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Is Francis Catholic? April 9, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, episcopate, error, Francis, General Catholic, horror, pr stunts, Revolution, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sexual depravity, sickness, Society.

To ask…….to be forced to ask……the question is to answer it.  I know I have missed a great deal in the past several weeks, including Francis’ frankly embarrassing statements linking the Brussels jihadi attacks to “arms manufacturers” – when all the bombs were homemade! – and while I’ve very little time right now, I could not let this latest assault on the Church of Jesus Christ, our Holy Faith, go by without saying something.

But what is there to say at this point? How many examples must there be?  This latest document is far from the first time that Francis has undermined, belittled, weakened, or attacked the Faith.  The evidence is overwhelming,  He is the most heterodox pope of at least the last 900 years, if not ever.  One can argue the degree to which this new apostolic exhortation constitutes formal teaching of error, but the direction of this pontificate is clear: the longer it goes on, the bolder Francis becomes in the errors he proclaims and the degree of formality with which they are proclaimed.  I don’t propose any course of action aside from prayer (as there have already been scores of interventions with Francis imploring him to stop, from elements in the Church of far higher authority than lowly lay people), but I tremble for the future.   Just this week I had the experience of trying to convince a protestant of what the Church actually believes, a man well disposed to the Church but now hopelessly confused as to what the Church believes.  Naturally, most of his confusion comes directly from the man who should be the most trustworthy in the entire world when it comes to matters of faith.  Instead, we have a leader who appears, by all evidence, far more attached to leftist secularism than he is to the Faith.  Given the enormous Grace associated with his supremely important office,  that attachment must be mighty strong.   Other men have been moved by that Grace of office to a more orthodox approach, but, in spite of all the prayers offered, Francis has seemed to only redouble his preconceived notion.

As I said, I haven’t much time, and this is not a sede vacantist screed, but I think all we can do at this point is to try limit the damage this man is doing as much as possible and beg God to have mercy on His Church.  I really have strived to ignore Francis as much as possible these past several weeks and I can say the break was really pleasant.  But unfortunately, I don’t think we can just bury our heads in the sand and ignore this disaster forever.   We just have to do what we can to keep our faith as whole as possible, reach as many souls as possible with the real beliefs of the Church, and beg God to forgive the collective sins of the Church and free us from this man as soon as possible.  I note that even some of the unyielding apologists have started to budge a bit as a result of this latest affront, so perhaps God will bring some good out of this by breaking the spell of papalotry and the cult of the most recent Council.

In the meantime,  may God have mercy on us all, and sustain us through this terrible time of trial.


1. Karl - April 9, 2016


2. Tim - April 9, 2016


3. aquinas54 - April 9, 2016

Amen, TB, Karl and Tim. Commenters over at 1Pet5 are (and have been) suggesting that we are in the midst of the great chastisement promised by Our Lady, and I’m about convinced this is at least the beginning of it. And has been since March 2013, for that matter. I agree with you–we must double and triple our prayer efforts and do what we can to uphold the truth with our friends, family and fellow parishioners.

4. guy Mcclung - April 9, 2016

Tim-Did you mean “Hell No”? An Pope-assuming he was validly elected-invalidates his papacy if he proclaims heresy.

Tim - April 9, 2016

Yes I did. However, the last tile I used that metaphor I unintentionally offended a fellow commentor. Just trying to be prudent. How long can we keep giving this man “the benefit of the doubt” or “look the other way” and not endanger our own souls? We can judge his actions and words, God judges his heart. We live in ominous times.

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TLM - April 9, 2016

I remember reading very early on in his Papacy that he MAY (key word here ‘MAY’) be the infamous ‘False Prophet’. I quickly dismissed this idea as a huge ridiculous exaggeration. I am beginning to reconsider this idea.

And another provocative question: WHERE are the Bishops speaking out in defense of this dissent by Francis? I guess we should give them more time to digest the middle finger he gave faithful Catholics, but at this point, I am running out of patience.

