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Is there a prudential need, in these times, for those with responsibility for souls to own firearms? August 18, 2016

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An interesting post from Bearing Arms, arguing that, given the ongoing societal decay, increasingly violent riots, and a racial supremacist movement among certain minorities, there may well be something near to a moral imperative to own firearms, at least (or especially) among those with responsibility for the safety of souls other than their own.  If such responsibility were to extend to one’s neighbors, however, it could be argued that almost all souls should at least seriously consider not only owning firearms, but firearms suitable to defend against throngs of people in a riot-type environment (that would be, semi-auto rifles with large capacity magazines).

I am not wholly on board with this assessment as a recommendation, but I do think it quite worthy of consideration, even if it seems to contradict so much of the pacifist rhetoric that abounds in certain quarters of the Church today (my emphasis and comments):

……One of the terrifying realities of an interconnected digital age is that radicals can easily and quickly organize flash riots. They can descend on an area with little or no warning in large numbers, commit significant felony acts in a short amount of time, and then disappear before law enforcement can mount a significant response.

This new reality leaves citizens in a position where virtually any urban or suburban neighborhood community can find itself turned into a flashpoint for a riot within hours [minutes, really], before local authorities have the opportunity to recognize an escalating threat, much less mobilize, equip, and deploy their forces in effective numbers.

Now more than ever, you may find yourself and your neighbors forced to band together and defend your homes, businesses, and lives, just as Korean shopkeepers famously did in the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and residents, storekeepers, and Oathkeepers did in Ferguson in 2014.

It probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone that the firearms best suited for keeping these violent mobs at bay are the very firearms that anti-gun Democrats are so fervently attempting to ban.

An AR-15…….is among the most effective possible firearms against murderous, arson-minded rioters in suburban and urban situations………

……The same general rules of engagement apply during riot as they would at any other time. You may not use deadly force upon another human being unless they pose an imminent deadly force threat to you or a third-party.

That noted, the willingness of these rioters to use deadly force is unquestioned. They have fired shots at police and citizens, and they have shown that they are willing to torch buildings with little or no thought to the lives inside those structures.

This creates a plausible scenario where a citizen sees rioters about to put lives at risk up to several block away, justifying a much-longer-than-normal third-party self defense shot of dozens to hundreds of yards.

If you do not yet own a quality AR-15 (or similar rifle) with good low-powered scopes or a red dot optic, a decent weapon-mounted light, other required accouterments and the training to use these carbines for the defense of your family and community, you may want to consider if you’re making a mistake.

Increasingly, it may be the responsibility of armed citizens to save their communities from violent mobs when law enforcement cannot mobilize fast enough to prevent attacks that are nothing more or less than domestic terrorism.

Be prepared.

And indeed, this kind of anarchy is entirely predictable in a society that has cut itself loose from the mooring of religion and turned its back on God.  God allows our sins to become our punishments in many cases, and the rejection of religion, the better to permit certain kinds of immorality to become “acceptable,” can and will cause painful blowback in ways the originators of the societal religious divorce perhaps never intended (but then again, maybe they did).

Those doing the most to wreck the culture generally have the wealth and power to escape almost all the dread effects of their anti-Christian jihad.  But for those of us without such assets at our disposal, we must accept the reality as it presents itself and deal with it accordingly.  Given the overall cultural trends, we can expect this kind of anarchy to only grow worse.

The Catholic Church has always taught that souls have the right to defend themselves, and, even more, innocents around them, even up to the use of deadly force.  Acquiring the means to do so is not only morally permissible, it may be not only prudent, but could even become an imperative depending on one’s individual circumstances.  If you live in a sparsely populated rural area, the likelihood of a flash mob bent on destruction is quite low.  But if you live where I do, in a densely populated, decaying area with large numbers of aggrieved (whether that grievance has any basis in reality or not is immaterial) and idle people, especially young people……well, things are quite different.

At any rate, it’s certainly something that bears consideration.  In general, Catholics are much better off as martyrs than as fighters, but dying in a senseless act of random violence is hardly a martyrdom.

And really, since I’m in total self-justification mode, ought not the above be sufficient to justify crew-served weapons like heavy machine guns and mortars?  Think I could press my 12  year old daughters into mortar bearers?  Oh, I think 60 mm quite sufficient.  120 mm, now that would be crazy.

U.S. Army Pvt. Jeffery Hansen crouches down after launching a 60mm mortar round on a range at Forward Operating Base Lane in Afghanistan on Feb. 15, 2009.  Hansen is assigned to Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment.  DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Adam Mancini, U.S. Army.  (Released)

U.S. Army Pvt. Jeffery Hansen crouches down after launching a 60mm mortar round on a range at Forward Operating Base Lane in Afghanistan on Feb. 15, 2009. Hansen is assigned to Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Adam Mancini, U.S. Army. (Released)



090326-A-5049R-116        U.S. Army soldiers from Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 63rd Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division fire an M120 120mm mortar system during training for Iraqi soldiers in Mahmadiyah, Iraq, on March 26, 2009.  DoD photo by Sgt. Kani Ronningen, U.S. Army.  (Released)

U.S. Army soldiers from Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 63rd Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division fire an M120 120mm mortar system during training for Iraqi soldiers in Mahmadiyah, Iraq, on March 26, 2009. DoD photo by Sgt. Kani Ronningen, U.S. Army. (Released)

How about a recoiless rifle?


