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Fr. James Martin, LBGTSJ, Continues to Cover Himself in Dung January 9, 2017

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A brief final post of the day: many readers will be aware that Fr. James Martin, SJ, is typical for men of the sadly fallen order he represents so fittingly, in being solidly on the progressive, worldly side, frequently (if not constantly) making what should be clear Doctrine into a dog’s breakfast of confusion and uncertainty.  He displayed that to excess, recently, in trying to claim that the Holy Family was filled with argument and disunity at times, contrary to the constant belief of the Church dating from Apostolic times, which is that the Holy Family featured three souls for whom sin was totally foreign*, and for whom self-interest was a non-existent commodity, thus making argument an impossibility, even if Mary and Joseph were sometimes confused by aspects of the Savior’s mission on earth:

Perhaps I’m overstating things in claiming that Martin is asserting arguments within the Holy Family, but I think that implication can be plainly drawn.  His intent to “humanize” or “de-mythologize” the Holy Family may have good or sinister intent, but it is wholly consistent with the kind of insidious attacks on long-held belief that Jesuits have been infamous for these past several decades.

Our Lady was miraculously preserved from sin from her Immaculate Conception.  She was incapable of disagreeing with her Son, of not seeing “eye to eye.”  If there were times when she did not understand, fully, the Christ’s actions, she instantly conformed her will to them once their meaning became plain, such as when we read in the Gospel from the Feast of the Holy Family this past Sunday, when Jesus stayed behind in the Temple in obedience to his true Father instead of his earthly one – the completely right priority. Joseph and Mary were naturally worried about their son, but did not chastise Him or argue with Him in any way once He made his reply.  The Wedding at Cana is another instance where what may to secular eyes appear as “conflict” is actually the perfect alignment of wills.  Our Lady asked Jesus, perhaps prematurely, to address the exhaustion of the wine.  She asked this KNOWING that He would accede to her……it wasn’t really even a request, it was more a bald statement of fact, but Jesus, in His perfect generosity, knew what His mother willed……..and that is of course what happened.  Any other purported instances of disagreement are simply the natural result of what happens when limited human understanding confronts omnipotence and omniscience – there are bound to be misunderstandings on the human part, but in every case, Our Lady conformed her will to that of her Son as perfectly as a human being can.

This kind of tweet and post are just click-bait, to me.  Say something controversial in the hope of attracting hits.  It’s as banal as it is predictable – especially for a creature such as Martin.  There is no concern over causing scandal or offending the sensibilities of numerous devout souls, the only concern is for the clicks.

But that’s not all, Martin LBGTSJ also feels compelled to jump on the cultural bandwagon whenever something pleasing to progressives comes along, such as Meryl Streep’s breathless hyperventilating at the Golden Globes:


Wow, so deep.  You can see how social media so elevates the cultural discourse.

Streep’s comments were offensive, because they equate voting for Trump with holding a foundational disrespect for certain others (whoever the Left wants from one moment to the next).  Sure, Trump has said some  unfortunate things, but they are off-hand comments made in passing, not points of deliberate policy.  Streep, Martin, and their co-religionists of the Left think very little about the “disrespect” shown to the unborn by the outgoing president they so idolize.  No, they are fixated on 15 year old off-color comments, not because they really care, but because it serves their political interests to do so.  That’s what all this screaming and crying and literal public lunacy on display over the past 2 months has been about, an attempt to de-legitimize the man elected president and prevent his administration from being able to roll back any of Obama’s disastrous policies, policies that have pushed this nation to the brink of destruction.

But politics is what it’s always about with the Left, whether it’s Streep or Martin or Winters or Chittister.  They are fervent adherents of an implacably hostile, alien religion, a demonic mishmash of bad science, diabolical philosophy, hatred for sound Doctrine, and unbounded pride – the religion of sexular Leftism.

I’m quite certain you already knew well enough to ignore anything Martin, SJLBGT and his ilk have to say, because you guys is S-M-R-T smart.

The only question I have is, can the Jesuits be reconstituted along something like the lines of their holy founder again through great suffering, reduction in numbers, and eventual replacement by solidly orthodox membership, or will extreme measures like suppression for a century or so be required to snuff out their particularly vile and pernicious set of errors?

