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The Case Can Be Made that Trump is the Most Pro-Life President Ever January 25, 2018

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Even though, in the past, he has painted himself as a pro-abort at times, in terms of concrete action, has any president done as much as Donald Trump to support the pro-life cause?  Not only was he the first sitting president to directly address and, in a way, take part in the March for Life, he named Jan 22, the anniversary of the worst, most murderous, most unconstitutional and immoral Supreme Court decision ever (Roe v Wade), Sanctity of Human Life Day:

President Donald Trump proclaimed Monday, January 22, 2018, “National Sanctity of Human Life Day.” The proclamation comes on the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that legalized abortion in the U.S. throughout the entire nine months of a mother’s pregnancy.

Trump made the proclamation on Friday, as hundreds of thousands of pro-life pilgrims converged upon Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life.

“Today, we focus our attention on the love and protection each person, born and unborn, deserves regardless of disability, gender, appearance, or ethnicity,” begins Trump’s proclamation.

“Reverence for every human life, one of the values for which our Founding Fathers fought, defines the character of our Nation,” Trump continued in the proclamation. “Today, it moves us to promote the health of pregnant mothers and their unborn children.”

In doing this, however, he was just continuing a practice of Republican presidents since Reagan in 1984:

President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day in 1984, making note that millions of U.S. lives lost to abortion in the 11 years since Roe v. Wade — already by then over tenfold the number of Americans lost in all our Nation’s wars” — was “a tragedy of stunning dimensions that stands in sad contrast to our belief that each life is sacred.”…….

……….It was continued every year throughout the administration of Reagan’s successor, George H.W. Bush. Bill Clinton then dropped it during his eight years as president, and George W. Bush then resumed it again for his eight years in office.

Barack Obama did not declare National Sanctity of Human Life Day during the eight years of his administration.

Go figure.

Trump’s reinstated the “Mexico City” policy, forbidding federal funding of abortion overseas.  He nominated a solidly pro-life Supreme Court Justice.  He wants to defund Planned Barrenhood, if Congress can ever pass a new budget, instead of endless continuing resolutions.  These place him as equal the better Republican presidents since Reagan.  But by attending the March for Life, did Trump – whose personal life is a catalog of immorality – catapult himself into position as the most pro-life president ever?  Could it be, that contrary to his predecessors, he is less a politician than a man of some convictions, less likely to be bent by the polling or the political winds?



1. Tim - January 25, 2018

Most prolife…….yes.

Quite possibly will be considered the best ever.

2. Mark Docherty - January 25, 2018

He’s literally more Catholic than Antipope Bergoglio on the pro-life issue.

c matt - January 25, 2018

Comparing Trump and Bergoglio . . . reminds of a story about two sons doing their father’s will . . . .

3. FL_Catholic - January 25, 2018

He also just got someone solidly pro-life confirmed as the new head of the HHS. Huge victory there. Trump will go down as the best President in history, but not in our lifetimes unfortunately. Once this generation of loony-toon leftists pass and more objective eyes can look at his accomplishments, America will finally see how blessed we were to have him rather than the punishment of Hillary that we rightly deserved.

Tim - January 25, 2018


Camper - January 26, 2018

Dear Fl_Catholic,
We may thank the good Lord that we were delivered from the clutches of the evil, maniacal Clinton last election, and Trump is doing wonderful stuff, but the economy and laws are still far to the left of Coolidge. The Coolidge Administration was better, and before him, the Benjamin Harrison Administration was better than Coolidge’s. Trump is still a disgusting human being because of his sexual past, and it is essential that we never lose sight of that. Trump also recently offered amnesty. Even though it may be a negotiating tactic, it still implies that the left has a shred of moral credibility in their attempts to force illegally what amounts to a democratic coup down the throats of Americans. Their attempts to adulterate the electorate are a coup. Camper

FL_Catholic - January 27, 2018

There’s always gotta be a sanctimonious NeverTrumper to try and rain on the parade. Camper, all the Presidents are liberals to me because I’m a monarchist. To even support liberal democracy would have put you on the Left a few hundred years ago. This whole liberal/conservative nonsense is an argument between liberals who want to go Left faster and those who like the amount of Leftism they already have. However, be that as it may, compared to the rest of the Presidents, he is the best. Not solely due to him being pro-life or lowering taxes or anything like that. It’s because every time the Twitter bell rings, a Leftist loses their mind. Anything or anyone who can drive liberals so insane that they gather in the street and scream at the sky is doing something right in my book.

Camper - January 27, 2018

Dear Fl_Catholic,
I’m not sanctimonius and I’m not a never Trumper, so please don’t jump to conclusions. I’m a monarchist too. Of course Trump is doing enormous things right and deserves great credit, but his power comes from his outstanding energy, raw brains, and the left’s great evil. He is decadent and I desperately hope the Republicans put up a credible, electable candidate to primary him when the time comes. The only chance Trump has of winning reelection is if the Dems run Clinton again. I don’t think they are quite that stupid. Republicans forget this fact at the cost of their political lives, permanently. Please be sure to be charitable. Camper

Tim - January 27, 2018

Your garden variety repub ia just as flawed as Trump. They just hide it better.

Camper - January 28, 2018

Dear Tim,
Please email me. I would like to get some information from you. Just a quick thing, if you don’t mind. camper15@gmx.com

4. David - January 25, 2018

Keep in mind there is a possibility that between now and January 21, 2021 that up to two new Supreme Court Justices could be appointed. This depends on voluntary or involuntary retirement by current sitting Supreme Court Justices.

I voted for Trump primarily because IMHO he was the lesser of the two evils. I was glad to see Gorsuch on the court – that would not have happened if HRC had gotten the 270.

Tantumblogo - January 25, 2018

“I voted for Trump primarily because IMHO he was the lesser of the two evils”

Me, too. But I’ve been quite presently surprised. His personally morality is atrocious but as a leader he’s done quite a bit of good, and, amazingly, has potential to be the greatest prez since Eisenhower or even further back.

But then Goldwater thought Eisenhower was a squish.

Tim - January 25, 2018

I voted for Trump because I knew he was what our country needed and was a great leader. Cruz(yes, even him), Bush and all the RINO’s are part of the political establishment and are part of the deep state as well as the demonrats. All of the “establishment” republicowards would have lost to Hitlery.

He single handedly desimated both major political parties in the same election cycle, a feat unprecedented in our country’s political history and not likely to occur again.

Numbskull - January 27, 2018

Cruz is not part of the deep state.

Tim - January 27, 2018

Yes, he is.

Camper - January 28, 2018

Dear Tim, do you have evidence that Cruz is part of the deep state? Sometimes he is demagogical, but he threw away his chance in the Republican primary by advocating a flat tax at 10%. That’s the opposite of demagogical.

Camper - January 26, 2018

Gorsuch is not against homosexuality! He supports the rulings in Obergefell and Lawrence vs. Texas.

5. Tim - January 25, 2018
6. Tim - January 25, 2018

7. Tim - January 25, 2018

Michael Matt….fantastic!

8. Numbskull - January 25, 2018


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