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Bishop Barron Gives Invocation at US House, Fails to Use Sign of the Cross, or Holy Name November 11, 2019

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I know some people think he does some good, but this guy to me is a snake, worse than an out n’ proud leftist like James Martin SJ, because he mixes in orthodoxy with diabolical error.  Also, his attempt to give Vatican II an orthodox theological explanation is a catastrophe, it basically just defines the Church as starting in 1962, and all that came before, no matter how solemnly defined or obviously the will of God, can be jettisoned:

Man Taylor was born again hard about August 2018. He has been a rock, on fire, since then.  Not that I mean to call him brimstone.  Just love mixing metaphors.

I took a screen shot for something at work one day while I was (unusually) listening to TnT on my work computer (which is a four monitor setup).  As I took the bit I needed for work, I saw I had captured this.  I thought it was funny.  Nice pink shirt, Tim Gordon, do you shop at the same store as your wife? Oh well, he does live in California.

Just a tease, both Ts are great but Taylor has really been fantastic the past 15 months.  I hear he gave a good talk at the Catholic Identity Conference.  Hope I get to go sometime.

I’m reading a wonderful book by Solange Hertz, who (whom?) I’ve never read before.  Goodness, Tumblar House is a great outfit and deserves the support of all faithful Catholics.  I sure like Charles Coulombe.  She (Hertz) has a wonderful quote, to the effect that the Bishops of the United States – and this goes back to the very first one, Bishop Carroll – have always feared what non-Catholics would think far more than God, or the Holy Father, or the Doctrine of the Faith.  That is soo true, and is perfectly exemplified in Bishop Barron.  If he, and the American episcopate generally, could be summed up in one word, I would choose………craven.

Unfortunately, the Americanist heresy that was part and parcel of the Church in this country from before it’s founding (read Hertz excellent book) was deliberately evangelized upon a weakening Church by the Americanist hierarchy (e.g., the Paulist order), especially in Europe and South America, where it found many willing adherents among Catholics – lay and cleric alike – who sought that same approval of the world, and wanted to be for “liberal” and “progressive” ideologies.  Thus, Americanism is the seed-bed upon which modernism sprang and grew, and then ultimately took over the Church at Vatican II, which was little more than the implementation of Americanist principles upon the Church at large.  Rome was unable to interfere due to their lack of influence over this nation and its hierarchy, and their need for American funding during the very difficult times that occurred between the fall of the Papal States and the (extremely troubling) Concordat with Mussolini in 1929.

This is a huge subject and I’d like to go on for hours.  Not sure if anyone would like this kind of content in a podcast form?  I don’t know that I will find the time to write what would have to be a tl;dr 5000 word post, if not much longer. I used to do radio but all the back-end was handled by others,  I just had to show up and talk.  Doing justice on this subject would be thousands of words.

Dominus vobiscum!


1. Tim - November 11, 2019

These men hate God and His Holy Catholic Church plain and simple. They are evil…nuff said.

c matt - November 12, 2019

I don’t know that Barron hates God or the Church, rather he seems to be a go-along to get-along kind of guy. Lukewarm, in his own way. Cautious not to offend anyone in any way that might “turn them off” from the Church, using that as cover to avoid difficult situations.

Tim - November 13, 2019

They may not realize that they hate it, but they do…by their fruits you shall know them. Christ Said…You are with Me or Against Me.” There are no 3rd options.

2. Trg - November 11, 2019

I’ve noticed Evangelicals are better at praying in public. They’re not embarrassed to mention Jesus. Barron is not the only not to mention Jesus. Neither did Dolan at I believe the Democratic convention. Neither did Bergolio when he addressed Congress.

3. jamesthe1st - November 11, 2019

Charles Coulombe is great, be sure to read his American History book, Puritian’s Empire. It is fantastic and probably the best Catholic read of America I’ve seen. He tells the story as a man who loves his country, but as a Catholic, he wants to see it become Catholic.

You should read David Wemhoff’s book on the Americanist captivity of the Church. It’s called “John Courtney Murray, Time/Life and the American Proposition.” He gives a detailed and well researched history about how Murray worked with power media magnates like Henry Luce. This also intersected with the rise of the US after WWII, and the psychological warfare waged by the US to push its ideology in the Cold War. Wemhoff claims that the monied private interests that run the US have done this so that they can use the Church to spread the ideology of American prosperity. The secularization of the state is necessary for the Americanists as it removes a major barriers to making money, one of which is a state that follows the Church’s teachings.
The key idea to note is that the Americanists’ do want to destroy the Church, rather they need to do their bidding. That’s why they have let the Church keep its wealth and property. It also explains why the bishops mostly act like business managers who only care about keeping the buildings open and money coming in, but never actually preach the faith in its fullness.
Hertz is absolutely right that this is the root of all the current doctrinal ambiguity. Once one accepts the American proposition as good and true, everything is going to be changed to fit that. So since it is contrary to the faith, the faith must change. Hertz also quipped that it is false to say the Rhine flows into the Tiber, rather we should say the Potomac flows into the Tiber.

jamesthe1st - November 11, 2019

I left some typos. I meant to write that the Americanists’ do not want to destroy the Church, but co-opt the Church to do help spread their ideology.

Htown - November 11, 2019

Agreed, Wemhoff’s book is a must read as well as the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by E. Michael Jones. Otherwise, you will not really understand why the West is on fire.

Tantumblogo - November 15, 2019

I have read Wemhoff’s book. It was the first of the books I read on the American(ist) church and the tie-in with Vatican II. But I think he misses the mark quite a bit. I feel like Coulombe and Hertz are much closer to the mark. I thought Wemhoff got much too into innuendo and reading things into situations that may not have been there. But it did provide some valuable material. And, to speak in Wemhoff’s defense, his strong implication of an affair between Murray SJ and Clare Booth Luce has been confirmed by others. There was a lot of good in that book, I just thought he got lost in the weeds too much. i felt it would have been a great 450 page book, but was a bit long and meandering at 900+ pages.

No offense, just my personal take. I hope to do a podcast on this whole history, and involve material from several books including Wemhoff’s. I hope to get around to that soon.

jamesthe1st - November 16, 2019

I agree that Wemhoff’s book is long. I’m about halfway through it right now. I think what is most helpful about the book is that he understand politics, especially American politics. The biggest thing is he shows how the freedom rhetoric is really just cover for the wealthy to make their money unhindered.

This topic is very important, and I’m glad you are taking it up! The problem right now I see among Catholics is that they don’t understand how anti-Catholic the American ideology is, so they can’t figure out why things are bad. Basically its like the situation with the Catholic Roman Empire of Justinian and Charlemagne, where the interests of the state can get confused with the Church’s interest. The problem is today we’ve forgotten that the “secular” state still takes an active interest in religion, because it can’t avoid doing so. Because of this, many don’t realize that they uncritically accept the American ideology, and that they will try to mold the faith to fit America.

4. X-opher - November 11, 2019

Yes, please. Isn’t talking and publishing online a lot easier these days? Surely it is.

5. Tim - November 11, 2019
6. Camper - November 11, 2019
7. Canon212 Update: Cardinal Raymond ‘Leo’ Burke – My Hero! – The Stumbling Block - November 11, 2019


8. Dismas - November 12, 2019

I see some relation betwen this post and the post regarding the USS Liberty. I would agree that men like Barron, given their thin veneer of what might pass for Catholicism, are thus more of a threat to the Faith than the outright loonies like Jimmy Martin.

In the same sense, it seems to me that bozos like Shapiro, Levin and Hannity represent more of a threat to true conservatism than do people like Rachel Maddow.

9. Susan from the Parish Council - November 12, 2019

You people are just jealous of the success of the good bishop Robbie Barron. How many of you have a successful apostolate and are on the fast track to popery?

Tim - November 13, 2019

Novus Ordodites are on the fast teack to Hell.
You appear to be protestant whack job troll.
Crawl back under your rock of heresy and pride.

Susan from the Parish Council - November 13, 2019

Be careful Tim, or I may force you to listen to “Take and Eat” 10 times!

Chapin - November 13, 2019

I think Tim missed the tongue-in-cheek part of your message. And I love your response. Great sense of humor.

Tim - November 13, 2019

Then just say what you mean.

Tim - November 13, 2019

So explain it to all of us.

Camper - November 13, 2019

I’m with Chapin! Ha!

