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I’ll never forget February 12, 2016

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The third anniversary of the tragic abdication of Pope Benedict XVI was yesterday, but I still feel betrayed and massively let down. I remember my wife telling me the news, and at first I thought it had to be a hoax.  I refused to believe it until the evidence became overwhelming.

I know some feel he had every right, that he alone could judge his age and capacity, but I am convinced Pope Benedict XVI was “forced out,” or fell to the wolves around him.  His resignation remains unparalleled, the comparisons to Celestine being really apples and oranges.  It was the seizure of Vatican financial assets that compelled him to believe he could no longer govern, I think.  We’ll likely never know for certain, in this life.

I also cannot believe what happened later that same day was just “one of those things:”


In less than a year, Jose Bergoglio will be 80.  But mark my words, he will never resign.  He is having waaay too much fun remaking the Church to suit his ideology.  Progressives almost never give up power voluntarily.

Francis to make huge political statement by hosting Mass at non-existent US border fence February 12, 2016

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If you’ve ever been to where US77 from Brownsville crosses to Matamoros, you know there is a very impressive looking fence along the US side of the Rio Grande.  About 10-12 ft tall and topped with concertina wire, it looks like a serious deterrent to illegal crossings.  The only problem is, the fence only extends about 100 yards from the actual port of entry on either side.  Or, at least it did 20 years ago when I was last there.

And that’s how it generally goes along the US-Mexico border.  In and near populated areas, there are various fences of different levels of effectiveness separating the two countries.  But for hundreds upon hundreds of miles along most of the sparsely populated border, there is nothing at all.  The Rio Grande forms little deterrent most of the year, being not much more than a glorified creek only a few feet deep.   West of El Paso, there is often nothing to demarcate where the US ends and Mexico begins.  Maybe a rancher’s barbed wire fence, which are constantly cut by illegal crossers, just one of many sources of grave economic impact for those who live along the border.

But standing along the hundreds of miles of open range between Columbus and Nogales would not make the political point that is desired, so Francis will be offering Mass next week at one of the few locations where there is a semi-serious looking fence, along the border between lawless Ciudad Juarez and El Paso.


Looks impressive, right?  But at some point just a few miles outside of town, the fence does this:

download (32)

It just stops.  Very little except for a scattered and woefully undermanned Border Patrol presence to prevent someone from crossing over.

The video below shows the proximity of the Mass center stage to the border:

The fence is generally in the background and to right, dwarfed by the papal stage.  I’m sure there will be many poignant photos of Americans with their faces pressed up against the fence in their desire to be near the Bishop of Rome.  Progressive gold.

A couple of points from this article on the pending visit:

Miguel Angel Lopez, 51, is a construction worker at the mass site. He has lived in Juárez for 30 years and remembers a time not long ago when it was much harder to find employment.

“When the violence was terrible, many of us could not find work,” Lopez said. “There are still murders here, but not like before.”

Lopez is not Catholic, but part of the 11 percent of the Juárez population that is evangelical or Protestant. Symbols of their faith are seen throughout the city, most prominently on a mountain displaying the message “The Bible is the truth: Read it” in large white letters. [Plainly visible from El Paso. I have always understood that huge sign to have been protestant in origin]

………Mark J. Seitz, the bishop of the El Paso Catholic Diocese, doesn’t think El Paso turned its back on its neighbor city.

“I think there is a deep sense here in El Paso that what is good for Juárez is good for us,” Seitz said. “We care about them, and I think we’ve had a similar feeling from the people in Juárez.”

Francis’ visit is a chance to show that collaboration between cities, he said.

“One thing I believe that Pope Francis will highlight is the sense of community across borders that can be found here, which I think is somewhat unique among border communities,” Seitz said……..

………Abuyen wandered around downtown on that Friday afternoon, posing for a photo with the Francis cutout in the city where she grew up.

“This is more than a symbol,” she said in Spanish. “This is God in physical form.”[Wha?!?  I know St. Catherine of Siena called the pope “sweet Christ on earth” but this is idolatry and blasphemy.  The pope is not God.  Think papalotry is not a problem?]

As a bit of a rejoinder to the happy-clappy image that will be presented throughout Francis’ visit to Mexico (some of his key meetings will be with the disastrously heretical Bishop of Saltillo Raul Vera Lopez, frequently called “the gay bishop” for his endorsement of sodomy and other grave moral evils), Breitbart Texas reported earlier this week that Mexican authorities have found underground ovens used by Los Zetas to destroy the remains of thousands of innocent souls slaughtered by the narco-gang.  Los Zetas dominated the government of Coahuila for years, and (along with other gangs) continue to frequently rule from behind the scenes in many regions of that afflicted country (you should really read the whole article, it reveals, to a small degree, the depth of the corruption in Mexican government and how that nation more or less functions as a lawless narco-state, at least over vast regions).

