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Another Update on My Boy Benedict February 8, 2017

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First of all, thank all of you SO MUCH for the enormous outpouring of prayers, Masses, meals, offers of assistance, and many other forms of kindness.  We have been overwhelmed by all the love that has been shown.  Truly this is what defines the sublime, often misunderstood word, Catholic.

My boy is doing quite well at present.  When I walked into the ER yesterday after his seizure he did not know who I was.  He has regained probably 90% of his mental faculties but still has a little way to go.  He’s up and about though, has no more headache, ate a ton…..he’s feeling pretty good at present.

Having said that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  It is still being characterized but signs to date indicate it is most likely not malignant.  He has probably had it for some time, possibly even since birth.  It is also likely the cause for his problems with reading, even though he is an ace at math, science, and religion.

At any rate another night in the hospital with introduction of anti- seizure meds.  Surgery is not thought necessary at this point.  The tumor will be monitored and decisions on surgical intervention made based on how he does and whether it starts to grow or otherwise changes behavior.  It is possible surgery may never be required, but the probability is that it will someday but hopefully not for years.  Till then we’ll just have to trust in God and take it day by day.

Thank you so much for your prayers!  I know you will keep them up, and please do!  This is going to be a long effort.  Only God’s Grace will sustain us through it, and your prayers are a huge part of that.  Thank God that my boy survived a bad seizure and is steadily improving.  Every day, even every hour, is such a blessing. Racing to the hospital 30 miles away Monday morning……..well, I’m sure you can imagine my thoughts.  I have seen so much suffering at the only Level 1 trauma center for children serving a population of 12 million that I know both how blessed I am and how tenuous life is.

I’m happy I could share these updates with my online family.  May God bless and reward you all for your kindness.

My blessing, my boy: