and now the employee is not only fired from their job at Loyola, but they are under investigation by the Orwellian-named “Bias Incident Response Team,” and the Los Angeles Police.  Which just goes to show that not much has changed since the days of L.A. Confidential:

It’s uncommon at Jesuit universities these days for someone to openly share a traditional Catholic viewpoint. [How’s that for understatement of the decade?]

When it happened at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, the school was so spooked it called the Los Angeles Police Department. [Was it spooked, was it really afraid, or is this simply part of the process of the radical Left attempting to ratchet up the open persecution of Christians in this country to an entirely more threatening level?]

Both the police and the university’s Bias Incident Response Team are investigating the stated belief that only two genders exist, male and female, as a hate crime.

A Loyola alumni office employee discussed her views on sexual orientation, which align with the Roman Catholic Church, with three students who were hanging up posters on the subject on April 14.

Cosette Carleo, one of the students involved, told The College Fix in a phone interview that the hate crime under investigation is “denying transgenderism.”….

…..The employee told Carleo, who identifies as gender-neutral, that only two genders exist, male and female, according to the student. Carleo told The Fix that statement was the hate crime.

Carleo responded that “you can have your opinion” as long as it doesn’t “deny my existence.”

Let me rephrase that for honesty: “You can have your opinion, so long as it corresponds to mine, which just happens to be a violent competing religion that will brook no compromise, least of all with you, Christofascist.  Furthermore, I’m insane, and you must not simply share my insanity, but rejoice in it, and call it normality and saneness.”

OK, got a bit windy and harsh there.  But how many marginal people of unhappy unbringings are falling into this mental illness because they perceive not only that it brings them great power and attention (as this example brilliantly illustrates), but it also conveys on them unassailable moral authority and victimhood status that elevates them to veritable superhuman status?  Just whom has the power of the university and police-like state at their back?  It sure ain’t the Catholic.  So forgive me if I scoff at your self-serving claim that my refusal to accept your mental illness as a gender somehow denies your existence.  Give me a break.

Naturally, it turns out that two very different accounts of the exchange have surfaced.  But the supposedly Catholic university has chosen to side entirely with the aggrieved radical, even though there are serious holes in their story. In fact, the university immediately shamed and castigated the employee, refusing to hear her side of events.

The amount of space being given to Catholics to not just “operate” or evangelize, but simply exist, is shrinking at an alarming pace.  I do not think Michael Matt and some others are wrong to fear that before long, the state will find reasons, related to “hate” and “bias,” to refuse to allow us to homeschool our children.  What shall we do then?  If we let our kids be brainwashed by the state, everything we have worked and suffered and struggled for will be for naught.  Much will depend on the specific circumstances, of course, but our options will be limited by deliberate choice.

How long will God allow a culture – and a Church – filled to the gills with such evils to stand?  And where in the heck is Cardinal Gomez in defending this persecuted woman?

The thing is, bowing and scraping to the culture a la Amoris Laetitia isn’t going to buy the Church acceptance or wiggle room.  It’s going to cause the flashing knives of the Left to grow longer and to strike harder.  Hard experience with the world caused the bastions to be built in the first place.  But modernists just had to know better, didn’t they?

The number afflicted with the mental illness of gender dysphoria is amazingly minute May 2, 2016

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A very interesting post made the rounds over the weekend, containing data showing the incredibly minute number of so-called transgender individuals in this country.  I won’t go into the hows or whys, but I’ve had some (more than incidental) contact with the tranny community in the past and I can say from my experience these numbers are spot on.  If those lost in the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah number about 1-2% of the population, those suffering from “gender dysphoria” number about 1-2% of that.  Meaning, women and children are being threatened needlessly for the sake of 0.02-4% of the population – a few hundred thousand across the entire nation, at most, tens of thousands, most likely.

But apparently, from what we hear the self-anointed elites of the government/academia/media complex tell us, the right of this vanishingly small percentage of the population not to suffer an occasional hurt feeling (bearing in mind, these people are mentally unstable and unwell to begin with) trumps the right for 330 million other souls to feel safe and secure in their most private, defenseless moments.

If you go through the data, it shows, for instance, that Texas, with a “moderate” population of “transgenders,” has 4.7 per 100,000.  That means there are 1245 in the entire state, concentrated mostly in the largest urban areas, and, oddly, Corpus Christi.  There are 600 in Pennsylvania, 300 in New Mexico, and fewer than 5000 even in California.