Will Francis directly condemn the drug traffickers and their war against the Mexican people?  Who knows:

The Mexican Los Zetas cartel used a network of oven facilities to cover-up the systematic mass extermination of innocent people during the 2011-2013 period when the cartel had complete governmental control over most of the Mexican state of Coahuila. From the then-governor of Coahuila, down to the city jails, Los Zetas had complete control of every aspect of governmental process and of the lives of Mexican citizens–including news media. Their atrocities in Coahuila have remained largely unreported and undocumented by any governmental agencies; local, state, federal, or international.

And he wants this country to open its border even more to this kind of nightmarish chaos?

Once again, we see Francis entering deeply into national politics.  This trip was planned well after it became apparent that immigration may well be the deciding issue in the 2016 US presidential election.  If Donald Trump is elected president, it will largely be due to his very strong stand against illegal immigration, which a very large number of Americans feel has gotten totally out of hand and is in the process of remaking this nation into something incompatible with its founding precepts.  Now Francis is giving a very public demonstration of his support for open borders and unconstrained immigration from poorer countries into richer ones.  The symbolism and intent are unmistakable.

Amazing how when it’s a more conservative pope, there are constant choruses from the media about how they must butt out of national politics and “rise above” such factionalism by speaking only in the broadest terms and never “lowering themselves” into taking stands on specific matters of policy (which is another way of saying: shut up). But when it’s a much more progressive pope, oh, then he’s a brilliant leader of the benighted and a valuable contributor to the national debate, who absolutely must be heard.

Gotcha.  Whatever is good for progressivism, that’s good, whatever is not, well, that’s very, very bad.

Is TFG just one more voice in that ever-present chorus?

The world unwinds: Saudi Arabia to send army against ISIS in Syria? February 12, 2016

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I thought Saudi had been covertly funneling money and even arms to ISIS?  Has not the House of Saud been implicated in helping foment many of the islamist revolutions that have occurred, from Tunisia to Iraq?  Or is that more the Gulf States like Bahrain and the UAE?

Russians and Saudis fighting side by side (figuratively) against a common enemy?  Who would have thunk it?  And what huge carrot (I can’t believe it would be a stick) has the administration dangled in front of the Saudis in order to get them to commit to sending land forces if the Obama Admin desires it?  I can’t believe that was cheap.  Has to be more than the 86 F-15s we recently agreed to sell them.

Saudi Arabia’s military spokesman Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri said on Thursday, according to Al Arabiya English, that Riyadh’s decision to send troops into Syria is “final” and “irreversible” and that they are “ready” to deploy them against Islamic State (ISIS) there as part of U.S.-led efforts against that group.

However he stressed that he is conveying “Saudi’s [decision] only” implying that Riyadh will follow Washington’s lead when it comes to any potential ground operation against ISIS in Syria.

Washington has refused to rule out the prospect of Saudi Arabia sending soldiers to Syria. However it pointed out that it was just one of the available options. [Saudi’s as US-funded mercenaries?  Historically, the performance of the Saudi army in land combat has been quite unimpressive.  Many of the soldiers would have strong sympathies with ISIS, I would suspect.  Not a good situation]

“There are lots of ways that Saudi Arabia and Bahrain can contribute. One of them is on the ground – and we’ll definitely be discussing that – but there are lots of other ways as well,” U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter told reporters on Wednesday in Brussels according to The Guardian.

Assiri also said that if Riyadh’s main regional rival, Iran, is serious about combating terrorism in the region it must stop supporting “terrorism” in both Syria and Yemen. Saudi Arabia and Iran are backing opposing sides in the wars raging in both Yemen (where Saudi Arabia is bombing the Iranian backed Houthis) and Syria (where Saudi Arabia is supporting various armed groups opposed to Iran’s ally, the regime of President Bashar al-Assad). [Supporting Al Nusra and the remnants of the “Free Syrian Army?”  But haven’t they also given a wink and a nod to ISIS?  Given how much Saudi has exported radical islam around the world, their criticisms of Iran are obviously self-serving and hypocritica.  What this is really about is the great conflict between Sunni and Shia islam, and which will emerge dominant.]

What tangled webs we weave.

