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Excellent Priest on the Fruits of Feminism – UPDATED July 7, 2019

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Not sure if I am allowed to ID this priest or not, but I can say he’s one of my two favorite, most rock-solid FSSP priests a priest who gave a great sermon but not the one I was thinking of!  He sure sounds like an FSSP priest I know.  Oh well, humans gonna err.

He has an excellent sermon on the evils of feminism.  The key point is that the radical, man-hating, Christ-despising feminism we see today is the inevitable end-point of this erroneous and frankly diabolical movement.  There was never a “good feminism.”  It was always ordered towards subverting the role of men and women and essentially having the two sexes flip those roles.  You could say that feminism has always been much more a female supremacy movement than one interested in any kind of true equality – as if the God-given and traditional Christian roles of the sexes were somehow unequal.  They were only “unequal” in a totally materialistic and power-dynamic obsessed sense, the kind marxists would tend to grab onto.

There are those who argue that while “some” feminists take the movement too far, feminism at its roots is a good thing, and something it is perfectly acceptable to subscribe to.  I believe Father demonstrates the falsity of this claim.  At any rate, even if there are still some who consider themselves “moderate feminists,” only interested in some self-defined notion of equality and not at all like the radical fringe, the point is immaterial from a practical standpoint.  For 50 years or more feminism as a movement has constantly been dominated by its most radical fringe, and those who pretend to subscribe to only its more moderate aspects are giving valuable aid and comfort to this radical fringe.  Thus, feminism is something that no well-ordered and virtuous Catholic woman or man can subscribe to.

And why would you want to?  How does feminism help you or anyone you love get to Heaven?  The traditional Christ-inspired roles for men and women are completely focused on just that end, men and women helping each other, in constant practice of virtue, to attain Heaven, especially within the confines of marriage but also without.  All the evidence I have seen indicates feminism can do nothing but frustrate the good and holy purpose of rightly-ordered male-female relationships.

Please pray for Father that he may not be persecuted for preaching the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church in this most diabolical time, and that many will not just hear, but listen, to his words:

Feminism’s fruits are not just widows and orphans, but also hundreds of millions of murdered babies worldwide, and God knows how many broken marriages and devastated homes.



1. Tim - July 7, 2019

I listened to this on the way home from Mass today! Excellent sermon and spot on! I’ve witnessed this nonsense most of my life and it has screwed up so many lives both female and male, I’ve lost track of how many I’ve personally witnessed. It is a scourge that will be next to impossible to overcome in human terms, once Satan gets the toothpaste out of the tube, it’s hard to get it back in. On “Traditional” Catholics are not exempt by any means. Career, career, career…..money, money, money.
Thanks for posting!

2. Tim - July 8, 2019

More “fruit” from the feminist/liberal “utopia”.

ADULTS ONLY!! Violence and foul language.

3. Tim - July 9, 2019
4. dthy - July 9, 2019

So true. Am really tired of hearing all the “first woman to do this” sort of stories. For every woman to replace a man in what is men’s work I think, just another man sitting around doing nothing–well, playing video games as the film points out. Thanks for posting this.

Tantumblogo - July 12, 2019

How about the behavior of the US women’s soccer team? Their utter ingratitude for making $3-500k a year playing a game is amazing. They are so out of their gourds they are starting to brag that one day they’ll be the best soccer team on earth, period. Male or female. And yet they got beat soundly by a squad of 15 year old boys.

I say this because this is exactly the kind of envy satan uses to bind people.

Tim - July 12, 2019

They are vile and disgusting people. I couldn’t care less about their “success”.
Purple headed lesbians who disgrace our flag and President don’t represent me or any other decent American. These women are on the fast track to Hell.

c matt - July 12, 2019

An acquaintance who knows I am a huge soccer fan asked if I watched any of the Wymyn’s World Cup. I said no, I prefer to watch soccer instead. If the USWNT were to play FC Barcelona or Liverpool, no holds barred and fair refereeing, the only thing that would prevent them losing 100-0 is the time it would take to restart play after each goal.

To explain it in terms she might understand: if offered the choice between a $5 glass of wine, and a $500 glass of wine, which would you drink? The difference really is that pronounced.

5. Tim - July 9, 2019

A needed remedy,

6. Tim - July 9, 2019

A needed remedy:

7. c matt - July 10, 2019

“Good feminism” is like a trajectory that is 1 degree off – you eventually end up miles off course.

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9. Alphonsus - July 11, 2019

Good substance. However, actual Catholic priests today, because of the sodomite infiltration, need to be especially vigilant about not even remotely sounding like a sodomite. Sadly, this priest has a bit of a sodomite sound. He needs to root it out.

10. Tim - July 12, 2019

Even though the victims were mostly female, feminism help stoke the fires of the objectication of women. Every we try to “improve” God’s designs we screw it up beyond comprehension. More fruit:


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