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How Much Responsibility do the NeverTrump Rinos of the 2016-18 Congress Bear for this Impeachment Farce We are Enduring? November 14, 2019

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I’d say, a very, very great deal.

Remember, this is the party that could not, would not, support Trump on virtually any of his major policy initiatives (the border wall, principally, but there were others) and in fact tried to stone wall and impede every move he made.  Their actions, and an inept organization by the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (were they trying to fail), chilled enthusiasm among Republicans and pretty much insured – along with a press consisting almost entirely of leftist operatives with bylines – that the demonrat party would gain control of the House in 2018.  Which, they did, after promising for two years that if they DID gain the House, they would use that as their leverage of power to impeach Trump and/or derail his re-election.  I increasingly believe that the House Republican leadership quite knew what it was doing in blocking Trump and helping to set this @#$&! show up, and that creatures like Paul Ryan (who, you will remember, conveniently retired from Congress to a lucrative lobbying career after his work in blocking Trump was done) did this deliberately with an intent to achieve just what we are seeing now.  Heck, the demonrats were very clear in their intent from even before Trump was sworn in – he must be blocked, stopped, and resisted by all means, fair or (preferably, for them) foul, up to an including use of naked violence.  They were talking impeachment from January 20, 2017 and haven’t stopped since.

Of course, this is what they have done to every single Republican elected President since Eisenhower, save for hapless, helpless, and hardly conservative Jerry Ford.

The democrats have been sending very strong signals to the American people for half a century now.  They mean to gain power, and once gained, never let it go.  I truly believe they felt they had practically attained their end in 2016, when, after 8 years of Obama and decades of flooding the country with democrat-voting immigrants, they were certain that 8 more years of demonrat rule under Hillary would mean perpetual democrat power.  That’s what this impeachment is about, it’s about overturning the elective will of the American people, and insuring that perpetual one-party rule under the democrats.

And leading Republicans went along with it, all too eagerly.  They are all too happy playing the always losing saps to the democrats one party rule (of course, as many have noted, there are so few differences between the Republican and Democrat elites that govern us that we are already essentially ruled by an incompetent, self-aggrandizing uniparty).  One grows exhausted at their constant malfeasance and cowardice. There aren’t 60 rock solid conservatives between the entire Congressional Republican bunch, House and Senate combined.  I guess at some point, we only have ourselves to blame.

So, I get very much what the “groypers” are doing.  I agree with much of it.  I just think their attacks are a bit broad and some parts of their focus may prove counterproductive. Or, at least, premature.

I liked this from reader T:


1. Tim - November 14, 2019

I agree with everything you have said here. Pat Buchanan said the Democrat and Republican parties are the 2 wings on the same bird of prey. Guess who the prey is. Our system in America does not work, even John Adams, no friend of Catholics, said the Constitution can only work to govern a moral and religious people. He was right, now that most of Americans are essentially pagans, IT’S OVER. Trump will buy us some time but for all intents and purposes it’s over. Goverment is WAY TOO lucrative. Power and money corrupt people to the core. Without morals and religion these people have no chance to be virtuous leaders. Catholic Monarchy us the only way. While Trump is far from perfect he’s the best we got, but it won’t be enough, the problem is spiritual and Satan is gladly stepping in to the void left by us kicking God out of our lives. Do your duty, pray, stay confessed, prepare for persecution and trust in God. Only God’s DIRECT INTERVENTION will save us from our self created mess.

2. Tim - November 14, 2019

And they’re off!

3. Tim - November 14, 2019

4. c matt - November 14, 2019

[e]nsuring that perpetual one-party rule under the democrats

If this whole fiasco did not make it obvious, we have been under one party rule for a long time. There is an extreme progressive wing of this party, a leftist wing which is just slightly less crazy, and a centrist (a.k.a. “conservative”) wing populated by the GOPe. I hesitate to call them RINOs because they are, in fact, a majority of the elected Republicans.

Like that old USSR joke about its rigged elections “One party on the ballot makes it difficult to make elections look legitimate: Next time, we should have two, like the Americans do it.”

5. Tim - November 15, 2019
6. Tim - November 15, 2019

7. Tim - November 16, 2019

The Emcee gets hammered:

8. Tim - November 20, 2019
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