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Goodbye America, It’s Been Nice Knowing You: Millennials Gayest Generation Ever April 5, 2017

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Now, I’ve got to preface this post somewhat.  The survey that reports a huge spike in millennials reporting they are somewhere on the perverse spectrum was commissioned by the lead sodomy-advocacy group “GLAAD.”  So, it is likely the results are skewed anywhere from slightly to severely.  Having said that, however, even if the survey is over-reporting reality by 300%, that would still mean that over twice as many millennials are self-identifying as inclined to the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah (if not active, ongoing participants in same) than any previous population survey.

And as the pro-sodomy lobby gains more and more power and influence, as the perverse sexular pagan Left sinks its tentacles more and more into the mind, heart, and soul of our yutes, each generation is worse than the one before.  My generation was somewhere between tolerant/ambivalent and moderately supportive of this sinful lifestyle.  The millennials seem given to full-throated support.  Some say the generation after them is somehow more conservative, but I doubt that, it would run counter to the prevailing trend of the past century or more, where each succeeding generation is more tolerant/supportive of immorality than the preceding one.

The report:

Twenty percent of millennials say they’re LGBTQ, and 12 percent are either transgender or gender-nonconforming, according to a new Harris Poll survey conducted for the activist group GLAAD.

Of all generations, millennials are the least likely to say they’re straight, the poll found.

And millennials also reported numerous gender identities: Three percent said they were agender; 3 percent, gender fluid; 2 percent, transgender; 2 percent, unsure or questioning; 1 percent bigender; and 1 percent genderqueer.

“This could be attribute to increasingly accepting environments, wherein for many people, family rejection is less frequent, job security is less at risk, and overall safety is less of a concern when coming out,” said their study, explaining the unprecedented findings.

Though pollsters agree that more Americans—and more millennials, especially– are identifying as LGBT, they disagree about the numbers. When it came to the percent of LGBTQ adults under 35, the Harris Poll’s findings were nearly three times higher than a Gallup survey released in January.

Yeah I didn’t even mention that 12% say they are somehow unsure of their gender.  That’s such an enormous explosion from the teeny, tiny percentage of previous population groups it staggers the imagination.  These kids are being propagandized to the extent they are embracing self-loathing and flirting with permanent self-mutilation.  That’s a direct effect in being exposed to porn and self-abuse from a very young age.  In addition to these kids being so fully indoctrinated in the victimhood hierarchy and the immense benefits, advantages, and immunities that flow from being a perceived member of a supposed victim group, but really an incredibly privileged group, that young people are embracing perverse, alien identities in order to garner some of those wonderful perks.

Even the secular conservative New Yorker Ace notes that a trend like this will quickly be the end of us should this persist much longer:

while some of that could just be virtue signaling — straights claiming to be gay in solidarity with gays, …… — and some could be GLAAD using the broadest possible definition of “gay” to plump the numbers, I wouldn’t completely discount it.

I’ve heard some horrifying stories from parents who say their kids are growing up in an environment where there is positive social and institutional pressure to be gay or experiment with being gay, as if being straight means there’s something defective in you. To not have any interest in sex with the same sex means that you’re a hater, so many kids are in fact trying a little bit of sexual and gender experimentation. [Very true.  As is the reverse of the coin, being able to identify as supposedly gay or especially transgender puts one in the vanguard of a vital social justice movement both conveying purpose to an otherwise empty existence, and providing greatly coveted (if wholly unearned) moral authority and all manner of privileges, such as being able to never be questioned on a wide array of topics because of supposed “victim status.”  It’s a moral authority card many kids find too irresistible to avoid]

Based on anecdotal data: Kids today are being coached and even “groomed” to be gay by cultural forces and intentional institutional programming.

This will all work out well, I’m sure. I’m sure that none of the psychological strains of forcing yourself to conform to a sexual preference you actually don’t share that gays often report will definitely not be evident in a generation of 97% straight kids taught that they’re probably gay and should at least experiment with gay relationships for a while to make sure.

Or else they’re perverts in revolt against the laws of nature and morality.

No bad consequences at all, I’m sure.


Dudes, I would never say my generation has covered itself in glory.  It’s been shameful.  But this……holy cow this is so beyond wheels off I don’t even know how to describe it.




1. Amillennial - April 5, 2017

There is indeed much to be concerned about in this generation and in the following. The younger siblings of the millennial though more conservative will eventually have to come face to face with the evil pop culture served them daily through the Internet and other media outlets and will either stand by their principles taught them from their parents and be cultural pariahs or, more likely, fall to the demonic in order to be accepted among their peer groups. Something drastic has to change and soon. That means that the age of martyrdom is quickly coming upon us.

richard of texas hertitage group - April 7, 2017

“something drastic” I wholeheartedly agree! Maybe we should take a page from Russia’s book here: http://abcnews.go.com/International/chechen-authorities-rounding-killing-gay-men-prophylactic-purge/story?id=46541508

Sad that Russia is a more true Christian nation, and closer to the Catholic faith than the US of A. Very sad.

Camper - April 8, 2017

Hey Tantum, Commenter #9 needs your help here.

old pro-lifer - April 9, 2017

I think that the Supreme Court Decisions basically “normalizing” LGBT / “gay marriage” are the Roe v Wade(s) of the younger generation. Git to it, young ‘uns ! This is your fight.

2. Baseballmomof8 - April 5, 2017

Been seeing this trend for about a decade. In fact, one school nurse told me years ago that kids wanted to be known as “gay” in order to be accepted as very trendy. It’s sick really, but its reality.

