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We’re Fine But Very Proud of My State August 29, 2017

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Sorry I’ve been away the past few days, I even missed my birthday. I’ve gotten some e-mails from people wondering if we’re OK, and of course, we are, thank God.  Not much happened in Dallas, a bit of badly needed rain on occasion but that’s it.  The heavy stuff was all a good 100 miles or more to the south.

We do have family in the area affected by Harvey and all are fine to date.  Only one outlaw nephew lives in the Houston area but they have not been flooded.

Just been too busy with work and life to get on and blog.  I hope to have some time tomorrow, I’ve put some big things behind me the past two days, work-wise.

I am so very proud of my state and the residents of the Houston area.  Dallas and Houston have a sometimes not-so-good-natured rivalry but I have been blown away both by the tremendous outpouring of aid, Texan’s self-reliance (utter opposite of Katrina), and the (to date) very small loss of life in this once in a millennium cataclysm.  I don’t know how many thousands have been rescued by neighbors and other “civilians” but based on the bits of coverage I’ve seen it is quite probable a majority of the rescues have been carried out not by agencies of the state (at whatever level of government) but by private citizens.  #That’sTexas.

I had an exchange with reader Tim via e-mail last week, he forwarded one of the predictions of 30+ inches of rain last Thursday and I kind of pooh-poohed it.  I was right on – tropical weather events virtually never affect the Dallas area more than slightly, we’re just too far inland (close to 300 miles), but I feel terrible thinking this event was going to be more hype than real.  Ooops.  Even though that was a private exchange, I look pretty dumb now.

This natural disaster isn’t over  yet, even though the rains have moved off, for the most part, waters will continue to rise for another day or so as the ground drains.  I’ve certainly been praying for these poor souls along the coast, as I’m sure you have.  Even without loss of life the impact is going to be devastating.


1. The Lord's Blog - August 29, 2017

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Hurricane Harvey

2. Dennis Hogan - August 29, 2017

As a kid living in the Willow Bend area of S.W. Houston in the 1950s, I recall just heavy rains flooding the street up to curb level. Can’t imagine what this rain event did until I saw the pictures.
My prayers for all living along the Gulf Coast. Flooded out or not this will be a trial.

3. Baseballmom - August 29, 2017

This recovery will take a very long time. Not sure about other agencies, but my brother-in-law, a swift water rescue/paramedic from L.A. arrived with his crew in Houston this morning (I think the situation is still quite critical) – my sister believes he will be there for quite a while.

Prayers for all…

4. LaGallina - August 30, 2017

Don’t feel bad! Down here on the coast of deep south Texas, I thought the forecasts of a cataclysmic storm to be pure hype. I was wrong too. Though, down here south of Corpus Christi, we barely even got any rain. I am glad to hear about so many Texans (and others) pulling together to help each other. P.S. Don’t forget about the town of Rockport which got the brunt of that Category 4 Hurricane wind and apparently was absolutely devastated. I haven’t heard too much about how the people there are doing.

5. Anne Mclaughlin - August 30, 2017

I am from New Jersey and all of us are amazed once again about Texans and Texas. I did my training at Witchita,Falls and also Brooks Aerospace Medicine. I hope you are,well.Aldo I was worried about Fr. Rodriguez. God bless you.

6. Numbskull - August 30, 2017

We appreciate all of the help from the Metroplex, but what is the deal with the Arlington Rangers? Seriously, they couldn’t just swap the series with the Astros to help us out? Not very nice.

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8. Tim - August 30, 2017
9. Tim - August 30, 2017
Tantumblogo - August 30, 2017

Given the cataclysm the reports of atrocities around Houston have been remarkably few. I take this with a grain of salt at this point. Too many others down there reporting no problems.

Tim - August 30, 2017

Thanks be to God!

10. Mrs. H - August 30, 2017

If you hear of any type of help needed for the FSSP’s Houston apostolate and parishioners, please let us know. Not being familiar with that part of Texas, I know they are on the northern side, so maybe they’re not under water? (Fr. Van Vliet was once at the helm of the FSSP apostolate in the Denver area- a fine priest, a joy to know!)

Tantumblogo - August 30, 2017

The SSPX parish in Dickinson needs help. Two parishioners (at least) have died and the parish was pretty badly damaged by flood waters. From my understanding the Fraternity parish is undamaged and all are OK, but I don’t know about property loss among FSSP parishioners. I hope to find out.

Mrs. H - August 31, 2017

Thank you. God bless them all.

Mrs. H - August 31, 2017

Just had this emailed to me. Hopefully there will soon be an address to send help to the SSPX parish as well.

11. Tim - September 5, 2017

Very good Mr. Matt!!!:

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