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A prayer for spouses (for each other) May 26, 2015

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I saw this prayer for spouses to pray on behalf of each other, and thought it very nice.  Marriage is under attack in this country as at no other time in her history.  The Supreme Court, in the height of hubris, may arrogate to itself the right to define marriage for all of us, diametrically contrary to nature and God’s Law, and making a false equivalence between the beautiful Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and the sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.  This decision, if reached as widely expected, will make a further mockery of democracy in this country, as it will directly contravene the express will of the people in a greater than 3/5 majority of the states – also a sufficient majority for an amendment to the Constitution.

There is an initiative going about now, asking souls to pray for this country and the Supreme Court, that this decision come not to pass, but if it must, that we, and especially the leadership of the Church, be given great lights of Grace to always proclaim the Truth, stand fast in the face of dire persecution, and serve God and not men.  That initiative asks souls to pray until the end of June, when the decision is expected to be announced (it was actually a 40 day Novena that started several days ago – sorry for the late notice, but it certainly would not hurt to start praying now).

I think other prayers may be better suited to the 40 day Novena than the one below, but it’s a good one many married couples may consider prayer together (h/t TB):

Holy Spouses, Mary and Joseph, grant that I and my spouse may have a true and understanding love for each other. Grant that we may both be filled with faith and trust. Give us the grace to live with each other in peace and harmony. May we always bear with one another’s weaknesses and grow from each other’s strengths. Help us to forgive one another’s failings and grant us patience, kindness, cheerfulness and the spirit of placing the well-being of one another ahead of self.
May the love that brought us together grow and mature with each passing year. Bring us both ever closer to You through our love for each other. Let our love grow to perfection. Amen.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Thou didst institute marriage in the earthly Paradise and in the New Law elevate it to the dignity of a Sacrament, attaching to it many graces. Grant to my spouse and me the Grace to live holy lives in so sacred a state and, by the practice of Christian virtues, to act always as is becoming a Christian couple. As thy priest joined our hands at the holy altar, so may we journey through life with one heart and one soul tasting its pleasures with moderation, enduring its sorrows with resignation and, at all times, mutually assisting and consoling each other. May Thy true and holy fear strengthen us to restrain the low desires of the flesh, and to serve Thee uprightly with pure heart and eyes and lips, in mutual esteem and forbearance! Grant that the children born of our union may be pure of heart and well-disposed in mind, and that they may gladly walk in the way of Thy Commandments. Teach us to be faithful images of the Holy Family of Nazareth, of the blessed father Joseph, of the most devout Mother Mary, the most blessed Mother of the Child Jesus, that we may be made worthy to live under their protection, to die in their favor, and to be forever blessed in their society. Amen.

Conclude with one Pater Noster, one Ave, one Gloria.

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Once again, Church hierarchy paves way for devastating social change May 26, 2015

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In the United States of the 60s and 70s – but much more importantly, throughout the Church in the former Christendom – the disastrous undermining of Dogma by influential elements within the Church’s own hierarchy played a huge role in the advance of radically immoral social changes.  This was apparent with Cardinal Cushing’s under the table deal with Planned Barrenhood to actually oppose Catholic opposition to the legalization of contraception in the Massachusetts legislature in the early 60s, American Jesuit leadership collaborating with the Kennedy family in orchestrating their switch from a pro-life to a pro-abort position, and weak to non-existent opposition to many liberal social trends throughout those two decades in state after state, court case after court case, from prelates all around the country.

We’ve seen another instance of the Church hierarchy not only failing in its duty to promote and defend the moral order, but even making statements that seem to argue for its dissolution, even against Church Doctrine, in the debacle that just occurred in formerly Catholic Ireland, where nearly 2/3 of the population determined that neither God nor Nature would inform their conscience, and approved the most unnatural perversions as being equivalent to “marriage.”  Rorate Caeli reminds us of some of the very poor leadership given by two of Ireland’s most prominent prelates, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin and Bishop Donal McKeown of Derry.  Both of these men, especially the former, have played leading roles in the destruction of the Church in Ireland over the past 30 odd years, from installation of perverse men and agendas at the country’s leading seminary to their – very apparent – tortured uncertainty over whether to oppose so-called marriage between sodomites.  First, Archbishop Martin attempting to defend Church Doctrine (I add emphasis and comments):

