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Faithful Catholics Will Be a Major Target of the Great Internet Purge August 22, 2017

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, cultural marxism, disaster, General Catholic, horror, persecution, Revolution, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sexual depravity, shocking, sickness, Society, unadulterated evil.

The Googleocalypse is well underway.  Leftists enormously resent the great success right-wing (and, to a much lesser extent) Christian apologists/arguers are having on the internet.  In several internet media, perhaps most, it is the Left which has lost the precious cultural cache (one the Left itself carefully crafted) of being on the hip, cool, and “with it” side, while facets of the Right – or at least cultural/political rejection of the Left – has gained much of that cache.  The Left appears to many especially young internet users to be nothing but joyless scolds and endlessly aggrieved nutters.  Even more, the Left is well aware of this, both how they come across, and how they fail to convince others, especially more and more young (primarily male) people. This right wing prominence on the internet and, especially, some forms of social media, is perceived by the Left to have been a primary source of their eschatological disaster – the election of Donald Trump.

But rather than confront both their failed, destructive beliefs, and their failed, boring tactics, the Left, controlling virtually all the academy, virtually all corporate media, and the vast majority of senior management at most all corporations, and especially high-tech ones, is resorting to its favorite tactic – winning the game by denying the other side the ability to play.

It has been obvious for months that working through their control of monopolistic entities like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even further down deep into companies with control over internet infrastructure, the Left is attempting to purge virtually all right wing content off of social media and, eventually, the entire internet if at all possible.  De-funding has been going on for months with Youtube removing ad revenues from tens of thousands of right wing, libertarian, or simply anti-leftist content creators.  Further steps are underway that will basically make many anti-left Youtube channels all but impossible for the public to view.

Even more, working in concert with fabulist leftist agitation organizations like the Southern Policy Law Center and Pro Publica, Google and others plan to create a hit list for what will considered “offensive,” and thus ban-able, speech.  The SPLC list is already infamous for its entirely political in nature (i.e., right wing = “hate speech”) and for its grouping of very mild, mainstream right-of-center organizations with supposed Nazis and other extremists.  Thus the Family Research Council gets labeled as an extremist group, and thus may fall under Google’s ban.  What the ban means is that sites so listed will initially not show up on search engine results, while opponent’s sites will (so, instead of getting the Family Research Council, you’ll get a huge number of hits attacking them, or from groups like the Sodom Human Rights Campaign).  Even more ominously, in creating these new, hidden, and incredibly politically biased “rules,” Google and companies like GoDaddy and other internet hosting services will simply remove the “offending” content from the web.  They will simply cease to exist.

As I said, this campaign is already well underway.  The very mild and mainstream Christian Post had most of its videos demonetized by Youtube last night for apparently “extremist” content.  And that is just the beginning.

For instance, The Remnant just experienced a wicked hit job by a local TV station due to their being ludicrously listed on the SPLC list of “hate groups.”  They are so flagged by the SPLC – as are a huge number of other Christian organizations – because The Remnant preaches the truth of Jesus Christ, which is that sodomy is always and everywhere wrong and marriage between people of the same sex is an impossibility and a horrific offense against God.  Thus, they – and I – are “homophobic” and guilty of “hate speech.”  It is incredible to have to face the fact that the nationI was born in, the supposed land of the free, in its powerful interests, at least, now defines being a Christian as being n amoral monster.

This entire effort is entirely politically motivated. The Left is losing arguments all over the internet, and as they become more and more extreme, of necessity, tilting at non-existent windmills of alleged bias and racism, they are turning off more and more people (thus the omnipresent tag line, “that’s how you got Trump”).  Thus, there is a powerful motivation to utterly silence their opposition.  Even more telling, however, is that the leftist viewpoint is simply the default view of the vast majority of employees, and still more among the management, at the vast, vast majority of Silicon Valley corporations, as the James Damoore episode reveals.  These people are so extreme in their views, and have inculcated themselves in such a deep ideological bubble for so long (and have been so poorly taught, by deliberate act), that huge swaths of people at Google, Facebook, and other very powerful, highly influential internet-related corporations simply have no conception of a viewpoint other than their own. They cannot fathom someone arriving at different conclusions, unless that person is very wicked and possessed of hideous ulterior motives – such as all the -isms with which the Left constantly labels its opponents. As such, these companies, in trying to eliminate “hate speech” will always have a profound bias in favor of leftist views and against any views contrary to leftism.

Taken together, this spells a massive plot against “free speech” and any attempt to save this rapidly faltering republic.  We are yet to see how far this effort will go, or what kind of opposition will emerge, but as this key article makes clear, the structure of this pogrom against supposedly “hateful” thought is being created, implemented, and propagandized for entirely by leftists. That it will end up almost entirely targeting conservatives, libertarians, and Christians (but not muslims, oh no!, not them, they are a vital part of the leftist coalition and the religion which the Left will happily adopt when the time comes) is a fait accompli.  All that is in question now is the opposition that will emerge and the effect that opposition will have.  Yes, some radical leftists advocating violence will probably be banned as well, at least at first, mostly for cover.  As the Youtube example has already amply demonstrated, however, we can expect anti-left speech to be demonetized, blocked from search results, or outright deleted at 10 to 100 times the rate of leftist “hate speech.”

It is entirely possible that as this program proliferates, many of your favorite blogs/Catholic websites may simply disappear.  Certainly those that use blogspot, a Google product, are at particular risk.  If this effort at banning certain kinds of anti-left speech is successful in its start, however, it is possible that the effort will spread wider and wider and eventually take in most if not all your favorite trad-Cath sites, because every single one of us is a horrid heretic spouting damnable blasphemy against the sexular pagan religion. We could all be targets.