Just jokes………

St. Francis de Sales on How to Live in the World August 18, 2016

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From Thy Will Be Done: 58 Letters by St. Francis de Sales, advice given to a young, pious man who had to go live at the notoriously decadent French court, on how to maintain his virtue and practice of the Faith in such a harmful environment.

Today, however, almost the entire world is even more decadent and amoral than even the worst of the baroque period courts of Europe.  We are all forced to live in a moral sewer, with those of us who have to go out into the world every day to work or otherwise interact with an increasingly satanic society facing the gravest threat.

St. Francis de Sales advice to this young man on how to keep his virtue and maintain his strong faith is, then, of great use to all of us.  I pray you will find these excerpts from pp. 72-75 useful:

[S]ir…….continue to nourish your soul with divine meats, for they will make us strong against vanity and just against ambition.

Keep carefully to frequent Communion: believe me, you could do nothing more certain to strengthen yourself in virtueTo make yourself quite safe in this practice, put yourself under the orders of some good confessor, and beseech him to charge himself with making you give an account in Confession of the failures you may make in this exercise, if by chance you make any.  Always confess humbly, and with a true and express purpose of amendment.

I solemnly implore you: before leaving your home in the morning, never forget to ask on your knees for the help of our Lord; and before going to bed at night, never forget to ask for the pardon of your sins. 

Especially beware of bad books; and for nothing in the world let your soul be carried away by certain writings that weak brains admire, because of some vain subtleties that they find in them.  Such are the works of certain of our age, who profess to doubt everything, to despise everything, and to scoff at all the maxims of antiquity.  On the contrary, read books of solid doctrine – especially Christian and spiritual ones – for recreation from time to time……..[Of course, we have much, much more than bad books to be concerned about in this our age.  While bad books can be particularly devastating, probably nothing is more destructive than the electronic media, most especially, the television and internet.  A local priest just gave a very strong sermon asking parents whether they really need the internet in their homes.  This is a very tough matter, because many homeschooling programs are internet-based or highly dependent on internet access.  But the priest has heard the confessions of so many young people, most all of them from families assisting at the TLM, who are addicted to internet porn, that it is really something to consider, whether the internet is really vitally necessary.  At the very least, you MUST have a very robust filter.  TV is full of filth these days, too, and, even worse, is one of the prime means by which the powers that be indoctrinate people in the culture of sexular paganism and religious indifference.  Beware of both.]

………I would wish that, first, in speech, in bearing, and in relations with others, you should make open and express profession of wishing to live virtuously, judiciously, perseveringly, and as a Christian.

I say “virtuously” that no one may attempt to engage you in immoralities.  “Judiciously,” that you may not show extreme signs, exteriorly, of your intentions [towards piety]…..

…”Perseveringly,” because unless you show with perseverance an equal and inviolable will, you will expose your resolutions to the designs and attempts of many miserable souls, who attack others to draw them to their company.

Lastly, I say “as a Christian,” because some make profession of wishing to be virtuous philosophically, who, however, are not so, and can in no way be so, and who are nothing else but phantoms of virtue, using their graceful manners and words to hide their bad life and ways from those who are not familiar with them.

But we, who well know that we cannot have a single particle of virtue but by the Grace of our Lord – we must employ piety and holy devotion to live virtuously; otherwise we shall have virtues only in imagination and in shadow…..

….It is also of the greatest importance to make some friends who have the same aim, with whom you can associate and strengthen yourself.  For it is a very true thing that the company of well-regulated souls is extremely useful to us to keep our own soul well-regulated [This is so key, and one of the greatest challenges of these dark times, finding pious souls to associate with, to grow with, to even compete with, in a holy sense, in the practice of virtue.  This is one of the enormous, often unseen benefits of belonging to an explicitly traditional parish, where there are many souls driven to serve our Lord with a powerful fervor.  The breakdown of the old Catholic neighborhoods and Catholic culture is one of the most pernicious influences of our times, and it was done, according to E. Michael Jones and others, quite deliberately]……..

……..I wish you further, a vigorous heart.  Do not flatter your body by delicacies in eating, sleeping, and other such softnesses; for a generous heart has always a little contempt for bodily comforts and pleasures…….

…..I mean, then, that I would like you to sometimes correct your body so far as to make it feel some rigors and hardships by contempt for delicacies and by frequent denial of things agreeable to the senses.  Again, reason must sometimes exercise its superiority and the authority that it has to control the sensual appetites…….[Once again, this fallen age tells us to satisfy our every desire in an instant.  It is the ultimate culture of self-gratification on demand. TV is one a great one for creating such disordered appetites.  No wonder so many self-described Catholics today view self-denial as an intolerable imposition]

……In a word, that is what we must seek: to be no less brave for being Christian and no less Christian for being brave. For this we must be very good Christians – that is, very devout, pious, and if possible, spiritual.  For, as St. Paul says: “the spiritual man discerneth all things” (I Cor ii:15). He knows at what time, in what order, and by what method each virtue must be practiced.