The problem in many ways is that the Church has often in the past presented its message poorly. [I certainly agree with that, but not for the reasons Martin puts forth] What is a message of love was presented in language that was harsh.  What was rational argument was presented as a dogma which all should accept. [Typical progressive belief: Dogma is somehow irrational.  That is because they do not accept it]  The truth about Jesus Christ can only be proclaimed in love.[This is an unfortunate and even dangerous statement. Such a careless statement can easily be taken to mean that the Church’s entire moral edifice, throughout Her entire history, has been dangerously wrong, or at least harshly expressed, and thus of dubious merit to every single living soul on the planet.  This is a really terrible thing for a bishop to say]   This is a challenge in today’s culture where often there is a clash of viewpoints and where we find it difficult at times to bring the message of our faith into a culture where faith is considered out of place in public discourse. The fact that in the past the Church was dogmatic in its attempted imposition of its views rather than engage in rational societal debate, does not justify people today replacing “sound-bite-ism” for dogmatism as a way of avoiding rational debate.   [How many people alive today have any experience of the Church being “harsh” or “dogmatic?”  The reason the Church’s message of morality in a context of love of self, neighbor, and God has not reached men is because IT HAS NOT BEEN TAUGHT!  At all!  Especially by men like Martin, who have always cowered from challenging the dominant cultural mores, such as they are, preferring to serve men rather than God]
****An ethics of equality does not require uniformity.  There can be an ethic of equality which is an ethic of recognising and respecting difference.  A pluralist society can be creative in finding ways in which people of same-sex orientation have their rights and their loving and caring relationships recognised and cherished in a culture of difference, while respecting the uniqueness of the male-female relationship. [How on earth can the few faithful Catholics in Ireland now defend the Doctrine of the Faith, deploring the evils of sodomy in every form, now that their Archbishop has told the entire world how wonderful they are within their own context and in a “culture of difference?”] I know that the harshness with which the Irish Church treated gay and lesbian people in the past – and in some cases still today – may make it hard for LGBT people to accept that I am sincere in what I am proposing.[Oh, go get ’em tiger!  You’re a real rock of the Faith. I bet Saint Peter can’t wait to welcome you as a brother at the pearly gates. What he’s basically pleading is: “Though we’ve been wrong on the past on just about everything, can’t you at least throw us a bone, and especially me, tortuously conflicted as I am on this matter, so that I won’t even have to pretend to fight you on some later date?  Can’t you make this easy on me and go with some “civil union” rigmarole that will let me play this matter off most easily to my constituency, both left and right?”]
Now for Bishop McKeown:

Although he maintained that legalizing same-sex “marriage” would be a “dangerous experiment,” especially the ramifications in the lives of children and future generations, he equivocated that people could vote yes or no in the referendum “in good conscience,” if they were as informed as possible before voting and were making a “mature decision.” [Ah, the good ‘ol primary error of Dignitatis Humanae, the “primacy of the individual conscience,” no matter how badly, even demonically formed, strikes again!  But do you think Bishop McKeown or any other Church progressive would grant so much latitude to, say, a rapacious “capitalist” that thought and prayed about his decision to defraud his workers of their wages?!?  Of course not!  Because being a greedy, conservative capitalist is not on the list of “approved” sins by the progressive hierarchy!]

“People have to make their own mature decision, be it yes or be it no. I would hate for people to be voting no for bad reasons, for bigoted reasons, for nasty reasons, for bullying reasons. People have to make up their own minds and I’m quite happy that people can do that in front of God, be it yes or be it no,” Bishop McKeown said. [And now he equivocates voting against sodomite pretend marriage with bigotry, nastiness, and bullying!  Oh, we sure have an heir of the Apostles in this pathetic creature, don’t we?!?]
“I don’t doubt that there are many people who are practicing churchgoers of whatever church background who will in conscience vote Yes, and that’s entirely up them. I’m not going to say they’re wrong,” he added. [I doubt you’d ever say anything that weighs against the prevailing secular pagan orthodoxy.]
The main argument of Archbishop Martin was basically this: neither I, nor my post-conciliar predecessors, have lifted one finger to express unpopular Church Doctrine for decades, especially on sexual issues, and now that the fruit of our failure is manifesting itself, we throw up our hands and declare the war lost.
Or: different religion, and all is going just brilliantly according to plan.

Is closing of Planned Barrenhood McKinney office really a pro-life victory, or just more business as usual? – UPDATED May 26, 2015

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UPDATE: So, I got a call from the woman who apparently leads the McKinney 40 Days for Life campaign and led the prayer vigils outside the former McKinney Planned Barrenhood for several years.  I think it fair to say she was none too pleased with my post.  She thinks a lot of progress is being made, and that this is a big victory.  She also claims I made a factual error, which is that there were actually 3 Planned Parenthood’s in Collin County at one point, and now there is only one.  And, this is true, I had misremembered or misunderstood when one of Planned Parenthood’s Plano locations opened and closed.  The McKinney office opened in June 2008, a Plano office closed in 2011, so for about 3 years there were 3 Banned Parenthoods in Collin County.  So, however significant that is to you, duly noted. The rest of the post stands, this small detail doesn’t change anything else I wrote below

There has been some excitement in certain local pro-life circles of late regarding the recent closure of the Planned Barrenhood McKinney office.  This is being presented as a great triumph for the pro-life cause, since a rather large town (pop. ~ 150,000 and a county seat, to boot!) will now not have a Planned Barrenhood facility, even if it was a facility that never performed surgical abortions (but certainly did provide referrals).

