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Unearthly beauty of traditional Chant in a hallowed hall of Christendom April 17, 2015

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Komitas – Lord have mercy, sung in the ancient Church of the Holy Cross on Akdamar Island by a woman of substantial talent.  This below, and “Gather us in” or “On eagle’s wings” aren’t in the same liturgical universe:

Too bad the other women don’t have their heads covered!  Good for the singer.

About the church, it is actually a 10th century cathedral.  Of course, we are at present marking the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.  This cathedral was a major seat of the Armenian Orthodox Church.  Quite controversially, after being allowed to deteriorate badly for decades, the Turkish government set aside a small amount of money and turned the former cathedral into a museum.

A brief  quote on that history:

In 1915, during the Armenian Genocide, the monks of Aght’amar were massacred, the church looted, and the monastic buildings destroyed.

I guess we know why the former cathedral looks so barren.  I wonder how much incredible, irreplaceable art from two millenia ago! was destroyed in the process.  And now the Turks try to pretend to be nicey nice with the Armenians (now that they are almost all gone or dead) by spending a whole $1 million on a forced “restoration” and conversion of the cathedral into a museum the Armenians didn’t want!

So, this beautiful act of prayer, and the hymn sung, at that place, and at this time, by an Armenian woman…….it is absolutely pregnant with meaning.  And boy does she knock it out of the park.  The Armenians are some of the most ancient Christians it is possible to find.  I pray for their return to unity with the See of Peter.

h/t JP Sonnen

Support the TLM in Mexico! April 16, 2015

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Another video on Fr. Romanowski, FSSP, a priest of whom I have heard several glowing reports.  This is a priest who understands that in the present crisis all faithful Catholics need to band together and oppose the revolutionaries who would seek to radically change our Faith.

They died shouting long live Christ the King.  They did not die shouting long live the liberty of conscience, long live the liberty to do as you please. They could not accept that Christ would be treated as an opinion, among many.  They could not support that God would be subordinate to wicked man.

This is a pretty good talk.  Please consider supporting the creation of a traditional seminary for Latin American vocations here.

Proof that the Greek Church accepted papal primacy prior to the Photian Schism? April 16, 2015

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Another excerpt from Dom Prosper Gueranger, and this one is most interesting.  It is from the Greek Menaea for Pope St. Leo the Great, written, according to Dom Gueranger, many centuries before the Great Schism of 1054.  The words from this hymn certainly do seem to establish a strong St_Leo_the_Great_2_CNA_US_Catholic_News_11_2_12

belief in Papal primacy.  They also highlight how the early Church viewed doctrinal orthodoxy/purity/correctness as one of the most vital characteristics of a bishop, especially the Sovereign Pontiff.  No bonus points for saying Catholic things 99% of the time……they are demanded 100% of the time. See what  you think below:

O happy Pontiff! Glorious Leo, thou hast been made companion of the faithful priests and martyrs; for thou was t most invincible in battle, and immovable as a tower and fortress of religion.  Thou dist proclaim, with most prefect orthodoxy and wisdom, the unspeakable generation download (10)of Christ.

O ruler of orthodoxy, teacher of religion and holiness, light of the whole earth, divinely inspired glory of true believers, wise Leo!  Thou enlightenest all men by thy teachings, O harp of the Holy Ghost!

Heir of the See of Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, thou didst preside over the Church: thou hadst his spirit and wast inflamed with zeal for the Faith.

Beaming with a most bright light, thou, O holy Leo, didst admirably preach the ineffable and divine Incarnation, teaching the two natures, and the two wills of the Incarnate God.800px-Leoattila-Raphael

Resplendent with the knowledge of divine truths, thou didst scatter on all sides the brightness of orthodoxy, and dispel the darkness of heresy.  Departing this life, thou, O blessed one! now dwellest in the light that knows no setting.

O inspired minister of God’s mysteries, thou didst admirably preach that Christ is the Only Son and Lord, begotten of the Father before all ages, born for us of the Virgin, and dwelling on earth like unto us.

