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Video from those murderous, cursed warmongerers at Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin November 20, 2015

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Sent in by reader, TE, who worked on this progam, a successful test of a generic battlefield management system that uses data from remote sensors to guide missiles (from yet another place) to intercept a target, in this case a drone representing a cruise missile that could be carrying a WMD to wipe out a city.

But apparently defending yourself from attack is now cursed:

That’s all the Flightline Friday you get this week.  I will not be blogging much next week.  I pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving, and get to Mass many times!  Say a prayer for me and my wife!  She’s still doing very well but I’m convinced  your prayers are helping immensely!



Keeping focus on the crisis in the Faith is critical and charity for souls demands it November 16, 2015

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I’ve had some discussions with several traditional/”orthodox” Catholics, maybe even including some priests, of late who have remarked to me that there is little point in constantly “carping” on or “whining” about the crisis in the Church.  With regard to my blog, that would include posts examining the history of the crisis, or specific manifestations of it today, or reviewing/excerpting books that discuss it in earnest, etc.  I have to say, I very, very much disagree with this viewpoint. I understand it, on a couple of levels, but I think it really misguided.

I would say to priests and others who have some reluctance to “dwell” on the crisis in the Church, yes, you may have been raised in a traddie home, read all the books, and maybe even gone on to become a traditional priest.  All this may be very old hat to you.  You may be sick of talking about it, or, more likely, having to fend off very uncomfortable questions that arise surrounding the crisis, and its particular apotheosis under the pontificate of Pope Francis.  And, yes, sometimes (very rarely in my experience) some folks get so twisted off regarding the crisis in the Church that they wind up falling away entirely.  While the latter is something to keep in mind, it should not be so omnipresent as to make discussing the crisis either a chore, or something one refuses (or are extremely reluctant) to do.

Why?  Because while someone who has been blessed to be in traditional communities for decades may be dreadfully familiar with the crisis and all its particulars, millions of others are not.  Every year, every week, hundreds if not thousands of Catholics in this country alone, many of them converts, wake up to the reality that the Church as they experience it every week in your typical Novus Ordo parish is not at all what the Church is supposed to be.  These people don’t know the SSPX, Michael Davies, Romano Amerio, Dr. Roberto de Mattei, or the FSSP.  If they’re anything like I was ~8 years ago, they’ve never even heard of any of them. They don’t know if the TLM is valid or not, and have no idea what is meant by “traditional practice of the Faith”.  They see the Pope and many others saying and doing incredible things, destructive things, and they aren’t sure if its right or not.  Even more, they are extremely uncertain if it is possible to be a faithful Catholic and to examine the Church of today critically in the light of Tradition.  Many have been told that to do so is to make oneself a possible heretic or schismatic, or at least a “bad Catholic”.

In a very real sense, those souls are abandoned in the Church today.  It is a matter of either blind luck or special divine intervention if they don’t fall away before finding a traditional/orthodox parish that provides the answers – and far more importantly, the spiritual food – they so desperately crave. In fact, in my mind, there is a far, far greater likelihood of those kinds of souls falling away entirely, into sects that seem to make more sense and offer far greater spiritual sustenance than the pablum fed souls in most parishes today, than there is of souls scandalizing themselves out of the Church by getting overwrought in their too-great knowledge of the crisis.

When I say that, I am thinking much of my own experience, and that of other souls who have been blessed to follow a certain path.  We managed to stumble into a TLM parish, almost entirely by word of mouth (because almost all dioceses that have TLMs try very hard to pretend they don’t), and through Grace and the presence of good priests and other good orthodox souls managed to start to learn about the Church prior to the Council.  But we are a tiny minority.  The vast majority of souls in the Church who feel spiritually starved or distraught over the abuses and heresy they face on a constant basis never make that connection. Instead, they leave.  I can name dozens off the top of my head who have followed that route.  They outnumber those who found a good home (almost always traditional, but sometimes not) probably 5:1 or more.  More distressingly, they outnumber those trads who “scandalize themselves out of the Faith 20:1 or more.