Is it a matter requiring assent of faith that Armageddon is really located in Israel?  Could it be in Syria, I say with tongue only slightly in cheek?

As this conflict continues to ramp up, the ones truly caught in the middle are Syria’s dwindling Christian policy.  I imagine almost all sides in the conflict – Shia, secularists, Sunni – see that as a feature rather than a bug.  And once again the US government executes policies that have the effect of leading to Christian genocide.  At least I have this to fall back on:

Oh, the science is settled, you say? Then we can zero out your research grants, right? February 12, 2016

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The schadenfreude is strong in this one.  The Australian government, citing “the science is settled” meme, has cut 110 climate scientist jobs. Because if the science is really settled, why are thousands of paid political activists PhDs still doing “basic research” still necessary?  The cries of outrage from the climate change industrial complex are still ringing around the world:

With an ax rather than a scalpel, Australia’s federal science agency last week chopped off its climate research arm in a decision that has stunned scientists and left employees dispirited.

As many as 110 out of 140 positions at the atmosphere and oceans division at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) will be cut, Larry Marshall, the agency’s chief executive, told staff Friday. Another 120 positions will be cut from the land and water program. Across the agency, 350 climate staff will be moved into new roles unrelated to their specialty.

Scientists say the cuts would affect Australia’s ability to cope with climate change. The nation is already the driest on Earth and experiencing significant shifts in rainfall. It would leave the global research community disabled, since CSIRO ran the Southern Hemisphere’s most comprehensive Earth monitoring and modeling programs. And it would leave young climate scientists at CSIRO without direction.

None of which has been even remotely proven to be related to some kind of human-caused “climate change,” which has never been substantially proven to be occurring, anyway.  There is simply zero scientific rationale to establish that X percent of the ongoing climate change – which has always occurred, and will always occur – is due to human action.  And unless and until China, India, Russia, and other massive emitters are brought on board, any efforts to reduce emissions are not just a joke, but nothing more than an attempt to circumvent popular will and install a global economic authority along socialist lines.  Which has always been the point, anyway.

The Australian government, or at least the center-right Liberal party, seems to have some cheek about it.  They have set what some view as severe limits on illegal immigration and do not mind sending people back the same way they came.  I really like what is being done here, it cuts to the core of the problem, government-paid political activism masquerading as “science.”

Nicely done, Malcolm Turnbull.  I hope they have the courage of conviction to stand by these cuts in the midst of what will surely be a very energetic reaction.


Persecution begins in little ways NASA bans the word “Jesus” February 11, 2016

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Well, at least our sexular pagan betters are becoming more and more open in their Christophobia. The word “Jesus” is to be excluded from the day to day operation of the federal government.  And that will just be the start.  Federal practice sets a legal precedent that then filters down to all levels of government and, before long, private enterprise.  When people say they fear Christianity may be driven from the public square, perhaps what they should really fear is whether we’ll be able to breathe the name of Jesus, or wear a crucifix, publicly.

Johnson Space Center officials have apparently banned the word even from internal communications advertising for a Christian-affiliated group of center employees who meet after hours:

The name of Jesus is not welcome in the Johnson Space Center newsletter, according to a complaint filed on behalf of a group of Christians who work for NASA.

The JSC Praise & Worship Club was directed by NASA attorneys to refrain from using the name ‘Jesus’ in club announcements that appeared in a Space Center newsletter…….. [Are there muslim groups?  Can they use the name “allah?”  Could this group openly ID as Christian?  Can the muslims/hindus/Jews?]

……..Since 2001, employees had gathered during their lunch hour to pray and sing and read the Bible. There had been no censorship issues until last year…….. [Seems like they met for about half an hour weekly or even monthly]

Soon after that, the legal department called the organizers and told them they could not use the name Jesus in their announcements,” Dys told me. “They said, no Jesus.” [The Holy Name has great power.  It inspires and gives great comfort to the faithful.  It repels and terrifies the unfaithful.  You can literally see visceral reactions against “Jesus” from some folks]

The club’s leadership was told that “NASA would be censoring all future club announcements that featured the name, ‘Jesus’,” Liberty Institute alleged in its complaint letter.

NASA’s legal department explained that including the name ‘Jesus’ within the club’s announcement made that announcement “sectarian” or “denominational.” [Oh BS.  I guarantee a huge double standard applies. I would bet money other religions are not treated as if the name of their god/founder/lodestar is some kind of despicable unmentionable.]