6. oneholyapostolic - April 9, 2016

Thank you for this post. I too have taken a nice long break from Francis only to be jolted back to reality today with screaming headlines from every secular media outlet regarding His Holiness moving the Church to a more liberal, modern institution. May God have mercy (real mercy) on us.

7. Brian E. Breslin - April 9, 2016

Guys, please, please, please. Trust the Holy Spirit. Keep your chins up and your faces washed. All will be well! It will, I’m not kidding.

Tim - April 9, 2016

I trust the Holy Spirit, however, I don’t trust Francis. Just because someone is validly elected pope does not mean he becomes a holy robot. He retains his free will.

8. Baseballmom - April 9, 2016

My priest friend summed up this document in a simple statement: “A waste of words.”

9. Daze Inde - April 9, 2016

I have read the Moynihan report, not commie news headlines, and it actually states the Pope has changed nothing.

10. Justin - April 9, 2016

Heresy and an attack on marriage. Christ raised marriage to a sacrament to witness the relationship between Christ and His Church. The nonsense in this document seeks to destroy it.
If a husband and wife can abandon one another and grow in grace in a sinful adulterous relationship then can we abandon Christ and still get to Heaven? Can He abandon us?
Marriage is said to be the building block of society one can see how when trying to justify adultery and tolerating such nonsense as this one is forced to unravel the basic truths society is based on.

This document promotes relativism, undermines basic moral theology, attack the principle of non contradiction and calls good evil and evil good.

In other words it is a disaster.
Where are our Leaders?
Read the Old Testament! We are back in Jerusalem and God has taken them away.

11. Guest - April 9, 2016

Question: have you decided that regardless of the evidence, you will not accept the possibility of sedevacantism?

If a man is neither seeking the truth nor is Catholic he cannot be a member of the Church, either explicitly or implicitly. The rest follows. One can’t simply say that Francis is not Catholic and leave it at that. There are rational consequences to accept if we say that the man is not Catholic. Nor can we say we were invincibly ignorant about it if we chose not to find out the truth.

12. Tradical - April 9, 2016

I would ask a different question: Is what Pope Francis is doing ‘Catholic’?

That brings things into a much better light where we can make an objective assessment of the actions.


13. Kathleen - April 9, 2016

God has put us in this age for a reason.

We are to accompany our Holy Mother the Church to Calvary.

FIRST, FORMOST, AND ALWAYS, We must remember that at Christ’s Calvary the ONLY ones that made it to the end did so by staying firmly by MARY’S side.

That said, we must also discern God’s will for us. What is to be our role.

We are of the flock. We are not the shepherds. We are in active, rather than contemplative vocations.

So while we MUST make prayer and penance in reparation to God for sin the center of our lives, we must ALSO discern the ACTIVE steps we must take.

But Our God is so good and our Holy Mother the Church is so good and they have provided us examples we can draw upon.

First there are examples of Catholics during the revolutions of the modern age, which have all been revolutions against God and His Church. Starting with the Protestant Revolution in England, to the French Revolution, the Mexican Revolution, and the Spanish Revolution.

In every case it was the LAITY that was CRITICAL in STARTING the push for resistance to the revolutionaries. The greatest of the saints arose among God’s holy priests and religious — BUT the FLOCK was KEY in urging the START of the resistance and in the great sacrifices to be made for that resistance.

This time the revolution has been brought WITHIN the Church.

Amoris laetitia, ghost written by the Archbishop Fernández, author of “Heal me with your mouth” has brought the revolution into the OPEN.

This is a DIRECT attack upon the moral teaching of the Church aimed at all of our families.

It MUST be resisted.

But ultimately this is an ATTACK UPON GOD’S HOLY PRIESTHOOD.

Why is that?

Because we are witness to, and suffering from, Satan’s ultimate attack.

Because of this MANY MANY priests and bishops will FAIL to do what they MUST DO to defend Holy Mother Church and their flocks.

They will flee from the wolves.

