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Sign Petition to Remove Farrell’s Name from UD, Seminary August 31, 2018

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There are two petitions circling that call to have, ahem, Cardinal Farrell’s name removed from both the Holy Trinity Seminary student center and the Cardinal Farrell Center on the UD campus (which is confusing, since the seminary and UD are practically co-located).  This is the one for removing Farrell’s name from UD.

And this is the one for removing his name from Holy Trinity Seminary.

Why should his name be removed? Well, for starters, how about his very close proximity to two of the most hideous abuse scandals in the history of the Church?

According to Cardinal Farrell, he was in the middle of two massive scandals, but somehow suspected nothing. By his own testimony, he is either a lying prelate or a clueless one. If a liar, Kevin Farrell is complicit in the sexual abuse of minors and the violation of ordination vows. These evils were rampant at Holy Trinity Seminary just a few decades ago; why should the seminary honor those who enable them today?

Because he lacks any basic qualification to merit the honor of a seminary building, and especially in light of his lack of character as shown by these scandals, we call on the administration of Holy Trinity Seminary to refrain from naming the future activity center after him. We propose naming the building after one more worthy, such as a saint who stands as a model for priests, or a virtuous person who has done good for the seminary. Until a new name is chosen, we refuse to honor Kevin Farrell and shall not contribute any funds towards the construction of this building.

Here’s another reason – then Bishop Farrell, while here in Dallas, was essentially never, ever, known to pray.  Think about that.


1. Camper - August 31, 2018

He’s an egregious heretic who has backed Amoris Laetitia to the hilt as Francis’ preposterous cardinal in charge of doctrine concerning families. He is a traitor to the Faith!

2. Tg - August 31, 2018

I signed both petitions.

3. Laocoön, Son of Acoetes - September 1, 2018

Heads up, the first link is wrong. Here’s the link for the UD petition: https://farewellfarrell.org

Also, if you’re on campus, pick up a #FarewellFarrell ribbon to show your support

4. Aqua - September 1, 2018

Just a visitor here. Love your blog.

Am not sure if you are aware that Westminster Publishing is advertising on your blog page, Biblical Theology (NIV), Albert Mohler author.

He is anti-Catholic. Just an FYI. Might be confusing to those who do not know who he is and what “Westminster” stands for (Presbyterian).

5. Camper - September 2, 2018

To be fair, as Tantum’s own article admits, he did a lot to turn the Diocese around after his two catastrophic predecessors (“Bishop Farrell Farewell Interview”). On the other hand, that will not avail him on the day of Judgment if he does not repent for preaching that agreeing with Amoris Laetitia was essential for understanding the Gospel, which is something he said.

6. skeinster - September 3, 2018

Given that we are all gearing up for the rest of the struggle, here’s a good link to a resources site:

Very impressed that they have grouped their offerings in gradations, based on what one already knows and what one needs to know.
Excellent print-outs including book lists, Mass comparisons, a compilation of best catechisms from the 1500’s to date and more.

This would be a very useful site for material to educate the searching in manageable bites.

7. skeinster - September 3, 2018

It might also be time to give this another viewing- Michael Matt on the necessity of working together.

And not just the internecine strife of Trad orders, but the personal grievances of the orthodox Catholic blogosphere with one another.
Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Camper - September 3, 2018

Most people in good standing with Rome are not persuaded by the arguments. St. Thomas Aquinas said that most people get burned out on philosophy by “the multiplicity of useless questions.” Something similar is probably true when semi-amateurs/sophomores like yours truly start arguing about the SSPX. We often aren’t experts and it burns people out. Most married couples don’t remotely have the time to follow traditional issues, much less to master the topics involved. Who really has the competence to master canon law, Aristotle, and St. Thomas as well as to make it into a presentation that is both fully competent and polished? We need leaders. Trads with any significant amount of intelligence need some theological and philosophical education before they head off into the big world, and basically this means going to one of a handful of trad institutions before becoming full adults.

Camper - September 5, 2018

And as far as I know, the best argument is from Quo Primum: Anybody who changes the Mass is anathema. Period.

8. Camper - September 3, 2018

Now there is a lot of talk about possible coverup in the Diocese of Lincoln, NE, the home of the FSSP’s seminary. The scandal is almost everywhere.

9. Camper - September 4, 2018

““The truth is meek, the truth is silent,” Pope Francis said in a homily on Monday, in a possible allusion to the controversy and his response. “With persons lacking good will, with persons who seek only scandal, who seek only division,” the proper response is “silence and prayer,” he said.”


10. Camper - September 4, 2018

A priest in the AD of LA is unceremoniously thrown out of the rectory for preaching the truth:


11. Camper - September 4, 2018
Camper - September 4, 2018

Callista Gingrich is… umm…. there is some kind of word for it somewhere…. some demagoguery in Ann’s article, but it is still basically correct.

12. Camper - September 5, 2018
13. Tim - September 5, 2018
Camper - September 5, 2018

Read it. Wow.

Tim - September 6, 2018

14. Camper - September 6, 2018

Very useful website:


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