They also alleged such announcements would cause NASA to violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. [Just incredible.  Just allowing the Name in print now establishes a religion.  Again, I would be shocked if other religions received such strict treatment.  Some a-hole Obama-appointee is enjoying his ability to show who’s boss and engage in some tribal virtue signalling]

Dys said the club organizers offered to provide a disclaimer, notifying readers that the announcement was private speech and was not endorsed by NASA or any other government agency. However, that offer was rejected as “insufficient.”

The club members knew right away that NASA was censoring them and they were not comfortable with that,” Dys told me.

And so began a long process to resolve the matter.

“The bottom line is that NASA should not be censoring this club just because they use the name ‘Jesus’ in an employee advertisement,” Dys told me. “That is blatant religious discrimination.”

So, remember when the satanists wanted to blaspheme by destroying a statue of the Blessed Virgin, or have a black mass?  And we were told the government could do nothing, because it would violate their free speech to do so?  And remember how they said if they were to do anything to stop this evil, they’d be taken to court?  And that would waste the taxpayer’s money, cuz they’d just lose out of hand?

But Christians have no free speech, right?  Because you can’t even use the word Jesus in a government e-mail anymore.  But notice here, government (admittedly, a different entity) is VERY willing to go to court to block this form of free speech. Apparently they don’t think this squashing of free speech is a sure loser. Apparently saying Jesus would just cause a giant St. Peter’s to suddenly form right along NASA Parkway.  I mean, it would just suddenly “establish” a religion with a pope blasting out commands, nuns and monks everywhere, priests running around incensing the Space Shuttle Constellation Orion nothing, scads of faithful…….right?  No?

Ever get the impression it’s really just about shutting Christians up?

Yeah, me too.  It’s almost like sexular paganism is a competing religion that will brook no competition from its hated rival, or something.

Ah, well, they’re protestants, so can we expect an urgent intervention by Francis on their behalf?

Destroying Bayside February 11, 2016

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One of my favorite bloggers/Catholic resources – Boniface at Unam Sanctam Catholicam – has done the world a favor in documenting the many, many, MANY problems with the supposed Bayside apparitions.  He introduces the effort here:

For the better part of three years now I have been promising a very large expose of the ridiculous Bayside apparitions and their absurd messages.

I honestly almost gave up on this project because it involved reading every single locution from Bayside, which proved to be the biggest waste of my time ever and unbelievably tedious. But, I finally finished and have it linked up below:


Bayside is probably one of the dumbest apparitions in existence [Yeah, there are some other pretty dumb ones, too, however] and I don’t plan to devoting much more time to it (although I think I may have one more article). And the tragic thing is people who are sold on goofy private apparitions really cannot be shaken in their convictions, so I doubt this massive article (so big it needed a Table of Contents) will change anybody’s mind; if it only serves to show others how wacky and unworthy of credibility this apparition really is, my purpose will be served.

Sorry Medjugorje supporters – nope, it’s not real.  Bayside is probably worse, though, for the banality and stupidity they attribute to the Divine.

A few examples from Boniface’s fisk:

Here, God the Son and His Mother depend upon Veronica to obtain a very trite piece of information for their records:

“Now you will continue, My child; look forward and find the other wheelchair, My child. It seems to be hidden. It is very necessary that you find that invalid, because we must have their name and address.” (June 18, 1988)

Jesus and Mary need to get somebody’s name and address!?

Mary tells Veronica to pray the Rosary. Veronica forgets Mary is coming back:

“I’m sorry, Our Lady. I had almost forgotten that You were coming back. I was so engrossed with the people in the infirm circle.”

……The Act of Contrition “will be cast from the books this coming year.” (Oct. 6, 1988)

The Act of Contrition was never ejected from any official Catholic books, let alone in 1989.

“A Ball that is fast hurtling towards earth! It will be here within this century, if not sooner.’ For even the scientists have failed to recognize the speed of this Ball.” (June 18, 1988)

Woops. That century ended on December 31st, 1999……..

………“Within two years or less, there will be a great crash of the market. The whole world’s monetary systems will be paralyzed” (June 18, 1988).

Although there was an economic recession in the United States from 1990-1992, it was largely confined to the United States. The rest of the world was not effected, let alone paralyzed.

“Boris Yeltsin is the “man of sin”; no different from Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev.” (June 18, 1992)

Boris Yeltsin is identified as the man of sin but no mention is made of Putin, who is extremely more dangerous and sinister. Veronica clearly did not see Putin coming.

