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Vatican Issues Stamp Hailing Luther – Will Anything Shake Papologists From Their Slumber? January 20, 2017

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The Vatican post office plans to issue a stamp this year featuring the likeness of the arch-heretic Martin Luther, the man single most responsible for the seeming-permanent rending of the unity of Christendom and, almost certainly, the man responsible for consigning literal billions to eternal damnation.  Given the aid and comfort the Bishop of Rome has given protestants since his installation, this is hardly surprising, but only marks an intensification of an effort that dates back to Francis’ days in Argentina:

The Vatican office charged with issuing stamps, known as the Philatelic and Numismatic Office, confirmed Tuesday to LifeSiteNews that Luther, who broke away from the Catholic Church in a schism 500 years ago, will be celebrated with a postage stamp in 2017. The office is in charge of the annual commission of stamps, coins, and other commemorative medals.

The Vatican regularly issues such memorabilia for special events, including papal trips and holy years. Honoring Luther and the Protestant Reformation is an unlikely choice, trumping other significant events in the Catholic Church such as the 100-year anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima and the 300-year anniversary of our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil.

Got that?  Luther trumps Fatima.  Will that be the tenor for the entire, momentous year 2017?  I fear so.

Michael Matt posted a video last night that directly relates both the stamp issue and the broader crisis afflicting the Church of which the administration of Francis is simply the culmination so far.  It features a debate he had with an ostensible Church liberal and conservative (Dale Alquist), wherin both his opponents more or less ganged up on Matt and attacked him with ad hominems throughout.  According to Matt (the entire debate was not included) neither of his opponents were able to provide cogent arguments in defence of their position that, regarding violating 2000 years of sacred belief and practice and a direct command of Jesus Christ, it just doesn’t matter that much, times have changed, and the Church needs to get with the 21st century program and go all mercy all the time, even to the point of allowing constant sacrilegious reception of the Blessed Sacrament by those openly persisting in grave sin.  The video is great and I recommend you watch the whole thing:

But the broader point is this, and cuts to the quick of that 50+ year argument that has been ongoing between those who accept radical changes in the Church (whether quickly a la “liberals” or more slowly a la “conservatives”), and those who find those changes a total abandonment of the Church as she lived and breathed for 1900+ years. The results of the exchange were not encouraging – there is apparently no action authority figures in Rome can take that will not be accepted by those Matt labels as “neo-Catholics.”  As Matt notes, where the revolutionary program is headed is all the more obvious everyday – protestantism, and protestantism of the most ineffectual, libertine bent.  We know from 150 years of history where that liberal, worldly protestantism leads: decay, destruction, and collapse, both of individual souls and church structures as a whole.

But the vast majority in the Church still refuse to see this.  At some deep level, they appear psychologically unable to see it.  Their conception of the Church simply does not allow that bad men might deeply infiltrate it and possibly even corrupt her teachings to the extent men can – which is not insubstantial.  But the evidence that there has been a deliberate effort to alter, undermine, and destroy twenty centuries of sacred Doctrine is there for any who care to examine it, and it is overwhelmingly compelling.  Nevertheless, it appears the “neo-Cats” will never be moved by it.  They were not moved by the radical destruction of the Liturgy.  They were not moved by the implosion of the priesthood and religious life.  They were not moved by all manner of heresy and abuse being taught as solemn Catholic Doctrine.  They were not moved by Assisi.  A stamp won’t even elicit a tired sigh from them.

Even more, the manifest problems afflicting the Church since the 60s have had their center in the Petrine office.  Francis may be the most openly radical of the post-conciliar pontiffs, but he is hardly the only one to promote massive novelty.  All of his immediate predecessors have, including Benedict.

It appears the Church is to cleave into two halves, a tiny, faithful remnant, and an initially huge but constantly, rapidly shrinking majority who go along with whatever they are told this week constitutes Catholic belief and practice.  I used to hold high hopes that by sharing careful, detailed analysis of the crisis in the Church – by getting the message out – that souls would naturally react similarly to me, come to see the crisis for what it is, and do what they could to impose the different religion we see being built around us.  I found out very early to my dismay, however, that while there was a fraction who would come to comprehend the crisis in the Church and the inadmissibility of many of the revolutionary changes made since Vatican II (that including the vast majority of those who will read this), the vast majority would not.  That, in fact, that there was nothing that would move them to do so.  They were literally unable to do so.

