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“There is nothing in this world that God loves more than the liberty of His Church” April 22, 2015

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So said the great Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor of the Church St. Anselm, as quoted by Dom Prosper Gueranger in his Liturgical Year.  We have heard much over the past few years about “religious liberty,” and requests from bishops and other Church leaders in this country that the Church at least not be persecuted and allowed to operate on an equal footing to the sects and other religions.  Many have lamented this approach, since it fails to recognize the unique rights that must be accorded to the Church as the sole Body founded by Christ for the salvation of souls and His specific vehicle on earth for that purpose.  In fact, the Church is so much more intimately connected with God, being literally His Body on Earth, than any of the other Christian groups or other religions, that for many centuries it was seen not just as a right but a demand that the Church hold an exalted place in society.

Tragically, under the influence of liberalism and other errors, so many in the Church today, including almost the entire hierarchy, operates under a very grave misunderstanding of the Church’s rightful place in society, seeking only equivalence rather than the ascendance the Church demanded and was accorded for so many long centuries.  As we have seen to our dismay in recent years, we find that “equivalence” and “tolerance” are illusory, that it is a very short walk from a Church that tries to treat Herself as an equal to a Church that is attacked, persecuted, and put in a marked subordinate position.

I pray we have many more bishops like Saint Anselm again, men who fought, and were ready to die, for the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ and the primacy of place due the Church founded directly by Jesus Christ. I know I quote a lot for Gueranger, but this is perhaps the most important quotation I have ever made:

As bishop, his whole life was spent in fighting for the liberty of the Church.  Though gentle as a lamb by nature, he was all energy for this great cause.  He used to say: “Christ would not have His Spouse be a slave; there is nothing in this world that God loves more than the liberty of His Church.”  There was a time when the Son of God allowed Himself to be fettered with bonds in order that He might loosen us from the chains of our sins; but now that He has risen in triumph from the dead, He wills that His Spouse would be, like Himself, set free.  She cannot otherwise exercise the ministry of salvation confided to her by her divine Lord; and yet there is scarcely a single hundred years in her existence in which she has not had to fight for this holy liberty.  The rulers of this earth, with very few exceptions, have ever been jealous of her influence, and have sought means to lessen it at every turn. [Indeed, Ferrara argues persuasively that it was just to limit this influence and force the Church from her position of prominence that the endarkenment was born. Crushing the supremacy of the Church, such an “evil, medieval” ideal, was the prime interest of the work of Locke, Voltaire, Robespierre, and so many other leaders of the endarkenment.  They have succeeded, I imagine, beyond their wildest dreams]  In our own times there are numbers of her children who do not even know that she has any rights or privileges; they would be at a loss to understand you, if you told them that she is the Spouse of Christ, and therefore a queen; they think it quite enough for her, if she enjoy the same amount of freedom and toleration as the sects she condemns; and they cannot see how, under such conditions as these, the Church is not the kingdom He wishes her to be, but a mere slave.  [So true. And that is why many Catholics are quite troubled by aspects of the most recent Council and especially the implementation in practice we have seen, where the Church constantly abases herself and speaks, if anything, as quite nearly subordinate to the sects and other religions, rather than being exalted quite above them – but always from a preeminence of supreme charity and great humility]

St. Anselm would have abominated all such theories as these; so does every true Catholic. [Do they?  It’s very rare today.] He is not driven into disloyalty to the Church by the high-sounding words, progress and modern society; he knows that all such thinking comes from the Church having been deprived of rights.  One of these is that she should not only be recognized, in the secret of our conscience, as the one only true Church, but that, outwardly defended against every opposition or error.  Jesus, her divine Founder, promised to give her all nations as her inheritance; He kept His promise, and she was once the Queen and Mother of them all.  But nowadays, a new principle has been asserted, to the effect that the Church and all sects must be on an equal footing as far as the protection of the State goes.  The principle has been received with acclamation, and hailed as a mighty progress achieved by modern enlightenment: even Catholics, whose previous services to religion had endeared them to our hearts and gained our confidence, have become warm defends of this impious theory.  [Gueranger could plainly see, over 150 years ago, where all this acceptance of “enlightenment” theories would lead the Church.  “Defenders of this impious theory”……and yet, it must be asked, what of Dignitatis Humanae and Guadium Et Spes?]

Trying as were the times when St. Anselm governed the See of Canterbury, thy were spared the humiliation of producing and ratifying such doctrine as this.  The tyrannical interference of the Norman kings was an evil far less injurious than the modern system, which is subversive of the very idea of the Church.  Open persecution would be a boon, compared to the fashionable error of which we are speaking.  A winter torrent brings desolation in its track: but in the summer, when the flood is over, nature brings back her verdure and flowers. The errors which now prevail are like a great sea that gradually sweeps over the whole earth; and when the Church can find no spot whereon to rest, she will take her flight to Heaven, and men must expect the speedy coming of the Judge.