I pray I never forget where I was several years ago, when I was starting to learn about the Faith in earnest and gaining the rapidly dawning realization that what I found in your typical suburban parish in Plano or Richardson was a very far cry from the Faith as it has existed throughout almost her entire history, until recently.  And that’s why I won’t stop talking about the crisis, I won’t stop pointing up particular examples of it, and I won’t stop repeating the responses from the Church’s bi-millenial Tradition that effectively answer the claims of modernists and provide guidance to souls who are desperately craving such.  I will continue to do so even if it means this blog’s readership falls off, as some get tired of reading the same old thing over and over again.

On that note, I’ve always maintained that this blog is meant to confirm the faithful, less than convert those outside the Church, and it is, but it is especially meant to help those who have been in the Novus Ordo, post-conciliar wilderness their entire lives find the path to traditional sanity and, I pray, sanctity.  My most cherished “achievements” as a blogger will always be the handful who have told me they converted to the Church through my writings.  I have no idea to what degree that is true, but I am profoundly thankful and humbled to have played what I’m sure was a small role in that process.  More to the point, however, while always striving to be aware of the poorness of my efforts, I am almost as proud to have been inspiration for the few dozen souls who have told me they started assisting at the TLM and adopting a much more traditional practice of the Faith after reading my blog.

Please forgive my braggadocio.  I highlighted these “achievements” (which were absolutely God’s, not mine), not to toot my own horn but to stress the very practical reasons for this blog’s focus.  The crisis in the Church is THE topic that dominates all others, aside from the always paramount necessity to practice virtue, receive the Sacraments, and correspond to the best of our ability with God’s Grace.  I try to post about daily some material that is uplifting and hopefully helpful to souls in that correspondence with Grace, but on a practical level the crisis is the unavoidable topic, it looms over everything like a deadly shadow.  To ignore it, to pretend it doesn’t exist, to try to wish it away, would be to me to be irrelevant.  Even more, it would mean to me to fail in my duty of charity to souls, to not give them the fullest picture of the Church in these days as I understand it, the unbelievable crisis afflicting the Church, and the only possible response: return to Tradition, centered, wherever possible, on grounding one’s life in the Traditional Mass and all the Sacraments.

I am saddened that in this time, when the crisis has grown particularly acute and may even exceed the dread days of the late 60s/early 70s in terms of destructiveness, it seems not everyone is willing to forthrightly answer the errors emanating from the highest levels of the Church and to elucidate souls in a proper response to them (that is to say, to tell souls that rejecting these errors is not merely permissible, it is a moral imperative).  I pray all our good leaders may realize it is not whining or complaining to point out, even with grave frequency, the elephant in the Catholic living room, the revolution against the Church from within.  To me, it is the paramount duty to charity and truth to address this unprecedented crisis.  Pray forgive me if my doing so becomes tiresome, but whether it is or not, I feel a definite compulsion to continue.  I firmly believe at this time Our Blessed Lord absolutely desires His Church, His Body on earth, to be purified and restored to her former glory.

May we be blessed with far more leaders who feel quite similarly called.


Flightline Friday November 13, 2015

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I’ve been feeling the Flightline Fridays have been a bit repetitive for a while, but I really don’t have much queued up for today other than yet another video on the F-20 (I never get tired of those) and some really cool pics of the Tomcat. I’m really hoping to do a post next week on British post-war naval aviation.  All kinds of interesting things to talk about there if I can find the time.  The Brits did quite a bit with not very much money, even though Labor wrecked it all in 1966.

Anyway, I really like this video on the F-20 because it’s got some awesome cockpit shots.  I’ve related in the past that I have long been fascinated by cockpit design.  How to convey vital information – life and death information – in the clearest, most easily understandable way possible is a great technical challenge. I really like cockpits from the late 60s-early 80s when electronic displays were first being introduced and pilot situation awareness was taken as the highest priority.  I think we’ve gone too far now, using electronics just because “we” can, actually reducing the effectiveness of the instrumentation.

I think the F-20 had one of the best combinations of traditional analog gauges and electronic displays.  A HUD coupled with a digitally-presented radar display and an electronic armament panel really amps up effectiveness, and is an enormous leap ahead of having to look down to the bottom of the instrument panel, in combat, to flip switches and rotate dials as had to be done on the F-4 Phantom. But I’m not sure that an electronic artificial horizon and heading indicator is any better than an analog one, and I think it’s a lot easier to read a row of vertical tape, seeing in a millisecond-glance that all are in the green, rather than trying to decipher multiple numeric readouts on an LCD screen.