Form often this good thought, that we are walking in this world between Paradise and hell, and that our last step will place us in an eternal dwelling.  We do not know which step will be our last, and so, in order to make our last step well, we must try to make all the others well. [Such excellent advice]

O holy and unending eternity! Blessed is he who thinks of you. Yes, for what do we play here in this world but a children’s game for who knows how many days?  It would be nothing whatever, if it were not the passage of eternity. [Which is why the West is now sunk into a suicidal nihilism – having rejected God, and recognizing the emptiness of a strictly material existence, more and more souls see life as meaningless, nothing more than a continuous series of pleasures that leave the soul more empty than it was before.  Little wonders Westerners are now so enervated they cannot even bother to reproduce. Without God, there is no point to existence, and all falls to decay and ruin.]

On this account, therefore, we must pay attention to the time we have to dwell here below, and to all our occupations, so as to employ them in the conquest of the permanent good………

————-End Quote—————-

Well that’s long enough.  Saint Francis de Sales, pray for us, pray for the conversion of this increasingly dark and fallen world, and for the restoration of Holy Mother Church!

Our Sick Culture…….Woman Admits Bill Clinton a Rapist, Claims Still “A Good Guy” August 17, 2016

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A culture that tolerates the murder of millions of its most vulnerable will tolerate any evil.  Thus, it should be no surprise that a woman – of left-wing bent, naturally – would admit she believes Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broderick many years ago (safe link), but that he remains, in her words, a “good guy.”  All the more troubling, but also completely unsurprising, is the fact that this woman claims to be a Catholic.  Because her errors are so common and so grave, I’ll spend a bit of time unpacking them below:

To sum up, I think Bill Clinton could very well have raped Juanita Broaddrick; that it doesn’t make him an evil man, or irredeemable (I’m Catholic; we’re all forgiven, if we’re sorry, and Broaddrick says Bill Clinton personally called her up to apologize). It doesn’t even necessarily make him a bad feminist — you know, later, once he stops doing that.

A personal apology is not the same thing as contrition before God. We are all fallen, all have sinned, but those that have contrition, receive Sacramental Confession (or, in extremis, the desire to receive it), and strive to amend their lives, are forgiven.  Absent any of those three – and we know Clinton does not have two, since several other women passionately maintain he raped them, as well, years after Broderick, and there is copious evidence he remains at least a serial fornicator to this day – and one does not have God’s forgiveness, and certainly not sanctifying Grace, absolutely required for salvation.  Just wanted to clarify, since this supposed Catholic apparently is gravely confused on the matter.

Also, Clinton’s actions have generated great scandal, which scandal requires public redress.  He has continued to lie and cover up about his numerous immoral activities, up to an including almost certainly breaking numerous federal laws with the Clinton Foundation, showing absolutely no public remorse for his scandalous behavior.

It is this latter that makes Clinton, particularly, a “bad” man, or at least one that is very much not good.  It is one thing to sin privately and have contrition for it, and to move on.  But his level of sins – including numerous abhorrent political positions that, to name just one, daily result in the lives of thousands being taken – and their public nature, make him, in the eyes of many, a very bad man indeed.  One could name simply his entire sham marriage as just one example of what would make one a bad person in the eyes of many, but there are literally dozens of other examples.

Once again, we see the left’s only concern is with power: those who can obtain power are forgiven any transgression, even the repeated rape of women being glossed over and ignored by supposed feminists (provided they check many of the other boxes required of sexular pagan belief – government funded contraception, unlimited abortion (also gov’t funded), sodomite “rights,” “transexual rights,” continued corporate graft, etc, etc..

Unfortunately, the R’s are hardly any better.  That absolute catastrophe the GOPe is trying to foist on conservatives in order to defeat Trump, Evan McMillan, shows many in the GOPe would greatly prefer Hillary to Trump (or perhaps anyone not of their nomination/under their control).  Indeed, he is so reliably liberal, outside the usual menu of corporate welfare items, that I am forced to conclude  the GOPe has devolved into a simple Corporate Lobbying Organization with some light and very insincere social conservative rhetoric attached.  I may be forced to vote Trump while literally wretching, but deliberating foisting Hillary on the nation shows something very nasty indeed.

Unsurprisingly, most of those folks who would rather have Hillary than Trump also most often – if not virtually always – see no problem with killing a million odd babies a year.

Related, these things are.


CONFIRMED: FW Bishop Olson OK’d Pro-Abort, Pro-Immorality Rep. Veasey to Speak at FW Parish August 17, 2016

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I have just received confirmation via local pro-life sources that Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth personally OK’d the campaign event* for Representative Marc Veasey at All Saints parish tomorrow night.  As I reported yesterday, Veasey is one of the most radically immoral members of the Texas Congressional caucus and has constantly advocated in favor of abortion, supposed rights of sodomites, persecution of the Church through HHS mandates, a general reduction if not termination of the role of the Church in the public square, and all other manner of moral evils.