———–End Quote———-

Indeed. That seems more and more true today – that the Church is rapidly running out of room to maneuver, that we are in the midst of the Great Apostasy prophesied by St. John, and the Second Coming is right around the corner – give or take a century or millennium.

We know not the day nor the hour, but we do know when souls fall away, we often know when error is promoted, and we know when A is not like B.  Many Catholics see the pre-conciliar A as very unlike the present B.  How to square the corner, how to figure all this out?  Much better minds than I have been struggling this since before I was born, and I really have no idea.

But I will go on promoting what the Church believed for a very long time, in most cases throughout almost her entire history, and quoting from solid sources of the past.  I pray doing so provides some comfort and guidance to souls.  It does me, anyway.  The God-send of the past, of the Tradition, is that it can not be easily changed, in spite of the efforts of Cardinal Kasper and some others to rewrite history.  That’s another reason I prefer books to reading on computer/Kindle/whatever – electronic memory is arguably a lot easier to destroy than a library full of books.

Anyhoo.  Lunchtime.

A Psalm for our time April 22, 2015

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I was praying Compline last night when a Psalm I’ve read probably hundreds of times suddenly penetrated the depleted uranium of my skull and caused a “Eureka!” moment.  Psalm 11 is the perfect Pslam for our time!  Wow…….how could I have missed it so many times before.

Yes, that’s the kind of penetrating analysis you pay absolutely nothing for here at veneremurcernui.  You get exactly what you pay for it.

Anyhoo……the Psalm, first from the Baronius Press Roman Breviary:

Save me, O Lord!  For no one now is faithful; truth has vanished from the sons of men.

Everyone speaks falsehood to his neighbor; with deceitful lips and a double heart they speak.

May the Lord destroy all deceitful lips, and the boastful tongue,

Those who say “We will glory in our eloquence; our lips are our own, who is our master?”

Because of the misery of the needy and the groans of the poor now will I arise, saith the Lord.

I will grant safety to them, I will act faithfully in this.

The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver tried by fire, freed from dross, sevenfold refined.

You, O Lord, will keep us and protect us from this generation forever.

About us the wicked strut, in Your mysterious wisdom, You have multiplied the sons of men.

Now the same Psalm, from the Douay-Rheims Bible:

Save me, O Lord, for there is no saint: truths are decayed among the children of men.

They have spoken vain things every one to his neighbor: with deceitful lips, and with a double heart they have spoken.

May the Lord destroy all deceitful lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things.

Who have said: We will magnify our tongue: our lips are our own, who is Lord over us?

By reason of the misery of the needy and the groans of the poor, now will I arise, saith the Lord. I will set him in safety.  I will deal confidently in his regard.

The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried by fire, purged from the earth refined seven times.

Thou, O Lord, will preserve us: and keep us from this generation for ever.

The wicked walk round about: according to they highness, thou hast multiplied the children of men.

————End Psalm————

I don’t know about you, but it certainly feels more and more that truth has vanished from the “sons of men.”  And even more, how many falsehoods do we hear from our neighbors, even ostensible “good conservatives” or “good Christians” about things like sodomy, obliterating the understanding of marriage, fornication, pornography, and so much else?  When I hear some old protestant conservative Republican tell me “gays have a right to marry, they do have that right”……with deceitful lips and a double heart they speak.

So many around us now (we pray not ourselves) are convinced they can set aside, even overcome the Truth our Blessed Lord has revealed through their eloquence of words or simply naked force. But we know never have truer words been spoken than those contained in Sacred Scripture and interpreted through Sacred Tradition.

We must pray for protection from the wicked who strut about us.  Goodness, they are everywhere. And even though there are so many evil and lost, God still blesses them with offspring and so many wonderful material benefits.  But for how long?

For how long, indeed.

Next men’s prayer outside ‘The Men’s Club’ May 6 @ 8 pm April 22, 2015

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I will be praying outside the sexually oriented business “The Men’s Club” on Wednesday, May 6 2015 at 8 pm.  I was told by a good number of men that they would have attended if they had more notice.  So…..here you go.  I will give weekly reminders until the event.

The details:  I will be praying outside  The Men’s Club, 2340 W. Northwest Hwy, Dallas, on April 8, Easter Wednesday, at 8 pm.  I will actually be across the street in the parking lot of the US Post Office.  This is directly across from the entrance to the inappropriately named “gentleman’s club.”  

The post office parking lot is well lit and set back some distance from the very busy roadway.  It is public land so we cannot be harassed for being there.  It’s really an ideal situation, we are basically impossible to miss by patrons leaving this SOB.  Men over 18 only.  All men are welcome.  You don’t have to be a member of a particular parish.

No protesting, just prayer.  No interaction with the patrons at this time.  That may come later.  We’ll see.

Hopefully turnout will steadily grow. I’m hoping SB will send out an e-mail to the local men’s group.