Anyway, really cool footage (to me, heh) from 2:30 – 5:10 of the F-20 cockpit, mostly from the simulator but that’s just fine:

You can even see spikes on the threat warning indicator.

Now some pics I found on the F-14 I thought worth sharing. Most all of these pics are of the VF-31 Tomcatters, my favorite Navy squadron because I love the Felix the Cat graphic:

untitled (1)




A US Navy (USN) F-14D Tomcat standard fleet fighter aircraft (Aircraft number 100), Fighter Squadron 31 (VF-31, ÒTomcattersÓ), makes a near-supersonic low-level fly-by above the USN Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier, USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71), while the USS ROOSEVELT is participating in a Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) with the USN Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier, USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN 69) in the Atlantic Ocean (AOC).

You can just make out the Battle ‘E’ in Felix’s bomb, awarded for most proficient squadron during the course of a year, in this case 2005, I believe.


Now you can really see the Battle ‘E.’ Only the “CAG” bird – the squadron commander’s aircraft- receives bring paint markings in the Navy anymore. The rest get very subdued paint schemes for reduced visibility.



The AIM-54/F-14 combination provided a unique capability until the F-22 entered the scene.  The AIM-54 had a nominal range in excess of 100 miles, though it was usually only used at about half that range.  The F-22 with AIM-120D entering service has similar performance.

Only the Tomcat carried the nearly 1-ton AIM-54, a truly huge air-to-air missile:

Aircraft Nose Art From WWII

Great stuff

Painted on the drop tanks of VF-31 aircraft as they completed the final Tomcat cruise.  They let their feelings be known regarding their replacement aircraft:


Late Flightline Friday: ACEVAL/AIMVAL November 9, 2015

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Well, late or early, depending on how you look at it.

In the Korean War, the United States, in spite of fighting against MiG-15s very close in overall capability to the F-86 Sabre, managed to achieve a 10:1 kill ratio in air to air combat.  In Vietnam, that fell to 2:1, over the course of the war.  For extended periods, it was 1:1. Now part of that was silly – F-105s, which were really long-range light bombers and should have been B-78s or something like that – were counted in the kill ratios.   The Air Force fighter mafia got hoisted on their own petard in that one by insisting on calling everything a “fighter.”

Nevertheless, even if you restricted the comparison to Phantom vs. MiG, the exchange ratio was still not very good: about 2.75:1.

Even worse, new technologies emerging in the 70s made clear that small, maneuverable fighters armed with all-aspect IR-seeking missiles would win a close-in fight about as often as not.  Restrictive rules of engagement have long negated the advantage large US aircraft with powerful radars had, since the ROE demanded visual ID before launching a missile. By that time, the smaller adversary may have already tossed off an all aspect IR homing missile at you.  Exchange ratios were forecast to be really bad.

In order to figure out just how bad, and to help drive future procurement decisions, two important (and unusually long, complex, and involved) studies were undertaken, in the air, for realz, at Nellis Air Force Base: the Air Combat Evaluation (ACEVAL) and the Air Intercept Missile Evaluation (AIMVAL).  Some brief description:
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The Air Combat Evaluation (ACEVAL) and the Air Intercept Missile Evaluation (AIMVAL) were two back-to-back Joint Test & Evaluations chartered by the United States Department of Defense that ran from 1974-78 at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Both the U. S. Air Force and Navy participated, contributing a team of F-15 Eagle and F-14 Tomcat fighter aircraft and using the local F-5E Aggressor aircraft as the Red Force. The fundamental question that needed to be answered was one of “quantity vs quality”. Mock engagements showed that cheaper, lower-technology fighters armed with all-aspect missiles were able to destroy the more advanced, expensive F-15’s and F-14’s. These results of the AIMVAL/ACEVAL testing led to the Air Force decision to structure its fighter forces with a balance of cheaper F-16’s along with the more expensive F-15’s, and the Navy took a similar strategy in procuring cheaper F-18’s along with the more expensive F-14’s. The results had other impacts as well, such as decisions regarding missile development……..