“The Ball of Redemption hovers now in your atmosphere” (June 18, 1994)

Remember, the Ball of Redemption is supposed to be large enough to destroy 1/3 of the African continent. It is no small object. Apparently it has been hovering in our atmosphere since 1994. Undetected. These messages are very common. She was saying the same thing almost ten years earlier, though in a much more alarmist manner:

“The Eternal Father has the Ball poised in His hand; your end can come by day. It will come upon you quickly, and how many shall be prepared? Do you have your candles? Do you have your water, your canned food, and your blankets?” (Nov 5, 1985)……

………..How about missiles being smuggled into the United States from Nicaragua?

My child, let the world know that Nicaragua is a center point for the capitulation of the United States of America and Canada. Already there are plans afoot, and in the making, with missiles and all dire instruments of destruction. These plans are being formulated from Nicaragua, to go into Mexico, and thereupon into the United States.” (June 18, 1987)

No doubt this message, dated from 1987, was influenced by the unfolding Iran-Contra scandal. It is a prime example of how Bayside messages constantly play to the contemporary headlines but have little objective value. There was not, nor has there ever been, evidence of any missiles being moved into America from Nicaragua. Furthermore, the contention that Nicaragua is the “center point” for the capitulation is laughable…….

……..Many times, the grammar of Jesus and Mary is just horrible. They say words that don’t exist, use words in improper contexts, and sometimes, when Veronica messes up and says a wrong word, she goes back and tries to fabricate an explanation in order to preserve the farce.

“I could repeat over and over the Message from Heaven of the past years. But I say to you: murders abound, immorality abounds… all the immunisms of humanism, lesbianism…homosexuals roaming. ” (Apr. 14, 1984).

All the immunisms? What?

“Do not feel, parents, that you are doing unjustment to your children (June 18, 1994)

What kind of word is “unjustment”? …….

………At Medjugorje, Mary once stated that adherence to the Medjugorje messages was necessary for one to the “approved” by God. Similarly, Veronica states through Mary that it is necessary for salvation to read all of the Bayside messages:

“That is why I say, and I say again: you must read all of the messages given from Heaven through the past years, or you will not be saved. Much is being overlooked due to the quantity of messages” (Oct 6, 1988)

Did you hear that? You will not be saved if you do not read all the Bayside messages. This is nonsense and heresy………[Yeah buddy.  It’s also blasphemy, attributing to a private revelation knowledge necessary for salvation]

…………Veronica specifically says that in the beginning was only God the Father, which she calls the “Spirit.” Then, at some later point, “He sort of subdivided Himself into a family.” This is a very fundamental Trinitarian heresy, as God has always been Trinity from eternity past; there was never a time when He decided to “subdivide Himself.” Furthermore, Veronica says that God “gave Himself to beget a Son and Holy Spirit; of course, only the Son is begotten by the Father, not the Holy Spirit. Original sin is repeatedly said to consist in eating from the Tree of Life – a major error, as it is actually the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that our first parents eat from. Finally, in a statement reminiscent of Neo-Platonist Manicheaism, she states that “eternity with joy” consists in “leaving the shackle of the body behind”, as if we would not be reunited forever with our bodies in the Resurrection. Are these sorts of blatant errors compatible with an authentic revelation of God?

Enough.  You can go check out Boniface’s article for the whole dreary mess.

I will add this, however.   There are some “prophecies,” so generically written and regarding obvious cultural trends going back decades, that could appear to have some truth to them (like the gradual advance of leftism through Western institutions being a sign of the imminent communist takeovers repeatedly prophesied).  Anyone remotely attuned to international events could utter generic statements about the advance or retreat of this or that movement that, in hindsight, can seem to have some plausibility.  But that is very different from a proper prophecy.

I love Our Lady.  I have great devotion to her.  And I think there is tremendous import in her recent spate of apparitions, from Lourdes to Akita.  There is more than enough wisdom and knowledge of the “signs of the times” from these approved apparitions, without needing to delve into these goofy unapproved sightings, which often contradict valid apparitions, contradict each other, and are contradictory within themselves.  They also sometimes contradict Catholic Doctrine, as we see above.

The thing about Bayside and some others, however, is that the claims are so wide, so numerous, and so play to current events, that they have a great propensity for luring souls in.  Almost anyone can find something in either that “rings their bell,” so to speak, that resonates on some personal level and, once that happens, they are quickly sucked in.  Such attempts at wide appeal have, to me, the mark of the charlatan, but I have always tried to assume these seers are simply well meaning souls possessed of more zeal than good sense.  I’ll also say that just because you, or someone you knew, had a “mystical experience” related to some of these less credible apparitions that is not, perhaps, proof of the validity of these apparitions but likely speaks better for your faith and openness to Grace.