2012125421leo_2_300Seated with glory upon the throne of the pontificate, thou didst stop the mouths of lions, and madest to shine upon they flock the light of the knowledge of God, by proclaiming the divine dogma of the adorable Trinity.  Therefore hast thou been glorified as a holy Pontiff initiated in the Grace of God.

Thou, as a dazzling sun, didst rise in the West and wisely dispel the error of Eutyches, who mingled and confused the two natures, and that of Nestorius, who divided tehm as though they were tow Persons. Thou taughtest us to adore one Christ in two natures, inseparably, unchangeably, unconfusedly, united.

Inspired of God, thou didst appear to the people of God as another Moses, showing them the Commandments of religion written, as it were, on tables…….

———End Quote———

It goes on for some time with such effusive praise.  I’d say several of the bits highlighted above, if not conclusive, argue very strongly for an acceptance of the Papal primacy by the Greek Church, and on terms that are pretty close to what the Church believes.  As such, it seems pretty damning evidence 43ccf68859that, as Dom Gueranger claimed, it was not the Latin Church, but the Greek Church which changed its belief regarding the Primacy of the See of Peter.

“Presiding over the Church” could be a statement open to some interpretation, but it would seem difficult to conflate that with the mere “first among equals” approach the Eastern Orthodox have argued for the past 1000 years.  Presiding seems to imply more than a mere “first in honors” position that would leave the Sovereign Pontiff an equal with the other ancient sees, at least, if not the thousands of bishops around the world. Presiding strongly implies governing, but, perhaps the translation is debatable.

What of the claim that he was inspired of God?  Is that significant?  I guess any Saint or holy bishop could be inspired of God, but again, there is a reference to such a universal teaching and governing office (that of Moses, the clear leader of the Jewish nation and religion) that this seems a pretty strong endorsement of Papal primacy.  Moses was the leader of his Church, and claiming that Leo was “another Moses” suggests powerfully to me that he was viewed as the sole leader of the Universal Church, heir to the office Moses first undertook.

What say you?


Christians may not rest equally with a toleration extended equally to Christ and Satan April 16, 2015

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Where we’ve arrived at today, with a culture completely given over to the most hideous immorality, didn’t happen overnight.  It’s been coming for a very long time……two hundred years, five hundred  years……it depends on your viewpoint.  Regardless, 150 years ago, when Dom Prosper Gueranger was crafting his great series on the Liturgical Year, it was quite apparent even then that the culture was forcing Christians to choose between Christ and Satan.  And so here we are today, where the choice is much more stark.  Some guidance from Gueranger on how to weather these times, in his exegesis on the life of St. Justin Martyr, the Saint referenced below.

Though so many centuries have since passed….the Mother of all mankind wishes her children to pay thee [St. Justin Martyr, and by extention, Our Lord] greater honor today than they have done in past ages.  She was once recognized as Queen of the nations, but now her situation is what it was in the days when thou didst defend her against hostile powers. Raise up new apologists.  Teach them that the assaults of hell may be repelled by zeal, firmness, and eloquence.  But they must not have false ideas as to the nature of the combat entrusted to their honor by the Church.  They have to defend a Queen.  The Spouse of the Son of God could never permit her champions to solicit for her the protection accorded to a slave. Truth has its rights – or, rather, it is truth alone that has the right to claim liberty.  Our apologists, O Justin, must, like thee, make the State ashamed not to grant to the Church a liberty accorded to all sects. But Christian champions may not rest satisfied with a toleration extended equally to Christ and Satan.  They must cry with thee, even when fresh violence is threatened: ‘Our cause is just, for we, and we alone, speak the Truth.”  [Need I say more.  That is simply brilliant. This must be our response to the Frank Bruni’s of the world, who would try to bully the Church into silence: We will never be silenced, because we alone speak the Truth revealed by Jesus Christ!  And all who oppose that truth are damned.”]

Pray for us, O holy martyr, that our lives may henceforward be such as will honor this year’s Pasch. Pray also for the Church of Rome, your Mother; her days of trial have returned; She has a right to count upon your intercession for the help She needs.