I’m a little skeptical on some of the numbers in the graphic because they are so repetitive – the minimum seems to be 3.3 per 100,000 in several states, and the max 10.6 per 100,000 in a few others. It seems unlikely roughly 14 states could have the exact same percentage.  But, it’s supposedly culled from census data, so who knows.

Bear in mind, like many such disordered phenomenon, this “transgenderism” tends to be very fluid and runs across a broad spectrum, from men who occasionally dress like women in private to those who delve very deeply into the illness, even to the point of having their bodies mutilated. This graphic only covered those who went to the length of changing their names and sex coding on census responses, so they’re only looking at the more hardcore.  That’s why I say the max number, including the less committed, may, at best, run into the low hundreds of thousands.

Of course, advocates for the normalization and even exaltation of this illness try to maximize their numbers in order to try to garner sympathy and political leverage.  But even their inflated number doesn’t even amount to a million souls (which is itself a gross exaggeration, much like the totally made up “1 in 4 women raped on college campus” meme).

So, it is clear, the rights of hundreds of millions are being gravely threatened for the benefit of the tiniest of minorities.  I say gravely threatened for two reasons.  First, though their numbers are small, and thus the likelihood of encountering one of these poor lost souls not very great, the risk to allowing grown men into bathrooms or locker rooms full of women and little girls is enormous, the damage that could be done irreparable. Secondly, there is already ample evidence that men who have no true inclination towards this “dysphoria” are taking advantage of this situation to prey on those of the opposite sex.  There is simply no way to avoid this predation when logic and evidence (as in, you are a MAN, not a women, in spite of whatever costume/makeup/mutilation you may adopt) are so thrown out the window, again, to pander to the tiniest of minorities.

There are two things going on here, at root.  Number one is the Left’s constant attack on the family, Christian morals, and all things decent. That’s obvious. Number two is the Left’s desire to demonstrate its power and flex its muscles.  What is in the offing here is really the attempt by the radical Left to get tens, if not hundreds, of millions of Americans to share in, and by extension adopt, the mental illness of a handful of others. The Left is attempting to exult in its new found power by demonstrating that they can dictate, over the plain evidence, all rational reason, and the express intent and Will of God, what constitutes “sex.”

As in, nothing, as in, gender is all a contrived notion, which anyone with a hint of sense and a tiny bit of experience living with those of the opposite sex knows is so false as to beggar the imagination.  It’s that yuge mental leap that so attracts the Left in pursuit of this next great assault on their core enemy, the Christian God; “transgenders” make up too tiny a percentage of the population to be of any real political use, so the Left is not doing this, so much, to obtain votes, as it is to demonstrate that their ideology is now totally ascendant over the normative, or former, ideology of Western Civilization, Christianity.  

In short, this is about power, and the naked exhibition of it.  You will be brought to heel.  You will be made to care, and to demonstrate  your obeisance to the false religion of sexular pagan leftism. If you resist, you will be crushed, like Aaron and Melissa Klein and many others. And if the pseudo-sodo-marriage debacle is any indicator, the Left will succeed.  They will gradually wear down the will of tens of millions and get them to buy into yet another astounding, unimaginable lie.

So I will start closing my blog posts in emulation of Ann Barnhardt, but with a twist: instead of saying, in emulation of Cato the Elder, “Furthermore, I consider that Islam must be destroyed,” I say that the Left must be destroyed.  Islam is the principal external threat to Christendom, it is true, but the internal threat of Leftism is, to my mind, even more dangerous, especially in this country.  Islam isn’t destroying the fabric of this country, islam isn’t perverting the minds (and actions) of millions of Americans, islam is not persecuting Christians in the US, leftism is.  I certainly don’t disagree with Barnhardt’s assessment of the danger posed by islam, I simply feel that Leftism is even worse.

Boycott against Target over raperooms having a marked effect May 2, 2016

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I see and hear a lot of commentary that tends to pooh-pooh boycotts.  We’re told they never work, that you can’t get enough people to stick to them to have an impact on a company or organization for their bad behavior, that they’re just a waste of time, etc.