Local pro-life sources have informed me that at a meeting with Chancellor Msgr James Hart, Hart informed the pro-life souls complaining of Veasey’s campaign event that Bishop Olson was aware of the event and disagreed that allowing Veasey to use the good name of the Church for his own political benefit was scandalous.  

The Holy Writ of Saint Dialogue was cited as the Doctrine in favor of allowing Veasey to speak.  Must be cited somewhere there in Guadium Et Spes …….

As an aside, the Fraternity parish promised last year by Bishop Olson remains stalled with little apparent progress being made to occupy their permanent parish (at least as of a month or so ago).  This may be beyond Bishop Olson’s control – apparently, the community currently occupying what will become the FW FSSP parish has run into fundraising and other problems in building their new church, but I know some folks are becoming frustrated and beginning to lose heart.

If you want to voice your opposition to this great scandal, there is contact info at the link.

*- That’s what a “town hall” is, especially 2 1/2 months before an election, it is a local campaign event for the Rep during Congress’ month-long August recess.

The Model Bishop – St. Alphonsus Liguori August 17, 2016

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As a corollary to the big news of the day in the post below, a brief overview of some of the great virtues practiced by St. Alphonsus Liguori, as written by Fr. Eugene Grimm, CSsR.  If Liguori was the ideal, or some representation of it, it is perhaps a bit depressing to contemplate the degree to which most, if not practically all, current-day bishops correspond to this ideal.

Note, the below has to do almost solely with personal practice of virtue, but it is the personal practice that powers the public apostolate.  That is to say, holy men make holy bishops, and not the other way around.  From pp. 14-15 of The Victories of the Martyrs:

…..[O]ur revered author was not satisfied with telling us how we may imitate the heroes of faith; he shows us this much better in his wonderful life, which was a prodigy of patience and long martyrdom. There are but few Saints who suffered as much as he suffered.

He was his own tyrant and his own executioner.  Although he had never committed a grievous sin from his youth, yet, impelled by his ardent love for Jesus Christ, he gave himself up to the most cruel penances, and God permitted that he could continue them to the age of nearly ninety-one years.  He regarded himself as a victim that was to be entirely immolated to divine love without the least reserve; and convinced that this love is manifested by labor and suffering, as he himself teaches us, he thought only of laboring and suffering as much as possible for God.  But obedience being better than sacrifice, he bound himself by a vow to follow in all things the advice of the director of his conscience, in which he recognized the Divine Will.  By renouncing all worldly hopes, he condemned himself to a life of extreme poverty; his garments, his furniture, and everything that he used, even when he was a bishop, bore the impress of this virtue, and reduced him to what was strictly necessary.  At night he took his short repose on a simple straw mattress, and sometimes on a plank; and when travelling, if he could not go on foot, he would use only a donkey for riding.

He took but little nourishment, and was careful to mix it with bitter herbs so as to render its taste very disagreeable; and this he often ate on his knees or sitting on the floor.  Besides the ordinary fast and abstinence, he fasted on bread and water on all Saturdays and vigils of the principle feasts.  When he studied or wrote, he would stand with small stones in his shoes in order to suffer. He severely scourged himself every day, and frequently to blood; he used, besides, little chains, hair-cloth, and other instruments for the purpose of continually tormenting his flesh.  One evening, worn out with fatigue, he fell down in his room, having swooned away, and remained unconscious the whole night and the greater part of the following day; the doctor ordered him to be disrobed, and on him was found a hair shirt that covered his whole body.  From this we may form any idea of his austerities, which he strove so much to conceal from the eyes of men.  To these self-inflicted penances must be added his great labors in the midst of pain, solicitude, and continual trials.

———-End Quote———-

In reality, many of Saint Alphonsus’ penances were commonly practiced by many saintly bishops, especially those of the early Church and the Age of Faith.  And even more salutary for our own souls is less to consider how today’s bishops correspond to his eminent example, but how we ourselves do, not that we are called to be bishops, but we are all called to holiness.  I’m a great one for taking extra things on, a sort of positive penance, if you will, but when it comes to self-denial, I’ve always been weak.  Please pray for your wimpy blogger.

Victories of the Martyrs is shaping up to be an excellent, excellent book, even by the very high standards of St. Alphonsus.  It will take me months to get through it, though.

Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell Given Huge Promotion, Transferred to Rome August 17, 2016

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Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell’s increasingly controversial tenure as Bishop of Dallas has come to an end.  He was appointed by Francis to head the important new Dicastery for Laity, the Family and Life just created.  His transfer is effective in 2 weeks, which is really short notice, so we can expect that his effective tenure as Bishop of Dallas is over as of today, or perhaps, weeks ago. DMN coverage next, some commentary from me at the bottom:

Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell has been tapped for a position at the Vatican, where he will oversee a new department focused on the lives and families of ordinary Catholics around the world.

The promotion, effective Sept. 1, will make Farrell the highest-ranking American clergyman serving in the Vatican, the Diocese of Dallas announced Wednesday.

The move leaves an opening in Dallas, where Farrell has been bishop since 2007……..