Northrop Grumman released a helpful series of videos covering the history of ACEVAL/AIMVAL and its finding, especially from the Tomcat community perspective.  The four videos below take you through the history preceding the trials, the genesis of the trials, the outcomes, and their impact on tactical aircraft development. Yes they’re really an extended commercial for the Tomcat from the 70s, but that’s ok.  Sometimes informecials are informative.  Most of all,though, they have some really awesome air combat footage, which I know you’ll enjoy.




Warning for Catholic Facebook users: “Anthony Perlas” November 6, 2015

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Someone has been spoofing names of Traditional Catholic groups on Facebook.  The individual doing this is named “Anthony Perlas.” He has operated a site that has contained pornographic or semi-pornographic material called “Latin Mass Society of the United States,” and recently seized control of the defunct Audio Sancto Facebook group and was spoofing that.  It appears he may have lost control of that group.  A statement from the real Audio Sancto Facebook page below:

Yesterday I learned that Anthony Perlas had (1) somehow managed to get administrative control of the old group, and (2) had changed all of the branding of the group to refer to his operation. I contacted Mr. Perlas, informed him that I’m the administrator of AudioSancto.org, the Audio Sancto Facebook page, and formerly of that group as well (before FB nuked my account as described above), and sent him proofs of that admin status which he has accepted as genuine. The current status is this: he says he’s willing to return admin control of the group to me “as soon as we can have a Skype call” which was supposed to happen last night (he informed me of a last-minute scheduling conflict about two minutes before we were due to talk). I’m in email communication with Mr. Perlas and working on scheduling a call, after which I expect him to transfer administrative control of the website per his word.

That’s the current status; updates will be posted here.

I never get on Facebook.  Anthony Perlas has nothing to do with the FSSP or any valid TLM group.  He apparently has caused a lot of confusion and problems.  As a local priest stated, have nothing to do with him.

Sermon post: Risibility, and Fr. Vincent Capodanno November 5, 2015

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I’m having a short day today.  I think there’s important points in the main part of the sermon about keeping some joy about us even in the midst of all the chaos and darkness, but what I really like about the sermon is the last 5 minutes on Servant of God Fr. Vincent Capodanno, USMC, MoH.  Good stuff.  Hope you have a good day, off to the doctor to see how our baby is doing.  Thank you so much for your prayers, thus far, all is very well.

Good video – Kingship of Christ, or Kingship of Satan October 30, 2015

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I’m out of time, been meaning to post this video all week, enjoy!

We have a choice folks, submitting to the kingship of Jesus Christ, or the kingship of satan more and more prevalent in our society.  Choose wisely.

The bestest most awesomest Flightline Friday EVER!!! October 30, 2015

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I’ve done two posts on the F-14 Tomcat in the past year (roughly) and I generally like to mix it up a bit more, but I stumbled on a video presentation that is simply too awesome not to include.  It features former Grumman VP Mike Ciminera discussing the whole of the F-14’s development, from early technological antecedents like the XF10F Jaguar to the failed F-111B program and then onto the VFX program that spawned the F-14.  Something to keep in mind – while Grumman certainly had been examining potential F-111B replacements from mid-1967 on (and perhaps a bit before that), the VFX program didn’t get started until early 1968 and Grumman was selected by the end of the year.  Two years later, in December 1970, the Tomcat made its first flight, and entered squadron service a mere two years after that.  Two more years, and she was in combat service flying off the deck of USS Enterprise off the coast of Vietnam.  For a totally new aircraft type of the 4th generation, 6 years from conception to combat is very, very impressive.

As is this video.  Ciminera discusses the VFX competitors briefly, then really delves into the F-14 design features that made it such a very unique and capable aircraft, especially given its size.  I had forgotten a bit that the F-14 could do many of the same high-alpha maneuvers that have so wowed airshow crowds when the Su-35 has done them.  Not quite to the same degree, but close, and 30 years before.

Some really neat info below. Tomcat enthusiasts will love the video, its an hour well spent.  One incredible thing I learned – the Tomcat, due to its unique aerodynamic control surface configuration, could pull 7.5 Gs at Mach 2.  There are very, very few aircraft that have ever been able to do that.