Well, in at least one case – Target’s opening up of its formerly women’s restrooms to mentally ill men (because, as studies show, 3/4 of those claiming to be transgender are men, and the percentage is climbing) – is having a marked backlash.  Their sales are down, the stock is down

Target’s stock price and its favorability among shoppers are crashing as the public rebukes the retail giant for ignoring their vigorous protest against mixed-sex changing rooms and bathrooms.

The company’s stock was two cents shy of $84 on April 19, when it revealed it would not allow shoppers to use single-sex bathrooms or changing rooms. Instead, all rooms were opened up to anyone claiming to be of either sex. As of 4.00 p.m. Friday, the stock had dropped almost $4.50, down to $79.50[Not sure if other factors may have contributed to this drop]

That’s a huge loss of 5 percent in stock value, costing shareholders roughly $2.5 billion in company value.

In between those two dates, more than one million people had signed a boycott petition sponsored by the American Family Association. Public opinion also shifted strongly in favor of single-sex bathrooms.

The damage to Target’s favorability is also being tracked by YouGov’s BrandIndex service.

By April 27, “The percentage of consumers who would consider buying items at Target the next time they want to go shopping at a department store dropped from 42% to 38% over the past two weeks,” YouGov reported April 29. That’s a 10 percent drop, likely fueled by social-media conversations via Facebook and various news sites. [Now this is almost certainly tied directly to Target’s radical stance]

About a million Americans have signed a petition asking Target to revoke their amoral, extremist policy. Will these very strong signs of condemnation convince Target to abandon their strident stand in favor of the tiniest fraction of the population?  Quite possibly not, Target has long been strong supporters of radical leftist agendas.

I’ve never been a particular fan of Target, myself, but where we live now its one of the few places available to shop at.  Not that I would go there regularly, but maybe 2-3 times a year.  No more.  I’m as out on them as I am on Home Depot.

If you’re boycotting Target, keep up the good work.  We never know how these things might play out.  A boycott may not convince Target to change its policy: but it might convince a dozen or more other companies contemplating following suit.  So, no, these efforts are never wasted.  Nothing that fights for God and His Law ever is.

Are you going to join Mormon Glenn Beck in his fast for ‘Murica?  That fast starts tonight.

Me, I’ll stick with the fasts God, and not man, has revealed through His Church.  If we had more people obeying those fasts and generally offering up proper penance, this nation would be healed and transformed in short order.

Soon, the law may well define marital relations as rape…… April 29, 2016

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……..or any other instance of the marital act, which is not accompanied by evidence that determines that one (almost certainly, the male) had “affirmative consent” to each increasing step of intimacy.  That is to say, the militant lesbian feminist effort to have all heterosexual intercourse defined as rape – which they have declared to be the case for decades – is about to achieve fruition, thanks to a friendly administration and a world that has lost its mind:

Adults may soon find their sex lives regulated to the point where nearly every sexual encounter is defined as rape unless neither party reports the activity.

The American Law Institute will vote in May on whether to adopt a model penal code that would make “affirmative consent” the official position of the organization. Affirmative consent — or “yes means yes” — policies have already been adopted by many colleges and universities, and have been passed as law in California and New York.

A source within ALI has confirmed to the Washington Examiner that the model penal code on sexual assault that was discussed at last year’s meeting will be voted on at their annual meeting this coming May…….

……..Should the code be adopted, it will be the official position of ALI that sex assault laws should be updated, and the group’s influence may persuade federal and state legislatures to foist affirmative consent onto the general population.

The policies only apply at this time to college students, and require those students to engage in a question-and-answer session each time they engage in any kind of sexual activity. Those policies are already branding students as rapists due to the fact that the policies have been used to shift the burden of proof onto accused students. This means an accused student has to prove a crime didn’t occur rather than an accuser proving a crime did occur, as is the norm in civilized society. [You call a society that has murdered millions of inconvenient infants civilized?  We haven’t been civilized in a hundred years or more]

Under affirmative consent policies, there is no way to actually prove such consent was obtained. [Unless one has a lawyer-written consent form with check boxes for each act engaged in.  Or videotapes the entire encounter, which ought to lead to a field day for the porn sites, once those tapes inevitably find their way to the internet] Students are required under the policies to ask permission for each level of sexual activity. So a typical sexual encounter would cease to be a passionate act and instead become a contractual, question-and-answer session.  From the moment any physical contact is about to be made, one person must begin asking for permission.

