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Bad comment problem again May 3, 2016

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I guess there’s always another way to muck things up, and now that I felt I had the valid comments winding up in spam largely licked, now many in the past few days have gone straight to the trash!  That’s never happened before.  It seems there were a spate of comments so affected just today, and a spate on April 21 (sorry for the long delay finding them).  That’s nuts, comments are never supposed to automatically go to trash, only I’m supposed to be able to send them there.

Anyway, I fished out 17 good comments, about 10 of which came from today.  Sorry they were delayed getting posted.  I’ll try to watch the trash folder every few hours to check for more.  If you have been waiting for your comment to post, check now, they should be there.

Sorry and thanks for your patience.  Comments have always been a periodic problem going back years.

Shhh…….don’t tell May 3, 2016

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Look what accidentally jumped into my shopping cart Saturday night.  Numero doce:

petredprifle (2 of 26)

Ain’t she just about the purtiest AK you ever did see?  Who needs 2″ groups at 800 yards, anyway?  I can’t shoot that far, regardless.

Given that the H-woman is almost certain to be our next president, and given her strident statements regarding gun control and mounting rhetoric about banning semi-auto firearms, I consider this purchase not one of excess, but of grave prudence.  Yeah, that’s it………

I was going to get a much cheaper model but when I saw this, with the nickel plate receiver, Guncote, treated barrel, and refinished original Russian AK furniture, I couldn’t say no.  It shipped today.  Might have it by the weekend.  But it’s sort of a secret, so no telling.  It being easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission is a maxim I tend to live by.  So Catholicism was really a natural fit.

I know, shotguns and handguns are probably more practical.  One day I’ll buy another shotgun.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get another handgun, the two I have are fine and they just don’t move me like long arms do.  There are several other semi-autos I’d like to get before anything else, including a C308, FAL, and a Dragunov clone. I did see a really wicked double barrelled semi-auto shotgun at the local shop the other day, but it was almost $1500.

One day:


Flightline Friday: Just like old times April 29, 2016

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This hasn’t happened much in the past 25 years – USAF operating out of Clark Air Base, Philippines, again:

Back in the “bad old days” of the Cold War, the Philippines were the United States bastion in Southeast Asia, especially after the fall of South Vietnam.  Having been used by US forces for nearly a century, an immense and capable infrastructure had been built up.  The two primary bases were the Air Force’s sprawling Clark Air Base, and the Navy’s equally huge Subic Bay Naval Base and co-located Cubi Point Naval Air Station.  In addition, there were numerous minor fields, and, perhaps more importantly, vast instrument ranges for conducting Red Flag-like exercises called Cope Thunder.

After the fall of Ferdinand Marcos, the end of the Cold War, the development of a strong anti-US sentiment, and, with perfect timing, the explosion of Mount Pinatumbo (which rendered Clark useless for years and badly impacted Subic Bay), the Philippine government decided – with very little US opposition – to terminate the nearly 100 year US presence.

However, China’s increasingly aggressive actions in the South China Sea have caused both the Philippines and the US to re-evaluate the need for defense cooperation.  Now that China is building a large military base in the Spratly Islands – which they have no legal justification in occupying, let alone militarizing – and have been invading Philippine territorial waters with increasing frequency, the Filipinos have had a bit of a change of heart and have decided it might not be so bad to have something of a US presence in their country again.  Of course, it has to be different this time, they say, the bases will continue to be “owned” by the Filipino government with the US simply getting certain use and visitation privileges, but we’ll see how long that lasts.  The Filipinos have been very hard pressed to keep the US-legacy infrastructure they inherited from completely falling apart, and there will need to be substantial investments soon to keep Subic and other places viable locales for military operations.  We’ll see what happens in that regard.

To my mind, however, if the desire is to contain China, the Philippines are not enough.  Other current operating locations – the Aussies are very accommodating, there’s Singapore, and of course the

Range of some - by no means all - Chinese anti-access systems.  Red are deployed, yellow in development.  However, ranges are more favorable than reality.

Range of some – by no means all – Chinese anti-access systems. Red are deployed, yellow in development. However, ranges are more favorable than reality.

island of Guam is almost one giant base – are both too far away, and too few in number, to permit a close-in containment of China.  The other factor is this: China’s strategy viz a viz the US is obvious.  It consists of what is called anti-acceess/area denial, meaning, they will use a variety of means to keep the US at arms length in any conflict.  The primary means are very accurate ballistic missiles and cruise missiles to attack approaching naval forces and threaten all bases in the region.  The best way to counter this kind of threat is dispersion – having a large number of bases from which the US can operate from at various times, without necessarily having forces present there at any given moment.  Right now, even with access to a few bases in the Philippines, there simply aren’t enough realistic operating bases from which to both threaten China and also provide sufficient dispersal (I did not mention a few above – there are bases in Korea, but they are not good for this purpose as they are too close to China, meaning missile flight times are so short they would be extremely difficult to defend.  There are also some bases in Japan/Okinawa, and those are good, but again, not enough of them. There’s three air bases and one principle naval base in those locales.  They’re also not in the right place).

