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Boston Bomber’s mother – Allahu Akbar! April 25, 2013

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While the New York Crimes and other media outlets do all they can to avoid revealing how the two Boston bombing suspects came to the US, along with their family, and proceeded to mooch off the working citizens of this country to the greatest extent possible, all the while returning to the third world nightmare they came from frequently, putting to the lie the need they had to escape persecution, their mother has made very clear the motivations for the attacks.  Joined with this, is the fact that the two brothers had been attending a radical mosque in Boston for the past few years, and had fallen under the sway of some radical imam.

None of this is in the least surprising. It is surprising, in a completely predictable way, that large elements in the media like the NYT have done all they can to bury the obvious – that these are men who fell into radical islam and acted on that religions dictates to kill, maim, and generally savage the infidel – and have even gone so far as to fantasize all kinds of ludicrous alternate reasons for the attacks, the most ridiculous so far being that the Chechen brothers were experiencing Holden Caufield-type teenage angst, from the most over-rated book of the 20th century that every good liberal imagines speaks for them, Catcher in the Rye.  Or, as some have already put it, Chechens in the Rye.

But back to the original point, listen to how their shoplifting, welfare-receiving mother relates her subtle grieving for the death of one son and the severe maiming of the other, to say nothing of all the hundreds of innocent victims:

But remember, the USCCB demands you support the Gang of 8 immigration “reform” hoodwink, which would make the failed immigration policies that permit individuals like these access to the United States as permanent residents even worse.

Also remember, ecumenists say islam is a great religion that worships the same god as Catholics.  Even though they violently assert that “God does not beget, and is not begotten.”

It’s amazing how liberals are able to maintain their world view in opposition to facts, events, and life experience.  What a dark and twisted religion they have…

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