“May I touch you here?” “May I kiss you?” “May I kiss you here?” and the like would all be required questions under such policies……..

…….Besides turning every sexually active person in America into a rapist (and a rape victim) overnight, the affirmative consent policy would be a disaster in divorce court. Accusations of child abuse already fly in bitter divorces, and giving angry spouses a cudgel like this would do major damage (but would be a boon to divorce and trial attorneys, like many of the members of ALI).

Because that’s what this is really about, right? Lining the pockets of lawyers who apparently have no concern for the presumption of innocence, due process or commonsense.

I’ve argued for years that the Left has engaged in a largely silent, but very effective bargain, with an increasing swath of the populace.  The bargain has been, to this point, essentially this: you give us power over every other aspect of your lives, and we’ll create a world where you can engage in your every sexual whim, no matter how perverse or harmful.

But now we see, as with everything else the Left promises, that was all a lie.  Now that they have just about achieved their total control over the economy, academia, the schools, the media, the entertainment industry, the military, and just about everything else, they are yanking back at least some of the sexual license they promised.  At least, that’s one way to read this exchange, which I believe was inevitable, given the competing demands of the leftist coalition.

Oh, they’re still totally in favor of complete license for the most extremely perverse members of their base, but those people don’t make up nearly enough numbers to achieve reliable political/electoral dominance.  The bait and switch, then, is not being pulled on the sodomites or the mentally ill “transgenders,” but on the millions of “straight” people who have leaned hard left in order to garner more liberal divorce laws, freedom to fornicate, contraception, abortion, and all the rest.  And don’t think those inducements have been incidental to the left-wing ascendance.  I believe they have been central to it.

Eventually, they’ll come for the perverts as well, but they are presently too useful to the Left in their drive to destroy marriage and the family to act against them.  So they’ll start by so encumbering marital relations as to make them at least fraught with dangers, if not impossible.  This will put more pressure on failing marriages, lead to more men being imprisoned over dubious divorce claims, and strike ever harder at the father-led family.  Win win, as they say.

Meh, these thoughts aren’t terribly cogent, but I’m out of time.  Finally get to assist at Friday Mass, for the first time in almost a month.  Have a blessed weekend.

Christ or Chaos: Rejecting Christ does not result in cool rationalist enlightenment, it results in barbarism April 29, 2016

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Sorry I haven’t posted much of late.  It’s been an interesting week.  I’m doubly sorry for not posting much from The Liturgical Year, such a treasure of Catholic thought.  Rectifying both, here is a bit from Gueranger’s writing on Pope St. Gregory VII, the great Hildebrand who rescued the Church from the grip of barbarism and the tyranny of the secularizing state.  Gregory VII, more than anyone else, set the stage for the exaltation of Christendom which occurred in the 12th and 13th centuries.  Now, 800 years later, the West – the creation of Christendom –  has grown old and tired, and seeks to die.  What comes in its place will not be happy, it will be hell, which is exactly what you get when you reject Christianity en masse.  Even though written 150 years ago, the excerpt below paints a grim and prophetic vision of the future, one playing out before our eyes.

From pp. 386-7 of The Liturgical Year Vol. 8:

…….Governments have rebelled against the spiritual power; they have thrown off obedience to the Vicar of Christ; they have refused to acknowledge the control of any authority over earth.  The people, on their part, have revolted against their governments, that is, against a power which has ceased to have any visible and sacred connection with God; and this twofold revolt is now hurrying society on to destruction.

This world belongs to Christ, for He is the King of kings, the Lord of lords (I Tim vi:15), and to Him hath been given all power in heaven and in earth (St. Matt xxviii:18).  It matters not who they may be that rebel against Him – be they kings or be they people, they must inevitably be chastised, just as were the Jewish people who said in their pride: “We will not have this Man to reign over us!” (St. Luke xix:14).  Pray, O Gregory, for this world which thou didst rescue from barbarism, and which is now striving to relapse into degradation.  The men of this generation are ever talking of liberty; it is in the name of this pretended liberty that they have unchristianized society; and the only means now left for maintaining order is outward violence and force.  Thou didst triumph over brute force by making the laws of right acknowledged and loved; thou gavest the world what it had lost – the liberty of the sons of God, the liberty of doing one’s duty – and it lasted for ages.  O come, noble-hearted pontiff! and aid this time of ours!  Beseech our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive the wickedness of them that have driven Him form the world, and scoff at His threat of returning on the day of His triumph and His justice.