I understand that, to a degree.  We all have lines we are unwilling, even unable to cross.  I am disheartened to see how many struggle to accept that the Church could be afflicted with a pope who tries to promote error (it’s happened before, after all), but it’s a reality I – we all – have to face.  The question is what we do about that reality.  It seems we are fated to be a very small remnant, with malice towards none and charity for all, hopefully, but a very small one, nonetheless.  We must work to preserve as much as we possibly can, which starts with saving ourselves and our families.  We must do as much prayer and penance as possible, far, far more than most of us are doing today.

We must pray for one thing in particular, to sum up which I will turn to Ann Barnhardt.  We must pray to have the traditional Sacraments available to us as the cultural and ecclesiastical noose tightens around our necks, figuratively or literally:

What you should do is move heaven and earth to attend a Traditional Mass or Divine Liturgy, and then go every single day humanly possible, and spend as much time as possible before the Blessed Sacrament, and go to confession frequently.  Do whatever it takes, right now, to find a good parish or chapel. If you wait until The Remnant Church is forced completely underground, you will have a much harder time.  This is precisely what the parable of the wise and foolish virgins is about, folks.  At some point, the door will close, and if you are one of the foolish virgins who got caught without any oil in your lamp, and had to scramble to find any, it will, at some point, be too late, and the Bridegroom will close the door.  You have been warned.  It is obvious what is happening.  No one will have any excuse.

Go to Our Lord, kneel before Him and BEG HIM to provide for you and your family to always be able to go to Mass. Beg Him to show you the way and illumine the path for you, as He illumined the path of the Magi. Beg Him to fill your lamp with oil Himself, and to keep it always full.  Beg Mary, Mother of The Church, to intercede for you.  Beg St. Joseph, Patron of The Universal Church, to lead you to safety as he led Our Lord and Our Lady on the flight to Egypt.

I hoped to flesh this post out some more, but I’ve run out of time, at least for the moment. I think Barnhardt’s exhortation is as good an ending as I could put to a post, anyway.


1. The Lord's Blog - January 20, 2017

“Luther Trumps Fatima”

Better not be.

NickD - January 24, 2017

No surprise if he does…I can’t believe I can say that about the Vatican

The Lord's Blog - January 24, 2017

Luther has no right to trump the Blessed Mother. He isn’t a king.

2. The Lord's Blog - January 20, 2017

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
The Luther Stamp dilemma.

3. The Lord's Blog - January 20, 2017


Here is what they think after Matt debated them and you know to:

“According to Matt (the entire debate was not included) neither of his opponents were able to provide cogent arguments in defence of their position that, regarding violating 2000 years of sacred belief and practice and a direct command of Jesus Christ, it just doesn’t matter that much, times have changed, and the Church needs to get with the 21st century program and go all mercy all the time, even to the point of allowing constant sacrilegious reception of the Blessed Sacrament by those openly persisting in grave sin.”

Here is my favorite quote and prophesy from a Saint and also a wise outlook of what is happening today in the Church:

St. Anthony of the Desert (4th Century)

” Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived on our day, Faith would be simple and easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the church must be brought up to date and made meaningful to the day’s problems. When the Church and the World are one, then those days are at hand. Because our Divine Master placed a barrier between His things and the things of the world.”

My commentary:

You can’t sum it up as basic as this understanding of prophesy about the world of today. The Liberal Church is trying to justify today in the modern world to bring the Church up to snuff with it. You cant. They forget the Church is a supernatural being on this planet run by the Trinity. Excuse my simplicity but that’s humbly my take on this. What we forget is that were “not of the world but in it.” We must not give into this world and its modernity because we can’t. We then compromise the whole Church and its belief system. We ignore its Dogmatic precepts formed by our Lord Jesus Christ. We ignore the Truth and we perish. We embellish what He taught and we perish. We give into the Dogma of the world we perish. It is as simple as that. Yes, we may have to go underground but we had better be prepared for our final moments when were taken by those who don’t believe and perish for the Word of God. We had better be in the Faith when are in His presence on the Last Day. God Bless. I agree with you.


