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Gabriel Garcia Moreno’s sure-fire plan for sanctity! August 25, 2015

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Having almost completed the biography of Gabriel Garcia Moreno, former president of Ecuador, by Fr. Augustine Berthe’, CSsR, I must agree with the good father that there have been few Catholic leaders of the past 200 years who have held the personal sanctity of this man.  I am just about convinced no man has done more to publicly protect and proclaim the Faith of Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Church than Garcia Moreno.  I imagine Fr. Berthe’ is right in feeling strongly that Garcia Moreno possessed heroic sanctity.  Bearing all that in mind, I thought this personal recap from Garcia Moreno on his personal resolutions to inculcate sanctity and grow in virtue might be helpful to many people.  I can say that having read the biographies of many Saints, Garcia Moreno shared many holy habits with the Elect in Garcia_moreno,_joven_aHeaven:

Every morning when saying my prayers I will ask specially for the virtue of humility.

Everyday I will hear Mass, say the Rosary, and read, besides a chapter of the Imitation, this rule [of St. Benedict]  and the annexed instructions. 

It will take care to keep myself as much as possible in the presence of God, especially in conversation, so as not to speak useless words.  I will constantly offer my heart to God, and principally before beginning any action. [Something I need to do with much greater regularity]

I will say to myself continually: I am worse than a demon and deserve that hell should be my dwelling place. When I am tempted, I will add: What shall I think of this in the hour of my last agony?

In my room, never to pray sitting when I can do so on my knees or standing. Practice daily little acts of humility, like kissing the ground, for example.  Desire all kinds of humiliations, while taking care at the same time not to deserve them.  To rejoice when my actions or my person are abused or censured.

Never to speak of myself, unless it be to my own defects or faults.Garcia-Moreno

To make every effort, by the thought of Jesus and Mary, to restrain my impatience and contradict my natural inclinations.  To be patient and amiable even with people who bore me; never to speak evil of my enemies.

Every morning, before beginning my work, I will write down what I have to do, being very careful to distribute my time well, to give myself only to useful and necessary business and to continue it with zeal and perseverance.  I will scrupulously observe the laws of justice and truth, and have no intention in all my actions save the greater glory of God.  

I will make a particular examen twice a day on my exercise of different virtues, and a general examination every evening.  I will go to Confession every week.

I will avoid all familiarities, even the most innocent, as prudence requires.  I will never pass more than an hour in any amusement, and in general, never before eight o’ clock in the evening.

———–End Quote———–

This was the only man who condemned Garibaldi’s invasion and sacking of the Papal States.  He was repeatedly commended by Blessed Pius IX for his defense of the Faith and the reintroduction of government by Catholic principles in Ecuador.  He was the only Ecuadorian leader in over a generation who did not enrich himself at the public expense while in office.  He reintroduced religious life into Ecuador after almost all orders were driven from the country by revolutionary forces and oversaw the greatest period of sustained economic growth in Ecuador between its founding and the 1960s.

For his great zeal and selflessness, Garcia Moreno was rewarded with nothing but hatred, calumny, and ultimately, assassination, from the revolutionary camp.  The revolution cannot abide the Catholic Faith, it stands in constant opposition to the Faith and the supernatural good of souls.

Something to remember as the fruits of progressivism increasingly turn rotten in this nation.


Ecumenical failure: Waldensians rebuke Pope Francis’ outreach, refuse to apologize August 25, 2015

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How many times has this occurred in the past?  How many times has a major Church leader, even a Pope, appeared on bended knee before some sect or group of schismatics, beating his breast over the ostensible past sins of the Church, only to have the other side refuse to acknowledge their own sins?  This is one of the aspects of post-conciliar “ecumenism” that most frustrates pious souls, the fact that it always seems to be the Church apologizing, even groveling, with very little reciprocity from the other side, whoever that may be.

Readers will likely recall that Pope Francis issued a fulsome apology to the tiny Waldensian sect in Turin earlier this year.  After carefully considering the matter for months, and even convoking a synod to deliberate the matter, the Waldensians have their response, and it looks a lot to me like an upturned middle phalanx (my emphasis and comments):

Pope Francis had reached out his hand to Turin’s Waldensians during his visit last June. He made controversial gestures to emphasize his intention and asked the Waldensians’ forgiveness  from injustice done by Catholics.  Now the Waldensians have given the pope a response. A specially convened Waldensian Synod, which meets until Friday in Turin, rejected the outstretched hand of the Pope and declared themselves unable to grant forgiveness.Vatican Insider talks about an amazing “coldness” toward the Pope…….………The relationship between Waldensians and Catholics is one of deep conflict. On both sides there were atrocities mainly during  the Middle Ages and the early modern period. Even in the mid-19th century the  Waldensians sought the life of  St. John Bosco.