…….Farrell said Wednesday morning that he was “extremely humbled” by the appointment and “grateful for the Holy Father’s confidence in me.” But, he said,  “I meet this news with mixed emotions.”

“Dallas has been my home for 10 years and, from the beginning, I quickly grew to love the beautiful people and culture here,” he said in a statement. “The strong faith, kindness and generosity of the people in the Diocese of Dallas surpassed all of my expectations.”

A diocese spokeswoman said a new bishop could be appointed as soon as October. Auxiliary Bishop Greg Kelly will lead the diocese in the interim.

Pope Francis chose Farrell to lead the Dicastery for Laity, the Family and Life, a newly-created department that combines the responsibilities of two existing pontifical councils. It will be part of the Roman Curia, an administrative body that advises and helps the pope carry out the church’s affairs worldwide.

In his new role, Farrell, 68, will focus on the needs of lay people, regular Catholics who are not part of the clergy.

The reorganization comes as Pope Francis strives to make the Catholic Church more inclusive and efficient. [“Inclusive.”  That’s what Christ stressed all the time, wasn’t it?  He never said anything about bringing the sword of division, separating the wheat from the chaff, or anything like that. The redefinition of Jesus Christ along sexular pagan lines continues apace.]

The pope wrote that he created the new department so that the Roman Curia can effectively “respond to the situation of our times and adapt to the needs of the universal Church.”…….

…….The Diocese of Dallas saw an increase in vocations to the priesthood and raised $130 million during a landmark fundraising campaign under his leadership, said diocesan spokeswoman Annette Gonzales Taylor. [Well, just about any vocations would have been an increase from the total collapse of the seminary system and ordinations under the last decade or so of his predecessor.  Ordinations have averaged 3 or 4 a year under Farrell, much more than before, but not nearly enough to make up for the number of priests set to retire soon]

“We’re exceptionally proud, but we’re also exceptionally sad to be losing him,” Gonzales Taylor said Wednesday. “He’s just be an outstanding leader and, from my point of view, a wonderful boss. He’s going to be sorely missed.”……

…….Farrell’s new assignment will reunite him with his brother, Brian, who is also a bishop and the secretary of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

Farrell asked for prayers as he begins “this next unexpected chapter of my priesthood.”

“My God continue to bless the Diocese of Dallas,” he said.

In the end, Bishop Farrell’s tenure played out almost exactly as expected by many local observers when he was first named Bishop of Dallas in 2007.  It was widely expected then that he would not retire here, that he would be something of an interim or “caretaker” bishop.  Certain well-informed local priests expected him to spend 7 or 8 years (in reality, it was 9) addressing the myriad problems left by his predecessor Charles Grahmann and then be promoted to some dicastery in Rome, to finish out his career near his much-beloved brother.  This is exactly what happened.

In many material respects, Bishop Farrell’s tenure was a successful one – he got the Diocese out of debt after massive payouts to the survivors of priest sex abuse cases, and did somewhat improve the seminary and the number of priests being ordained, which latter had all but died under his predecessor.

I have already observed, I believe, how hard Bishop Farrell has changed direction under the current pontificate.  He has really tacked into the wind. Under Benedict Bishop Farrell was fairly conservativish, a bit “right” of center in the American episcopate.  Since, 2013, however, he seems to have drifted quite a bit in the other direction.

As a man, like so many bishops – though he was, it seems, an extreme case – he was very hard to get in front of.  He seemed to be constantly gone, or had others run very effective interference for him.  Even in public events, getting much more than a handshake and a smile from Farrell was all but impossible. Obtaining a meeting was apparently reserved for a select few (if any).  Even though he supposedly obtained a mansion for fund-raising, there are no reports of fundraisers actually being held there, to my knowledge.  Farrell tended to “rule” from behind the scenes and was certainly not above hiding behind bureaucratic subterfuge, as the Joyce Rupp/Dr. Rick Gaillardetz imbroglios, the twin issues that launched this blog in late 2009, showed.

Farrell was always assessed as a very political creature who would not be long in Dallas.  Benedict’s abdication probably kept him here a year or two longer than planned.  But now he has gotten his reward, a plum assignment, in Rome, near his brother, in which to ride out his career.  Many have speculated Bishop Farrell’s socially liberal policies of late (banning guns in all diocesan facilities – since repealed – strident support for unlimited Hispanic immigration, constant paeans on his blog to the new wisdom of Francis, taking up a crusade on domestic violence, etc) were perhaps related to a desire to seem in step with the new mood in Rome.  It is likely these later stands may have been more reflective of Farrell’s true beliefs, given his status as protege of the very troubling Cardinal McCarrick, and may well serve as indicators of why Farrell was chosen for this very important new office.

Of course, I pray for Bishop Farrell’s success in his new duty and that he may use this apostolate for the good of souls and of Holy Mother Church, which could have a huge impact on the life of the Church. As to how Bishop Farrell will conduct himself in this new role, he has always been a very good soldier, knowing who he needs to please and how to do it.  I was not the only one to notice what seemed a fairly substantial change in Bishop Farrell’s rhetoric and pastoral emphasis after March 2013.  Remember his joint statement with former Ft. Worth Bishop Vann on the USCCB’s 2008 “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,” staking out a very welcome and clear guidance with respect to the life issues trumping all others in determining who Catholics can support, electorally (pretty much wiping out legitimate support for democrats)?  Could you imagine him releasing such a document, today?