Fathers of the Church on the Unity of the Church…… February 11, 2016

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…….and the grave evil of placing oneself outside the Church in a schismatic and/or heretical sect.  All the quotes below come from Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Satis Cognitum (1896).  The Fathers quotes are identified in line.  I add a few explanatory comments:

Origen writes: “As often as the heretics allege the possession of the canonical scriptures to which all Christians give unanimous assent, they seem to say: ‘Behold the word of the truth is in the houses.'” [I take this to mean something akin to protestant viewing a church as just whatever group of people who come together to worship the Lord, rather than the formal institution founded by Christ]

But we should believe them not and abandon not the primary and ecclesiastical tradition.  We should believe not otherwise than has been handed down by the tradition of the Church of God.” Irenaeus too says: “The doctrine of the Apostles is the true faith……..which is known to us through the Episcopal succession…….which has reached even unto our age by the very fact that the Scriptures have been zealously guarded and fully interpreted.”  And Tertullian: “It is therefore clear that all doctrine which agrees with that of the Apostolic Church – the matrices and original centers of faith, must be looked upon as the truth, holding without hesitation that the Church received it from the Apostles, the Apostles from Christ and Christ from God……..We are in communion with the Apostolic Churches and by the very fact that they [the many local churches] agree amongst themselves we have a testimony of the truth.”  And so Hilary: “Christ teaching from the ship signifies that those who are outside the Church can never grasp the divine teaching; for the ship typifies the Church where the word of life is deposited and preached. Those who are outside are like sterile and worthless sand; they cannot comprehend.”   [I really like that quote by St. Hilary of Poitiers]

Rufinus praises Gregory of Nazianum and Basil because “they studied the text of Holy Scripture alone, and took the interpretation of its meaning not from their own inner consciousness, but from the writings and on the authority of the ancients, who in their turn, as it is clear, took their rule for understanding the meaning from the Apostolic succession.”…… [Which is contrary to what the protestants have done, rejecting the Faith that has been handed on and searching the Scriptures, interpreted solely by themselves, for ways to justify that rejection.  That is the critical point to keep in mind, with all the headstrong protestants (not those so much born into error and ignorant of it), they start from the position “Catholic = wrong” and search for  justifications for that belief. They can be murderously dangerous to the poorly formed.]

……..In this wise, all cause for doubting being removed, can it be lawful for anyone to reject any one of those truths without by the very fact falling into heresy? – without separating himself from the Church? – without repudiating in one sweeping act the whole of Christian teaching?  For such is the nature of faith that nothing can be more absurd than to accept some things and reject others.  Faith, as the Church teaches it, is “that supernatural virtue by which, through the help of God and through the assistance of His Grace, we believe that what He has revealed to be true, not on account of the intrinsic truth perceived by the natural light of reason, but because of the authority of God himself, the Revealer, who can neither deceive nor be deceived……..

……..In many things they are with me, in a few things not with me; but in those few things in which they are not with me, the many things in which they are will not profit them.

And this indeed most deservedly; for they who take from Christian doctrine what they please, lean on their own judgments, not on faith; and not “bringing into captivity every understanding unto the obedience of Christ,” they more truly obey themselves than God. “You who believe what you like of the Gospels and believe not what  you like, believe yourselves rather than the Gospel.”…….

………It is then undoubtedly the office of the Church to guard Christian Doctrine and to propagate it in its integrity and purity.  But this is not all, the object for which the Church has been instituted is not wholly attained by the performance of this duty.  For since Jesus Christ delivered Himself up for the salvation of the human race, and to this end directed all His teaching and commands, so He ordered the Church to strive, by the truth and its doctrine, to sanctify and to save mankind.

———–End Quote———–

With regard to that last paragraph, is that what the large majority of the institutional Church has been doing since Vatican II – striving to convert, sanctify, and save the world?  Is that what Francis is doing with his attacks – for that is what they are, whether he intends them to be so or not – on belief and practice that certainly impact doctrine?

The Church is alienated from herself.  She is at war with herself.  The outlook expressed in, say, Evangelii Guadium, and Satis Cognitum, are not just alien to one another, they are mutually exclusive.  One might even say irretrievably opposed.  How the faithful are supposed to reconcile all this is always left unsaid, except we’re just supposed to go along with whatever Rome says today, even if that contradicts what was said yesterday and will be contradicted twice again tomorrow.  It is the way towards doubt, indifference, dissension, and collapse.

Once again, feature/bug, and all that.

