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Cardinal Burke Headlining Fatima Conference in Dallas, Irving October 6-7 August 10, 2017

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Just in time for the 100th anniversary. Most excellent.  Details below.  There are a number of speakers at the event, mostly drawn from the Catholic Answers crowd:

I learned a lot from Fr. John Trigilio during my initial conversion.  That show Web of Faith he hosted on EWTN was really good for me.  It was my favorite Catholic program for a time.

I also like John Henry Westen.  The guy is a rock, and has faced a lot of persecution for this efforts defending Holy Mother Church and the sanctity of life.

Cardinal Burke is to offer Mass.  No word on whether it will be a TLM or Novus Ordo, but my money would be on the latter, sadly.  The Friday Mass at St. Monica will definitely be Novus Ordo.

The website for the event is here.  The event costs $137 per individual if you buy tickets before Aug 31, after that, $159.

Schedule below:

I’d love to go, but this is too high for us.  Also I will be out of town that weekend at a family reunion in beautiful downtown Harper, Texas.


1. Christopher Ekstrom - August 10, 2017

Please contact me by email if you can join me as my guest at the event: Csekstrom@aol.com.

Tantumblogo - August 10, 2017

Thank you so kindly for the invite. I would love love to go. But my wife has reminded me that we will be out of town that weekend for a family reunion, anyway. Pretty poor weekend they picked, but c’est la vie.

Thank you again for the offer. Most kind.

2. Barbara - August 11, 2017

I wonder if there will be any calls for prayer to beg Our Lady for the Consecration of Russia…I have my doubts. What a mixture of speakers. Cardinal Burke stands out – the others are as you say mostly the Catholic Answers crowd, and they are not uniformly orthodox. Thank God Jimmy Akins won’t be there!

Sorry to be negative, but it’s so important to keep away from the modernist Fatima crowd!! We are desperately in need of the Consecration. This might be an ‘all is well, move along, nothing to see here conference.’

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4. Camper - August 11, 2017

What’s the point of paying good money to see Cardinal Burke when he won’t confront the Pope? This is horrendous theology. Cardinal Burke would seem to be a coward who forgets the example of St. Athanasius. Those who stay in good standing with Rome are cowardly and are absolutely contributing to the collapse of the Novus Ordo bishops, who no longer deserve to be known as Catholics!

Camper - August 14, 2017

Let me correct myself here. Those who stay in good standing with Rome have terrible theology. We simply do not have to stay in communion with a heretical Pope when he has already been condemned by the SSPX.

5. Numbskull - August 13, 2017

Fr. Andrew Apostoli, so-called Fatima expert, believes Russia has already been properly consecrated. PASS!

6. Camper - August 14, 2017

Here’s an idea that has nothing to do with Fatima.
Gary North is a leader among Presbyterians and Protestants generally. He knows how to spread ideas. The trouble is that he is Protestant. Please help spread his article. This article is about promoting free online Catholic education. He challenges Catholics to “get their act together.” Please help do this! Please discuss this. Is his idea smart? I know that there are already some Catholic curricula online, including Mother of Grace, which I believe is promoted by TAC. Gary North says that if Catholics started doing this, then out of desire to outshine them, many types of Protestants would too.


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