We also eagerly await the naming of his replacement, which comes at such a critical juncture for this diocese.  If Bishop Farrell was something of an interim crisis recovery expert,  it was similarly expected that his replacement would likely be much younger and here for a very long time.  It is thus vital to pray for this new bishop, conducting Rosary crusades and other prayer efforts, even outside the chancery itself, to show our filial obedience and spiritual communion with out present and future ordinaries, while imploring God that they be men worthy of the name, Catholic bishop.  Please also pray for Bishop Farrell, that the Grace of Jesus Christ may guide and direct all he does according to the Truth revealed and practiced by the Church for over 1900 years in his very important new role.

Amazingly, with the sacking of Cardinal Burke, this new appointment makes Bishop Farrell the highest ranking “American” (he’s Irish, but served most of his apostolate in the US) in the Curia.  That’s something that sort of makes one go “gulp.”

A few other interesting notes from Rocco Palmo:

……the Vatican statement announcing the move conspicuously did not include Farrell’s elevation to the rank of archbishop, which has always been customary practice for appointments of this kind……

…….Third, he enjoys close ties and clear goodwill among four prominent figures in Francis’ orbit: having served as vicar-general and auxiliary of Washington under Cardinals Theodore McCarrick and Donald Wuerl until his southern transfer, the sister of the ever-influential head of Francis’ “Gang of 9,” Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, lives in Dallas, [Yikes] while the work that brought him to DC to begin with saw him succeed then-Bishop Sean O’Malley as director of the capital’s Centro Catolico Hispano, which the Capuchin founded a decade earlier as Latinos began to arrive in the city en masse, only leaving the role on his appointment to the Virgin Islands……..

…….Lastly for now, as some fireworks are bound to ensue in the top rank with the appointment for a now-vacant Dallas church – where Farrell was already laying the groundwork to receive another auxiliary – it bears recalling that, with the new Prefect to be aided by three Secretaries for each of the new office’s areas of competence, the legislation establishing the Dicastery provides that (in a first for a top Curial organ) the lead deputies need not be clergy, but may likewise be named from among religious or the laity.

Yes, I’m certain that for this new Dicastery for the Laity, Francis has found his man.

And here I thought I would have nothing to blog on today.

Late Flightline F4riday – A Night in the Air War Over Vietnam, Dec. 26 1972 August 16, 2016

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Linebacker II was the most intensive period of aerial bombardment of the Vietnam War.  It was the culmination of 7+ years of desultory, on-again, off-again bombing campaigns conducted with ludicrous limitations that rendered the United States single largest military advantage – overwhelming air power – almost neutered.  Thousands of men died, hundreds more languished for years in hellish North Vietnamese prisons, as politicians in Washington dithered, committing just enough forces to kill numerous North Vietnamese and Americans, but never enough to be decisive.  It was the worst aerial campaign in US history.

Linebacker II was, in essence, the final conducting of the air war the Joint Chiefs had been calling for since 1965.  In 12 days of bombing, they rendered North Vietnam defenseless, crippled, and ready to end the war on terms the US at that time found acceptable, even if those terms were as false and illusory as the entire war had been.  That is to say, it allowed the US to get (most? some?) of the POWs home, to save face, and to more or less abandon the South Vietnamese to a grim fate, especially after a hyper-liberal Congress was elected in 1974 in the wake of Watergate, which cut off almost all US aid to the beleaguered nation.  But it was seen as very preferable to simply an out and out surrender, or an even more cold-hearted and open abandonment of a long-proclaimed vital ally.

What is presented in the video below is a series of cockpit recordings of internal B-52 intercoms and inter-aircraft radio chatter during the Linebacker II mission of Dec. 26, 1972.  The aircraft where the recording was made was B-52D Lilac 2 out of Andersen AFB, Guam. The campaign had begun on December 18, then the Nixon Administration imposed a 36 hour bombing halt for Christmas.  This allowed the North Vietnamese to reconstitute their almost depleted defenses a bit, and made the mission of Dec. 26 one of the harriest of them all.  By Dec. 30, the lat night of the raids, the North was out of SAMs, most of their radars were destroyed, and they had no effective way to respond.  But that was not the case this night, when several aircraft were lost.

The video includes a map which shows the aircraft which are involved, their call signs, and their slow progress over North Vietnam.  It is really an impressive piece of work, and a valuable contribution to the historical record.

Last Night, a Beautiful, Edifying Response to the Atrocities in Oklahoma City August 16, 2016

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For a variety of reasons, I did not feel comfortable reporting, in advance, on the desecration (for the 2nd year in a row) of a statue of Our Blessed Lady by satanists in Oklahoma City.  I had covered the satanic antics extensively in the past, I have had little time to write of late, and I just didn’t feel very motivated to do so.  I also feel that the publicity they are receiving is probably a significant factor in their ongoing self-immolation of their souls through deliberately offensive behavior.  I did not desire to give them more of what they wanted.