But those of us with longer memories are not so sure.  To some of us, it looks like Planned Barrenhood simply executing a small administrative change which will have only the most minimal effect on the availability of abortion and contraception in North Texas.

Why do I always have to be such a party-pooper?  Let me elucidate:

In 2011, the State of Texas under Rick Perry made the decision to stop using Planned Barrenhood as an outlet for the falsely named “Women’s Health Program,” which was really just a program to provide highly subsidized contraception to low-income women.  But since Banned Parenthood is so prominent in support of abortion and all manner of hideous moral evils, Governor Perry and others determined that de-listing PP from the program would be both a good PR move and also help wound the pro-abort giant. This was big news back then, as this article at LifeNews indicates.  The state wound up losing federal funding to the tune of about $40 million per year due to blocking Planned Parenthood from the program, but Perry and others, to their credit, stuck to their guns, and as a result, numerous Planned Barrenhood facilities around the state closed.  A partial list of those closures below:

Planned Parenthood Arlington North Clinic (August 31st)
1305 East Abram Street
Arlington, TX 76010
Planned Parenthood Gainesville Health Services (August 29th)
316 South Chestnut Street
Gainesville, TX 76240
Planned Parenthood Mesquite Health Services (September)
3220 Gus Thomason Road, #231
Mesquite, TX 75150
Planned Parenthood Plano Health Services (August 31st)
1400 Summit Avenue, #CA
Plano, TX  75074
Planned Parenthood Sherman Clinic (August)
2114 Texoma Parkway. Suite 700
Sherman, TX 75090
Planned Parenthood Terrell Health Services (September)
804 East Moore Avenue, Ste A
Terrell, TX 75160
Planned Parenthood Waxahachie Clinic (Closed in July)
507 North Highway 77, #508
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Note that the McKinney office, which was not included in the 2011 closures, continued to operate, having started up around 2007 or 08.

Now the big news coming out of pro-life groups is that this McKinney office is now closing.  But, as my old radio pal Vicki Middleton (God rest her soul) used to say, “hey, guess what?!”……..Planned Barrenhood had already re-opened their Plano office sometime between 2011 and 2015, and plans to expand it with the closure in McKinney and relocation to a new office in Plano right off Central Expressway……..where Planned Barrenhood had operated a no-surgical-abortion facility for years.

So……from late 2011 to today, the number of Planned Barrenhood offices in Collin County (population: 1.1 million) remains at one.  They closed Plano, but kept McKinney open, re-opened Plano, then closed McKinney while expanding Plano.  This is a nice little thing for folks in McKinney, I suppose, but I can’t help but viewing this as at best a marginal “win” for the pro-life movement overall.  I also don’t think it means Planned Barrenhood is still reeling from the 2011 effort to defund some of their activities – if anything, they seem to be adjusting to the new conditions and rolling along quite well.

Which brings me to my broader point: there is frankly a lot of gamesmanship and politicking in the pro-life movement that I am not entirely comfortable with.  Both my wife and I (my wife in particular) are about as committed to the pro-life movement as they come (while still recognizing others even more so), but both of us fear that it has become institutionalized, and in so doing has developed its own interests and appetites and, to some degree, we both fear there are elements in the movement that, maybe even on a subconscious level, don’t really want to see abortion go away anytime soon.  There is a huge amount of money tied up in the pro-life movement (and things presented as “wins” like this are almost always used for fundraising), money means interests, and those with interests often times don’t want to see them threatened.  They become reliant on the industry for their livelihood.  I’m not saying there are a lot of people in the pro-life movement who consciously are just in it for the money, but I do think there are elements within it that may see it more as a career or a source of income than a real, life and death moral struggle, and one critically tied to the salvation of souls.

Which gets back to the primary evils that underlie abortion and create the demand for it: the twins of fornication and contraception.  Sandra Day O’Connor in the Casey vs. Planned Parenthood decision was diabolically right when she wrote – in favor of keeping abortion legal – that abortion forms the indispensable backstop for the entire post-modern American existence, which revolves around “sexual freedom” (really slavery) and the means to “not be punished with a baby,” as our President so demonically put it, while still “enjoying” unlimited sexual license.  That is to say, until we convert souls back to a moral life, meaning a Christian moral existence, and until contraception use is not just made illegal but viewed by the vast majority as the horrendous assault against nature and God that it is, we’ll never be rid of abortion.  Even today, as we congratulate ourselves on the reduction in the rate of surgical abortion, the movement tends to be very quiet about the explosion in chemical abortion through RU-486, “morning after pills,” and the like.

