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A Horrific Tale of How Communists Try to Destroy Holy Innocence July 22, 2016

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Vietnamese Servant of God Marcel Tan, CSsR, was killed by communists.  That’s
pretty widely known.  What may not be as widely known is that he suffered at the hands of communists/leftists throughout his life, even before WWII.

As Van was growing up, his family became mired in poverty.  His mother sent him to a school/church run by a priest.  It turns out, this priest was very  unworthy of his pious mother’s trust.  He drank, he gambled, and he womanized.  Even wore, he turned over the formation of the young boys entrusted to him to  extremely deranged and perverse individuals, the leader of which was actually an infiltrator from the communist party cadres being formed up by Nguyen That Tan (Ho Chi Minh) in pre-war Marcel_Van_Joachim_Nguyen_tan_VanVietnam.  He was also a sicko child molester.  He tried to violate Van’s purity in every way imaginable, and wound up inflicting grave spiritual wounds on the boy.

This is exactly the program communists intended for their agents in the Church to carry out – wrecking holy souls, destroying innocence, spreading vice and evil, and creating chaos in order to destroy the moral credibility of the Church and weaken it as a source of opposition to communist world domination.

From Marcel Van, The Triumph of Love, pp. 36-41 (segments):

“In the rectory there was a certain boy [more like a teen, probably a late teen. His name was Vinh] who was half-monitor, half-teacher; he detested me especially because one day he had wanted me to commit an action against the Sixth Commandment…..But I had resisted energetically, and from then on I avoided that man’s presence.  Moreover, I was always regarded as an exemplary child, whereas he was constantly reprimanded by the priest. [Which makes one wonder why the priest kept him in his employ]  This annoyed him and kindled his hatred against me……

Every morning he would call me to his room under the pretext of asking about my health and initiating me into the “life of perfection.”………..After questioning me, he would motion me to lie on the floor, then give me a beating with a rattan switch as he sang at the top of his lungs.  Finally, he would give me this order with his eyes: “You are forbidden to cry!”………Then, before dismissing me, he would placevan1413 his index finger before his lips with a severe look and..give me this order: “You are forbidden to talk about this.”  Sometimes he would say, “If you talk, I will bury you alive.” [typical behavior from a child molester]

Van certainly did not open his mouth.  Within a week his poor little body could not find a comfortable position or take any rest……..Finally, traces of blood were found   on his shirt discovered in the laundry drew some attention to the problem.  The pitiless torturer suspected of being the author of these beatings was warned to change his ways.  [We can see how the problem of weak priests not dealing with wanton immorality preying upon children dates back decades.] But he would know how to take his revenge.

Shortly after this first persecution, another more collective one began. Profiting from the pastor’s absence, the catechists set up a shameful kangaroo court whose purpose was to “judge” the undesirable Van.  Master Vinh presided as chief justice.  Court was held church after evening prayers.  The child describes the humiliating scene:

When I was brought before this people’s court, I was stripped of all my clothes and then given a banana leaf loin cloth, except on certain days when I did not have even that………Their sole intention was to make me act like an idiot for their amusement.  They therefore asked me questions on loose and dirty subjects to make me squirm.  But I always kept silence or answered them very briefly……

images…..Exasperated by the boy’s resistance, the perverse monitor made a second attempt to rape him.  Van again resisted him “with all my might,” in spite of threats of being “buried alive.”  Furious, Vinh again assembled the odious tribunal that very evening, and the implacable sentence fell: “You are henceforth forbidden to receive Holy Communion!” [Think of the diabolical inversion here.  He is denied Communion not for engaging in sin, but for refusing to do so!]  Van protested and stood up to the entire assembly.  Tempers flared, and he was badly beaten.  The boy collapsed, he could no longer stand, so he was tied to a bed in a sitting position…….

……Finally he was allowed to receive Communion, “but forbidden to eat, to see whether I would live or die.”  The next day Van went to Communion and ate no food. That evening, he was very weak…….

“The next morning,” relates Van, I went to Communion again, but it was the last time. After Communion that day, my heart felt drier than usual and I was overcome with an indescribable sorrow.  I was extremely disturbed by the questions they had asked me.

Indeed, with the perverse intention of confusing Van, the wicked pseudo-catechists “had evoked the lives of past Saints,” saying that they “went to Communion one day and gave thanks for a year.”……..

———End Quote———

The communist goal was achieved – horribly confused and abused, his innocence in many matters lost, never to be regained, Van began to suffer horrible scruples and the sublime, miraculous piety and holy knowledge he had possessed from a very early age disappeared for many years.  He eventually overcame his scruples and regained his holy interior life, but only after enormous suffering and personal lost.  This scene, repeated thousands of times around the world by deliberate communist infiltration of the Church, paved the way for the disasters of the 20th century and the near-collapse of the Church at this time.  It was a plan so successful, only the devil himself could have devised it.

Marcel Van, please pray for us, and our Holy Mother Church, so sorrowfully afflicted and divided in these times of darkness!


1. Brian Springer - July 22, 2016

Thank for sharing this story, Tantum!

It’s sick, isn’t it? Marcel Van’s intercession is needed now more than ever. Pray for us!

2. Camper - July 22, 2016

It’s no stretch to believe that the U.S. Democrats would do this once they get their amnesty passed and flood the country with far more illegals than the country could handle. Entering the Catholic priesthood as a homosexual, which apparently still happens quite often, is really about as bad.
How evil are the enemies of the good! How hot the fires of Hell must be! How glorious must be the reward of the Saints!

3. Camper - July 22, 2016

Or just think of all the porn stars in Hollywood. They really aren’t any different from child molesters.

Camper - July 22, 2016

In fact, in one way, they’re worse. Who ever heard of a child molester who affected millions? Dozens, maybe hundreds of porn stars fit that description.

4. Baseballmom - July 22, 2016

So many souls are oblivious to the depths of evil that can occur once the door to it is opened. My heart aches for the poor innocents who are drawn into evil… I am only consoled by the belief that at death they are immediately placed in the loving arms of Our Blessed Mother.

5. Camper - July 23, 2016

I remember reading at university a story about French Vietnam (1930s) and if the story was an accurate indication of life in French Vietnam at the time, Vietnam was full of perverts.

6. tg - July 25, 2016

Very heartbreaking story. I wonder if he will ever be canonized. The church of nice may not want to talk about what happened to him by other church members. Remember how the pope and Catholic media never mentioned those African martyrs – can’t remember their name but they were martyred because they would not commit sodomy. That fact was never mentioned.

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