Deo Gratias!

Michael Matt on the growing left-wing fascism – and a traditional response to the growing persecution April 21, 2015

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Michael Matt has a good Remnant video up examining the recent persecution in Indiana surrounding a very mild bill restoring a modicum of protections to Christians acting in conscience against the culture of sexular pagan death.  Of course, the Indiana legislature and Governor Mike Pence caved under the absolutely ludicrous pressure, which massively misrepresented the Indiana RFRA law as some means to viciously persecute sodomites.  It was, of course, nothing of the kind.  But Americans are now sufficiently dumbed down that the political-cultural left can get away with the most Stalinesque lies. And as Matt further notes, the law as re-written and subsequently approved actually undermines the pre-existing rights of Christians to refuse providing service for those demanding something that violates deeply held beliefs.  So the poor denizens of Indiana are actually worse off than they were before, as this law intended to provide some very minimal legal defense actually exposes them to greater threat of being persecuted!

Anyway, Matt examines the rapidly deteriorating situation for Christians in this country, and the rising persecution.  He forecasts, as so many others have, that this persecution of the perverse against the Church will, and very soon, result in heavy pressure on the Church to bless and perform fake “gay weddings.”  I fear I am not confident that many pastors and bishops will resist to the point of true suffering.  Many will almost certainly seek some face-saving accommodation, even though the extreme sexular pagan left will not be appeased away. In fact, appeasement and accommodation only increases their appetite for conquest, as it does in all totalitarian thugs.

As he notes, Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

So, after watching that video, we might wonder how we can bring the Faith to others, especially the traditional practice of the Faith and all the “old” beliefs associated therewith, and in making these conversions not only save souls but work a little grace in this diabolical nightmare of a culture we are surrounded with.  Fr. Chad Ripperberger gives us some very valuable advice on how to do that below, including some errors to avoid. One of the knocks on “traditional Catholics,” whatever that means to whoever says it, is that they can have a substantial superiority complex and be uncharitable.  I tend to think this is a cliche that perhaps applied more in the past than it does now, and also that it was always over-exaggerated, but I think it has some truth at least in part. There is a temptation among any elite, which the most devout Catholics certainly desire to be (a member of the elect!), to sort of look down our noses at others who are not as wonderfully holy and pious as we are.  The treatment for that malady is humility, as well as benevolence/benignity for others – in other words, charity.

So while I agree that we do need to challenge the false, diabolical, and plainly evil assumptions and movements in the culture which surrounds us, we must remember to do so with great charity and not a smug superiority.  This is something I know I need to work on, I can see it in what I write.

However, in terms of what Father specifically proposes above in the form of a “Traditional Challenge,” I am very happy and eager to comply.   I think it is a great idea to invite more people to assist at the TLM.  My proudest achievement as a blogger, after the out and out conversions/reversions I am told it has caused, is its role in bringing a few dozen individuals/families to the TLM.  If I’ve done any good at all, that is the evidence of it.  And I do pray on a daily basis (though I need to do more) for souls to be exposed to and fall in love with the TLM and the entire Catholic Faith as it has been practiced throughout virtually its entire history.  So much good advice there, I think.

Moreover, I am increasingly convinced that the widespread re-adoption of the Traditional Mass and the whole traditional practice of the Faith is the only thing that can save this fallen world and see the restoration of Christendom.  So while this “challenge” is a work of charity for others, it is also a work of charity for ourselves and especially our children.

Do you invite people to the TLM?  Have you gotten some to come?  Do you think it necessary to assist exclusively at the TLM for two months to come to appreciate it?  My experience has generally been shorter – 3-4 weeks is usually enough for people to get over the “this is so different” and start to appreciate it.

BTW, Father Ripperger requests that you do one of the following in listening to his sermons/”penanceware”: (1) $1.00 via Paypal (https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/web…), (2) offer up a decade of the Rosary, or (3) perform some form of penance for the intentions of Fr. Ripperger (for each individual media file downloaded). The same rule applies if you copy and distribute to friends.

The US military – increasingly, a global force for evil April 21, 2015

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For the past 40 odd years, whenever a demonrat president was in office, the military has been used and badly abused as a petrie dish for every possible manner of sexular pagan social experiment imaginable.  Whether or not this experimentation – “don’t ask, don’t tell,” opening combat roles to women, extreme application of politically correct behavior and severe limits on even a semblance of freedom of speech, open persecution of Christians, open advocacy of the most radical sodomite demands, open mocking of sacred beliefs of most service members – has a deleterious effect on unit cohesion and combat effectiveness has never been a concern for the leftists occupying the levers of power in a demonrat administration. In fact, reducing or destroying military effectiveness is a feature, not a bug, in their minds.

