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What’s Response Should We Make to This Travesty of an Election? November 7, 2020

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, error, fightback.

The United States is currently embroiled – I believe the preponderance of the evidence shows after 4 days of reports from all the so-called battleground states – in an election so obviously tainted and full of stuffed ballot boxes it would make an African dictator, or the ghost of LBJ, blush.  Some are trying to pretend this away, but I, for one, am convinced.  I have donated additional money to the Trump campaign to aid the inevitable court battles.  But given that the demonrat party controls most of the political apparatus in the states in question, and given that hundreds of thousands (actually, probably several millions) of false ballots from dead people, repeat voters, never-existed, etc.,  have already been counted, this stealing of an election is almost certainly a fait accompli.

I’m certain I don’t need to remind readers of this site that the democrats had been telegraphing for months, years even, that they were going to stop at nothing to see Trump removed from office. Their demented candidate, the Alzheimer’s ridden Joe Biden, admitted to instituting the most massive voter fraud scheme in Americna history, unprompted, in a video interview given on October 24, 2020. To pretend that they wouldn’t stoop to openly stealing an election and daring the body politic to stop them is simply unbelievable.  The democrats have been padding their vote totals for decades through voter fraud, and almost stole the 2000 election, as many will remember.  It is practically unprecedented for a Republican presidential candidate to do worse than the broader party during a presidential election year.  The inverse if virtually always the case.  And, of course, it is equally inconceivable that the corrupt, totally compromised and immoral Joe Biden would be the candidate to attract more votes to his side than ANY OTHER PERSON IN AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY.  Just as it is inconceivable that nearly 90% of eligible voters in Wisconsin voted in 2020.  These are just a few examples of voting fraud and ballot stuffing on a mass scale.  There are literally scores of others that have been uncovered in just the past few days.

The demonrats and institutional elites fully plan on punishing Trump and his supporters, “canceling” them as unemployable social and political pariahs, and jailing if not executing many of the higher-ups.  They are doing this both to satisfy their satanic hatred for everything currently outside their perceptions of control, and as a warning to the American public to come to heel with their corrupt, incompetent, and diabolical new world order.  I further remind that these demonrats, whom I have appropriately named for years, do not hate Trump because of Russia collusion, or his crude texts, or anything else he has done.  No, in fact, all the myriad false slanders with which they have tarred him for years are simply their to justify their pre-existing hatred.  They hate him because he had the audacity to win in 2016, and is an existential threat to their prurient and inept attempts to rule over us and remake the world in their amoral and patently evil image.

That the institutional Church is deeply involved in this worldwide effort to, as Paul Joseph Watson has warned for years, turn this world into a literal prison planet, while also massively impoverishing the American middle class (and that of most of the developed world – the better to control them), has equally been apparent for years.  It is no accident that neither the McCarrick report nor the Durham report – which will now be quietly burned, or turned into wholly falsified apologia for the ruling elite (which it may have been tending towards, anyway) –  did not appear prior to the election.  The institutional Church, to maintain a few tens of thousands of sodomites in relative comfort, is happily going and will happily go along with this globalist agenda.  It is most likely the relatively few faithful priests will be hounded and persecuted relentlessly as time marches by and the globalist forces become further mainstreamed and entrenched.

I am not black-pilled, nor am I hopeless. I know this President, more than any other Republican in modern history, will fight.  He will fight till every avenue and resource is exhausted.  However, the forces arrayed against him are enormous and he needs, he must have, our help.  Thus I submit this post as a venue to discuss means to aid President Trump in defending himself, this nation, and the Christian world.  A few suggestions, just off the top:

  • monetary donations to his campaign
  • organizing of public demonstrations in front of federal buildings in your area
  • calling election officials in the various states where the ongoing fraud is most critical to demand the legislators either choose electors for Trump or refuse to name electors
  • Your suggestions.

Beyond that, should the election be successfully stolen, I strongly recommend at a minimum an initial one week strike by his supporters, who overwhelmingly make up the productive classes in our society.  It would have to be during December, I think, because there would need to be time for follow-up strikes.  We must convince the  elites conducting this literal coup that they are trifling with elemental forces that can quickly get out of control.  More than anything, they hate Trump because they fear US.  We must make efforts to show that we will not go quietly into that good night, that we will not sit idly by and watch this nation and its system of government be openly subverted.