Chapin - November 13, 2019

“Susan From the Parish Council”. Even the choice of pen-name reveals an effective use of irony. It seems she (he?) did say what they meant to and that the real meaning was not lost on most.

Good work, “Susan From the Parish Council”! Nice to see a post that brings a smile.

Susan from the Parish Council - November 13, 2019

Important to note that we had 2 pope saints in the last 500 years and since Vatican 2 ALL our popes have made it to sainthood. So who’s on the fast track to hell, Tim?

Tim - November 13, 2019

The Vatican 2 popes weren’t Canonized, they were
Con-anized by modernists who changed the rules to push their agenda. I’d say you’re on that road if your a V2 partisan. Vatican 2 is ripe with heresy:


10. skeinster - November 13, 2019

Tantum, I don’t think I have your current e-mail address, so i will
add this here.


11. Susan from the Parish Council - November 13, 2019

It is well known in light of the teaching of Vatican 2 that our number one concern is what the world thinks of us. Performing the sign of the cross can make people of other faiths feel bad and therefore it is probably sinful. I applaud Bishop Robbie Barron for his ecumenism.

Tim - November 13, 2019

WOW, you are a HERETIC. You would please men before pleasing God. You ARE NOT a Catholic.

Try and refute Pope Pius XI…..I wish you luck.


Chapin - November 13, 2019


Tantumblogo - November 14, 2019

Susan! Glad to have you drop by. I enjoyed your interview with Tim Gordon from last week. I hope you do more interviews, and I may post that interview here at some point. I’ll just let you know that I feel quite secure judging my faith by being opposite from everything you say, so………there you go.

Tim - November 14, 2019


Camper - November 14, 2019


Tim - November 14, 2019

You know this how?

Susan from the Parish Council - November 14, 2019

We can’t really know anything, Mr. Tim. At least not before the Vatican 2.

Tim - November 14, 2019

You must be a flaming sodomite.

Chapin - November 15, 2019

Uh…yeah….right. MUST be. How could the rest of us have missed that?

Tim - November 16, 2019

I guess you’re not observant enough.

Susan from the Parish Council - November 14, 2019

Thank you, but don’t be so judgy. My contemplative prayer this morning was focused on Pachamama in a canoe. She was asleep in the canoe while a storm raged and her disciples were afraid. But then they realized the storm was their own ecological sin.

Dismas - November 14, 2019

You are too bad. Merciless, perhaps. Have pity on the concrete thinkers of the world. And, yes, a quick brush-up on “concrete thinking” would be recommended before replying to Miss Susan.

I’m in stitches. Reminds me of the “church lady” from Laugh-In.

Tim - November 14, 2019

Not “too bad”….just evil.

“Concrete thinkers”, no right thinking and faithful.

Tantumblogo - November 14, 2019

Don’t give yourself away, Dismas! That was before some of us were born!

Tim - November 14, 2019

I remember that…the 80’s seem like yesterday to me.

Dismas - November 15, 2019

It gets worse than that, Tantum. I remember when Pop dragged the first TV into the house. It was furniture! I had given up TV for the absurdity it represented way before Laugh-In.

Tim - November 14, 2019

Impressive English skills.
So the classic fallback position of heretics and leftists….the false and self serving interpretation of “Judge not lest thou be judged.”
Go back to your pagan temple and offer yourself to Satan. You are a sick person(I use that term lightly).

X-opher - November 14, 2019

Tim…Just in case you haven’t seen this, yet, I thought I’d make sure you’re aware: “Susan from the Parish Council” is a parody internet character used as a comedic foil to sound, traditional Catholicism.

Welcome to the discussion, “Susan”.

Tim - November 14, 2019

Never heard of it.

12. Susan from the Parish Council - November 14, 2019

Well, I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson here today, haven’t we? So, in this spirit of inclusion and diversity, I am requesting new ideas to incorporate into our faith community. Please respond below with things you have seen at your sacred spaces, or ideas that you may have, that best embody the Spirit of Vatican 2 and our renewed Church.

Tim - November 20, 2019

Go back yo your cave and hang upside down.

13. T. Garcia - November 25, 2019

Susan made her way from twitter on to here, amazing! Sad to see some just took her a bit too seriously.

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