But I thought some of those Church Fathers quotes on Church unity might be helpful, so……yay us.


Petition in Dallas Diocese to rescind diocesan gun ban grows February 11, 2016

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A local Catholic has started a petition asking for the “30.06” and “30.07” signs posted on all diocesan property by order of Bishop Kevin Farrell to be removed.  These signs serve as a legal declaration by a private entity that concealed (06) and open carry (07) of firearms is not permitted on the premises.  By posting the signs, the entity declares their refusal to permit firearms on premises by lawfully licensed individuals.

The local Catholic feels a crisis in conscience in that they now face the choice of either being able to protect their family, or assist at Mass.  They also note that Bishop Farrell’s recent action dramatically restricted gun rights on diocesan property – before this very emotional response to the passage of an open carry law in Texas, virtually no diocesan properties posted 30.06 signs, meaning concealed carry had been permitted by the diocese for many years.

Some argumentation from the petition, which I largely agree with:

This past Sunday I was faced with a major decision upon entering a Church. I had to choose between my First Amendment right and my Second Amendment right. For the first time in 20 years in the State of Texas, these two issues are at an impasse. I had to choose between practicing my religion and protecting my family. The choice was either commit a Class A misdemeanor or, in my religion, a mortal sin. Why after 20 years am I (and many others) placed in this conundrum?

The answer is Bishop Farrell made the decision to “keep me safe” by mandating across the board in the Diocese that Texas Penal Code 30.06 signs be posted on all Diocesan properties. The Bishop will say it is the law. On the contrary, the Bishop has the legal option to give effective consent for concealed carry by not posting 30.06 signs. He may also choose to only post 30.07 signs (or none at all). Yet, he chose to have both 30.06 and 30.07 signs posted at all Diocesan locations. [Thereby banning all carriage of handguns.  However, the 30.06 and 07 laws have nothing to do with long arms.  Just sayin’.  I mean, if a group of Catholics were to protest this draconian restriction of their lawful rights on diocesan property by showing up, en masse, at Mass carrying ARs, AKs, etc., who would I be to judge?]

Most people would compromise and accept the restrictions (30.07) on open carry in a place of worship while retaining the right to conceal carry as has been the case for 20 years (No posted 30.06). [So there is a compromise many would find reasonable.  But that wouldn’t give Bishop Farrell the progressive virtue signalling feelz]

This dilemma only occurs at my place of worship. When presented with 30.06 in other locations I have the option to take my business elsewhere. Alternative options exist for movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, and so on. I doubt the Bishop would recommend I attend the First Baptist Church of Dallas (where no 30.06 signs exist). I am a Catholic; I am a Texan. I should not be forced to choose between the two.

I am asking for my previous freedom to protect my family in the event of eminent danger to be restored by removing all Texas Penal Code 30.06 signs from all Diocesan churches. Let us remain a Universal Church. Otherwise, my only recourse is to drive to Tyler to fulfill my Sunday obligation. I neither want to commit a Class A Misdemeanor nor a mortal sin. Something must change.  [If Mrs. Halisky, the author of the petition, were to see this post, she might contact me.  Leave a comment.  I might be able to suggest a way forward short of driving to another diocese.]

For those who say they will conceal carry regardless of the posted sign, I ask, what will you do when metal detectors are installed as in schools, airports, and the like? [If that day comes, I expect quite an uproar]

Sanger and North Richland Hills are a lot closer than Tyler for most.  Can. Worms. Opened.

I think more persuasive than a petition would be a drive to convince local state legislators to submit a bill permitting liability suits against private entities with such bans in the case of some kind of armed attack, while simultaneously indemnifying them from lawsuits for accidental discharge or said attacks if they permit concealed/open carry.  There is a bill underway to that effect in Tennessee, as I noted in a previous post.  This would upend the liability calculations that serve as the practical rationale for this kind of ban.  Instead of all the liability benefit being towards denying people their rights, it would instead encourage entities like the local diocese to permit lawful carry.

Nevertheless, I signed the petition.  I have been a little surprised at the degree of vehemence expressed against this anti-2nd Amendment policy.  I expected opposition, but not to the degree I’ve seen here and there.  It gets back to that post I did a week or so ago asking why the gun rights movement has been so much more successful in defending and expanding gun rights in this country, while almost every other conservative cause has met with results ranging from much more limited success to abject failure.  If only as many people would get as exercised about abuses in the Mass and the teaching of heresy/error/progressivism from the pulpit!

Again, you can sign the petition here. And you don’t have to be in the Diocese of Dallas to do so, I’m sure.