Yes, pray to Him to have mercy on the thousands among us who call themselves Christians, and perhaps are so, yet who are led astray by the absurd sophistry of the times, by blind prejudice, by a godless education, by high-sounding and vague words, and who call by the name of progress the system of keeping men as far as possible form the end for which God has created them.  

———–End Quote———–

I don’t think that last paragraph can be stressed too much.  We  live in times awash in absurd sophistry, guided by a false science that assumed – by deliberate, malicious intent, starting 300 years ago – that anything that could not be inspected, weighed, and measured, did not exist*.  Thus, the new scientists, who nowadays conduct themselves like the high priests of a diabolic religion, determined from the outset that God was dubious and distant, at best, and it was no time before they concluded He is non-existent. They discounted all miracles and the incredible testimony of millions of faithful souls going back centuries.  They cut the beating heart out of Europe, in favor of the new religion they envisioned themselves – or their heirs – leading.

This new religion of sciencism was married to a new political force – progressivism or leftism.  In fact, the two have always existed in symbiotic relationship.  As one “advances,” so does the other.  As science began its long descent from noble profession founded on reason, with theology as her queen, it constantly provided new bases upon which to attack the old, existing order of Christendom.  Rationalism, materialism, deism, enlightenment philosophism, evolutionism, modernism……the more radical the claims of science became, the more radical their political allies in the progressive wing became. Their attacks were always always always first and foremost directed against Christianity, that is, the Church.  Yes they have had many other targets but the prize has always been Rome.

As more and more of the old order was overthrown and replaced with a radical, new, and largely godless one (with various paeans given to “freedom of religion” or “freedom of worship” from time to time, to calm the fears of the masses),  it was declared more and more loudly that progress was finally being achieved, that man was finally and irrevocably on the ascent, that the religion that had kept him held down for so long was finally being crushed, or at least put in its place. But the claims of success are solipsisms, and the crushing of religion must become ever more severe in order for the next great “advance” to take place.  Thus, religion must be driven from the schools, to better indoctrinate the children in godlessness, then it must be driven from public square, then the marriage bed, and finally, driven out entirely.

That just about brings us up to the present day.  And now that religion – I should say, Christianity, because false religions are just peachy with the Left – has been all but driven from the public square, now that sciencism is everywhere ascendant, is the world the great paradise of peaceful, cool, kind, rational individuals we’ve always been promised, if God could only be killed?

Hardly.  The entire premise was false, as it was inspired by evil and founded in error.  Reject God, and you don’t get peaceful coexistence, you get a new barbarism.  Or you get overrun by islam.  Christ or Chaos – the world can have one, or the other.  The choice the world has made has been obvious.  Instead of Christ, we get this:

It’s staggering there was actually a time when this commercial would have been anything but wretch inducing.

But I guess I’ve said this about 400 times already.  Boring, much?




Flightline Friday: Just like old times April 29, 2016

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This hasn’t happened much in the past 25 years – USAF operating out of Clark Air Base, Philippines, again:

Back in the “bad old days” of the Cold War, the Philippines were the United States bastion in Southeast Asia, especially after the fall of South Vietnam.  Having been used by US forces for nearly a century, an immense and capable infrastructure had been built up.  The two primary bases were the Air Force’s sprawling Clark Air Base, and the Navy’s equally huge Subic Bay Naval Base and co-located Cubi Point Naval Air Station.  In addition, there were numerous minor fields, and, perhaps more importantly, vast instrument ranges for conducting Red Flag-like exercises called Cope Thunder.

After the fall of Ferdinand Marcos, the end of the Cold War, the development of a strong anti-US sentiment, and, with perfect timing, the explosion of Mount Pinatumbo (which rendered Clark useless for years and badly impacted Subic Bay), the Philippine government decided – with very little US opposition – to terminate the nearly 100 year US presence.

