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I’m a filthy liar March 29, 2010

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You’ll never be rid of me!!!  Haaahaahaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!

Listen to this!  You think I’m hard on Catholics supporting Obamacare…….hah!

h/t to Patrick Madrid

One more thing, then I’ll shut up March 29, 2010

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Just think, after this, you shan’t have to put with me for a week.   Lucky you. 

But before I go, here’s a parting thought.  So much that is wrong in the Church today, especially Amchurch, can be seen below:

Planned Parenthood to Obamacare nuns – THANKS! March 29, 2010

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They couldn’t have done it without them!  It’s becoming increasingly clear that those 55 nuns who endorsed Obamacare were doing so in a concerted effort with not only democrats in Congress looking to cave and allow abortion funding into the bill, but also with Planned Parenthood as a means to radically expand “women’s reproductive rights.”  Don’t believe me?  See this story at CNA

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards has praised the Catholic religious sisters who endorsed the Senate health care bill, claiming they deserve gratitude for making “a critical demonstration of support” for a bill that significantly increased coverage of “reproductive health care.”Writing for the Huffington Post Wednesday in her capacity as president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Richards claimed that it was Catholic nuns who “most importantly broke with the bishops and the Vatican to announce their support for health care reform.”

“This brave and important move, demonstrating that they cared as much about the health care of families in America as they did about church hierarchy, was a critical demonstration of support.”

A story doesn’t get written without the consent of the object of the story – in this case, the nuns.  Those who signed that letter that provided soo much cover to democrat politicians  are, I think, sending a message here, and the message is, “We know what we did.  And we’re proud of it.” 

Thus, the state of so many religious orders today.  But this, too shall pass.  In spite of the efforts to destroy this very good Pope, in spite of the lousy catechesis, the sometimes awful liturgy, and the concessions made to the world, the Church will survive, and they know it.  It will more than survive – 100 years from now, the Church will be a far more holy, reverent, and orthodox institution than it is today.  We are at the beginning of a swing of the pendulum, and its momentum will only grow with time.

I’m liking this guy more and more March 29, 2010

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I’ve got to hand it to Gerald Warner, the columnist for The Scotsman and Daily Telegraph newspapers in Britain, he makes me look like a polite Fredericksburg kaffeeklatsch.   He weighs in on the attacks on the Pope, and opines that now would be a good time for a counterattack:

The sex abuse scandal in the Church –the product of the post-Conciliar nihilists’ own iconoclastic destruction of traditional Catholic morals and spirituality – has audaciously been conscripted to serve their desperate agenda to overthrow the Pope, secure a “progressive” successor and eventually replace the Papacy with some kind of lay soviet (well, that is what happens to your brain if you inhaled substances other than incense, back in the 1960s).

Such an inversion of the truth is not without precedent: the Venerable Pius XII saved 860,000 Jews from the Nazis; but today, thanks to defamation by a German playwright, propagated by “liberal” Catholics, the one individual who did more than anyone on earth to help the Jews is demonised and bracketed with Heinrich Himmler. Now, the Spirit-of-Vatican II groupies are going after Benedict XVI on the child abuse ticket. 

“Radical” Catholics are attacking the Vatican, like the chav [A Brit term, “Council House And Violent”.] mobs that sporadically besiege the houses of paediatricians. Our television screens are filled with geriatric ex-Jesuits, feminist nuns, “progressive” theologians and every variety of Lollards and Fifth Monarchy Men. Even their 1960s poster-boy Hans Küng (yes, he is still alive) has emerged from obscurity to throw his pebble at Benedict.

Read it all.  This guy can really write polemic.  I agree with alot of it.  Alot of bishops should have been removed as a result of malfeasance in handling decades of sex abuse, starting in Dallas and going on through alot of other places.  There was more than just incompetence, there were cover ups, intimidation, accusations thrown at abuse recipients and their families whose lives were made a literal hell by not only the abuse, but the bishops involved sometimes turning on them.  There was occasional breaches of the law.  Yes, the Church needs a restoration, as I said earlier today, but it also needs far better leadership.  I think Warner goes too far, but some well publicized examples being made would not be a bad place to start.

Taking apart the NYT claims against Pope Benedict March 29, 2010

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I’m in a hurry so no commentary, but a priest, Fr. Raymond de Souza, writing in the National Review Online, utterly takes apart the NYT story that claims Pope Benedict XVI  somehow failed to take action against a priest how abused people in the Milwaukee diocese four decades ago.  The Times story is self-contradictory.  He also finds evidence that this is part of a coordinated campaign against the Pope.  It seems a very reasonable stand to me.

OK, one comment.  These latest attacks against the Pope are all about Church politics and hostility to our great Pope’s incredible efforts at Catholic and Christian unity, from the Anglican Ordinariate, a masterpiece, to the ongoing talks with SSPX and the Orthodox Church.  The Pope has been incredibly successful at strengthening a truly Catholic identity and, thus, the Church.  His orthodoxy has been a great boon.  And for that, the progressives must destroy him.