But I never thought that US military personnel would be forcibly required to cross-dress in public at the risk of their military careers if they refused to do so.  Such has indeed been occurring throughout the nation’s ROTC units under US Army Cadet Command head Brigadier General Peggy Combs, the first woman to head the command.  As reported widely today, MALE Army ROTC cadets have been required to wear high heeled shoes in public, with their standard combat fatigues, to take part in radical feminist “take back the night” and other forced marches of a highly political nature.  I’m fairly certain these commands have been highly illegal, and even more, should result in Combs being instantly sacked, but almost certainly won’t:

In the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event, cadets were required to wear high heels and march to “raise awareness of sexual assault against women.”

“Its a Cadet Command wide thing, pretty much every battalion in Cadet Command has had to, or will have to do it. GEN Combs has picked it up as a CC initiative.”

“They were threatened with negative counselling statements and OERs if they didn’t participate. It was pretty much ‘do this or we’ll kill your career before it even starts.’

I am having a hard time not seeing this as some twisted woman’s revenge fantasy upon young men, forcing them to wear women’s clothing in public – in uniform – as a means of humiliating them to the utmost.  This is beyond wrong, it is wicked and cruel.

The pictures, as always, are worth more than any words I could write:




This is the way of the US military today.  Devout Christian?  @#%& you, get out or get on board with our sickeningly amoral agenda.  Conservative? Too bad, march in a leftist march or your career is finished.  Male?  Tick off one perpetually aggrieved woman and your 20+ years of service are wiped out in a heartbeat.

Can an organization of such power, and lost in such total immorality, be, as the Navy likes to advertise, “a global force for good?”  Or has it become, on the contrary, more of a force for evil?

I know many good, traditional priests, especially those with prior military service, who counsel young Catholic men to stay as far away from the US military as they can, because it is becoming, or has already become, so amoral as to pose a great threat to the faith of even the most solid Catholic.  I hate to agree with that advice, but I must, even though it gives the radical progressives what they want: a completely secularized US military, detached from any transcendent morality and, worse, prepared to obey any order.  It is interesting to note how the de-Christianization program of the US military mirrors that of the German Heer and later Wehrmacht under the Nazi regime.

What a horror.  You voted for this, 52% of America.

A Novena for the Poor Souls to be prayed anytime April 21, 2015

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I found this Novena at the end of Fr. Schouppe’s book on Purgatory.  It may be said anytime, but is intended to start on a Sunday.

Praying for the poor, suffering (but holy! – they are saved!) souls in Purgatory is one of the many great neglected spiritual works of mercy of our age. I’m certain most all of my readers regularly pray for the poor souls, but you could perhaps add this Novena as an added great work of mercy during this extended festive season of Paschaltide.  Yes, such prayers are normally associated with more penitential times, but there is no reason why we cannot so pray now, or whenever you find this post.

The Novena consists of different prayers for each day of the week – you will repeat two days no matter what, depending on which day you start on.  So if you started today, Tuesday April 21 2015, you would repeat Tuesday and Wednesday.  Or, you could just treat Sunday as the first day of the prayer no matter which day of the week you start on, and then repeat Sunday and Monday.

Sunday (nominally):

O Lord God Almighty, I beseech Thee by the Precious Blood which Thy divine Son Jesus shed in the Garden, deliver the souls in Purgatory, and especially that one which is the most forsaken of all, and bring it into Thy glory, where it may praise and bless Thee forever. Amen.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.purgatory
Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon them
May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


O Lord God Almighty, I beseech Thee, by the Precious Blood which Thy divine Son Jesus shed in His cruel scourging, deliver the sols in Purgatory, and among them all, especially that sol which is nearest to its entrance into Thy glory, that it may soon begin to praise Thee and bless Thee forever. Amen.purgatoryfire
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.
Eternal Rest…


O Lord God Almighty, I beseech Thee, by the Precious Blood which Thy divine Son Jesus shed in His bitter crowning with thorns, deliver the souls in Purgatory, and among them all, particularly that soul which is in the greatest need of our prayers, in order that it may not long be delayed in praising Thee in Thy glory and blessing Thee forever. Amen.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.
Eternal Rest…


O Lord God Almighty, I beseech Thee, by the Precious Blood which Thy divine Son Jesus shed in the streets of Jerusalem, whilst He carried on His sacred shoulders the heavy burden of the Cross, deliver the souls in Purgatory, and especially, that one which is richest in merits in Thy sight, so that, having soon attained the high place in glory to which it is destined, it may praise Thee triumphantly and bless Thee forever. Amen.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.
Eternal Rest…


O Lord God Almighty, I beseech Thee by the Precious Body and Blood of Thy divine Son Jesus, which He Himself, on the night before His Passion, gave as meat and drink to His beloved Apostles and bequeathed to His holy Church to be the perpetual Sacrifice and life-giving nourishment of His faithful people, deliver the souls in Purgatory, but most of all, that soul which was most devoted to this Mystery of infinite love, in order that it may praise Thee therefore, together with Thy divine Son and Holy Spirit in Thy glory forever.  Amen.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.
Eternal Rest…