Pope Francis made the unilateral first step towards reconciliation and asked the Waldensian forgiveness for the injustice committed by Catholics. The Pope had said: “On behalf of the Catholic Church, I ask you for forgiveness for the unchristian and even inhuman attitudes and actions, which we have done to you  throughout history.  In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us! ” [My point of view is a bit different: if the Church is the Church, and truly necessary for salvation, sects and other religions who lure souls away to a much greater likelihood of eternal damnation must be opposed vigorously.  If the secular power sees in these sects grave threats to souls and to the social order, it is within their remit to act as prudence and justice dictate.  IOW, what is PF apologizing for, but the zeal of former generations for the good of souls?]

The Moderator of the Waldensian Table, Pastor Eugenio Bernardini, responded: “The Pope has overcome a wall that was built eight centuries ago when our church was accused of heresy and excommunicated by the Roman church.” The pope did not argue. [And for good reason, since this sect holds numerous heretical beliefs and has placed itself outside Communion with the Church. Would that we had such clarity today!]

To underline his readiness, the Pope kissed a Waldensian Bible which was presented to him by Waldensian pastors. It was a gesture that caused some criticism on the Catholic side………

……..The outstretched hand of the Pope sparked heated discussions within the Waldensian community. Finally, a  Waldensian synod was specially convened to respond to the Pope on his request for forgiveness. The Synod will meet until Friday in Torre Pellice for Turin. The answer is now clear and is negative. “We’re moving, but we can not forgive.”  The decision of the Waldensian Synod can be summarized with these words.

In an official letter to the Pope the Synod declared: “Dear Brother in Christ Jesus, the Synod of the Evangelical Waldensian Church accepts with deep respect and not without emotion, your apology expressed on behalf of your church asking for forgiveness for what you have indeed even described as ‘unchristian, even inhuman attitudes and actions’ that have been taken in the past against our mothers and fathers,” But then this is  followed by a big “but” of the  Waldensians. This new situation does not allow us, to step in the place of those who testified with their blood or the other Protestants suffering for their  faith, and to forgive you. ” [So who has the greater zeal?  Who is willing to offend men for the sake of their beliefs in this sordid exchange?  It garners the applause of the world (and, I would think, its master) when popes apologize for alleged past sins of the Church.  But does it work any good for souls?]

This message, rejecting the outstretched hand of the Pope, was decided on Monday by the 180 people gathered at the Waldensian Synod.

……this formalist position can not hide the fact that the Waldensians in reality do not want to approach the Catholic Church. Because this could have been expressed differently, despite the question of direct forgiveness. [and Kenneth Copeland and other shyster TV evangelists don’t want to convert, either, but they will accept the outstretched hand of the Pope most eagerly, since they know the Pope’s outreach will lead to many Catholics falling into their sects and filling their already rich coffers.

The Waldensian Synod for their  part couldn’t find a word of apology for the wrongs committed by Waldensians against the Catholic Church and the Catholics [of course note. And the Orthodox and Lutherans and others have generally made any apology they’ve offered far more contingent and less self-effacing than have their Catholic counterparts, who obviously, wholeheartedly disavow the behavior of their forefathers – many of them spiritual giants – who proceeded them.]

As a convert to the Faith, the truths of which I have become utterly convinced as an adult after much study, it is heart-rending for me to see these kinds of apologies.  Having been outside the Church for most of my life, I can understand well the effect such words have on those sects receiving the apologia. They tell the sect: you were right all along, look at even their leader coming to you now admitting their folly, you’re in exactly the right place.  How many souls have been prevented from finding the Truth of Jesus Christ in its wholeness and entirety by the misguided actions of ecumaniacs over the past several decades?  Is this factor even considered when pontiffs and others make these kinds of statements?  Do they not know they will be judged not just for the souls they lost, but also for the souls they prevented from responding to the call of Grace to enter the Church by their actions?