And if you want to hear crickets, outside a few stalwart groups and individuals, bring up the subject of contraception.  The infusion of more and more protestants into the pro-life movement over the past 2 or 3 decades has been both a blessing and a curse, as many of these protestants are ambivalent at best regarding the abortion-contraception connection, and some simply refuse to see it.  Even among outwardly Catholic pro-life groups, there are many who are not comfortable condemning contraception.

So, enjoy your marginal victory, but don’t get too excited about it.  It’s very likely PB will decide to re-open a McKinney facility within a few years if the market dynamics change again.

Join Corpus Christi Eucharistic Procession Saturday June 6 @ 5pm May 26, 2015

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I have a number of times on this blog wondered why this Diocese could not put together a diocese-wide Corpus Christi Procession on public streets, as used to be done annually for many, many years?  Praise the Lord, I have to wonder no more, as one is scheduled for Saturday June 6 at 6 pm!!!! Perhaps as a certain bit of Divine justice at my periodic excesses of zeal, wouldn’t you know it, but despite longing to participate in just such an event for years, I have unchangeable plans to be out of town that particular weekend and will not be able to attend!  None of us will!  I pray there is one next year, and I will make sure I am here for the Vigil of Corpus Christi in the Novus Ordo calendar!

Details of times and places below.  The Procession will wind 2 miles from Oak Lawn to the Cathedral downtown, taking about 2.5 hours to do so due to many altar stops along the way:

5:00 pm Corpus Christi Mass at Holy Trinity Church
3811 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX (Map/Directions)
6:00pm Procession immediately after Vigil Mass
(with 4 stops along the way)
8:30pm Arrive at Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe
2215 Ross Ave, Dallas (Map/Directions)
8:30pm – 9:00pm Adoration with music led by Curtis Stephen

If you’re a Facebooky type you can do that here. They do ask people to try to RSVP on Facebook if they can.

Perhaps expatriate semi-official Dallas Diocesan historian MFG could chime in, but I think this is the first diocesan-level Corpus Christi Procession on public streets in decades – maybe 50 years or more?!?

This is definitely a turn in the right direction, liturgically and pastorally.  Our city and diocese are afflicted with so many grave evils, evils that have for the most part burst into the mainstream since things like Corpus Christi Processions stopped. What, or Who, better to combat evil than the 2nd Person of the Trinity in the Blessed Sacrament?  I pray this event is really well attended and that it form the basis for a return to many more public liturgical Processions in this Diocese.  We could have Marian Processions and of course the Blessed Sacrament doesn’t have to be only processed on Corpus Christi – Christ the King is another great and valid day for such a public witness to our Faith.

At any rate, it’s a start, and a most positive one.  Given the darkening clouds of the culture surrounding us, now is the critical time to engage in more and more public acts of witness to the glorious Faith Christ has established for the salvation of the world.  We’re at the 11th hour, but better late than never.

Deo Gratias, may this bring many great blessings to this Diocese and be the start of many more public acts of witness to our Faith.

Scenes of some of the last Eucharistic Processions in Dallas from the 1950s:




Prayer Vigil outside ‘The Men’s Club’ in Dallas Wed June 3 @ 8 pm May 26, 2015

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I will be praying outside  The Men’s Club, 2340 W. Northwest Hwy, Dallas, on Wednesday June 3, at 8 pm.  I will actually be across the street in the parking lot of the US Post Office.  This is directly across from the entrance to the inappropriately named “gentleman’s club.”  

There was a great turnout last month.  I pray all of you are able to come back out next Wednesday.  For those who made suggestions on how to improve this effort going forward, I’ve replied to some but not all.  Please have patience with me, I will get back to you or we can discuss June 3 in person.  I do have a failing in always replying to folks who contact me because I get quite a bit of correspondence.

The post office parking lot is well lit and set back some distance from the very busy roadway.  It is public land so we cannot be harassed for being there.  It’s really an ideal situation, we are basically impossible to miss by patrons leaving this SOB.  Men over 18 only.  All men are welcome.  You don’t have to be a member of a particular parish.

No protesting, just prayer.  No interaction with the patrons at this time.  That may come later.  We’ll see.

This is a small way to push back against the culture of license, perversion, and death.  Maybe it’s even a way to get that canonized “smell of the sheep” we hear so much about.

I pray you are able to make it.  Bring your friends.  Fly in from out of town!  Rent buses!

Deo Gratias.

Boy Scouts President Robert Gates – ban on sodomite Scout leaders cannot be maintained May 21, 2015

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Well, well, well…….if it isn’t Robert Gates, continuing his disastrous leadership in yet another critically important American institutions. After essentially destroying the defense acquisition process in his turn as Secretary of Defense, he now apparently intends to insure the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) is well and truly leveled during his administration.

