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2015 Farm report June 30, 2015

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A little segue into happier matters for a brief bit.  I shot a bunch of videos while I was in Kansas and uploaded a bunch for the heck of it.  When we can time our trips to be there during harvest it’s a lot of fun, the kids really like it and there is much to do.  If we go before or after harvest there isn’t much to do.  I’m hoping next year to take more time off and catch the harvest right and be there even more.  I’d like to help out if I could.

Given that the crop looked all but lost in mid-March due to drought the wheat turned out quite good.  Continuous crop made at least mid-30s per bushel and summer fallow was more probably in the 50s on average.  We might top out over 50 bu/acre for the whole crop.  Milo is looking nice.  They’ve had a lot of rain, but after harvest will need a lot more.

Sorry for bad video quality, half the time I had a kid in my lap and the other half I got distracted by conversation.  It’s not easy to hold a phone steady in a jostling combine.  It’s a lot of fun for me, though, to get up there and see that great bounty of nature and Our Lord’s beneficence all come together.  We need to get a good priest to go up there sometime and bless the land, it’s never been done, I’m sure!

I almost get runned over:

My favorite:

We might make a move on some more land up there.  At this point, I don’t think having another quarter section in my back pocket would be a bad thing.  Now to get at least a single wide and tie into that water they’re pumping out of the Ogallala and we’d have a fair redoubt if things get rough (just enough for home use, not irrigation).  The place is a liturgical wasteland, though.

May God have mercy on our country June 26, 2015

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Even though I am still in glorious deep rural Kansas I am aware that 9 unelected, unrepresentative, elitist oligarch lawyers in black robes just destroyed this nation as it has been known.

See previous post. It was spot on. We are beyond done. Major D’s are already speaking of eliminating tax exempt status for churches that do not comply.  That will only be the beginning.

May God have mercy on us all, especially “Catholic” Anthony Kennedy AND those prelates and priests who allow him to continue gravely wounding the Church and souls, heap sin upon sin, blasphemy the Our Lord in the Flesh, and basically wage a one man war against all that is good,  decent, and holy.

Pray, fast, and receive the Sacraments as much as you can, while you still can.  The future of this country unfolds before us like an endless night.


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Next week is the first of the month.  Even though it is a holiday week I still plan on doing the vigil.  I am also committing to going twice this next month (July), on the first and third weeks.  I have gotten more notice of interest but some people cannot come on the first week.  Plus, I think a bigger presence is called for.  So, I’ll try twice next month and see how that goes.

More announcements as we get closer to the date.

Please pray for Doug Pearson.  Doug is well known to many listeners of local Catholic (EWTN) radio for his position at the Guadalupe Radio affiliate here in Dallas. He is also a father of nine and a grandfather of 10.  Doug has always been a big, strapping guy and I was always impressed by his vigorous appearance. Tragically Doug has been afflicted with cancer for quite some time.  He was in hospital at the beginning of the month but was released and seemed to be improving, but last week apparently took a turn for the worse and is now in very critical condition.  The family is asking for prayers.  They do hold out hope for a miraculous recovery, but by natural means, his prognosis is not positive.

Please also pray for SL who has been afflicted with a painful injury but is recovering.  If you would, in your charity, pray that his recovery may continue.  He told me not to do this but I’m not such a good listener.  Hopefully with God’s help he will forgive me.

May God reward you abundantly for your charity in these spiritual works of mercy.


Louis and Zelie Martin to be canonized at October Synod June 18, 2015

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I do have great devotion to these two.  I cannot think of much better models for Catholic parents.  God bless them.  Is this canonization being performed because of confirmation of additional miracle(s) attributed to their intercession, I pray?  Anyone know the details of the advance of their cause?

Pope Francis has called  an ordinary Cardinal consistory to announce new Saints on June 27th. Among the new saints are included the French couple Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux.

The upcoming canonization of the parents of the popular saints will be officially confirmed. Pope Francis will make the Saints during the Synod of Bishops in October, as indicated by Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation of Saints.

Rumors have it that  the Pope has the intention to set up relics of the holy married couple during the upcoming Synod of Bishops in the Synod Hall. A confirmation does not exist for the time being.

Deo Gratias!  What a holy family.