Ecumenism is the apotheosis of the progressive obsession with “equality” applied to ecclesiastical matters.  It is “unfair” and “cruel” for some men to have the Truth and others not, for some to be saved and for others not, therefore, we should drive the Church down to the lowest common denominator in the interest of worldly “fairness.”  And if a few billion souls have to fry in hell forever in the process, well, an omelette doesn’t get made without breaking a few billion eggs, does it?  Whenever you hear someone denigrating traditional/Catholic “elitism,” keep this in mind.


Join nationwide effort to pray the Rosary on October 10! August 25, 2015

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I screwed up this past weekend.  I went and prayed outside the strip club Friday night but I completely forgot about the Planned Barrenhood vigil the next day! So I didn’t make it.  If any readers have reports and especially photos they’d like to share, I would greatly appreciate it.

TFP/America Needs Fatima is organizing a nationwide mass Rosary crusade for Saturday October 10, 2015 at noon.  Over 9,000 people have signed up to lead groups in public prayer of the Rosary.  I’ve signed up.  Also, those who sign up to lead groups will have a Rose offered in their name at Fatima on the Eve of the 98th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun.

Details will follow on where the Rosary will take place.  I am open to suggestions.  One idea is along Northwest Highway near where we pray outside the strip club.  Instead of praying directly across from the strip club at the post office, though, I suggest a large open field immediately to the east of the post office.  That’s just one suggestion.  Locals feel free to make their own, and let me know if you are aware of other already ongoing plans!  It might be easier just join up with those.

More details below, including how you can sign up to lead a prayer vigil in your neighborhood:

After the 7th horrifying Planned Parenthood video, I was hit by how much our nation needs prayer.

Especially the Holy Rosary.

As you may know, a 7th video exposing the selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood is now out. What does it show?

In a graphic and heart-wrenching way, it shows a technician cutting through a baby’s face to gets its brain out intact. All while the baby’s heart is still beating.

This latest video is Satanic. It’s really too horrible for words…worse than a horror movie!

But it’s NOT a movie. It’s happening right here in America.  Innocent American babies are being killed.

But I certainly won’t sit around feeling frustrated and helpless! I’m spiritually fighting back. I’m working day and night to increase our Rosary Rally Crusade across America.

And I invite you to spiritually fight back too by becoming a Rosary Rally Captain in October 2015.  Almost 9,000 people have already accepted to be a captain and lead a Rosary. Can you do the same to stop the sin of abortion?

It is very simple. All you need to do is: 

  • Sign a form, and –we’ll send you a beautiful rally banner and a manual. 
    CLICK HERE to sign up.
  • In time, contact your friends and invite them to join you at the place you choose. 
  • On Saturday, October 10, 2015 at noon pray a Rosary in a public place. 
  • When you become a Rosary Rally Captain, we’ll deliver a Red Rose in your name to Our Lady on the very spot where she appeared in Fatima, Portugal. We’ll do this on October 12, 2015.

I am strongly convicted that we as Catholics need to take our glorious Faith to the public square much more.  I think much of the reason for the present state of crisis in both Church and culture can be traced back to Catholic abandonment of the public proclamation of our Faith.  There are growing, militant secular forces who would like to see Christianity consigned to the catacombs, if we’re even allowed that.  They hate God and His Church with a virulent passion.  I feel very strongly we must demonstrate to these forces we will not retreat, we will not go away, and that we will witness to our Faith even to the point of outright governmental persecution.

The hour is getting very late.  I encourage all readers to publicly pray a Rosary on October 10, whether they sign up formally or not.

And now for something completely different, a bit of helpful advice:


Boy do I know that to be true!  If I go to Confession weekly I find I usually don’t have anything overly major to confess, but if I don’t….watch out!

ISIS obliterates, desecrates 1600 year old Syrian monastery……. August 25, 2015

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……..and just for good measure, they dug up the ancient relics of Saint Elian and brutalized them, as well.  They also slaughtered the monks.

Is there a force on this planet more visibly satanic than militant islam and especially “ISIS?”

ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) fighters have bulldozed a 1,600-year-old Christian monastery after abducting and reportedly slaughtering its inhabitants.

The twisted terror group today released a video showing its barbaric militants razing the ancient Mar Elian monastery to the ground, even digging up and desecrating the bones of a Christian saint.

There were reports that fighters had also kidnapped the monastery’s abbot, Father Jacques Mouraud and a church volunteer, Botros Hanna, who are both now feared dead.

