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Objective Unlocked – Proportion of White Christians Declines over 50% in 40 Years September 5, 2019

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This is what several decades of deliberate attack and undermining of the Christian faith was aimed at, making what was formerly the most religiously active developed country in the world areligious and ripe for conversion to social and economic leftism.  That, and the massive, unrestrained influx of peoples from cultures often hostile towards the mores and beliefs of the former majority of this nation. The US that I knew as a child no longer exists.  From a country that was 81% white and Christian, by at least one measure, in 1976, the country by 2016 had become only 43% so.  And polls show the percentage has declined steeply in the past 3 years, to around 38-40%.  Being from Texas, I have seen this happen with my own eyes.

Unfortunately, it must be said that white Christians – or perhaps I should say “Christians” – played their own massive role in this unprecedented demographic change. Abortion and, even more so, contraception, have driven white Christian fertility down below the replacement rate.  Given that, it was almost inevitable that the vacuum thus created would create economic pressures to attract huge numbers of (economic) migrants.  It was also almost inevitable that the proportion of white Christians, not even bothering to replace themselves, would decrease.  Of course, the political-economic elites have driven immigration rates far above what was needed simply to insure a relatively healthy and stable population.  They have pursued their own selfish interest in this matter.  But the white “Christians” have done much to bring about this decline, and among those Catholics are some of the most guilty, since they should and most, even with the collapse of the teaching authority of the Church (by design), indeed do know the Truth Christ has revealed on this most vital matter – that contraception is always and everywhere sinful, and that being fruitful and multiplying is a great blessing from God.

Some of the most energetic opponents of immigration and demographic change should be looking in the mirror when they search for whom to blame.

The data:

According to PPRI, self-described ‘White Christians’ made up 81% of the population in 1976, but only 43% in 2016.

They wrote, “White Christians are a declining proportion of the U.S. population: 81% in 1976”, adding “43% in 2016”.

Illegal immigration, in particular, has been a contentious hot topic for several years.

Crime and excessive welfare participation have both been called into question.

One America News Network Political Correspondent Ryan James Girdusky wrote, “In 1998, non-citizens made up 36.9 percent of federal arrests”, adding “In 2018, non-citizens made up 63.9 percent of federal arrests.”

In a second tweet, he added specifics about non-citizens from Mexico and Central America as a whole.

“In 1998, non-citizens from Mexico made up 27.9% of arrests”, he added, “In 2018 non-citizens from Mexico made up 39.9% of arrests.”

On Central America, Girdusky notes “In 1998, non-citizens from Central America made up 1.2% of arrests,” and, “In 2018, non-citizens from Central America made up 20.4% of arrests.”

I do not mean to sound defeatist, but even if Trump is able to build a continuous wall, and that wall massively reduces illegal immigration, it will almost certainly be too late.  Trump’s administration is bragging about permitting more legal immigration than ever before.  If so, he has significantly misread the intention of those who elected him, the large majority of who want all immigration, legal and otherwise, drastically curtailed for some time, at least several decades, to give this nation time to absorb and assimilate the unprecedented numbers who have entered over the past 50 years or so.  Right now, whatever progress he is making seems to be much too little, and too late.

A final thought his how much the churches themselves have done to bring about this collapse.  From the gimmicks of the “hardcore” evangelical type groups to the utter collapse of the mainline protestant sects, to the continuing self-demolition of the Catholic Church, modern American Christianity has for 30 years or more had practically no success in keeping its own, let alone rolling back the constant advance of the leftist juggernaut.  Our beloved Holy Mother Church will become much, much, much smaller – smaller than I think many can envision – before she is fully healed (barring, of course, some dramatic Divine intervention).  But that is a topic for another time.



1. Camper - September 6, 2019

In related news:
“The running joke in GOP circles is that Trump should build a wall along the northern border in Texas to keep the liberals out.”


2. David - September 8, 2019

I think the decline in the practice of Christianity is that many seem to practice “you only live once”, “what is in it for me”, and “no one calls it sin anymore. ” One of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (i.e. fear of the Lord) is overlooked in our society today, and “he double toothpicks” is not feared by many today either.

One thing I recall from college – remember how full the congregation was the Sunday before final exam week began? When people are in crisis, they believe.

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4. Kate R. - September 11, 2019

And this as well. Non-white cultures have lots of children, without a doubt. Go into any slightly urban area and see for yourselves, families with 3 or more children are not at all unusual.
Trump’s been great, but I did not realize he is continuing the legacy of allowing in more legal immigration. We absolutely should stop ALL immigration. Our small town is unrecognizable and a trip to the grocery store looks like the UN. Goodbye America.

Tantumblogo - September 18, 2019

I just got my driver’s license renewed. I couldn’t do it online. Now I do live rather in the hood. Nevertheless, America as it was is done. 50 years of the original people not having children, and unconstrained immigration, have completely remade this nation. Maybe 10%, tops, of the customers there were white. Probably 50% or more were first generation immigrants. Crazy. It’s not the country I grew up in anymore, or anything like it.

Camper - September 19, 2019

It was in Texas, so that rules out them all being illegals who are just passing through. You do live in a rough neighborhood. Irving/Dallas is not the rest of America.

5. Htown - September 21, 2019

Read the books and watch the videos of Dr. E. Michael Jones. It will all make sense what is happening to us.

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