I would like to make this post a bit longer and I will add to it later, but I am out of time for now.  I look forward to seeing your thoughts in the comments.



1. Rex - November 7, 2020

Jericho marches seems to be a good opportunity to show to the “deep state” that we are with President Trump all the way. Also continue to flag Trump car flags. They make a powerful visual statement when you see them waving though the highway.

2. MAGA Man - November 7, 2020

Do you have a link to donate to his legal fund so he can fight this rape job?

3. Baseballmomof8 - November 7, 2020

Thanks TB for your post. I’m only reading Catholic blogs etc… totally avoiding the MSM. I’m in Nevada, wanted to volunteer to help with the mess but all the action is in the south state and I’m in the very conservative north. Praying constantly and donated to the fight this morning. God bless you.

4. Dismas - November 7, 2020

I am desirous of materially helping any effort to make this thing right. I see all of these messages in my spam box and I open some of them although I will not click any buttons. Can you imagine what a perfect opportunity a time like this would be for an internet spoofer or criminal?

I have originated my own messages to these sites asking for a physical address to which I can send donations. I guess it is not quite important enough to take the time to send me that.

Also…as is the unfortunate rule these days…these sites list no telephone number that someone can call. Can you think of anything worse in this age than to have to actually speak to someone? Ghastly.

I plan to share more of my own thoughts on this election in a separate message. But for now I’d like someone to advise me if they know of a way to forward donations if someone is edgy about clicking a button on an unsolicited e-mail in their spam box.

5. David - November 8, 2020

For what it’s worth, here’s two suggestions:

Is there any way voter cross checks can be done across boundaries? I would not be surprised if residents of Cherry Hill and Trenton New Jersey are on voter rosters in Philadelphia. Same goes with voters living in the burbs of north Chicago who happen to vote in both Wisconsin and Illinois. This would account for voter fraud in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. I heard some places in inner city Milwaukee had “questionable results ” with almost zero votes for Trump at some voting locations.

I heard at least one post office in Michigan backdated mail ballots received on the 4th and changed them to the 3rd. Can these workers be tracked down and fired? There was at least one case where someone voted who was 118 – the guy died in 1984. John James in Michigan is holding out like Trump, and Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania (yes, really) had his home vandalized two days before the election.

Military.com had an article earlier this week that military ballots may not have been counted in some places, and that some jurisdictions had until the 10th to count these. Both the Navy and Air Force times ran the same article. I could see this impacting Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Can some investigative reporting be done to figure out the delay (i.e. post office workers being lazy, aircraft out of fuel, ballots not legible?)

I would not be surprised if mail in ballots ended up in dumpsters, paper shredders, or car trunks. Need to get to the bottom of this and chase down those who committed fraud. Those who committed fraud need to be held accountable too.

By the way, on the local front, US House District 24 has not yet been called either.

c matt - November 12, 2020

The big fraud seems to be with the election software flipping votes or “disappearing” them like a certain 1980s South American military junta. Oddly, this innocent “glitch” seems to favor just one candidate.

6. skeinster - November 8, 2020

Thanks for this, Tantum.

I think prayer goes without saying. As an older person, this is my part of the plan.

Hound your Rep. elected officials for a public show of support for the President.

If you use social media, and I know many of us don’t, bang the drum for truth and accuracy. Do this calmly and factually. Don’t rant and don’t spread rumors- there is a lot of unproven wish-casting out there.

Provide prudently for your family’s safety. Be prepared for civil unrest, depending on your circumstances. I don’t think Antifa is coming to our tiny town, but supply lines may be disrupted.

As faithful Catholics, in one part of our mind and heart we must consider that this may be our Babylonian captivity and that the rain falls on the just and unjust alike. But no giving up until utter defeat.

Tim - November 9, 2020

I do not use social media, neither do MANY people I know.

Facebook is run by a demon inhabited android.

What I’ve seen of twitter is that it is accurately named for it’s users….TWITS.

c matt - November 12, 2020

In particular, for those in Texas, hound Cornyn who seems to have taken a low profile after riding Trump’s coattails to an undeserved re-election to the Senate.