———-End Quote———

When I read the above last night, I had not yet seen Father’s response to the question regarding Catholic businesses serving immoral causes, even under great duress.  I have felt many times in the several years I have blogged that I have been touched by Providence through various things I have read, or how certain events have developed, to reveal a greater truth to me than I would have ever gained on my own.  This is one of those times. Father let us know the moral parameters in which to operate, and gave us an exhortation to check our consciences, to see if we are really doing all we can to oppose the evil gathering around us.  Now Dom Prosper comes along, so to speak, to further highlight that guidance and, even more, to show us how we should respond.

Lord, thank you so much for raising up such holy priests and great Saints to guide us!  Even though the sun seems to be setting for a very long night, the light provided by the Saints, Fathers, holy souls, and all the great Tradition of our Faith can never be dimmed!  So long as we cling to that, we shall be fine, no matter what the world and its master try to inflict on us.  You are such a great God, providing Your Church with such splendid examples, as  You knew this time would come, and that we would have to look most often to the past for that guidance and example we, your little, frail sheep, so desperately need.

God bless you all. I pray your find the above not just edifying but also consoling.

A sacerdotal response to yesterday’s query on bakers, sodo-marriage, and sin April 16, 2015

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This is a very good response to yesterday’s query: is it a sin for a Catholic baker to make a cake for a sodo-marriage, or for one involving already married Catholics (with no annulment)?  The answer below is along the lines Noah proposed, dealing with formal and material cooperation with sin.  This is one very good priest’s opinion.  I am not saying it is the final answer, but I tend to agree with everything he says (I add emphasis and comments):

There is formal and material co-operation in another person’s sinful act.  Formal co-operation is always sinful, and this occurs when A helps B in an external sinful act and A intends the sinfulness of it.  In the case of the Catholic baker or florist, it is safe to assume there is no formal co-operation.  [Catholic……..as opposed to katholyc. In the latter case, the assumption may not be entirely safe]

Material co-operation occurs when A helps B to accomplish an external act by an act that is not sinful, and without approving of what B does.  Perhaps some might argue that the baker/florist is not helping the sodomites to sin (i.e. engage in a fake wedding), but I would not accept such an argument.  Material co-operation in the sin of another is in general sinful.  Material co-operation can be immediate or mediate and the mediate can be proximate or remote.  In this case, I think it’s true that the material co-operation of the baker/florist is the “least possible,” i.e. mediate and remote.  It is certainly possible that mediate and remote material co-operation not be sinful, but I find no way to make such an argument in the particular case we are addressing.  Why?

(1) For material co-operation in the sin of another to not be sinful, there must be sufficient cause for permitting the sin of another.  Unless the baker/florist is starving and has to make a sale in order to live, one cannot even begin to put forth an argument that there is sufficient cause for permitting such a grave sin, i.e. desecration of marriage and public acceptance of sodomy.  I will admit, however, the matter can get quite complex, because what if the baker/florist loses his job or gets a hefty government fine if he refuses to service the marriage desecration?  Is this sufficient cause?

(2) The most serious reason for the sinfulness of material co-operation in this particular case is that the sinful act (the fake wedding) is causing great harm to the Church and society (not to mention scandal), and is about the gravest possible offense against God Himself!  In this particular case of a “gay wedding,” the stakes are so high (for example, desecration of marriage, public approval of sins against nature and sins that cry to heaven for vengeance, the total corruption of public morality), that in my priestly opinion, there is no possible “sufficient cause” to justify any form of co-operation, even if one were to lose one’s life for not co-operating. [This is the crux of the argument, and what caused me to feel that cooperation would be sinful.  The priest expresses the argument much more accurately and formally, but basically he’s saying what I was saying: in the present context, this matter is so heated, and cooperation in the sin, even against one’s will, is so loaded with meaning, as to be cooperating in an act that has import enormously larger than just providing a cake, or some flowers, or whatever.  And that is why a few souls have chosen to suffer enormously rather than cooperate in the act, even if most of those so “outed” for doing so have not been Catholic, but evangelicals.  Another commentary on the state of the Church today, is it not?]