*- St. Joseph is regarded – I don’t think it is a doctrine, but it is a strong tradition – to have been sinless from the moment of his betrothal to Mary.  For the time Jesus was Incarnate until his death, then, St. Joseph did not sin, even venially.



1. DM - January 10, 2017

To answer your question, I would say without a doubt that the Jesuit order would need to be suppressed entirely, whether for a century or for good. There isn’t anything to work with for a future orthodox Pope or hierarchy to begin restoring the Society of Jesus to even a semblance of faithful Catholicism. It is filled from top to bottom with modernists and effeminates, majority of whom are most likely active sodomites. And this includes their younger members and most of their seminarians that I’ve seen over the years. No “biological solution” happening in the Jesuits, that’s for sure.

It amazes me to see the occasional faithful, traditional Jesuit priest. How they have managed to survive in their order is a true miracle. They easily have to be the single largest, most damaging order of malefactors and modernists in the entire Church, and unlike the case for most other groups, this did not grow out of Vatican II but has been a steady downward progression for centuries now.

2. Richard Malcolm - January 10, 2017

There have been plans before to suppress or reconstruct the Society of Jesus, particularly during JPII’s pontificate. But they were scuppered every time.

A total suppression, followed by some salvaging of the decent Jesuits ( a real minority, but still significant in numbers) into a new Jesuit order on a modified rule would be what I might try. But the ensuing explosion would be ferocious. Watch from a distance.

3. Brian E. Breslin - January 10, 2017

Tantum, you know how I have tried to defend the Jesuits in the past,here at this site. DM above does point out, though perhaps grudgingly, that there are bona fide traditional and faithful Jebbies. But I would paraphrase Abraham’s question, ” what if there are fifty righteous Jesuits?….what if there are twenty-five righteous Jesuits?”…
But I have to admit, Tantum, that you, DM, and so many others are (sadly) correct; Jesuits like Martin make it so difficult to defend them. As I have said on this site several times, I have known many ( really) good strong faithful Jesuit priests in my 60 plus years, from my weaning days, to the present day. Yes, there have been many strongly Catholic Jesuits who have shown me how to fight for the Faith and for the Lord. So to me, Abraham’s question still holds.

4. docmx001 - January 10, 2017

But But But the Francis told us that Mary sinned from the foot of the Cross, accusing God of deceit: “In her heart – how much she said to the Lord! ‘You told me then – that’s what we have read – that He will be great. You told me that You would give him the throne of his father David, that he will reign over the house of Jacob forever. And now I see Him there!’ The Blessed Mother was human! And perhaps she would have wanted to say, ‘lies! I have been cheated!’. http://eponymousflower.blogspot.com/2013/12/lies-i-was-cheated-pope-francis-daring.html

5. TF - January 10, 2017

I’ve always heard that St. Joseph was freed from Original Sin in the same manner as St. John the Baptist. Remember, he was called Just even before their betrothal.

6. Branch - January 10, 2017

I’ve believed for some time there is a special place in Hell for Fr. Martin.

7. Numbskull - January 10, 2017

How dare you criticize Fr. Martin. He is best friends with Stephen Colbert and Martin Scorcese and has thousands of fakebook friends.


Tantumblogo - January 10, 2017


8. Canon 212 Update: On Defending the Faith with Serenity and Respect? – The Stumbling Block - January 10, 2017


9. Camper - January 10, 2017

At TAC there is a Jesuit chaplain who is a good guy, and I knew a man who made final vows with the Jesuits who was a Republican. They should still definitely be suppressed.

10. Tim - January 10, 2017

You forgot the “Q”!

11. †♥ Mindszenty ♥† (@DOTCOM_MOM) - January 11, 2017

My uncle is a Jesuit. I graduated from a Jesuit College & witnessed in horror Jesuits telling students that it was perfectly prolife to vote for Obama. They are poisoning our youth with their modernist, moral-relativistic agenda & now a member of this sorry order is leading Holy Mother Church in a most unsavory direction. The *only* remedy to stop this madness is a complete suppression of the order—but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so–like *any* religious order that no longer serves Christ, we’ll just have to wait for them to die off…..

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