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New “Gay Dossier” Featuring Former Dallas Bishop (now Cardinal) Kevin Farrell Moving Through Vatican? September 6, 2018

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According to repeated reports in the Italian media, and confirmed by the Italian traditionalist blog Messa in Latino via Vatican sources, a dossier highlighting the sodomitical activities of former Dallas Bishop and current Cardinal (and head of the Pontifical Dicastery for the Laity and Family, perversely) Kevin Farrell, and especially his two-decade live-in arrangement with disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (Farrell’s constant ecclesiastical sponsor and helper in climbing the ladder), is moving through the Vatican bureaucracy and may be the latest blow to Francis’ increasingly corrupt pontificate.

All the reports are in Italian but One Peter Five has helpfully obtained a translation.  Many excerpts below.  Folks, if there was ever any question why Farrell insisted on having a million dollar private home away from the Chancery and Cathedral (and prying eyes), I think the answer is obvious.  In addition, is it any wonder why the chancery is located in the longtime focal point and “home” of the Dallas “gay community” – Oak Lawn?  The signs have been there all along for those with eyes to see:

Farrell, picked by Pope Francis as the prefect for the new Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life, is the highest ranking prelate from the United States. He is also a former Legionary of Christ – under the tenure of their founder, the monstrous abuser Fr. Marcial Maciel – and also one of those closest to the disgraced former cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Farrell served as McCarrick’s vicar general and auxiliary in Washington, D.C., living in the same residence with McCarrick until his retirement in 2006. [Right, Farrell came from – at the very least – a very troubled institution, and was quite close to its founder.  Then he shacks up with Cardinal McCarrick for close to 20 years.  To say he’s been close to scandal his entire career is no exaggeration.]

Farrell claimed, at the time revelations of McCarrick’s abuse began to be made public earlier this year, that he had no knowledge of McCarrick’s abusive activities. “Never once did I even suspect” McCarrick, said Farrell to the Associated Press (AP) in July 2018. In another, earlier interview, he told Cindy Wooden of Catholic News Service (CNS), “I was a priest of Washington, D.C. I worked in the chancery, in Washington. And never. No indication. None whatsoever.” The video of that CNS interview came immediately under scrutiny because Farrell’s facial expressions betrayed none of the emotions – such as shock – that he claimed to be feeling over the revelations. [I can’t imagine anyone who actually believed him]

Claims of new information from Francesca Fagnani of Il Fatto Quotidiano may bring light to Farrell’s involvement in what has rapidly become the most high-profile abuse case in the Catholic Church. The Italian report, translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino for OnePeterFive, says there is a “violent and unprecedented civil war” in the Church that now involves even the pope. Following Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s bombshell testimony about cover-ups of the abuse of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick that included Pope Francis, Fagnani says that “soon another bomb could break out.”

“According to reliable sources close to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,” says Fagnani, “there may be a similar dossier on Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell.”

“Farrell was specifically nominated as Auxiliary Bishop of Washington,” writes Fagnani, “because Cardinal Theodore McCarrick wanted him as his assistant, and these two men became part of Pope Francis’ ‘magic circle.’ Farrell and McCarrick also lived together for years, sharing the same apartment. How could Farrell possibly not know all about McCarrick’s sexual behaviors?”

Fagnani then asks the obvious question without providing a specific answer:

What is contained in this new dossier on Farrell? The Pope and the Secretariat of State know about every single new thread of every investigation that is opened by the Tribunal of the CDF, so how could they possibly now know about this? Did Farrell’s nomination to such a high post precede or follow the opening of this investigation? The historian Roberto de Mattei, among the most knowledgeable of Vatican experts, known for his traditionalist positions, adds this little comment: “The link between the two prelates [McCarrick and Farrell] was known but never clarified. There may be something else behind the silence of Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin.”

And what exactly might that “something” be?

You can go to One Peter Five for the rest, but I think you can well imagine what that “something else” might be.  They are STILL engaging in cover-up, it’s been endemic to this papacy since its beginning, being based on a foundation of sodomite institutional power, and the lid may well blow off another massive scandal involving Farrell, if they cannot keep it silent. Don’t assume they won’t be successful, however.  Francis has managed to keep the vast majority of curial sodomy scandals out of the press (the press generally being only too happy to go along).  That doesn’t mean that this info against Farrell is wrong, or doesn’t exist – it may simply be deliberately buried.