One final point:  I think we need to beware of isolating this question from the larger context.  Yes, if the baker/florist is being threatened with prison if he/she does not perform the service, this does affect his/her personal culpability regarding his/her material co-operation, but what are we doing as Catholics on a daily and constant basis to oppose and fight against the subversion of society, i.e. the diabolic corruption of a society to the point where said society now penalizes bakers and florists who refuse to service sins that cry to heaven for vengeance?  If we Catholics are not “hitting it hard” on a daily and constant basis to fight against the diabolical “gay agenda,” how sinful is our dereliction of duty?

Dang right.  I agree totally with that.  Maybe we should be praying outside “gay” bars, rather than outside strip clubs.  But that’s for a later day.  If there is cause for concern over a violent reaction outside a strip club, it must be orders of magnitude higher for praying outside places occupied by the perverse.  We’re just not there yet.  Maybe eventually……

Thanks very much to Father for providing this opinion.  It is both edifying and clarifying.  Know that this is one priest who has suffered greatly for his strong stand for the Doctrine of the Faith and opposition to to sins that are, as he so aptly says, totally corrupting the morals of our society.  May God have mercy on him and all of us in this time of darkness and evil run amok.

Sighs of love towards God, by Saint Alphonsus April 15, 2015

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More greatness (I think) from Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, from The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ:


Lord, who am I, that Thou has loved me so much, and that Thou shouldst so much desire to be loved by me?  O my God, worthy of infinite love!  I love Thee, or rather, I should say, I love Thee not.  I love Thee above all things; more than my life, more than myself; but still I see that I love Thee too little.  O King of Heaven, make Thyself also King of my heart, possess me entirely.


I leave all, and turn to Thee.  I embrace Thee, I press Thee to my soul; despise me not, immeasurable good; I love Thee.  Now that Thou hast united me to Thee, O my Jesus, how can I see myself separated from Thee? I love Thee, and will never cease to love Thee.  Unite Thyself to me, Lord; let not the corruption of the world and my sins drive me away from Thee.


O God, O God!  Whom shall I love, if I love Thee not, my life, my love, my all?  Chosen among thousands (Cant V:10).  My God, Thee only, Thee alone do I choose for my love.  My Redeemer, I desire no other but Thee.  Oh that I might be wholly consumed for Thee, who wast entirely consumed for me!  Take possession, Lord, of my whole will, and do with me what thou pleasest.


O God not known, O God not loved!  He is a fool that loves Thee not.  O my God, when I sinned I well knew that I was greatly displeasing Thee: have I done so?  Could I do so?  If I had died then, I should no longer have been able to love Thee. Now that I can, I will love Thee.  Lord, after having given me so many graces, permit me not to betray Thee again.  Let me sooner die.  Thou hast born with me, that I might love Thee.  Yes, I will love Thee.  My God, Thou hast conquered me; I will withstand Thee no longer, I surrender myself to Thee.


What are riches?  What are honors?  What are pleasures?  God, God, I desire God alone!  O King of hearts, reign in my heart.  Ah, draw me all to Thee!  Bind me, O God, to Thee, in such a way that I shall never be able to lose myself from Thee.  Then we shall always love each other, O my God, O my God.


Upcoming TLM in Morgantown, WV!! April 14, 2015

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A man sent me a very kind note recently, asking me to publicize an upcoming TLM to be offered at St. John University Parish in Morgantown, WV, home of the West Virginia Mountaineers.  The Mass will be offered Friday, May 1 at 7p.  That is absolutely awesome.  Details attached:

TLM flyer 20150501

I believe the hope is that this first(?) TLM will grow into a regular TLM.  A Benedictine priest is offering the Mass.

Please let me know how it turns out!  If you send pics, that’s even better, readers love seeing pics of a beautiful, reverent Mass.

Thank you, JV, for your very kind words – that is why I started blogging.  If I did play the role you describe, I am truly blessed.

I pray the church is packed to overflowing!