Earlier this month ISIS abducted up to 250 Christians from the monastery and its surrounding villages, many of whom were women and children.

In the sick video the terrorists can be seen gleefully removing the remains of Saint Elian, after whom the monastery was named, from their ancient stone sarcophagus.

The church is said to have been built on the spot where Saint Elian died after he was killed by his father, a Roman officer, for refusing to denounce his faith.

It was a popular pilgrim site with Christians throughout the Middle East and housed Roman frescos which were amongst the oldest paintings in the region.

The monastery, near the Syrian city of Homs, had been renovated several times in recent years, including by Italian priest Paolo Dall’Oglio who was executed in Raqqa by ISIS forces in July 2013.

ISIS said that it bulldozed the church because it was dedicated to a God other than Allah. [So much, then, for “dhimmi” status and islam being tolerant of Christians and Jews?  In truth, this is what has happened everywhere particularly militant islam has gained suzerainty, dating back to the 600s]

The group has routinely kidnapped and executed Christians living in the Middle East as part of its ideological drive to create an Islamist caliphate…….

………ISIS has routinely destroyed and desecrated ancient monuments in lands it has captured in the Middle East.

The Islamist fanatics see many historical sites as blasphemous to their cause.

Earlier this year the extremists blew up the ancient city of Nimrud, in Iraq, whilst they also released a video of fighters smashing ancient statues in Mosul museum.

They are in truth opposed to all civilization, which is why islam, in spite of starting from a relatively high level of development, today features many of the most backwards, deliberately ignorant countries in the world.  In order to conduct their sick jihad, they have to import weapons from other less benighted places.  Islam has given very, very little to the world and has taken a very great deal.  It’s thoroughly un-Christian of me, I guess, but a part of me thinks the only way to deal with these people is like this:

Redwing Tewa 5 MT shot July 20, 1956, designed to be as dirty as possible. Almost all weapons effects from fission, ground burst for maximum fallout.  This was probably the dirtiest nuclear test the United States every conducted.  “Dirty” means maximum radiological effects.

With islam, it’s always war to the knife and knife to the hilt.  It always has been.  Either you must destroy them, or they will destroy you.  And now our first muslim president and a compliant Senate have seen fit to allow one of the most deranged islamist regimes to be armed with nuclear weapons.  I am increasingly convinced there will be another use of nuclear weapons in my lifetime, and that this time, it won’t be in ones or twos.  It’s going to be horrific.

Below, what the monastery used to look like, and images of its destruction:






Which it’s our birthday, precious……. August 25, 2015

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……..and now we are this many:

1367985621_doc44-albums-44-magnums-picture115-s153155-rare-5-screw-nickel-november-1956 (3)

Dirty Larry.

Motives for the Sanctification of Sunday August 24, 2015

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Closing out the catechesis I started last week as promised, more excerpts from The Catechism Explained by Spirago-Clarke:

God rewards with temporal blessings those who keep holy His day.

Consider the loving kindness of God; it is no toilsome service He requires of you, but that you should rest.  There are one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week.  God only demands one day (twenty four hours) for Himself; must you use this for your worldly affairs?  Those who would prosper in their business must consecrate Sunday to the service of God.  Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America, when on his voyage always kept his vessels stationary on Sunday.  God often protects in a special manner those who keep holy His day………God often increases the gains of those who abstain from the pursuit of their calling on Sundays……..

The profanation of the Sabbath is frequently punished with temporal evils, sickness, and poverty.

Because the Jews habitually violated the sanctity of the Sabbath God permitted Nebuchodonosor to destroy Jerusalem and take the people into captivity (II Esd xiii:18).  The usual punishment for profaning Sunday and not hearing Mass is to become the captive of vice.  Those who work continuously ruin their health; man can no more live without taking repose than without eating.  Thus, the day of rest is not only a religious duty, but a natural necessity.  To those who work on Sundays God says as to the Jews of yore: “I will quickly visit you with poverty” (Lev xxvi:16). Those who through greed of gain desecrate Sunday, obtain the very opposite of their aim………

The non-observance of Sunday undermines family life and social relations

This sin causes the disintegration of the family.  If the members of a family neglect public worship, they lose all sense of their duties and fall into evil ways. The father becomes dissolute, the mother indifferent, the children insubordinate.  The father does not fulfill his duty to his children; occupied all the week he sees but little of them; on Sunday he has leisure to observe their individual characters, and give them useful instruction.  The disintegration of society follows that of the family; the profanation of Sunday is an open violation of God’s Law………Catholics who are careless in regard to the holy days of obligation, gradually lose all sense of their religious duties; they forget God, their final end, and become like heathen.  Those who are not found on Sunday morning among the children of God on earth, will be excluded from His presence for all eternity. By sanctifying Sunday, we lay up for ourselves treasures which will last forever.