Not that their present position – admitting Scouts with perverse inclinations into their ranks, but not Scoutmasters with the same affliction – is in any way tenable.  I wrote at the time they disastrously surrendered that it would’t be more than a year or two before just this happened, that they would have men given over to the most unnatural lusts, the vast majority of whom allow their faculties in that regard to run wild, serving in leadership positions.  Well, I was just about spot-on, Gates has all but called to lift the ban on sodo-Scout leaders (thanks to MFG):

The Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay leaders “cannot be sustained,” said president Robert Gates in remarks prepared for this week’s National Annual Meeting being held in Atlanta.

In his speech, which was posted to the Scouts’ website today and is available below, the former U.S. Defense Secretary and CIA director says he is not asking for a policy change — not yet, anyway. But, he says, “I must speak as plainly and bluntly to you as I spoke to presidents when I was director of the CIA and secretary of defense. We must deal with the world as it is, not as we wish it to be.”

The Irving-based Boy Scouts lifted its ban on openly gay youth members at its May 2013 meeting at the Gaylord Texan — much to the displeasure of then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry. But it continues to prohibit openly gay adults from serving as volunteers or paid BSA staffers.

In his speech, Gates points out that many councils are “openly” challenging the current policy — among them, for instance, the Boy Scouts’ Greater New York Councils, which recently hired an openly gay 18-year-old as a camp counselor. Said Gates, expect that trend to continue.

“While technically we have the authority to revoke their charters, such an action would deny the lifelong benefits of Scouting to hundreds of thousands of boys and young men today and vastly more in the future,” he says in the prepared remarks. “I will not take that path. [So, you’ve given up.  Shocking. If you took a strong stand now, you could nip this trend in the bud, but by announcing you will take no action, you are not only insuring many more poor, morally lost souls will try to gain positions of influence in the Scouts, but, even more, you are positively encouraging them to do so.  You’re basically announcing, on the QT, I’m in support of this, I will do nothing to stop it.  Remember to check out the Troops of Saint George for a solidly Catholic alternative to the Boy-Rape Scouts]

Further prediction:  it won’t be more than 10 years or so before two things happen: there are massive lawsuits against the Scouts due to sex abuse that occurs between scouts and “masters,” and the BSA will become a predominately left-wing sexular pagan advocacy organization a la the Girl Scouts.  You are going to allow at least some men with powerful inclinations towards “twinks” unfettered access to them in remote, rural locations.  Normal boys will flee in spades, within a few years virtually no normal boys will join up, and you’ll be left with a much smaller sodomite-advocacy group.  Satan couldn’t be happier, and Baden-Powell must be spinning in his grave.

MFG also recommends this: interesting analysis that indicates that parishes that host Boy Scout troops but who refuse sodo-marriage could be held liable.  The wheels, the wheels are coming off: http://www.adfmedia.org/files/BSALegalRamifications.pdf

Oh, that we could have a Pontiff like St. Gregory VII! May 21, 2015

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A little excerpt from the Feast of Pope St. Gregory VII, May 25, from The Liturgical Year by Dom Prosper Gueranger.  Poor Pope Hildebrand, as he was also known, was a great reforming Pope, whose efforts to reassert the Faith over an increasingly corrupt Christendom in the 11th century led to his being persecuted greatly, especially by the lying, conniving Holy Roman Emperor Henry II.  Henry had constantly attempted to usurp the power of the Church and Hildebrand’s reforms, especially against the great evil of simony, and revealed himself full of treachery on many occasions, when he begged the Pope’s mercy when in a weak position, only to attack him even more savagely once strong again.  He finally forced Saint Gregory VII to die in exile, due to his orthodoxy, and even went to the length of installing an antipope on the throne of St. Peter.  Of course, Henry eventually met his own downfall, and I would imagine his personal judgement was one of the more challenging ones in history.

Reading about Pope Saint Gregory VII helps remind one that the Church has always been afflicted by bad, worldly prelates, and that really good Popes are relatively rare.  Gregory was abandoned by most of his episcopate, who went over to the antipope’s side (mostly because they did not like how Gregory was trying to curb their lavish and often immoral lifestyles……sound familiar?).  But who remembers those bad bishops anymore? Who even knows where they are?  Meanwhile, in spite of his suffering, Pope Gregory’s reform movement was successful, and set the stage for both the enormous flowering of Faith in the 12th and 13th centuries, and the Crusades.