A brilliant prayer from Saint Alphonsus April 14, 2015

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I’m not sure if the below is really meant to be a prayer or an exhortation, but whatever it is, it works.  I found it very moving.  I’m only copying part of it because the whole meditation/prayer/exhortation was about 3 pages long.  Here is what I thought the best bit, from The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ:

My crucified Jesus!  From Thy cross Thou didst foresee the offences I should commit against Thee; and , at the same time, Thou were procuring my pardon.  Thou didst foresee my destruction, and didst prepare the remedy.  Thou didst vie with me to see which should conquer – I, in offending Thee, or Thou, in redoubling Thy graces to me……..When, my God, shall I have overcome all things to please Thee, who hast given Thy love for me?  When shall I see myself detached form all, to be united to Thee and to Thy Holy Will?  I desire it, and wish to perform it; but Thou must enable me to do so. I have not the strength to put it in effect. Thou hast promised to hear those that pray to Thee; I beseech Thee, with all my heart, not to let me live and die ungrateful for so much goodness….[Saint John of the Cross says our attachments are the strings that hold us down to earth, preventing us from flying to Heaven]

…My beloved Jesus, who urged on by the bowels of Thy mercy, didst come to seek us lost sheep, do not cease to seek me in my misery till Thou hast 32-alphonsusvxeprovfound me!  Remember that for me also Thou didst shed Thy blood.

O my Jesus, who for my love didst deign to be sacrificed on the Cross, there to die consumed with grief, I love Thee; and I desire to sacrifice myself entirely to Thy love. Stretch forth one of Thy pierced hands, and raise me from the mire of my sins; heal the many wounds of my soul; burn, destroy in me all those affections which belong not to Thee.  Thou canst do this; grant it, then, for the sake of Thy Passion.  This do I hope.

Because Thou hast loved me, Thou hast not denied me Thy Blood and Thy life; I, because I love Thee, will deny Thee nothing Thou dost require of me.  Without reserve Thou hast given Thyself all to me in Thy Passion and in the Sacrament of the Altar; I, without reserve, give myself all to Thee.  Tell me what Thou desirest of me, and by Thy help I will do it all.

O ye damned souls!  Speak, and say, from the prison in which you are, what torments you most most in hell – the fire that burns you, or the love which Jesus Christ has borne you?  Ah, assuredly the hell of your hell is this: to see that a God came down from heaven to earth to save you, and you, shutting your eyes tot he light, have chosen of your own free will to be lost, and to lose this infinite good, even your God, who will be yours no longer, nor will you ever be able to regain him.  [The thought of never being able to regain God’s mercy, to converse with Him, terrifies me]

Ah my Jesus!  My treasure, my life, my consolation, my love, my all!  I love Thee; and I fear nothing but to lose Thee, and to see myself deprived of the power to love Thee.  Grant that I may love Thee, and then do with me what Thou wilt. [That should sound familiar from Stations!]

My crucified Jesus, break the chains of my inordinate affections, which prevent me from being wholly united to Thee, and bind me by they golden links of Thy love; but bind me so tightly, that I shall never be able to loose myself from Thee….My love, despise me not as I have deserved.  Remember how much my soul has cost Thee, and save me.  My salvation is to love Thee, and to love none but Thee.

My Jesus, I wish for none but Thee.  Thou hast said that Thou lovest those that love Thee.  I love Thee, do Thou also love me.  There was a time when I saw myself hated by Thee for my sins; but now I detest them more than any other evil, and I love Thee above all things. Do Thou also love me, and hate me no more.  I fear Thy hatred more than all the pains of hell.

———-End Quote———-

St. Alphonsus is my favorite.  So many writings, such great wisdom and grace!

Thank you Lord for giving Your Church such inspiring Saints to guide us.