However, China’s increasingly aggressive actions in the South China Sea have caused both the Philippines and the US to re-evaluate the need for defense cooperation.  Now that China is building a large military base in the Spratly Islands – which they have no legal justification in occupying, let alone militarizing – and have been invading Philippine territorial waters with increasing frequency, the Filipinos have had a bit of a change of heart and have decided it might not be so bad to have something of a US presence in their country again.  Of course, it has to be different this time, they say, the bases will continue to be “owned” by the Filipino government with the US simply getting certain use and visitation privileges, but we’ll see how long that lasts.  The Filipinos have been very hard pressed to keep the US-legacy infrastructure they inherited from completely falling apart, and there will need to be substantial investments soon to keep Subic and other places viable locales for military operations.  We’ll see what happens in that regard.

To my mind, however, if the desire is to contain China, the Philippines are not enough.  Other current operating locations – the Aussies are very accommodating, there’s Singapore, and of course the

Range of some - by no means all - Chinese anti-access systems.  Red are deployed, yellow in development.  However, ranges are more favorable than reality.

Range of some – by no means all – Chinese anti-access systems. Red are deployed, yellow in development. However, ranges are more favorable than reality.

island of Guam is almost one giant base – are both too far away, and too few in number, to permit a close-in containment of China.  The other factor is this: China’s strategy viz a viz the US is obvious.  It consists of what is called anti-acceess/area denial, meaning, they will use a variety of means to keep the US at arms length in any conflict.  The primary means are very accurate ballistic missiles and cruise missiles to attack approaching naval forces and threaten all bases in the region.  The best way to counter this kind of threat is dispersion – having a large number of bases from which the US can operate from at various times, without necessarily having forces present there at any given moment.  Right now, even with access to a few bases in the Philippines, there simply aren’t enough realistic operating bases from which to both threaten China and also provide sufficient dispersal (I did not mention a few above – there are bases in Korea, but they are not good for this purpose as they are too close to China, meaning missile flight times are so short they would be extremely difficult to defend.  There are also some bases in Japan/Okinawa, and those are good, but again, not enough of them. There’s three air bases and one principle naval base in those locales.  They’re also not in the right place).

Negotiations have been ongoing with Vietnam about getting access rights to some installations the US built, at great expense, back in the 60s (Cam Ranh Bay, principally, but also Da Nang), but I am skeptical that will happen.  There is another country that would probably be quite happy to have a US presence, even if only periodic, Usaf-thailand-mapand which is perfectly located to threaten much of China’s burgeoning high-tech industries. That country is Thailand.  The US operated many bases there from ~1960 – 1975 and beyond.  While the locals gutted everything they could after we left, the runways are still there and the Thai’s have repaired a bit of infrastructure.  Ubon or Takhli would be interesting options.  If you draw a roughly 800 nautical mile ring around both Ubon and Clark, you can see that the arcs overlap nicely in the South China Sea.  800 nm  happens to be the unrefuelled radius of a moderately loaded F-15E, and the subsonic cruise radius of an F-22.

Beyond that, reconstituting many of the installations across the Pacific that have fallen into disuse and disrepair would also provide means of quick dispersal and defense in depth.  I’m speaking of Wake pacaf-2013-command-brief-18-638Island, Shemya in Alaska, Johnston Island, and especially Midway.  While some of these have fallen into rather severe disrepair – especially the latter two – and would require quite a bit of investment to return to operational status, the first two have been kept in “warm storage” and are still in use today, albeit at a low level.  I’m not saying that these locations make sense as offensive operational locations against China, but they do make eminent sense as both staging areas for any necessary offensive build up, but, even more importantly, dispersal areas in times of crisis, to weather the initial Chinese barrage of ballistic/cruise missiles.  China still does not possess terribly capable means of reconnaissance, so they would have a hard time knowing which hardened aircraft shelters are occupied at which time at which base – especially if the number of frequently used bases were to rise from the current ~10 (almost all in Japan/Okinawa) to say, 30.  Plus, some of those dispersal sites are out of range of the Chinese missile threat.

Interesting to note, late last month, the bases the US would use in the Philippines were made public, and neither Clark nor Subic were on the list.  And yet, see the video above, A-10s at least visiting, if not operating from, Clark.  I have a feeling the list of bases was a bit of subterfuge to complicate Chinese planning, forces will probably rotate among a whole host of bases, in order to lessen their vulnerability to being targeted.  At least for a while.  History shows, however, that wherever the US goes, we like to take home with us, and build up a nice fat infrastructure.  So……..we’ll see.


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