After he had left, I was told something about Cardinal Farrell that really struck me.  He never prayed.  I mean, he was never known to pray privately.  He offered Mass when he had to, he looked positively green when he came to the consecration of Mater Dei, but he did not pray.  The man is a bishop, now a cardinal.  And he doesn’t pray.  That tells you pretty much all you need to know.


1. The Lord's Blog - September 6, 2018

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:

2. X-opher - September 6, 2018

What led him to allow and then to consecrate Mater Dei? I’ve never understood that…Naturally, I’m grateful, but I fail to see how he came to allow it.

Tantumblogo - September 6, 2018

Don’t really know. Part of it was to ghettoize and possibly anesthetize a growing conservative contingent. But I think the main reason was growing SSPX and pressure from Rome to give a community already in existence 20 years a proper parish. Don’t really know beyond that. I’m really just speculatin

Richard Malcolm - September 6, 2018

I’ve heard rumors of pressure from Rome (Ecclesia Dei, I think) playing into Farrell’s move, but only at third hand. If so, it would hardly be the first time that happened in Benedict’s pontificate.

And as you say, Farrell *could* fit into that common pattern of liberal bishops surprisingly willing to allow a TLM parish/quasi parish/oratory to set up shop, because it’s a tidy way to keep tradition in a carefully erected ghetto. Any lay complaints about bad liturgy or abuses or pleas for more traditional touches can get people referred to the ghetto. That’s just what Sullivan did in Richmond, for example.

And aside from possibly poor Fr. Weinberger out in the sticks, my impression (correct me if I am wrong) is that the Diocese of Dallas has done a good job of hermetically sealing tradition up inside Mater Dei’s four walls.

Tim - September 7, 2018

The original Vatican intent for the FSSP was to undermine the SSPX.
Nice try guys, both are growing. Truth trumps modernism.

woodyiu79 - September 6, 2018

If he allowed one Latin Mass parish in the diocese, in a very inconvenient area to get to in the diocese, he doesn’t have to have any more Latin Masses anywhere else. Remember the Latin Mass “experiment” at St. Marks in Plano? These guys are not fools. They are very clever. Do not underestimate them. Ever. And he (Farrell) knew what parish to do the experiment at so that it would fail.

Tantumblogo - September 6, 2018

Don’t disagree! I think it was a necessary thing to put into a small, ignorable ghetto many troublemakers. Heck, it has worked, I rarely pay attention to goings on in the Diocese anymore, except major things that make it into the press. I don’t have time, but largely have lost interest. Forgive me if I err, but in my judgment the entire NO Church is a giant failed experiment and almost wholly corrupt and flawed. So I am not surprised by all the evil.

Still, it is a good thing to show evil to the world, but I’ve largely fallen out of that business now.

Richard Malcolm - September 6, 2018

And at the end of the day, having a ghetto beats having nothing at all (a situation many oldsters can remember with sadness), especially if there isn’t even an SSPX option in the area. One could do far worse than Mater Dei, even if you have to drive over an hour.

Tim - September 7, 2018

Where there is no Traditional Mass or Byzantine Liturgy in a reasonable distance, there is NO obligation binding.
No Catholic can be forced to attend a protestantized liturgy that is dangerous to Faith and is of questionable validity in many cases.
Churchmen cannot require what they refuse to provide.
The Novus Ordo cannot be required as it is dangerous to the Faithful.

3. Baseballmomof8 - September 6, 2018

Praying all of this continues to blow up. If 50% of the clergy are homosexual then let them go. We will have Benedict’s “smaller, more faithful” Church. Bring. It. On.

Tim - September 7, 2018


4. Camper - September 6, 2018

I think I read here that Farrell said he needed priests.

5. Ana Milan (@ana_milan999) - September 6, 2018

He isn’t the only one that doesn’t lead a prayerful life. ++Sorondo “never celebrates Holy Mass and neither does he pray the breviary”@infovaticana. Also, ++ Müller has stated he only goes to Confession once a year.

6. Richard Malcolm - September 6, 2018

Yes, I agree: While I wouldn’t be surprised to learn there’s things like this in his background, or even that a dossier on it exists in Rome, I’m quite skeptical that it will see the light of day. And if you were a possible leaker, why would you draw attention to it like this before you leaked it?

“…he looked positively green when he came to the consecration of Mater Dei…”

Really? How bad was it, Tantum?