We certainly have need of their prayers at this time.  Louis and Zelie Martin, please intercede for and protect Catholic families everywhere!  Pray for the conversion of all those who are not outside the Church!  And pray that souls may once again value holy purity!


Please, in this time of trial, do not let emotions get carried away regarding Pope Francis June 18, 2015

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All – let’s try to avoid blanket condemnations of the Pope’s character in the comments.  I am very comfortable with critically examining specific actions taken by the Pope and comparing any dubious statements/proposals he may make with our Church’s perennial Magisterium, but when we start to declare him a heretic, bonehead, jackass, or anything else, we’re leaving virtue and heading into something else.

I understand your anger and confusion. I am as outraged and scandalized as you are. But we have to maintain some sense of respect for the office of the papacy or our anger could start to corrode our faith.  So please let us be more careful in future.

I have been very tolerant in this regard for some time but some comments are approaching levels where I will have to intervene.  Please desist, yes we are all traumatized at present and the events of today certainly will not help but  let us maintain some sense of decorum for the OFFICE our Blessed Lord instituted.

I have no individual in mind.  I am not addressing anyone in particular, but it’s something I’ve noted generally over the past few days.

I don’t know about you, but I could use a break June 17, 2015

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Here are some funnies for you.  Or at least mildly entertaining distractions.  With the eco-encyclical bearing down on us tomorrow, and the Church in the US, Britain, and nearly everywhere else in free-fall, sometimes we (or at least I) have to just take a step back and have a laugh:

trans financial

I accept donations, too.


download (12)



Remember, you’re supposed to take the entertainment industrial complex seriously.  I thought smokers were pariahs to the left?  Apparently being a trans-something trumps even that?


And this gem from Eye of the Tiber:

Members of the Synod on the Family scrambled to meet today to discuss what some bishops are calling “a game changer” after Bruce Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair revealing his new Caitlyn Jenner identity.

The impromptu meeting was called by Cardinal Reinhard Marx to review how they could leverage what he called the potential “straw that broke the discriminatory camel’s back.”

“You guys…tell me you saw Caitlyn on Vanity,” a giddy Marx said to fellow members of the synod as he clutched the magazine tightly to his chest and hopped up and down. “Look at this, look at this…is she not a doll? Listen…she might look like a doll, but she’s human just like us, and deserves the right to become whoever she wants and to do whatever she wants, and we as a Church need to applaud her courage. This is it boys…the day we’ve been waiting for.”

Marx went on to address the council members, asking all those gathered to make proposals for how to get his idea of a more inclusive Church into the official synod document before the “African bishops” found out about it.


Flightline Friday: more early anti-ballistic missile efforts June 12, 2015

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I haven’t done a Flightline Friday in quite some time.  While most readers are probably quite happy with that, I’m not.

Some videos below of early US Army missile programs, focused on anti-ballistic missile (ABM) efforts.  Don’t ever let some progressive tell you that defense against intercontinental ballistic missile attack is impossible: we’ve been getting skin-to-skin hits since 1962.  The first video outlines the earliest US ABM program, Nike-Zeus. Using a highly modified and improved Nike Hercules missile, Nike-Zeus turned out to be pretty unworkable due to the huge number of different mechanically scanned radars required to execute long range search, target identification, missile track, target track, and other functions.  Seven different mechanically scanned radars were necessary, and each set of radars could only guide one or two missiles in flight at a time.  Not very efficient. It was planned to place a Nike-Zeus battery at each junction of the interstate highways.  So, where I-70 crosses I-135 near Salina, Kansas – there would have been a Nike-Zeus battery there. But the program was cancelled before development could occur.

That’s because something much better was coming along in the form of Nike-X.  The Nike-X program developed the world’s first massive phased array radars, which took all the functions of the much slower, less precise mechanically scanned (that means, radars that go around in a circle like you’ve probably seen) and put them into a large concrete, nuclear-hardened building.  Electronically controlled, phased array radars could track thousands of targets (instead of one or two), discriminate decoys much better, and react far, far faster.  They could support literally hundreds of intercepts near-simultaneously.  Being electronic, all functions occurred much faster and required little manual effort (about the only thing that had to be done was to OK the release of the missiles, which would then occur automatically).