O Lord God Almighty, I beseech Thee, by the Precious Blood which Thy divine Son Jesus shed this day upon the tree of the Cross, especially from His sacred hands and feet, deliver the souls in Purgatory, and particularly that soul for whom I am most bound to pray, in order that I may not be the cause which hinders Thee from admitting it quickly to the possession of Thy glory, where it may praise Thee and bless Thee forever more. Amen.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.
Eternal Rest…


O Lord God Almighty, I beseech Thee, by the Precious Blood which gushed forth from the sacred side of Thy divine Son Jesus in the presence of and to the great sorrow of HIs most holy Mother, deliver the souls in Purgatory, and among them all, especially that soul which has been most devout to this noble Lady, that it may come quickly into Thy glory, there to praise Thee in her, and her in Thee, through all the ages. Amen.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.Purgatory Mass
Eternal Rest…

On every day of the Novena:

O Lord, hear my prayer.
And let my cry come unto Thee.

O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful, grant unto the souls of Thy servants and handmaids the remission of all thier sins, athat through our devout supplications they may obtain the pardon they have always desired, Who livest and reignest world without end. Amen.
Eternal rest, etc.


Nigerian bishop – Vision of Christ reveals Rosary will defeat Boko Haram April 21, 2015

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Now this is an interesting report below, from EWTN, on Nigerian Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme and his report of a vision he had of Our Blessed Lord, and the revelation he took from that vision.  I find the report pretty convincing, or, at least, nothing obviously odd or astray with it.  I certainly agree that the Rosary is the key to recovering the Faith and opposing all the internal and external threats we are saddled with at present.  Whether the bishop had some motivation to try to improve the vibrancy of his diocese (see below) matters not.  The advice is golden:

A Nigerian bishop says that he has seen Christ in a vision and now knows that the rosary is the key to ridding the country of the Islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram.

Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme says he is being driven by a God-given mandate to lead others in praying the rosary until the extremist group disappears.

“Towards the end of last year I was in my chapel before the Blessed Sacrament… praying the rosary, and then suddenly the Lord appeared,” Bishop Dashe told EWTN News April 18.

In the vision, the prelate said, Jesus didn’t say anything at first, but extended a sword toward him, and he in turn reached out for it.

“As soon as I received the sword, it turned into a rosary,” the bishop said, adding that Jesus then told him three times: “Boko Haram is gone.”

“I didn’t need any prophet to give me the explanation,” he said. “It was clear that with the rosary we would be able to expel Boko Haram.” [Makes sense to me.  Commitment to the Rosary leads to a stronger faith. A stronger faith will be more vibrant and more resistant to all manner of threats.  It could even lead to more muscular Catholic action in the public sphere.  It will lead to conversions.  It’s the best spiritual advice I could give for those being persecuted – but I would also say, don’t stop there.  Take your faith out to the world.]

The bishop said he didn’t want to tell anyone, but “felt that the Holy Spirit was pushing him to do so.”

He started with the priests of his diocese, and then told participants in the April 17-19 #WeAreN2015 congress in Madrid, Spain. The event is being sponsored by the Spanish Catholic sister groups hazteoir.org  [I know this group, and they are a pretty solidly orthodox Spanish Catholic political action group. They may be very orthodox, but my Spanish isn’t up to confirming that fact]  and CitizenGo to gather ideas on how to preserve the Christian presence in nations where they are most persecuted.

Bishop Dashe leads the Diocese of Maiduguri, in northeastern Nigeria’s Borno State. In 2009, there were around 125,000 Catholics under his guidance. After a surge in violence from the Islamist extremist group called Boko Haram, today “there are only 50 to 60 thousand left,” he said.[Wow.  That is a catastrophe.]

Most of those who fled sought safer areas in other parts of Nigeria, he said. Some of the same families are now returning home as armed forces from Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon liberate their homes…….

…….Bishop Dashe said he has a strong devotion to Christ’s mother, and that “I never joke with ‘Mamma Mary.’ I know she is here with us.”

And he is not the only Nigerian bishop putting the future of the country in the hands of Mary. The nation’s bishops’ conference has consecrated the country to her twice in recent years.[What a thought!  Would that we could see more of that around the world! This puts Cardinal Kasper’s disparaging comments towards the Church in Africa in an even more negative light.]

Bishop Dashe believes that one day his diocese will completely recover and grow thanks to her intercession.

“These terrorists… think that by burning our churches, burning our structures, they will destroy Christanity. Never,” Bishop Dashe told several hundred people from the dais of the #WeAreN2015 congress. [May God make it so]

“It may take a few months or a few years … but ‘Boko Haram is gone.’”

He later told EWTN News that “prayer, particularly the prayer of the rosary, is (what) will deliver us from the claws of this demon, the demon of terrorism. And of course, it is working.” 