673331662 - Copy


St. Peter Julian Eymard on Examen of Conscience April 7, 2015

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light-of-the-monstranceI can’t believe I am winding down 3 years of reading through the entire Eymard Library.  I shall complete the final volume, God willing, within a few weeks.  I cannot recommend the Eymard Library strongly enough.  I have been enormously edified by St. Peter Julian Eymard’s writings over the years, as I have shared on this blog a number of times.  I pray you find his spiritual direction edifying, as well!  We are so blessed to have great Saints such as this, to have the unchanging, unchangeable past Tradition of the Church to guide us.  No matter what is occurring in the Church or world today, their testimony is still vital and valid, especially in an era where so much chaos reigns, even among those who should be providing the clearest guidance.  I thank God for this “Magisterium of the dead,” as Chesterton called it, to keep us grounded in the Faith of our fathers.

Below, St. Peter Julian Eymard on the great import of performing daily examination of conscience, and his method for doing so:

The examen is a sincere discussion of our acts, interior and exterior, for the purpose of detecting and recording flaws in them, of humbling ourselves over them before God, and of amending ourselves for the sake of His love and glory.

In spite of the extreme importance of the examen, we do not like it.  It is the most difficult and repugnant of the acts of piety.  And why is that? Because we do not like to see ourselves always guilty, always humiliated.  Moreover, we are very reluctant about recollecting ourselves in our thoughts, about analyzing and examining them.  We would often prefer a great exterior mortification to a few minutes of serious examen.  And yet, without the examen of conscience, self-amendment is an impossibility; we cannot correct ourselves of what we are not aware…..

It is a fact that a pious soul who does not keep her accounts well, who does not examine herself regularly, is no longer particular about avoiding sin; she becomes all exterior, an enigma, a mystery to herself……

…….Of course, a soul who loves God wholeheartedly notices her defects easily, even to the least movement of her evil nature, and she feels immediately the presence of the tempter.  That soul sees herself in God as in a mirror of truth; she readers herself in God…..

But to make up for the weakness of our virtue and to keep it always on the watch, we must make of the examen of conscience a confession3special exercise and repeat it three times a day; namely, an examen of prevision in the morning, a particular examen around noontime, and a general examen at night before going to bed.  Make these examens with much attention and diligence; a few minutes devoted to each suffices…..[This schedule may sound difficult for busy lay people to manage, but if it is kept to a few minutes each it should be possible for many.  However, if one cannot go through the full three examens daily, certainly do at least keep the general examen at night]

Endeavor in the first place to correct all your exterior defects, taking them one after another or attending to this or that one in which circumstances prove you weaker.  Exterior defects offend ostensibly against the respect you owe to your dignity as a Christian and adorer of the Eucharist; they are more opposed than others to the edification and charity due our neighbor.

At the examen of prevision, or morning examen, confess anew to our Lord the sins of the day before, your habitual cowardice. Loathe again the spirit of the world, which refuses to die in you, the power of self-love, the scattered state of your soul, the weakness of your will.  Promise our Lord to correct yourself, of your ruling passion, of which you shall specify a particular act to avoid and correct during the day……..above all, fix a penance to do after your failings, immediately after if it is at all possible.  The matter of penance is the most important thing. [The penance does not have to be major, it could be as simple as praying a Hail Mary for someone you have offended, or offering up an Our Father for minor personal failings.  More grievous sins, of course, must be dealt with in the confessional] Pray and beg of our Lord the grace to be more faithful during the day.  Recommend  yourself to the Blessed Virgin and to your guardian angel, and go to your duties with the help of God’s Grace.

At the particular examen, or noon, go rapidly over the actions of the morning to see whether you have done them well according to the law of God and the virtue proper to each.  Then concentrate on the virtue which you are trying to acquire in a special way………See whether you have made the positive acts of that virtue which you had determined upon at the morning examen.  Rouse yourselves to contrition and to a firm purpose; renew your resolution and ask our Lord for the grace to keep it better.  

At the general, or evening, examen, review all the duties of your state and all the failings you may have been guilty of through the day.  Humble yourselves and work up a true contrition, just as you do when you receive sacramental absolution.  Make 0802Eymard-thumb-244x351.jpgsatisfaction to the justice of God with the sanction determined upon, and abandon yourself to His mercy.