——–End Quote——–

How much have we seen the last borne out among Catholics in these past several decades?!?  Catholics skip Mass, embrace contraception, divorce, and fornication, and have become indistinguishable from the heathen!  Neglecting the Sunday obligation has been a substantial factor in the collapse of the Faith in so many countries.  This has proven as ruinous for society as it has for individual souls.  Formerly Christian countries are now more heathen than many of the lands more recently evangelized.  America is increasingly becoming another of these formerly Christian countries. I personally believe that process accelerated once laws against unnecessary business and shopping on Sunday were lifted in many regions 30-40 years ago.  That was a most significant, and damaging, step in the de-Christianization of the United States.  Like many previous steps, it was not innocently contrived nor completely accidental.  It is part of a general effort towards driving the Christian religion into the catacombs, if not out of existence entirely.


Keep Pushing: petition to Pope Francis on the Synod tops half a million August 24, 2015

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I know some folks have problems with TFP (I’ve personally never experienced any, they seem to be doing a great deal of good work), but I have to say, more like this:

Ahead of the upcoming Synod on the Family in Rome, dozens of organizations are collecting petitions to Pope Francis, asking him to reinforce Church teaching on marriage and family.  Today, the worldwide petition surpassed 500,000 signatures, including those of 5 cardinals, 117 bishops and hundreds of prominent civil leaders.

The ‘Filial Appeal’ to the Pope is available online:

“College students from coast to coast are asking Pope Francis to reaffirm Church teaching at the Synod,” said John Ritchie, director of Tradition Family Property Student Action, one of the pro-family groups gathering petitions.

“After Ireland and the U.S. Supreme Court both approved same-sex ‘marriage,’ a strong reaffirmation of Church teaching could save the sacred institution of marriage, strengthen the family and dispel the lies of the homosexual revolution,” Ritchie stated.  “Young Catholics — even non-Catholics — look to the Church as a beacon of morality and stability in our Godless culture, but some of our shepherds have issued confusing statements.”…….

……..”This prayerful petition asks Pope Francis to clear up the moral confusion that’s been spreading against Natural and Divine Law,” continued Ritchie.  “If the enemies of the family continue to chip away at holy matrimony, the future of the family and civilization itself will be in even more serious peril.”

The pro-family petition, Filial Appeal to His Holiness Pope Francis on the Future of the Family, will be hand delivered in Rome on September 29, the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel.

So there’s over a month left!  It would be wonderful to me to see the number of signatures double in the five weeks remaining.  But I fear virtually any number of signatures will still be ignored by those who are bent on pursuing ideological agendas and not necessarily doing what is best for souls or the Church at large.  It’s like that scene in For Greater Glory when the faithful Catholics are gathering millions of signatures to protest the Calles’ government persecution of the Church, and an older man rightly prognosticates that they would indeed ignore even millions of signatures.  He suggests even further steps, which led to a nationwide economic boycott of serious effectiveness. Even that would not stop the revolutionaries, so it came down to armed conflict.

The point being, perhaps it is time to start considering further steps beyond pleas for doctrinal clarity and cries for the upholding of the perennial belief of the Church from a standpoint of filial submission.

I’m not sure what those next steps could be.  We’ll certainly see what the Synod produces, but if it goes according to modernist/progressive plan………it would be a really good idea to have a response ready in advance.  Something more constructive than collectively flipping the bird.  I’m having a hard time convincing myself what an appropriate next step would constitute if millions of hearts are broken and scandalized by the Synod, while staying within the bounds of virtue.  Could an “economic boycott” be one of the possibilities?

Atrocity against mankind: ISIS destroying ancient city of Palmyra August 24, 2015

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An ancient Roman temple to an admittedly hideous pagan god has reportedly been destroyed in the ruins of the ancient city of Palmyra, one of the best-preserved and most easily accessibly archaeological sites in the world.  As they did in the ruins of Nineveh, the murdering child rapists of ISIS are destroying priceless artifacts which are treasures of all mankind:

Islamic State militants on Sunday blew up the temple of Baal Shamin, one of the most important sites in Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra, said Maamoun Abdul Karim, the country’s antiquities chief.