MORE: Thomas Peters at www.catholicvoteaction.org adds his thoughts on the war on the Pope.  And check out The Anchoress.

Weighing in on the attacks on Benedict XVI March 29, 2010

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Steve Kellmeyer of www.culturewarnotes.com has a post up discussing the most recent attacks on Pope Benedict XVI and his possible prior handling of priest abuse cases.   With Steve’s great knowledge of Church history, he does a really good job of pointing out how small, historically, even the alleged action, or lack thereof, by the Pope really is.  Furthermore, Steve reminds us that these horrid things go, abuse in the Church is much more rare than in other institutions.  Nonetheless, the Church should be held to a very high standard, and the pink palace seminaries and self-perpetuating groups of active homosexual clergy need to be removed from the Church, root and branch. 

Some will use this latest round of scandals as an excuse for leaving the Church, as others have done before.  This is a great tragedy, for those who leave personally and for the Church as a whole.  Everything surrounding this scandal redounds to poor formation.  In the recent past in the Church, many priests were not well formed, and many people who should never have been allowed to even enter seminary have become priests.  These people have propagated scandals in the Church ranging from liturgical abuses to the horrific abuse of almost exclusively male minors.  Poor formation affects the laity involved, and those who are not well formed enough in their faith may look on the Church as monstrous due to the actions of these few priests.  The response to the crisis especially in this country doesn’t help this, as it is targeted solely on damage-limitation and does not get into the root causes of this scandal, which is loss of faith brought about by poor formation. 

To prevent this scandal from recurring, there needs to be a sea-change in thinking within the Church on many issues, but not on those the progressives would think.  What is not needed is an end to priestly celibacy or the all-male priesthood, but a re-evaluation of standards of formation from the lowest parish level up through the highest realms of theological formulation.  Far too many Catholics do not know their faith, and I include myself in this group.  I know more about the Faith than probably 90+% of present day Catholics, and yet my own formation would probably have been viewed as pretty poor by the standards of an average adolescent going through Confirmation 60 years ago.  In the interests of ecumenism, we have lost a great deal of what makes the Catholic faith so unique, so true and so valid, in any time.  We have lost a concept of how the Church views justification and salvation, the essential role of purgatory and the great grace of the indulgences Christ provides through His Church to help speed our way to Heaven.  We have lost sight of how works are tied to salvation, but only in a system of saving grace that comes through faith that Jesus Christ offered the perfect sacrifice for our sins.  We’ve lost knowledge of great works of prayer and penance from the past that used to be commonplace, even among the barely literate.  Not very long ago, virtually every Catholic prayed and practiced The Imitation of Christ, and the Raccolta, but very few Catholics know of these works anymore.  They’ve been replaced by Joyce Rupp and wisdom circles, or Thomas Keating’s enneagrams.  This, is an incalculable loss. 

I pray, I pray every day, that we will see a great restoration of Catholic faith formation.  We should all pray for this.  But even more, we, the laity, must start to insist on much better formation, and liturgy, and all the other great works that not only help form the faith but that also immensely strengthen Catholic identity.  The Roman Catholic Faith is the One, True Faith instituted by Jesus Christ!  Either you believe that, or you don’t.  And if you do, shouldn’t Truth demand that we should have the most beautiful, uplifting Churches possible, the absolute best formation, a reverent, pious liturgy, and a constant focus on the incredible uniqueness and beauty of our Faith?  Half-measures, attempts at accomodating the world, and well meaning but ultimately destructive ecumenism have failed, demonstrably.  We must insist on a restoration of all that is great and unique in Catholicism.  If we do not, the Church will not be lost, for it cannot be lost, but it will continue to be diminished, and countless souls will be lost in the process.  I cannot stand for that.

If what I have written above resonates at all with you, please consider in Charity contacting your parish priest, or even the Chancery.  Exhort them to enliven our Faith!  Let us have more Confession, more Adoration, Eucharistic processions, Marian processions, more faithful and beautiful Liturgy at Mass, and constantly improving formation.  All of the above, and more, are needed, and will bring great Graces to the Church.  We must do all we can to insist on the fullest Catholic faith and identity possible.  Through such a great restoration, we will see the scandals of the recent past and present all but disappear.

UPDATE:  Fr. Dwight Longenecker has alot of thoughts along the same lines as me.   An example:

1. We’re soft and decadent. We give ourselves too much of a break. We’re materialistic, self indulgent and too easy to let ourselves off the hook. What we need is some good old fashioned asceticism. Let’s look to the desert fathers who, repelled by the decadence of established Roman Christianity, fled to the desert to practice mortification. “These only come out by prayer and fasting…”

2. We’ve lost the idea that we’re involved in a spiritual battle and that the devil is like a roaring lion stalking about seeking whom he may devour. What we need is more prayer and a new alert and vigilant spirit that does not give the devil even one toe in the door. We need that vigilance first for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters. St Therese cries out, “Sanctity! It must be won at the point of a sword!” Call on the angels and saints.