The first video gives you a nice history of Nike Zeus and shows some glorious footage of those massive, cumbersome mechanical radars.  The second half of the video discusses the Pershing I missile, the Army’s main medium range ballistic missile from the early 60s to the early 80s (replaced by the infinitely more capable Pershing II).

The second video is unfortunately silent, but shows a lot of missile testing at White Sands from the late 50s and early 60s.  Missiles shown include: German V-2, WAC Corporal, Nike Ajax, Nike Hercules, Nike Zeus, Spartan (an awesome, AWESOME missile), HAWK, and others.  Many shots of missiles shooting down missiles are included. Sorry for the lousy noise.

I’m out.  Have a blessed Feast of the Sacred Heart. You can eat meat to your heart’s content today if you are so inclined.

Mass Report: TLM at St. Pius X parish San Antonio June 12, 2015

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We assisted at Mass last Sunday at the sole diocesan TLM available in the San Antonio archdiocese at St. Pius X parish.  The parish itself was reasonably well suited to the TLM.  There is a permanent altar rail.  While the church was unfortunately designed in that early 70s style with the altar actually sunken down, amphitheater style, below the pews, and with seating nearly 180 degrees around the altar, it wasn’t bad.  There was a good amount of traditional Church art.  There is an ugly high stucco wall behind the altar, but there is a proper high altar with a large tabernacle.  As such things go, it could certainly be worse.

The Mass itself was a bit spotty.  I guess they use a rotating series of priests there to offer the TLM, and it seems like they are a bit rough on some of the details.  The priest missed a few little things like genuflections, handing off his biretta, etc.  With a huge table altar in front of the high altar, some liturgical action is a bit crowded.  I am not such a liturgical expert that I can tell if the maniple is tied wrong or if a really subtle thing is missed: I would say the mistakes were fairly obvious to one experienced in the TLM.  But I certainly appreciate the effort. BTW, I had been forewarned, via commentary on certain internet forums, that the Mass would probably be a bit rough.

I also picked up that there is a deacon at the parish who is probably responsible for organizing the Mass and, quite possibly, being the driving force behind it being offered there.  He gave the sermon, and it was very solid.  Since this past Sunday was the External Solemnity of the Feast of Corpus Christi, he gave a sermon on the Blessed Sacrament, but spent quite a bit of time demonstrating how protestants – who claim to be guided solely by Scripture – bend and twist Scripture to their own destruction, especially with regard to John chapter VI and the entire detailed discourse on the Blessed Sacrament.  It certainly impressed me as a sermon worthy of the traditional Mass.

There was a good sized crowd. I would estimate attendance at about 120.  The women were dressed for the most part quite modestly.  Most wore chapel veils.  Men were generally dressed appropriately.  Children were present in abundance and generally quite well behaved.  I was pretty impressed.

We’ve been looking for a place to assist at Mass in San Antonio, since so much of my wife’s family lives around there.  We had, over the past several years, arranged our visits so we could be home on Sunday.  While the TLM is not executed with the panache and seriousness seen in the FSSP, I think we’ve found a place to assist at Mass on Sunday.  Unfortunately, that seems to be the only TLM offered at present (it seems former twice-weekly daily TLMs are no longer offered?).

Some pics of the parish below:





If you’re in San Antonio, you might consider checking out St. Pius X parish.  The TLM is at 12:10 pm.  The only other option is the SSPX parish of St. Joseph with two Sunday TLMs.  Aside from that, the only other parish I can really recommend (non-TLM) is Our Lady of the Atonement, which does offer a Novus Ordo in Latin on Sunday in addition to Anglican use Mass.  Atonement is pretty high church, however, all Masses are offered Ad Orientem, all Communion is distributed kneeling and on the tongue, and the church itself is very beautiful.  The choir is also excellent.  I know some folks rotate between Atonement and the TLM.

Beyond that, San Antonio is…….I’ll be nice, and say not particularly blessed with reverent and orthodox liturgies.

Prayer vigil report from Wednesday 060315 June 10, 2015

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I just realized this morning that I never gave a report of the prayer vigil outside the strip joint from last Wednesday.