Two brief thoughts as I wrap this up: if you have a Catholic blog, and the content is important to you, I would suggest backing up the content on hard drives or other memory devices you control periodically from now on.  You never know when the day will come that you try to log into your blog or website and it simply no longer exists.

Secondly, more and more I am coming to the conclusion that, in toto, the internet/world wide web whatever you want to call it has been a disaster for mankind.  Yes it has brought many benefits, but it has brought incredible moral, cultural, and now political calamities in its wake.  The porn epidemic alone is probably enough to damn the internet forever. But that’s really just one small issue.  The government – and service providers – can turn your phone into a spy microphone and camera.  If you use an Android as I do Google knows where you are and what you do virtually every moment of every day.   More and more, it appears that the powers that be want to suborn the internet from being an empowering tool for the masses into a tool of unprecedented technological repression.

It is impossible to quantify the good versus the bad of the internet, and yes I am a hypocrite as present as even as I see the internet more and more as a great net evil, I have no plans to stop using it.  Nevertheless, this thought is rather new to me and as it takes hold (or is refuted by wiser souls) I shall have to consider what the appropriate response will be.  It is very difficult to live these days totally offline, especially if one wants to homeschool, where so much depends on internet connectivity.  That’s scary, and brings to mind chapter 13 of the Apocalypse.

If you have followed these developments, do you think I am on target, or am I doing my best chicken little impersonation?  I find this effort extremely chilling, and given the success the Left has had in driving alternate viewpoints out of the academy and the media, why should we suppose they will not succeed in the broader field of the internet?

More later, God willing.


1. Baseballmom - August 23, 2017

I’ve come to the same conclusion TB…. as much as I appreciate the convenience of the internet I could certainly go back to writing checks and licking stamps to pay the bills. Calling the kids and grands on my old fashioned landline…. all that…. The huge influence of a few marxists in their basements tweeting like they are thousands of people, the awful plague of internet porn addiction, the depression caused by Facebook and other social media… all of it convinces me that an internet crash would be more a blessing than a curse.

Jack - August 23, 2017

Don’t be so sure, Basballmom. They’re doing away with paper and landlines. Soon, you won’t have the choice to be old-fashioned. As Scripture says, ‘you won’t be able to buy or sell unless you bear the mark of the beast’.

Michael Dowd - August 23, 2017

Jack. An argument could be made—considering the mark of the beast–that we are indeed in the last days. Maybe we have 50-100 years left be over it is all over.

Jack - August 23, 2017

When I read your reply, Michael, all I could think was “Thank God I’m not going to live that long!” 😉 I really do believe it won’t be long – ten, twenty years? – until an implanted microchip or something similar is required to be able to do anything necessary for survival, unless one lives “off the grid”.

2. stone age - August 23, 2017

I’ve rarely used Google. Other search engines instead.
I’ve never done business on the internet — security concerns for one.
Another reason — too easy to lose track of bills and spending when things are automatically switched between accounts and debts payed automatically.
When your resources cease to have some physical existence and consist of electronic signals easily manipulated by others and powers that be — buh-bye to your stuff if someone else decides they have better ideas about what to do with it.
I realize we haven’t been on the gold standard for a long time and paper currency only represents wealth; it’s a medium of exchange and possesses no inherent value of its own. However for my money it’s better than immaterial cyber bucks.

3. Julia Augusta - August 23, 2017

You are using WordPress.com, which is a blogging service. They can shut you down at any time. If you are really worried, host your own blog on a small hosting provider and use open source software (not WordPress). There are a lot of options.

Tantumblogo - August 23, 2017

Yes…….I am aware of what service I use. I’ve backed up all my stuff. We’ll see what happens. If I have to recreate this site through other means, I can certainly do that.

4. Michael Dowd - August 23, 2017

The internet is a very convenient tool for the devil. It makes his job so much easier as his victims are quite willing to chase him.

Congress should start an investigation ASAP which might restrain the FANG group for awhile.

5. pearl87 - August 23, 2017

The internet has its dark side, but without it these past 17 years would have seen the complete extermination of all political opposition to the leftist ideology. The only exposure we currently get to real news comes via the internet.

6. Tim - August 23, 2017

7. Tim - August 23, 2017

8. Tim - August 23, 2017
9. Canon212 Update: Catholics Are Men for All Seasons, Holy Francis – The Stumbling Block - August 23, 2017


10. Tim - August 23, 2017

Boy, is this one still relevant! Catholics should listen to this at least once a year. Fr. nails it as usual.

11. Tim - August 23, 2017
12. Barbara Hvilivitzky - August 24, 2017

I still say we have gone on a really bad path with our focus on ‘free speech.’ As Catholics we have the freedom to worship the One True God. This is the only freedom. All the little freedoms we crave are empty. Free to swear? Free to smear? Free to make unjust comments? Free to preach a false religion? Free to make and distribute dirty movies, books, videos, blog pictures?

Look at our pathetic Bishops. They spend all their time defending ‘free speech’ instead of preaching truth, and demanding the true freedom to do THAT but fighting the so called right of the world to preach lies and evil.

We must break out of this focus. If we demand free speech and the right to say what we want, we have no leg to stand on when the SPLC uses THEIR freedom to libel and slander us.

13. TLM - August 24, 2017

Thanks for this post Tantumblogo. And yes, the internet is the next frontier for the oppression of logical thought and Christian expression. And, as anticipated they are going after Catholic Christians in attacking their websites. (The Remnant is being threatened as we speak) The ‘thought police’ are out in full force and will limit if not extinguish Catholic Christians communicating with one another online, with the SPLC and Google being the vehicles for destruction. They are pulling out all the stops. I am confident, however, that God will provide for us one way or the other.

14. Tim - August 26, 2017
15. Tim - August 27, 2017

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