If I had covered the matter, it would have been to once again show up the Oklahoma City government’s seeming complicity in these acts, through rental of public facilities for black Masses and the provision of police protection for deliberate religious atrocities. I have felt since this series of events began that OKC’s excuse, that they simply HAD to let these satanists run wild, or else be sued by liberals in the ACLU or other places for supposed violations of the separation of Church and state, to be pretty weak tea. It became even more weak when it was revealed that New Jersey has had a law against the desecration of religious objects on the books for decades, and that a man was charged for violating that law when a muslim destroyed a statue of Our Lady earlier this month.  Apparently, officials there aren’t as scarified of the all-conquering liberal interpretation of the 1st Amendment as some in OKC are.  I still maintain, the often rabidly anti-Catholic attitudes of the dominant OKC evangelical protestant population were ultimately behind the city’s tacit acceptance of, if not open connivance in, these atrocities.  I think the evidence continues to bear that out more and more.

I was going to let all this pass, until I saw the beautiful response of local Catholics last night.  There was a Mass of Reparation for the sins against Our Lady (and Lord) at the local TLM parish, which, of course, also was the Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption. Attendance was huge, greater than 450 for a single Mass by my reckoning, even though the bishops of the United States, judging it an intolerable burden for anyone to ever have to attend Mass two days in a row, had, of course, made this Monday feast not a Holy Day of Obligation this year.

Not only that, but hundreds came early and stayed late for the Rosaries before and after.  These were also offered in reparation to Our Immaculate Mother for the offenses against her by poor, pathetic, lost souls.  It was such a large crowd that yours truly stood for the 2+hours of the evening’s proceedings, but with a very glad heart.

I did not take any photos or videos, though I did record the sermon, a strong study of the history of this Feast and allied Marian beliefs, and Our Lady’s unique role in the economy of salvation.  Unfortunately, some fussy kids were between the speaker and my phone, and so the audio did not come out very well.  I am certain many photos will be published soon, however.

At any rate, it was an inspiring night, to see so many people come out, when they didn’t “have to,” in the sense of it being binding on conscience, to do conduct a mass, pious response to an event (the desecration) that should cause all people of good will, not just Catholics, to shudder.  Of course we know the circle of good will seems ever-decreasing in this day and age, where more and more people hold absurdly reductive views of what it means to be a good, moral person: “Well, I may watch porn, abuse myself, get drunk, cheat on my wife a bit, contracept, steal some from my company, and ignore my children, but I’m basically a good person. I mean, it’s not like I’ve killed anyone.” Yet the line from “tolerance” (really, indifference) of desecration of holy objects in public, to tolerating all manner of sin short of murder, as somehow morally indifferent, is a very short one.  It started 500 years ago in Germany, and has run in a straight line to the world we see around us today.

But you knew that already.  Choir, consider yourself preached to.

Why is Diocese of Ft. Worth Encouraging Catholics to Support Radical Pro-Abort, Pro-Sodomy Congressman? – UPDATED August 16, 2016

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Wouldn’t you call allowing one of the most immoral politicians in the state to speak and canvas for votes at a Catholic parish giving support? That’s exactly what the Diocese of Fort Worth has done, giving Representative Marc Veasey (Leftist – TX) – who coincidentally happens to be my representative, thanks to rampant gerrymandering – permission to speak, in the sense of promoting himself for re-election, at All Saint’s Catholic Church.

Marc Veasey is a pro-abort’s pro-abort.  He staunchly supports abortion through all nine months of pregnancy and is as solid a supporter of Banned Parenthood as you can find:


Not only that, but I received the following reply from Rep. Veasey regarding the USNS Harvey Milk imbroglio.  He had this to say about his general position with regard to the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah:

As your member of Congress and a staunch supporter of LGBT issues………

He (his staff) apparently completely misread my communique, because it then goes on to tell me how I can further “work with him” to lobby on behalf of LGBTQRSTUV “rights.”  As if error has rights, amiright?

It is also certain that Veasey holds any number of other grave errors and immoral beliefs: contraception, divorce on demand, fornication, government repression of the Church, a completely secularized society, etc.  As I said, he is one of the most reliably left-wing members of Congress, who only holds office as the result of a court-ordered gerrymandered district.  For instance, the streets on either side of mine are not in Veasey’s district, while mine is.

But but bu- the Diocese of Fort Worth says, “seamless garment!!”  Look at all the good things Rep. Veasey supports, and, also,
Francis more or less commands we vote for him!  The Affordable Care Act and unlimited immigration are pretty much new Dogmas of the Faith, according to FW communications director Pat Svacina, who apparently approved this event.  Thus, we have so much we “agree with” – including, apparently, agreeing that murdering perfect innocents in their millions is somehow forgivable, or at least ignorable, if one supports providing high-cost, really crappy insurance to a tiny segment of the population.