Switching subjects to one of MY all time favorite aircraft (I seem to have a soft spot for losers and also rans – explains a lot!), several excellent videos on the Northrop YF-23.  Competitor to the Lockheed-General Dynamics F-22, the YF-23 was essentially an all-Northrop product, even though they were ostensibly “teamed” with McDonnell Douglas in the Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) competition (in contrast, General Dynamics made several key contributions to the F-22 design, and those contributions probably resulted in the F-22 getting the win, or at least being competitive.  Boeing was also on the Lockheed-General Dynamics team, but it’s unclear what they contributed).

The first video is probably the best single video providing an overview of the YF-23 design and development.  She was a fine looking aircraft, and would have looked even better in production.  There were some problems not mentioned in the video, however.  While the YF-23 was generally viewed as being more stealthy than the YF-22, and Northrop claims their RCS was lower in most aspects, there was one glaring counter to that claim – the engine fan blades were radar-visible from certain angles, contra the YF-22, where the engines were buried so deeply they could never be seen by radar. This is most significant, because not only are those whirling chunks of metal huge radar reflectors, they can even be used to positively ID an aircraft (radar signal processing having become so advanced it is possible to discriminate engine fan blade returns, and by noting characteristics of their geometry, RPM, etc, discern engine and thus, aircraft type – this is called “non-cooperative target recognition”).

Where you can see the light coming through the engine nacelle, that's where the engine would be visible to radar. You can see how a ground radar could see up in there at certain angles. On the F-22, no such view exists.

Where you can see the light coming through the engine nacelle, that’s where the engine would be visible to radar. You can see how a ground radar could see up in there at certain angles. On the F-22, no such view exists.

Also, the YF-23 used Space Shuttle like tiles – but even more complex and advanced – to line the engine troughs at the back end of the aircraft.  This provided good rear-aspect stealth (something the F-22 does not do as well), but given that these tiles are air-cooled with millions of tiny perforations and that each one has to be laboriously hand-placed, USAF probably was right to be concerned over maintainability.

PolymerStew 623A

Another factor against the YF-23 was that it would “only” be able to carry  7 AAMs internally vice the F-22’s 8.  In fact, even that 7 was a stretch, in “normal” configuration the number was 5.  That was seen as a potentially serious handicap.

In other areas, the YF-23 was much faster and much more maneuverable at supersonic speeds.  We don’t know what the limits of that performance were, but the YF-23 with the GE YF-120 engines was reputed to be much faster, longer ranged, and capable of sustained maneuvering (i.e., fighting) at supersonic speeds.  Most aircraft can only maneuver gently at such high speeds, so that was a significant advantage. The YF-22 was better at the slow speed flight and severe angles of attack, thanks to its thrust vectoring engine nozzles.

There’s a lot more, but I’m running out of time.  To the videos.  First, the very good overview video:

This second video features discussions by YF-23 test pilots Paul Metz and Jim Sandberg.  This is also a truly excellent video, giving all kinds of details regarding why the Advanced Tactical Fighter was developed, and then about the aircraft itself:

Two more videos on the YF-23, both walk arounds by the same two test pilots Metz and Sandberg.

Thanks to Western Museum of Flight and Peninsula Seniors Videos for uploading these.


Don’t believe the lies! Texas is a horrible, terrible place to live! October 29, 2015

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I don’t know whether to be proud or miffed. It seems Texas cities make up almost half of the top locations of GDP growth in the year 2014.  I know I live in the greatest state in the union, I am a native Texan through and through, but at the same time every time I drive to work I get reminders of how many people are flooding here from abroad.  I can’t drive to work without seeing Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and, Heaven forfend, California.  I have read that since 2005 500,00 out of staters have moved to the DFW area.  Now surely I hope some of those folks are good, moral Christians who will become good Texans, but I know many of them are not. They simply cannot be.  And so I fear this state will get overrun – Californicated, if you will – by people fleeing the very states their leftist beliefs and voting patterns have ruined.

It happened to Colorado.  It happened to Nevada.  It could sure as heck happen here.  And we know the left is actually working to try to make this happen.  If Texas becomes a purple or blue state, we’re finished.


1. Table of the Day (above). Based on data released a few weeks ago by the BEA, the table above shows the 20 US metro areas with the fastest GDP growth in 2014. Interestingly, 5 of the top 10 fastest growing metro areas, and 9 of the top 20, were in just one state — Texas. Also interesting, though not unexpected, is the fact that energy is largely responsible for the strong economic growth in the top 5 fastest growing metro areas in 2014, and in all of the top 13 fastest growing metros except maybe Dallas and San Jose. Carpe oleum.