Negotiations have been ongoing with Vietnam about getting access rights to some installations the US built, at great expense, back in the 60s (Cam Ranh Bay, principally, but also Da Nang), but I am skeptical that will happen.  There is another country that would probably be quite happy to have a US presence, even if only periodic, Usaf-thailand-mapand which is perfectly located to threaten much of China’s burgeoning high-tech industries. That country is Thailand.  The US operated many bases there from ~1960 – 1975 and beyond.  While the locals gutted everything they could after we left, the runways are still there and the Thai’s have repaired a bit of infrastructure.  Ubon or Takhli would be interesting options.  If you draw a roughly 800 nautical mile ring around both Ubon and Clark, you can see that the arcs overlap nicely in the South China Sea.  800 nm  happens to be the unrefuelled radius of a moderately loaded F-15E, and the subsonic cruise radius of an F-22.

Beyond that, reconstituting many of the installations across the Pacific that have fallen into disuse and disrepair would also provide means of quick dispersal and defense in depth.  I’m speaking of Wake pacaf-2013-command-brief-18-638Island, Shemya in Alaska, Johnston Island, and especially Midway.  While some of these have fallen into rather severe disrepair – especially the latter two – and would require quite a bit of investment to return to operational status, the first two have been kept in “warm storage” and are still in use today, albeit at a low level.  I’m not saying that these locations make sense as offensive operational locations against China, but they do make eminent sense as both staging areas for any necessary offensive build up, but, even more importantly, dispersal areas in times of crisis, to weather the initial Chinese barrage of ballistic/cruise missiles.  China still does not possess terribly capable means of reconnaissance, so they would have a hard time knowing which hardened aircraft shelters are occupied at which time at which base – especially if the number of frequently used bases were to rise from the current ~10 (almost all in Japan/Okinawa) to say, 30.  Plus, some of those dispersal sites are out of range of the Chinese missile threat.

Interesting to note, late last month, the bases the US would use in the Philippines were made public, and neither Clark nor Subic were on the list.  And yet, see the video above, A-10s at least visiting, if not operating from, Clark.  I have a feeling the list of bases was a bit of subterfuge to complicate Chinese planning, forces will probably rotate among a whole host of bases, in order to lessen their vulnerability to being targeted.  At least for a while.  History shows, however, that wherever the US goes, we like to take home with us, and build up a nice fat infrastructure.  So……..we’ll see.

In our house, we start ’em out young April 22, 2016

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With the Rosary, that is.  Just a couple of cute/silly pics of Josefina:



There’s some grist for the competitive Catholic mom circuit.  My baby started praying the Rosary at 6 weeks, how about yours?

She’s fattened up a lot since she was born 4 weeks early.  Mom’s doing a great job.

Now if she would only go back to sleeping at night……..

Help Request – translating priest’s sermon into English April 21, 2016

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Could TG or La Gallina – or anyone else – put either a transcript, or a fairly detailed summary, of Fr. Romanowski’s commentary on Amoris Laetitia into English?  From what I could pick up – more than half, but I could be missing key bits – I thought it was very good.  Would anyone like to volunteer to produce a summary/translation of this?  Not sure what I can offer in return.  I do have a gift I could send, if you’re interested in payment.

The talk is below:

Te gustas?

Hand-made wooden cross, laminated from exotic purple heart and white maple, approximately 28" long, normally sells for $200, special blog price $125

Hand-made wooden cross, laminated from exotic purple heart and white maple, approximately 28″ long, normally sells for $200, special blog price $125

You can see the purple better. Other crosses are approximately 15" tall. Two on the bottom are bloodwood and red oak. The top are leopardwood (left) and black palm (right). All types are available for sale. 15" crosses generally sell for $125 ($85 blog price, for now). I can make any size desired, from about 8" up to 48 or more. I am working on making proper crucifixes. Crosses without end caps cost $10 less.

You can see the purple better. Other crosses are approximately 15″ tall. Two on the bottom are both bloodwood (red wood) and red oak (blondish wood). The top are leopardwood (left) and black palm (right) with white maple. All types are available for sale. 15″ crosses generally sell for $125 ($85 blog price, for now). I can make any size desired, from about 8″ up to 48 or more. I am working on making proper crucifixes. Crosses without end caps (triangle pieces top/bottom-left/right) cost $10 less.

I am also building kneelers (prix dieu).  Very high quality, solid oak, artistic embellishments, $250.  Compare to major church supply houses, my kneelers generally run $100+ less and have better design.  I’ll try to add pics soon.

Orders take some weeks to fill.  Especially kneelers.