Terrorism is just an act, a means to an end.  It is what is driving the terrorism that is the real demon.  I’ll say it, if the bishop won’t – the demon, from this Catholic’s perspective, is islam.  There were many a Medieval bishop, priest, or Crusader, who thought similarly.  But even more, we know from Sacred Scripture that “all the gods of the gentiles are demons.”  (Ps XCV:5, I Cor X:20).

The Church that exists anywhere in proximity to large muslim populations needs many prayers.  The cruel persecution they face now may be our own soon enough.

Poor Bishop Robert Finn finally hounded from office April 21, 2015

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The surprising number of extreme liberals in the Diocese of Kansas City have finally managed to get their man.  They have been gunning for Bishop Finn’s head since he was installed as bishop in 2005.  He was opposed not for what he did, nor for any real failing in handling cases of grave priestly immorality, but because of who he was: an orthodox bishop of traditional bent, who loved and supported the Traditional Latin Mass and especially gave refuge to a very holy group of nuns.  Speaking of, we must redouble our prayers of the Benedictines of Mary Queen of Apostles, they are also a major target in this episcopal coup.  All will depend on who replaces Bishop Finn, and the stance he takes towards the traditional practice of the Faith generally, and the nuns of Ephesus particularly.

As for now, I grieve the successful railroading of one of the most devout, orthodox bishops in this country, who certainly was not perfect and did make a mistake that is costing him his job (I would say quite unfairly, especially in light of how small his sin was in comparison to the massive, continued string of felonies and misdemeanors committed by the likes of Mahony, Bernadin, Grahman, and others) but who was really deserving of far better treatment than he has received:

Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph has resigned, nearly two and a half years after being the first U.S. bishop convicted of a misdemeanor in failing to report suspected child abuse by a priest in his diocese.

The Vatican confirmed Pope Francis’ acceptance of Bishop Finn’s resignation according to Canon 104 Article 2 in the Code of Canon Law in an April 21 statement, released at noon local time.

Article 2 of Canon 104, according to the Vatican’s website, refers to a situation when “a diocesan bishop who has become less able to fulfill his office because of ill health or some other grave cause is earnestly requested to present his resignation from office.”

Finn’s resignation will take effect immediately, and although he will still be a bishop, he will no longer lead a diocese. It is up to Pope Francis to choose his successor.

The brief Vatican statement gave no word as to what Bishop Finn will do following his resignation.

Last September, two years after Bishop Finn’s trial and guilty verdict, an archbishop held a visitation on behalf of the Vatican and met with Bishop Finn. [And this now makes the 4th or 5th bishop with traditional leanings to be removed from office over supposed failures of leadership associated with (in comparison to the big picture) rather mild episodes of priestly misconduct?  Even while progressive prelates accused of far more substantial cover ups and failures of leadership are allowed to keep their episcopal see?]

The reasons for the visitation were not revealed, however some reports indicate that the visitation was intended to evaluate the bishop’s leadership of his diocese.

There were efforts almost exactly akin to those we see against Archbishop Cordileone in San Francisco today directed against Bishop Finn for years.  He was hated by much of the entrenched diocesan bureaucracy and especially the Heretic Reporter crowd.  I am certain they are crowing their great victory today, but that “victory” will one day have the taste of ashes.  I am very gratified Bishop Finn gave every canonical right and protection to the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles he could, but those rights could be undone by his successor with the stroke of a pen.

I have been awaiting this sad day for a year and a half or more. The handwriting was on the wall quite some time back.  And so I have some opinions that may be controversial, but since this is my last good chance to express them, I may as well.  For one, Bishop Finn would not have been removed from office had Pope Benedict not abdicated, at least, not without some further major scandal (which I certainly would not expect).  I mean that as a period, end of sentence kind of statement. It simply would not have happened.  But under Francis, frankly, it was inevitable.  We’ll see who Francis names as replacement, and maybe I’ll be quite surprised (I’m not alone in seeing a bit of a change in direction over the past few months), but the inevitability  of Finn’s dismissal is not, in my mind, directly due to Pope Francis himself, but due to the forces that have obviously been unleashed since his election.  It is apparent that the progressive element in the Church feels empowered and is settling some old scores while they can.  Under Pope Benedict, they would not have been able to act so freely, but by hook or crook, under Francis, they feel they can.

The other thing is this: it certainly seems there is a new paradigm emerging where prelates of a more progressive bent can get away with a heckuva lot and not face even minor intra-Church scrutiny over their failings, while more explicitly traditional types run a grave risk of losing their office for one mistake of much smaller magnitude.

Beyond that, I haven’t much to say, other than that I am disappointed and a bit disheartened at this turn of events, and anxiously await the naming of Bishop Finn’s replacement, which will probably happen pretty quickly.  I am most concerned for the nuns of Ephesus…….I pray they may be allowed to continue to grow and flourish.  When we wonder why there are not more traditional women’s religious orders around, this is a major reason why – episcopal hostility to having them.