So before any of you wild eyed leftists get ideas of coming to Texas, dreaming of enjoying riches while spreading the gospel of socialist sexular pagan misery, let me tell you a few things:

We’re mired in a horrible depression here in Texas. Yeah, 2014 might have been good, but with the Saudis flooding the market, the shale boom is over and folks are getting fired left and right.  Midland, Odessa, Tyler, Victoria, Beaumont -ghost towns, all of them. The few remaining people are flat broke, destitute, lying about on dusty streets covered with scorpion stings and rattlesnake bites.  Oh yeah, they’re everywhere. I don’t care if you buy a $5 million condo on the 40th floor in downtown Dallas, it will be infested – with roaches the size of rats, rats the size of cats, and cats the size of really, really big cats.  It’s just how it is here.  Vermin everywhere.  It’s the worst possible place to live you can imagine.

Why am I proud of the place, then?  Well, it takes a pretty tough hombre to hang here in this state, where it’s constantly at least 90 degrees (on Christmas) and it never rains except when it rains 24 inches in a day, right, Corsicana?  So you could call it a kind of perverse pride held by those who can tough it out.  But Californians?  They die by the truckload within days of coming here.  We just dump ’em in the old exhausted oil wells.  All those Yankees, too.  Dead.  Either the heat gets them, or the rattlers, or the giant spiders, or one of us crazy gun nut Texans.  And sometimes at night, when the cops helpfully look the other way, we run you down with our giant lifted trucks.  Just for sport.  Have you seen what a set of 37″ tires can do to a pedicured metrosexual in skinny jeans?  Yeah……it’s not pretty.  The only thing left is a few of his oh-so-trendy beard whiskers ground into the pavement.


At the same link, I found this gem:


Pretty good.

Oh do I have an awesome Flightline Friday lined up for tomorrow! I hope I have time to do it!

So in the most critical period of the Catholic blogging year…… October 26, 2015

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……..I totally let you down.  I was away from the blog almost all Thursday (just a few low-time posts out) because of a major problem at work and all Fri-Sun.  I did read other people’s stuff a bit over the weekend but I had no time to blog. I had to work from home on Friday because my truck transmission went out.  Terrible design by GM – the HD trucks have a separate trans cooler in front of the radiator, but the boneheads routed the brazed copper pipes THROUGH the radiator.  They are thus subject to horrendous swings in temp as the coolant heats up, and they are notorious for failing over time.  Then you have the wonderful effect of getting trans oil in the coolant – and even worse, coolant in the trans.  I had to get a new radiator (for the second time) installed about 2 weeks ago because I had oil in the coolant again, but I did not check to make sure the transmission didn’t have water in it.  Guess what?  It did.   So over the course of last week my trans started acting worse and worse, until it finally crapped out completely on Thursday afternoon.

So, after two complete drains and refills with oil, at least some of the water is out.  It’s acting better.   The problem is, once you get water in the torque converter, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it all without taking the thing apart, and for that price you may as well get a new one.  I haven’t, yet, but I know there is still some water in the trans and even though it’s acting better with mostly oil now, it’s still probably going to be a problem.

That, and satan seems to be going after me hammer and tongs lately, I’ve had all manner of health problems that have caused my focus to be elsewhere. You know about my head injury – that came to naught, thank God – but my heart arrhythmia has been acting up quite a bit, too, and I had a nasty cold last week that is still lingering.  So, I did not mean to leave you in the lurch, I find when I’m at home I just have too many things going on to ever blog much.  I have to go to work to have some peace and quiet.

I hope to get a post out on the Synod today with various reactions.  It seems the neo-Catholics – a term I’ve always avoided using, for a variety of reasons, though I’m coming to see the distinction more and more – are bending over backwards to find the good in the final document, while those who bend more traditional are seeing very little good in it, and much that is horrendous.  It seems a replay of Vatican II in miniature, with a severe weakening in terms of discipline and application of Doctrine, which will likely lead to an even further wholesale collapse in the practical, lived experience of the Church’s moral doctrine by the vast majority of souls.  IOW, very, very bad news.

More on that in a bit, God willing.


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