7. Terrig - November 9, 2020

I gave a donation. Here is the link I used: https://secure.winred.com

8. Tim - November 9, 2020

Send this to everyone you know that is pissed about this dishonest election!
* Important * Send this to Republicans only and people who voted for Trump. (via messenger, email, text, not posting to everyone) This is not a joke, look up the Supreme court website yourself and you will see this link is legit!
Subject: “WE THE PEOPLE” have a voice and it needs to be heard!!
Comment: Send a comment that you voted for Trump/Pence and you demand a full investigation of this election!
This takes 2 seconds. Let’s infiltrate the email inbox of the Supreme Court and let them know we are not standing by the dishonest media, corrupt liberal Democrats, and any illegal votes!

XMA Header Image
Contact Us

9. Tim - November 9, 2020
10. Belarus - November 9, 2020
11. Plandemic - November 9, 2020

This plandemic was well known before it got started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Af6b_wyiwI&feature=emb_logo

12. FirstComrade - November 9, 2020

It’s a brand new day in Amerika, comrades! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMtQs

13. Michael Aiello - November 9, 2020

Please pray. Big time. Rosaries. Only God can save us!

14. cozyholt - November 9, 2020

I have seen many calling folks to delete their Facebook and Twitter accounts. I just did so this morning. I’ll never know what’s going on at my church or in my community again, but whatever. I’ll deal with that later. For now we need to communicate that we won’t continue being part of these platforms. We don’t need them. Join me – DELETE (don’t just deactivate) your Facebook & Twitter accounts today!

15. Tim - November 10, 2020
16. Canon212 Update: FrancisChurch Hates Abp. Vigano Because He’s Everything Francis Isn’t – The Stumbling Block - November 10, 2020


17. Tim - November 11, 2020

Some bad language, no kids.

18. c matt - November 12, 2020

This is a relatively simple, but I hope effective tactic: cut back on spending as much as possible, buy only necessities, and stay away form large retailers (Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.). These guys live or die by consumer spending, and they track things to such minutia even a one week drop will get their MBAs in Depends. Not only that, it would be good for you financial and spiritual health (material detachment).

19. Tim - November 13, 2020

sorry for the mass message –
I just got a message that says the president is requesting that every registered voter send him a snail mail letter a letter to demand a full audit of all 50 states. Send this to President Donald J Trump: White House: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC 20500. He will use this as evidence to the supreme court. He is asking all of us to send him hardcopy letters as evidence we the people are demanding an audit please do this tomorrow have every registered voter in your household send a separate letter. We need to swarm the White House mail room. Thank you.

The above info was reported on Newsmax this evening: President Trump has been censored by Twitter Facebook etc., electronic mail. Thank you in advance for forwarding this to friends and family yes the Post Office must deliver the mail. Pass this on to all Trump supporters!

Dismas - November 13, 2020

I would be very pleased to do this. I do have to admit that there is something that makes me pause. It is difficult to imagine that the Supreme Court is going to consider what would be a “popular movement” as “evidence”. It is hard to imagine jurists being swayed by this or anyone thinking they would be. In fact – they should not be.

But hey – I am wrong a lot and I could be wrong on this one.

So I went to the Newsmax site. But I could find nothing in reference to this. Typing “Trump requests letter” into the search bar came up “zero”.

I want to be careful. I do not think the person who posted this is spoofing us, but I could see this as a great way for someone to spoof people and get a few hundred thousand “rubes” to send in letters and later use that as evidence of the low IQ of Trump supporters.

Not looking for a fight here…just wanting a bit more legitimization before proceeding.

I will do this in a heartbeat if someone will provide me with a link or something I can go to to further verify it.

20. Tim - November 19, 2020
Dismas - November 19, 2020

An article on masks and Fauci. Not related to sending letters to the supreme court. Maybe a worthwhile article, though.

Tim - November 20, 2020

They’re all interwoven into the marxist’s webs….so they are related.

Dismas - November 20, 2020

Sure. I would agree that the topics are not unrelated. But the question is of the veracity of the claim that Trump has requested that we all send letters designed to influence the Supreme Court. A week has gone by since that claim and nothing has surfaced to verify that. I think it is more doubtful now than it was a week ago that this was ever really requested. No court, and especially not the Supreme Court is designed to be influenced by public opinion/ letter-writing campaigns. Letters to your state and federal legislative officials make complete sense. Letters to influence the Supreme Court do not.

Tim - November 21, 2020

Unfortunately, even the Supreme Court is part of the Deep State. Roberts flip and betrayal on Obamacare is an obvious clue.

21. Tim - November 22, 2020

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