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Trump’s Administration Surprisingly Catholic? January 26, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, catachesis, cultural marxism, General Catholic, Glory, Restoration, secularism, self-serving, sexual depravity, sickness, Society, true leadership.

Some interesting considerations in the video below.  Michael Matt examines the first few days of Trump’s administration.  He notes the somewhat surprising Catholic character of some early appointments and actions.  Homeland Security Director John Kelly made the sign of the Cross at his swearing in.  The Trump administration promises a heavy presence at the March for Life this weekend, including Vice President Mike Pence.  Some hope Trump might make a surprise appearance (I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, but even the planned attendance marks a wonderful change from the hostility expressed by the previous administration against all things pro-life and Catholic).

Matt goes on to note the unhinged, practically demoniacal reaction against Trump among the Left in the sad, perverse march of crazed feminists and muslims the day after the inauguration.  He rightly goes on to relate how even the very definitions of things like “political extremism” and “prejudice” have been altered in recent years – it is only extremism or prejudice if it is something the left does not like or opposes.  If it’s something they support, nothing is too violent, too subversive, too damaging, to garner their support.  More and more, those on the Left and everyone else cannot even agree on basic facts, or what constitutes a fact.  The Left has it’s “facts,” which are generally simply dictums of the leftist religion, and then there’s reality.

What does the Left want more than anything else?  Sex and abortion.  But won’t islam take that away?  They don’t care.  They don’t think that far ahead.  And for the most part, they will willingly acquiesce to the call of Mohammad, should that woeful, cursed time ever come.  As Matt observes, these people are practically demonically oppressed (if not worse), and are so lost in these sins, so perverse in their thinking, they are unable to look at themselves, their beliefs, or actions, through any kind of remotely honest lens.  They are the reprobate sense, defined.

Great (rough) quote: “They don’t hate Trump.  They hate the people who voted for Trump………Anyone who would put any restrictions whatsoever on sex and on baby killing.  So long as we continue to breathe, I believe, they feel the guilt of who they aer and what they’ve become.  They’ve become like soulless animals.  They are going to get more irate and more dangerous as time moves forward.  All the noise, all the funny hats, all the foul language, are an attempt on their part to block even the faintest voice of conscience or the natural law in their lives.  If they can just get us to shut up, they can be happy again.”

The Left is willing to fight for what it wants.  Conservatives have not been.  That is why the Left has been winning for decades.  Too often, conservatives look at electoral victories and consider their job done.  Meanwhile, the Left keeps running through and subverting institution after institution.  Win or lose, they kept up the pressure at the cultural level. Now they have vast cultural power, even as their growing extremism turns off more and more relatively decent people.  If we don’t start reversing their cultural dominance, electoral victories like 2014 and 2016 may become a thing  of the past.

I’m glad that Matt notes that Leftism is a religion for these people.  They are willing to fight for theirs.  I do wish we had more souls with a similar fortitude on our side.  Present company generally excepted, but I think you know what I mean.  And heck, why not?  We work hard enough as it is, raising and providing for our families. One of the Left’s greatest advantages was to turn their activism into a paying profession.  The right has not done that to nearly the same degree, and is a major reason why we are always playing from behind.  We tend to do real work, actually making things and growing the economy, while they leach off of it, to a great extent.

Not sure how to fix that.  It’s going to take greater sacrifice on our part.  I don’t think we should ape the Left in this regard.  We should keep being makers and builders (by and large).  So we’re going to have to find ways to make up the deficit, otherwise.

I think one awesome way to do that would be for Trump to give awesome stipends to conservative, and especially Catholic, bloggers.  Not from the public till, but from his own vast resources.  Don’t you think that would be a brilliant plan?  Say, maybe, 200k a year?  For life.  Because this is a long fight, right?  No time to be chintzy.

Yeah, I’ll hold my breath.  Seriously, though, how about starting to heavily investigate the tax exempt status of many left-wing groups?  Their “charity” is often laughably transparent. That would hit them where it really hurts.  How about passing a law declaring public-sector unions illegal?  There are many ways to start chipping away at their in-built advantage.

I’m rambling.  Done.

No, I’m not.  A quick update.  Look at Trump call out the press – to a reporter’s face – for every year, for decades, failing to give the March for Life the coverage it deserves as a major annual national event:

Do you see Muir crowing about the size of the feminist march, and then having the temerity to say “I don’t want to compare crowd sizes”?!  That’s all the press did for days after the feminist march, saying it was larger than the crowds for the inauguration.

And that’s how you got Trump, and will keep him if you don’t change.



1. aquinas54 - January 27, 2017

US Secret Service formally investigating that idiotic b—h who has the gall to name herself after Our Lady, and thus I refuse even to write or speak that word in connection with this tramp. I try, I really try, not to wish bad things upon people, but she ought to be prosecuted for those stupid threats.

Your comments are all spot-on, rambling or no. And as you and Mr. Matt and others have pointed out, these people still haven’t gotten it, and I believe they never will. This extended temper tantrum will last all four years of the first Trump term and may well help get him re-elected, as you also noted. So I say, let them rant. Heh.


2. Amillennial - January 27, 2017

“We tend to do real work, actually making things and growing the economy, while they leach off of it, to a great extent.”

One of the most powerful things we can do then is to stop buying their crap. Boycott entertainer’s movies and music. Stop buying their coffee and ice cream. Stop paying for the rope they will ultimately hang us from.

My two cents…

Tantumblogo - January 27, 2017

Good points all. It can be tough to exclude EVERY product that somehow supports the left wing agenda, because almost all of them do, but we can and certainly should target certain egregious offenders. I wholly support people doing that.

Tim - January 29, 2017

More than tough, nearly impossible. Don’t forget that these are the extremists. There are many of Satan’s foot soldiers who “help the economy ” who appear and “act” respectable and pragmatic. Don’t lose sight of the big picture. Boycotting is a nice theoretical idea but Satan has his bases covered on that strategy. I know, years ago a close friend and I tried to figure out how to boycott along these lines and found it literally impossible to pull off.

3. c matt - January 27, 2017

Present company generally accepted

I think you meant “excepted”, but it is always nice to feel accepted, too 🙂 Yes, boycott their trash. Especially the entertainment industry – there are so few films and TV shows worth watching, it should not be hard.

Tantumblogo - January 27, 2017

I had to fire my copy editor. Still looking for a new one.

Tim - January 29, 2017

I’ll send you my resume!

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5. MFG - January 28, 2017

Yes it’s encouraging to hear of the Catholics working for Trump. It’s activate continuation of Reagan (and to a lesser degree W.) as Catholics have always been good government advisors- St. Thomas More comes to mind. He died the King’s good servant but God’s first.

Also you and Matt were spot on calling Leftism a new religion. With Trump, I’m now better understanding what you describe. When they have no supernatural hope they place all their natural hope in politics; world affairs etc. When these earthly things don’t go their way it becomes a living hell that is insufferable. They then go bezerk. Sad.

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