Lament Like a Virgin February 10, 2016

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A beautiful, mournful responsory from Holy Saturday Matins –  Plange quasi virgo – “lament like a virgin,” will have to close out this abbreviated day of blogging.  I will be off for the rest of this day of penance, I pray you have a blessed Ash Wednesday and a strong start to your Lent:

If I had more time, I would post the processional chant for the Good Friday Depositio from the 16th century Rite of the Diocese of Braga, but that will have to wait for another day.  I do just have time to append the opening lines:

Alas, alas Lord, alas, alas, Our Savior, we are become orphans without a father; our mothers are as widows.

The crown of our head has fallen. Woe to us!  For we have sinned.

The breath of our mouths, Christ our Lord,
has been taken captive for our sins; 
The joy of our heart has vanished;
our singing is turned into lamentation

Forsaken is all happiness,
removed is the joy of the earth;
our life has grown faint in sorrow
and our years in groans.

No hippy dippy happy clappy stuff in the 16th century Church!  Thank God!

A Lenten meditation from Divine Intimacy – mortification as means of assimilation in Christ February 10, 2016

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From Day 93 of Divine Intimacy, a meditation on mortification as a means of creating union with our Blessed Lord:

For the soul who aspires to union with God, penance is not only a means of subjecting the flesh to the spirit, but also a means of being assimilated to Christ Crucified, in order to reproduce and prolong His Passion in its own body.…..[H]e who loves has a desire to share in the sufferings of the loved one; it is the same with real lovers of the Crucified.  St. Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi exclaims, “It is not fitting to be a delicate member of a Head crowned with thorns and crucified, nor the unmortified bride of a suffering Spouse.”…….”But God forbid that I should glory, save in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by Whom the world is crucified to me, and I to the world” (Gal vi:14).

Although mortification of the spirit is certainly more important than that of the body, we must not forget that, in order to save the world, Jesus was willing to embrace both in the most complete manner.  His whole life was a cross and a martyrdom; it ended with the Sacrifice on Calvary, where His spiritual and physical immolation reached its height.  As for the mortification of the senses, “It is certain,” says St. John of the Cross, “that He died as to sense, spiritually, during His life, besides dying naturally, at His death.  For…..in life He had not where to lay His head, and at His death, this was even truer……Wherefore, as it seems to me, any spirituality that would fain walk in sweetness and with ease, and flees from the imitation of Christ, is worthless” (Ascent of Mount Carmel, II, 7, 10.8). [That’s what you call a hard saying.  That doesn’t make it less true.]

…….To express the life of the Crucified means to live His Passion, to associate ourselves with His sufferings, to unite ourselves to His intentions – the glory of the Father and the salvation of souls.  “I….fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ in my flesh, for His Body, which is the Church” (Col i:24)………Nothing is lacking in the Passion of Christ; He Himself said on the Cross, “all is consummated” (Jn xix:30).  All was accomplished in Him, our Head, but it must now be accomplished in us, His members.  Jesus wills to continue His Passion in us so that we may be associated with Him in the work of redemption; He wills to make us His collaborators in the most sublime of His works, the salvation of souls. Jesus, Who could have accomplished His work alone, willed to need us in order to apply the infinite merits of His Passion to many souls.  

Mortification, and even physical suffering, is therefore a requirement of a life of union with Christ; the more generous the soul is, the more it will participate intimately in the interior life and apostolic work of Jesus.  We cannot be intimate with Christ if we do not suffer with Him, if we do not ascend the Cross with Him. “Let Christ Crucified be sufficient for thee, and with Him suffer and rest” (St. John of the Cross).

Suffering has a supernatural value only when it is borne with Christ and for Christ.  It is Jesus who sanctifies suffering; apart from Him it is worth nothing and is of no use.  But if it is embraced for love of Him, it becomes precious coin, capable of redeeming and sanctifying souls; it becomes a continuation of His Passion.

……….”O my God, permit me one question: When the world was languishing in sickness, You sent Your only Son to be its physician……….and now what means will You use to revive again this world which lies once more in death?  I see that You give the name of Christ to Your servants and that by means of them You want to take away death and give back life to the world.  And in what way?  They must walk bravely in the footprints of the Word and work for Your honor and the salvation of souls, with love and burning desire; to this end they should bear patiently all pains, anxieties, reproaches, and disgrace.  O wonderful Restorer, give us many ‘Christs’ who will spend their lives in vigils, tears, and prayers for the salvation of the world” (St. Catherine of Siena).

———-End Quote———-

That’s all.


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