3. Faith of Our Fathers - April 5, 2017

When you see all around in Politics and Especially TV Presenters who are Poofs Whores Lesbian Transgender Reprobates nothing surprises us . The young are now looking at Jobs where to be Reprobate is to be involved in TV . I was watching a Program the other night on Channel 4 . There for about 10 minutes this guy in a skirt was actually trying to pontificate. His / Hers / Its morals to the nation. The Lunatics have taken over the Asylum.

4. DM - April 6, 2017

This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say for years. People not part of our generation really don’t understand, and appear to not even want to believe, just how far gone the Millenials are, and just how tiny the fraction of them who aren’t is. I don’t think it’s much of an exaggeration to say they will be the final end of Western civilization.

Tantumblogo - April 6, 2017

If that turns out to be the case, it seems the destruction wrought by the boomers will have been complete, since the millennials are primarily the children of boomers having kids in their 30s and 40s.

5. NickD - April 6, 2017

My generation… I have no words. A truly lost generation, in every category

6. JOHN - April 6, 2017

Doesn’t this “data” from GLAAD fly in the face of the “born that way” Bravo Sierra?
There’s no way that a genetic trait can multiply is one generation.
Sorry folks, there after three possibilities.
1. The data is skewed , biased (ie, sampling done at a Broadway show) and/or possibly fudged.
2. People have always had same sex attraction at this frequency and only now are inclined to admit to it.
3. People are more likely, under the banner of tolerance to consider themselves same sex attracted to be edgy, cool, or tolerant

Tantumblogo - April 6, 2017

Yes it absolutely does. I had the same thought when reading the article the first time but forgot to include a comment to that effect in the post. Of course, they no longer care about the born that way argument, it was merely a means to an end. Now that it is inconvenient they have forgotten they ever advanced it.

7. tallorder - April 6, 2017

I’m (while feeling a bit of regret for saying “unfortunately”) inclined to abandon charity and say let them rot in the muck and filth of the smallest demographic on planet earth with the largest and fastest growing STD rate, highest depression rate, highest drug abuse rate, and highest suicide rate. Let’em lay in their own damn bed; only rotting genitalia and a hanging bowel is in their future.

Perhaps my lack of charity extends from one of my parents living a sodomite lifestyle and because I lived in their home with their life partner (!11!!!1 insert puppy dogs and rainbows here).

8. Tim - April 6, 2017

Mark Dice:
“This is what happens when you lose touch with God.”

All this insanity and evil come from the same sourrce.

9. Daniel W Sexton - April 6, 2017

Or is there a way to erase a comment?

Tantumblogo - April 8, 2017

Comments spiked. Tertible timing I was unable to even check in on blog today due to other pressing commitments. So sorry if there has been any trouble due to my absence.

Publius - April 8, 2017

Phew! all goo. Thanks for getting to it and for your apostolate. It is crazy how the sanity here would be used against me!

10. David - April 6, 2017

One cultural fallout that I have seen are the number of heterosexual adults over 35 who are single. There is a fear of commitment, which is due to many people having experience with divorce (either a friend, a parent, or their own), a broken engagement, or just lack of trust. Premarital relations has also been a factor, and quite a few heterosexual men like me have been accused of being gay because they would not sleep with a girl after the fourth date. Single people these days are scared to ask others out. Sometimes I wish it was 1964 again when dating was more traditional and more encouraged.

11. Pappy - April 6, 2017

Marxism, Darwinism, Birth Control. The evil trinity

12. Canon212 Update: Enough Meetings, Agreements, and Frightened FrancisDances – The Stumbling Block - April 6, 2017


13. Tim - April 6, 2017

Pedophiles rule the world:

14. Tim - April 6, 2017

Why is the left promoting pedophilia?

15. I pray for you "dude"! - April 6, 2017

“Dudes, I would never say my generation has covered itself in glory. It’s been shameful. But this……holy cow this is so beyond wheels off I don’t even know how to describe it.”

This is your conclusion to an entire generation being taught to be sodomites? Your generation certainly didn’t cover itself in glory. Your generation did it–or sat on their ass while it was done. This is the same kind of lack or responsibility or any sensus catholicus you exhibited when the only catholic college in your area was closed down the VC2 novus ordo. I pray for you “dude”!

Tim - April 6, 2017

“Your generation did it–or sat on their ass while it was done.”

I agree with you, I know that the generation that raised my peers were hippies and sixties radicals. However, I don’t know how old you are, but at some point, YOU. OWN. IT., nothing is more pathetic than an adult blaming all of their faults and whoas on their parents or guardians. I eventually had to own up to and take responsibility for my own moral failings in my young adulthood and stop blaming the previous generations in my life. It sounds like it’s high time you did the same. Trust me, once you do, you won’t regret doing so.

16. Camper - April 8, 2017

larryr103@gmail.com. Use sparingly.

17. Tim - April 8, 2017

The whole world gas become completely unhinged on tbis subject. Now archaeologists are making sweeping assumptions about 2000 year old findings as to what victims of a volcanic eruption “sexuality” was…..absolute junk “science”. Pardon me but how the hell could they know that? This “conclusion” is as absurd as the great “scientific” explanations given by evolutionists to Ben Stein in the movie “Expelled “. While the “gay lovers” theory is technically possible, this show once again how much sway the diabolical culture has over neatly every aspect of modern-day thinking (or lack thereof) in ANY field or subject. As a collective society, we are doomed, barring Divine intervention. The great chastisement is coming, I fear.


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