Gomorrist schoolteacher chillingly reveals how she indoctrinates preschoolers April 20, 2015

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Via CMR, boy this made my blood run cold. You can see exactly how innocent little souls are propagandized by advocates for this perverted lifestyle embedded in the school systems and, in a very real sense, mind raped.  They have their innocence taken and will not get it back.  In a very real sense, these children are irreparably damaged as a result of this psychological manipulation, and will never be the same again.  How many parents explicitly signed onto this teacher’s agenda to remake their children in her perverse image?

A primary grade lesbian teacher from an Ontario public school revealed in a workshop at a homosexual activist conference for teachers earlier this month how she uses her classroom to convince children as young as four to accept homosexual relationships.

“And I started in Kindergarten. What a great place to start. It was where I was teaching. So, I was the most comfortable there,” Pam Strong said at the conference, attended by LifeSiteNews……… [Remember to pray for her conversion]

.…….Strong related that as she was reading “King and King” in the junior kindergarten class as a springboard to discuss her sexuality with the kids, she got to the part where the two princes become ‘married’ when one of the boys suddenly shouted out: “They can’t do that! They can’t get married. They’re two boys.” [So either someone formed this boy right, or he simply knew this innately, which many kids do.  Now his parents will either have to deprogram their poor child, something easier said than done, or they may never know why their child suddenly and disastrously changed.  Does the teacher cum perverse Svengali ever go back to see how her indoctrination affects her young charges?]

Recounted Strong: “And I said, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, they can. It’s right here on page 12.

To which the boy replied, according to Strong: “Oh, yeah, I know Mrs. Strong, but that’s just a story. That’s not real life.”

“And I said: ‘It happens in real life too. I am married to a woman. I am gay. And I am in love with my wife.”

Strong said the young children “just all kind of went silent.”  [I bet they did.  Thus we see public edukayshion as vehicle of radical propaganda] She then told them: “That may seem different to you, how many of you have heard of that before?”

“Not one hand went up,” she related. “And so I said: ‘That may seem different to you, but we’re not that different. Would you like to know about what I do with my family?” [Not really.  But, look…..it’s plain these children were completely ignorant of something many parents would consider grossly inappropriate for this age group, and there is this vanguard of the revolution type inflicting confusion and how knows what kind of misery on these poor kids.  And the goal, whether admitted or not, is to make converts to the new sexular pagan religion.  See below]

“Yeah, tell us,” she recounted the children enthusiastically saying. 

“I said, you know, we take our kids to the park. I swing them on swings,” she related, telling conference attendees that she could share things she did with her own children that “mostly likely all of their families did with them.”…….

……Strong said that at that point, the boy who had used the word ‘gay’ looked and her and said: “Well, you’re a family.” [Only when presented in the most glowing light, and with a complete detachment from fundamental truths, like the fact that the couple in itself is inherently sterile and always will be, the fact that someone had to lose or give up a child in order for them to have theirs (perhaps there is a grieving natural parent somewhere, coolly left out of the picture), the fact that rates of sex abuse in these mixed families are vastly higher than in natural families, etc]

“And I said, yeah, we are,” she related. “And off I go to the next classroom.”

[In between quotes above or below, there was a hideous story about how she broke down one recalcitrant student and turned him into an apostle of perversion. But kids are nothing if not malleable, which is why getting their propaganda before children is one of the sodomites highest priorities]

Strong said that she went from “class to class to class and continued with these conversations, and they were very powerful.”….

…..Strong called it “key” to develop a “positive classroom culture” — and she mentioned it often takes months — before getting into what she called “difficult conversations” with students about convincing students of the normality of her sexual preference for women. [What she is actually doing is months of careful groundwork to make sure the young minds she has been given the awesome responsibility of forming are going to be receptive to her message of perversion.  Goodness, I have to ask what besides the propaganda of perversion this teacher has time to teach?!?]

She mentioned how she spends time “building a common vocabulary” in her classroom of words like “stereotype, prejudice, discrimination” so her students will be able to more readily conform to her pro-LGBTQ message.

“Sometimes with these big ideas there are also very big words that are very hard to understand. I find that whether it’s kindergarten, right up to grade six, visuals help a lot,” she said…….

[And now to the point of it all……..] 