The temple bombing would be the first time the insurgents, who control swathes of Syria and Iraq and captured Palmyra in May, damaged monumental Roman-era ruins.

“We have said repeatedly the next phase would be one of terrorising people and when they have time they will begin destroying temples,” Abdul Karim told Reuters.

“I am seeing Palmyra being destroyed in front of my eyes,” he added. “God help us in the days to come.”

A week ago, the militants beheaded Khaled Asaad, an 82-year-old scholar who worked for more than 50 years as head of antiquities in Palmyra, after detaining and interrogating him for over a month.

Before the city’s capture by Islamic State, Syrian officials said they moved hundreds of ancient statues to safe locations out of concern that the militants would destroy them.

In June, Islamic State blew up two ancient shrines in Palmyra that were not part of its Roman-era structures but which the militants regarded as pagan and sacrilegious.

The militants were also beginning excavation for gold and giving licenses for illicit excavation of the city’s treasures, Abdul Karim added.

The structure below is reputed to be the one that was destroyed. It was a temple to the satanic demon of fertility to which many ancient cultures sacrificed their living babies.  The Israeli state was sacked by God for falling into this unimaginable idolatry:


But God has never commanded us to iconoclasm or even effacing the reminders of past satanic worship.  In fact, these places can serve a salient function in demonstrating how men have fallen in the past, and how careful we must be to not do similarly.  We are only preserved from such folly by cooperation with Grace.

Other threatened structures in Palmyra:

ISIL Explodes Ancient Temple at Syria’s Palmyra Ruins


At present, major Christian historical sites like Krak de Chevaliers, a massive Crusader castle occupied by the Knights Hospitaller for 150 years in the 12th and 13th centuries has not fallen under ISIS control, but as the war continues to go badly for the Syrian government and anti-ISIS forces it is possible such structures could be threatened, as well.


Krak de Chevaliers was damaged during fighting in 2013 and 2014.  The extent of the damage is unclear. What is clear is that if this priceless site falls into ISIS’ hands the damage will be much more severe.  Other great Crusader castles like Margat and Masyaf may be similarly threatened, but ISIS could conceivably give them a pass since they were conquered by islam long ago.  One never knows with these guys.  They are so crazed and full of blood-lust they are capable of anything at anytime.

Perhaps ISIS is the scourge God is sending to chastise the entire world for its cold-hearted indifference and rank immorality?  That, among a few other things, like looming economic implosion and possible societal breakdown.

Enjoy the 21st century!

The Revolution stands in constant opposition to the Church……. August 21, 2015

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……and the two can never be effectively reconciled.

So says Fr. Augustine Berthe in his biography of Garcia Moreno.  I thought this made a pretty good companion to the previous two posts, so I’ll defer completion of the catechesis on the Sunday obligation till Monday – God willing!

I’m out of time, so here goes:

As a true Christian statesman, Garcia Moreno believed that God had sent His Son upon earth to govern nations as well as souls; and that in consequence the true Constitution of a people should have Jesus Christ for its Head, and the Evangelic Code for its formula.  Under this first and great authority, the State is formed, sword in hand, to defend the liberty and action of the Church, and to provide for the order and material well-being of the nation, so that the children of the Church should enjoy that superabundance  of all good things promised to those who seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice. This secondary organ of government should be united to the Church as the body is to the soul, and on their regular and combined operations depend the good order of State, the prosperity of society, and the true liberty of individuals.

……The revolution had so worked upon men’s minds during this last century, [written ca. 1878] that they have forgotten the first notions of social organization.  They eliminate the main wheel of this organization, that is, the Church, the source of all truth and justice, and they make the people absolute sovereigns: so that society, having neither head nor heart, neither God nor Master, becomes prey of the Revolutionists, who divide the spoils.  Thus the Revolution takes advantage of the credulity of the people under the specious names of liberty and independence.  Even certain Catholics do not escape this Liberal infatuation.  They boast of Constitutions based on the abominable doctrine of the sovereignty of the people, and on the subordination of the Church to the State, under the hypocritical formula of “a free Church in a free State.”  In his Encyclicals and in the Syllabus, Blessed Pius IX condemned the favorite theses of the radicals, “that the Church should reconcile Herself with modern civilization,” and that “liberty of worship did not lead to indifferentism and immorality.”  Garcia Moreno exclaimed on hearing some Catholics defend such opinions: “They do not understand that if the Syllabus remains a dead letter, society is at an end! If the Pope has put true social principles before us, it is because the world needs them if it is not to perish!”  