Take notice that relative to the contrition one should have at the examen, the best way to get it is to ask it  humbly from God. It is not necessary to feel it; he has it truly who prays for it with humility and perseverance, although he does not feel its stirrings. Sensibility is never required.  As we grow in years, we feel less. As to those who always want to feel vividly, if they do not take care, they will do themselves harm.

Note again that the examen must bear on positive acts which have really happened, whether they were exteriorized or consummated in the will only.  In the case of temptations, do not try to recall them, to give new life to their phantoms, so as to find out whether you have not have by chance consented to them.  That is not necessary.  It is one of the devil’s tricks to bring back the temptation, to have you take a little pleasure in it, and to wrest a half-consent from you. 

———–End Quote————

I won’t add much below, because I know longer posts tend not to get read as much.  I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. I do think you will find great fruit in this thrice daily examen should you adopt it.  If you do so and find it helpful, I would love to know later on.

Thanks to Our Lord again for raising up such great Saints for His Church.  We are so blessed to have them as exemplars.  I pity the poor protestants who have no great Saints to look to for inspiration and intercession.  Just one of so many deformities in the faith as practiced by the sects.



Wonderful news! New traditional women’s religious sisterhoods starting April 7, 2015

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Rorate noted recently that two new traditional religious sisterhoods have begun formation recently, one in Colombia and one in these United States, specifically, Youngstown, OH.  There has been a good, devout group of Franciscan men in Youngstown for some time, but now the Missionary Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi are starting under the guidance of a Fraternity priest:

With the blessing of Bishop George V. Murry, S.J., a small group of women is preparing to launch the Missionary Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi here.The three, including superior Mother Mary Francis and two candidates, have been approved as a private association of the faithful, a group who come together for ministry and who hope to, over time, develop into a diocesan religious institute of sisters.

Bishop Murry will perform a liturgical ceremony at Queen of the Holy Rosary Parish here March 19, which will include a reading of the decree establishing the association, investiture of their foundress, Mother Mary Francis, and acceptance of the two candidates.

Mother Mary Francis will receive the habit of the novice for the Missionary Sisters of St. Francis – a traditional black habit with brown scapular and white veil. “People are very curious about the habit,” she said.

“We’re very excited,” said Father Denis Bouchard of the Priestly Society of St. Peter, pastor of Queen of the Holy Rosary Parish here, and spiritual guide of the three women as they have worked to develop their association.

All three minister at the parish’s St. Joseph the Protector Learning Center, which works to support parents who are home schooling their children.

They also assist Father Bouchard at the parish, which offers Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite approved by Pope Benedict XVI, also known as the traditional Latin or Tridentine Mass.

“We also have a website, ‘Oremus’ (Latin for ‘Let us pray’),” Mother Mary Francis said. It broadcasts a Holy Hour of Reparation for video viewing through the Internet on Sunday afternoon and a Miraculous Medal Novena on Wednesday morning.

In addition, Oremus carries a First Friday devotion and a morning First Saturday Devotion each month – along with the Stations of the Cross each Friday evening during Lent.

“We have people watching and praying with us from over 70 countries,” Mother Mary Francis said. The website address is http://www.dominusvobiscum.org/.

This is such a welcome development. I have lamented on this blog several times the dearth of traditional options for women discerning a call to the consecrated religious life.  While there are certainly some wonderful communities, they are few in number, and there are so many women interested in joining them.  It is truly wonderful to have another community to welcome this burgeoning demand for the traditional practice of women’s religious life, a life so vital to our Holy Mother Church.  We cannot know in this life the enormous effect the prayers of these good and holy women have on souls, the Church, and the entire world.  The collapse in women’s religious life of observance has been one of the gravest wounds the Church has suffered in these past few decades.  Pray for more vocations and for more communities like this to start up, they are absolutely vital for the restoration so many of us pray for to come about!

I have also found this group of Carmelites in Colorado Springs, CO.  Is anyone familiar with their standing in the Church and/or diocese?

This new community of Franciscans bears watching.  I like the fact that they are oriented towards supporting homeschooling families.  That might be the future role for many faithful women’s religious communities.


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