……“I am here to tell you: All that time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people? That was a lie,” wrote Canadian gay activist Sason Bear Bergman, a woman who identifies as a transgender man, in a March 2015 piece titled “I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children Into My LGBTQ Agenda (And I’m Not a Bit Sorry).” Bergman holds nothing back, stating she wants to make children “like us” even if that “goes against the way you have interpreted the teachings of your religion.” [Don’t you just love how they act like some of us just “made up” some interpretation of highly questionable quotes from Scripture of a sudden out of thin air, rather than representing complete and total continuity with what thousands of years of belief and practice have constantly maintained?  It is for arguments like this that the left has spent literally centuries assaulting the past, assailing tradition, besmirching honored memory,  and always pointing to a bright new future (which will be paved with blood and reek of death) – so that we would feel like we were on some strange island of belief, isolated and alone, while it is in reality the queers, as they call themselves, who are the distant outliers from moral human behavior, the literal deviants, if you will]

In 2011 U.S. gay activist Daniel Villarreal penned a column for Queerty.com stating that the time had come for the homosexual lobby to admit to “indoctrinating” schoolchildren to accept homosexuality.

We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it. Recruiting children? You bet we are,” he added…….

Homosexual activist Michael Swift wrote in 1987 in the Gay Community News that school children would become explicit targets for homosexual indoctrination. “We shall seduce them in your schools…They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us,” he wrote at the time. 

Almost incredible to believe, but mission accomplished.  My God, how far we have sunk.  When I was a kid, not that long ago, someone trying to indoctrinate school kids kindergartners! in this filth would have in all likelihood been brought up on charges.  No, we haven’t suddenly gained an extra special moral compass that now causes us to divine that sodomy and its ilk are just fine and dandy in spite of thousands of years of contrary evidence.  What we have done is experienced one of the greatest, swiftest moral collapses in history!, into the most total corruption of public morality imaginable, all the while being told by our “betters” that we are wrong to hold on to what literally everyone knew to be rock-solid incontrovertible TRUTH just a second ago, in comparison to the grand sweep of time.

Almost funnily, there have been voices warning us that what we see above now as reality was coming for us for many years, and many of us, myself included until a few years ago, laughed to scorn those who said that things like divorce on demand, fornication, self-abuse, pornography, and especially gradual acceptance of sodomy (by repealing laws against its practice, by affording special rights and protections, by allowing “gays” in the military, etc), would lead, inexorably, to exactly this point where now people turn their children over to be indoctrinated into this lifestyle built around sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.  Oh, that would never happen, they said!  Slippery slope arguments are false!  Well…….look where we are at now, when before very long even writing what I’m writing now will get me fired, or worse.  And don’t think they don’t want to force the Church to “marry” them……that’s the ultimate affirmation, the greatest forcegasm ever! (forcegasm – that thrill some people get by exercising power over others).  It is coming as surely as the dawn.

I’ve often wondered what it must have been like to be alive in central Europe in the mid 30s, watching the darkness descend, trying to resist, but knowing such efforts were doomed to failure.  I don’t have to wonder anymore.  We have brought this on ourselves.  God will not be mocked. And this nation, this society, this former Christian culture -and yes, this Church –  is going to pay a dear price, a price beyond contemplation, for what it is doing.  Romans 12:19.

Back when politics was for adults April 20, 2015

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I stumbled across the following video on Youtube, and I found it remarkable not for content, or for video quality, but for something else, something a bit more elusive.  Below is an interview between an American journalist and a British government official from 1954 or 5.  The official is Selwyn Lloyd, Minister of Defense in the government of Prime Minister Anthony Eden.  The reason I found the video remarkable, is that the conduct of both the reporter and the government official are so radically different from what we almost invariably see today.

What I mean is this: what we see here was a serious conversation between grownups. I do have some problems with the behavior of the reporter, we can start to see the deleterious trends that have afflicted journalism for several decades now in his pompous behavior and attributing his own criticisms of British government policy as questions put to the interviewer from nebulous “some say” sources, but he would be considered an elder statesman of “broadcast journalism” if he behaved similarly today. However, in Lloyd’s measured and well-formed responses, I have to say……this is politics for grown ups.  This is so different from today, when politicians are always on a script, always making only very finely parsed responses, and rarely say anything of true substance.  Goodness, our pathetic president built an entire campaign and presidency on nothing but “optics,” presenting a false image of himself as a sexular pagan savior and almost never addressing serious questions with a serious response.  Even worse, we have the politics of emotionalism and division, that seeks to turn us into ceaselessly warring classes, races, and victim groups – the better to be controlled by the self-anointed elites.

I’m not saying that I agree with everything Lloyd advocates,  nor that his answers are even right.  But they are serious and thoughtful, and not just spoon-fed pablum for the masses.  And that gets me to the final point, the reason we have such low brow politics and politicians today (this is not a strictly American phenomenon, it is occurring throughout the former Christendom), is because society itself has been (deliberately) dumbed down to such a level that politicians are able to get away with such foolishness.  There have always been bottom-feeding politicians, of course, but they were usually outcasts and one-offs.  Today, that’s how almost all politicians behave, and the media right along with them.

So just a small, brief, non sequitur post for your consideration today:

Instead of this, today we get “trigger warnings,” kabuki politics, and US representatives too dumb to start a car on their own.  Yeah…….we’re done.


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