It is amazing how fast the deplorable, completely discredited “seamless garment” has come roaring back to vitality in chanceries around the land under this pontificate.  Of course, it never really went away, those same progressives who have always filled the chanceries since VII were simply more circumspect under preceding pontificates.

For what it’s worth, you can contact the FW diocesan communications director, the individual most responsible for putting this event on, at the below:

Pat Svacina
Director of Communications
817-996-9609 Cell

If you are one of those who like to believe that all kinds of highly politically charged stuff goes on at various Dioceses without the knowledge of the Bishop (I, for one, am not one of those), you could also try to make Bishop Olson aware of this situation, assuming your communique even gets to him, and is not shunted into some unread folder or filtered out by a secretary or other interloper, you could make use of the below:


If you do decide to contact Bishop Michael Olson, I do recommend you be brief, to the point, and polite.  No cussy words or accusations of sin, they tend to obliterate the point you are trying to make, as well as your credibility.

For my money, the idea that the Bishop would not know that a Congressman is coming to speak at one of his parishes is incredible. Of course he knows, and of course he approved.  The only reasons I can think of for such approval are worldly – it would be bad to offend a Congressman, he has power to help/hurt the material condition of the Church, etc.  While the reasons which most militate against his speaking are all spiritual in nature, cutting to the heart of the Church, the truth, and her identity.

But such considerations as the latter, so important for so many centuries, even to the point of countless souls enduring unspeakable hardships to defend them, have gotten decidedly short shrift in the past 50 years of the new, “open,” post-conciliar Church.

UPDATE: Another excuse given by the Communications Director of the Diocese of Fort Worth for hosting this event is that of “hearing all sides.”  But can you imagine this director giving the OK to have Donald Trump speak at a Catholic parish, and can you imagine the howls of protest from many priests and chancery bureaucrats should such an invitation be extended?

This is all about holding certain (liberal) opinions individuals with influence in the Church share.

Francis de Sales: “Have Patience With Everyone, Including Yourself” August 16, 2016

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From Thy Will Be Done, The Letters of St. Francis de Sales, an exegesis on patience, not only with others, but with ourselves.  As so typical of this great Saint, there is much sublime thought here, and considerations made often overlooked by others.  The letter itself was sent from the Saint to a busy mother.  I am certain many readers can well relate to the difficulties the pious mother faced:

My dear daughter,

I remember you telling me how much the multiplicity of your affairs weighs on you; and I said to you that it is a good opportunity for acquiring the true and solid virtues.  The multiplicity of affairs is a continual martyrdom, for just as flies cause more pain and irritation to those who travel in summer than the traveling itself does, just so the diversity and the multitude of affairs causes more pain than the weight of these affairs itself.

You need patience, and I hope that God will give it to you (if you ask it of Him carefully) and that you will try to practice it faithfully, preparing yourself for it every morning by a special application of some point in your meditation, and resolving to restore yourself to patience throughout the day as many times as you sense yourself becoming distracted.

Do not lose any occasion, however small it may be, for exercising gentleness of heart toward everyone.  Do not think that you will be able to succeed in your affairs by your own efforts, but only by the assistance of God; and on setting out, consign yourself to His care, believing that He will do that which will be best for you, provided that, on your part, you employ a gentle diligence. I say “gentle diligence,” because violent diligence spoils the heart and affairs, and is not diligence, but haste and trouble.

My God, Madame, we will soon be in eternity, and then we will see how all the affairs of this world are such little things and how little it matters whether they turn out or not. At this time, nevertheless, we apply ourselves to them as if they were great things.  When we were little children, with what eagerness did we put together little bits of tile, wood, and mud, to make houses and small buildings!  And if someone destroyed them, we were very aggrieved and tearful at it; but now we know well that it all mattered very little. One day it will be the same  with us in Heaven, when we will see that our concerns in this world  were truly only child’s play.

I do not want to take away the care we must have regarding these little trifles, because God has entrusted them to us in this world for exercise; but I would indeed like to take away the passion and anxiety of this care.  Let us do our child’s play, because we are children; but also, let us not trouble ourselves to death in playing at it.  And if someone destroys our little houses and little designs, let us not torment ourselves greatly  at this; because also, when this night comes in which it will be necessary for us to take shelter – I mean to say, death – all these little houses  will be of no use to us; we will have to take our shelter in the house of our Father.  Faithfully attend to your obligations, but know that you have no greater obligation than that of your salvation and of the saving progress of your soul on the way to true devotion.  [So people get lost down in the weeds of life, even of relative goods – caring for children, homeschooling  in a really thorough way, preparing for college, providing for their families, etc., that they start to miss the really critical things.  On the converse, as the Saint notes below, sometimes we demand far too much perfection from ourselves]

Have patience with everyone, but chiefly with yourself; I mean to say, do not trouble yourself with your imperfections, but have the courage to lift yourself  out of them. I am well content that you begin again every day: there is no better way to perfect the spiritual life than always to begin again and never to think you have done enough. 

Recommend me to the mercy of God, which I ask to make you abound in His holy love. Amen……..

————–End Quote—————-

The more I read St. Francis de Sales, the more I admire and appreciate his writings.


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