……..Parliamentary absolutism is, in fact, the most formidable engine of despotism which the world has ever known; yet it is presented to the people as a type of truly Liberal Government. It is, in fact, the masterpiece of revolutionary duplicity.

———–End Quote———-

There is a great deal to unpack in the above.  But know this, first and foremost: what Fr. Berthe’ wrote in 1878 was certainly the solid, orthodox Catholic belief of the time, espoused by popes and clearly in line with the constant Magisterium of the Church.  The vast departures we have seen in many quarters of the Church since that time are just that: departures from the constant belief and practice of the Faith.

Going through the above: the Church is endowed by God with the first portion, She should always hold men’s first allegiance.  Government that proposes “freedom of religion” in fact subordinates the Church to the State, which was exactly the goal of Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, Voltaire, and all the other endarkenment theorists whose thinking is the sine qua non of virtually every government on this planet.  All these men sought a way to subordinate religion, and especially the Catholic Church, to the power of the state.  And as noted above, in so doing, they have created a society where indifferentism and immorality are rife as never before in the annals of Christendom, or what’s left of it.  You can read Ferrara’s Liberty: The God that Failed for a deep analysis of this key point.

The final key point, and it is discussed in much more depth in the video below, is this: “Liberal” government, far from endowing freedom and empowerment on the people, actually reduces them to a form of serfdom never before seen in the history of the world. Never before has government, or any authority, had the audacity to take the majority of the produce of a man in the form of taxation.  Even the lowest serfs were taxed by their liege lords at levels far below what most are taxed today in our “free republic.”  And that is only the beginning.  The Liberal government, because it claims to derive its power from the people, in the people’s name can assign itself powers orders of magnitude beyond what even the harshest medieval “despot” would have dared centuries ago.  This is an odd phenomenon, but actually a stroke of psychological brilliance: if a government claims to derive its power from God and to be aloof from the “will of the people,” men will tend to guard very jealously their own prerogatives and circumscribe as tight limits on that government as they can.  But in a government that claims to arise from the “sovereignty of the people,” that tendency to jealously guard against excesses from the government evaporates, because people have bought into the chimera that they have a say, or some form of control, over the limits of that government, and thus NSA wire taps and e-mail sifting, CCTV cameras on every street corner, and such a proliferation of federal laws that virtually every citizen of the country is an unindicted felon on numerous counts must be OK, because “we voted for this.” Or something.

Anyway, I am out of time, D is right, Charles Coulombe speaks in a very garbled way, but this is an excellent video that fleshes out many of the points above.  It’s a long interview but I highly recommend you listen attentively:


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Let’s see some more men come out!  I get at least 1000 different readers a week from the Dallas Diocese and at least 30-40% of those have to be male.  Everyone who comes out has a family and is very busy. We all are.  It’s all a matter of priority.

So come on out!  It’s a tremendous spiritual work of mercy!  To all you men who have already come, thank you, God bless you, please keep it up!

I will be praying outside  The Men’s Club, 2340 W. Northwest Hwy, Dallas, on FRIDAY AUG 21 @ 8:30p.  I will actually be across the street in the parking lot of the US Post Office.  This is directly across from the entrance to the inappropriately named “gentleman’s club.”  

We’ve had some good turnout.  I pray all of you are able to come back out this time.

The post office parking lot is well lit and set back some distance from the very busy roadway.  It is public land so we cannot be harassed for being there.  It’s really an ideal situation, we are basically impossible to miss by patrons leaving this sexually oriented business (SOB).  Men over 18 only.  All men are welcome.  You don’t have to be a member of a particular parish.  I will stay for at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half, depending on how many show up.

Just to be clear we have had no occasions of sin stemming from being adjacent to a strip club.  We are out in public and have experienced no scandal at all to this point.

No protesting, just prayer.  If we are approached by anyone associated with the SOB let one man interact with them while the rest provide prayer support.

This is a small way to push back against the culture of license, perversion, and death.  Maybe it’s even a way to get that canonized “smell of the sheep” we hear so much about.

PS – I think everyone who has come out has enjoyed it.  Every time is different.


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