4. Baseballmom - January 20, 2017

What Dale Alquist said about the woman married to a previously married man was incorrect. She does NOT have to divorce her husband, but she does have to embrace a fully chaste relationship- which IS completely doable.

Numbskull - January 21, 2017

I’m just a numbskull, but it seems to me that even if she is sprinkled with FrancisMercy pixie dust, she still has to refrain from sexual relations. Otherwise, her husband would be committing adultery.

5. virtuouscitizenship - January 20, 2017

what goes around . . . and when in a few years or so, or decades, this pendulum swings and the sensus fidelium and the signs of the times shout true faith and orthodoxy, ad orientem, four not two last things, what will these wolves, hirelings, and hypocrites say? I remember when I heard all the justifications for the public denial of papal teaching, even its ridicule, and it often done as a “sacred duty.” And everything justified by “conscience.” Those who would speak truth to [earthly] hierarchical power today are not allowed to have or to follow their consciences. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

6. TF - January 20, 2017

The entire debate can be viewed at aotmclub.com. Warning: it is painful to watch; Alquist came off as dismissive and somewhat arrogant, which surprised me. Chesterton-like, he is not. These defenders of the Francis obviously have a fair bit of schooling in their background; all they seemed to have learned is how to eloquently project their imaginary worlds onto reality.

7. Gc5341 - January 22, 2017

Why? Why? Why?

A Catholic Church stamp of Luther legitimizes Luther. Obviously there must have been something good about what he did if the Catholic Church honors him with a stamp. Why is this so hard to understand? Why promote Luther with a stamp?

8. Margaret Costello - January 23, 2017

With the neo-catholics it’s all about emo and comfort. They have been reared and fed with a shallow emo, pleasure ridden Vatican II Church for decades…so it’s no surprise that the spiritually morbidly obese don’t want to put down their cheeseburgers and fries. God has allowed them to be blinded in their iniquity of sloth and effeminacy…it hurts too much to face the truth and change from emo, self, and easy to the hard, narrow road of intellect and death of the flesh.

Remember…they have embraced the world thus they have embraced their flesh…all because of the devil…which is why Scripture clumps the three. Then there is the pride of realizing you were wrong all of this time…that usually takes a big swap in the face to come to terms with and many have not been graced with that slap. We all need a good pummeling to get some humility in us:+)

God bless~

TF - January 23, 2017

I think I follow you, but what the heck is “emo?”

NickD - January 24, 2017

In this context, probably “emotional” or “emotions”, not the more normal use referring to “Goth” teen sub-culture

9. Canon212 Update: Gay Holy FrancisCommunion’s Next – The Stumbling Block - January 23, 2017


10. Barbara Hvilivitzky - January 24, 2017

TF, Margaret is referring to emotion when she uses “emo.”

I couldn’t watch the full debate either as it really is too painful not to be able to reach into the screen and smash some faces. Yes, that’s pretty uncharitable, and I’m sorry, but let it stand. I am in pain. There is pain all around. It’s really hard to be at peace now.

St. Paul admonishes us to love our enemies. I guess that means we must pray for Francis, and for ALL of those like him who are harming our Church, and creating scandal among the little ones. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

11. Rod Halvorsen - January 24, 2017

The longer in the tooth I get as a Catholic {4 years old this Easter}, the harder it is to see the difference between Catholicism of the general NO type and the Lutheranism I left.

I praise God I have a FSSP parish 1 1/2 hours away but I really am wondering where it is all going…

NickD - January 24, 2017

A one world religion, which the Freemasons have been pushing towards for centuries. They made a lot of progress when Annibale Bugnini, high-ranking Mason and bishop, destroyed the sacred liturgy of the Roman Church in the 1950s and 1960s

12. Jewel - January 25, 2017

“We used to pray for the intentions of the Pope and the conversion of Russia, but now we pray for the intentions of Russia and the conversion of the Pope.” – Milo Yiannopolis

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