8. We’ve replaced worship with good works. We’ve made the church into a social services organization, a fund raising agency, a school, a charity, a glorified soup kitchen, a babysitting service, a luncheon club, a dating agency, a social networking group, a group therapy session, a singalong and just about anything  but the gathering together of the saints of God. Only when we worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness will we begin to be transformed not by our good ideas and good works, but by contact with God’s awesome grace, and only when we are truly transformed can we hope to transform the world. Thomas a Kempis says, “Why do you wish to change the world when you cannot change yourself?”

Rita Diller of STOPP Planned Parenthood speaking at area parishes March 29, 2010

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From CPLC:

Rita Diller, National Director of STOPP Planeed Parenthood, will be speaking at the following locations in April.  Rita was the Respect Life Director of the Diocese of Amarillo where she and Bishop Yanta closed down 19 Planned Parenthood Clinics.  Rita’s topic will be Planned Parenthood Banished, the Amarillo Experience. She will give us many strategies on how we can discredit and defund Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion provider.  The following parishes have scheduled Rita Diller:

St. Mark’s, 1201 Alma Dr. & 15th St., Plano, Sunday, April 11,   2:00-3:30, The Community Room, in the Smyth Pastoral Center (faces 15th St.)
St. Patrick’s, 9643 Fernadale, Dallas, Friday, April 16,  7:30, (their rosary and meeting begin at 7:00), in the Parish Center, (building behind the church)
St. Jude’s,  1515 N. Greenville, Allen, Saturday, April 17, 11:00 (following the quarterly rosary procession)
Our Lady of Angels,  1914 Ridgeview Dr., Allen, in the Education and Formation Building, 6:00, dinner will be served, rsvp
Planned Parenthood is in the business of selling abortions.  Any other ‘services’ they provide are purely incidental.  If possible, try to attend one of these sessions and become more involved in pro-life activities.  There is no more fundamental human rights issue in this time.  This is something all Catholics should make a serious effort to be involved in.

Pro-gay marriage CCHD group de-funded March 26, 2010

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American Life League had made the USCCB and Portland Diocese aware that an organization called Preble Street, which was supposed to help the homeless, also actively lobbied in favor of gay marriage.  The group had been receiving CCHD grants for some time, and was scheduled to receive $50,000 this year.  The Portland Diocese just announced that they are pulling this funding.  That’s good.

What is not good is that the USCCB and Bishop Morin, who heads the part of USCCB that oversees CCHD, continue to react with hostility whenever ALL or any other group points out these problematic CCHD grantees.  Several months after ALL will point out these groups that don’t support Church doctrine or actively work against it, funding will be quietly pulled, then more groups will be found, Morin will feign outrage, and then quietly defund those again.  On and on ad infinitum.  Meanwhile, more and more Catholics are losing faith in many of the charitable organizations with ties to the USCCB and are either reducing donations or not giving at all.  We need strong leadership from Bishop Morin and/or the USCCB to finally put an end to these really poor CCHD practices.  I, for one, shall not hold my breath.

It’s going to be quiet around here March 26, 2010

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I’m going to have a very busy weekend, and I’m going out of town almost all of next week.  I may post on Monday, but that will probably be about it.  At least part of the time I’m gone, I’ll be somewhere without internet access and barely even cell phone coverage (yes!).  So, talk amongst yourselves.

If you want to delve into some deep topics while I’m away, you can follow this post at the Personalist Project, where, in the comments, Steve B is battling valiantly to offer a traditional view of Catholic conscience against a view that is definitely informed by an odd view of Vatican II.  Or, you can check out Fr. Angelo Geiger’s thoughts on Christopher West’s version of Theology of the Body. 

Next week everyone should be so busy at Mass and offering Penance that they shouldn’t have much time to read this sweet, demure li’l blog anyway. 

May Christ bless you abundantly this Easter!

Shame on me March 25, 2010

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I am sorry, everyone.  I should have touted the fact that today is the Feast of the Annunciation!  This is the moment when Christ came into existence in Mary’s womb 2012 years ago?  Why 2012, not 2010?  Because the best research indicates Christ was actually born slightly before AD 1.  While today is not a Holy Day of Obligation (we want our Holy Days back!!!!), it is a Solemnity, the highest feast in the Church, and if you can make it to Mass, do so!  Say a prayer for Mary’s intercession and meditate on the mystery of the Annunication. 

O God, who desired Your Word to take flesh from the womb of the blessed Virgin Mary
the angel announcing it:
grant to your supplicants;
that we who believe truly in the Mother of God,
may be helped in Your sight by her intercessions.