Each and every one of them will at their Judgment face Jesus Christ and have to answer for EVERY soul entrusted to them.

And THIS is where we come in.

Our Blessed Mother implored us to pray for our priests at Fatima.

And I KNOW, because this is going out to the “choir” that those reading ARE and have been.

But it’s time for MORE.


And we must implore God that He aid us through prayer and internal mortification to bind our wills to His in finding the ACTIVE steps we MUST TAKE to resist this revolution and help our shepherds do what must be done.

Satan is trying to murder our mother, Holy Church.

But we know that ultimately our mother WILL RISE.

But NOW is WHY God created us. God created us to do our part.

HE WILL give us all we need to do our part IF WE ASK.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

Tim - April 9, 2016


Baseballmom - April 11, 2016

Kathleen, your words have given me strength and resolve. Thank you.

14. camper - April 9, 2016

Tantum, it would be wonderful to hear what the sermon is at Mater Dei tomorrow. The Pope is plainly a heretic. He is also a heretic on other grounds, but he is a heretic on marriage, too.

Baseballmom - April 10, 2016

Was thinking the same thing. I hope he has time to post a few of the good, orthodox sermons that will be offered today… And prayers for you TB as you begin your new job tomorrow! Make sure you get that “diversity training” out of the way quickly 😉

15. Maggie - April 10, 2016

from Ross Douthat: What the church considers serious sin becomes mere “irregularity.” What the church considers a commandment becomes a mere “ideal.” What the church once stated authoritatively it now proffers tentatively, in tones laced with self-effacement, self-critique.

16. c matt - April 11, 2016

There was a time when “Is the Pope Catholic?” and “Are you more Catholic than the Pope?” were rhetorical questions. Alas, the good ol’ days.

17. Valdemar - April 11, 2016

Is it not crystal clear now that Pope Saladin is the personification of Martin Luther? He even has a plan to celebrate the Divorce of the Church with his lesbian antiChristian sisters at Lund this fall!

Who will stand in the gap for Christ?

Who among the Bishops is not a Luthero-Anglican?

18. Ida Murphy - April 11, 2016

“We can no longer say,” ….makes it formal heresy. He us saying,”the church used to teach such and such but I say such and other.” THAT IS FORMAL HERESY.

19. Valdemar - April 11, 2016

I really do not’s see how you could make Francis’ heresy more formal if you dressed up “The Joy of Love {…of sin…} in a tuxedo.

20. Valdemar - April 11, 2016

PS: Benedict just dropped the bomb on us some week or so ago when he stated that EENS was “abandoned” at Vatican 2.

camper - April 11, 2016

What is EENS?

Valdemar - April 11, 2016

Extra ecclesiam nulla salus. “Outside the Church there is no salvation”.

21. Joseph D'Hippolito - April 12, 2016

A better question is, “is the hierarchy Catholic?” If Absp. Bergoglio had not been elected, it’s highly unlikely that somebody fundamentally different would have replaced Pope Benedict.

Let’s face it: Francis reflects the moral and intellectual rot not only in the Jesuit order but in the hierarchy. The entire process of theological formation at seminary is a waste. Another prime example is Absp. Chaput, who attacked Supreme Court Justice Scalia a decade ago in “First Things” magazine for being a “cafeteria Catholic” on the order of Frances Kissling (founder of “Catholics For A Free Choice”) for daring to question JPII’s arbitrary, revisionist teaching on capital punishment! A truly informed bishop would not have made such an idiotic statement.

It’s not getting any better, folks.

22. Tim - April 12, 2016
23. Guest - April 13, 2016

If the hierarchy is not Catholic that opens another can of worms. To be elected pope you must be a member of the Church.

Joseph D'Hippolito - April 13, 2016

There’s a difference between being Catholic technically, as a kind of group affiliation, and being Catholic in thinking or in world view. I would venture to guess that the hierarchy not only has a fundamentally materialist world view but that they wouldn’t know what the Gospel entails beyond cliches.

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