It was really awesome.  The group was down a bit in size but we had a new man join us so that was great.  Thanks to all who came out.

We are starting to make a difference.  We are getting a lot more attention from the people at the “Men’s Club.”  Some of the, ahem, dancers were standing in the doorway watching us.  And then this woman in a black Chevy truck drove into the parking lot of the joint, spotted us, did a double take, and started driving around the parking lot across the way from us watching us.  Then she went in.  She came out a short while later, got back in her truck and drove over to where we were at the post office.  She got out with bottles of water (that was very nice) and approached us with a rapid-fire stream of conscious attempt at justifying what she and the other women who “dance” there are doing.  We didn’t have much chance to respond, we were in the middle of a Rosary and a bit unprepared.  I wish I would have just dropped the Rosary (as much as I would hate to do so) and spoken more with her.  Her justifications were along the lines of “we have girls paying for college abandoned by men times are hard judge not etc etc.”  To which I thought of several brilliant repostes just seconds after they would have done any good.

So, in the event this happens again, and I think it very well might, we’re going to have a policy going forward that one of us will drop the prayers and try to speak with anyone who approaches us like that again.  The rest will provide prayer support, just as we do outside abortion mills.  It won’t do to have five men appearing to gang up on a woman – I know that would not be our intent, but we have to keep in mind the woman’s perspective.  We need to decide at the start of each vigil who will be doing the engaging.

I’m pretty sure we touched this woman by our presence to at least some degree.  She was definitely trying to justify her and the other performers selling themselves so cheaply there.  And I think the fact that other women were observing us from afar indicates she was probably not alone.  Women are extremely responsive to perceived negative judgments of their behaviors, but those responses can take many forms.  Given that this woman responded with an act of charity I think provides a great deal of ground for hope.

Some possible points to keep in mind in future, should we be approached again:

  • We’re not judging you or any particular individual associated with the place.  We have no idea of your particular circumstances or why you might feel compelled to work there.
  • Yes our Blessed Lord said not to judge.  You do not have to worry about our judgment. You have to worry about His.
  • Our Blessed Lord said that a man who looks on a woman with lust in his heart commits adultery.  The place they work at encourages adultery.
  • The things (just go with it) you are displaying for all manner of men are intended by God to be reserved for your husband
  • We bear no ill will towards anyone who works in such a place, nor the visitors, but we deplore its presence in our city.  It is contrary to God and moral decency and must go.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse are rampant among performers.  Why?
  • Whatever your particular situation, there is ample help available and working in a place like this is a choice. There are many other means to make a living as demonstrated by thousands of other people who work hard jobs for less pay.

Even though attendance was down, I’ve also gotten contacts of interest from other men.  I am feeling like once a month may not be enough to really make an impact.  So I may start going every other week.  I know that would be a substantial burden on the family lives of the men involved, so I am a bit hesitant to do so, but I’m feeling a pull to do more.  I will pray about this more.

Weekend fun June 9, 2015

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I get requests from time to time to share personal stuff going on. Apologies in advance if this post seems overly personal or indulgent – I mean, more so than my usual fare. We didn’t make it to Medina Lake, but we did have a pool party and even did some honky tonkin:


My father-in-law and his five daughters.  That man is 86 years old but does not work or act like it.  God willing, he will be with us in this life for many years to come.  He has, if I have the numbers right, 9 children, 65 grandchildren, and about 20 great-grandchildren.  Even partial family reunions are crowded.



I love that scarf thingy my wife has been wearing.

Then another night we went to family night at John T. Floore Country Store.  I had only ever been there once before and that was about 24  years ago.  It was a whole lot of fun:







I dig that sign.20150607_211352

My wife and I used to go dancing all the time when we were young, but then didn’t for a decade or two. But we’ve been taking it back up a bit lately and I am very glad for it.  When we were dating, we used to go here:



For where I’m at now in my life, Floore’s is a much better fit, Broken Spoke has awesome history, ambiance, and music, but it’s also a pretty hard drinking, hard partying place.  Or at least it was for me. We found family night at Floore’s just that…….no power drinkers, music wasn’t too loud (if only OK in quality), crowd wasn’t too bad, lots of families with kids…….it was a good time.

OK, enough self-indulgence for today.


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