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Milo Consigns Pro-Aborts to Hell, Plus the Inversion of the Church January 23, 2017

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Two short but awesome videos below.

First up, Milo lays down some really hardcore truth on pro-aborts.  Milo behaves himself in this clip, but there is a video image of a profanity-laced tweet from a leftist included in his presentation.

Later in this same presentation at the University of Washington, outside of which a leftist shot and very nearly killed a young Trump and Milo supporter, Milo “joked” that he is going to undergo “gay reparative therapy” and that he might have been straight all along.  Hmmm.  He says it would cause the Left to completely freak out even more over him if he revealed his gay schtick had been nothing more all along.  Double hmmm.  We’ll see.

Finally, you can either watch the entire Gloria video below, or skip to 2:20 for the punch line:

“We used to pray for the intentions of the pope and the conversion of Russia. Now, we pray for the intentions of Russia and the conversion of the pope.”

Indeed.  Too flippant and disrespectful, or right on the mark?



1. Tim - January 24, 2017


Edison Frisbee - January 24, 2017


2. Margaret Costello - January 24, 2017

God bless Milo…soo hope he gets healed from homosexual lie…and Gloria TV is spot on:+) God bless~

3. The Lord's Blog - January 24, 2017

We love him just the same.

4. The Lord's Blog - January 24, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:

5. NickD - January 24, 2017

That last statement is certainly more accurate than inaccurate, which is indictment enough of Pope Frankie

6. Baseballmom - January 24, 2017

Right on the Mark!!!!

7. Camper - January 24, 2017

Milo is nuts. He’s going to scare away Protestants by pretending to be a pervert. Trying to convert democrats requires a miracle.

Camper - January 24, 2017

On the other hand, he might convert some Republicans who have accepted homosexuality.

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