The excerpt below comes from a letter Pope Saint Gregory wrote to all the faithful of Christendom, encouraging them to rally to his side and, most of all, practice true virtue and right belief.  It is a helpful reminder for our own time, when the Church is again besodden with rotten internal fruit and the repression of the secular power:

You know, brethren, that it was said to the prophet: “Cry from the top of the mountain, cry, cease not!” (Ps II:2).  I, then, urged irresistibly, laying human respect aside, and raising my mind above every earthly consideration, I preach the Gospel, I cry out, yea, I cry out unceasingly,  and I make known to you that the Christian religion, the true faith which the Son of God, who came down on the earth, taught us by our Fathers, is in danger of being corrupted by the violence of secular power;  that it is on the way to destruction, and to the loss of its primitive character, being thus exposed to be scoffed at, not only by satan, but by Jews, Saracens, and pagans.  The very pagans are observers of their laws, though these cannot profit the soul’s salvation, neither have they been guaranteed, by miracles, as ours have been, to which our Eternal King has borne testimony; they keep their laws, and believe them.  We Christians, intoxicated with the love of the world, and led astray by vain ambition, make every principle of religion and justice give way to covetousness and pride; we seem as though we had neither law nor sense, for we have not the earnestness of our Fathers had for our salvation, and for the glory of both the present and future life; we do not make even them the object of our hopes.

If there be some still left who fear God, they only care for their own salvation, and the common good seems not to concern them. Where do we now find persons who labor and toil, or expose their lives by fatigues, out of the motive of the fear or love of the Omnipotent God? Whereas we see soldiers of this world’s armies braving all manner of dangers for their masters, their friends, and even their subjects!  There are thousands of men to be found who face death for the sake of their liege lord; but when the King of Heaven, our Redeemer, is in question, so far from being lavish of their lives, Christians dare not even incur the displeasure of a few scoffers. If there be some (and thanks be to God, there are still a few such left among us) – if, we repeat, there be some who, for the love of the Christian Law, dare to resist the wicked to their face, not only are they unsupported by their brethren, but they are accused of imprudence and indiscretion, and are treated as fools.

————-End Quote———-

How familiar does that last bit sound?!?  How many of the most devout Catholics today are treated as fools, not only by the scoffing pagans of the world, but by those who should be their best friends and greatest champions, the clergy and bishops of Holy Mother Church!  Dietrich von Hildebrand noted this terrible fact decades ago, and it has only grown worse – ever since the Council, virtually every bishop regards his own best, most devoted souls with distrust if not outright hostility, even opposing their efforts to save souls and restore the Faith!  Meanwhile, they openly give succor to the Church’s enemies within and without!

These are truly diabolical times, but, in some sense, they are not wholly unprecedented. As Pope Saint Gregory VII shows us, there have always been unworthy priests and bishops. Why else have so few been canonized in the history of the Church, with most Saints coming from the ranks of the religious?  But perhaps never before has there been such a top to bottom, worldwide abandonment of the Faith.

May God send us a new Hildebrand.  May He gift our Church with another great, reforming Pope!  None of the major problems afflicting the Church can even begin to be addressed, in a worldly sense, by laity.  It will take great men in high Church office to effect reform.  May God please send us such men.

A little catechesis on the Angels May 21, 2015

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A final bit from the book Send Me Your Guardian Angel about Padre Pio and his relationship with his and many other Guardian Angels.  I already had some relationship with my guardian angel, but this book has inspired me to make that relationship grow.  There is a lot of good catechesis download (12)below, things about the Angels many don’t know.  I pray you find it helpful!

The part of the Angels in Christian life has its origin in the relationship they have with God and with Jesus Christ.  They show us God’s greatness and perfection, symbolizing individually some attributes of this Infinite Being.  In some, we see His Power, in others, His Love or His Strength.  Each one of them is a reproduction of God’s beauty; reflects all His perfection.  Their relationship with Jesus is that of being united with Him in Heaven, in order to adore, praise, and glorify the heavenly Father.  Hence, when we unite ourselves to Jesus, we join, at the same time, with the Angels to adore, praise, and love God; thus we share with hem in the Divine life.  They long for our salvation so that we join with them in the Beatific Vision.

In the history of the Church, devotion to the Guardian Angels goes way back in the centuries, but a special day of devotion was assigned to them images (4)on 29 September, the Feast of Saint Michael Archangel…….

This pious devotion to the Guardian Angels is older than that of the Saints, but in the Middle Ages, it took on an extraordinary importance because the Monks, in their silent and recollected lives, deprived of any company, searched for the companionship of these invisible creatures, so that their presence would bring joy and happiness.

In today’s life, we have neglected the company of these angelic creatures; we don’t feel their presence anymore.  Even though they are the constant companions of our journeys and the mute witnesses of our everyday lives.  It is a Church Dogma, that everyone of us, at the time of Baptism, receives an Angel, who accompanies, inspires, and guides throughout the entire span of one’s life. [Did you know that was a Dogma?  I did not.  I am gratified to be so edified. How many other Dogmas are we no longer taught? Here is a list of all 357 Dogmas of the Faith.  There might be more, I thought I heard there were over 400, but I could be wrong–angels14b>>dogmas]  The presence of the Guardian Angels at our sides, is an invisible one; they are faithful, mute but eloquent; they are friends who remind us of our Christian duties towards God and towards our neighbors; they are the mirrors in which everyone of us has to reflect on his daily behavior.