Tantumblogo - September 6, 2018

Oh he was stiff and disinterested and obviously it was something he had to do. “Green” may be a bit harsh but he definitely looked uncomfortable and out of place. His easy affable smile was not very apparent.

Richard Malcolm - September 6, 2018

If only you had hugged him, Tantum!

Tim - September 7, 2018

Yes, Tantum strikes me as “huggy and cuddly!”….much like my self!

7. David - September 7, 2018

Am I the only one who found it strange that Farrell was elevated to Cardinal without ever being elevated to Archbishop?

While I did like some things that happened under Farrell’s administration, and others disappointed me, most of the time he seemed to show up for pre planned events within the diocese and not much else. There were times he sent representatives, but I think much of his time was spent on committees that took him elsewhere, like meetings in DC, Rome, etc.

I did hear some rumors that Farrell did not enjoy the Dallas area, and wanted to return to the east coast, particularly Washington DC where he had been incardinated circa 1984.

Camper - September 7, 2018

He was thoroughly criticized for opposition to firearms throughout his diocese. He wasn’t a natural match for a red state, certainly not Texas.

Baseballmomof8 - September 7, 2018

That helped him get his red hat. Recall PF’s criticism of the firearms industry a few years back. The manufacturers of weapons were labeled hypocrites.

Camper - September 7, 2018

I don’t usually swear, but this gang of crooks is so bad that I am tempted to do so. They are scum….

8. Canon212 Update: Francis and Maradiaga’s PoopSpeak Betrays Their Murderous Contempt for People – The Stumbling Block - September 7, 2018


9. Ed Of Ct. - September 8, 2018

Sad but true commentary on.the deviants promoted and advanced by Usa .Vatican and Bergoglio Cino. Francis etc. For decades………..Painful to watch Weurl,Farrell and Bergoglio cino Francis .insist it is Clericalism.. I am reminded of Sgt. Shultz of Hogans heroes as Farrell tries to.explain that he knew NOTHING ???? about Maciel and MC carrick..Really he is serious and pathetic at.the same time

10. Camper - September 9, 2018

“The Hunting of the Vigano”

Fr. Z says that the Vatican is hunting for Vigano so that they can prosecute him.


One comment from “Malta” is probably the best:

Unreal. This pope is acting like a Mafia boss. Good luck trying to find him. As a former FBI Agent I can go off the face of the map, literally. I hope Vigano stays hidden from these draconion *******..

11. Camper - September 9, 2018

Some states are investigating. Hopefully now there will be no way to stop the government from investigating and prosecuting these crooks thoroughly.


12. Tim - September 9, 2018
13. Camper - September 11, 2018

The Vatican is admitting it needs a crisis PR person:


14. Camper - September 11, 2018
15. Camper - September 11, 2018
16. Camper - September 11, 2018
17. c matt - September 11, 2018

When that Priest/Bishop (I forget his name) said “I expect to die in bed, my successor to die in jail, and his successor to die on the guillotine” (or something to that effect), I don’ think he pictured it going down this way.

Tim - September 11, 2018

Cardinal George of Chicago.

c matt - September 11, 2018

That’s who I was thinking of!

Camper - September 11, 2018

That doesn’t have to be true if good Catholics evangelize on the streets. Go to New York and San Francisco with incendiary posters condemning homosexuals. It is sure to make national headlines.

18. Tim - September 11, 2018
19. Tim - September 11, 2018

Good advise:

20. Tim - September 12, 2018
Camper - September 12, 2018

Tim, it’s strange that he is still against the SSPX. Don’t see him coming around any time soon.

Tim - September 13, 2018
Camper - September 13, 2018

He does not attend their masses. It’s good that he says nice things but that is not the same thing as even mild support, much less the full-throated support they need.

Tim - September 13, 2018

Does he have access to an SSPX chapel?

Camper - September 13, 2018

His readers do not know where he lives. He goes to the Latin mass, I believe, he lives in the UK, and he has some Italian blood, but otherwise, little is known about him.

21. Tim - September 13, 2018
Camper - September 13, 2018

Maybe we should tell American attorneys general this. Waddaya think, Tim?

Tim - September 13, 2018

Go for it.

Camper - September 13, 2018

I’d like your help Tim. I think you said you were in Indiana.

Tim - September 13, 2018

Yes, I’m in Indiana.

Camper - September 13, 2018

Let’s tell Attorneys General this.

22. Tim - September 13, 2018


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