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What’s Response Should We Make to This Travesty of an Election? November 7, 2020

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The United States is currently embroiled – I believe the preponderance of the evidence shows after 4 days of reports from all the so-called battleground states – in an election so obviously tainted and full of stuffed ballot boxes it would make an African dictator, or the ghost of LBJ, blush.  Some are trying to pretend this away, but I, for one, am convinced.  I have donated additional money to the Trump campaign to aid the inevitable court battles.  But given that the demonrat party controls most of the political apparatus in the states in question, and given that hundreds of thousands (actually, probably several millions) of false ballots from dead people, repeat voters, never-existed, etc.,  have already been counted, this stealing of an election is almost certainly a fait accompli.

I’m certain I don’t need to remind readers of this site that the democrats had been telegraphing for months, years even, that they were going to stop at nothing to see Trump removed from office. Their demented candidate, the Alzheimer’s ridden Joe Biden, admitted to instituting the most massive voter fraud scheme in Americna history, unprompted, in a video interview given on October 24, 2020. To pretend that they wouldn’t stoop to openly stealing an election and daring the body politic to stop them is simply unbelievable.  The democrats have been padding their vote totals for decades through voter fraud, and almost stole the 2000 election, as many will remember.  It is practically unprecedented for a Republican presidential candidate to do worse than the broader party during a presidential election year.  The inverse if virtually always the case.  And, of course, it is equally inconceivable that the corrupt, totally compromised and immoral Joe Biden would be the candidate to attract more votes to his side than ANY OTHER PERSON IN AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY.  Just as it is inconceivable that nearly 90% of eligible voters in Wisconsin voted in 2020.  These are just a few examples of voting fraud and ballot stuffing on a mass scale.  There are literally scores of others that have been uncovered in just the past few days.

The demonrats and institutional elites fully plan on punishing Trump and his supporters, “canceling” them as unemployable social and political pariahs, and jailing if not executing many of the higher-ups.  They are doing this both to satisfy their satanic hatred for everything currently outside their perceptions of control, and as a warning to the American public to come to heel with their corrupt, incompetent, and diabolical new world order.  I further remind that these demonrats, whom I have appropriately named for years, do not hate Trump because of Russia collusion, or his crude texts, or anything else he has done.  No, in fact, all the myriad false slanders with which they have tarred him for years are simply their to justify their pre-existing hatred.  They hate him because he had the audacity to win in 2016, and is an existential threat to their prurient and inept attempts to rule over us and remake the world in their amoral and patently evil image.

That the institutional Church is deeply involved in this worldwide effort to, as Paul Joseph Watson has warned for years, turn this world into a literal prison planet, while also massively impoverishing the American middle class (and that of most of the developed world – the better to control them), has equally been apparent for years.  It is no accident that neither the McCarrick report nor the Durham report – which will now be quietly burned, or turned into wholly falsified apologia for the ruling elite (which it may have been tending towards, anyway) –  did not appear prior to the election.  The institutional Church, to maintain a few tens of thousands of sodomites in relative comfort, is happily going and will happily go along with this globalist agenda.  It is most likely the relatively few faithful priests will be hounded and persecuted relentlessly as time marches by and the globalist forces become further mainstreamed and entrenched.

I am not black-pilled, nor am I hopeless. I know this President, more than any other Republican in modern history, will fight.  He will fight till every avenue and resource is exhausted.  However, the forces arrayed against him are enormous and he needs, he must have, our help.  Thus I submit this post as a venue to discuss means to aid President Trump in defending himself, this nation, and the Christian world.  A few suggestions, just off the top:

  • monetary donations to his campaign
  • organizing of public demonstrations in front of federal buildings in your area
  • calling election officials in the various states where the ongoing fraud is most critical to demand the legislators either choose electors for Trump or refuse to name electors
  • Your suggestions.

Beyond that, should the election be successfully stolen, I strongly recommend at a minimum an initial one week strike by his supporters, who overwhelmingly make up the productive classes in our society.  It would have to be during December, I think, because there would need to be time for follow-up strikes.  We must convince the  elites conducting this literal coup that they are trifling with elemental forces that can quickly get out of control.  More than anything, they hate Trump because they fear US.  We must make efforts to show that we will not go quietly into that good night, that we will not sit idly by and watch this nation and its system of government be openly subverted.

I would like to make this post a bit longer and I will add to it later, but I am out of time for now.  I look forward to seeing your thoughts in the comments.