Holy Mother Church has developed their veneration and has taught us to live with dignity in their presence; She has taught us to turn to our Guardian Angels in the sad hours of our lives and to abandon ourselves in their arms and bestow on them, all our love, affection, and confidence. Following the encouragement of the Church, let us determine, as Saint Padre Pio did in his lifetime, to communicate more with our Guardian Angels and to unite ourselves with these celestial messengers so that, through their help, we can give praise to God and bring more souls closer to Christ.  Let us listen to their beautiful words, accept their holy thoughts and follow their counsel in order that we may do good.  We should never forget to thank them as they lead us along the difficult path of this life to the glory of eternal happiness.

————-End Quote————-

I’ve learned quite a bit about the Angels and their involvement in our lives from this little book.  And, of course, even more about Padre Pio. What a great Saint!  A great deal of his incredible powers stemmed from his close relationship with his Guardian Angel.  It wasn’t magic, it was Grace, and it’s available to all of us.

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Good news! Over 1000 US priests have now signed statement defending the family May 21, 2015

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I’ve blogged a few times on the progress of the “Credopriests” initiative, an online petition/promise to always teach the Church’s constant belief and practice on matters related to the family, divorce, reception of the Blessed Sacrament, etc, and I wanted to give another update.

The number of priests who have signed is at present 1050!  Deo Gratias!  But given that there are nearly 40,000 priests in the US today, one would hope this number would greatly increase!  I am very gratified to see the names of a number of good priests I know on the list.  But there are also a good number missing.  I’m certain it’s because they simply are not yet aware of this effort.

Given that, would you, in your charity, consider spending a few moments scanning the list for the names of priests you know and love, and, on not finding them, perhaps send them a gentle, charitable note informing them of this effort’s existence?  I can think of a half dozen or more really good priest’s names who aren’t on the list, and I am absolutely sure they would want to support this effort if they only knew of it.  I’m planning on contacting them myself.  The list has gotten much easier to search since all but the most recent names are alphabetized.  The entire list can be found here.

Again, we must operate from the assumption that any priest on the petition simply is unaware of it.  So please proceed with great kindness if you do take the effort to contact priests you know.  May God bless and reward your efforts!  May there be thousands of names signed onto the list by the time of the Synod!

Deo Gratias!  And thank you Dear Lord for every good, faithful priest you send us, they are gifts beyond human reckoning!

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Wait till you see how a Vatican prelate responds to criticism of having pro-aborts speak at “climate change” conference – UPDATED May 21, 2015

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Dear Lord, Life Site News posted yesterday an exchange between Archbishop Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Science, and the large pro-family group C-FAM.  C-FAM queried him, in very polite terms, about the scandal of having major pro-abort activists being given a platform to spread their diabolical errors at the recent Vatican conference on so-called climate change.  His responses were incredibly hostile and dismissive.  I mean, he doesn’t even try to hide his enormous bias or the fact that he’s very much on the progressive side of things, he simply chided and rebuked C-FAM for every mild criticism they raised.  Get a load of this (questions from C-Fam in bold, I add comments):

Q. Were you aware before your collaboration with Sachs at the Vatican of his public position on abortion in the book “Commonwealth”, where he says abortion is a “low-cost” and “low-risk” intervention to reduce fertility in the event that contraceptives fail?

Sánchez Sorondo (S.S.) I’ve just come back from Argentina, where I attended a conference to combat new forms of slavery, like human trafficking, forced labor, prostitution, and organ trafficking, which I consider, together with Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, to be a crime against humanity. Unfortunately, there is not only the drama of abortion, but there are also all these other dramas, in which you should also be interested, because they are closely related. The climate crisis leads to poverty and poverty leads to new forms of slavery and forced migration, and drugs, and all this can also lead to abortion. [Note, he didn’t even remotely answer the question, he simply changed the subject.  Certainly human trafficking is a huge concern and is most rampant in muslim nations (why don’t the Archbishop use his voice to chide muslims on that?!?) but it has no relation to “climate change.”  But it gets worse…..]

Q. Several Catholic intellectuals and media sources criticized your decision to collaborate with Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs on climate change, because of their positions on abortion and population control. Do you have any reply to these concerns?

S.S. The Tea Party and all those whose income derives from oil have criticized us, but not my superiors, who instead authorized me, and several of them participated. [Oh come on!  My income doesn’t derive from oil, you petulant snot, and I’ve just been one of thousands, if not millions, scandalized by this biased watermelon festival. Give me a break!]

Q. Undoubtedly, you discussed Ban Ki-moon’s and Jeffrey Sachs’ position on abortion and population control in the lead up to the conference. How were any questions resolved?