Oh, if you’re interested, leave a comment or e-mail me: larryr103 at gmail.com


Yes, I do still exist……… April 4, 2016

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……….and I have very good news.  Thanks to your prayers and intercessions, which I am utterly convinced made ALL the difference, I found not just a job, but one involving a substantial step up, and in record time.  I return to work on April 11.  I have actually known I was almost certainly to be hired for some time, but wanted to wait to make any announcement until all hurdles had been passed and every detail nailed down.  That occurred just a couple of days ago.  So my total time unemployed will be just under 7 weeks.  I have had several recruiters/hiring managers tell me that is practically record time to find a new job after an unexpected layoff.  I count myself so blessed.  There is nothing St. Joseph, and the prayers of good people, cannot do.

I cannot thank you folks enough!  I have felt the power of your prayers!  They have sustained me and I think – I know – played a huge role in resolving this little crisis in a way that seems very favorable for me and my family.  God bless you all.  Please be assured of my constant prayers for  you, I have been making many prayers/acts of thanksgiving for the past several days, both for you and for good (great!) St. Joseph.  I’ve long had a very deep devotion to the Foster Father of the Lord and known he is an incredibly powerful intercessor, but he really came through in spectacular fashion in this event.  Deo Gratias!

I very much apologize for my lack of news and, much more, lack of blogging, but I’ve simply been too busy.  I did not know just how far I had fallen behind on a lot of house projects!  Well, my wife put me right on that in short order. Also, I had started work on an effort to bring in some income in case my layoff became protracted.  I hope to have some news on that front as soon as tomorrow.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart again.  Best readers in the world, without doubt.

And now, with maybe a bit of extra change, an AK in my future?  Mama needs a new van, so probably not.

download (1)111

My last day at work in video March 14, 2016

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I actually have a really good prospect pending for later this week.  It’s that same one I requested prayers for a couple of weeks ago.  Things continue to move forward, kind of slowly.

I never described my layoff day in much detail.  I think the video below describes it pretty well. You know I had been through numerous rounds of layoffs in the previous few years.  I have basically zero respect for senior management at my former employer and think they are beyond clueless.  They are taking what was at least a pretty fair company and just running it into the ground.  I really believe, odds are, the place will not exist in 2-3 years.

Taking all that frustration and pent up fear and anger that had built for years, and, uh……..yeah.  Things were said.  This video actually describes that final scene pretty well, especially the very end:

Hopefully, it won’t turn out like this:

Sheesh, the plague.  That’s not good.  Thank God for tetracycline.

Pretty close to the mark, eh?

I will blog again! February 23, 2016

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Sorry folks that I have not yet returned to regular blogging.  I knew I would take a week off when the baby came, but then with the layoff I’ve been busy as a beaver with job applications, surveying job sites, doing some necessary paperwork, taking care of financial matters, etc.  The end result is that I have had zero time to blog.  And that’s a shame, because I have quite a bit of material saved up.  I have some more things to do today so I won’t get any real content posts out but I at least wanted to let you know I was alive and not abandoning this blogging thing.

Tomorrow should be slower, I’ve already thoroughly reviewed several job boards and so I’m starting to see a lot of repeats.  That means I can dedicate less time to that now that I’ve kind of “caught up” to where the market is at.  On the job front, I’m already getting some initial contacts so your prayers are certainly working.  Please keep them up!  God bless you, and His will be done!

Hopefully tomorrow I can get a couple of posts out.  I doubt I have time for five a day for some time, but I’ll try to do something meaningful each day.

Thank you to my readers.  Your support has been moving and gratifying to me.  I pray for you all.

They got me February 18, 2016

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It took 9 – or you could call it 10 – rounds, but I was laid off today.  My group has now been reduced over 90% from its staffing level of even 2 weeks ago, which was already nearly cut in half from what it was 4 years ago.  So, about a 94% cut over the past 4 years.

I do appreciate your prayers.  This position has been unique.  To be honest, I’ve milked it for longer than I should have, but what other job would pay so good and yet be so undemanding as to permit me to spend half my time blogging?  Perhaps now the piper will be paid, the reckoning will be made.

What this means for the blog is that I may post like usual while I’m looking but after that it will probably drop down to a much lower level if I can continue at all.  And there are always hundreds of things to do around the home, so my hopes of blogging may be much lighter than I’m planning right now.   Obviously, first thing is to secure another position.

Well, some gotterdammerung appropriate to the day:


So typical, this major blood-letting at my company began in 2011 after, you guessed it, they brought in a consulting company.  It’s been nothing but collapse ever since.  Those Harvard MBAs just bring success and glory wherever they go.

I tell you, I did let the VP who laid me off have it.  I’ll come out better on the other side, God willing.

Josefina Maria Theresa was born today! February 13, 2016

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@2:41a. 6 lb 4 oz. Mom and baby are both excellent.   Mom and dad are, however,  exhausted after being up all night.

Your prayers made ALL the difference.  I will never forget that.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We are just on cloud 9.  Such an unspeakable blessing,  we could not be happier.

She’s a beauty, like her mom:

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