S.S. Yes. We had these discussions, and as you can see, the draft SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) don’t even mention abortion or population control. They speak of access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights. The interpretation and application of these depends on governments. Some may even interpret it as Paul VI, in terms of responsible paternity and maternity. Instead of attacking us, why not enter into dialogue with these “demons” to maybe make the formulation better, like we did on the issues of social inclusion and new forms of slavery? [Now just wait a minute.  This is diabolical.  In every Western country including all of Latin America, “family planning and sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights” are synonymous with contraception and abortion.  This is diabolical in the use of code language to communicate to what I have to assume was the intended audience – the radical sexular pagan enviro-left – that the Vatican, or at least this conference, is on board with their agenda, while leaving some wiggle room to say “oh, we didn’t endorse abortion,” even while they had huge pro-aborts speaking for this conference all over the place.  Don’t you like how they’re trying to drag Humanae Vitae back into this, as well?  “Responsible parenthood” means, according to Pope Francis, “3 kids is about right,” and contraception is back on the table. I also like how he tries to chide C-Fam for being critical, asking why they didn’t join in the process?  The reason they didn’t is because they couldn’t, they weren’t invited, and even more, any noted pro-life pro-family “conservative” groups were blocked from entering the conference!]

Q. Critics of this collaboration lament how Catholics and non-Catholics alike may be confused about participating, even remotely, in the grave moral errors that Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs promote. At the same time, Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs have derived great benefit from their participation, confirmed in the enthusiastic media coverage of the conference, which may in turn also raise a lot of interest for Pope Francis’ new encyclical on the environment.

S.S. We are happy that Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs have accepted the theory on climate that the Academy has maintained for thirty years, namely, that human activity based on fossil fuels determines climate. [Based on what?!? Global temperatures have not increased in 20 years even as carbon emissions have greatly increased!  This is a conclusion looking for evidence, and a perversion of science.]  The members of the Academy have defined this “anthropic climate” or “anthropocene,” chief among them being Nobel Prize winners Paul Crutzen and Mario Molina. You should also be happy, because the consequences of climate change fall especially on the poor, and this also puts them in situations where they then accept abortion. [He is here directly reiterating Sachs’ claim at the conference, and simply espousing left wing talking points with essentially no basis.  If you make fossil fuels vastly more expensive, that’s going to put great pressure on the poorest to abort, not “climate change.”]  Moreover, we are happy that Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs have accepted to modify the proposals on social inclusion by adding new forms of slavery such as human trafficking, forced labor, prostitution, and organ trafficking, which were not even present in the last drafts. You should be happy about this too, because if there is anything that threatens the family, of which you call your self a supporter, it is prostitution, which Pope Benedict called an absolute evil precisely because it destroys the cell of social order. [His words drip with venomous derision.  This man is a snake]

Q. The Declaration on climate change that was released after the conference unequivocally assigns responsibility for climate change to human activity. Is this a position that is shared by pope Francis?

S.S. This I do not know. But I suppose yes, because he would not write an encyclical just to say that man is responsible for the Earth but that everything is fine! Perhaps, you believe, like those who live off oil, that everything is fine? [This is how a Vatican prelate speaks?  With the baiting emotion-laden language of the left?  “You’re not one of those evil oil profiteers, are you?”  I’ve never read or heard anything about this guy before, but he comes across as a thug in cassock.] The Academy says otherwise, as do all the rest of scientific academies in the world. Only a few scientists paid by lobby groups opine differently. [This is a wicked and unsubstantiated calumny.  This is utterly beneath the dignity of an archbishop. Note his entire argument is this: climate change is happening, because we say it is, and how dare you say anything different!  Now just shut up!]

————-End Quote————

There is a bit more at Life Site News.  I’m sorry for abusing fair use, but this is so incredibly revealing I felt it had to be shared.

This guy was promoted to his position 17  years ago by Pope JPII.  He has written very extensively.  It seems he started out perhaps a bit progressive with occasional orthodox positions thrown in.  But he seems to have tacked hard left since……surprise!………March 2013.  Gee……I wonder what happened then that could have precipitated a sudden shift?

Geez……..if this is any confirmation of the kinds of attitudes percolating at the Vatican over the past 2  years, things are going to get out of hand very quickly.  Then again, many would argue they already have.

Here’s a question……how much money has the Vatican/Church been promised for their climate change advocacy?  I don’t think that’s an unfair question, things like this don’t just “happen,” there is almost always money involved.

UPDATE:  Sheesh, how blind do you have to be to leave a comment like this (I paraphrase):

I think I see the hand of the Holy Ghost here.  These bad bishops have always been in the Church, but Pope Francis is really encouraging them to come into the open.  I’m sure he’s just giving them enough rope to hang themselves, and that Pope Francis will squash them soon.

My mouth hangs agape. And yet such willful blindness is everywhere.  This is not just withholding judgment. This is self-delusion.


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